Disney buys Lucasfilm and rights to Star Wars… Crazy!

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Hey Battlefrontians! I hope all is well. There hasn’t been much to report on as of lately, so it’s been pretty quiet around here. Thank you to Scott as well for his generosity with the free giveaway he ran over the last few weeks! Congrats to those winners!

So, as you all have heard already, Disney has entered into an agreement to acquire LucasFilms, which has triggered the succession of the 7, 8 and 9th film in the Star Wars universe. I’m still trying to absorb and process this information so I haven’t really formed an opinion on this per say.. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite intrigued that they are planning on a 7th film, depending on the direction they take it in. I would love for them to go back to the Old Republic era and do something along the lines of Knights of the Old Republic!

I can’t wait to hear some of your opinions/speculation on what you think will happen!

An exciting new future featuring the continuation of the Star Wars movie saga was announced on October 30th, as the Walt Disney Company enters an agreement to acquire Lucasfilm Ltd from George Lucas. Backed by the global reach and brand stewardship strengths of Disney, the future of Star Wars is now under the direction of acclaimed film producer and studio executive Kathleen Kennedy, Co-Chairman of Lucasfilm. Kennedy and Disney plan a slate of new Star Wars feature films, beginning with the long-awaited Star Wars: Episode VII, targeted for release in 2015, followed by Episodes VIII and IX. Additional feature films are expected to continue the saga and grow the franchise well into the future.

Of course this means that LucasArts is now under the command of Disney as well, but what does this mean for Star Wars gaming in the future:

Disney stated that its present intent was for all employees at Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries to remain at their present positions. All projects are reported to still be on, as a LucasArts representative said that “for the time being, all projects are business as usual”

It doesn’t look like much will change for the moment.

Lets get those opinions rolling!!

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  1. narfel says:

    i don’t know how i feel about the new films at first i hated the idea i told myself Disney can go die how dare they touch star wars but now a part of me does wander what they would do, but rather we like it or not the fact is its happening so we can only hope for the best…. or destroy Disney i like my second option and they better come out with a SWBFIII

  2. some random moose says:

    whe will the people that make these star wars games realize the demand of this game

  3. some random moose says:

    i red online that they will try to make more mobile games like angry birds star wars


    we need to get the word out that star wars battlefront III is on a way higher demand than some angry birds game

  4. jumpyhat3 says:

    concept art for battlefront online was leaked just a few days ago,any thoughts?

  5. jumpyhat3 says:

    lets hope that after episode 7,8,and 9 are made that we get to see some type of star wars game (not having the batlefront name) come out and be as cool as swbf, and in the meantime tell me what your favorite game of 2012 was.

  6. Jacen Solo says:

    You guys need faith. Go read the books to put yourselves back in spirit

  7. Audibope says:


  8. eo103 says:

    Here is steve ellis responding to yesterdays comments to claims made by a former Lucas Arts employee who of course wants to keep his name secret. Ellis does ask a good question in his response: “If the problem really was that we had failed to meet their desperate need for a new Battlefront game, you might ask why after all this time they still haven’t released a new Battlefront game using a different developer. I can only speculate.”


    • droid8808 says:

      They did make an attempt with a different developer, they hired slant 6 to do battlefront online.
      The reason that was cancelled according to slant 6 was that battlefront online was not going to meet its finish/completion date and that lucas arts release schedule was packed for 2011 as far as starwars games go . There is something wrong somewhere at lucas arts if they were willing to give it to slant 6 in the first place. Maybe we should happy that bf online was cancelled.

  9. eo103 says:

    Ok for those of you who have not read this yet it appears that a former employee of lucas arts has responded to gamespot over the claims made by former free radical founders about what happened to battlefront 3
    I tell ya just when I start to forget about this game.

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      I just saw that story i guess it just shows you that there are two sides to the story. i would guess that the truth to the story is somewhere in the middle of the two

      • eo103 says:

        Yes there is. I have to wonder how bad of shape this game was in when it was cancelled. It must have been pretty bad if they did not even try to fix it up and polish it themselves (at lucas arts studio) or have another studio finish up the work for them.

  10. steveo444 says:

    i want a film about the series of books republic commando and finally an end to the series. the characters and storyline are amazing and i couldnt believe in when they didnt complete the series cus of a money disagreement. get it sorted!!! best of all if they did those as the films its virtually a guarantee that swbf3 will follow.

  11. Majorchad says:

    Im fine with this if they make a battlefront 3 if not ill be a bit okay but i want to see 3 thats it

  12. Jordan says:

    The thing about Disney is that they will avoid death in their movies at all costs. Look at the Avengers. Am I the only one who thought the Avengers wasn’t that great? Look at Captain America and Thor. Those movies were cheesy and the avoided any type of adult content. Their audience is mainly middle schoolers and under, so who are they going to market it to? And hopefully they don’t try adding Disney star power. Justin Beiber as Luke Skywalker? please God no!

    • jdom503 says:

      Ever seen Xmen first class or the pirates movies. lots of death in those movies. Even in their cartoon movies theres characters getting murdered in them. And i loved the new Tron they did.

  13. burzap says:

    You know that plot will be written by a dude who wrote one for Toy Story? And if it goes to bf3. Disney want to focus on community games, low end, casual etc because they had loses and found out this segment is most beneficial. So.. For now.yeah, they’re going to finish current games but tif swbf3 is nit one of them then possibility Disnry will initiate to do such game..doubtful. More likley will be some Ewokfront and I’m not kiddin

  14. N/A says:

    From what I have heard they have pretty much already said that the new trilogy will be focusing on the time period after Return of the Jedi, and that it wont follow anything from the expanded universe. Which to me sounds like they are going to reboot the EU, which I would not be happy about.

  15. Darth Jadus says:

    What I want to see is a commando movie ; we don’t see much of the clone troopers in the movies, and Karen traviss wrote excellent books about clone troopers, it’s like a “behind the clone wars” sequel. but they could simply follow the original 7 8 and 9 books. but i definetly want to see more of the clone commandos and (of course) of battlefront 3.

    • jdom503 says:

      Those were good books. I think they should do a live action tv thing with them tho. Kinda like a mini series. That way the budget wont get in the way as much. Kinda like how abc did V or how hbo did the ww2 series. You can put them on dvd and have them on disney on demand to pull in more revenue to pay for the cg costs.

  16. Abe says:

    I think we can all agree that we really loved it when we got our hands on Star Wars Battlefront 2. Some of us still love the first just as much. With this Disney thing, it’s when we either think that they’ll destroy Lucasfilms or revive it.
    I have hope that this new partnership can add more revenue for Lucasfilms to continue their games like making SWB3 and Republic Commando 2. Just imagine how different they could look on today’s consoles. Overall, I’m hoping that this’ll help SWB3 be released.

  17. pbk says:

    I’ve just heard that JJ Abrams (Star Trek) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man) are interested in directing star wars ep 7. This sounds promising!

  18. Ascertes says:

    What is this? I don’t even…

    I can see it now. Darth Vader with Mickey Mouse ears, the Emperor opening up a can of spinnage…Disney will botch these movies. It was better to let them R.I.P. Imo.

  19. Trent says:

    Would love old republic era (kotor timeline or older (Great hyperspace war!), or bane etc) but I don’t think they’d do that, they only want to appeal to the casual star wars fan or movie goer. I’m thinking these next 3 films will be farther ahead because of the age of harrison ford, mark hammil etc, unless they plan on using different actors. They might be doing the force unleashed era, that would make sense since it would be terrible.

    Why the hell would they go with disney? Next they’ll partner with lego.

  20. Brandon S. says:

    3:MAKE STAR WARS EP 7 IN 2015
    5:MAKE STAR WARS EP 8 IN 2018
    7:MAKE STAR WARS EP 9 IN 2021

  21. sonichipmunk says:

    I read a lot and know enough to survive (hopefully) but if there’s no news about swbf3 or worse yet they say they’re gonna drop the project then there should be an internet-wide troll fest against it. or someone should talk to disney, like actually contact the people running things not just send an email to customer service, and suggest using an outside company to make the game. but what do I know? all I hope for is a swbf3 that isn’t a call of duty and a good new starwars trilogy of good movies like POTC.

  22. pbk says:

    I think this will be a really good breath of new life into the star wars saga! Without George Lucas as a director, he can’t really mess things up!

  23. dan says:

    IF disney listen to the fans and make good movies with good directors (Joss Whedon etc.) I will be enormusously pleased.

    I just hope to god they listen to the true fans.
    If they made the new movies, the live action series proposed and didn’t sh*t all over the canon from the books et.c they would be set.
    I also hope they make all of the classics, BF3, republic commando 2, Jedi academy, kotor etc.

    If they listen to the fans and don’t “family” the crap out of it they will win our hearts. In all honesty, what has George made (besides the third film which I thought was very good) in the past ten years that has been anything compared to the prequels? As mentioned before me it was the same for the games which peaked in 2005.

    I just wonder, will we still get to see the original series in 3D? It’s my only chance to see them in the cinema and I don’t want to be denied that.

  24. jumpyhat3 says:

    walt disney what ever you do don’t make social games if your listening WE WANT STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 AND WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING AND HOW LONG HAVE WE WAITED…….OH GEE 7 TO 8 FREAKEN YEARS i hope first assault is any good.

  25. Jacen Solo says:

    Heir to the Empire series comming right up!

    • jdom503 says:

      Worst ending to a book series ever in my opinion. I loved the series until Thrawn gets killed and his massive fleet just gives up against a tiny force in comparison. Some of these books lacked good endings. In all actuality after reading alot of these books id like to see them become obsolete just for the fact is that most of them dont follow each other. Fun to read but they remind me way to much of comic books that have the same people but different back ground stories and other things like zhan’s books being way different than everyone elses. Reboot is in order. If they ruin it for the few that read the books and take it as religion then to bad. The books already contridict each other. Han in some books was a teenager when he left corrilia and in others (like the han solo triligy) he’s recruited as a small very young kid and leaves to become a thief. I honestly stopped reading them cause almost all of them had me like wtf?. I want something fresh and only keeping with the movie theme. Sorry but most people go by the movies and not the books that have 100 different story lines.

      • Jacen Solo says:

        How was Thrawn supposed to die? In a space battle? SUUUUUUUURE!!!! No, even though his death seemed lame…. it was the only logical way he COULD have died! He was too awesome to die in battle cause he was too smart. Oh, and the story of this is followed great by the Yuuzhan Vong series! When the Vong saw the Empire get defeated, they attacked because they knew that the Republic would be weak. I dont know how you can say the books contradict. You obviously want to be different and say that the books are “bad”. The way that the Old Republic books tie things together makes a lot of sense. They clear a lot up! Go straighten out your facts,dude.

    • Better have Boba Fett once again. Or else imma rage hard.

  26. expatriate says:

    I think this is a good thing because in the past 10 years what have we seen from lucasfilm, starwars games reached their peak in 2005 after that everything went down, star wars movies ep 1 was great, ep 2 not what i expected but it was also great, ep 3 complete garbage, anyone share my point of view, this series needs fresh ideas!

    • Mandalore the Narwhal says:

      Nostalgia is an odd thing. You see, many who grew up with the original trilogy, adamantly defend its superiority in comparison with other star wars media, oftentimes discrediting the prequels due to the CGI, acting,execution, and for whatever reason they can think of. But it’s not as if the acting in the originals was that much better. I’m too young to have grown up with the originals, however I grew up with the prequels and to the disdain of many, the Clone Wars show. The way nostalgia seems to work in relation to franchises, is that the material that introduces you along with all the prior material, will always be better in your mind than anything that comes after. I love all of the Star Wars material that is present, but I have no doubt that many who grew up with the prequels, like me, will find a way to hate these sequels. In other words: change is a part of life. Nothing in the Star Wars franchise will ever have the exact same feel as either of the current trilogies, and just as life needs change in order to develop and grow, so do stories and franchises.

      Hope you enjoyed my essay.

      • Me says:

        I grew up watching the new trillogy and i still think the old ones and the EU is better.

        • Mandalore the Narwhal says:

          Having an opinion like that is fine. We all have opinions. Liking something or disliking something translates into either immersing oneself in or avoiding whatever is in question. What I’m talking about, in regards to nostalgia, is when 1st generation fans of any franchise, person, or genre of entertainment hate successor additions. Of course what I’m saying is only being applied to those fans who focus more time on what’s wrong with their once beloved franchise as opposed to indulging in what made them love it in the first place. That is what hate is essentially. If you dislike something, that’s your business. But if you hate something, that’s you trying to form an unwanted merger between everyone else’s business. Disliking/Liking something is passive. Hating/Loving something is active. To further illustrate, I shall use colors as an example. If I dislike a color there’s nobody involved in that opinion but me and the color. Me voicing my dislike of a color would sound like “Purple is a less than desirable color in my eyes, and I don’t have much of a reason. It’s just…eew”. Now if I hate a color, that opinion that included me and the color is now applied to everyone else. Me hating purple would sound like “Purple is probably the worst color in the spectrum. I honestly don’t know how people can wear cloths with something that hideous and think they look good”. Of course my delivery was more reserved than many, and this example doesn’t hold a candle to some of the more prevalent hate/love debates. All I’m saying is that those who hate, not dislike, the prequels do so due to nostalgia, not facts. Seeing as how you simply stated your stance, rather than attack, it should be clear that I’m not debating what it is you said; I’m just clarifying the initial reasoning behind my first post.

    • lele says:

      I liked them all 🙂

  27. Nightcurrent says:

    7 Billion voices just cried out in terror… thought about it, then said oh wait maybe this is a good thing! I mean Star Wars ends at Episode VI its like a scientific law its final, no exceptions. And my reaction was “Disney? really??!!? They cant do this!!!” :O
    then I thought about and my inner fanboy came out and all the possibilities set in: the Bacta War, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Yuuzhan Vong, Dark Nest, 2nd Galactic Civil War… etc these all would be EPIC movies if they’re done right!
    I feel like a kid again lol im so excited. I hav a good feeling about this and all hope for SWBFIII is renewed. Disney is a company thats been making smart choices lately and really giving their fans what they want.

    • Implied says:

      I thought about it too, then I remembered how much Hollywood fails at converting any decently sized Novel into a 2-hour movie.

      Thrawn would make an awesome Movie, but how? Mark Hamill is 20+ years older. So is Harrison Ford, everyone is so much older. New Actors? Please, shoot me now. The Yuuzhan Vong alone are what, 10 Novels? They’d be better off doing a Game of Thrones style TV Show with HBO or something.

      IMO Old Republic is their only bet, regardless of how much they want to continue the Trio’s Storyline in the new Movies.

      I’m also worried about this though. Disney, while they did do good with PotC (to an extent…. 2, 3, and 4 are quite inferior to 1) most of their stuff is kiddie-oriented. Hopefully they stick to the PG-15 in Revenge of the Sith, or we can only expect more stuff like Clone Wars 2008. Anakin with a Padawn smiling his off? Please. /Barf.

      • Implied says:


        I’m not sure if its good, or bad. It could mean something parallel to the Post-Endor Timeline, or something entirely new that re-writes “Extended Universe” Lore, at least to an extent.

        Glad they’re not aping the Thrawn Trilogy however. Even if a lot of people will be disappointed not to see Movie Adaptations I think. They did also say they had plans for Live-Action Movies every 2-3 years after this Trilogy is over, so who knows. Guess we’ll just have to see how things end up with the new Trilogy first.

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Well…I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want to see the Yuzzhan Vong War, Jacen and Jaina, all that.

          This may just end up being the SINGLE LARGEST RETCON IN HISTORY.

          I will still hold out for the story of the Immortal Kyle Katarn though.

          KYLE KATARN 4EVAR!!!!!!!!

          • starfan says:

            your right Kal…I want to see a movie about the butt kickin, gun toting, all time hero… Kyle Katarn

  28. Domenico Eufemia says:

    I see this as a good thing to be honest. Look at it this way, what has George Lucas done with star wars recently? 3 movies that everyone didn’t like? Or the 3d money grab of the earlier star wars? The way I see it is the franchise can only go up. I don’t think the movies will be terrible, they might be real good. Look at Avengers! It was the best super hero movie I have ever seen, not only because of the fact that its the avengers, but because I was done really well. All I’m saying is be open to this buy out. Good things will come of it. And I hope that Disney has the sense to still release console games. Using the force and kicking with a light sabre is stupid fun and I bet Disney knows this. Fingers crossed for BF3.

    • jdom503 says:

      Um avengers being the best? I think the batmans were way better, well i wasnt to fond of the last one. Bane was a beast but his speech sucked. Scare Crow, Ra’s Al Ghul, Harvey Dent and the Joker all were great because of the fact they could talk very well and grab your attention. Anyways i do like disney and the direction they’ve gone with the going more adult movement.

  29. jdom503 says:

    I wouldnt get to down on them making the movies guys. In reality i’ve seen more disney movies that are way more edgy than any of the star wars movies. The pirates series had way more gore, blood, cussing, and dark moments than the star wars series. That is good. I am a life long fan of star wars but the one thing i always wished was that it was more dark and showed more gore. I enjoyed the Darth Bane series because it showed a very dark side to star wars and there has been other books too but non of the movies moved from the kid language or kid friendly fight scenes. Just as long as they listen to the people they are bringing over but add a darker/edgier side to this then i think its going to be great. Disney makes movies for kids and family, and they make movies with cussing and death. Look up their movies and you’ll get where i’m going with this.

    • Zion Smith says:

      I’m not entirely sure how blood and gore can work with a lightsaber or a blaster, since they burn more than cut, but I think I get what you’re saying about everything else. All George Lucas and Lucasarts wanted was the money when he was in control. They didn’t give a crap about what fans wanted, like more intense combat like you said. But Disney actually pays attention to their fans. I have a feeling they’ll answer the call if we want them to make good new films and, potentially, a Star Wars: Battlefront 3. I’m definitely not against the idea of three more star wars movies as long as they’re well planned out and faithful to the franchise. And I’ve read that Chewbacca dies like a few years after the Battle of Endor, so I definitely wanna see him on the big screen one last time before he’s killed off.

  30. Indy says:

    For the movies, I doubt the plan is for anything other than Lucas’s original Sequel Trilogy idea from the famed “9 Star Wars Episodes” idea. In other words, these will all be set after the events of Episode VI. The books of these already exist, though I hear there are often large changes made from the book forms when translated to film. As for SWBFIII, this would mean it’s either going to be shelved for good with the new administration, or as HORST said they might wait till Episode VII comes out to use the new stuff from that.
    Honestly, I can only see this as a bad thing though. Disney is known for grabbing whatever they can find, watering it down, extracting all meaning and reducing it to mere spectacle. Since Star Wars is known for special effects, likely THAT is what Disney will focus most on, and likely trash much of the rest. Probably still entertaining? Sure. Deep or revolutionary? Not likely.
    And you know, one of the big motivators for changes in the script for the worse in Star Wars has often been the production companies or distributors demanding some sort of appeal to children or marketable toy characters. What do you think is going to happen now that Disney of all companies owns the rights?

  31. Taan says:

    With the way lucas arts have been performing, with the useless games they have been bringing out recently, it could either lead to the death of star wars or the re-birth of star wars. Disney have made some great films, however i feel that the new star wars films will be hard for disney to get right.

    On the game front, that is a different story. If disney focus mostly on social and mobile games the franchise will drop rapidly. Consoles are the biggest gaming market out there, especially with the xbox 720 out in almost a years time and the ps4 out…. whenever it comes out….

  32. TomWhitzorg1 says:

    I have high hopes they’ll consider making SWBF3, Including that they have a way of sequels, (Bambi 2 etc.) So they may, if they see that there is high public demand we shall, Or just troll around Disneyland with Star Wars costumes.. either way much like Timesplitters has going on we’ll have to just show them how damn much we want this game for them to consider making it.

  33. ThomasMul10 says:

    BAD NEWS EVERYONE! It looks like battlefront 3 will almost never happen now. Why? Because when Disney bought Lucasfilm, they also bought Lucasarts as well. In regards to Lucasarts, Disney CEO Robert Iger said during an investor call (heard by GamesIndustry) that Lucasarts plans to “focus more on social and mobile than we are on console.” What the hell!? I now Hate Disney with a passion!!!!
    SOURCE: http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/star_wars_1313/news/disney_buys_lucasfilm_lucasarts_included.html

    • donutboy says:

      just because they said the focus is there doesn’t mean it wont happen. and i would rather wait until 7, 8, & 9 come out so they can add it in. Disney has made kingdom hearts with square enix so why couldnt they make a good star wars battlefront with someone?

  34. HORST says:

    While I still am forming my opinion about the movies, this does give me hope for our beloved SWBFIII. After all, if there’s one thing Disney can’t resist, it’s an opportunity to make money. Hopefully they will see the dollar signs SWBF3 could generate early on, but I think more likely, they’re wait for Episode VII to come out, build some steam for the IP, then release SWBFIII over it with modes featuring content from their New Republic Universe (if the movies are indeed chronological). All the same, I have to be glad there’s someone who could possibly twist LucasArts’s arm into doing what the fans want.

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