LucasArts Creative Director Calls it Quits.

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Hey Battlefrontains.. there has been absolutely no news since the announcement of Star Wars: 1313, which doesn’t really come to a big surprise, as every year after E3, we all get disappointed.. and then there always seems to be a long period where there is nothing. This year is certainly no different.

In the world of LucasArts though, creative director Clint Hocking has decided to take his leave from the company and seek employment elsewhere. Can’t say as I blame him, I would have left too after realizing they were putting out another game that wasn’t Battlefront 3.

LucasArts creative director Clint Hocking announced he left his position at the company. He joined LucasArts after leaving Ubisoft in May 2010.

“I recently left my job at LucasArts and am moving on to something new,” Hocking said on his blog. “Unlike last time, I already have something lined up and I am currently in the process of dealing with the living hell of relocation.”

He spent the last two years working on an unannounced project for LucasArts. His time at Ubisoft lasted 9 years where he served as game director on the original Splinter Cell and creative director on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Far Cry 2.


This “unnannounced project” was probably Star Wars: 1313, I am assuming, unless anyone else has heard otherwise?

In other events, Borman has posted up some more great videos on the late, great Battlefront 3, Free Radical style!

Check them out here ->

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  1. Star wars battlefront LOVR says:

    DUDE……YOU KNOW WHAT I SAY……BRING STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 ON SOON……..It should already be out it should make a surprise appearance and come out christmas 2012 or beginning of 2013 no later who wants to wait none of us…..Who CARES ABOUT STAR WARS 1313 BRING ON SWBF3

  2. How do you get into contact with the Admins on this site as there is no Contact button/page on here as I’d like to inform them about something

  3. elementotrl says:

    Honestly, as much as I want battlefront 3, Im scared that we will just get stuck with either a mostly good game that got obviously rushed at the end (kotor2) or that they try to emulate other franchises too much and we get stuck with a clone of an already existing game instead of a true sequel.

  4. James says:

    I can’t believe how stupid LucasArts are being. Don’t they realise they will battlefront 3 would make them an absolute fortune. Forget battlefield 3 being the cod killer, battlefront 3 would be easily.

  5. mr. idea says:

    the only way we can get battlefront is to make a fb page and get millions of people to like it. then hopefully george lucas will maybe look to see that millions of people want it. therefore putting millions of dollars in his pocket. Its worth the shot and im sure we will get lots of people liking it. 1313 looks like pretty graphics but its a exact clone of the force unleashed but with no sabre just laser guns. no online play no co op. george you make me and every starwars fan pissed off right now >:( most people want online and co op wtffff. lol battlefront 3 with co op and online is success especially with the graphics we can achieve right now. george lucas you have failed like annakin. you were good but you turned but hopefully you turn good again in the end and come back to the light side lol

  6. EventideOne says:

    I think Lucasarts’ partners have something to do with us not seeing Battlefront 3. Activision had ties to Lucasarts during SWBF3 production and was their distribution partner for a while. Lucasarts now works with EA for SWTOR, which was supposed to be EAs P2P MMORPG, and Activision now Activision Blizzard (and owns WoW). Both Companies have a rivalry over the FPS genre and now the Major MMO RPG genre.

  7. Someone says:

    The least Lucas arts can do to make up for the fact that they constantly let us down is give somesort of feedback on what they have to say about not giving us Starwars battlefront 3.

  8. jdom503 says:

    sorry to say but i give up. if they were close to finishing and scrapped it then i think its dead. im just gonna go see if dust514 can be my new syfy/space shooter game.

  9. Buggzy BomberX says:

    Where oh where is my republic commandos #2 has gone.

  10. Mitchell says:

    They have made all these failed games and wont bring back the classic that would be a bigger hit than call of duty black ops 2 and halo 4 even probably. I mean its been 7 years. The second people heard swbf3 was available for pre order stores would have lines out the doors to pre order it. there are no game like battlefront out there. the game was a master piece. same as star wars republic commando which they need another one of those btw. Instead of working on new fail games why not go with the classic hits that everyone wanted a sequel too

  11. Nac0319 says:

    Hey, here’s some news:

    “LucasArts president Paul Meegan has stepped down from his role at the game publisher,”

    Found this on Gamespot

  12. JdDuncan88 says:

    If they wont give us battlefront 3 anytime soon they could at least remake the 2 originals in HD for PS3 & XBOX 360 like what they done with the splinter cell trilogy at least until they relise they need star wars battlefront 3

  13. Starwars says:

    I just want battlefront three.

  14. Cade says:

    Hey, lets hope that more important dudes drop out, making 1313 either stop being made all together, or being released as a piece of crud. Then, lucasarts will be forced to listen to us.

  15. one World Sith says:

    Paul Meagan Steps down as president of Lucas Arts!!! Thats right there goes another one!!!

  16. jdom503 says:

    Mel Brooks should make a BF type game called Space Balls Rise of the Shwartz. Idk just a thought lol

  17. Cloudtrooper says:

    The other swbf games were great and this would be lucasarts best game if they would only get it out of limbo and get it in stores.

    I believe dice kinda stole the battlefront feeling and made battlefield which plays a lot like battlefront catch my drift?

    • one World Sith says:

      actually battlefield came 1st! And there is a way to get swbf3 out of limbo. Organizing a boycott. We now have 3 game stores where i live behind this boycott of thier next game. We are going to to do everything to discourage the sale of sw1313.

  18. RandomPerson says:

    … I just want a video game.

  19. Luis E. Morales Falco says:

    Wasnt him who made a cut to a lot of games in developing? If so, he better have a good excuse. It is the same thing Lego did with not releasing phase 2 clone commanders such as Cody, or Gree. I for one are protesting Lucas games until they release a worthwhile game.

    • One World Sith says:

      I talk to alot of customers that come i into my store that is mostly dedicated to selling video games and they are are all saying the same thing you are as far as protesting them. We will be pushing a boycott of lucas arts next game in our store.

  20. fire.s says:

    Knowing rebellion, i wouldnt be surprised if they are making a battlefront for the ps vita, i honestly dont mind the psp installments, they’re actually kinda entertaining.

  21. gordon freeman says:

    anyone wan’t to play battlefront 2 with me? ( ps2 ) my server name is he great taco im on alot i really wan’t someone to play with on their

  22. Dean says:

    Buy the rights? That is the stupidest rumor I’ve heard about BF3. Give it up. There is no BF3 coming.

  23. Buggzy BomberX says:

    I heard that some ppl are trying to buy the rights to Create Battlefront 3 due to the demands from us Battlefrontains.

  24. Garlien says:

    I highly doubt he left because of SWBF3, but look at it this way. Best-Case Scenario:
    Star Wars 1313 will gain huge profits, enough to finish Battlefront 3, which work would be started on immediately.
    Worst-Case Scenario:
    Battlefront 3 will never exist.
    What I am saying here is that we have nothing to lose. Maybe we could encourage LucasArts to make SWBF3! How would we do this? Well, maybe we could do a Kickstarter? I know that there are lots of people out there who would want the game, maybe we could give LA a little head start!

  25. Turbonblue says:

    If the unannounced project is NOT swbf3 I think we should commence order 66 >:D (on Lucasarts, of course)
    Who’s with me?

  26. Smoore22 says:

    I’m so in to skyrim with the new DLC daenguard, but the moment battlefronts three would come out I would buy it. Love this site been on it for years reading not posting. Have tons of childhood memeries of me my brother and dad playing battlefronts 2. Please lusacart arts pup up your big boy pants and make this game. From a loyal battlefronts 2 Eliot’s fan(still play battlefront 2 on my xbox 360).

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      Hay is Dawnguard worth the $20? it has gotten okay to good reviews just wonder if I should still get it day one(probably will still get it when it comes out)
      it will be little more time before my sweet sweet version of the PS3 Skyrim can get it 🙁

  27. elementotrl says:

    @clone trooper Crytek?! Well, if its legit Im not complaining.

  28. ColonialRebel says:

    I have a feeling that lucasarts is waiting for Call of duty to die out before making a star wars battlefront game. I mean really, COD would be too much competition. Maybe it is better to wait?

  29. meisNOTme says:

    It has been too long since the battlefronts. I think lucasarts is content to let the series die. My only hope is that they will make a similar game with a new title for the next gen consoles. It doesnt make any sense for them to release a game on the current gen, because the next gen is just around the corner. I have accepted it. Star was battlefront is a dead series. It is lost, done, fini.

    Goodbye STWBF3,

    hopefully they will make a similar game into the future.

    • Jacen Solo says:

      The whole star wars world was based on hope dude….. you cant just give it up!

    • one World Sith says:

      then we need to organize a boycott of them if that is the case. Send the message that we have no use for them if they are not going to make what we want.

  30. Adrian says:

    Could someone check if the Battlefront 3 servers is still active on the gamestop servers? If they are, then that can give us some hope…

    Considering the last days, I do not have much hope left for this game. Sometimes I play Battlefield 3 and imagine how awesome SW Battlefront 3 could have been…

    We will keep on hoping and dreaming.

    • Jacen Solo says:

      Looked like it needed a lot of work……. still, it WAS battlefront 3 at least.

    • darthobiwan says:

      I clicked on that link and tried to watch the video, but it said that it was pulled down because of copyright by Lucasfilm. Now, why would they copyright something that didn’t exist? Hmmmmmmm….

  31. darthobiwan says:

    The sad thing is, SW:1313 is just the beginning of a new gaming franchise. If we ever get Battlefront 3, it won’t be for years.

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      yeah that really depends on how big of a dev team(s) that LA has if they could work on more than one game at a time other then some pre-production things but i don’t think that we will get SWBF3 this gen maybe if it was a first year of next gen we could see it on PS3/360 but i think your right that we will not see it for some time which is sad and I hope when they do make it that it will be done right.

    • TK-421 says:

      You’re right, another franchise will just crowd the line of games they already plan on making.

      There’s The Force Unleashed III, Kinect Star Wars II: The Empire Dances Back, and whatever disasters they could be planning. I’m not saying that all LucasArts games are bad, but come on. Where is Battlefront III?

    • bobafetish says:

      its not going to happen ever so come play battlefield 3 instead me duck

  32. JD Mason says:

    Can’t we get some other company to make a blatant rip-off? Make similar but different sounding music, have it be Hurricanetroopers and some Renegades, instead of stormtroopers and rebels.

    It can be a bit cheesy, as long as I get to more or less get a battlefront like enitity for this generation of consoles… Hell, I can’t even find a copy of Battlefront 2 for my Xbox….let alnoe be sure that it would work on it…. And I’m betting that DLC for it is probably unpossible to find too.

  33. Max Byrne says:

    Let me just say this, that if you did pour your money and did not add any of your own creative effort into battlefront 3, it would ruin my hope. I want this game to be made, and the game would sell easily! I know many friends who would get this game in an instant! Please any game company out there with heart! Take this ember of hope that i have and use it to create a sci fi, third person masterpiece that will rekindle my childhood. Battlefront 2 was great, but with the new tech today, this could be better than Skyrim! Someone should make this, make it well, and sit upon the pile of money they made reviving the childhood fun of many people out in this world. Do it not just for us, but imagine the benefits for yourself!

  34. CloneStormtrooper says:

    Never lose hope! We can still hope for Battlefront III once SW: 1313 is finished.

    • bobafetish says:

      no mate they are tooshort sighted you will never have it play cod instead

      • Big_Mac4547 says:

        if your looking for a more SWBF like game you should play one of the Battlefield game cause that is what SWBF is based off.

  35. DerekF says:

    If I had it my way, all of the executives at LucasArts would be jobless. homeless, and pennyless by the end of the day.

  36. Phlipiman says:

    Regarding if the unnanounced project was 1313 or not, if it is/was 1313 then Why didnt they just bother to write the unnanounced project as SW 1313 instead, since 1313 is Pretty Much announced!? Pretty sure it’s an other game and not 1313! That’s My opinion at least! 😛

  37. Eli says:

    Well I’m just gonna say that BF3 is completely gone forever. After the big build up of the rumors and the crushing blow of Spark saying that they are not making BF3… And then Lucasarts instead releasing a soon-to-fail copy and paste of Uncharted in space INSTEAD OF WHAT THE ******* FANS WANTED OVER 6 DAMN YEARS… I’m going to say that there IS NO hope for BF3.

    • joseph says:

      as a golden sun fan i wanted 7 for the last game to come out.. yeah it was crap and i cant force my self to beat it but it came out. there is still hope.

    • GeneralChaz9 says:

      Ever heard of Duke Nukem Forever? Or Team Fortress 2? Both of those games took 9 or more years to make!

  38. TK-421 says:

    First comment.

    It would have been interesting if he said why he was leaving. Anyway, good luck, Clint!

  39. Wally says:

    Well I don’t know if he quit because of the battlefront thing exactly but I definitely am not surprised. LucasArts just haven’t been making great decisions in their fans’ and audiences’ eyes. It may look great to them but not so much to me. However, I do have expectations that StarWars 1313 is going to be really awesome however I am still not convinced to buy it. I mean how many shooter games are there out there? Why not continue one that was always good and successful instead of trying to whip a new one out of the blue and hope that it is the next Call of Duty or Halo or whatever. Don’t stop momentum.

  40. conlac1 says:

    its no surprise considering he left ubisoft a year and a half ago and the game he was working on at lucasarts is way far off from release

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