Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concepts Surface

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Hello Battlefrontians.. I hope everyone is well! I apologize for the lack of updates but there hasn’t really been any interesting news over the last few months, besides the obvious Disney take over of Star Wars.

Recently, some concepts have been leaked of the 2012 rumored Slant Six Games produced [Star Wars: Battlefront Online]. The concepts actually look pretty nice and this game could have been something great, but of course LucasArts seems to want to cancel anything that has “Battlefront” in the title!

According to

The rumors are true, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City developer Slant Six was working on a Star Wars game back in 2010. Lucasarts hired Slant Six to make Star Wars Battlefront Online for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Star Wars Battlefront Online was canceled by Lucasarts before it was ever announced, but we were able to obtain a few pieces of concept art. Hereโ€™s what Slant Six wanted to do with Star Wars Battlefront Online.

It’s interesting how these concepts haven’t surfaced before now.. comments? Opinions?

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

Star Wars: Battlefront Online Concept

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  1. Joe says:

    I don’t care who makes it! I wish Pandemic would make it since they did the first two. I disliked Elite Squadron and Renegade Squadron for PSP but that can’t be helped because it is handheld and I have huge fingers and hands. My hands were always hurting when I played on PSP. I still don’t like online only games! I love playing at home on my console by myself.

  2. Jakerfv says:

    People really want battlefront II, so much they want it developed by shitty developers.

    Let’s see, first Spark Unlimited, which turns out they are developing this really big AAA title, but guess what they made? Legendary and Turning Point Fall of Liberty, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s about it! (oh and a decent call of duty game) By the way, Legendary and Fall of Liberty are considered to be turrible. The only reason why Capcom hired SU to develop Lost Planet 3 is because they barley have any work (most likely, have you played turning point?) and thus they aren’t asking for a lot of money.

    Also, Slant Six developed Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, you know, that game that had numerous day one bugs and wasn’t considered to really be a good game at all?

    And I swear I will have to kill someone if Rebellion is given the rights, RENEGADE SQAUDRON IS THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE, and don’t say “oh it was probably Lucas Arts fault” they had 6 months of free work, AND THEY MADE A 2ND ONE THAT IS ACTUALLY WORSE SOMEHOW.

    People buy games in masses because of the name on the box, I am only supporting a good Battlefront III, not a half baked game, there are standards for video games, I don’t care if they release battlefront 3 tomorrow with a bunch of elements from every game, if it sucks, I am not supporting that type of business practice whereby, you just release a game in a bad state or with low funding to just cash in on the name, think movie tie in games.

  3. some random moose says:

    ok go to and put in the serch bar star wars
    the first option that they give you to search is battleromt2
    that means that its the most searched game in the star wars catagory

    battlefront3 will make lucasats rich and disney (who own lucasarts) is all about money

    so why wont they make it
    they arent smart

    • some random moose says:

      maybe i shouldn”t have been to hard on disney
      they havent really owned lucasarts long enough to make any video games

  4. some random moose says:

    wow they wont even let them make a stupid onlie game what the heck has gotten into lucasart’s heads

    comon battlefront 3= money everyone notices that but lucasarts

  5. biko says:

    doesent make any sense why people would keep discussing something that is history from long time ago . Move on it will not happen

    • Joe says:

      I discuss it because it shows how a video game franchise just disintregraded by the publisher Lucasarts and Free Radical the developer not getting along. It could be made into book one day! How Star Wars Battlefront franchise imploded because of internal Lucasrts employees and developers not putting their differences aside and helping each other! It also shows that Lucasarts lack any true 100% committment toward their best selling video game franchise and best selling star wars video games (Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2)!! It also shows they wanted to put 100% of their money into Wii Star Wars projects because of their controller and concentrate on only online Star Wars video games (Star Wars The Old Republic)! They both failed especially TOR because bioware is making it free to pay the first 50 levels when you buy it. I predicted that Lucasarts would lose out big time by making an online only star wars based off the expanded universe time period. The made all their sales and profits on star wars video games set during the original trilogy period or before or after that period with faces that everyone knew because they saw them in the movie theater.

  6. Joe says:

    If Star Wars Battlefront Online was released next I wouldn’t buy the game!! I don’t play online only video games! I don’t have the internet connection speed for it! I love single player playing Galactic Conquest or the historical campaigns. I was a bigger fan of the original game than the sequel. Not big into the space battles or flying aircraft above a battlefield. The PS2 could not handle the tech back then. It might be possible for PS3.

  7. agr0n says:

    Star Wars Battlefront Online would be a nice stepping stone. Seriously if you go online multiplayer for the first Star Wars Battlefront game there will be people playing it that’s how good the game is. It’s the same with Star Wars Battlefront 2 even though these games were made a good number of years ago. If only Lucas Arts would see this and capitalize on it. At least now we can ask Disney to make it… I hope that’s a good thing.

  8. Chaos says:

    Nice, but… why only Xbox and PlayStation? Why not PC? They’re cutting out a huge slice of the pie, there.

  9. jumpyhat3 says:

    there is a game being developed by bungie ( yes the people behind the first 5 halo games)the title is called project destiny and it looks ALOT like a star wars game so go check. it out. I hate to say it but we may never see a battlefront games until the 10th anniversary of the franchise which is in 2015 very similar to what happened with duke nukem.

    • jkipod says:

      you probally are right but disney is making some new movie’s and maybe there waiting till they can add thosed in i really want bungie to make bf3 there games have great grafics and very little bugs

  10. Domenico Eufemia says:

    I read an article about Lucas arts side of the story when they were called out for wanting battlefront to fail.I forget where… Maybe kotaku? Anyways I suggest everyone to look it up, its a decent read. As for this Battlefront online all I have to say is wow. That would be sick.

  11. Hayabusa says:

    BFOnline would really open up many doors for Battlefront lovers everywhere. LucasArts must be in development of some stages of BF. It’s been long enough. The online version would keep our hopes up! Give us something to feed off for now until we hear confirmation of the to-be BF3!

  12. Hayabusa says:

    LucasArts knows that everyone wants BF3. If BFOnline could be given life, it could mean the start a BF3! LucasArts needs to allow that development again! We need Star Wars Battlefront 3! The other two instalments were major hits and the company knows that!

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Hopefully DISNEY actually recognize the awesomeness that LucasArts used to be.

      Jedi Knight 4
      Imperial Commando
      Battlefront 3
      Knights of the Old Republic 3
      Rogue Squadron 4

      ^^^These games would rock the world. They would become all-time favorites. They would make Star Wars amazing again.

  13. Brian says:

    Whats wrong with LucasArts why won’t they just make it, it would be a HIT as so many people want it. Plus Fans are showing there demand for this game like that Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III is now at 14,100 likes and is continuing to grow.

  14. Patrick says:

    These surfaced a few months ago. Official word is that this game was cancelled.

  15. Joe says:

    Lucasarts is going the way of the dodo. You would of thought Disney buying them would be good. Disney is pretty good about not keeping a lid on projects. You would think links with concept art, sketches, and basic details of video games would show up at lucasarts. Apparently disney is still letting the powers at lucasfilm control secrey on any star wars project. What is the problem with doing a press release on a new video game with some details? Nothing! Really they have no competition because they own star wars rights. This star wars 1313 game looks terrible from the video. I am single player star wars fan but even I know the Force Unleashed I and II were not playable several times. Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 were the only star wars games you could play single player repeatedly and not get bored even if you played against the computer on hard level. Now PS3 star wars are getting no star wars battlefront and lucasarts is making projects for PS4 and next generation games. Unlike some people I don’t buy a new generation console when it first comes out because you don’t know if it has bugs and the price is too high.

  16. DerekF says:

    I’m still curious to know exactly what Star Wars First Assault is. I know it’s been confirmed for Xbox 360, but being a PS3 owner, I hope they don’t leave us out in the cold.

  17. Boba Fett the Decimator says:

    I guess this site has really died. Only three ratings, and I’m the only person to comment so far? ’tis a shame.

    • Nitro says:

      We haven’t gone anywhere! There just hasn’t been anything to post on. I suppose I could make stuff up ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Iceycold says:

        What, not even the story about the war of words between Lucasrts and the Free Radical sour grapes guy?

        The community is virtually dead. The game has passed into history. No biggie, it happens with an OLD series that has no future.

  18. Jed1 says:

    Cool. I heard about this it is very interesting I hope it means a new Battlefront game is at least being thought of.

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