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Spark Unlimited Announces they are not Making Battlefront 3

Wow.. now this is a big kick below the belt.. Spark Unlimited officially announced today that they are not making Star Wars: Battlefront 3, which comes to a huge surprise to a lot of Battlefront 3 fans as well as myself.. everything we have learned and speculated on was just coincidence.

It turns out that Lost Planet 3 is Spark’s unannounced project. To be honest, I never even heard of Lost Planet 3, until now.

Spark went ahead and tweeted this earlier:

“feel sorry for bf3 fans. Maybe LA’s silence is a good thing.”

Very, very, very disappointing day today.

On the other hand, LucasArts has been slated to announce two new games at this years E3.

E3 is scheduled for June 5-7, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Well Battlefrontians, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Do you think perhaps they will develop it for the next gen consoles? If swb3 is the first game they put out for next gen consoles, it would really be set up for success…just a thought

  2. Hey, on the spark unlimited website, there is still an area for a project that is an established series. Lost planet is there too, but it is not the same. They could still be making BF3 for all we know.

  3. It’s unlikely Battlefront 3 is anywhere in there thoughts. It’s been dead for too long. I already gave up on Republic Commando 2.

  4. Why would they cancel Battlefront 3 because they did not want to invest in the marketing of the game but then invest in battlefront online shortly after that? Oh yeah they also canceled that game in 2010.

  5. I take it not many of you’s have heard of the largest growing Battlefront III Campaign on Facebook. Well I’m the admin for it and lets just says it’s doing well. But the more people that join the more notice it gets and people are made more aware of it.

    Well lets just say it’s got over 3000 likes and it was only made this year. So if you still want this game take a look at the campaign and like it

  6. People, people.
    You should not be mad at LucasArts right away. They have tried at LEAST 5 times to make a good Battlefront game. The first two failed, the next two sucked, and the last one didn’t meet its deadlines. Imagine how LA feels about it now. Try spending millions of dollars at a time trying and failing to make a good game. This is why SWBF3 is not released yet. We, the fanbase, need to encourage them to go with a developer that will not go out of business so easily, such as Epic Games. I am surprised that Slant Six failed at SWBF:O, but maybe they are having another go at it?

  7. i think battlefront belongs to history now, unless lucas arts has it coming at E3.

  8. I have to admit, I’m scared of what will happen to SWBF3 if it is made from scratch now…

    Just look at Battlefield 3 (The series that inspired Battlefront) – it pretty much abandoned the majority of its fundamental features so that it can appeal to COD fans. It’s not just battlefield, but the vast majority of shooters coming out take the COD route. Especially sequels to previously unique games such as Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Halo 4 etc.

    I would love to see a developer give care and attention to SWBF3 and what it stands for, but frankly with the way this industry is advancing I just don’t know if that is genuinely possible anymore πŸ™

    • what I dont get is this, If lucas arts did not want to invest money in marketing free radicals version of swbf3 then why did they have slant 6 develop battlefront online? And what ever happened to the content from battlefront online?

  9. Lets face it guys, swbf3 might come, but i guess it wont. I still play swbf2 online, but there are no mods cause im playing on playstation 2! CMON LUCASARTS! GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTS AND START MAKING THE BEST GAME YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN HISTORY! IM MAD BRO! AND WHY THE HECK DOESNT THE ROCKET LAUNCHER GUYS HAVE RECOIL?

  10. Well obviesly its going to be made why wood or lese why wood there be leaked battlefron 3 pre alpha clips on this site. Who says that these footage is from spark, they could be from another company

  11. Lost Planet 3 is gonna suck. No one is even gonna buy or play it. Lost Planet 2 had no fan base, what makes them think they should make a 3rd?

  12. As you say, very disappointing. However, with the TBA projects, there is hope for Battlefront 3. It has been a long time since the release of the second installment; surely something of the third will arrive firmly, soon!

  13. [LCG2][CSC](oneshot)kill99

    National Star Wars Day is only 5 days away….Maybe they will announce something good this year instead of last year’s “all will be revealed” ended up just being star wars on Blu-ray. Idk all…if we don’t hear anything at this comic-con, then im giving up hope. I’ve been following this site for three years and all I’ve ever found is disappointment. I guess its back to filefront to get some new mod maps…looks like they are the closest thing we will ever get to battlefront 3.

  14. I was just at LucasArts thread for Star Wars Battlefront III Speculation and saw that poster called Wilfer88 found an article about the collapse of free radical. It is a good read and it says that LA had not one(SWB3) but two games that Free Radical was working on and when LA pulled the plug on them the other game was almost done.

    Here is the link:

    if the link does not work for some reason then it should work if you type “collapse of free radical” into there search bar

    • This just makes me even more angry. We should boycott them!!! They cancel what is almost a finished battlefront 3 because they do not want to spend the money on marketing but they can invest in force unleashed 2 and their other god awful games. I am never buying anything from them again!!!

  15. so we figured that spark isnt making battlefront 3
    however playing battlefield 3 was acturally fun and it almost to look like battlefront. we should of let ea handle it with frostbite 1000000.0
    spark if u reading this. the sith are gonna hunt u down for not making this project

    may the force server u well

    ohh and post this around the website

  16. This must be some kind of joke, cant belive that we are on 2012 and there is no swbf3. Who da is in charge of that of company…. Im Tired of all your games…. Monkey island? My god what the is that…. Kinect starwars? Lego starwars? Come on, what happend here? Does someone buy thoes games? What happend whith the oldschool games? Jedi outcast? Battlefront?

    Lucasarts is loosing money… We should be playing starwars battlefront 4 by now… And we are still waiting the third one

  17. We should maybe make the game ourselves! We will be able to support the cost because we are so many!

  18. SWBF3 has quite a long respawn delay on

  19. Wtf do people mourn over that Spark is not making SWBF3??? Did you not see that Lucas Arts is releasing 2 new games this year in your mourning??? It COULD be SWBF3, and if it’s not, there’s always hope. And one of the two games is BOUND to be Force Unleashed 3. Which still leaves room for other Star Wars games. And who in the world DOESN’T LIKE STAR WARS???

    • It wont be force unleashed. One of the games will most likely be a flight simulator or actually a first person shooter. And there is a chance that one of the games could be a Battlefront game.It would not surprise me at all if Lucas Arts decided to finish battlefront online.

  20. So i’m kinda glad that i never knew this rumor cause i didn’t want to be shot down with the deathstars super laser. But i can feel that some where SWBF3 is being made secretly i can feel it deep down inside myself. Don’t fret my fellow troopers raise your blasters in the air!! Don’t give up hope!!!! Cause obviously SWBF3 has had somewhat of the game developed so why would they just give up in the middle of making it

  21. Star wars Battlefront 3, is the most sequal ever , ever since bf2 came out Ive waited and waited but there’s was no hope until 2009 when something actually got leaked ! But like other games Star Wars Battlefront 3 Got F***** ! LucasArts Made Bf2 right after bf1 in fact only a year later ! Wtf happened ! To Battlefront 3 There’ Has To Be One No Matter Wat Cuz The Story To Battlefront 2 ends on Hoth? What Happens After ( maybe a spinoff.) ending ? Of The Empire Winning The War Hmmm Interesting…….

  22. Spark Unlimited said they were a working on a project for a “high profile science fiction franchise….” Lost Planet? Really? I mean, really?! Those games sucked! If they were getting that excited about Lost Planet, then they were not worthy to even think about undertaking Battlefront 3.

  23. This is rather dissapointing…but let’s look at this in a different light…Spark Unlimited is a pretty awful developer…And the great mod community behind Battlefront II keeps the game fun and interesting.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want BFIII as much as the next guy, but I also want it to be GOOD.

    Now what would be cool is if they somehow merged Republic Commando with Battlefront…I kinda want to know what happens to Delta-07…I couldn’t really give a rats @$$ about what happens to X-1 and X-2…that was a god-awful game…

  24. Respawn may make battlefront 3


    You never know. This link is a good one,I hope Nitro sees this because this is good stuff.

  25. I think Infinity Ward should make Battlefront 3, they make the best shooters

  26. LucasArts just wants to lose money by delivering crap games like SWTOR, Kinect Star Crap and Star Crap The Faggotry Returns. Do the right thing and develop Battlefront 3. I will personally purchase the game and recommend it to everyone of my peers. Battlefront 3 will bring success and joy to your company. Now stop delaying the game and give it to us now or I will be forced to sacrifice all COD fan boys and console kids in general in exchange for a Battlefront 3. Thank you kind sirs and gentle mam’s.

  27. If Battlefront 3 is not one of the games that Lucas Arts announces at E3 then I think we have to boycott them!!!

  28. I’m leaving with wowirock. Ever since I played battlefront 1 at my friends house with him, and later buying battlefront 2 for ps2 to play with my brother, I’ve always wanted to see a sequel on a next gen console. I have been following the bf3 rumers ever since the original alpha video was leaked from Free Radical. I even bought a PSP just so that I could play battlefront Renagade and Elite squadron on the go. Even still now I play bf2 with my brother when he’s not busy. I’m sorry to be such a downer, and this game still may be released someday, but surely not unroll the ps4 and Xbox 720 come out and they won’t be out for another 2 years. Even then I doubt it will be a console opening day game, and may not come out for another 2 years and by then I will be busy in college. We’re talking 2016 here eleven years after the direct prequel comes out. Maybe it will be just a handheld game again, or maybe it will never come out at all. I signed a petition a long time ago for seemingly no purpose but to get a stinking PSP/DS game that was mediocre at best. I am now unsuscribed from tuggiegamereviews and am moving on with my life. Starwars battlefront was a great series, but don’t get to mad at lucasarts we are still in a serious recession here and boycotting their games could make matters worst. I’m sure many people over their know that the fans want bf3 and that it would sell great. The rest of you guys don’t have to leave now just realize that it’s going to be a long time before this game will come out. Goodbye and may the force be with you all.

    • Boycotting them sends the right message. That message is that battlefront 3 is the game we want and we are not going to settle for any of the other crap they put out. I know we are in a recession but they still have to put out games that are going to sell and battlefront 3 is the game that is in highest demand. They have been putting out crap and everyone is catching on. When we go out and purchase these other games L.A. puts out it rewards them for making those games . We are therefor giving them incentive to make other games instead of battlefront 3. We have to organize something that will reduce that incentive as much as possible. At some point it will be obvious to all that we have to BOYCOTT them.

  29. I think if the Battlefield franchise crossed with Star Wars it would be good. It would be the battlefront 3 we all want, but with frostbite engine so ou can see Cloud City collapse in front of your eyes.

  30. Where did you hear LA was revealing 2 SW games at E3?

  31. Am I wrong when saying SWBF2 was a HUGE success on consoles & pc?? Why no follow up all these years?? And sorry..Gameboy games don’t count!! I have to get my MP fix from inferior (but fun) games like the COD series now..

  32. I was heartbroken about the news, but I will never give up hope and I’m going to keep checking this site regulary, look up rumors, and pray for Battlefront 3.
    And all the people who gave up hope May the Force be With You and may you find peace.

  33. NOOOOOOOOO, Battlefront is one of the best series of games.
    Instead of making lost planet 3 make Battlefront 3- Starwars is way more popular than Lost Planet

  34. Can somebody help me understand something? Ok they take battlefront 3 away from free radical cause they want to save money and then give it to rebellion and rebellion just puts some of the content into elite squadron? And then L.A. lets slant 6 develop battlefront online and then they pull the plug on them? All of this development and what do they have to show for it? They cant even finish Battlefront online?

    • Now I could be wrong but what happened with LA and Free Radical was that Free Radical went Bankrupt and that made LA pull it from them and I don’t know if this is true but IMO they did not give it to Rebellion to finish but they(Rebellion) were working on SWB3 for the PSP but when SWB3 was pulled from Free Radical they could not call it SWB3 so they called it Elite Squadron and then when it comes to Battlefront online and slant 6 for what ever reason slant 6 could not come up with what LA wanted and then LA pulled the plug on that and now I think that if SWB3 is being made it is being made by LA in house.
      If I am wrong about anything I just said and I could be tell me because I would like to know too.

  35. Lets be realistic guys. There will be no SWBF3 at least until the next gen game consoles come out… If that.

  36. I know everything. My friends, I was one of the earliest here. I had hope when people had none. Now, with the Kinect Star Wars, and all those new games, I have no hope. Many of people have left, and I guess I am going with them. My friends, my good friends, Evan, Kal, and a bunch of others, my friends. There shall be 2 games. Such as the sith.

    Two there must be; no more, no less.
    One to embody the power, the other to crave it.

    We will always love Battlefront, and I wish they would make more. I am almost in tears. Everyone, I want to know that I wish I could say I have hope, but I don’t. I will always play Battlefront, for it is awesome. LucasArts will keep on making games for the Wii U and Kinect. I am sorry to everyone, I wish that I could stay, but there is not much more that will happen. Maybe, one day, when I am browsing through the isles of GameStop or another store, I may see Battlefront 3, and I will smile and think of these great times. Guys, I will miss you, and I will always play Battlefront 1 & 2.

    WIR out. Thanks.

  37. i was having a look on Lucas arts when i saw they were hiring so i had a look they had a lot of game creation job also why would spark affiliate themselves with lucas arts if they were not co-operating on something so I went deeper into spark unlimited till i hit a brick wall that required a non-disclosure agreement, so whats so secret what other high profile jobs could spark do then i noticed the genre of the second project horror, not really star wars then, but red harvest, death troopers ? i thought i was trying to hard to tie up all the lose ends, but in the end thats all it is speculation.

  38. I have called twice so far to Lucas arts. So far all I got is “no comment”. But I am sure they will be tired of this after a few months..LOL

    • I called slant 6 a couple of days ago to ask if they were going to finish swbattefront online and they said they were not ready to comment at this time.

  39. Well theres always May 4th to see some good news.

    I will keep fighting on.

  40. @cis 8088 you are right all of the recent excitement and all of these different video game sites speculating on whether or not the game was Battlefront 3 did NOT go unnoticed by L.A. However it just told them what they already know. They know we want this game but right now they dont care. For right now they are going by thier winning formula which is: Make cheap games put the starwars or whatever name on it and enough kids will by it no matter how bad of ratings it gets . And that is how it is gonna be for the duration of this current generation. Hopefully this will end when the next gen consoles come out. I hope that at some point Tuggie and the people who run this site organize a boycott .

    • There is a reason that the battlefront online loading screens got leaked on that raccoon city disc. Slant 6 is still an existing company that would be violating a nda with that leak. Something is up and I think I know what it is. They are going to finish battlefront online. I must admit I have mixed feelings about slant 6 doing it but Lucas Arts was behind that leak and they are leading us up to an anouncement at E3. If I am wrong then we start talkin boycott.

  41. @mark m dont waste your time calling spark, call Lucas Arts and let them know why you are frustrated, thats what I did.

  42. There are still a lot of good mods for SWBFII if that’s any consolation, and maybe if it is in production Lucasarts have decided to go with a top studio like Crytek or the like which would be more appealing for fans of the series.

  43. yea its ridiculous how spark was deceiving us with their star wars quotes! even worse the idiots on twitter hoping their new game goes well off the back swbf3!

    i think Lucas arts need to hire john he be great for their pr

    best thing to do is hassle Lucas arts wit calls emails ect. . have tuggie organise it with his videos!

    glad the free radial version got ditched from lookin at the alpha videos looks awful game play

  44. How great would it be if Epic Games made SWBF3? They already have experience in both third-person shooters(gears of war) and massive vehicle based multiplayer games(unreal tournament). Epic making SWBF3 would finally bring balance to the force.

  45. Let’s face it guys, Lucas Arts is probably never going to make BF3. What gets to me is why when all the rumors of Spark making BF3 didn’t LA just come out and says they weren’t. Was it to distract all of us from what they are really doing? None of it makes any sense. Again I now more than ever believe that LA will not be making BF3 anytime soon. I don’t know who I am more pissed at, Spark or LA. Spark capitalizing on our passionate desires for BF3 and deceiving all of us or Lucas Arts for saying nothing. I have now completely lost faith that LA can produce anything worth giving them my money.

  46. What I’m hoping is for something good to come out of this. Speculation over Battlefront 3 and Spark was MASSIVE. I mean, the number of places you could find these rumors was mind boggling. I’m hoping that this shows those fools what a high demand there is for BF3, and all the potential $$$ they could make.

  47. WOW! This sucks!!!

  48. I wonder why the BF3 question was never asked during E3 interview with George Lucas

  49. The comments Spark made played some role in getting everybody thinking it was battlefront3. But look at all the attention this drew from all over the net. This did not go unnoticed by Lucas Arts!!! Who knows maybe they will have slant 6 finish battlefront online. What I am saying is there may actually be a good side. As disappointed as I am I will say that Spark may have actually helped our cause.

  50. Look guys I realize it would have been better if Spark did not make some of the posts they made and they could have used better judgement. But lets not take our frustration out on them they were just joking around. Take your frustrations out on L. A. by organizing a boycott!!!!. Someone on here suggested calling them and i think that is a good idea, ring that phone off the god damb hook but please realize it is just the tech line.

    • Spark intentionally was pulling our chains knowing full well they would gain publicity from deceiving us. I will track down a phone number for all of us to call.

  51. I’m just waiting for someone to say APRIL FOOLS…….. Sigh……I wait in vain…………..:(

  52. as i was cooking dinner i suddenly felt a thousand voices call out in pain and was suddenly silenced…i so i check the forum today and i was disheartened that bf3 wasnt being made….hopefully LA will make this game…it just sucks reading this for along time, had given all my hopes up for it being made to be crushed…lets hope E3 we will have battlefront 3

  53. I’m not buying lost planet 3 just because spark screwed with us

  54. didn’t spark make those tweets about how there game would take place “in a galaxy far away”? wow spark! you guys are assholes! OOH LOOK we’re working with lucasarts! OOOH LOOK star wars references! what? why did you think we were working on a star wars game?

  55. I have a suggestion…since LucasArts obviously doesn’t care about their fans, let’s take the matter into our own hands. Here is my idea, Unreal Tournament 3 is, in my opinion, one of the best vehicle based FPS games out there, and anything can be created on that game. Someone has already made Star Wars characters and put them in the game, so why can’t we all learn the modding tools and make Star Wars vehicles, maps, and weapons? I know it wouldn’t be the same as SWBF3, but it would be a nice substitution.

  56. I am like alot of you a SWBF vet. I bought SWBF1 on release day, I can remember the feeling I had having the box in hand. That day I placed SWBF1 in my PS2. It did not leave that tray intill SWBF2 came out. We have fought wars on these games some in honor of our clan and some for ourselves.

    When the XBOX 360 came out and PS2 was fading .I jumped on SWBF2 once again now wearing the XBOX badge. Again this was the game that dressed my tray on the xbox. Only to have the plug pulled leaving me without a game.

    I know play games only to feel the void in hopes of a new SWBF. I had high hopes for the Spark theory. My biggest question is “Why does LA ignore and turn their backs on the fans?”

    I will be calling LA every day intill I get to talk to someone..Thats my mission starting today.

    It only takes 5 mins out of your day to pick up the phone. If we all ask maybe we can get a answer.

    My friends George has forgotten

  57. This would be the perfect time to start a boycott while everyone is pissed off that the game is not Battlefront 3.

  58. Someone at Spark lied about this in a tweet. Someone took a scren cap of this!/Xbox360Leak/status/189643700589170688/photo/1

  59. this pretty much sums it up

    Essentially, for it to ever be made, people would have to stop caring… what a catch

    • ok one problem with the article, it implies that spark at some point was working on battlefront 3, Is this true ? This is the first I have heard of this. @alki i read an older post of your were you said your reliable source told you that the last he knew L.A. was going to have a game made at Spark. Is this what he was talking about?

  60. BATTLEFRONT 3 is all i want and im happy but noooo i realy just think lucast arts dosent give two shits about any of his fans i think he just wants to do is go bankrupt cause thats all i see him doing if he keeps making these shitty games

  61. Sigh, well Battlefront friends still don’t give up hope We have been waiting 7+ years what a few more gonna do?

  62. Well. this is Extremely interesting. Apparently most of the Pandemic studios employees have gone over to 343 studios and making Halo 4. Now, this may be extremely interesting, because lets say, they get some sort of idea, and POSSIBLY get a partnership with lucasarts and work on battlefront 3. that would make a lot of sense.
    Another one of my theories is that if you look at Bungie, they have gone silent, and are working on an independent project. now what if, they are working on battlefront 3.

  63. I’m looking forward to E3. After E3 and the don’t announce battlefront, ima hate LucasArts for never plubishing battlefront 3. After what I heard about spark no making Battlefront, my soul died. Just hoping for the game

  64. hopefully this does not end up like duke nukem. Fourteen years of waiting and you get a pile of garbage.

  65. One thing that got me is that LA signed a multi-year deal using the unreal engine 3 (what spark was using). Oh well time to see whats so good about lost planet. $10 for the first one cant really lose on it right?

  66. Guys, its practically hopeless… Like Look at what the Lucas Arts is creating… they are tearing away what started a phenomena of triumph, pride, and dignity. Before, in Battlefield 1 it was truly the star of the show… for ounce Lucas Arts was practically the ultimate developer no one else… Look what happens today… Kinect Star Wars…it’s not even worthy being tossed into the Death Star’s Trash compactor… this is a true disappointment on what is being created now from them.

    Guys, I think, we lost everything… we lost the reputation of a reliable and listening Lucas Arts, who obviously we not provide us of what we have been yearning for years! We lost hope… There isn’t going to be a large explosion of a space station and ceremony later for us as we pursuit and demand for the sequal to a series of games which had defined our lives so much… there isn’t going to be victory for us… I’m going to accept failure. If you truly belive the game will be made so be it, but from now on I myself will face these new factors that Nitro has provided us as symbols of defeat…my defeat…our defeat. As for me im not listening anymore to these posts, believe me im truly a fan of the game but in all honesty and with my respect, I just feel it will not be made… I agree with Implied, if SWBF3 is to be made, we REQUIRE a company more reliable than Spark…

    Lucas Arts failed me for the last time… WHAT SUCKS IS THAT I CANT FORCE CHOKE THE S.O.B. WHO IS RUNNING THAT GODFORSAKEN DEVELOPER!!! How i want to feed him to the Rancor, how i want him to be beaten with sticks by mere ewoks, how i want him to feel his arms ripped off by Chewie… oh how i want revenge for the corruption that filled that once great developer… now they give us crap… I lost hope… I think we all did… Even Darth Vader who might think our lack of faith is indeed disturbing needs to know his days of battlefront are over… For those of you still who hold their chins held high… may the force be with you… no.. may the force be with us all as we continuous honor, cherish, and love Battlefront and Star Wars itself.


    on this website is an old employee of lucasarts that submited this imformation right because he knew he was getting layed off. He said in June 6, 2008 that KOTOR 3 was a MMO between bioware and lucas arts, there would be an oficial Indiana Jones game, another LEGO indiana jones, and a light saber game for the wii AND BATTLEFRONT 3 all these predictions were correct aand kinect star wars(light saber game for the wii) just came out so maybe battlefront 3 still has a chance.

    • Nice find if the list is in order then their next game should be battlefront 3. The list may be made four years ago but i still believe a new Star Wars Battlefront can happen.

  68. I am disappointed that this announcement was Lost Planet 3. Never even heard of that video game franchise. I don’t know anyone who has played the first or second one.

    I keep hearing Lucasarts has a both at E3 2012. I assume Star Wars Kinect and Star Wars The Old Republic is out that the new video games will be announced at E3 2012.

    If I had to predict what video games they would be:

    Lego Star Wars Clone Wars II

    Star Wars The Force Unleashed III

    I want a Star Wars Battlefront III badly. I think the Battlefront series has gone the way of the dodo bird just like the X-wing, Tie-Fighter, and Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games.

  69. WHY, I really thought they were doing star wars but I think they played us BF3 fans because their tweets suggested they were at least doing something star wars. Im not playing lost planet three. Ive never even heard of the franchise.

  70. Look sw fans, LA sucks…. and they will continue to suck until they make swb3! this is possibly the most heart wrenching thing that ever happened…okay, its not that bad. Anyways, don’t worry, CIS8808 is right… eventually it will come out. But until then LA will suck!

    • And I agree with him it will come out someday. But please believe me I am telling you the truth when i say my reliable source told me this game had been put on the back burner. Look the earliest you will see this game is after ps4 or xbox 720 has been out at least one year which ever one of them come first. But that is the very earliest you will see this game but it will most likely be much later unless something has changed since january when my source gave me the information that I have been sharing on this site. . We may not see this game for another 4 years or maybe even longer. This is why I am saying that we need to organize a boycott of everything Lucas Arts. Think about it ok, if I was not telling you the truth I would not be so hell bent on starting a boycott. Look at all of my previous posts, even when it seemed like all evidence pointed to Sparks game being battlefront 3 I was telling you it was not. Think of all of the gaming sites that were reporting on the rumours. I was here telling you it was not battlefront 3 because I have known since january .

  71. Gutted. But at the same time I’m looking forward to Lost Planet 3.

  72. Lucasarts will in E3 announce these following games in E3

    Lego Star Wars: Jar Jar Binks Edition
    Star Wars: Kinect Kids

    If that happens… I will for all my life vomit every time I hear Lucasarts!

  73. do u think they are makeing star wars the force unleashed 3 cus i am a big fan of battlefront and force unleashed so if battlefront 3 isnt coming out anymore then i hope the force unleashed 3 will

  74. Yes, I heard the bad news yesterday. I have already raged at LA on Twitter. As much as I could in 140 characters, anyway. Our only hope, like before, is now gaming conferences. Those pics WERE leaked. We still have a chance at E3, and maybe whoever is making SWBFIII is more secretive than Spark.

  75. Well what at disappointment =_=
    But anyway,don’t bet on BattlefrontIII at E3 this year, those 2 games are Star Wars Kinect and The Force UnlishedIII, I, bet on it.

    May the Force be with you my friends…


    wtf is “LOST PLANET” anyway??????


  77. It is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning…

    We can only hope that Lucasarts will announce battlefront 3 in E3.

  78. I heard the news that Spark Unlimited’s secret project was Lost Planet 3 this morning. I was heartbroken, as I’m sure many of you are. I; however, decided to dig a little further and have found some encouraging information…

    1) Previously, Spark Unlimited has released two different games in the same year. Legendary and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty were both released in/around 2008, meaning that Spark Unlimited has the production capacity to work on two titles simultaneously.

    2) It is my understanding that the Lost Planet games are produced by Capcom, which does not explain Spark Unlimited’s meeting with Lucasarts.

    3) Spark Unlimited responded to a tweet by Alex Wolf(3081wolfa) about Spark Unlimited’s alleged development of Battlefront III with another tweet saying “there is another.” at 9:17 AM April 10th, 2012. This is a direct quote from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back by Yoda.

    [as Luke leaves before completing his training]
    Yoda: Told you I did. Reckless is he. Now, matters are worse.
    Obi-Wan: That boy is our last hope.
    Yoda: No. There is another.

    I know Spark Unlimited has already made multiple Star Wars references in its tweets before, so this may or may not be helpful; however, if Spark Unlimited had been “trolling” before this announcement, there is little reason for them to continue making these references unless their second project really is Battlefront III

    4) So far I have not seen Spark Unlimited explicitly state they are not working on Battlefront III, only that one of their two projects is Lost Planet 3 rather than Battlefront III.

    I hope these reasons point to something good in the Battlefront series’ future… πŸ™‚

    • “there is little reason for them to continue making these references unless their second project really is Battlefront III”

      Here’s a reason: they want to sucker us even more to think “oh no this one’s not BF3… but wait wait he says, ‘there is another!’ thats a star wars quote, this other project has got to be BF3!”
      its all about getting media attention, and they took it to a low level this time. If anything i think we should forget them, un-follow them or whatever. They dont deserve any attention like what theyve been getting.

  79. I still believe we are gonna get this game. I dont think it is an accident that slant six bf online screens got leaked. I am not ready to believe that Lucas arts went out and got the rights to use unreal 3 and they are not gonna make battlefront 3.
    Or instead look at it this way, how many more crap games are they gonna be able to put out that receive poor ratings before the realize they need to make battlefront 3. I wont lie I am still very very disappointed and shocked.

  80. I cant believe that lucasarts has let us done like this…
    Now all thats coming is that awful Force unleashed three and who knows what awful game?

  81. Its for the best. Sparkunlimited has made horrible games, and BF3 is NOT to be one of those games.

  82. Could Rebellion Development be creating SWB3?

    • They’ll probably just make another one for the handhelds while it will be interesting to see it on the vita I want my Battlefront 3 on PC and PS3 more.

  83. Currently we have next to zero information on bf3. I cannot express how sad i feel. I hate how Spark Unlimited Led us on, saying it was “coming in a galaxy far, far, away.” I HAT SPARK UNLIMITED NOW!!!

  84. My thoughts? I’m tired of it. Too tired to even get frustrated anymore.

  85. “To long have we waited”
    “to long has there been with only rumors and speculation”
    “we should remain strong and united as we wait for our time”
    “then we shall unleash the true power of the force”
    “and there shall be order”

    quote from George Lucas when dictating what palpatine should say

    in the time after batlefront 2 when we knew that batlefront 3 was not coming and they had released there psp games me and a few guys got together and started the foundation of our own game and with the possibility of batlefront 3 it got us together again then we saw what the news we were so annoyed. but it would have been quicker faster easier making our own game than waiting for a disappointment then we tried kinect star wars as soon as we saw what it fully was we nearly cried, what are lucas arts up to are they trying to bankrupt themselves?
    but we shall wait to E3 but we decided to restart making our game who knows maybe it will be our game next to be rumored about

  86. LucasArts has stated all future games will be developed internally

    “BioWare’s Old Republic MMO to be the last game not developed internally at Lucasarts.”


  87. I honestly don’t think we had enough evidence from the beginning about spark unlimited. Even If they were making a battlefront game, how did we know it wasn’t another PSP/ DS spinoff? Lets hope it’s battlefront 3 at E3 and not the Force Unleashed 3, otherwise I’d seriously consider shutting this site down so all us addicts can move on with our lives.

  88. This is saddening.

  89. πŸ™ this is so sad, espically for Tuggie and


  91. Agent_006_point5

    meh, i prefer Lost Planet 3 anyway. I really love battlefront but i would prefer Republic Commando 2 as one of the games there announcing, just saying

  92. Will BF3 never exist..?

  93. Although I have the utmost respect for the Spark tweeter (I forgot his name), but I feel cheated as there were multiple games that were guessed and he gave a flat out “no” answer. He would commonly say “That doesn’t match the game’s description” but not once did he say that about BF3. Also, (sorry for ranting) he made it seem as though they were undecided about the title. Lost Planet EC, Lost Planet 2, I believe 3 comes after 2, but I’m not sure and neither was Capcom I guess.

  94. Lucas Arts is just plain stupid. Battlefront is the best selling Star Wars video game series EVER, and it’s been 7 STINKIN YEARS since BF2. I just don’t get it.

  95. I thought the “highly critical audience” part locked in for SWBF3 the first time I read it. No offense, but I haven’t met anyone who has played any of the Lost Planet games. This is shocking to me, but I still have a glimmer of hope for E3 this year for LA, but this is their last chance according to me.

  96. Gosh. I was so sure that this would be it. This is so sad.

  97. So the only reason they were posting Star Wars references and saying they went to LucasArt’s party the whole time was so they can get more media attention for when they announced their game. They’re not sorry, at least he’s not.

  98. I felt a great disturbance in the internet…As if millions of Battlefront fans cried out in terror…and were suddenly silenced.
    Regardless this is depressing news. Guess its back to square one with E3 again…

  99. WTF,WTF,WTF why Lucas Arts we have been waiting forever will you please tell us your going to STB3!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Ok I really hate to say I told you so but i have been saying for months now that it was not going to be battlefront 3. Never the less I am just as frustrated as most of you are. As I said a reliable source told me that they put this game on the back burner if you dont believe me check my old posts. At the end of this year or the beggining of next year I will call my source again about this subject and i will share any information I have with you. All of you guys, tuggie, this site and the whole bf community made an excellent effort in an attempt to gain information. I just wish that this website would organize a serious boycott that would give Lucas Arts the wake up call that they need.

  101. This is great news!!! Sparks has a terrible past at making games. But now we are sure somebody is working on Battlefront 3. And that person is slant six, those files on raccon city are undenible proof that they are making the game.
    Slant six never cancelled that project as far as we know, we thought they cancelled the game because we thought
    spark unlimited was making the game

  102. Guys, this is not the end. Who knows? Maybe Spark is holding SWBF3 for a later time, or is still in talks with LucasArts for the rights to SWBF.

  103. Oh, I’m afraid your friends will come to find a battlefront that is not being made. And now my young battlefront fan… You will cry. I was actually excited with all that was happening. Almost got passionately hopeful but alas, it seems we will have to stick to our battlefront ones amd two. Tis not so bad. At least we know no one had the chance to ruin a great thing. Failed we have… Into exile we must go *walks into attic to play battlefront 2 on le pc*

    • For that quote, you sir win teh internetz for the day!

    • For all of us…copy and paste the link below.

      LucasArts has failed us.
      It is a sad day for us all. Nay, a traumatic, hope-crushing day. But all is not lost-maybe one day we may come out of “exile” like the Sith Empire.

      Fans: LA, there is still battlefront 3 in you. we can sense it.
      LA: No. Now I will show you Kinect Star Wars, and the true power of bad games.
      Fans: Then our Battlefront3 is truly dead.

      Maybe it is for the best. Remember Darth Bane:

      Two there must be; no more, no less.
      One to embody the power, the other to crave it.

      Therefore, only two Battlefronts shall there be, evermore. Go. Find another game. Play some Metroid, some Zelda, some Republic Commando, some Portal. Play Battlefronts 1 and 2, so we may never forget. And we will never forget.

      Kal Skirata out.
      May the Force be with you all.

    • told you it would never happen there all a bunch of wankers mate. Just play other stuff and boycott all lucas arts games, their all now made for babies and window lickers. GTA5 out this year and black ops 2…..what you need is COD star wars edition now that would be good.

      • If call of duty ever came out with a starwars edition i’d just commit suicide. How dare you insult starwars like that by trying to cross breed it with some shitty video game thats just a remake of its former self every year

        • Haha I like how people like you think its such a bad game. My friend, sales and statistics show otherwise. Within 24 hours of going on sale, MW3 sold 6.5 million copies in the U.S. and UK alone and grossed $400 million, making it the biggest entertainment launch of all time. It also was the best-selling game in 2011. So rethink committing suicide because a Star Wars call of duty would be the best-selling game I could think of, and I know for a fact that you would play it, just like we all would.

          • Selling well and being a quality game are two very different things and in the case of COD are inversely proportional.

          • Would you stop that? COD is terrible, and change your name, can you not see its taken?

            Battlefront 1 + Battlefront 2 > All the COD games combined.

            Lucasarts needs to have its own agenda, and come back. They do not need to piggyback on the crappy fame of someone else’s overrated franchise.

          • Why in the hell does every pre-pubescent retard in this world think that the sales numbers of a game, or a movie, is equal to the quality of said game or movie? That’s simply not true at all. When something sells well out of the gate, it’s usually due to a pre-existing popularity built upon previous titles. COD games in particular are guaranteed to be big sellers, especially to the younger crowd with short attention spans who only care about the mindless multiplayer. Sadly, Infinity Ward abandoned the quality of the single player story after COD 4. The Modern Warfare 2 and 3 games are pure garbage.

          • COD is only a best seller because it’s mainstream. It’s THE FPS that everyone goes to but i guess fanboys don’t seem to grasp that. COD is the same thing every year except with a few tweeks. There hasn’t been an original COD out since MW1 and WaW. I guess SW COD would be different but it would just suck complete with it’s player hosted servers, which means connection before skill, um COD means it’s hacker prone, it’s got dumb fake perks like “marathon”( come on what highly trained soldier can’t run for more than 5 seconds?) then you will have people constantly griping “oh watch me get a 25 killstreak and get my death star” no just no. I would not get COD Starwars edition

          • Sotwilightisgood

            So by your theory of things being “good”, you’re telling us Britney Spears was good music, and Twilight is actually a good movie solely based on ticket and CD sales?

          • MW3 undersold black ops by about 3 or 4 percent which isn’t much but proves its on the downfall

        • I agree, cod is just a remake of itself every year and that’s what’s so pathetic about it. If star wars ever came related to COD then Lucasarts would have truly failed us.

          • in your opinion, but Lucasarts will never produce a battlefront 3, Mainly because it has no movie to piggy back on or merchandise to sell along with it. In my opinion best just to forget about it all and get a decent game in yer console like COD ,people I find who complain about it as you do hate it because you are so bad at it… Just get some practice inm innit!!!!!!!!!!

          • I played COD for 2 years. I was not bad however not good. But all of the games are the same with minor differences between each one. All of the games stories are not good at all, the online is the same and gets very repetitive, and the fact that they reuse near enough all of their assets each year so that they can get the new game out in a year just makes the game very poor. If you were a true battlefront fan you would be supporting battlefront and luucasarts and neve giving up hope. I think its a good thing Lucasarts are keeping quiet. For all we know they could have scrapped developers and decided to develop the game with their own technology, without the need of other developers. Lucasarts has been recruting for a while now, for an action and adventure game (battlefront III), and fps (SW republic commando 2) and an RPG (KOTOR III perhaps?).If you have no belief that SWB3 will return then leave this site and never return, because this site is for the belief that battlefront 3 will return, and I think that the people who believe it will return are the only ones welcome here; NOT COD FANBOYS!

        • I think you are missing the point battlefront 3 will never come out so get over it and move on. And i beleive I was into star wars a long long time ago much before you were born so bollocks COD is the only decent game on the ps3

          • Which is exactly why I can just go straight into multiplayer and be the best player in a match in any COD after COD2 right?

          • lets see im pretty sure dead space 2 can beat COD as a better example of a true ps3 game, oh and the thing is, retard, that people bought that many copies of COD BECAUSE ITS EASY TO PLAY; NO SKILL INVOLVED and thats why mainstream entertainment hipster-kids of this generation love it, you see pointing and clicking isnt hard at all…hell its so easy if i gave a 3-5 yr old a controller and gave him maybe an hour or so to figure it out, as long as he puts a bullet in you, he can kill you…same with every other noob in this world who plays it. and YES mw3 was a copy/paste of mw2 which was a copy/paste of COD4…And SWBF2 and 1 were the best selling SW games OF ALL TIME TO THIS DAY, even with just two ganes SW still beats the crap out of COD…i dont see you fighting 1000 man armies all under the same roof in Call of Booty, ya fruity bastard..

          • Exactly like I just said it’s far to easy whenever a new COD comes out my nephews buy it and whine for me to play it with them and whenever I do it’s so easy to just jump straight into multiplayer and play it as if I’ve been playing the game for weeks.

          • Also this is kinda a pointless argument and is really off topic so we should just ignore this guy.

          • you sir, are banned from the internet until you turn 12.

          • Why are you here if you don’t believe battlefront 3 is coming out? If you feel that way just get out, nobody wants you here. COD is basically the same game with new perks every game. The makers of COD already have more than 5 games planned for future release which just shows how they are focused on the money not quality. Finally, COD is the only decent game? Your an idiot who just sticks to 1 game. There’s Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, etc.

          • Typical COD fanboy response. You’re probably one of those fags that only play COD all day long and never stop. Have you ever played SWBF or SWBFii? Have you played them online? Takes way more skill to play that online than COD. Only decent game on PS3? Idts. There are thousands of great games for PS3 but your narrowminded COD fanboy mindset wont allow you see past COD so enjoy your shitty repetitive game while i go play a nice variety of good games

          • bobafetish, this is not a personal attack, but COD is simply an overrated, albeit graphically intense, casual game that is overpriced and stupid. The best games are fun and inventive.

            COD is the console version of Angry Birds. πŸ™

            Look at Skyward Sword, look at Metroid Prime 3. Both are Wii games. WII GAMES! and wrap your head around this: THEY ARE BETTER THAN COD!!!

            Look at IGN reviews- the re-review of Ocarina of Time (originally for N64) against MW3:

            OOT: 10 9 9 10 10 for the five categories

            MW3: 8.5 8.5 8 9 9.5 for the same categories

            I find it awesome that a NINTENDO 64 game got .5 better GRAPHICS rating than COD!!! πŸ˜€

      • lmao, all call of duty games suck, its aimed at multiplayer. The only reason COD is so popular is because idots like you buy into that multi-player crap. All it takes is a nice big solar storm to OHKO the world of internet and that popularity will drop like a rock

        • bobafetish says..people I find who complain about it as you do hate it because you are so bad at it… Just get some practice inm innit!!!!!!!!!! Hhmm Good point but you dont know me at all, do you use your brains sorry to be blunt. Here is a question for you….Would you buy COD if the Internet was dead due to a solar flare or anything else that can kill it. Thats just one reason i hate COD, steam and everything that needs the internet

          • hey Thomasmul,you know what i would really like. Bethesda and lucasarts get together to create a SWBF hybrid, damn good game that would be…uhhhh im in fantasy land again

          • I like how you think Darkomega. SWBF hybrid from Lucasarts and Bethesda. Two of my favourite game developers coming together to create a completely awesome game. As Bethesda are the creators of Skyrim (a way better game than COD might I add) I doubt they would mess it up πŸ™‚

        • Yes I played star wars battlefront 2 for years online thanks. and I was very good at it and I agree it was the finest thing since sliced bread and is better that COD, but without swbf3 there is nothing but COD?? Battlefield 3 is ok, Red dead redemption and grand theft auto are good but everything else is pretty poo. For the multiplayer experience cant beat Black ops the treyarch versions are much better than infinity ward/sledgehammer. Any game that doesnt have a multiplayer and is single player to me is just pointless. Unfortunately There will never be a swbf3 I have finally realised that and you all should too. Time to dust off that COD game eh????

          • Multiplayer isn’t the best god damn thing to a game. Single player games are amazing if you look at the story they tell instead of mindless multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong I love multiplayer, but COD is just so boring. They aren’t aimed to please the player, they’re aimed to make money. They have a whole bunch of new games planned to get our money such as black ops 2,3,4,5, and 6. COD future warfare 1,2,3. COD space warfare 1,2,3. COD was fun and all, then I grew up

          • Point is, if you don’t believe SWBF3 will ever come out then get the outta here. There is no point in you being here if you aren’t here looking for any new info on SWBF3. Go troll the battlefield 3 forums on how awesome COD is.

    • Dont get LA, if all they care about is money, SWBF3 would make buckets of the stuff? i reckon some amateurs indie type game devs should make it, and to get round copyright just call it Star whores: Battlemuff

      • The Separatist

        My, that was an extensive arguement.

        Let’s keep this clean; we aren’t here to demean others based on their affiliation or “fanboy” status to Call of Duty. After all, aren’t we here because we’re Star Wars fans? If not that, then we share a common interest in video games. Let’s not bully and antagonze someone just because they like COD.

        Remember, keep it clean.

  104. A Floor plan from E3 2012 revealed that one of the LucasArts Games is a Wii U MMO (LOL?!) so unfortunately its either the second one, or its not at all 😐

  105. yah they have the vs laser lance and the gunsword. so lost planet does have some swordplay

  106. I actually posted it could be lost planet 3 a while ago jokingly as an example of a game that fits sparks description. I had no idea i was right. I’d have preffered battlefront 3 but lost planets a great game too

    • The Separatist

      With the exception of the plot. The amnesiac, Wayne, from the first Lost Planet did not make the story a memorable one. Even worse, in Lost Planet 2, when the characters didn’t even have names.

      However, I’m willing to see if they improve. The combat was actually rather refreshing; nothing quite beats the anchor unique to the Lost Planet series. And the VSs, of course, are another interesting aspect. It seems as though they have giant ones now.

  107. Well if you visit Spark Unlimited’s project page, they now have two unannounced projects. And I’m pretty sure that the new Lost Planet would be the the Third person Action/Horror. Sooooo theoretically the Third Person Action/Adventure could still potentially be BF3.


    • Sorry my freind, they said “Lost Planet 3” WAS the Action/Adventure game on their Twitter.

    • We started PRE-PRODUCTION in November 2011 to develop a breakout game based on an established console franchise. We are looking for innovative professionals to be members of a core creative team to bring to the console and PC markets a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror genre.

      its not swbf3 even though I want to be.

      Thank the allspark that they aren’t making it. They made Legendary… and that game is freakin’ garbage.

      I don’t know why they kept in the dark for so long that they weren’t making swbf3… they really should’ve just told one fan “no, were not, it’s something else/”

  108. That did come out of Left Field that they were making Lost Planet 3, I mean thought it could be that they were not working on SWBF3 but I did think that at lest they were working with LucasArts…looks like were back to square one

  109. A large part of my soul howled out in pain and died. I’ve lost faith in Lucas Arts entirely. When they saw the fandamonium about Saprk, they should have stepped in and cleared it up right away, instead of letting everyone wish and speculate. I’m expecting some sort of press release or statement form them soon, or else they simply have no respect for their long-time and patient fans.

    Just tell us it’s being made. Not even when, who or where, just that we’re being listened to.

    • Sorry, not how it works. Most Companies don’t issue press releases, or even comment on rumours and speculation at all. Sometimes because they don’t want to be quoted on saying something doesn’t exist when it actually does.

      It could very much be in Development at another Studio right now. Issuing a Press Release citing its in the works would mean us hunting up and down the Internet to find it and spamming them on Twitter for information like we’ve been doing with Spark Unlimited when they could very easily simply be working on it internally, like Force Unleashed, in which case we’d end up stalking a random Studio which has nothing to do with the project, again).

      And while yes, they could be kind enough to reveal they’re working on it internally, that’s not how this industry works, its not like Hollywood where you know a Movie has been Green-Lit even before the Script is finished.

      LucasArts is all for making money, someone is working on it, its like TFUIII. It’ll get here. Look at KotOR. KotORIII didn’t happen in the end, but we did get SW:tOR.

      Besides, while I hope they do an awesome job with Lost Planet 3 (not like they can do a lot worse than LP2 anyway), Spark Unlimited doesn’t exactly have a 90%+ Record with Critics. Personally rather glad another Studio (hopefully one with a better Track Record) is handling SWBF3.

  110. To sad, bud on the other hand, also a good thing, the games Spark Unlimited made in the past did no good at all, scored below a 6 out of 10 rating with their games… So i’m happy. Hopefully Lucas Arts is busy with it.

  111. They have 2 projects though. Which one are they refering to? 1 or 2?

  112. back to wanting for e3 again,huh?,why do i feel dejavu

    I still don’t see where ‘Sword Play’ comes into Lost Planet 3 which was on their site describing the unannounced game

    How is it known that LA are announcing two new games at E3?(not that i am doubting you)

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