Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 Alpha Video!

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Hey Battlefrontians, over the last few days, a user named “Borman” has been tweeting me, saying to get ready for some pretty cool stuff featuring Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 and it looks like he has come through with a pretty awesome video that shows off Free Radicals Alpha build of Battlefront 3.

Also according to Borman Free Radical’s description of Battlefront was “Star Wars Battlefront 3, Description : The Future of Gaming, Release Date – 2008-11-06”.

He claims this is the Xbox 360 version of Free Radicals Battlefront 3 and that the PC version was the leading platform.

I was lucky enough to get some footage and impressions of the game. This footage is the best I could get for the time being. Remember, this game was in an alpha state when it was cancelled. The old leaked footage was from a Free Radical Design event in November of 2008. I believe that this footage is from around March – April 2008, so depending on when the old leaked footage was recorded, it could be up to 8 months older. This footage is also of the Xbox 360 build. It seems like a quick and dirty port, not optimized at all. This continues in all aspects of the game, as it continues to say “Exit to Desktop.” Framerates are bad, AI is virtually non-existent, nothing has been bug tested, it isn’t feature complete, the list goes on.

Check out the video below!

A huge thanks to Borman for the amazing footage. Great work!


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  1. anonymous says:

    why was the rebel alliance using republic gunships the rebel alliance don’t have those

  2. Bf3Pro says:

    Please say multilayer will be introduced to the games just needs more multiplayer

    Soz about bad Grammer keyboards fuked

  3. Keanine says:

    Well this really explains to me why lucas arts can’t get someone to finish Free radicals game off. It looks like a better version of elite squadron (even in Alpha build) If they were to release it now there would be complaints about how they took elite squadron and improved it, Even though it is actually the other way around. I am guessing Lucas Arts realised their mistake and want to bring back the series, so they need a new game built from scratch. this is where Spark comes in, I think you all know the rest. 🙂

  4. Arrow55 says:

    Remember, FRD is not doing this anymore.
    But the video shows Free Radical’s attempt. It probably would look better if it was the full game, this is just alpha, so imagine what it would look like finished 🙂

  5. gustavo says:

    dude this is amazing, but if spark unlimited see this video i would want them to make this more republic commando type of battlefront 3 u kno, like put both games in 1.

  6. darthobiwan says:

    Spark Unlimited HAS to be making this game. I don’t know what I’ll do if they aren’t. Still, this gives me hope. If this is just pre-alpha,then imagine what the fully developed game would be like. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU SPARK!

  7. Kal Skirata says:

    Grrr! That looked so cool!

    Since FR went under, does ANYONE own the rights to that tech? Or can it never be reclaimed?

    I kinda want LA to buy out whatever remains of Free Radical to get that software.
    They need to get back on the map, especially after the disaster that was Kinect Star Wars.

    • cis 8808 says:

      I think L.A. does have the rights to the free radical version because they had what was done by free radical transfered over to rebellion which I think rebellion passed on it.

  8. One World Sith says:

    I find it a little interesting that with in such a short time frame we get battlefront online photos and we get that free radical video. I am kinda thinking something is up.

  9. wowirock says:

    i feel the force is strong with spark….

  10. ggctuk says:

    This is further evidence that they cannibalized this for Elite Squadron. Look at that campaign list.

  11. Jacen Solo says:

    uhhhhhh……. i liked the sound track? And a like the fact that you can go from ground right into space. But other than that…. it sucks.

  12. laticspieman says:

    It’s worth noting that when looking through the campaign missions they are identical to elite squadron 🙁 This version will never get finished officially anyway…….

  13. Redline says:

    OMG that’s awesome. It’s not finished but think of a finished version that would be amazing… LUCASARTS WHY? WHY? WHY!?! You shall give us our BATTLEFRONT 3!…

  14. metallicorphan says:

    Looks like it could of been amazing

    Damn you LucasArts!!

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      No you should say Damn you Haze for being a horrible game which caused Free Radical to go under and forever ruining our best chance to get this game…hope spark or whoever is/will be making SWBF3 makes it better then what the Free Radical game could have been!

  15. WhiteFire37 says:

    Makes me want it more and more. Would love to see more footage of it! such a shame…

  16. Clone Trooper says:

    That’s awesome!!!

  17. Tuggie says:

    Awesome video! I feel very lucky and fortunate someone saved it all this time 😀

  18. Booyah says:

    Freakin’ beautiful.

  19. Darth Zehiv says:

    How did they ever let this get canceled, this looks pretty far along!

  20. Varun Ramesh says:

    Obviously these are placeholder graphics, but I think it still captures the massiveness and epic scope that made the original Battlefront series unique. It’s a shame this was cancelled, and if Spark Unlimited is working on the game, this video may not be representative at all of the version they are developing.

  21. williamdickeson says:

    Wow, I thought Borman was lying haha.
    From that build it looked pretty cool, a lot of great ideas shown there that were then put into Elite Squadron like becoming a hero without re spawning, hero ships, wing-men etc. Although to me the maps looked very tight and didn’t really suit starfighters at all. Plus I felt that the capital ships were way to close to the ground. Still, it was an early build. Would love to see the build we saw in the leaked trailer.

  22. Peter says:

    Looks like fun, but a long way from being finished!

  23. Zantkiller says:

    Someone should totally ask Spark if their game is in a better or worse state then the one in this video and what they think of the footage subjectively (ignoring the fact it is Battlefront and focusing on what the footage shows).

    It would be an interesting conversation.

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