LucasArts announces Star Wars: 1313

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Well, here we have it Battlefrontians. LucasArts has announced their new franchise last night on GTTV (via Spike TV) as Star Wars: 1313. Although not much information has been released about Star Wars: 1313, the synopsis definitely shows some promise.

Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts players in control of a deadly bounty hunter as he uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down his marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Star Wars 1313 emphasizes epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a hero who uses human skills and gadgets, rather than supernatural Force powers, to make his way through this dangerous world.

This isn’t the game I was hoping for, but it sounds like it could be pretty good, and hopefully it will be something that will hold us over until they give us Battlefront 3.

Here is the video from GTTV:

Comments and opinions?

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  1. austin says:

    I played Battlefront 1&2 for years and if anything this could turn into a nice
    break from something expected.

  2. Mike says:

    I just wish that there can be a star wars game that’s actually playable again like Battlefront 1&2. They were the best star wars games in my opinion. Release an updated version compatible with Xbox360 and PS3.

  3. Swartchzbewithu says:

    Battlefront3 looks AMAZING

  4. Rocksteady777 says:

    Hopefully this is Battlefront 3 with a different name and a new story…

  5. Caleb says:

    Well, that’s funny, for me it’s just showing a Halo 2 debut trailer instead of the 1313 trailer xD

  6. spaceman872 says:

    cmon you have to release battlefront 3 not this crap, make the gameplay like battlefront 2 and don’t make it ANYTHING like fore unleashed, as soon as i played that game, i threw it in the in. c’mon release battlefront 3 you will ruin my childhood memories

  7. this should be a great game… maybe

  8. noob3r64 says:

    Oh great. Now we have to wait for LucasArts to finish a list of Star Wars games until they actually reach Battlefront 3. Maybe they are waiting until graphics or
    something else to improve. They are probably going to still pick up the rock and
    develop the game though.

  9. Nathan Cov says:

    Spark Unlimited could still be making BF3. Maybe Lucas Arts made Star Wars 1313 just to keep the patient gamers interested in Star Wars, because it will still probably be another year or 2 before BF3 could come out. Yeah Spark Unlimited is making Lost Planet 3, but if you check out spark unlimited’s website, they have 2 projects in development. 1 lost planet 3 and an unannounced project which could be Battlefront 3. These is Spark Unlimited’s descriptions below…

    Here is Lost Planet 3…
    “We are in FULL PRODUCTION on Lost Planet 3! We are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring the return to Extreme Conditions to life. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine. We are still hiring for many positions for the title. Come join the LP3 Team!”

    Here is their Unannounced Project…
    “We started PRE-PRODUCTION in November 2011 to develop a breakout game based on an established console franchise. We are looking for innovative professionals to be members of a core creative team to bring to the console and PC markets a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror genre.”

    • Alejandro says:

      ….The Problem with that is that Battlefront isnt considered a Breakout Horror Game…the only possible lucasarts game it could be for that would be Death Troopers(The Video Game) and i doubt it highly…..

  10. Alex Hunter says:

    Oh I see Battlefront 3 was canceled… figures.

  11. wookie_fan says:

    I’m leaning towards buying a PS2 now to play BF 1 & 2, and if i decided to do it means all hope is lost. I’m done with current consoles with lousy games.

  12. MstrJedi Kyle says:

    I find the lack of BF3 disturbing.

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      but the new 1313 game play does look good, we may have a good Star Wars game coming our way

  13. Alejandro says:

    ….Am I the only one who is interested in Guardians of Middle Earth?

  14. bobafetish says:

    Tolt you they would never do a battlefornt 3, This game will just be as crap as the force unleashed no multiplayer and no point so dont waste your money and time and buy yourself a copy black ops 2 and gta5 and forget lucas arts its all about the money and not about the loyal fans

  15. gravgrav says:

    It’d be interesting to see if there’s multiplayer. If it’s a third-person shooter ala Bounty Hunter, I’m afraid this might be as close as we get to a Battlefront game during this generation of consoles.

  16. Darth vader says:

    Wow Lucasfarts you stink like chewbacas big poo poo you should of gave us battlefront3 looks like I’m going to have to play Cod the rest of my video game days bye battlefront3 I gave up I don’t know how Lucasfarts is still in business oh wait because you make a game look so cool then it stinks like chewbacas big poo poo my favorite game you guys made on the newer gen that I have is Lego star wars tcs thats pretty sad when I’m 14 and still play Lego games just to get my star wars in I have unofficialy gave up on star wars battlefront3 p.s. read my username in his voice for this article

  17. th3asianator says:

    I reallllllly realllllly hope they have the sense to make this open world too. Imagine, being able to hijack speeders,fly in and out of spacelanes, vertical and horizontal. It would be amazing. Atleast ithink so. Star wars theft auto!

  18. Spaceman says:

    Has no one considered this possibility? Think about it: this game really could have Battlefront aspects to it. It’s in third-person, it’s a fast-paced action game. What if…..this IS Battlefront III…….and the bounty hunter aspect of it that the article discusses is the single player. AND THEY ARE KEEPING THE FACT THAT IT’S ANOTHER BATTLEFRONT A SECRET!!!

    It’s a stretch, I know. It’s probably just me being retarded and grasping at straws to keep my hope alive. Thoughts?

    • Kal Skirata says:

      I see what you mean, and I do agree. This would be a game that has an actual campaign where there are objectives and the multiplayer would be relatively the same as battlefront. think about it: the battlefront campaigns sucked balls it had no depth aside from taking the CP and killing the enemy. this franchise could be the introduction to a real campaign and still use a battlefront feel for multiplayer. i think this could be very good

  19. sesshomaru42042 says:

    i think if they dont make or have plans to make battlefront 3 everyone needs to get together on star wars day and the next celebration day and chant battlefront 3 until we drill the point home to them

    • wookie_fan says:

      This is the best idea so far. Boycotting wont work cos there are many SW kniect lovers out there.

  20. TK-421 says:

    I think we need another TwitterBomb. The timing would be excellent.

    They produce a new game we don’t want; we tell them what we really want.

    They can’t ignore us forever.

    • wookie_fan says:

      Yes, pls organise another twitter bomb. We have to do something, BF3 will not be released if we just sit & wait


    As of now, I probably not buy a game from lucasarts for a long time. I was one of those long time believers, but now my hope is dead. Dont help me obi-wan-kenobi, I have lost all hope.

    Goodbye Battlefront 3.

  22. cis 8808 says:

    I have been optimistic and now i realize how foolish I was! I really have not cared much for the idea of boycotting them until now. It looks like this is what we are going to have to do. So how is this going to happen? Is it going to be organized by this site and tuggie or what is going to happen?

  23. Yoba says:

    First time chirping in. Nitro and all, thanks for keeping the faith alive all this time.

    I’m a huge Fett fan and Bounty Hunter is easily in my top three SW games. The BF’s come first though.

    I think I am just about done with Lucas Arts. A Bounty Hunter game without one of the Fett’s being the playable character? Boba Fett would be the logical choice as a sequal to the original. It would also further promote the character and the show if they proceed with the live action TV series down the road that Fett is rumored to play a big part in.

    I know it’s only been an announcement and the demo won’t be seen until next week. But the fact that the picture is a bounty hunter that is not a Boba Fett makes me feel that LA is shoving another new character down fans throats while ignoring an existing one that clearly has a massive fan base. It’s just stupid.

    I’ve put a lot of money in Lucas’s 3.2 billion $ coffers over the years. As a consumer, I’m fed up with the way LA ignores ridiculously obvious fan choices.

    I’ve been steaming over the total fiasco that has been BF3, especially after the amount of information that has come out over the past couple of months. LA’s silence on BF3 after 5+ years has been appalling.

    I might have been satiated with a space shooter (another one that’s been totally ignored). A bounty hunter game with one of the Fett’s would have knocked me off my chair and given me the impression LA was headed back into the right direction again.

    Instead, I just see another example of LA getting further diconnected from it’s fan base and continuing to head in the wrong direction when it comes to the developement of it’s video game properties.

    I hope that I get proved wrong because I really wouldn’t mind playing a Star Wars game that I actually want to play one of these years.

  24. Gamgra says:

    Is it safe to say our bets are off for BF3? Being this a new franchise and all…? I guess the dicks over at LucasArts are still blind and dumb.

    Next stop 2015 for more info?

  25. The Saradominist says:

    Fools, the lot of them. They reak of fear and incompetence. Apparently they don’t think we know know what were talking about and can’t see the potential profits, so they decide to go against our wishes.

    *chokes LA workers* I find your lack faith disturbing…

  26. BlargargANGRY says:

    You people realize the reason Lucasarts hasn’t made Battlefront III yet is because the fans have proven they’d buy anything with the Star Wars label? Lucasart’s mindset: Battlefront III would cost too much and use too many resources. let’s make a new franchise instead. The company sickens me, and before you go on about “company wants to make money, that’s what they do” – there are a crap ton of other companies who want to make money but still listen to their fans.

  27. Raschella says:

    I don’t understand battlefront 3 is a guaranteed money maker, from sales by the game itself and they could easily pop out a couple of DLC’s with new maps and Maybe some popular BF1 & BF2 maps. So I’ve come to conclusion that LA isn’t greedy for money, there just ignorant…… But obviously LA thinks they know what’s best to please there fans

  28. Alki says:

    I think it is time for all of us to start talking boycott! I think it is time tuggie starts talking about it in his videos.

    • Jacen Solo says:

      OMGOSH AKLI WATS WITH THE BOYCOTT STUFF,LOL?????? U really want it dont you?

    • Jacen Solo says:

      Look boys, when the colonists were angry at the British, they protested. A LOT. Guess what? IT DIDN’T WORK! When protesting didn’t work……. WAR. Alright LA, Its war!

  29. LaughingLarry says:

    Did they mention anything about multiplayer? Maybe there will be some kick MP to make up for BF3.

  30. DerekF says:

    Well folks, I’d hate to say it, but I truly feel like are hopes of getting SWBF 3 have been seriously crushed with the announcement of this future failure(Star Wars: 1313). I will never buy a LA product again, that company is the most poorly ran company I’ve seen. I’ve never seen a company just blatantly do whatever they can to not listen to the demand of their customers. So I will sit idly by and continue to watch this company squander money on products that no one wants.

  31. darthobiwan says:

    Looks pretty good. I’ve waited so long to get a decent Star Wars game, and this might be it. At least it’s not any little kid crap. It better have multiplayer though.

  32. CA3DU5 says:

    Sounds great, If it has online multiplayer that will make me even more estatic.

  33. wookie_fan says:

    Why cant LA understand a simple Marketing theory like meeting customer’s needs? We need BF3 not 1313!

  34. Matt says:

    Looks like it will play like the Force Unleashed. …. hooray.

  35. Jacen Solo says:


    • afasdf says:

      it probably just means its not some dumb star wars kinect or lego starwars or force unleashed. probably more like bounty hunter ,battlefront, kotor, and republic cammandor

      • Jacen Solo says:

        Well I definitely hope so….. Ive been a faithful Star Wars fan for many years, I just want a fun game that isn’t impossible like TFU series and makes sense.

    • Roomer says:

      The Force unleashed was rated M.

  36. Kane says:

    Reminds me of Bounty Hunter. At least it’s not a Kinect MMO.

  37. Semiroundboss says:

    I’m so excited. I all most had a heart attack that it was not a game for kids.

    • Jacen Solo says:

      dude, that’s the good thing about star wars it doesn’t focus on all the stupid crap that makes other games “good”.

  38. DerekF says:

    Fans: “We want Battlefront 3!”

    LA: “We know you all want Battlefront 3,so here’s Star Wars 1313…enjoy.”

    • Nilmur says:

      or you could put it this way
      Fans: “We want Cake!”
      LA:”We know you want Cake, so here is a cupcake no icing… enjoy.”

  39. Austin Frank says:

    With this being a new franchise and all, I don’t really see them coming out with Battlefront III for a while. That’s a shame too, because they’d probably make more money one that than this new IP.

  40. Implied says:

    P.S. Some Technical Estimates:

    – Runs on Unreal Engine 3 (since LA licensed 5 of those)

    – Will be available for the entire Trinity – PC, PS3, Xbox 360. Probably on Handhelds too, judging from LA’s past with Multi-Platform Games.

    – Is probably due some point early 2013, as the Fall Lineup seems to be pretty much set. Probably sometime around when Crysis 3 is expected.

  41. Redline says:

    If this game was come to the 3DS I would buy it maybe but I actually want Battlefront 3.

  42. Implied says:

    Looks like this might be a mix of Star Wars with either Mass Effect or Arkham City. Maybe even both. Definitely a spiritual successor to Star Wars: Bounty Hunter I bet. Since they haven’t said its Fett or Fett, I wonder if the Bounty Hunter is someone else this time however…. O.o

    And wow, way to Troll us with the 1313 there LucasArts 🙁 We all connected it to C-1313 while you guys named this new Area 1313 instead. LOL. I wonder if that’s where Fett got C-1313 from…. O.o

    Anyway, its not Battlefront 3, Battlefront 2 HD (oops) or anything Battlefront, but it looks interesting. Lets see if the LucasArts Development Team will make another Winner, or another Failure.

  43. deliriousdav3 says:

    Man I really don’t mind new IPs, but come on now!! Seems like the only hope we have is that they haven’t outright said that Battlefronts 3 is canceled. LA could at least make a HD collection of 1&2 to hold us over!

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