Crytek Audio Director worked on Battlefront 3 & 4…

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I was surfing around last night and I happened to come across the Crytek Audio Director’s profile on Linkedin and I noticed that he had Battlefront 3 and Battlefront 4 added to his profile. Now we all know that Battlefront 3 was scrapped in and around 2008 via Free Radical, so what was unusual about this and caught my eye, was the fact that he has both dates “x”ed out. Why would he take the trouble of not listing the dates? Hmmmm….

xxxx Star Wars Battlefront 3 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii
xxxx Star Wars Battlefront 4 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii

He does say that these are games that he previously worked on, but I just thought it was unusual.

Here is a link to his profile.

Scott (our other administrator) took some time to give his thoughts and input:

When Nitro informed me of the Crytek employee (Graeme), I started checking Crytek’s career opportunities out in the UK offices. I’ve always wanted to work in the UK, and so has Graeme apparently because that’s where he is currently employed.

I found many small tidbits of motivating info. One of the first and possibly the most important points I found was in the SFX artists job requirements:

Ability to technically deconstruct visual effects from other game and film references

The part that stands out to me is the mentions of both game and film. While it doesn’t necessarily make it obvious that they mean movies, it’s implied strongly with the word film. This further implies that the property they are working with has been in game and movie form previously. Wait, Star Wars is a property like that.

I next found this line in the AI Programmer description:

“Tweaking weapons, vehicles and other gameplay elements to shape and define the core experience[stop quoting there”

Tweaking weapons AND vehicles? I think the link here doesn’t require any explanation. It’s Timesplitters. Ha! TS is an honest possibility though, and keep it in mind. Crytek has been rumoured to be developing TS before, so it’s possible.

Here are some fast points that aren’t as critical:

An art requirement mentioned there is a focus on realism. Could be use as an anti-Timesplitters point.

A “Plus” for a programmer was to have networking experience. Could refer to multiplayer, or maybe just a patching system.

The designer career description said that they would be developing “the next wave of triple A first person shooters.” Good or bad? It’s subjective.

Thanks Scott! Scott will be having his own column here at soon, so stay tuned!

Lets hear some opinions!

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  1. Alexander says:

    I think it is like this that free radical worked on both battlefront 3 and 4 and that battlefront 3 should be realeased 2009 and 4 in 2010/2011. Because in an article i read there stood that they had been asked to make next game in the series, so that was star wars battlefront 4.

  2. Gustavo says:

    It means that they planned SWBF3 and SWBF4 but then they went broke before finishing SWBF3.

  3. Ryan says:

    Even though the dates of BF 3 and 4 are x’ed out, you can tell that they were either 2008 or 2009. The games listed are in chronological order and they are listed between other games with those two dates. The leaked footage of BF3 from Free Radical came out in 2009 (right?) and FR was bought by Crytek shortly after that. It doesn’t really show that both are being made now, just that they WERE being made. But if LucasArts was having them made, they could be doing the same now.

  4. Kal Skirata says:

    Stephen Devonish ‏ @SDevonish91 · Open
    @sparkunlimited Have you have discussed making any further games with your current publisher? Anything like that been put on the table?
    Spark Unlimited ‏ @sparkunlimited Close
    @SDevonish91 You always should have a some sort of vision of what could be next. It’s a pity to kill off a character prematurely.

    Darth Maul much? He was the best unique ep.1 character and they HAD to kill him off. Imagine the Kenobi/Maul revenge stuff after quigon died. Instead they went with Count Dookula (good actor, just liked Maul better)!!!

  5. jdom503 says:

    I think i’m in a spot now where i’m giving up hope on this game. It’s not that i don’t want it to come out, it’s just getting to the point where i’m tired of hoping and wishing for this to happen. If it happens then great and if it doesn’t, well my life will just be the same great one that i got lol

    • cis 8808 says:

      I think alot of people have given up hope after waiting as long as we have. Lucas Arts is a company on the way back and I am quite positive that Battlefront 3 is one of the games they are going to give us. I would not even be surprised if they also give us a first person shooter that puts alot of focus on multiplayer. Lucas Arts went through their changes in the last couple of years or so . The new president of the company axed some projects and axed some employees. But this is not a company that is going away they have just been refocusing. When you look at all of their activity in recent months it becomes obvious that they have plans for the future. Think about it, we know that they have been looking to hire people, they are planning an online gaming service/portal and acquiring the rights to use unreal engine 3 until 2014. No reason for you guys to start a boycott or to give up hope.

  6. Kal Skirata says:

    René ‏ @Redline019 · Open
    @sparkunlimited Does the title which you are developing a lot of predecessors?
    Spark Unlimited ‏ @sparkunlimited Close
    @Redline019 Well, the working title does. Don’t know if the final title has been christened yet.

    Working title must be BF3. combined with earlier information, there will be a subtitle, but no numeral 3 in the ACTUAL title. 😉

  7. cis 8808 says:

    One thing for sure is that there is more than just a few battlefront fanatics but there is no need to get fired up over boycotting them. Last week of march or first week of april we are going be getting some pretty lets say interesting news.

  8. Trololol says:

    perhaps the xxxx means its unannounced?

  9. Dubski says:

    alright we get it, the x’s mean theyre not being worked on. Don’t need an analysis from every person on this site. There’s nothing you can do but wait. There’s also no point in boycotting them. Everyone or mostly everyone likes Star Wars. A small group of fanatics refusing to play the games or watch the media isn’t even going to dent George Lucas’ pockets.

    I get stoked when I see 20 new comments to a recent thread, and then disappointed when people say the exact same thing over and over again. Read before u post.

    • Alki says:

      yes everyone likes starwars but not everyone likes starwars games. Despite all of the money Lucas has he still wants the games put out by Lucas Arts to have as much success as possible. Most people are starting to realize that most starwars games actually suck!!! There is a good chance that we can get more than a few fanatics to boycott them! There is alot of of battlefront fans and if done correctly this boycott can reach a critical number that will have the right effect. The effect it will have would reduce the incentive for them to put money into developing any other game besides battlefront 3.

    • MajorMoses says:

      One thing you should note (unless it’s been changed), is that it usually takes at least a day before the message that you typed shows up in these threads. I’m not sure if it’s cuz it goes through some kind of filter process but it’s pretty inconvenient and won’t be a good idea when Battlefront 3 gets announced and people start flocking to this site.

      • Nitro says:

        I moderate every comment, because there’s a lot of spam/swearing that people love to post.. so this process won’t change anytime soon. Our forums are a good place for messages that can be posted instantly.

  10. Tezla55 says:

    Go to his twitter:!/Norgans and he says the dates for SWB 3 and 4 arent there because were “both canned unfortunately, thanks to Lucasarts”

    • skate 88 says:

      Yeah I saw that . I wonder how many people in the industry realize what a crap company Lucas Arts really is. It seems like alot of gamers are waking up to it, especially battlefront fans. We probably could get alot of people to boycott them. They cant finish battlefront 3 but they can give us crap games like the force unleashed 1 and 2 .

      • One World Sith says:

        yep it is definitely frustrating and what makes it worse is the fact that Lucas Arts wont even comment on Battlefront 3. It has been over 6 years and we still do not know if the game is even being made. We need to organize a boycott of all their games until we get Battlefront 3. That is the only Lucas Arts game I would buy anyways.

      • jdom503 says:

        the force unleashed 1 wasn’t that bad but the second one was an epic fail. But i do agree in the fact that neither is anywhere near the battlefronts. We need a new one like yesterday!

  11. unit 005 says:

    No, this isn’t entirely knew. Look at the dates on BFIII and BFIV, ok, you can’t see them but look at where they are. They are between 2008 and 2009, sorry everyone, I actually dissapointed myself there.

  12. Thenumbman says:

    Spark Unlimited’s site also say “We have just entered pre-production on a franchise and genre extending game also for the current generation consoles.” Which I think means that there has not been one of this game on the current consoles.

  13. Rhys says:

    I believe the date being replaced by XXXX means that the games were unreleased and therefore there was no release date to list.

    I’m sorry but this news isn’t all that interesting. This is probably a former Free Radical employee who moved on to Crytek when Crytek purchased Free Radical. The Battlefront 4 listing is also old news as, if I remember correctly, there were some leaked concept art with the “Battlefront IV” logo on them. I doubt BFIV got very far into development, most probably just pre-production and concept.

  14. semiroundboss says:

    Cowboy Voice: Well, this is an interesting development.

  15. Clone Trooper says:

    Those xxxxx could mean that the date/year is unknown.

  16. Dadoom says:

    Not to be the bringer of bad news but Crytek bought Free Radical, this man is probably a former member of the free radical team so he does have experience with the Battlefronts…..the free radical ones before they were scrapped. Crytek also owns the rights to Timesplitters as such and they said they would develop it “when the market demands it” or somethin to that nature.

  17. Redline says:

    Hmmm… interesting, but how shall this be interesting for our situation now?
    We need evidences who speaks for the development of Battlefront 3.

  18. Patrick says:

    Hey Battlefrontians! Be sure to check out my facebook petition page for Star Wars Battlefront 3! Tuggie has mentioned it in his latest Battlefront update, and has since been gaining support.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  19. Troy S. says:

    It could be Battlefront 3 and Battlefront Online (Xbox Live, Playstation Network, PC).

  20. Tobster_ says:

    Scott, I know this may sound a bit dumb but what is the ‘SU’ Website?

  21. Harry_616 says:

    The announced date hasn’t been announced. I can’t discuss when the stars could align for a galactic reveal.
    This was on SPARK UNLIMITED’S Twitter.

  22. wowirock says:

    did anyone else see in the picture that another one of the games was called gangsta pets lol

  23. Anon says:

    Sounds good however it says ps3,xbox360, PC and wii, not wii U. doesn’t make sense to make it on an console that is being replaced

    • metallicorphan says:

      this is just what they WERE making the game for back inbetween 2008 and 2009(which is where the XXXX is) when the game/s got cancelled…this is not current info listed

  24. WhiteFire37 says:

    Did you people forget? Crytek used to be Free Radical, the guy from the profile may have just been with Free Radical while they were working on Battlefront 3 and we have all seen concept art for Battlefront 4… There is most likely an XXXX because it was never released in the first place! As much as I would love to see crytek making it, it’s most unlikely. There is more evidnce supporting the dev being Spark and far too many reasons I have listed why it wouldn’t be Crytek.

    • WhiteFire37 says:

      Not to mention that where it says the games it says Wii, and Wii U is comign this year so why risk it? and the XXXX is put in between 2008 and 2009. about the time when free radical died and became Crytek. it also says, and i quote ‘Games I have worked on (excluding currently working on)’ so clearly it excludeds games he is working on at the moment yet it clearly lists Battlefront 3 and 4. Sorry for all the negatives but it just isnt possible

  25. BigBenC07 says:

    Good find Nitro, maybe and hopefully Crytek is working on the Multiplayer of SWBF3 like they did with Crysis 2. I absolutely love Crysis’ multiplayer and their graphics are top of the line for consoles. With Spark delivering a solid campaign and gameplay, it won’t be much of a challenge for Crytek to give us some good online play.

  26. Kal Skirata says:

    @sparkunlimited are you guys going to do anything special for tweet number 1138?

    Spark Unlimited ‏
    @biscuitsandDavy thx everybody

    Kinda screams Star Wars to me… THX 1138 is referenced in every single movie.

    This new development…Promising. I think that earlier there was another rumor for BF4, so it is possible that there will be several more installments.

    Myself, I hope that the “survival horror” game is some sort of giant expansion pack/mini sequel (Kind of like the episodes for Half-Life).

    That could be pretty fun… What with rakghouls, geonosian zombies, rancors, space worms, and sithspawn, it could be very entertaining indeed.

  27. OH MY GOSH!! ANOUNCE IT says:

    Holy molly… why is star wars battlefront 4 there? It doesn’t make any sense. My best guess is he worked on the 2 psp games. Instead of calling them by their names he might have called them 3 + 4. Renegade Squadron could be 3 and Elite Squadron could be 4.

  28. metallicorphan says:

    not really sure what to say, we knew Free Radical worked on the game,and are now part of Crytek,and we knew there had been a Battlefront IV also,because of the concept art we saw…the XXXX would just be because they got cancelled and never released the other games all got released with the year next to them

  29. cis 8808 says:

    Yeah I think the reason why there are xxx in the dates is because the game was canceled or passed on to another developer. There is no way that Lucas Arts went out and acquired a multi year, multi studio ,multi project agreement to use UE3 and they are not going to make Battlefront 3!!! It is in development somewhere or soon to be in development. That is why I dont think it will come down to boycotting them. Slant 6 was making battlefront online and that got canceled and we know how close free radicals version was to completion. Maybe Spark is tweeking and touching up something that was already worked on at a previous developer using UE3. Cant imagine that Lucas Arts would let all of that material go to waste.

  30. brandon says:

    well if you check the site it says excluding currently working on. So that means either battlefront isn’t being worked or he never worked on it. I still play battlefront 2 on xbox with 90,000 offline player points. this proves i have no life

  31. Eric says:

    This is a very informative article, and I thank you for that. 🙂
    I found it very odd that Battlefront 4 was up there also. You make a good point when you say, “both dates ‘x’ed out. Why would he take the trouble of not listing the dates? Hmmmm….” And to add to that, I would say that it hasn’t been released yet so they were not able to put the dates out…. Because of all the hush-hush surrounding Spark and Lucasarts. Also when you said, “Ability to technically deconstruct visual effects from other game and film references.” I got pumped, because obviously they are going to make realistic like figures, along with a story line that fits Star Wars. Sorry my comment was so long, but I just had to express my excitedness. 😀

  32. Tretarn says:

    How very interesting, going to have a proper look through all this when not hung over.

  33. DarthMaul1 says:

    I want SWBTIII

  34. DarthMaul says:

    Is Battlefront III a fact? from Spark Unlimited Twitter:
    Question: Jesus Christ can’t @sparkunlimited hurry up and announce Battlefront III 🙁
    Answer: nope. We are plugging along making the game as fast we can. We just don’t talk as fast.

  35. John says:

    Today I notcied that spark changed the un announced project from greenlit to in full product. Could this mean anything?

    • Scott says:

      My guess is that it is now out of pre-alpha or maybe even alpha. This is great news! An announcement should appear any day now.

      This also perked my interest on SU’s site, “franchise and genre extending game.” May be small but it solidifies that the game is in a already established genre and franchise, they’re simply “extending” it.

    • ZeRAWDOG says:

      I looked into it a little further and noticed that they are now working on two projects. The first project like you said is in ‘Full Production’ with a public disclosure expected in 2012 and the game is apparently a third person/adventure game. Could add some evidence to indicate the next Battlefront game.

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