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Hey Battlefrontians.. for all of you who have not heard, our good buddy Tuggie from Gloom Walkers.com has prepared and organized a “Twitter Bomb” against LucasArts come this Saturday. For everyone who is not sure what a “Twitter Bomb”, it is simply when Battlefront 3 fans join together and send some friendly twitter messages to Lucasarts (via Twitter) and hopefully be really nice and give up some information.

Please be sure to keep this civilized and don’t simply spam Lucas Arts out of respect and consideration!

A message from Tuggie:

The time has come. Saturday, February 11th, we will unleash the fury of Battlefront fans with our darkside powers of…tweets.

Alright, alright it’s not no the craziest thing we could do, but seriously, Lucas Arts has done just about everything it can to limit fans contacting them via email, phone, and other social media. We’ve bothered Spark enough for now, it’s time to take our worries straight to the Publisher. Thanks to RogueStarKiller, he has devised a list of the importance and the method we will be following.

The instructions Tuggie has set up are pretty straight forward:

1. Sign the Battlefront 3 Petition If you haven’t alread signed this, click here and sign the online petition.

2. Create a twitter account if you haven’t already.

3. Send the tweet

@Lucasartsgames We want #StarWars #Battlefront3 Make the game and we will buy it! http://www.petitiononline.com/SWBF3/petition.html

Crazyness! For more information on this “Twitter Bomb” check out Tuggies forums at Gloom Walker Forums.

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  1. unit 005 says:

    Woo-hoo, my birthday today!

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Really REALLY hope these plans and rumors come to fruition. i already signed the petition and will twitter this later. i rarely fet excited for games! the last game i got on midnight was batman arkham city whicj gets a 10 almost everywhere. also thr cods but mw3 sucked black ops is better. Anywho I will buy this game for sure Special edition NEW! theyve waited YEaRS tho so hopefully fans wont b over hyped and hopefully Spark and Lucas Arts can do it. I wanted a Fallout 4 or a Knights of the Old Republic 3 but both bioware and bethesda r doing some stupid MMO’s (might b good games but mmo is not my thing) This is our most desperate hour. Help us Lucas Arts, your our only hope…

  3. Daurth Maul says:

    I have never played the first Battlefront, but I loved the second one. I remember playing the second one a lot. In my opinion there should be another Twitter bomb if there is no information revealed after PAX. If Spark’s new game is something other than SWBF3, then a mass boycott of LucasArts should be organized.

    • Alki says:

      Especially if the game Spark is making is a Lucas Arts game but it is not Battlefront 3. In that case we definatly need to send them a message and the best way to do that is by organizing a mass boycott of Lucas Arts and Lucas Films.

  4. Darth Yoda says:

    I cant believe that Battlefront 3 was so close to being finished back in 2008 and here we are still waiting for it. If Spark is making this game I get the feeling that they may be the developer of last resort.

  5. Buggzy BomberX says:

    no news is bad news

  6. lion106 says:

    What I would like to see from Battlefront 3
    -More armies (Mandalorians, Sith Armies, Old Republic)
    -More Maps
    -Character customization
    -Able to match different armies against each other
    (Such as rebels vs. droids, empire vs. clones)
    -More Al units depending on the map
    Ex: Geonosis- 20 Al units per team, rather than 16
    For Polis Massa though, you could almost stand to lose 2-3 guys

  7. Phlipiman says:

    And this is what I want the new swbf3 game to have, to be perfect: New graphics, better physical engine with ragdoll physics! Destroyable buildings and environment, being able to pick up enemies weapons, being able to melee your enemies! Just imagine this; You are a rebel soldier hiding on a house rooftop in mos eisley, an imperial scout trooper walks up and sees You But You quickly shoot a hole through his Helmet and sees him fall off the edge of the rooftop, immediately you are spotted by some stormtroopers standing next to another house, and your ammo is out, You have only one grenade left and with That one You blow a hole in the houseWall Next to the stormies and the Wall collapses right on to them, incapacitating most of them, You quickly run Down and melee smack the survivors and pick up their e-11 blasters and move on to the next command point! 😉

  8. Garlien says:

    This is all that I want for this game to be perfect:
    Character customization similar to Elite Squadron (PSP)
    Map customization (possibly similar to Halo: Reach)
    Gameplay similar to Battlefront I and II
    Maps from the first 2 games
    More unlockable weapons (eg. three levels of pistol, rifle, etc.)
    Troops and time periods that go beyond the movies (Yuuzhan Vong, Mandalorians, Old Republic)

  9. cis 8808 says:

    Yeah Spark has had some games that received poor reviews but I think now it may be a different situation then it was a few years ago. They have been hiring new people and alot of it has to do with how much the publisher is willing to put into it. Dont get me wrong I would feel much better if a studio like Bungie was working on the game or at least a developer with a better track record. The first 2 battlefront games were done on pandemics in house game engine and they had their issues. If Spark is making this game and I do think they are I am sure it will be a big improvement over the previous 2 games. But as others have said, if this game that Spark is working on is a Lucas Arts game but it is not Battlefront3 and we have no good evidence that the game is being developed, then organizing a boycott might be the best way to go.

  10. One World Sith says:

    eo 103 is right Lucas Arts and Spark are made for each other LOL!! As bad as I want Battlefront 3 I dont know how I feel about Spatk unlimited making the game. But of course we all know how Lucas Arts has the winning formula for games, Make a bad game with Starwars characters and people will buy it no matter how bad it is.
    6 years we have been wqiting and we still dont have any idea about when we are going to see this game. I agree you guys should organize a boycott.

  11. Alki says:

    The idea of the the boycott is to just let Lucas Arts know that we want Battlefront 3 and we will buy no other products of theirs until the game has been released or at the very least we see solid proof from them that the game is in development. After that the boycott will end. this is just to let them know that the focus needs to be on Battlefront 3.
    I think we should start organizing the boycott of Lucas Arts and Lucas Films now! You can get 300 people to tweet or 300 000 people to tweet them, but the best way to give them a message is to reduce as much of the financial incentive as possible to make anything but Battlefront 3. We should have started this in 2008!!! It is not like they dont already know we want this game.

  12. Garlien says:

    …Continuing from my previous post, (silly iPod) I asked if their game would be announced in the first half of 2012. They replied, “What I think is what I know, and I can’t disclose it. I will say it won’t be before GDC.”. This does two things to me. One, it says that they have a likely release date. Two, it most likely won’t be announced at GDC because if they were, that would be giving a stupid hint. Since e3 and PAX are the only major gaming conferences around that time, I am hoping for the best.

  13. eo103 says:

    In reply to night currents post on 2/18/12.
    1 we have waited for over 6 years and you want to wait till the end of 2012 to boycott? I think by May we will know enough about what is going on.
    2 Denying them money is the whole concept,
    3 If they are not going to make the game you want anyways who cares if they dont have money for other projects!
    4 and as far as them making staff cuts due to a lack of funds, well that is too damb bad! That is the risk you take when you work for a crap company like LA. When I buy a game it is not for the sake of keeping someone employed, it is because I want the game. It is up to Lucas Arts to satisfy their customers it is not up to us to worry about their employees job status.
    Yeah maybe we can help fund another lego wars or another force unleashed game.
    5 They know we want Battlefront 3! If they are not going to make it than they can close shop permanently for all I care! Most of their games are crap anyways!
    6 Lucas Arts and Spark Unlimited are perfect for each other!

  14. Garlien says:

    On my twitter account (@JarGargon) I asked Spark if their game would be announced in the first half of 2

  15. BigBenC07 says:

    “The announced date hasn’t been announced. I can’t discuss when the stars could align for a galactic reveal.” -Spark Tweet. It’s stuff like this that really grinds my gears.

  16. Kal Skirata says:

    Davy Willian @biscuitsandDavy · Open
    @sparkunlimited are you guys going to do anything special for tweet number 1138?
    Spark Unlimited @sparkunlimited Close
    @biscuitsandDavy thx everybody

    THX 1138? They are certainly going to pay for it (because of angry fans) if what they’re making isn’t Star Wars.

  17. Xilum_Oasis of Krayteria says:

    last night i sent a tweet to spark

    what i said:
    Jonathan O’Brien @XilumOasis_KMDC
    @sparkunlimited Will you guys be announcing anything during PAX East?

    what they said:
    Spark Unlimited @sparkunlimited
    @XilumOasis_KMDC The announced date hasn’t been announced. I can’t discuss when the stars could align for a galactic reveal.

    its obvious that they are making it.

  18. nerfslapper says:


    Give us it.

    “I want proof, not leads.”

    (Good work on the site, I check here often!)

  19. Emperor Palpatine says:

    Here’s some new BF3 pics from FRD:-

  20. eo103 says:

    Can somebody confirm something for me? I was just on a website that made a claim that the project Spark is working on has been rumored to be in development since 2006 and it has been worked on at different studios. This is the 1st time I have heard anything like this, does anybody know whether or not this is true? Here is the link http://www.nowgamer.com/news/1235970/star_wars_battlefront_3_has_lightsabers_shooting_stealth_rumour.html

    If this is true then we can really start the process of elimination

  21. Darth Yoda says:

    I will tell you who is gonna be pissed off, if it turns out that Spark is actually making a Lucas Arts game and it is not Battlefront 3, I would bet that alot of people will be pissed off this time around . The last couple weeks or so I have noticed when I google “battle front 3” more articles pop up talking about the latest rumors. Basically the same stuff Tuggie and the people on this site have been talking about for months. Alot of people i talk to seem to think the game is being made. If it turns out to be the usual disappointment I dont think it will be to difficult to get people to boycott them . It is more a matter of getting the word out and that will take some time. As others on here have mentioned, fans are becoming more and more unhappy with Lucas Arts and it is not just the 300 people or so who tweeted on saturday.

  22. tmartn says:

    Star Wars The Old Republic: RELEASED

    Kinect Star Wars: April 3rd Release

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 should be Lucas Arts main focus after Kinect Star Wars

    But we can only hope ; )

  23. one World Sith says:

    What is with this dont piss off Lucas Arts garbage? Do you think they are going to quit working on a game that they have dumped milions of dollars into development because they got mass tweeted? We are just letting them know we want they only I think they are good for. We have been waiting 6 years and we have gotten a whole lot of garbage. And that is why when I here you guys talking about boycotting them I am just like why are you buying their other games anyways? They are garbage! PLus if you are going to boycott you need a plan to get alot of people behind it so they take it seriously. I am not saying it cant be done.
    Good job Tuggie keep tweetin and good job to who ever set up this website.

  24. lion106 says:

    Good point by eo103
    Let Lucas Arts know our frustration
    We need to show them we are becoming inpatient

  25. tmartn says:

    I call for another Twitter Bomb on Saturday, February 16th. Maybe a weekly bomb could make them realize something is up. But then again, they probably scour this website and other fan pages to prepare for this stuff.



  26. metallicorphan says:

    sorry for missing this,for what its worth i just sent the tweet to @lucasarts

    I have already signed the petition a long time ago(as i found out when i tried to sign it a minute ago)

  27. Garlien says:

    Another interesting tweet. Spark was saying that LA had tried to give their fans a sequel to Battlefront, “Due to the Internet leaks.” Only true fans know about that, so either he did some research or he got the information from their publisher.

  28. A Different Clone says:

    What now? Are we waiting 4 a response?

    • skate 89 says:

      Dont hold your breath, what kinda response do you think you are gonna get from these guys? The most you will get is something like “we have no information at this time on any upcoming releases”.

  29. lion106 says:

    Hey guys,
    I thought I’d put in that I just bought a PS2 all so I could play Battlefront 2 again hahaha

    Well, we’ve really got to press Lucas Arts for info. Spark is the created of the game, and they could get in trouble if they gave up info on what they were making.
    They’ve done a great job on (what I think) giving subtle hints on BF3 in their twitter account.
    Lucas Arts is the publisher, and I don’t think we have done enough job of pestering them.
    If we really start hitting them hard now, they might start thinking about releasing some info to keep us hungry.
    Emails, tweets, letters, hit them with everything we have

  30. cis 8808 says:

    Sorry, forgot to put this in my last post http://www.gamebandits.com/news/star-wars-battlefront-3-lucasarts-promises-industry-transformation-33315/ I think some of you may find this at least some what interesting.

  31. cis 8808 says:

    Even if Spark is not working on battlefront 3 it does not mean that another studio is not developing it. Lucas arts has a multi studio multi game license and you know how secretive they are. They could have multiple games going on right now and we would not even have the slightest clue. And i realize there probably is a reason for it, but when june comes around and still no word on Battlefront 3, I think that might be were we start thinking about the boycott. I dont think it will come to that , I have a good feeling that they are making Battlefront 3 or they are setting up a deal with some studio to get it done.

  32. eo103 says:

    Yes unit 005 they do need a wake up call I am really starting to think that boycotting them as alki keeps suggesting is a good way to give them a wake up call. It seems like alot of gamers are very unhappy with Lucas Arts and I am not sure of how aware Lucas Arts is of the fact.. But as others have suggested we should wait until after april, by then we should have a better idea as to what game Spark is working on.

    • unit 005 says:

      Thank you, and I agree, lets wait until after April. As April seems like a VERY good time to do something like this again due to all the awsome games being released this year, Lucasarts will realise that we would rather have Battlefront over Colonial Marines, and Future soldier (I would put Mass Effect, but i’d be mad to!)

      • eo103 says:

        I do think we should keep tweeting Lucas Arts and quit bothering Spark. Yeah maybe Spark may reply to a comment in some interesting fashion here and there but Lucas Arts is the one who really needs the tweets in my opinion. While we are at it I think in one of the next twitter bombs we should tell Lucas Arts that it may come down to a boycott.

        • A Different Clone says:

          300 tweeters may not be enough of a boycott threat…

          • eo103 says:

            It would be 300 tweeters threatening to organize a boycott. If only 300 people boycotted it would do very little to influence any business decision I agree. But as someone else on here pointed out that getting alot of people to agree to a boycott should not be to hard especially if this game that Spark is working on is a Lucas Arts game but it is not Battlefront 3. I am quite sure that alot of people are going to be even more frustrated with Lucas Arts if this turns out to be the case. The problem is reaching that critical number of people with the message. The realm of angry fans expands way beyond this website or the people who twitter bombed this past weekend. If this website ,Tuggie and everyone who tweeted worked together to get this message out i think we could reach and convince a critical number of people to boycott them . It would take time to reach that number but it is very practical .

          • Nightcurrent says:

            boycotting LA is stupid. all you’re doing is denying them money. A publisher without money begins making cuts on their staff and projects and this could work against us as well. best thing to do is to show interest in SWBF3 and put pressure on them about the long time it’s taking. we want the best game… right? so i think a monthly twitterbomb is a good idea and if he hear no announcement of battlefront by the end of 2012, then we can start thinking of a boycott.

  33. unit 005 says:

    I believe that all Lucasarts needs is a wake up call. I mean, like ‘eo103’ stated before, Lucasarts had the game in development twice and pulled the plug twice, WHY? There are two simple answers: the first is financial problems, the other is greed. Remember when Lucasarts had Free Radical to make bf3? They never talked to Free radical, they never even told them when they wanted bf3 to be released. Then along comes Rebellion saying that they “can make the game for a cheaper price” they then make the game, but it doesn’t work out on consoles, so they only do a psp and ds version. Lucasarts went to Rebellion to save money on production, Rebellion make a mess of it, bf3 becomes Elite Squadron, Free Radical goes out of business (as Lucasarts passed the game to Rebellion without telling them), Lucasarts REALLY starts to feel the heat financial wise, they begin on production on The Old Republic to get their business up and running again. So if Lucasarts had of just stayed with Free Radical in the first place, we would have Battlefront 3, Lucasarts wouldn’t be in financial trouble, and we’d still have Free Radical. All in all DO MORE TWITTER BOMBS!!!!!!!

  34. A Different Clone says:

    LOL how come everyone keeps negatively replying to my comments?

  35. […] http://www.battlefront3.net/2012/02/tuggies-lucasarts-twitter-bomb/ Share this:TwitterFacebookMe gusta:Me gustaSé el primero en decir que te gusta esta […]

  36. cis 8808 says:

    I think the twitter bomb is good for reminding them that there is a demand for Battlefront 3. I would not expect much of a response right now. They still want people focusing on The Old Republic. I am sure EA probably wants it that way also when you consider how much went into development of that game. I heard it cost almost $200 million to develop. What ever Lucas Arts is having developed over at Spark they probably are not going to really give any info about it until at least april. The reason why I say april is because it sounds like the game that spark is working on is going to be released later this year . Just cross our fingers and hope it is Battlefront 3. I am not ready to believe they are going to just give up on this game, it just does not make sense! After the success the 1st 2 had and realizing that they have made multiple attemps to make this game we know that they know that they need to make Battlefront 3. And if I turn out o be wrong than I am all about boycotting them until they make the game and they make it right!

  37. Garlien says:

    This is a rough estimate, but when I checked yesterday there were about three hundred tweets, not counting the ones without the hashtag #Battlefront3.

  38. one World Sith says:

    I wonder how many tweets Lucas Arts received. The project must have been going very bad for lucas arts to pull it! They are known for letting things go in their games. Their attitude is “any old thing will do just slap the starwars name on it and all of the idiots will rush out and buy it.” I could not believe how ooor the ai was in the force unleashed. As far as boycotting all of Lucas Arts games untill Battlefront 3 is released, I have to say with the exception of the battlefront games I dont know of any Lucas Arts game I would ever buy anyways.

  39. Garlien says:

    Remember, people, we may not get an answer back for a while because they may not be constantly watching their twitter.

  40. darth Yoda says:

    WOW I hope this game is not on the back burner!!! I can understand that they probably did lose some money after having the game in development twice and having to pull it for whatever reason. Its not like they neglected battlefront 3! they must be just as frustrated as we are. As long as they dont do a half assed job on it this game will sell alot of copies. Battlefront fans have to let them know that this is the only game we want!!! I would rather it not come down to a boycott of all lucas arts games. But if that is the only way to let them know that battlefront 3 is the only game we want, then so be it jedi!!!
    But to their credit I think they have actually showed that they have some determination to make Battlefront 3.

  41. eo103 says:

    yes I agree they do have unreal engine 3 for a reason and one would assume that battlefront 3 will be one of the games they do while they have unreal engine 3. But i am just concerned over the fact that they were putting money into having it developed 2ce and pulled the plug 2ce , perhaps they put this game on the back burner and moved on to something else That is why this twitter bomb is a good idea. It lets them know that battlefront 3 is what we really want. But when the announcement comes and if it is not battlefront 3 than we may have to start a boycott of their games as alki keeps suggesting.

  42. lion106 says:

    Don’t look like idiots, unless you want to wait longer for BF3

  43. lion106 says:

    Who cares if we make them mad?
    There is money to be made with BF3, they will not withhold it, it’s only a matter of how long it takes them to get around to it. Someone earlier said that Lucas Arts has the Unreal Engine until 2014, so that gives us a time window of whats to come.
    Twitter bombing needs to be done, we need to show how much support is still left for BF3

  44. Kal Skirata says:

    JaocbM Jaocb McFarlin
    @sparkunlimited is a movie related to the game you are making?
    8 Feb
    in reply to ↑

    Spark Unlimited
    @JaocbM Maybe… ever here of Spaceballs? Just kidding. It’s not Spaceballs. Soaceballs doesn’t have a gaming franchise.

    Everyone knows Spaceballs is the (arguably) best Star Wars spoof out there!!

    Could be nothing, but they could have said any random sci-fi movie (syfy channel has hundreds of *originals*). But Spaceballs….hmm.

    • BigBenC07 says:

      This may just be the best/worst kept secret of all time! I say kudos to the spark unlimited guy for staying strong for so long and not flat out giving anything away, it has to be eating him up inside not to tell us.

  45. Alki says:

    Another way to let the new president of the company know that we want Swbf3 and it needs to be the priority is by starting a boycott of all lucas arts games until battlefront 3 has been at least officially announced and has a release date!!!

  46. wookie_fan says:

    twitter account created. Do i tweet now or wait for this Sat?

  47. Garlien says:

    I don’t have a Twitter, but I hope this goes well. However, I think Saturday was a bad choice because it is a non-work day and the guy who runs the Twitter might not be working, so we might not get an answer until Monday.

  48. A Different Clone says:

    Seriously guys. This SHOULD have been done a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Everyone keeps aching that it’ll piss em’ off for carpet bombing em’ with 3 Y Wings worth of tweets. They just got a new President and he needs to know the fans wishes. Tugs, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! And give me ur PSN account so we can jam BF3 when it does arrive.

  49. wowirock says:

    im kinda anti twitter, but this…. this makes me make a twitter account. bf3 lets go! 😀

  50. cis 8808 says:

    Lucasarts has a multi studio multi project deal to use unreal engine 3 till like 2014 4 a reason. Do you think that they are not going to make Battlefront 3? They tried to get it done 2ce and they probably pulled the plug both times for good reasons. By some odd chance they are not going to do another battlefront game then i am up for boycotting them like some of you have been suggesting.

  51. Phlipiman says:

    Seriously, I agree with some others here that they should wait with this AFTER Spark announces their games and if those games or not SWBF3!! If sparks game isn’t battlefront, THEN you can.. MAILBOMB the hell out of LucasArts twitter!

  52. Garlien says:

    C’mon, everyone. Whoever is whining about us “spamming” them is worried that this ill make them mad. I personally think this should have been YEARS ago, or something similar. The only other way besides Twitter to get to LucasArts is their customer support line, where people there either know nothing about it or have an NDA to not talk about it. If any of you have watched those calls on YouTube to LucasArts about SWBFIII, the people in LucasArts seem clueless or “Yeah, it’s out there, but nothing for sure.” Good job, Tuggie. I’m glad someone finally decided to take charge. I’m sure that people have asked LA about it before via Twitter, but either got missed or LA did not answer them on purpose. Large amounts of people are bound to get their attention, and they have some tweets that have them answering questions from their fans. I’m SUPER hopeful about this, and until e3 this year we have nothing else we can do. Especially if Spark is not the publisher, LucasArts does not have an NDA saying that they cannot say they aren’t working on the game. I expect that if they do respond to at least one person but do not say, “No.”, they are making the game, most likely with Spark.

  53. A Different Clone says:

    I say go ahead do it. I’m sure Lucasarts will get a kick out of it, and at least someone has ideas

  54. Pyroblade says:

    Don’t Piss Lucasarts off right now. If Spark releases their project and its Not SWBF3, THEN you can piss off LA. This isn’t going to get people anywhere. Who ever organized this sounds dumber than I do on a suggestion forum for a Jupiter engine game. They will most likely announce at PAX East in April.

  55. wookie_fan says:

    I’m creating a twitter account right now

  56. WhiteFire37 says:

    @destroyerdog it came out in Australia early

  57. WhiteFire37 says:

    Sorry guys, no trailer befor or after it 😐 but I heard darth vader breathing at the end of the credits , is that normal?

  58. A Different Clone says:

    Oh wow I forgot abot Fracture. 4 years? Yeah sequel is about due

  59. destroyerdog says:

    Isn’t the movie coming out on the tenth?

  60. The sniper says:

    I may join ( not for sure) but has anyone everthought that it might be a new fracture game? (btw fracture is a third person shooter made by lucas arts in 2008 its pretty fun i would recomend it to fans of the battlefront serious but anyway I hope its a new battlefront

  61. WhiteFire37 says:

    Hey I’m going to go watch episode 1 in 6 hours so when I get bak I’ll tell you if there is a bf3 trailer

  62. J Page says:

    That’s an extremely baaad move. It will just create more havoc for the studio to deal with, and pressure, as much as it creates diamonds, can also create rubble. As consumers, we aren’t entitled to their games, it’s their intellectual property and their R&D so they can share it and sell it to whom they so choose. As much as I love the battlefront series (one of my first PS2 games) I do not believe spamming them is the right answer to get information. Good luck anyways though.

    • Tuggie says:

      Consumers are supposed to demand a product, it’s the only reason their company even exists. All this means is that the fan base wants to keep in touch with a publisher who has been way out of touch for the last 6 years. If you know anything about software development, having buzz from the customers and demands is the ONLY way to sell a product and be successful.

      • Alki says:

        Right on Tuggie!

      • Watchful-Jedi says:

        Hey Tuggie, I have nothing against the Twitter bomb idea and I hope it eventually gets some results. However we need to make sure that it is clear that we are demanding that the game be made or if it is being made for LucasArts to announce something already, but we are NOT demanding the game development be rushed are speed up to accommodate the fans.

        I am just thinking it would really suck if BF3 is in the works and as a result of our actions LucasArts says hey this game is in high demand let’s move up the deadline and who cares if it takes longer to make the game not crappy.

        So basically we want the game to be made, we want answers, but we do not want a poor game to be rushed out the door. If we can speak with one voice on this then I think there will be more people on board.

  63. Harry616 says:

    how did it go?

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