JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII

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It looks like we finally have news of the director of the Star Wars: Episode VII! J. J. Abrams, the same director who brought us the 2009 Star Trek film and it’s sequel, will be taking on the job. I quite enjoyed the 2009 Star Trek film, it was definitely a lot darker then any of the other Star Trek films… anyway, this is good news in my opinion, it will be really interesting to see which way he will take it.

From Independent.co.uk

Unspecified sources have confirmed his appointment in Deadline (“It’s done deal with J.J.,” a source said) and The Hollywood Reporter notes he is “in talks” and “negotiating” the deal.

Star Wars Episode VII has already appeared on Abrams’ IMDB page.

It will be the first Star Wars film to be made since Disney acquired the franchise from creator George Lucas’ company for $4bn last October.

Star Wars Episode VII is due for release in 2015.

An additional two films are being planned by Disney. Lucas himself won’t be writing the scripts but he is expected to provide treatments for all three.

Michael Arndt who wrote Toy Story 3 is due to pen the screenplays for the trilogy.

Disney executives are planning to release the follow-ups “every two to three years” after the Episode VII.

Do you guys think J.J. Abrams is a good choice for the new Star Wars film?

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  1. i bet J.J. will do just fine. he loves STAR WARS so i am sure he could make one since he’s the director he shouldn’t disagree with this. i like to see a Episode VII -Episodes XI. for better or worse doesn’t mean he can’t say no or he can’t turn his back on this now.

  2. finally a B3 Star Wars game. i can’t wait to see the whole next trailer. but i hoped it was gonna be for Xbox 360 also. now i know that its for EA, so i’ll just enjoy the trailers and the news for BATTLEFRONT 3.

  3. Nunya says:

    He couldn’t do worse than Lucas’ last three films. Only up to go from there!

  4. Shake_Zhula says:

    While I have had my reservations about J.J Abrams (here’s looking at you Lost seasons 4 and on) I do think he handled the Star Trek franchise well. There has always been a sense of camp and camaraderie in the feel of star trek. I believe he captured it well and paid service to long standing fans. I am not particular head over heels about it but I can not deny he is a good director (in my opinion). I think we can rest easily as fans.

  5. Capn1805 says:

    Abrams could be good or bad for the franchise. It might redeem it to the general public. Most of the people I saw getting down on Star Trek were the fan boys. People who were non-Trekkies enjoyed the film because it wasn’t your normal Trek film. You didn’t have to understand the ST universe to enjoy it. That’s what was so great about Episodes 4, 5, and 6 is that you didn’t really have to follow the ins and outs of SW to enjoy it, they were just great adventure movies. That’s what I saw as one of the major problems with 1, 2, and 3; miscellaneous cheese and bad plot connections aside, the movie didn’t lend itself to the casual viewer. Hopefully that’s something that Abrams can bring back.

    There is only one certainty with Abrams: lens flares. That’s all we know for sure with him as a director. There will be ample lens flares.



  6. my name doesnt matter says:


  7. Darth Pest says:

    I’m scared, the ultimate blasphemy has been committed to Star Wars xD Trekkies and the Force, under the same belt?!!!!

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      HA! I was thinking something similar to that!
      but the star trek movie was good so I think that they could pick someone worse for the job.

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