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More Star Wars Battlefront Images Surface? Real or Not?

So, a few things to have a look at in this post my fellow, but patient Battlefrontians. Yesterday, as we all know was April fools day.. yay! wherein, a couple of pranks trickled in, including a posting by Wookiepedia that “Battlefront 3 to be released in winter 2012”, which wasn’t that humorous in my opinion.

The big one that no can verify if it is a prank or now is, a user of has released some images that he claims he found from a hidden folder on the disc of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.. How or why Star Wars/Battlefront ended up on a copy of Resident Evil is very skeptical, and given that they were released on April Fools day is almost too much of a coincidence for me.

If anything this could have been the previously scrapped Battlefront Online that Slant Six Games was working on.

Have a look for yourselves:

So what do you think? Real or hoax?

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  1. seems legit but why in resident evil???

  2. Unfortunately they are not battlefront 3 textures, they are jedi academy textures.
    I have been playing jedi academy for nine years now, because lucasarts fails to produce a good game, i also make mods for jka, i have seen the textures and its exactly the same, its probably from movie battles 2 mod

    I wish it was battlefront 3 and wish i could say it was, but giving false hope is wrong, we must accept the fact lucasarts will never do anything right for perhaps a very long time. So lets make mods, to create the games we wosh to play without having to wait for a company to do it, do it for free.

  3. Trouble is some of the images look EXACTLY like the MP loading screen for Battle field 3 only with star wars related items

  4. Someone should try and see if they can find the files, to see if it’s real or not.

  5. Trion should make BF3!

  6. Well, Slant Six WAS rumored to be working on Battlefront: Online, but that was about all we heard from them.

  7. wow, I hope they make it for home systems, I have enough trouble getting SWTOR to run on my rig

  8. Well I Dont think that their gonna put files on a video game and sell the video game all for an april fools prank But seriously….Battlefront is gonna happen :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  9. It looks pretty real, the way Luke Skywalker’s face is streched is just like in a texture/material file, used to “cover” a 3D model. Most games uses that kind of file.

    Old time fan of Star Wars: Rebellion, I hope we get some in-depth SW strategy game.

  10. No. It’s all concept art, therefore I’m not convinced. With all the fishy sidenotes and the extreme ease of making these images at home… I can’t trust these right now.

  11. To me it looks like it could have been photo shopped. The drawings are legit, and they could be from some long forgotten game. The loading screen, though, seems a little out of place. Like the color bars on the top and bottom and the word loading could have easily sat a layer above the art. Though, Spark does say on their site that it is expected to be announced sometime in 2012, and this would be a great reassurance (indirectly) that it is coming out. If anything it gives us hope!

  12. Hey do any of you play the first swbf still? if so add me on xfire: birdosrus

  13. These seem real to me, and maybe Luke was a concept art. These seem too amazing to be made for a hoax, if these are fake they are for April Fools. I’d say these came either from a later time of the Free Radical development or possibly Battlefront Online.

  14. RogueStarkiller

    They’re most likely not from a “Battlefront” game as we know it but “Battlefront: Online”.

  15. williamdickeson

    I’d say if anything had to be fake it’d be the Luke textures. The concept art on the loading screens look convincing, and quite amazing.

  16. I dunno, it’s seems fishy in my book, they’re probably some forgotten loading screen of a forgotten game, idk Luke in his orange flight suit is staring down Darth Vader in some hanger, kinda strange!!! DE out….

  17. I think they could be legit. Here’s the thing. If they are pics from and scrapped battlefront, then they would be from the one that came closest to development, which was free radicals. Now if they were from free radicals, we would have most likely seen them ages ago, not now. But that’s just my take on it. What throws everything up in the air is the fact that they were released April fools day. Why not release em before or after to avoid doubt? And why isn’t the super secretive lucasarts or spark cracking down on them? Do they need to?

  18. Eh, yeah I guess I’d never heard of a scrapped Battlefront online till just now, but I’d put my money on that. Those texture maps (for Hoth Luke?) look to me like they’re a little bit old to be part of a modern development. I’m no expert but I think games these days would probably use higher-res textures with better detail. Still, they’re good enough I don’t think some guy drew them up in his basement or anything.
    Just my 2ยข.

  19. These look awesome! I agree that it’s timing doesn’t raise much suspicion, and they don’t reveal much. Can’t wait til E3!!!

  20. I can’t imagine someone would go to the trouble of making those images just for a hoax.

    I’d think that at the very least, those images are legit, if not the source.

    • It totally looks legit, i think spark unlimited is coming out with BF3…But wtf is it doing on Resident Evil?!?!

  21. Seems legit

  22. chainsawgrizzly

    This was so out of left field, I think its legit. These look pretty good, but alas Battlefront Online is no longer among the living. These make me want Battlefront 3 even more now.

    • They look battlefront to me. However battlefront online is among the living just in a different form. I Believe that they are going to use some or all of the battlefront online content in the battlefront that is being made at Spark. This is no accident that these pictures got leaked!! They are leading us up to the announcement! I told you guys a couple of weeks ago to look for some kinda teaser or something the 1st week of april and what do we have? Alki what do you have to say now?

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