Training and First Mission Footage – Star Wars Battlefront 3

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This is insane.. huge props to Borman18 for all the great footage and information he has been providing to us over the last week. Today he has posted some great footage of the Training Level and 1st mission from Free Radical’s alpha build of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and to be honest, it looks pretty damn good. It’s hard to beleive that this game sunk when it was so far along.

This game to me, looks like it could have done quite well as the first mission looks awesome!

The video’s speak for themselves so check them out below!

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  1. The Separatist says:

    It was stunning, really it was. I’d hate to believe that Elite Squadron was what became of Battlefront III. Elite Squadron was so… bad. Don’t get me wrong, but Battlefront doesn’t belong on a travel system like the DS. It deserves so much more…!

    Honestly, the game looked amazing. Especially the cruiser; it was so accurate! Oh well. Maybe SWB3 will come out someday…

  2. Darkal says:

    i rly just hope they come out with a BF3 where cruisers and capital ships can be completely destroyed and controlled and where space and land battles can be all in one with the ability to use cruisers and such to bombard land targets like destroyable nods that cant be captured that would be buildings would be so great but in GENERAL I JUST WANT ANOTHER BF3

  3. Matt says:

    this game would have been a very good game indeed if it wasnt scrapped, it would have been flawed ofcourse, but what game isn’t? i like the concepts of the game, ie; new hud, sway when sprinting, etc. and like the idea of a set of objectives or missions along with the original aspects of swbf1 and swbf2. anyone whos complaining about poor quality graphics should kill themselves now, it was in pre alpha, objects and skins would be less rendered and it would be about testing game mechanics, sorry, not sorry. overall, im dissapointed it got scrapped but hey, who says its not gonna happen? hopefully waiting!

  4. austin mccomb says:

    i hate lucasarts so much right now

  5. blastec says:

    Is there any ways to doenload the beta version? Disgruntled employees or anything like that? I feel beta is better than nothing.

  6. SuperBorman says:

    I would like to know who this Borman18 is

  7. Spearmint ~SAU~ says:

    Doesn’t feel like the regular SWBFs. And even if they release it, it probably won’t be good. I think they’ve made it worse.

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  9. Bruno says:

    I would love to play that on my PS3.

  10. wowirock says:

    guys its lost planet 3

  11. Justin says:

    Welp Spark Unlimited just had their game-in-development unveiled, its Lost Planet 3. I don’t understand how Lost Planet classifies as a AAA game but whatever…

  12. Adrian says:

    I notice in the first video that there are a huge number of AI on the map. Looks like there were no limits to how many AIs there could be that worked on the ships etc… EPIC!

    Hope Spark Unlimited will implement something of the same, there is no real battlefront with only 64 fighting troops on the fields or in the fleets!

    • The Separatist says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. In fact, that seemed to be one of the games finer points, especially since the levels seemed to be so massive. It was quite shocking to see nine battle droids in one area. Imagine how many are on the entire map!

  13. unit 005 says:

    Looks like Spark’s doing it again 😀 (looks like there’s an other count down, but I’m prepared to be dissapointed like last year)

    • The Separatist says:

      Actually, Spark Unlimited is designing a new “Action/Horror Game”. Does that sound like Star Wars to anyone? 🙁

  14. Hayabusa says:

    Pretty awesome footage there! Yes, the graphics and things aren’t quite what we’d expect today but with the development being done over the past numerous years, I’m sure we’ll be gobsmacked when they DO release the BF3 title

  15. darthobiwan says:

    You know, even if Spark isn’t making this game(I really think they are) all of the things people are saying on the net could get LA to say “Hey, people want this game, we oughta make it.” But these really are amazing videos. Where did Borman get them?

  16. damickyp14 says:

    WTF is this game coming out or has it been droped i cant belive that they can go so far in the making of it then just forget about it

  17. Dave says:

    Since SW Kinect is finally out, hopefully we’re finally gonna get some news, or at Least they’re gonna start working on it.

  18. Zafro says:

    No post of the other loading screens and screenshots I tweeted you?

  19. Brandon says:

    The sounds… Oh god, the sounds… Are amazing…

  20. DeltaDelish says:

    If spark is making this, its gonna be a totally different game

  21. BigBenC07 says:

    I really hope Spark got the rights to this project since all of the videos look so good. Spark also tweeted that he was surprised these videos were released. I like the videos, but I’d also like to see LucasArts take them off of youtube for copyright reasons so we’d know they have plans for BF3.

  22. […] Article Source – – April 6, 2012 by Nitro This is insane.. huge props to Borman18 for all the great footage and information he has been providing to us over the last week. Today he has posted some great footage of the Training Level and 1st mission from Free Radical’s alpha build of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and to be honest, it looks pretty damn good. It’s hard to beleive that this game sunk when it was so far along. […]

  23. wowirock says:

    well if i remeber rebellion was working on the psp and ps2 version while free rad worked on the xbox ps3 and pc version so lucasarts decided to scrap this but not the other versions??!?!?!?!?!? wtf

  24. .... says:

    Did any one else hear they might announce a wii u mmo.

    Hopefully its just trolls, if this is reall and they dont announce battlefront 3 at E3 they will comepletly fail.

  25. metallicorphan says:

    they all look great,that Tatooine map would be fantastic online

  26. Andre says:

    The story looks very similar to elite squadron. I think the free radical’s battlefront 3 was tore apart and restructured for the psp. Kind of a sad death for a game. But at least we know that the game wasn’t completely scraped and that rebellion finished it.

    • LswaN says:

      That’s what I was thinking, with the whole X2 X1 thing, though I’ve never played elite squadron before. Though to be honest I always thought the whole “force-sensitive clone” story sounded really dumb, so I guess I’m not so sad that this thing got canned anymore.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Yep. This, Battlefrontians, is what Elite Squadron was gonna be. Look at the missions: Tattoine, Coruscant, then Cato Nemoidia.

      The EXACT SAME level sequence as Elite.

      I hope Spark’s game is more true to the series.

      2 clone wars-era force-sensitive clones- with Rahm Kota knowing about them
      Years later, TFU2- Rahm Kota says, “A Jedi has never been cloned before.”


      • MrDoofus says:

        Actually Rebellion’s Elite Squadron was a tie in on the portable systems so that they could release a Battlefront game on all platforms simultaneously. So the story that shipped on Elite Squadron was the story to BF3 although i’l bet they put some minor changes on it when they could.

  27. Ryan says:

    The new (well, old) footage of BF3 is really cool, but it doesn’t have the same feel of BF 1 and 2. For example, the picture of the clone commander popping up telling you an objective? I don’t like it. There should just be a background voice-over, heads up. A little caption on the bottom. Hopefully, that is one of the reasons LucasArts shut down the game, it didn’t feel like Battlefront. I hope Spark is making BF3, and i hope it feels like Battlefront.

    • Areanor says:

      I agree it doesn’t have the feel of the classic battlefronts, but what this franchise needs is some innovations to mix it up a little, not saying I don’t have my fair share of complaints.

  28. the_JD says:

    Well, the story is good but the graphics and skin of the soldiers could be better we can only wait until spark make a better game

    • metallicorphan says:

      This is all Alpha or Pre-Alpha footage,the graphics,skin,AI and sound to name a few would all be worked on after this,polishing it all up,improving and improving as they go along

  29. Jeff says:

    I just thought about this but has anybody tried asking Spark if they aren’t making Battlefront 3? I don’t have a Twitter account so I can’t do it myself but if they say no then we can stop worrying about Spark and if they say they aren’t allowed to answer then it could mean some hope for us. Just an idea.

  30. SWBF3(please) says:

    I love and hate these pics and vids, I love seeing them and giving me hope.
    But I hate it because it makes me want to have SWBF3.

  31. wowirock says:

    when i saw the original leaked gameplay back in 2009 when this website first started off i knew that whoever picked up bf3 after free rad got the plug pulled on them was going to have some high expectations to meet, and this only stregnthens that thaught.

  32. The Doof says:

    I think that if this were optimized and skinned (as it would have been) it could have been a great game

  33. Justin Aguirre says:

    Looks F-ing awesome! Very laggy and lacked graphics but very awesome game. Spark better be makingn SWBF3!

  34. DorkTrooper says:

    Very cool but it looks very PS2 ish. I realize its alpha build but… maybe waiting is a good thing.

  35. Redline says:

    … Damn LucasArts D: Spark must doing it better or it isn’t worth to wait for Swbf3.

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