LucasArts set to Announce new Gaming Franchise on Spike

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Some interesting news from the frontlines that LucasArts will be revealing their new gaming franchise come this Thursday (May 31, 2012) on Spike TV. I’m not really sure what to expect here, as there is a lot of speculation that it will revolve around this new “1313” we have been hearing about so much. In Tuggie’s recent update, he is speculating that this new game will be built to hype up the new TV series, “Underworld” which may possibly relove around smuggling and bounty hunters, which would of course would most likely include, the infamous Jango and Boba Fett. This is a neat theory which would have many possibilites in my opinion. Check out Tuggie’s new update below!

From Spike TV:

Calling all Jedi, Sith lords and Bounty Hunters! Spike TV and Lucasfilm today announced that the network will be airing all six of the “Star Wars” movies throughout Memorial Day weekend beginning tonight, Friday May 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The movie marathon airs just days before Spike TV’s plans to exclusively unveil the newest game franchise in the “Star Wars” universe, which will debut at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. A first look at this top secret project will be revealed on Thursday, May 31, as a part of the pre-E3 episode of Spike’s hit video game show “GTTV,” followed by the live world gameplay premiere of this new “Star Wars” franchise during the network’s “E3 All Access Live” primetime special on June 4 at 10:00 pm ET/7:00 pm PT.

I have also heard rumors that it may be Jedi Knight 3 or even Republic Commando 2 but at this point who knows. I think I am definitely in agreeance with Tuggie, that we will not be seeing Battlefront 3 this year as all of their effors will be centered towards their new IP.

Thoughts and opinions!

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  2. some random moose says:

    come on i would pay over 100 some dollars for this game i hav friends who are looking all over the place to get a new copy of one of 1 or 2 this game is at high demand even those who arent going crazy for this game would buy it if it came out

    we as everyday people can see this why cant lucasarts see this

    no one wants these other games that are coming out

    no one wants angry birds star wars

  3. FRANCI says:

    Can’t wait BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cool Beans says:

    lack of knowledge who Rick McCullum is- fail. Silly vomit noises- fail. Endless “BF3 will come out, but not THIS year”- fail.

    Childish, silly, stupid videos full of fanboi rubbish.

    Le Sigh.

  5. Baron Von Haz says:

    Hey everyone I have some interesting speculation surrounding the announcement of the new 1313 game from LucasArts. The official line as of today is that it will be based entirely on Coruscant – yet the screen shots that were leaked yesterday (which have now been conveniently pulled from most sites) were clearly based on Hoth. Perhaps they will be giving context into the story, but still it makes you wonder…

  6. songoku33 says:

    Waiting this long i would much rather see Lucas Arts wait till next gen to bring Battlefronts 3 out. They haven’t officially announced that yet so that’s really the only hope we have to go on right now, but it’s some hope and that’s a good thing right now. Either way i wish they would give us a Battlefronts HD collection. That would at least keep us occupied till it does come out.

  7. Mike DeLeon says:

    A new franchise means it won’t be an old franchise…

    • dubski says:

      I don’t get why the screen caps are suggested to anything battlefront. Theyre just shots of the movies…. just tells us that it’s Star Wars.

    • SWBF3(please) says:

      They are fake, sadly. They are just photos from Episode V The Empire Strikes back movie.

  8. DerekF says:

    This is a classic George Lucas-esque move by LA. They are basically showing their fans that they don’t give a **** about them and that LA is gonna do whatever they want regardless of the fans demands. I mean, honestly, how is this company not bankrupt? Enron made better choices than LA has. Regardless of what they announce, I will not buy it, even if it’s BF3. LA has failed me for the last time, and my lack of faith is NOT disturbing…it’s justified!

  9. Val says:

    anyone see what it was? i didnt catch it

  10. Phlipiman says:

    Even though I should be like supercrazyhappy about a game about Boba fett(if it’s True) I cant help But feel a bit dissapointed anyway because it probably wont be a new battlefront or a Jedi knight..:( . Why the heck are Lucasarts launching a new IP when they really could gain a shitload of money on rebooting some old IP’s like BF or JK or RC and most Likely win some fans back too..? It’s a crazy world…

  11. DorkTrooper says:

    BF3 or a new xwing/tie fighter game. Thats all they need to make. Wont spend a second of my time or money on anything else.

  12. wowirock says:

    well the guy said the footage left his jaw on the floor so its probebly a real game, i want battlefront more then any star wars games, but id still be happy if a cool game gets announced.

  13. Crispin Lowrey says:


    Here’s another thought … this would require a lot of joined up thinking a Lucas Arts but here me out …

    We know that 1313 has been used as a alias but Bobba in on of the inter trilogy books. So it is a good assumption that the game will be about him.

    At the end of SWFU2 we see Bobba following Starkillers ship with an imprisoned Darth V on board.

    What if this new IP is a game where you play Bobba Fett trying to rescue Darth from the Rebels on Dantooine.

    So its not SWFU3 as such (as you don’t control StarKiller) neither is it Bounty Hunter 2 its a game that covers the relationship between Bobba & Darth Vader. This is something which has never really been covered until now (other than in books)?!

    Its still no Battlefront 3 but it would be nice for the SWFU to have an ending even if this ending is a new beginning of something else.

    If the plot was clever enough it could be a kind of Star Wars version of Just Cause 2 … rather than an island its a planet (dantooine) that you have to play in. Even if the map was the size of Just Cause 2 that would be enough for a single player to get lost in. Have Slave 1 as a mobile base/save point & this could be something very new to Star Wars gaming.

    Add in a GTA style multi-player (which JC2 was sorely missing) & you’ve got Battlefront 3 … sort of?!

    This would still fit the umbrella of a new IP but could give us all what we want without actually giving us something that has a marred history (SWBF3 & SWFU1&2) plus it would basically be LA ripping off other successful IP’s formats, which we know they love!

    Shoot me down in flames if you wish but a dreamer likes to dream!

  14. elementotrl says:

    As much as I would like to see bf3, I wouldnt mind a jedi knight 3 or a reboot of any of the old star fighter simulator games.

  15. Jacen Solo says:

    Very interesting cant wait!

  16. Jake says:

    Just remember this is a new SERIES, not a sequel to an existing game.. No BF3, no JK4, no FU3. This game is most likely going to be why they licensed Unreal 3. And why Boba Fett’s alias was used in that domain name..

  17. Jake says:

    CT-1313 was an alias Boba Fett uses once, when masquerading as a Clone Trooper. Check it out on Wookieepedia. Also, Joe Johnston’s been pushing Lucas for a Boba Fett movie over the past year, about, and it this all points to thay being translated over into a potentially massively successful game series. I doubt this will have anything to do with the TV series, because that series won’t be getting off the ground for quite a while. ‘Underworld’, if it happens at all, has at least 5 years to go, and that’s a stretch to my mind.

  18. Luis E Morales Flacon says:

    I think it is something that has nothing to do with Star Wars.

  19. Chris says:

    As much as id rather have battlefront, i would go for a star wars version of something like red dead redemption but more online focused. And even though everyone seems to want bounty hunters, smugglers, and more bounty hunters, i still want to be able to slice someone in half with a good ol’ lightsaber.

  20. cis 8808 says:

    I think there is a good chance that this game is battlefront 3 and that is part of the reason we have not heard Lucas Arts side of the story or them defending themselves as far as Free Radical telling us
    what happened to Battlefront 3. What ever it is they are going to be announcing on Spike TV will be a big deal. I just dont think it is force unleashed 3 or some crap jedi night game. This thursday we are probably going to hear what we have been waiting to hear.

    • dubski says:

      The reason why Lucas Arts hasn’t explained themselves is because they expect you to read. If Battlefront is already an existing franchise and they say it’s going to be a NEW franchise, then that means it’s not battlefront 3. Read.

  21. Alvin says:

    I have a question, so is BFIII being made or not? I don’t want to hear this “not so sure yet” things, I mean are they actually making it or not.

  22. drd7of14 says:

    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (and mysteries of the sith) was made inhouse, it’s sequels, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, were not.

  23. BigBenC07 says:

    Open world Bounty hunter/smuggling GTA style with BF3 easter eggs?!?!?! We can only dream….

  24. Niko says:

    im pumped for whatever it is and will get it once the game comes out if the reviews are good and i think that there should be a kick starter made for BF3 if LA wont make it

  25. Hayabusa says:

    It is interesting how there is a lot of “Star Wars” franchise talk going about recently. A Jedi Knight 3 would be awesome, though I still have hope for a possible unveiling of Battlefront 3 this year. As you say, “who knows”, it’s anyone’s guess as to what it could be.
    I personally don’t think that LucasArts will abondon such a crucial game in the franchise – BF1 and 2 were astoundingly big hits; BF3 must be lingering somewhere to follow in those footsteps, and even take larger ones.

  26. Dean says:

    Geez, it said “a new franchise”. It’s not going to be Commando Buddies 2 or BattleWorlds 3 or Jar Jar Adventures 8. NEW. As in NEW.

  27. Matt says:

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say thanks for maintaining a vibrant community in the face of corporate desecration. Also, a big cheer to the editor of this website.



  28. TheSGC says:

    Tell me this: when does a holiday pass and Spike NOT show all the Star Wars movies over and over and over and over and over and over again? That’s nothing new.
    That being said, I’m looking forward to this new IP, but I feel like BFIII will have to be a fan-made mod of a currently existing engine. I know some people are serious about using the UDK this summer to see what they can churn out in memory of Free Radical.

  29. DerekF says:

    It’s actually pretty easy to figure out what this new game will be….just try to think about a game that has no entertainment or profit value, and more than likely, that is the game that LA is making. I have already boycotted LA, The last LA game that I purchased was The Force Unleashed 1, and that will more than likely be the last game as well since LA has no interest in giving their fans what they want.

  30. Keanine says:

    Lucas Arts have previously said they are rebooting old ips and tuggie said it this game could be used to hype Underworld. Anyone else think that this new game will be “Star Wars Bounty Hunter 2”?

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      Bounty Hunter 2(or its spiritual successor) could be sick! if it had an open world(universe) like the mass effect games running around being a the badass Boba Fett could be fun. Still want to see SWBF3 but this could be a good game to help with the wait 😉

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