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More Screenshots from Free Radical’s Battlefront 3!

Holy crap, I think I may be having Battlefront 3 overload! This is definitely great to get a glimpse of what could have been Battlefront 3. It actually surprises me that the game got canned when it was so far along, I also hear some people saying how crappy the game looks, but keep in mind, this was almost four years ago and it is and alpha build. I would definitely like to get my hands on a copy of it.

Borman has outdone himself again with a plethora of screenshots from Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 and they look pretty good in my opinion.

Check out the screenshots below!


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  1. Very interesting indeed. Being a few years old, the development which could have been done between then and now could be immense – so, with screenshots like that, a third installment MUST be on its way!
    It’s just a shame ther’s no Maul in any of them.

  2. Spark Unlimited has requested in the application and qualification section that inquiring programmers need to be able to “visually reconstruct” and deconstruct from references. Spark said the “mystery” game they are working on has “years” worth of references meaning absolutely everything Free Radical did…concept art, all the OTHER Alpha videos we haven’t seen, the game they had finished and all photos…
    The Force is strong here…

    • Ok if they are hiring for this now is it possible that they are going to be able to have this game out by the end of this year without it being a rushed product? Would it take a long to time to do all of the deconstructing and reconstructing?

  3. man the more is see the Free Radical SWBF3 the more sad i get that it never came out!
    Some of the levels look like they could have been fun too!
    man i hope that spark or someone is making it and it comes out late this year or early next year…

  4. What about the twitter code? How are we going to crack it? Its not regular binary.

  5. I hope that this game never come out as star wars battlefront 3. the graphics are terrible, i think that if spark unlimited is making the game, they will make a better one

  6. guys, lets think about it this way. If spark unlimited is looking at the video, and humoring our conversations about possible star wars games, we will definatly see a bf3 game in the

  7. they look fantastic,is it me though or does Lukes Lightsaber look a little too long?

  8. We are getting closer and closer to spark revealing what they are making. I have put all my faith on this one that they are making BF3. It’s all or nothing, if this isn’t BF3 I may give up on BF3, it’s been 6 years or so enough is enough.

  9. I hope spark doesnt mess this up, it looked like FRD was creating something great. All i hope is they build on FRD ideas and Releases this game.
    From the release of SWBF2 you think they would had released by now?

  10. Guys lets look at it this way, if spark unlimited is humoring us, and talking about the pics and the vid, that means that there will be a bf3 in the very near future.

  11. Anyone notice the picture of someone playing as IG-88?

    • It kind of looks like IG-88, but it could be just another droid. Then again, this was pre-alpha, so you never know.

    • Looks just like IG-88 to me.

      But yeah, there was definitely work to do on it, especially when it comes to holding lightsabers and umm……rendering Anakin’s head (pic 28) 😀

      SOMEONE has to own the rights to this. I hope Spark is building on it, like someone else said.

      Hopefully there is full customization of appearance. I mean, some of the most popular BF2 mods are the ones for new legions because everyone was tired of seeing the 501st. Also, weight would be nice (after a tank explodes, the pieces should actually fall like they would in real life).

      That being said, its UE3 graphics may be too uber for my PC.

      May the Fourth be with us all.

  12. The only question I have is why are all of these videos and pictures coming out now? I hope Spark got the rights to this and they are just expanding and completing what FRD started. On another note, I’d like to see fully customizable soldiers ie. you decide what helmet style/color and armor your soldier wears.

  13. From the sound of some of Spark’s tweets, I think he’s hinted that they’ve at least seen FRD’s build of the game, so they may even be building on it. I would say it’s 90% certain that it’s a Battlefront game of some form they are working on.
    Spark was asked if they thought the footage from this alpha build looked promising and replied with “It’s hard to say what the potential was (is). Need to see the production pipeline and code to determine where it could go.” The “(is)” bit sounds like he’s hinting they have possession of that build. He also said “I can only comment on what is publicly seen by all. It was interesting but certainly pre-alpha.” Kind of hints he’s seen the whole thing, no?

    It’s this year though guys, it’s looking good. I reckon reveal on Star Wars day or E3, then release around the end of the year. We can hope.

  14. Just give me the game with Space to ground maps, pls. @.@
    For sure we deserve information about Battlefront 3!

  15. Now what? Should we start a kickstarter like what the Wasteland 2 guys did and see if that will f-ing convince lucasarts?

  16. I can’t help but feel bad for free radical. You can tell they put a lot of work into this only to have lucasarts be a girl and dump it.

  17. Man I just don’t understand why LucasArts didn’t give Free Radical the funding to finish this, I mean both battlefront one and two sold very well and I think BF3 would have sold just as well if not better and it could have saved Free Radical from going under… well I guess theres no point in crying over spilled milk…

    • you are right there is no point in crying over spilled milk but sometimes it is hard not to! As cool as the pictures are it is kinda painful to look at them when you think of what could have been. Perhaps we will never know completely why this version got canned. If anyone on here knows I would love to know the story!

      • I’ve kinda already told everyone why in the past: Lucasarts was struggling and Free-radical needed more money as they were struggling too. Then comes along Rebellion and says that they can make the game for a cheaper budget, so Lucasarts turns to them without telling Free-radical! Free-radical then runs out of money and goes out of business, then Rebellion states that they ‘didn’t like their console version, but liked their psp/ds version’ all because ‘the console version didn’t work out’ so they just released Elite squadron and hoped for the best. (it’s all to do with money(and Lucasarts cheek to changing their developers without telling their other developer!)). Is that better?

        • Yeah its just ridiculous how it all turned out, some bad business topped with a bit of greed seems like the only reasons we couldn’t have been playing Battlefront 3 for the past couple years. And it bothers me even more that Free Radicals version of the game was basically tossed in the trash, I mean I know that the campaign in elite squadron is supposedly based off of FR’s BF3 campaign but still so much time and work seemingly for nothing. I just hope that Spark Unlimited is working on Battlefront 3 because if they aren’t then… well I don’t even know…

  18. i honestly hope they have a ps2 version of this if they make a game, and that free radical doesn’t develop the game. remember elite squadron? i hated that game and free radical didnt do much to help.

    • Are you still living in 2009?

    • This will NEVER come out for ps2. Breakdown and get a ps3.

      • some people don’t have MONEY for a PS3 dipstick!!!

      • Seriously, PS2? Are you kidding me, when was the last time something came out for ps2? IF ever a new battle front came out it would be fully graphically capable, and maybe the ps2 didnt see its full capabilities, but they are already talking ps4 and xbox 720, why in gods name would a company waste time and money on something that wouldnt be atleast blue-ray capable. To have hope that someone in their right mind will finish this game and continue a beautiful series is probable. however anyone thinking that this will come out for anything other than PS3 Xbox360 or PC is going to be severely disappointed. Now go buy yourself a current system, and go buy DarkSouls. That will keep you busy until SWBF3 comes out. even if thats never.

  19. First!

  20. please, for the love of the force, let this game come out already!

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