Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Footage

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Today’s topic.. Star Wars: 1313, which will probably be the big buzz for the next few months. has posted up some new exclusive gameplay footage which shows off Star Wars: 1313’s pretty graphics and gameplay engine.

So far I’ve heard some pretty good feedback coming from this game, especially from the fact that this franchise is gunning for a Mature rating. A darker look at the Star Wars Underworld, playable by a Bounty Hunter has a nice ring to it for me. Sure it’s not Battlefront 3, but I am willing to give it a chance just like I did with The Force Unleashed, which was a big floppy disappointment in my opinion.

Putting aside the fact that they are still screwing us out of Battlefront 3, what are your first impressions of the gameplay footage?

Details and stunning gameplay emerge as Star Wars 1313 takes the stage in this All Access Live interview with the game’s Director Dominic Robilliard at E3 2012!

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  1. RogueEyeball says:

    This game looks amazing. It actually looks a lot like the Uncharted series, gameplay and mechanics-wise. In no way is that a bad thing, in my opinion.

  2. arc-170 says:

    this is just my hope. that they told us all that it was cancelled just so when they do release it, it is a bigger surprise and even more people want to buy it. it would be in the press that they said they cancelled when they actually launched it and therefore gain bigger publicity. i hope its just a publicity stunt or the game i have waited years for has been cancelled.

  3. RC-1138 says:

    They need to make BF3 or Republic Commando 2. Yeah, 1313 looks good, but i have been waiting to long for BF3 and Republic Commando 2. They can definitely make another Republic Commando, new characters, or different battles with Delta squad.

  4. Schwartzbewithu says:

    Hey guys I just wanted to add… If they really are making battlefront 3 I hope it will have multiplayer, but not having it will be okay too I think, if the campaign has a lot of options. Or at least really good splitscreen or single player quickly matches. The other starwars games were pretty awesome, and although they weren’t AMAZING they still deserve a hand. 1313 looks okay and I’m looking forward to it.

  5. bob says:

    this looks exactly like uncharted…… in a galaxy far far away

  6. jakekakol says:

    this is nice graphics but battlefront 3 is very expensive thats one reason pandemic shutdown. also this is more or less rainbow six vegas 2 mixed in with some splinter cell. and i dont like splinter cell boring. vegas maybe. still battlefront 3 is a very old idea that should be made they have already invested a large amount

  7. TK-421 says:

    Listen to this: Boroman18’s Pre-Alpha 1000 Subscriber Special has more views than the Star Wars 1313 Trailer!

    That’s more than 400,000 views in just a few days! I suppose that just shows you what fans really want.

  8. TK-421 says:

    LucasArts has become fairly predictable. I’m starting to think that Battlefront 3 is the only game I would buy from them.

  9. Evanf says:

    LucasArts needs to get themselves together. Fans are craving a sequel to Republic Commando and Battlefront. Online shooters are more popular than ever. This is the perfect time to release them, yet they don’t. 1313 does look pretty great, but then again they’ve only released a few minutes of gameplay and not many details.

  10. Clone Trooper says:


    • Evanf says:

      Interesting… But this “unannounced project” may be 1313, who knows? They have been working on 1313 for awhile now. But maybe, (since they posted that yesterday) they would have said 1313 because it is unannounced now. This is good news. But, who knows. Lets just hope it is BF3.

  11. Darth Vrom says:

    Hello well guys i look at this game an i say AMAZED. it looks absolutley stunning i loved TFU and TFU2 i love all aspects of teh star wars universe. kinda sucks that BF3 still is a mystery but don’t worry guys have hope ! this game is better then any lego star wars or KINECT star wars do you guys REALLY want another star wars game wher you have to stand infront of a camera and watch a laggy player mess stuff up? guys This game NO MATER if its single player or Multiplayer THIS game looks like one of LA’s comeback games after a string of bad games.

  12. Connor says:

    To the Admins of this page how would the Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III? Facebook Campaign be apart of this page?

    So far my page has 3856 likes/people behind it, I also feel that we can show more demand for Battlefront III through the social network as more or less everyone now use Facebook.

    I am currantly waiting for the development of a promotional campaign advert for the Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III? page which when completed shall be uploaded.

    Also my Campaign includes a Wishlist of ideas for a 3rd Instalment by myself and the pages supporters for major ideas to minor details.

    Thank you for your time.

    Connor Heggie

  13. Force poo says:

    A big let down for star wars fans that it wasn’t sbf3 🙁 but let’s just hope this new game isn’t short storied like tfu and has some form of online multiplayer. As single player games you play and once completed it collects dust. The reason for sbf3 being loved so much is its awesome style 3rd person shooter style and the ability to play as a Jedi and just absolutely annihilate the opposition. And the space battles!!!! Absolutely awesome. You can’t say it wasn’t one of the best star wars games. In the end all fans of swbf can hope for a swbf 2 on steroids. But for now it’s the cards George Lucas plays as he is the mastermind of the star wars world. Hopefully he takes notice that a lot of people want to chop his head off with a light saber if he doesn’t end up creating a swbf3 game lol.

  14. Evanf says:

    You guys don’t have to do EXACTLY Battlefront! You CAN play other games, there are other games out there. I am going to be playing this one because it reminds me of Star Wars:Bounty Hunter for the PS2. And who cares about no lightsaber duels? Sure, they are fun, but you can vary up your choices in games and stop calling it bad, or “boycott it” or anything. Even though this proves that we defiantly won’t see Battlefront 3 for awhile that doesn’t mean you can’t play another Star Wars game. And I like the Force Unleashed, (even though the second was made for quick cash) the first one had a pretty good storyline. Are you going to boycott me for that? You people really do need to stop complaining, and really, grow up. Just because it does say “Battlefront” you don’t need to turn away from it. And you people are lucky they didn’t make another Lego one.

  15. Matty B says:

    Its seems pretty cool, but it’s definitely a next gen game. Gunna be waiting a while. And it’s still not Battlefront. It really feels at this point that Lucasarts just doesn’t give a about what a huge chunk of their fans want. It’s really disheartening.

  16. Turbonblue says:

    Borman just made a new video on bf3, endor ftw!

  17. charlie says:

    looks like mass effect without rpg features lol fail

  18. TK-421 says:

    It looks okay. As most of us know by now, graphics do not make a game. I’m rather disapointed that LucasArs was using Unreal Engine 3 for this. Sure, the game doesn’t look bad, but I had really been hoping for BF3.

    Come to think of it, why would I pay $50 to purchase the brainchild that ruined the return of BF3?

    • Evanf says:

      It’s actually $75 dollars #justsaying. Kind of a waste of money, but when AC (Assassin’s Creed) did it with Revelations, I bought it even though it was $70. lol. But true it is a huge disappointment. I think this is what Lucasarts does:

      ”George: Ah, this site at They must really want it. And ( this) is all they want, so they decide to make it. Oh, but (5 minutes later) I like this part of the movie where they go down the tunnel thing on Coruscant. Ya know what, WHO CARES ABOUT BATTLEFRONT 3 let’s make a random game with bounty hunters and a big tunnel. YAY!!!!”

  19. Simon says:

    Be happy its not a guaranteed crappy game, it has no reason to disappoint yet

  20. Ingy ball says:

    This just in: lucas arts and wa are partnering to make star wars battlefront 3

  21. Joseph says:

    Here’s my thought, if this game does sell enough, Lucasarts may see that this new direction they want to take with serious star wars games is beneficial which in turn should give us battlefront or republic commando.

  22. Toastier Relic says:

    I’ll get it would of preferred a BF3.

    P.S this looks a lot like mass affect!

  23. oneonlypaco says:

    I agree with young master Saradominist. It looks nice fo’ sho’. But I have yet to get a Star Wars feel from the trailer or gameplay footage. I’ll keep my mind open while more information comes out but there’s just this disturbance. In the force. I hope that the games awesome and I hope that despite the fact that ‘the force’ will not make an appearance in the game, it ties into the lore but right now I feel what queen amidala must have felt after knowing Anny had never even finished a race. They better make it good, or else I won’t have the parts I need to get off this gangstah planet.

  24. NiCk14AlPhA says:

    When i first heard about it, i was excited. Ok not Battlefront 3, but, you know it seems like an actual good game now. The last good game they did in my opinion was TFU, (Am i the only one who enjoyed the game?). The second was awful, and when i was younger i did enjoy Lego 1 and 2.

    But finally theres a game here that looks like it maybe a good. I dont know if its my thing though, the style of it and all.

    I wish BF3 would be out, but to be honest, i think it IS being developed but the reason we arn’t seeing a lot on it, is maybe LA is deciding to push it for the next gen consoles, which have already started now with the Wii U and will probably in the next couple of years progress with Microsoft and Sony.

    Im inclined to think they want to do a next gen title to bring it back possibly.

  25. Afrowizard says:

    Battlefront copied battlefield, rebulic commando copied halo. Who says that 1313 might not be a good copy of uncharted. Don’t be to closed minded everyone. P.S. The first 2 Lego star Wars games were great

  26. Tezla55 says:

    Meh, I already have Mass Effect and Uncharted, which look pretty similar to this game, so I dont think ill be buying this game just for its fancy graphics.

  27. DerekF says:

    Anytime I hear someone say that they are excited about 1313, it literally makes me angry lol You people are doing exactly what Lucasarts wants you to do, they are manipulating you into thinking that this game is gonna revolutionize the genre and its gonna be a crapfest. Lucasarts wants to make the cheapest games possible, instead of spending a little more money on a product that millions of people would buy(Battlefront 3)

    • jjlleskoja says:

      Your not even giving it a chance. Find out more about the game first then be pissed. Plus you don’t know if this game is gonna be another cheap Star Wars game, so stop complaining because its really getting annoying and no one wants to hear your conspiracies about Lucasarts, you don’t know crap about them.

      • Darth Yoda says:

        We know that all of the games they put out since battlefront 2 have been crap!!! And that is all we need to know!!

      • DerekF says:

        And I suppose you know every detail of how LA does business right? Here’s what I know…LucasArts has been putting out terrible games the last few years, and they will continue putting out terrible games because people like you apparently get off over giving LA your hard earned money only to receive a crap game in return. FYI, I don’t know everything about LA, but how bout you ask Free Radical about how LA does business.

  28. Darth Timmy says:

    I don’t know what the big deal with swinging a lightsaber is…I mean it’s cool, but there have been a lot of Jedi/Sith games, I like that they are making a game about the people who don’t use the force. I am personally more of a first person shooter fan, but I have lots of options for that stuff. If nothing else this game will be interesting how they make this game feel more mature….are they showing more blood? More language? More sexuality? For their sake I hope it is more bloody, more real with no extra sexual or language…thats not what Star Wars is about

  29. LOOK says:

    Well it is third person:

    Maybe we could mod it into a stwbf3… Single player onle means we have to make servers ourselves…

    Maybe this game is used to work out the bugs in the game engine so that they can use the same engine to make STWBF3 (kinda doubtful)

  30. dan says:

    If this turns out to be an anyway decent RPG it would be awesome. Doubtful though.

  31. unit 005 says:

    Well I think this looks awesome!! But lets not hammer it down due to “the lack of lightsabers” or due to “the lack of multiplayer” or even due to the fact that “this is the same company who brought us TFU, LSW and SW Kinect”. Because lets not forget that this is also the same company who brought us Republic Commando, Battlefront and KOTOR. Also, lets have a look at Mass Effect 1 and 2, neither one of those had multiplayer, but they still managed to be some of the most hugely successful, interesting and inspirational games of all time and guess what? No multiplayer!! And as for the lightsabers, what does it even matter? The original Battlefront never allowed us to use them did they? and we all love BF1 because that’s what started us all off!! Plus, it’s about time we had a Star Wars shooter-only game because I’m sick of seeing lightsabers waving around like nobody owns them! Plus this is part of a knew franchise which may be a part of “Star Wars Underworld” and if we don’t stand together to just simply buy this game, Underworld may never become a reality because of us: the ungrateful fans who spat their dummies out just because they wanted one single game!!! Now I hope we can realise this before it’s too late, I really do…

  32. The Saradominist says:

    I…I don’t know what to think of 1313. I like the fact they are stepping up the graphic quality and giving another perspective on the Star Wars universe, but at the same time…This just feels out of place, to me this seems like a premonition of dark days to come. Part of me says this is the beginning of a new age of Star Wars, and I don’t like it. It just looks…different…then perhaps what were just accustomed to, but have you ever had, say, a television series where the Mainstream antagonist is eliminated and replaced by another, or there is a giant story line altering event and the show is just not the same or as good anymore? That’s what this feels like to me if you get what im saying.

    I have a bad feeling about this…

    • Kal Skirata says:

      I agree. However, be sure to realize that it is very early footage, so the character shown is a placeholder. However, instead of the cover mechanic, it would certainly feel more Star-Warsy if it was more of a Dark Forces/Jedi Knight type shooter imo.

      Giant story altering event… like how TOR says that everyone’s favorite force user, Revan, was killed 300 years after KOTOR by a few mid-level Sith questers as a dungeon boss?

      • The Saradominist says:

        Lol Yeah. I’m a lvl 35 sith and I can take down one of the most powerful force users ever. Lolwuuuuut. But I like TOR, I just wish they would put in an officer class.

        “Yet there are those who would claim that war is an artform. Fools they are, and fools they remain. By their bloodlust they are blinded to beauty, deafened to melody and numbed to sanctity!” -Azzanadra

  33. wowirock says:

    am i the only one who thaught this actully looked pretty awesome, mayby cuz im a huge uncharted fan? idk

  34. Mike DeLeon says:

    Growing up playing games like shadows of the empire, I loved the feeling this game gave me. It’s a gritty dark shooter, with insane graphics.

    I know some have complained about no lightsabers, but any true fan of star wars knows there’s a lot more to it then that. Especially if you grew up watching the original triliogy; I think I can count <10x they use lightsabers in those movies.

    This is a chance for LA to really start producing quality titles, especially since they've announced they're developing in house, I can't wait to see what they'll come up with.

  35. Dean says:

    Oh, stop with the boycott. There are no secret evil boardroom get t where LucasArts is coming up with ways to rip off fans. I told you before that there wouldn’t be a Battlefront for this iteration of consoles, but you people told me to stop coming here if I didn’t have faith. They’ll make a Battlefront but it’ll be a launch title for the new consoles. Obviously if they wanted to make a new one they would’ve done so already. They’d rather try and come up with something new rather than just another Battlefront. That’s why you see FU and Legos and now 1313. Battlefront ain’t happening. If you want to be angry at anyone and boycott anyone then do it at that developer that led people to think they were working on BF with their tweets and false hints. Those are the ones who really had no respect for you.

  36. Alki says:

    Well this is my last post on here for a long time. In a few months I will contact my source again and see if he/she has any news about battlefront 3 and if they do I will post it on here. I do think someday we will get this game but I think it will be a few more years. Anyways I hope everyone comes to their senses and finally realizes that a boycott of L.A. needs to be organized. I just have a feeling that i will probably not be playing video games anymore by the time this game comes out I am sad to say.

  37. DerekF says:

    People on here like Kal & Jacen are a wet dream for LucasArts. You people will blindly buy anything with the Star Wars logo on it. When LucasArts is having their meetings and thinking to themselves “All we need to do is rely on idiotic people to buy our failures.” You are the people they are talking about. People like you are the reason we don’t have Battlefront 3. All it would take is for us to boycott JUST ONE of LucasArts’ high budget projects to get the point across that they can either make Battlefront 3 or go bankrupt. Like someone on here said, we have the power to force LucasArts to make Battlefront 3, but so far, we have yet to exercise that power.

    • Darth Vader says:

      I dont agree with you, they both arent blindly buying a game with a Star Wars logo on it. They are being reasonable and not throwing a fit about it when its not even out yet. I think they are right, this could be the “Battlefront 3” gameplay but with a better story.

    • one World Sith says:

      Derek you are correct but one thing we need to do as part of this boycott is to get people in gamestores to discourage the sale of all future Lucas Arts games. I work in a game store and so far I have all of the employees in my store onboard and a friend of mine in another store trying to get the same thing going. With the right amount of effort we can make them feel this in their pockets.
      Great post Derek!!!

      • DerekF says:

        If you work at a game store and discourage people from purchasing a game, wouldn’t that put your job in jeopardy?

        • one World Sith says:

          1 well you would not want to do it in front of management.
          2 it would only be future Lucas Arts games.
          3 And in the store I work The manager would not care anyways, that dumb is younger than I am lol.

          • DerekF says:

            I talked to a buddy of mine who is a regional manager for gamestop and a huge star wars fan. I asked him about discouraging the sale of 1313 to customers and he said he will allow cuz he has also gotten tired of lucasarts not announcing battlefront 3. LMAO!!

  38. Darfth Duncan says:

    Saw this, they mention that lucasarts are working on 2 projects, 1313 being one of them.

    Love the site guys! If some of us are tetchy about not having BF3, I have to say we were teased with a video of what could have been, then had all hope snatched from under our feet. Lucasarts have a lot of making up to do.

    peace and love

  39. Alfalfa says:

    You have to reload in battlefront if you haven’t forgotten.

  40. Kal Skirata says:

    This IS the same company that has given us The Force Unleashed, Lego Star Wars and Star Wars Kinect so we should maybe not get TOO excited, though.

  41. drizzy drake says:

    Lets just say im not going to pay 65 dollars for a doom and gloom bounty hunter story that ends after 5 hours of gameplay. Just my opinion. Hell.. I wouldnt mind if they just remade Battlefront 2 with HD graphics. lol

  42. EventideOne says:

    I’ve already tweeted my sentiments on another SP game to Lucasarts. I really hope they aren’t waiting for COD to fade as the most popular Multiplayer shooter because its not going to happen unless Activision slips on a banana peel with their features. In the meantime they’re just pumping money into projects like this instead of pumping money into games that adults and kids would be able to play with almost no societal harm. With all of the games that look very similar to it, they can’t bank on the “It’s because it’s Star Wars” theory because it won’t work. I’ve already vowed not to pay Lucasarts a dime until I get Battlefront 3, which by that time I’ll have to buy a new PC because my current stats won’t support it.

  43. Kal Skirata says:

    Some people need to grow balls and grow up. This game looks very good, don’t dismiss it immediately because it doesnt have the name “battlefront” on it.
    When battlefront came out i dont think people had impressions much different than an unbiased gamer does of this. Considering what Lucas Arts has been doing to us is another story- they suck with the performance they’ve had for the past 7 years or so.

  44. Drizzy Drake says:

    Jacen I never said it didn’t look like a good game. But I’m not going to pay for something we have seen time and time again. I could care less about being a bounty hunter in the underworld of coruscant. Maybe if the game spread out all over the galaxy I would try it but the fact that the whole game is dark and captures none of the beauty of the star wars galaxy is a major turn off. A game has to be more than graphics for me. You could be right and I respect your opinion. But there is no reason for people to post hateful things to others on this forum because they disagree. So far Kal has managed to put down multiple people and he calls them the immature ones. Just think about that.

  45. Big_Mac4547 says:

    kind of good new if you either wanted to play as Fett of you just did not like the two guys that were in the demo it seems that the two characters in the demo will not be the final two that in the game.
    “The demo we witnessed starred two characters who we were told are not the final characters of the game.”

    So here is hoping that it is Bobba Fett and if not him why not Bossk or IG-88? or one of the other badass bounty hunters in Star Wars lore

    here is the link to the full gameinformer article:

    and if you want to check out some other bounty hunters in Star Wars here you go:

  46. max7238 says:

    Well, then. Another failure from LA.
    “Oh, don’t say that. Be grateful it wasn’t LEGO Star Wars or Kinect Star Wars 2.”

    Bull. You all know it as well as I do. Since whatever happened at LA with management, it’s been one crap-storm after another. Ok, fine, Force Unleashed was a cool concept and a fun game… But I wish I had only rented it since I played through it twice and then let it collect dust. I spent hours, days, weeks, and MONTHS on Battlefront 2. I had every General level bonus possible. I knew the campaign like the back of my hand. And I did it all waiting for the next game, since I got BF2 years after release. And still no BF3. That game can only get better. All they have to do is take everything the first game had, fix any odd bugs, make a new story and retexture stuff for the new HD graphics everything has, and boom: best seller. But, no. We just get one ploy for money after another. George Lucas, LA’s namesake, if you ever read any of these comments and if you ever realize LA’s huge mistakes, do every Star Wars fan a favor and at least just shut LA down. All it’s doing now is disappointing old fans and giving little kids and families half-thought-of games.

    Thanks for nothing, Lucas Arts.

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      Man you good! you know that the game will fail just from 5 minutes of game play/cut scenes!
      Just because it is not Battlefront 3 does not mean that it will be a bad game at lest give it some more time before you kill it off!

  47. SWBF3(please) says:

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that it looks like a Duck and Shoot game.

  48. Wowirock says:

    Looks awesome

  49. Jeremy says:

    VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313 VOTE NO TO 1313

  50. Kane says:

    Star Wars: 1313: Boba’s Deception.

  51. This looks worse than force unleashed. What good is it if I cant have a lightsaber duel. This game doesn’t even have lightsabers. It looks like single player too. That makes it just another single player shooter with fancy graphics….

    What a surprise, another disappointment from LA. Why cant they figure this out.


    • blastermaster says:

      you shouldn’t be so closed minded. Just because it’s star wars doesn’t mean that you have to be a jedi. The force unleashed is what happens when they try and give you “lightsaber duels” I think it looks great.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      im sorry are we 5 year olds throwing tantrums because theres no lightsabers?

      be grateful lucas arts didnt drop another lego star wars on us you fool

      • drizzy drake says:

        I agree with him. Why cant LA figure this out? Why the hell is it so hard to understand that we want BF3? And dont be calling people a fool for voicing their own opinion. Obviously he has just as much right to comment as you do, so be more mindfull of others please.

        BTW: Can you imagine what BF3 would have been like with those graphics!

        • bobafetish says:

          they really have no idea what people want. Let me guess you go through differnt levels and then kill the boss and then collect stupid coins yawn ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry i fell asleep, err think im going to sell my brain to medical science, oh just had a thought maybe you could change your outfit??? god that would be amazing NOT !! !! 1313eh? They ought to call it more Star wars (im telling a story) who gives a crap I just wanna blow up and PLAY ONLINE GEORGE ARE YOU LISTENING????
          Answer no

        • Alki says:

          Low sales of their other games may help them understand that we want battlefront 3 and not the other crap games they put out. We could organize something to help that along.. I forgot what the term is for that. I like one world siths idea.

          • Good point Drizzy about what the graphics could have been like. Sounds like what Free Radical was working on.

            Can you imagine Battlefront II with good graphics?

            Mr. Lucas, this is what we want and we are still waiting for it.


            p.s. nice site

    • Keanine says:

      I just have to point out that Republic Commando didn’t involve being a jedi, and that was a brilliant game!

      • noob skywalker says:

        yeah but the story was amazing with online customization not seen very much and its graphics were good at that time.

      • Darth Revan501 says:

        Republic commandos ending definitely set it up for a sequela nd with 1313 graphics it would ba amazing and what vere happened to sev at the end did he die?

    • th3asianator says:

      this looks hella better than tfu. personally i dislike the whole jedi aspect of star wars, and much prefer all the warfare, hence my love for battlefront.

    • bobafetish says:


  52. Uncharted gameplay rip-off anyone?

  53. Jacen Solo says:

    Hey guys, bad news, just did some research and it looks like their is only single-player mode. That sucks. I hope Im wrong

    Check it out:

    • snicker says:

      just confirmed that it will be single player on g4, either way ild still buy it it looks awsome!

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      now it could be that it only has a single player mode but this could be that the only thing that is official is that it has single player I don’t think that they have said one way or the other that it has multiplayer or if it is a single player only game so the only thing that they can put it down as is a single player game but I could have missed something so I could be wrong…

      • snicker says:

        they have CONFIRMED on g4 that it will only be single player

        • Big_Mac4547 says:

          If it is not too much trouble could you post a link to were they said that I will try to find it for myself but it can be a pain in the butt to find stuff some times.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Why is Single-player bad news? Most of the greatest video games of all time (Star Wars especially) are single-player. Multiplayer stuff can take away from the atmosphere, mystery, and story of a game.

      Sure, a coop Republic Commando 2 campaign would be fun. A true KoTOR 3 would HAVE to be singleplayer though. Multiplayer would cheapen it.

      Multi could be fun for 1313, just saying that single-player only CAN be a good thing. No dealing with hackers, trolls, server issues, internet connection, etc.

    • RichterBelmont says:

      Since when does every game need to have the ablility to go online? Just imagine yourself some years back when online gameplay wasn’t often avaliable in games. Were the games you played epic? Unless you got very unlucky and only got shitty games, some of them must have been quite good nonetheless, such as FF7, CV SotN, SW Shadows of the empire… Get my point? I’m not saying that online gaming is a bad thing at all, just saying it doesn’t need to be online to be a good game.

      • yuke5 says:

        Well, I think they are missing a chance to add a multiplayer experience. I game can have both. Republic Commando had an awesome (albeit short) campaign, and had some fun multiplayer. It would be fun to have some multiplayer maps with a singleplayer campaign, especially with all the opportunities to cover-slide and move around by climbing up walls and stuff. There could even be different factions for multiplayer, such as Trandhoshans or Stormtroopers, or various gangs.

  54. Jacen Solo says:

    WOW! Im impressed….. i think i was wrong about the m rating. If this game is as good as i looks….. im willing to give LA another chance!

    • one World Sith says:

      Seriously that quickly just give these guys another chance? I am going to discourage every person who comes into my store from buying this crap!

      • Kal Skirata says:

        you sound like a stubborn little 5 year old who doesnt get her way.

        grow up, this is the real world, at least lucas arts has graced us with a real game instead of lego star wars: jar jar edition

        i want battlefront but im wise enough to not judge this game as “crap” when it looks better than battlefront from an unbiased perspective

        • Jacen Solo says:


        • drizzy drake says:

          Again Kal what is with the personal attacks on people? lol Chill out man. If people are upset let them be. You dont have to go on the defensive when they arent even talking about you.

        • Alki says:

          Look again the graphics look great but their are plenty of crap games with good graphics and this is a Lucas Arts game we are talking about here.

      • alki says:

        That is a great idea. I dont work in a game store but I know people who do and I will try to get them to do the same. I will have to admit this stupid bounty hunter game has nice graphics.

  55. Just Will Lite says:

    Looks like a decent solo game, but I’m not sure I want to spend $1,000 on a gaming PC just to play it. My budget is more around $60 to play a game on a $250 game console.

    • Kal Skirata says:


      • Dean says:

        Kal Skirata, giving thumbs up to his posts since 2008.

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Let me repost this:

          I hate this Kal guy. Being immature and attacking people. He’s a COD fanboy, and has been impersonating me since around April, I think.

          Don’t pay him any attention. He’s an imposter, and should find a new name to use. I’ve been on here for quite a while-Nitro can attest to that just by looking at the email I use and how long I’ve been on here.

          I, the Real Kal Skirata, enjoy good SP games like KoTOR, Zelda, Portal (2), Metroid (NOT other m) etc. This other Kal is a n00b.

          ▲ ▲

  56. Big_Mac4547 says:

    looks really good I still hope that it is an open world game but it looks more like it will be similar an Uncharted game which if done right can be just as good.
    and im just going to guess that the game will have multiplayer just because every game today has it(god of war has it now) i hope that there is some Co-op type missions.

  57. phlipiman says:

    Basically, that was some awesome footage right there and I really like that the guy we get to play as (at least it seems so) has some resemblance to Luke skywalker in his face! A dark haired Luke turned bounty hunter! The only thing that kind of… gets me wondering is, it looks like Lucasarts has turned Uncharted into Star wars! Any1 whos played Uncharted 2 or 3 will know what I’m talkin about! If this is true, then that’s…. really awesome! Uncharted is some of the absolutely best adventure games out there (with mature rating). I really hope this game has some bf3 similiar multiplayer though! And I reaaaally hope we get to see bf3 for real on day!

    • Kal Skirata says:

      He doesn’t look like Luke. He looks like Tim Daly. And since when do you have to reload a blaster? What? My laser bullets are running out! Have to reload!

      • That Guy says:

        You reload blasters for some weapons on Battlefront…

        • Kal Skirata says:

          This is the REAL Kal, BTW. The one above is a fake.

          Anyway, am I the only one that gets a kick out of seeing clones “reload” their blasters by just slapping the bottom of the weapon with their hand?

          Look closely, they aren’t carrying clips. Blasters are powered by low-intensity slaps.

  58. SIlentstorm says:

    Been waiting years and years for BF3… now Im just thinking it’s a dead franchise… Why? We might never know nUnless I am seriously mistaken, I hope I am. Look’s good, Multiplayer? anything? Or just solo campaign? If it there is multiplayer that would be nice however I find it unlikely. I will rent it as not to fund Lucas Arts at this time.. If no one buys the game and WE the PLAYERS make it a flop what can they do? Just a thought.. We have the power, and we empower them to continue to make craptastic games by purchasing them in hopes it will be amazing whick equals FAIL..

    • Kal Skirata says:

      this game looks amazing. quit whining and suck it up

      this, for all you know, could be the “Battlefront 3” but what makes it different is that the campaign is more involving instead of battlefront (which i love more than any game) where the campaign is honestly crap. all you do is take the command posts, there was no depth to it.

      i do agree that multiplayer will make or break the game, just like it did for battlefront

      • Jacen Solo says:


        • drizzy drake says:

          If better means insulting people over and over again because they dont agree on something so small as a game, then yes Kal is getting “better”

          • Jacen Solo says:

            You guys are the ones mad at a game that looks good Drake…. face it, 1313 looks like it could be sweet!

        • Kal Skirata says:

          *the guy above is an imposter, been using my name for a while

          I agree, if that’s sarcasm.

          I really enjoy battlefront. Sure it’s not deep, but it’s fun for shooting things with lazers. And I don’t play online. But it is still fun 😀

  59. Redline says:

    Hmmmmm…. impressions? Where is Battlefront3

  60. Hayabusa says:

    Alright, that does look quite good. As you say, “Sure it’s not battlefront 3” but you’ll give it a go – I think I will too. It would eb awesome if you could acquire a lightsaber in it somehow. Graphics do look nice and sharp which is good. It does look like an interesting game but it’s just, it isn’t BF3, which bites 🙁

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