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Spark Unlimited has Dinner with their Publisher… LucasArts??

Hey Battlefrontians, some interesting tidbits for you and a great find by one of our forum members RogueStarkiller.

From RogueStarkiller:

This week Spark is in San Francisco for the GDC(Game Developer’s Conference). Last night Spark went out to dinner with their publisher and tweeted this:

For those that may not know, Twitter geotags you to a general area where your tweet came from as seen in the photo above. Their tweet came from an area of San Francisco called Cow Hollow. Now, this doesn’t pinpoint a restaurant or a specific place, but it does put them in a small geographic area.

What’s interesting is what is located within 3 minutes driving distance from the heart of Cow Hollow:

That’s right, LucasFilm. LucasArts is also on this campus.

So I thought, well, maybe their publisher just decided to have dinner with them and they coincidentally went there…except that it’s on the other side of town from the GDC and several other locations Spark mentioned they had been.

Spark tweeted:
Spark Unlimited โ€ @sparkunlimited
The W is the hotel bar to meet up and drink up. It is rough sometimes doing business. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spark Unlimited โ€ @sparkunlimited
Dinner is over. Heading to the Infusion Lounge now.

The Infusion Lounge, The W Hotel, and the Moscone Convention Center(where GDC is being held) are all within 2 blocks of each other and a 20 minute drive away from LucasArts and where they had dinner. This of course is not definitive proof that Spark Unlimited had dinner with LucasArts. However, when companies attend out of town conventions, they tend to stay very close to the hotel or the convention location and away from areas that may only be familiar to someone that might live and work in the city.

So from the info above, Spark went to dinner with their publisher(whomever it may be) from the restaurant within 3 mins. driving distance of LucasArts to the Infusion Lounge across town after dinner.

Guess what?

LucasArts hosted their GDC party at the Infusion Lounge that night.

Hats off to RogueStarKiller for some great work. While this doesn’t necessarly prove that Spark was having some great chow with the folks from LucasArts, it does provide some great room for speculation!

Lets hear some thoughts!

Another huge thanks to RogueStarkiller!!

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  1. Indeed – very interesting. And quite speculative as well, as you say. Thinking about it logically, Spark “happening to be in the neighbourhood” of LucasFilm/LucasArts does seem a little too neat for coincidence.
    All we can is hope!

  2. Well I guess this information is useless now…….:(

  3. I think I found another clue. On Spark’s website, the unannounced project is now described as a “horror/fantasy” game. However, when Return Of The Jedi was in development, it’s cover title was “Blue Harvest”, a fake film. The fake film was described as “Horror Beyond Imagination”. Could Spark be taking a page from Star Wars history, under the guidance of LA?

  4. I find it odd that spark now refer to battlefront 3 as property now and that its the property of Lucasarts to decide. I dunno weird.

  5. toby salisberry โ€ @tobysalisberry ยท Open
    @sparkunlimited ok were the previous games in this series for the tpaa game on the ps2?
    Spark Unlimited โ€ @sparkunlimited Close
    @tobysalisberry OK. I might be saying too much… but, I think it is ok to say… “not PS1.”
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    8:54 PM – 29 Mar 12 via web ยท Details
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  6. I have been decoding, and what I came up with is X=>/[fancy f]. Could this be a lead? The f looks like normal but with a longer tail.

  7. No Idea what game they are working on but I am very happy to hear it is not another force unleashed game. My source said the last he knew was that Lucas arts was planning on having a game done at Spark Unlimited and I believe this 3rd person action adventure is that game. If this game is SWBf3 then at least for a good stretch of time the folks at Lucas Arts did a great job at keeping this from almost everybody.

  8. Everyone, the full code is released! Here is the code translated from binary:
    This is not counting the SOT and EOT. I see that RogueStarkiller has already been asking about this, and I have had no luck. We need everyone working together on this to get the hint! This could be our only chance to figure out exactly what game this is before the announcement.

  9. @Alki I know you have been saying for awhile that your “reliable source” told you that Lucas Arts was going to have a game made at Spark unlimited but the game was not battlefront. With TFU3 being ruled out what game could it possibly be? Have you seen Tuggies latest video? Have you seen the new job posting on Sparks website? Is it possible that Lucas Arts wanted to keep this project hush and did not even want there own lower level employees knowing what they were have done over at Spark? It sure sounds like a Battlefront game to me .

  10. I guess the guy who does the voice for star killer has been contacted and he said the force unleashed 3 is not even in production so that is great news. I have not been very optimistic but I will have to admit that I becoming a little more optimistic.
    1 I want a hardcore mode
    2 keep instant action for online I dont know why they would take it out but I am just saying just in case.
    3 many upgrades fore every class including jedi suck as light saber upgrades and force power unlocks and upgrades.

  11. Unless you haven’t noticed… Spark has added a new job position some day ago to their #1 unnanounced project, it’s a senior multiplayer level designer and its for a “3rd person action/SHOOTER” for ps3, 360 and pc markets. That’s why it CANT be TFU 3. It just has to be a battlefront game!

  12. The Saradominist

    All the signs point to bf3. If it is battlefront 3 I will be overjoyed as long as they don’t do a shoddy job.

    Personal requests (feel free to add your own!)

    1. None of that gorey bloody crap. Honestly, it’s not nessecary. bf1 and 2 were PHENOMINAL games without it and I hope it stays that way.
    2. More then 2 playable factions per ()Some) battle(s). (Tatooine: Dune Sea. Tusken Raiders rock!)
    3. space-land combo battles. I think they had that in Rogue squadron? (possibly just have the ships float around in the sky. Within rocket range!)
    4. Larger spaceship interiors. I demand acess to command bridges!
    5. Perhaps a new mode: Historical. actually re-enact battles from the movies. (like in bf1 the first campaign mission for example, except the field would match the layout in the movie.)
    6. A combination of bf1 and 2 galactic conquests. strategical moving of fleets like in bf2, but each planet has it’s own bonus like in bf1.

    and much more!

      I agree about the no gore stuff and pretty much every thing else you said LOL!
      PS everyone sign the petition thing at the top of the screen!!

    • to be accurate, any SW game shouldnt have blood from being shot by lasers or sliced by light sabers because both would cauterize the wound

  13. well to me is pretty obvious now, almost all of their followers are star wars fans and they are playing with us, heck they know we think is a SW game and they dying to tell us is the long awaited battlefront 3 but they cant, they even follow tuggie on his videos, and i mean c.mon if they were not making a SW game they would have stopped a long time ago doing this things they are doing.

    • ” and i mean c.mon if they were not making a SW game they would have stopped a long time ago doing this things they are doing.”
      look at how much attention theyve been getting, even if they werent making a SW game they wouldnt be wise to announce it because theyd lose a lot of attention

  14. i have an idea….. maybe they are gonna finish the force unleashed series. A force unleashed 3? Just an idea. Cause they have to finish the series!

    • well, i dont think so, TFU is not a 3rd person shooter, in fact Jedi knigt is not a 3rd person shooter is a first person shooter, the only way it was 3rd was wen you used a lightsaber and well thats not shooting, (excluding mods). its clearly a Battlefront game or even republic commandos. we just have to wait and see.

  15. As some of you have noticed, there is a tweet hint hunt going on. The messages are encoded, so once the code is done I will do my best to decode it. If anything pops up, I will put it here.

  16. man thats some good news i hope they give it cross-platform play i wanna play a game on my ps3 with all my friends that have a 360 or a good pc plus i never played battlefront 1 2 rouge squadron or elite squadron online saddly but this game i just know it will be beast ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. @alki cant be true description on spark says the game is for current generation platforms

    • I know the description says it is for current gen consoles but that game they are describing from what I understand is not a battlefront game. I just thought I should share what I was told. My source could be wrong but I highly doubt it

      • Developers are aware that there is a huge demand for battlefront 3 and Lucas Arts realizes this game is in demand. At some point or another this game is going to be out on the shelves. They had free radical developing battlefront 3 and when that did not work out they had slant 6 making battlefront online. That is 2 attempts at a battlefront game on current gen counsels. I guess i could see them putting it on the back burner till after the next gen systems are out but I just dont think that is the case. Spark could be finishing battlefront online for all we know. Remember “subtitles are in”.

      • @akli

        ok thanks for your info, your probably right:( but im gonna keep my hopes up. wat do think they are making????

  18. ok i realized there was a few groups on Facebook But there weren’t That many members… CMON ppl get freakkin facebook and join them!! Tell everyone You know to join too!!!!!!

  19. Do we have any protestgroups on facebook? We could make one named “everyone who dislikes LA for not making Battlefront 3” or “give us battlefront 3 NOW!” ๐Ÿ™‚ pretty sure it would get a lot of ppl from all over the world. In fact i’m gonna check if there’s any groups on facebook like that now!

  20. Now I’m really excited for e3, I mean before I was looking forward to it but now with both halo 4 and a new star wars game. I just can’t wait

    • I dont think you will have to wait till e3 but possibly . I think the announcement is coming in april . I would not even be surprised to see some kinda teasers put out there by either spark or the publisher them selves being L.A.

      • I dont think you will have to wait untill e3 either to get the announcement. However the announcement wont be for a Starwars Battlefront game I am sad to say, from what I was told that is not the game that Spark is working on. You are not going to see a battlefront game untill the next gen consoles are out. It may even be a couple of years after that actually. If you guys really want this game you will have to organize a boycott for the purpose of informing Lucas Arts that you are currently interested in no other games that they have to put out other than a new Starwars Battlefront game. I have been informed by a reliable source and it sounds to me that what ever is going on with the series has most likely been put on the back burner.

        • I still have faith in Spark and Lucas Arts working on Battlefront 3! Always!

          [alt-255] [alt-255] [alt-30] [enter] [alt 30] [alt 255] [alt 30]

        • Uh-huh. And this reliable source would be what may i ask? Spark said that revealing the publisher would reveal the game… what other publisher could it be than LA? It is almost certain its a SW game(I mean, come on). What other game would be better to make than BF3? I actually don’t care if its not BF3, as long as it’s a SW game. And spark
          did say they were working on “a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise” and “a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror”. Provide proof for your theory please. Look forward to it. Later dude. Btw, you ever read SW books?

          • Dont want to get any one fired from a job or prevent someone from getting one in the future but it is someone I made freinds with when I was in college who I stayed in touch with over the years. He has worked on video games before and that is all i can tell you. He said last he knew Lucas Arts was gonna have a game made at spark but he said he was almost positive it was not a battlefront game and said the game will not be out tlll the next gen consoles are out if anything at all. I was told this back in January when I called him. I became motivated to call him and ask him if he knew anything when the game was not announced in the febuary issue of game informer. He sounded quite sure that the series had been put on the back burner. That is just what I have been told I have not spoken to him since january. I am not trying to pull anyones chain, I want this game just as bad as anyone on here ok. That is why I keep tying to get people to realize we may have to start a boycott. I do believe Lucas Arts is the publisher, but for me not any starwars game will do. I dont like anything else I have ever played from Lucas Arts and no I never read one starwars book.

  21. I bet lucasarts is swearing right now because they cannot even eat dinner with their ddeveloper withiut us disecing it and figuring it out.


  22. I looked on the spark unlimited website; in the project page and found they were using the ‘unreal engine’ system, which was used by epic studio in the making of the gears trilogy.

    I know that Lucas Arts was going to use the same engine epic studio used to make gears of war, so it kinda adds up to me.

  23. @philipman no because it has to be a sequel and star wars and star trek are diffrent stories

    • I was soo dead-serious man! Ofc it’s not a star trek battlefront game… ๐Ÿ˜› Do star trek and star wars have different stories?!?!?!? Man that shatters my entire universe!

    • Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are also different stories, maybe its the Hobbit Battlefront?

      • @KAl & PHILIPIMAN: hobbit battlefront


        • Yes we were kidding obviously…! >.< XD But I'm pretty sure it's starship-troopers battlefront that lucasarts is developing and Spark Unlimited is producing! Pretty sure that Crytek is developing it too!! All the evidence points to it! And I'm not kidding because kidding is for trollers! Trolling I ARE NOTZ!

  24. I know what game they’re doing; it’s star trek battlefront! Somehow lucasarts has aquired the licenses for star trek games and now they’re makein a startrek battlefront game… Or maybe not… XD maybe they’re makeing a monkey Island battlefront game with sci fi elements? The publisher just has to be lucasarts anyways!

  25. Alot does point to the publisher being Lucas Arts, but if the game is not Battlefront 3 or Battlefront online then it does not matter cause I am not buying it.

  26. With all of the previous evidence that this is Battlefront 3, and now this, I’m going to be pre-ordering this game before you know it.

    • How can you preorder it before its announced? What website do you go to?

      • You can’t. I’m just saying that this is obviously Battlefront 3 and once it is announced I will pre-order it.

        • Do not listen to the impersonating troll. I am the real one- I’ve been posting since a little before the “BTLLFRONT” thing, and I was the one that submitted it. This guy is either

          1. Pretending to be me
          2. Unaware of my already-chosen name. Either way, could he please change his name? True Kal Skirata now has Triforce.

          ย ย โ–ฒ
          โ–ฒย โ–ฒ

  27. Yes spark unlimited… i have you now!

  28. It’s not Battlefront 3. I’ve followed this website excitedly for eons now and I think I finally have something worth saying. The creators of Socom were working on a Battlefront game that was scrapped because they couldn’t release it in time for 2010. With all this evidence or would-be proof that is circling around Spark, I have concluded that if it is actually our precious, drool inducing Battlefront on the cards, it is not Battlefront 3, but Battlefront Online! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I already mentioned this a while ago, but…. Spark’s job profiles seem to me that the game will definitely have a single-player mode, mostly because their multiplayer-based jobs seem to have less work on them.

  29. ShogunWarrior182

    This was tweeted by Spark about an hour ago:

    “Spark Unlimited โ€ @sparkunlimited
    @juann_Daa The publisher has a complete marketing plan from reveal to release. It’ll be revealed in a month with at least 30 days”

    So we should know what they’re up to within a months time give or take. Personally, this is solid evidence to me that Spark and LA could be partnering, but it doesn’t prove to me that they’re making BF3. It could be another SW game but like they say, we’ll know in about a month or so.

    • Sorry to busrts your bubble, but it says that it’ll happen in a month WITH AT LEAST 30 days.That doesn’t mean IN 30 days, it means that it could be announced any month but february. This dissapointed me too.

      • ShogunWarrior182

        Yeah I totally misread that one. Got caught up in the hype I guess. Oh well, but like I said it probably is a SW game, I’m just not sure if it’s BF3

  30. Haha Model M that was my tweet, even if Battlefront didn’t have an E it would still likely have one in the title somewhere because E is also the most common letter… Also, Kal, like they mentioned in a previous tweet, Battlefront 3 could be an Action/Adventure, depending on the gameplay given.

  31. This all make me think LucasArts is pretty stupid. Why they just don’t make the games we want? Can’t they see they’ll make millions and millions with games like BFIII, RC2, KOTORIII, JK3? (COnsidering whay they do, JK3 would have a new name, and not the number 3).

  32. Man I have been following this website for years and have never lost faith, and now it’s all or nothing, this is the last great big push to see my dreams become reality it’s all or nothing on spark being the developers of the next BF game. MFTBW Spark unlimited

  33. Awesome work by RoguStarKiller. This has to be the most damning evidence found so far for a Star Wars Game.

  34. Yahooooooo! Roguestarkiller. You are my hero. Somebody alert Jacob at TuggieGameReviews. Hey maybe Battlefront 4 will run on unreal engine 4! That would be flippin awesome on the next xbox.

  35. To Alki:
    Remember, Spark did say that giving away the publisher would reveal the game. If the publisher was LA, what other game would be obvious to the community? Also, the game seems to be kept a fairly good secret at LA, at least at lower levels of management. There is no reason I see no doubt they are making the game.

  36. Pls, let all this be true. I finally want Battlefront 3 ….

  37. Spark Unlimited โ€ @sparkunlimited Close
    Just saw a demo that will “melt you face off.” (all under NDA)

    YES!!!! Does this mean that hitting a rebel in the face with a blaster bolt will ACTUALLY cause visible damage? That would improve realism by a factor of 10.

    Always bugs me in BF2 hitting someones unprotected face with lasers and then having them shrug it off ๐Ÿ™

    • @kal skirata Always bugs me in BF2 hitting someones unprotected face with lasers and then having them shrug it off:

      yeah ikr!!!!!! The grphic coulda been better lol! I hope they make the game. my hat off to you rogue

  38. Melt your face off…sounds kind of Indiana Jones-ish to me…which would fit into the LucasArts realm to some degree.

  39. The publisher is most likely Lucas Arts but I would not be expecting this game to be Battlefront 3. I did hear back in January from a reliable source that the last he/she knew Lucas Arts was going to have Spark do a game for them but the game was not Battlefront 3 and bf3 had possibly been put on the back burner so to speak.

  40. This is, by far, the best piece of evidence so far that Spark is working with LA. That’s true even when you realize that we don’t really have evidence of that, we just assume it because we believe Spark is making BF3. Other than this, all we have is a similar description of the game and a few Star Wars references. Really, really good find Rogue! I also noticed the geotag thing, but wasn’t smart enough to actually look it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Now THIS is extremely concrete compared to everything else. We can now safely assume that they are making a Star Wars game (YAY!).

      Now we only have to ask:

      Jedi Knight or Battlefront 3

      And: Will it be any good?
      Personally, if it’s a well-made game, and has graphics options that I can lower to make it work on my computer, I am a happy camper no matter what game it is ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Yes, I am hoping the computer version will have free internet play like the previous two. As for the Jedi Knight part, I see no evidence that it would be that over Battlefront 3. I never played it, but I realize that it is similar in gameplay to SWBF3. The only thing is: Isn’t it a sort of RPG-Shooter? Or am I misunderstanding? Also, Spark said that if the publisher were revealed the game would be revealed. Since we are 95% sure that it is LA, what is the most likely game they are making? They themselves said that it would be obvious. I haven’t even considered Jedi Knight to be a possibility because it just doesn’t fit the games that Spark has made previously, at least compared to Battlefront.

        • True-especially about spark’s previous games. The only thing that points to Jedi Knight is that the description is “3rd Person Action-Adventure”, not “Third-Person Shooter”. While there are guns in JK, it is more focused on lightsaber combat and (to some extent) force abilities.

          But if they said it was LA, EVERYONE would assume BF3

          • @Kal Skirata
            Actually, if you go to the description of the Senior Designer for the unannounced game on Spark’s website, you’ll see it says “, AI scripting, game balancing, and tuning for a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles.”
            Also, I just saw one of SU’s most recent tweets in regards to the title of the game:

            @sparkunlimited Can you give us one word of your choice from the current title of your first game?

            Spark Unlimited
            @JarGargon I know poeple are dying for something from the title. I will say it has more than one letter and probably has an “E” in it.
            Hide conversation
            3:14 PM – 10 Mar 12 via web ยท

            I’m pretty sure there is an “E” in BattleEfront ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Actually the description is for both Action/Adventure and Shooter. Check the job listings over at Spark:

            “Spark is looking for a senior designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. The Senior Designer will be responsible for collaborating on game design systems, designing/developing levels, and implementing gameplay scenarios including: level construction, basic lighting, event scripting, AI scripting, game balancing, and tuning for a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles.”

          • Actually, I don’t know if any1 would agree with me on this but… I’d really like to see a game that combines elements of both JK and SWBF! ๐Ÿ˜› “Star Wars Jedi Battlefront : Dark Forces 3”! XD

            Singleplayer: Epic story and lots of lightsaberfights – typical for jedi knight games, able to drive vehicles and flying in space just like battlefront and we would see the return of Kyle Katarn! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Multiplayer and Instant Action: The classic Battlefront gameplay, live the battles anyway you want it!

            To me, that would be pretty interesting! ^^

          • It does mention a third-person shooter, and I like how people are getting so excited over my tweets, but…. Sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone who says Spark’s tweet that looked like code is wrong. Google those letters, and you will see that they are the order of frequency of those letters in the English language. E being the first, that also means that almost every title would have one, whether Battlefront had one or not, because they are adding subtitles to their game title. Jedi Knight just seems not to fit somehow, so if it is definitely LA we almost have to assume it is Battlefront. The “almost” is the only thing that makes us keep asking Spark questions.

          • Also, Spark was mentioning reveal dates of other games and that a special date could be in a hole between them. They were all in late May…..coughcoughcough MAY THE FOURTH be with you coughcough…

            All we need to do now is wait for the reveal date to be revealed!

            ย โ–ฒ
            โ–ฒย โ–ฒ

  41. Solid stuff….

  42. Where there’s smoke, there’s (plasma) fire…

  43. Spark Unlimited via twitter- sparkunlimited @SDevonish91 “some say I have a dark side to me.” Its clear they’re toying with us!

  44. I think this gets as close to confirming their partnership as possible. I still think we’ll have to wait until E3 to get the announcement, at least until the Kinect game has been on shelves for a week and LA realizes they don’t have any sales from it.
    I also noticed SU tweeted about Epic guiding them through the engine, and we all know Epic signed with LA.
    They also tweeted: Just saw a demo that will “melt you face off.” (all under NDA)He later confirmed this was another company’s demo, but the “melt your face off” part bothered me since it was in quotes. Then I thought maybe he’s alluding to Anakin on Mustafar?!?!? Let’s keep our hopes up until we get reason otherwise!

    • I’m pretty sure the demo he was talking about is the Unreal Engine 4 demo that Epic showed off in private… the melt your face off was probably from the demo haha but we can always hope for some anikin face melting action!

  45. battlefront 4 life

    It seems pretty solid. I’m going to go ahead and assume that they’re making BF3, now it’s just a question of when they’re going to announce it. Here’s looking at E3. And RoughStarkiller, I tip my cap to you sir!

  46. This really does give hope. My brother and I came up with lots of ideas of things we wanted to see in SWBF3 and I wanted to send it in. Where can I send it? I was thinking since they will be on this generation of consoles they can make DLC and add a lot of content. I am so excited for this game. Great sleuthing work. Nothing concrete but this is really great evidence and gives hope to all of us. Looking forward to an announcement.

  47. I find this hilarious! Either this is a fairly large coincidence, like a serial killer seen at a crime scene, or this is a guarantee that they are working with LA.

  48. pretty solid evidence, still nothing official but it brings more hope

  49. Well, this doesn’t conclusively prove anything, but it does give a little hope.

    Maybe SU is hoping to get LA to let them do BF3 for their next project.

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