All quiet on the Battlefront 3…

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Hello fellow Battlefrontians. Apologies for the lack of updates here, I have been pretty busy this summer as my wife and I just bought a new house 🙂 and there hasn’t really been much to report on.

Since Spark Unlimited revealed that they are not the developers of Battlefront 3, everything and every rumor seems to drop off the radar. Even still I am not giving up hope! Until they come right out and say it, I still believe that this will happen one day and this site will stay here until it comes!

It also deeply saddens me to report that our good friend and ally Tuggie, has retired and Gloom Walkers has been shut down entirely over the weekend. I do not know the whole story but from all of us at, we wish Tuggie the best of luck in his future endeavors and we hope that he will return to the dark side soon!

Update: Tuggie’s Farewell video

Other than that, not a whole pile to report on. I do believe that LucasArts has another unannounced game that they are currently working on besides Star Wars: 1313. If anyone has any information on that or any interesting rumors, please don’t hesitate to send them along!

Hope you all had a great summer!

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  1. Scott says:

    did no one get the all quiet on the western front reference

  2. -X- says:

    Tuggie’s wife made him leave.

  3. french jawad says:

    has it seems, in my college there is a big rumor mod “updated” but nothing is on because I saw my friend play with him and it was a battlefront different ex: Battle of the star death, Darth Vader stronger without mods and more! and he even made ​​a Battaile space with armored vessels develop as the X and Y fighter wings
    In any case, his game was good.
    if you see errors bah I’m French and I much English stu

  4. Chewi says:

    I want BF3 or Republic commando 2.

  5. Shadow says:

    Why has tuggie left i really cant listion to the video, We need a new group, who his with me we need a new group to infrom thousends of people of this.

  6. Darth Shrewynd says:

    This really sucks, but also I’m still hopeful. I just bought a bunch of battlefront 2 copies on steam as gifts for my friends. Maybe if we buy enough copies from steam or something they will realize!

    No but really, I am saddened I miss battlefront 2. I really just bought battlefront 2 on steam just because I hope it helps somehow.

    Tonight I am gonna have fun blasting people, see you all ingame hopefully!

  7. dubski says:

    I heard the mmo flopped and is now free to play…. maybe now they’ll finally listen

  8. tractor16 says:

    The way I look at it is that battlefront 3 won’t be made until the next gen of consoles is released. Really in a way that is a good thing because its only about a year away and it will look and play a million times better. This is probably the reason Lucasarts isn’t making Battlefront 3. The game is coming, tuggie united us and now is not time not to lose hope and fall apart, stay strong Battlefrontians.

  9. Big_Mac4547 says:

    Did not know that he was going to drop everything, i thought it was just the youtube channel that he was dropping. that kind of sucks but it is his decision to do that and i will miss his videos. hope that he can get the balance in his life that he wants and maybe come back to making videos for the fun of it again and if not as long as he is happy then that is all that matters in the end. I am going to miss his videos and insight into Star Wars BF3 goodbye Tuggie.

  10. old ben says:

    a new hope?………

  11. Chalky says:

    The unfortunate thing about this, I had too dig out my ps2 to play SWBF2, why can’t Lucas arts understand that a lot of people want this game and will rake in a fortune from sales! Also may I mention the hour long footage of the pre alpha swbf3 has been removed due too “Lucas film copyright”.. May this mean something is on the cards due too Lucas arts claiming copyright on something which isn’t supposedly being developed anymore, let’s all hope!

  12. Carlosdeb says:

    THere are not news???
    You must knoe Lucasarts has registred a computer game called:


    It sound like a battreflont.

  13. Jacen Solo says:

    Well Tuggie, good for you. If you feel that you need to get more into your personal life….. then good for you. Im glad you value your personal life, sir.
    Goodbye Tuggie gonna miss you. It was a very good video. It was inspiring… A LOT OF PEOPLE COULD LEARN FROM YOU SIR! FAREWELL!

  14. Taan says:

    Since the arse wipe of a person who took over lucas arts, battlefront 3 was called off and ruined free radical, canceled the forced unleashed 3 and then released the appalling 2 mission long star wars kinect.

    The retarded part is, he canceled these games and ruined a company enough to make the creative director of free radical to change his carrier completely, to save money.

    This is a company that makes money by releasing and commissioning games. so they decided to save money by canceling the games that will make the most money out of all the games they have released in the last 5 years put together.

    A yogurt can do a better job.

  15. Commander_Nova says:

    Whoah Ive beeen gone for a week and all this happens? …. :'(
    Tuggie made a good choice and I respect it… with all my respect for him I’ve had in the past I’ve wanted to thank him for a long time for all he’s done… He pulled all of us fans together. I never would have even known that this many people cared about this game or even Star Wars in general.. You guys gave me hope 🙂 and I don’t intend on losing it untill BF3 is officially announced that it will never be made.

    I feel like this is the only way I’ll be able to communicate and interact with the former Gloom Walkers so I gotta say some things… Thanks for all of your faith in this game. WHen Spark anounced LP3 I thouhgt it would be the end of the line, the straw that broke the camel’s back. And many camels did die that day, but not those who stayed strong.

    Thanks, I’m out for the night I will post again. May the dark side of the force be ever in your favor or something like that.

  16. NinjaEwok14 says:

    Farewell Tuggie! You shall be well missed. On a side note, does anybody know if they happen to be making a Republic Commandos 2? I wouldn’t be surprised considering certain hints in the first TFU game.

    • Commander_Nova says:

      I would rather talk bout stuff like this on a seperate website but I guess now that GW’s is down this is the only place… :'(

      But anyways im not sure about another RC game but if you haven’t seen any of the clone wars season 5 trailers, watch it! There is a quite familiar character from Republic Commando whos making a reappearance…

  17. SUPERSO1DIER says:

    Tuggie 🙁

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