Star Wars First Assault Heading to XBLA

By Scott On 1 Oct, 2012 At 03:06 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

It seems that, regardless whether or Star Wars: First Assault is a reborn Battlefront or not, it will be coming to XBLA. Thanks to seven324 on our forums for the quick post, it seems that the cover art was leaked on the NeoGAF forums earlier today.


That bit of news can definitely bring mixed emotions and raise many questions. Is this an Xbox exclusive? Why digital only? Will it be multiplayer only? And of course, the most important one, is this a rebirth of the Battlefront franchise? It seems to me that the likelihood is high. I mean, look at the box art. It looks like it was ripped right from the game.

If this is the case, it does worry me just a bit. The fact they are going purely digital seems to imply a cheaper budget and a multiplayer only experience. While I love multiplayer and have nothing against digital distribution,  there are definitely limitations to both. I hope that this is Lucas Arts testing the waters to see if a complete Battlefront game would work. I can understand their confusion and at this point, hesitation, wondering if the fanbase still cares (hint: we do).

That all rides on the fact that it is a Battlefront successor or at least in the same genre and styling. But hey, I even got Google on my side!

Well, at least it’s only their First Assault.

I should mention, Nitro has not left nor has his account been changed or comprised. This is Scott from the forums and I decided to get this up in case Nitro didn’t get a chance with his currently haphazard internet. May the force be with you.

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  1. samuel says:

    guys, some concept art of battlefront online have been leaked online

  2. tom says:

    I’m with u Joe

  3. Jacen Solo says:

    Btw, happy Halloween!

  4. tractor16 says:

    Did you guys here that lucasfilm was bought by disney

    • Jacen Solo says:

      Yes… all the rights were bought for 4 billion. including the indiana jones series. Disney annouced that Star Wars Episode 7 will be released in 2015. Episodes 8 and 9 will follow.

  5. nick14alpha says:

    I didn’t mind the campaign in Battlefront 2. Mainly because at the time, episode 3 had just been released, and I loved watching all the battles and rushing home to play through the eyes of the clone troopers. And back then, i didn’t give a crap about AI being bad, i thouroughly enjoyed Battlefront, just the feeling of being in all those battles and how it looked like from the eyes of a clone.

    Looking back, ok it WAS cheap and just conquest but scripted, but it wasn’t all bad for a bit of fun on your own. And some of the things they nailed well in the Star Wars universe. I particularly remember the Kamino battle with the empire just formed, against all the ‘new batch’ of clones, and after it, the clone stating that the empire prefferred to go with outside fighters and no clones no more, and he remarked, “We never really liked the new guys.”

    That was canon in the universe of star wars.

    I loved the old campaign in BF2, and although i agree it was probably better online (even though i never did, drawing on MP experience of today), i still dont think i would hate the campaign.

  6. StarWars fan123 says:

    I think it’s gonna be an Xbox Exclusive, look at the Star Wars games on Original Xbox there’s Knights of the Old Republic series, Republic Commando, Jedi Knight series. And Many more.

  7. Jo says:

    This is lucasarts last chance. If they screw this up, I GUARANTEE that they will lose thousands and thousands of fans. I mean they already lost a good chunk of their fan base with FU2 and that kinect P.O.S. but they still have a slim chance.

  8. Aquilares says:

    I take it no one saw the SWBF3 Alpha footage of the campaign on youtube? It looked better than its counterparts and it had in-game cinematics and a proper story-line based on you and a fellow clone.

  9. Big_Mac4547 says:

    i don’t have a 360 so i don’t know but do they sell Full retail games($60 games) on arcade? if so it could still be a AAA’ish game or it could be like what some people are saying a Battlefield 1943 type of game.

  10. rick roll'd says:

    wii is only the most grossing console bc everyone who is overweight buys one to work of calories ( and grand parents/parents/ little kids) take away the whole aspect of burning calories away…. such as star wars exclusive video game… little to no sales and you can kiss your (our) hope good bye. ( xnewx lost hope) most gamers ( hardcore console gamers) own xbox… and ps3 so these would be the target audience to test how well a game would do if they were to release a 3rd game to this series.

  11. burko says:

    so whats so interesting about this, it will be on xboxlive store, so that tells us that it will be crap,shitty graphics etc

  12. The Saradominst says:

    This better NOT be Xbox exclusive because A. I don’t known it. And B. Battlefront was always made for multiple consoles so this would be a huge gnash in profits. In addition, It also better have singleplayer. Always enjoyed messing around by myself on Mod Maps from bf2 and I loved the campaign.

    Maintain your roots, LA!

  13. Joe says:

    I am just concerned that Lucasarts is taking a dangerous pathway to excluding Sony PS3 fans on star wars games. They did the same thing with PS2. PS3 never got a star wars exclusive. That means by this leaked information if I want the game I have to buy Xbox 360 and get a Live account and buy/download it off their website. I have been a loyal Playstation fan and I don’t think I should have to buy one new console for just one video game. Lucasarts is alienating the single player fans who like to buy video games at retail stores and play them at home by myself. It probably has to do with George Lucas vision that every thing will eventually be downloaded through the internet in the future whether it is music, tv shows, movies, video games, news, etc.

  14. nilodragon says:

    finally some star wars shooting game! I never gave up , I knew theres was something been made. hopefully this game is gonna do good and they will actually make a big star wars game like battlefront. so excited for the game STAR WARS !!!!

  15. Dean says:

    How was single player tacked on? They went all out for the sequel, hiring the actor who played Jango to do narration for the single player campaign and including three special single player game modes?

    • Iceycold says:

      Obscuros is confusing “I prefer the multiplayer aspect” with “BF is predominately a multiplayer title”.
      Single player was fine, and MP wasn’t up to the standards of current-gen.

      The majority of comments regarding a future BF tend to agree on “We want better AI for single player”, NOT “Single player? Who needs that?” something Obscuros doesn’t seem to see.

    • Obscuros says:

      Single player campaign (not offline conquest) Was always a poorly scripted conquest mode with terrible AI. I would play though it once and never touch it again. Anybody who has played BF online agrees it was the best way to play the game. Playing against other humans is just unmatched by any AI. And having large servers with many players made BFII brilliant. Seems to me there are not many people here who have played BF online to begin with. Given the capture bases format of this series, it plays far better as a multiplayer title.

      And Iceycold, how can you say multiplayer wasnt up to current gen standards. When BFII came, it was the old xbox live. It was plenty up with the standards of the day. Until its last day on xbox live it was very popular. On PSP and PC the servers are still very populated considering how old this series is.

      • Kal Skirata says:

        pssh. XBLA.

        2 Words, fellas.

        Wii. U.

        ▲ ▲

      • Iceycold says:

        Obscuros: you’re really going to have to stop stating your OPINION as fact. You think single player sucked? Others didn’t. You think multiplayer was the best way of playing this game? Others don’t. It’s all your OPINION, pal.

        You also say that no-one here seems to have played multiplayer (because they disagree with you? Put your handbag away). Well, I have. It was laggy, the hero attacks were glitched and the weapons less reliable than offline. Match connecting wasn’t exactly hot, either. The best part of the game (look out, OPINION incoming) was the space combat, which ironically was the weakest mode of the offline experience.

        In your haste to condemn single-player, I notice you still can’t seem to acknowledge that many other OPINIONS are in favour of at least *having* an offline mode. Try looking up “objective view” in the dictionary, it’ll all become clearer.

        • Obscuros says:

          Maybe laggy for your connection speed. And 3/4 of your post is dedicated to defending your right to defend an opinion. Zero defense of an otherwise mediocre single player game that truly shined when it was connected to the internet. Instead you tear down what is still (imo btw) one of the most complete multiplayer experiences ever put in a shooter.

          Typical tactic of tearing down an obviously better area of the game to inflate the weak position of single player. Online gaming is the future of gaming and has been for a awhile now. This is of course only for those who have a connection and a decently fast one at that. If you don’t have a connection and and have no access for one reason or another, that is no reason to hate or deny the gaming community at large a great online only game.

          • Iceycold says:

            Obscuros, you’re hilarious.

            Rather than engage in any form of debate about the merits of single-player or multi-player experiences, you cry and stamp your feet because people don’t automatically agree with your OPINION.

            Then, with your “no reason to hate or deny the gaming community at large” comment, you’ve just shown yourself up as an amateur troll.

            As well as looking up “objective view” in a dictionary, might I suggest reading “The Art of Debate” by Warren Choate Shaw. Or if you can’t manage that, at least read “Trolling for Beginners” at

  16. Evan Rainey says:

    a friend sent me this video yesterday and got me rather excited. hope you all enjoy it as well!

  17. Joe says:

    Why would I want to buy this? I only have a PS3 and I don’t play multiplayer games or online games. Stupid Lucasarts! I loved Star Wars Battlefront for the single player games so I can play them by myself against the computer. Lucasarts is messed up! Why does Microsoft get all the exclusive star wars games. They released Republic Commando and both Knights of the Old Republic plus all the Jedi Knight games on microsoft owned systems. Why is Sony PS4 fans getting the shaft again especially the single player fans who don’t play online?

    • Obscuros says:

      Saying that you buy Battlefront to play single player is like saying I bought a ferrari to go 15 mph. The vast majority of people want to play this game online as it should be. Battlefront was always intended to be a multiplayer game from the first title. Single player always felt tacked on and unneccesary.

      • Narwhal says:

        I do hope you’re confusing single player with the single player campaign mode. I’d agree with you there for the most part, as the gameplay was a tad awkward and felt like the regular conquest mode but scripted. But if you’re referring to single player as in the network free, a.i. filled mode, a.k.a regular instant action or conquest, then no you’re wrong.

      • OmarNg7X says:

        I used to think like Joe. In fact, during most of my childhood I played and replayed the campaign mode several times. For me it was one of the best, if not the best, star wars experience I could have as a kid. I never showed any interest in online multiplayer until recent years after I saw my brother playing it. So I gave it a try and enjoyed BF2 even more.

        The point is that BF2 has an excellent campaign mode. And I still enjoy it once in a while. But after playing multiplayer the campaign became very boring, mainly because of the horrible AI (even in Elite mode). My advice is, if you haven’t played multiplayer yet, do it now. There are still a few servers that get really packed (up to 42). It’s A LOT more fun than campaign. You will realize what Obscuros said that this game was meant to be multiplayer from the start.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      why microsoft? because if you were a company and were to pick one company you logically would choose microsoft

      i think obscuros means the single player campaign… lol it was honestly such a poorly written campaign now that i look back. its basically like you said- regular conquest but scripted

  18. Obscuros says:

    This is brilliant news. The only thing worth playing in Battlefront was the multiplayer anyways. I can already envision map packs with some of the best hits of the previous 2 games. Odds are high that PSN will get this at some point as well, as with most other arcade games.

    For those who dont think this is a good thing, then just look at some of the best XBL multiplayer only arcade games out there. 1942, Monday night Combat, Gotham City Imposters. Online Only Multiplayer games are the future of Battlefront type games…and the future is bright. The server populations are high, and there a lot more players because the games cost a lot cheaper than the 60 dollar retail.

  19. RP89 says:

    Chances are this is an online bf only. remember what Slant Six was rumoured to be workingn on, before it was canceled? an online only bf.

  20. tractor16 says:

    Well this is great news they are obviously seeing if a battlefront game is popular so right now all we can do is get everyone to buy this game to show to lucasarts that there is a market for awesome badass and addictive games like battlefront. And why is everyone so negative about 1313 it looks good and theres no reason to hate it because its not battlefront 3, don’t you want lucasarts to start making more good games first so they don’t butcher battlefront 3.

    • Scott Andrechek says:

      I find it strange IGN still is on the Spark Unlimited/Battlefront 3 bandwagon. They’re second game is a Ninja Gaiden game. They have no more projects.

      Oh well.

  21. Nitride says:

    Oh this game had better be what we people have been looking for.

  22. Nitro says:

    Thanks Scott! Very interesting… the cover art looks awesome.

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