Star Wars: Underworld – Live Action Series

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Hey Battlefrontians, unfotunately there has been no news or developments on Battlefront 3 yet, so I thought I would post some other Star Wars news. As it turns out, there will be a new live action Star Wars series with the working title, “Star Wars: Underworld”. This in my humbled opinion is pretty sweet!

The storyline will take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and according to they have almost 50 scripts written!

Producer and longtime George Lucas collaborator Rick McCallum dropped some key hints about the long-planned live-action Star Wars TV show – the one that supposedly has 50 scripts already written and is just waiting for the costs of visual effects to drop before moving forward. McCallum revealed the show’s working title is Star Wars: Underworld, it is indeed set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, that “it’s about that period when the Empire is trying to take things [over]”, and that the show’s primary focus will be on the criminal underbelly of the Star Wars universe. McCallum elaborates:

“It’s underneath what’s going on. It’s the criminals and the gangs. The guys who are running Wall Street, basically. The guys who are running the United States.”


Check out a great interview video from as well (via

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on the Live Action series. Some of my buddies absolutley love the idea and some hate it.

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  1. IG88 says:

    Rick McCallum should be banned from having anything to do with Star Wars. He is a ‘yes’ man whose only goal is shoving as much on the screen as possible. He has no sense of story or what makes Star Wars special. He cares only about shiny things and stuffing the screen with as much crap as humanly possible.

    Lucas and McCallum ruined episodes 1-3. Horrible trite.

    I am sick to death of this franchise and what it has become. Anything good gets ruined by these people. Prime examples Star Wars 1-3 and Battlefront 3’s continued debacle. I mean we get Star Wars Kinnect. you Lucas and McCallum.

  2. Giulyene says:

    In my experience with Star Wars firuges, this is the best R2 toy that I have had so far. He has a periscope, a rotating head, two auxiliary arms that come out of his front, a tow cable from the back, two removable rocket boosters, and a removable third leg. This figure is pretty much awesome. Beats any other R2 that I’ve owned(and I’ve owned quite a few).

  3. Jordan says:

    Jabba the Hut???

  4. Rhys Darklaser says:

    Does anybody know if the rumor that this will be on 3DTV?

  5. William Almond says:

    I have always wanted to see the grittier side of Star Wars. Ewoks was great because of it’s lack of main characters and looked at the story of a regular family in the Star Wars universe. Love it! maybe the Secret Apprentice (who’s likeness was masterfully captured in Force Unleashed) will make a cameo!

  6. Garlien says:

    When I said “About three [dates],” I meant the three days of e3, June 5-7. I might be wrong though, as we have been wrong so far :/

  7. Shadow says:

    This is my last post but here check this out.
    The creator of “Star Wars battleFront 3 unifical” Has Abanded the project to to faimly matters.Now he also said somthing about it’s not gonna take long for lucas arts to announce it.
    Now this could not mean anything but
    did lucas arts contact him saying they got a company making it?

    • alki says:

      A source told me that from what he understands is that spark is developing a lucas arts game but it is not a bf game of any sort. he did not even know if it was a starwars game. Once again he did not know for sure if this was true or not he knows people in the industry and i guess that is what the word is. he did not tell me where he got this info .
      I have known this guy since i started college back in 1997( had nothing to do with video games) and i kept in touch with him and mutual friends since i left college in 2000. After the game was not announced in game informer magazine a few weeks ago I contacted him to find out if he knew anything he said he knew nothing of it and he would ask around for me. talked to him a couple of days ago and he told me that it did not sound like the game was being made.
      I understand that spark has to keep quiet about what they are working on but at the same time If the game is not being made I just wish lucas arts would just say so. It sounds like nobody except for maybe a small handfull of people know what is going on with this game. The whole time the rumor that spark is making this game is spreading as if it were fact.
      My guess is that it will be out on the next gen consoles and if it I am right well then we may have some more waiting to do. All i know is that if someone would have told me back in nov of 2005 that we were not going to see a sequell to swbf2 for over 6 years and it would skip this current generation of consoles i would have looked at them like they were a complete idiot.
      sorry for the long post but I felt like I had to get this all in here in one post.

  8. Kal Skirata says:

    Just out of curiosity, when BF3 does come out, what will happen to this site?

    BF3 chat/discussion board?

    Redirect to BF4 site?

    Kept up for all the good memories?

    Just wonderin’ 😉

  9. Garlien says:

    ‘Tis fine, Kal. I was pretty excited because that is basically saying, “No, we’re not making Battlefront III. It might be something like it though!” Anyways, I have done some educated guessing and since Spark can think of possible dates of the reveal (about three of them) and they know the title of the game, I have a strong feeling that BFIII will be announced at e3. I know we have said this for what, two years? But, everything matches up in my mind. All that I hope for in BFIII is free online for the PC version. Knowing most games nowadays, that is going to happen. In that case, I’ll see you guys online when it is released!

  10. danny says:

    i heard there making a star wars battlefront 2 for ps vita

  11. danny says:

    i have some feed there going to remake star wars battlefront 2 on ps vita.

  12. BigBenC07 says:

    As we get closer to E3, we all need to bombard Lucas Arts with emails for details of the game without asking any specifics. We can see if the details match up with what we already know from Spark and then we’ll have our answer. So start sending away!

  13. Kal Skirata says:


    Spark’s game WILL NOT be CALLED Battlefront III. It is still very likely to be a continuation of the BF series, but it won’t be called 3:

    iwantbf3 its me
    @sparkunlimited will the title of the game have the number 3 in it?
    18 hours ago

    Spark Unlimited
    @iwantbf3 I do know what the title will be. Seems subtitles are in and numerals are out these days.

    This means it will have a sub-title, kind of like Elite Squadron’s name. Here’s hoping it’s a much better game than elite though 🙂

  14. Garlien says:

    Spark said in one of their tweets that it seems numerals are out and subtitles are in these days after saying they definitely knew what it was going to be called. This means bf3 will be called Star Wars, Battlefront: Sparky the Dev or something kinda like that. (maybe not.)

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Oh, sorry. Just read your post and realized that I put the same thing (after you). At least everyone is reading Spark’s twitter.

      Not trying to steal anything, just didn’t see your post 😉

  15. Basic says:

    I wish I would see Kyle Katarn or even Qui Lan Vos on these series. Mostly Kyle Katarn cause it will finally show the dark jedi stuff on screen and not just in games.

  16. jdom503 says:

    I’d like to see Corran Horn’s dad Hal Horn chase Booster Terrik. Some Corellian action. And yeah, if they can find someone to play a young Han Solo that can nail it then that would be awesome.

  17. Joey says:

    Also regarding Batlefront. Lucas arts is attending E3 2012. Both kinect star wars and the old republic will have been released by then so they will likely be announcing a new game. Hopefully its battlefront 3!

  18. Joey says:

    Battlefront 3 news! Spark said they are going to E3 and said to contact your “favorite publisher” who is going to E3. That pracically means there will atleast be an announcement by E3.

  19. lion106 says:

    Harrison Ford?
    Sorry, but he is WAY too old for this part, Han Solo would actually be younger then he was in The New Hope” (of course).
    So to add on more years to Ford but take away more years then Solo would be impossible.

    Characters I would like to see are: Captain Rex from the Clone Wars, Commander Cody, Boba Fett (a must considering he is a bounty hunter), and any other bounty hunters that were included in “The Empire Strikes back”

  20. damian says:

    there not using any main people, you may hear of them but they won’t appear. This show also won’t be made until they can make it at less then 20 mil an episode.

  21. John says:

    it’s sounds great

  22. yo says:

    is a good new

  23. WhiteFire37 says:

    I heard Lucas decided to no longer make movies as of TODAY, I not sure if this is correct or includes tv shows but this could harm any idea of a good ep. 6 sequel…

    Underworld sounds alright…. Not that excited but still sorta cool, I would rather find out about the rebels but…

  24. TheExile says:

    Bad news is this series is still about 5 years away because each episodes are too expensive at this current time.

  25. gustavo says:

    come on, they better have a lot of clone trooper fighting then il watch it lol

  26. LswaN says:

    Well, I’m not sure about McCallum’s leftist shot at businessmen, but a live action Star Wars show sounds really cool! And y’know, George might just have to cap it all off with a live action movie trilogy… VII, VIII, and IX here we come!

  27. Troy S. says:

    I hope it will be awesome and I agree it would be awesome to have Starkiller and more of Boba Fett.

    • pressST4RT says:

      I don’t think including Starkiller would be a very good idea. This thread seems to be forgetting that the whole series is going to revolve around the underworld of the galaxy, which Starkiller had little to do with. Plus, I think I’d rather him stick to being a video game character solely because of the fact that with him being so ambiguous in the video games, it keeps me wondering. It’s almost as if I like it better without the closure, and I’m sure most people do, and including him in the series would probably shine to much light on who he is.

      • jjlleskoja says:

        actually starkiller had to do alot between ep. 3 and 4. for instance, He started the rebellion, captured vader, and they are not done with his story like what happened to kota, vader, juno, himself, and his dark clone. so i think it would be a great idea to bring Galen Marek in the series.

  28. Kal Skirata says:


    I hope it includes some awesome (non-canon-destroying) mando action! Traviss Fandalorians FTW!!

    And a possible Galen Marek! YEs!

    space space want to go to space

    SPAAAAACCCCEEEEE! Sooo big gotta see it all! Ooooh space cops! Stormtroopers! Star wars ships! *space core explodes from happiness*

    Sorry for the long post and ramble- I was happy 😀

    • InvaderJake says:


      Anyways, as long as it can compare to the graphics of episode 1 (Well, hopefully not with the puppet Yoda) I’d love to watch it! I hope we can count on seeing it soon.

  29. lion106 says:

    My biggest problem is consistency.
    I hate when after 2 months of a show, it takes more than a week inbetween shows, and the gap continues to grow.
    Like said above, I want the shownto keep going, but not with crappy graphics.

  30. wowirock says:


  31. GameGHZ says:

    I’ve heard about the rumor of the live action show for quite a while and hopefully this is the real deal. My biggest concern is a factor that hurts a lot of sci-fi shows today…the graphics. Hopefully Lucas makes sure that they take enough time to come out with a truly well made and satisfying show.

  32. Finally says:

    As long as we get to see the Empire mercilessly taking over the galaxy, I say “Bring it”.

    But criminals and gangs? Ooh….Renegade Squadron?

  33. Big_Mac4547 says:

    The show does sound cool but I have heard that the funding is what is holding it back right know…so what will come out first Star Wars Underworld or SWBF3?

  34. Mean C says:

    Finally, a new Starwars series that isn’t developed specifically to reintroduce Starwars to children! Can’t wait!

  35. BigBenC07 says:

    This is some potentially big Star Wars news too:

  36. Garlien says:

    Interesting to see another Star Wars TV show. I definitely hope this is better than the Clone Wars Series though. I’d also like to see a post-ep. 6 show.

  37. BigBenC07 says:

    Should be interesting, my only concern is the characters/actors ie Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan, Young Luke and Leia. Then again, they may not use any of the characters from the movies which may make the series a jumbled mess.

    • pressST4RT says:

      Well from what I’m understanding, those characters are going to have little to no role in the series. Obi-Wan and the Skywalkers had almost no contact with the galaxy’s underworld. The Solos, however, may be included due to Han’s smuggler background. If we’re lucky, we’ll see Harrison Ford playing Han Solo, should the need arise.

      • Craig23 says:

        that seems unlikely, concidering that he is abit too old for the role, but if the part was casted right, id love to see some of that in it.
        Im also hoping for some Boba Fett/Mando action, i wont get my hopes up for Fett but i can hope…

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