E3: LucasArts Plans a Secret Reveal

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Hello my fellow Battlefrontians! My apologies for the lack of updates, but their just hasn’t been much going on in terms of any kind of Battlefront 3 news. Ever since we were let down by Spark, things have really died off. But, alas! I must rekindle this fire and remind everyone that this years E3 is fast approaching and you know what that means?! Possible let down? of course, there is always that possibility, but there is also a possibility that LucasArts may finally give us what we are looking for!

According to wegotthiscovered.com LucasArts sent out invitations to the gaming press announcing that the studio will reveal an “unannounced game in development”


Anon, a commenter on wegotthiscovered.com has pointed out that the secret game is a Kinect MMO game. They even were so kind of take a screenshot of the floor plan for us that displays LucasArts in the MMO -> Xbox Kinect category.

LucasArts: E3

Thanks Anon!

Thoughts and opinions?

My opinion.. an MMO Kinect game? BOOOOO!

E3 is scheduled for June 5-7, 2012 at Los Angeles Convention center.

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  1. Stop making nonsense and start making games that keep the company looking good. If Lucas Arts keeps it up people will buy less of there games. You need to make what the people want, hear what they have to say and give back to them as they would give back to you. Stop making games only a few would play for a couple weeks.

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  3. cody says:

    Simple just give us what we want. Star Wars Battlefront 3. May the force be with you….

  4. i sad says:

    Star Wars 1313 not swbf3

  5. Im sad says:

    we are screwed its Star Wars 1313 not swbf3 🙁 i cry

  6. the_jD says:

    Come on!! really? lucasarts why can u see that u are doing everything wrong, man just start with bf3! which is the problem with that?!

  7. Connor says:

    If it’s not Battlefront III, this Facebook Campaign must be known Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III. It’s the largest Battlefront III facebook campaign and has so far over 3300 likes

  8. abomb says:

    Kinect Star Wars would have been a lot better if they would have let you duel againts your friends, but they couldn’t even get that right. LucusArts is on a bad downward spiral if you ask me, so i dont know what to expect. it could be some stupid danceing game…lol But i will never give up hope for a new Battlefront game. im still playing bf2 on my 360. theres no online but at least it system-links with old xbox’s. 🙂

  9. Jordan says:

    You know what would be awesome?! A massive scale RPG like skyrim, but in the star wars universe. You get to customize your character and make him a bounty hunter, Jedi, Sith, Ewok, LOL Whatever! It could contain most of the star wars planets. They would have to make it PERFECT though.

  10. wowirock says:

    i just saw the star wars facebook post it says its being announced by spike may 31 at 10 pm. so your telling me a televised announcment on a major tv channel is going to announe a crappy game that not many people would care about? and im sure they relalized after the fail that was the other kinect star wars game that nobodys wants that crap. lol sorry for the rage, but i still have a feeling about battlefront 3.

    • Alki says:

      I think Lucas Arts would announce a crap game on tv and I would also say most of the folks on this forum share the same opinion as me.

  11. Adrian says:

    Looks like we finally get our Lego Star Wars Kinect: Jar Jar Binks Online Edition!

  12. Sam Gittins says:

    Infact, it wouldn’t suprise me if the bastards released Battlefront 3 as a kinect exclusive title just to piss us all off!!!

  13. Sam Gittins says:

    I have believed in the force since I was just a youngling. For God sake if there is a greater power out there let this be the one. I seriously don’t know how much more of Lucas’s bullshit I can take. I swear on qui gons grave that if this is some sort of god dammed kinect garbage, well, I don’t know what ill do…

  14. Alki says:

    I have no idea what game it is but I already know that it is not battlefront 3.

  15. Alki says:

    When we find out that this game is not battlefront 3 who is in favor of organizing a boycott?

  16. Redline says:

    If it is another kinect star wars game I will explode like 1000 times in rage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMrTeojmDpc

    LucasArts doesn’t care about fans or? Well, we will find out next week if they do or not. Battlefront III is the only game which I want…

    My guess is they still don’t care and give us games which we don’t want…
    This could be the way to go bankrupt… and then we will never get a Battlefront 3… =(

  17. CrazyLarry says:

    kinect is the most useless crap ever created by MS. (vista is a close second) please for the love of all that is good in this world… stop! why isn’t lucasarts a good developer anymore? they were in the 90’s and even early 2000’s. but its over. I give up. swbf3 will never come out. just more kinect nonsense and worthless force unleashed garbage. heck, id even be happy with a new IP. LUCASARTS! HEAR ME! DO SOMETHING GOOD OR DON”T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!

  18. drd7of14 says:

    I doubt that this is it, or if it is, it’s not the (only) big announcement LucasArts has planned. We already know that LucasArts signed a contract with Epic for the Unreal Engine 3, and, while I don’t doubt that a kinect game would use this, an mmo would certainly not be the type of game for this. For multiple reasons. Kinect+MMO+XBOX= FAIL! MMOs never work on the 360 for a combination of monthly payments and monthly payments. The success of the Kinect Star Wars game certainly shows that this type of game was a mistake. And, KINECT*MMO?!? None of it makes sense. At the same time, it is all very possible after Lucasarts did the Kinect Star Wars game. But Terminal Reality developed the Kinect game, and LucasArts doesn’t want to outsource any games anymore. They wanted all their development to be inhouse. It doesn’t logically make any more sense than the prequels.
    If this game is announced, I won’t really care, except for the fact that I just miss Lucasarts. The Lucasarts that I played Dark forces 2: Jedi Knight and fell in love with. It is one of my favorite games of all time right next to Deus Ex, Half-Life, and Kings Quest VI. Would be a shame to lose it all to the Kinect.

  19. thehandfull123 says:

    they make a kinect game that will go no were people in 2007 battle front was the second most played game 3rd in 2008 and second in 2009 and 6th in 2010 look if a game can truley last that long then thats success

  20. SWBF3(please) says:

    Kinect is alright, but I really rather have BF3.

  21. Shawn says:

    Anything with “Lucas” attached to it I will never buy again.

  22. hoping for battlefront 3 says:

    kenect? -.- wow i wouldnt give a pulled chicken for a kinect game.

  23. Austin Frank says:

    Y’know what? I’m glad there announcing a game, because even though it probably won’t be Battlefront III, it gives me hope. And hope, my friends, is something the Battlefront community sorely needs right now.

  24. Jacen Solo says:

    wow really? kinect sucks thats unbelievable…..

    • swbf2bestgameever says:

      NOOOOOOO i hope they quite the kinect crap alll i want is swbf3 but no they just cant give it to me WHYYYYY

  25. BigBenC07 says:

    This year’s E3 is make or break for me. If they announce BF3, I’ll be excited enough to wait about a year and enjoy playing it. But I can’t wait 2 more years for it, gamers, myself included, will probably be burnt out on shooters by the time BF3 comes out.

    • Christ says:

      Agreed. I’m already burnt out on shooters but have been hoping for a Battlefront 3 for years. If no word comes this year, we’ll probably never see it.

    • Joshua says:

      Agreed I’m already burnt out on shooters but have been hoping for a Battlefront 3 for years

  26. IG88 says:

    Knowing Lucas, the obtuse douche will release ‘Red Tails: The Game’. “Live the real life of an African American pilot in WW2”.

    Move along.

  27. Big_Mac4547 says:

    could be that they are bringing The Old Republic to the Wii U, PS3, and xbox 360 with Kinect support that is if the older Wii U and now the Kinect MMO rumors are true but that is my opinion.

  28. Big_Mac4547 says:

    GameInformer has just said that: “Lucasfilm today announced it will unveil the newest game franchise in the Star Wars universe. It will debut on Thursday, May 31 on Spike’s Gametrailers TV following by the gameplay premiere on June 4.”

    So on the 31 we will see a new Star Wars game! Hope it is SWBF3 but if not then I hope it is a good Star Wars game because we all need a new good Star Wars game that is not an MMO.

    Here is the Link:

  29. Benjamin says:

    Honestly, Lucas Arts is starting to piss me off. They are making horrible games, plus the Kinect Star Wars, and the Star Wars Edition 360 sold horribly. Why are they blind/stubborn not saying that many gamers want BF3. They would make awesome money with that! But nooooooooooooooOOOO….they have to go around it and just make horrible games to get some profit from them. Idiots.

    • Crashgame200 says:

      I agree more star wars battlefront games and yes why not. The last star wars kinet game didn’t do so well. They r stupid for cancelling battlefront 3, it would hay been making history as one of the best franchise in video games. I tried the kinet and not impressed with it. why loose more money then make more back and especially games people would want to play. It makes the company look good showing there the best of the best and making people going to play other games. If they keep this up Lucas Arts will be no more because they would be sick of making games the public its buying. the Wii did it first we don’t need copycats like Xbox and ps3 because now they started to do it to. I’m not a fan and i do not know any one who is. Lucas Art make another BF3 or people would stop buying your games because i like stars wars games like Star Wars Legos or force now i hope they don’t stop making new games for them. Why stop making games that work and then start making games that don’t sell. Make games that make people come back and they would tell everyone about.

  30. Kinect? Lucas is really dumping money into projects that are bound to go nowhere…. If we as the players were smart if the kinect game is Thier unnannounced game I suggest we protest and not buy it. Therefore they wasted money on a project that has no return and will hurt Thier financial empire. Give us what we want or tell us your not going to give it to us.

  31. Matt says:

    I remember seeing news for this a while back on the forums. Apparently LucasArs has plans to announce 2 possible games. http://www.battlefront3.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1114

  32. Zombie SlayerAD8 says:

    Why would anyone want a kinect MMO? That sounds just awful, I say all is BF fans just create a gaming company and make it ourselves since clearly LA will not let anyone else do it.

  33. Roger says:

    They told Spike that it was the new big star wars game franchies a kinect MMO isn’t much of a franchise meterial I hope that it is just a rumor or that it is their secondary annoncement

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