GameInformer Reveals Battlefront 3 in January?

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*UPDATE* As you all probably know by now, this is not Battlefront 3. Turns out to be XCOM: Enemy Unknown.. not too sure why they were saying everyone was going to be so excited for this one…

Happy New Year my fellow Battlefrontians!! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year! What a great way to start off the new year, by having a fresh new rumor!

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So… it appears that rumors are flying around the web in full throttle about GameInformer possibly revealing Battlefront 3 this month! This first site (sent in by Quentin Karn – thanks!) seems to believe that it is possible that GameInformer is getting ready to pop the huge announcement of Battlefront 3.

We have known for awhile that Spark Unlimited is most likely to be the ones that are currently developing Battlefront 3 and this post by GameInformer seems to think that it may be possible also.

The evidence is pretty thin, but the twitter population seems convinced.

There are only two real pieces of evidence that have lead people to believe that Spark Unlimited is working on Star Wars: Battlefront 3. One, on its website Spark Unlimited lists in its job section that, “We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game sequel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC release.” The other piece of evidence, is that it simply isn’t flat out denying that Battlefront 3 is the title it is working on, on twitter. Every inquiry is met with a, “you’ll have ask Lucas Arts about its franchises, we’re just a developer, not publisher,” response.

It’s not much to go on, but it’s possible.

Spark Unlimited only has a few games under its belt with Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and Legendary. It seems more likely that they could be working on a new Call of Duty having experience in the franchise already, but twitter seems to think otherwise. We will know more next year when official announcements start rolling out.

They are correct at the moment.. as we still do not have any concrete evidence that Battlefront 3 is in development, but what makes it more possible is the fact that no one is denying or dismissing these rumors as they are surfacing

Lets hear your thoughts!

Thanks to everyone for all of your emails!! Keep them coming!

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  1. i cant stop playing this game

  2. I do agree with all the ideas you’ve offered to your post. They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too quick for newbies. Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  3. william maxey says:

    any clues if this is real?

    Star Wars Battlefront III (November 2012)

  4. Super_Hawk21 says:

    Just throwing this out: This game will sux! Trust me I really wish this is the best shooting game ever! BUT we ‘battalions?’ are sounding more and more like duke nuke’m fans and that new game well was not very good. May the force be with all of US! W/ us unless we dont have $ for a monthly subscription to a game we already paid $$$$ for.

  5. lion106 says:

    that’s a good point
    Ive seen some descriptions say “1st person shooter” for Spark Unlimited, but BF3 is known for being the best 3rd person shooter game
    What else does Rebellion say about their project?
    And have they done any other work with Lucas Arts?

  6. andy says:


  7. Sam says:

    If Spark Unlimited arnt behind it, theres a good chance that Rebellion are working on it, they are currently taking on for a ‘multiplayer third person shooter’

  8. Swissaboo says:

    “Not too sure why they were saying everyone was going to be so excited for this one…”
    because X-Com is a motherfucking classic and one of the best games ever made, and we’re getting a remake that’s NOT a shitty FPS?

  9. wookie_fan says:

    I was about to give up hope on BF3 but changed my perception after Sega announced House of the Dead 4 for the PSN. Fans waited 7 years for this game to be ported to home consoles, i’m just trying to say anything is possible. LA knows that BF3 will be an instant hit & its just a matter of time for announcement

  10. lion106 says:

    Well, we tried that on this site I think, waaaayyyyy back

  11. Cody says:

    Is there any type of petition made up to get this game made? Or some other form of reaching George Lucas and telling him we want this game? If all the Battlefront fans had an address to email, or something everybody could sign and send in, I think that might be a fairly good way to show just how much everybody wants this game!!

  12. “you’ll have ask Lucas Arts about its franchises, we’re just a developer, not publisher,”

    Pure proof that they are working on it

  13. macka says:

    i think its a real jip that they havent already made it. its not like they havent had enough time and even though we’ve all been askin for battlefront 3 they think we’ll be exited over anything but battlefront 3.

  14. DorkTrooper says:

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but the shiny new edition of OXM has a little blurb like they usually do at the bottom of page 88 that says this.


    SLBF – smells like battlefront is coming because theres finally chatter and if not someone at lucasarts is gettin eggs for bfast. and not from their wife.

  15. lion106 says:

    I found this post by Spark on another website filled with rumors about Spark Unlimited

    Spark is pleased to present our current listingd for our two main projects. We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game sequel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC release. We have just entered pre-production on a franchise and genre extending game also for the current generation consoles.

    The job listings are segmented as to the project needs. Click on the job title for a detailed job description and application instructions.

    Two projects???
    Haha, does that double the chances of it being SWBF3?

  16. lion106 says:

    I saw this was mentioned earlier, I wanted to bring it back up…Has anyone thought of a Super Bowl Preview of SWBF3?

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Yes, that would be very very epic. It would outshine even the Coke commercials… LA would need money to throw around for that. But I hear TOR is doing well!

  17. Sean says:

    I hope they don’t mess it up. I think they should just update the graphics and maps…the formula was awesome. Best game I ever played…only thing is they could make the jedi only battles better/ more interesting but that’s about it.

  18. MR . DANGNABIT says:

    Drat. I doubted it would be released in a small magazine. E3 most likely or when the 3d star wars movies come out. UGG!lishgfoi g;esigofg os; g;pspigsgfou

  19. Bruno says:

    The page of Spark Unlimited also says (in the job opportunities section) that this game is an AAA title and it is based on a popular sci-fi movie saga.

    And if you looked at LucasArts jobs page, there were 4 job opportunities for a FPS game and one of them (level designer) clearly said “First Person Shooter (Star Wars game)”. This one wasn’t there the last time I checked, but it was there for a few weeks.

  20. carlos says:

    I think it will come out…i think there goin to say something when star wars 1 3d comes out… i hope

  21. CarbonShadow14 says:

    Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble but according to Game Informer’s January cover, the surprise game was a new South Park RPG being produced by Obsidian Entertainment; the guys behind KOTOR 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol (just to name a few).

    So no Battlefront 3 news as of yet; I’d hope for an announce at E3 2012, if not that then either PAX or the VGA Awards, until then though I wouldn’t keep your hopes up! =/

  22. Ryan says:

    Don’t forget that Spark Unlimited also admited on their Twitter that this was going to be a Sci-Fi Game. I am pretty sure that they said this directly. That narrows it down alot.

  23. Garlien says:

    I still haven’t lost faith, even after this. I accidentally stumbled upon Spark’s job page while I was searching for Battlefront II mods and heard a rumor about a possible new developer for SWBFIII. I Googled some stuff about rumors and I found Spark’s job page. I was probably one of the first convinced that it was Spark, and back then they had more tie-ins with Battlefront characteristics. There is so much evidence supporting Battlefront, and maybe only the music director guy (I forgot his name) stands against it. I will never lose hope until LA comes out and says, “No Battlefront, sorry. The previous two did not meet expectations.”

  24. Benjamin says:

    I seriously hope this will be announced soon. There is 2 Franchises’ I admire. Thats Halo and Star Wars, the most. But when it gets down to the Battlefront Series, I’m in. I hope this game will be released this year! Waited so many years for this day to come.

    • the big rz says:

      I do think they will end up making swbf3 but who knows if it will be on the current or next generation systems. I just wish that in the mean time while we are waiting for this game they could take swbf1 or 2 and make it so you can play one of these games on xbox live since the old xbox games are no longer supported on xbox live. I am sure they could make a downloadable version of the game that can be played over xbox live. I would rather play that than be playing battlefield 3 or mw3.

  25. Justreleaseit! says:

    Feel like it’ll never get released, I was a bigger fan of the first installation of the game, so it feels like an even longer wait. Just say something already, this feels sadistic, like the publisher enjoys watching it’s fans wait. I lost hope a long time ago.

  26. Darth Headhunterz says:

    So sick of waiting for this game!! I wish spark or someone will give us something.. All this anticipation could be for nothing! I really hope im wrong though it would be such a waste to not make battlefront 3, they need to stop releasing lame games like lego aswell!!!!! Come on lucas pull your finger out!!!!!!!

  27. cmon bf3 i finally got hooked back up with high speed ineternet and alls i need is some elbow room.

  28. Pyroblade says:

    Spark hasn’t dropped any more hints because the evidence towards BF3 is smacking everyone in the face. Sparks unannounced project is described as ”
    a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience…. we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.” Also, before they updated the message, It clearly said that the game was a sci-fi sequel. Coincidentally, Lucasarts Last News Update before TOR was “LucasArts Signs Multi-Year, Studio-Wide Unreal Engine 3 Licensing Agreement”, and it was somewhere within a month of Spark’s announcement. There are currently no Sci-fi sequels that either have listed interest in, and Lucasarts hasn’t directly said if they are making another Battlefront, and Lucasarts wouldn’t leave the franchise they’re known for without a third part. The only exception is TFU 3, which I’m sure is on the back burner.

  29. Rhys says:

    Surry folks, Battlefront 3 was not announced, it was in fact a new X-Com game (not the stupid reeboot).

  30. mikeytmntff says:

    OH I HOPE THIS IS TRUE, i havent been following the news as avidly as everyone else here i check once a month or so BUT I LOVE BATTLEFIELD!!!! They better announce it this year!

  31. Jason says:

    The February cover is for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. No Battlefront 3 reveal. I’m a sad panda.

  32. BigBenC07 says:

    The only good thing about the XCOM cover for the GI issue is that Spark isn’t making that game so there is still lots to look forward to.
    I also find it hilarious that GI credits this “new tip” to some guy named Nick when we’ve known about it on this site since August I believe? But the simple fact that a huge gaming company like GI is finally recognizing these rumors gives me hope. Not a single article pops into my mind when I try to think of a GI rumor that hasn’t eventually come true.

  33. BigBob says:

    It’s not bf3. It’s some stupid XCOM strategy game. You should see the comments on gameinformer website! Most are comments saying stuff like “LAME!!”.

  34. SteveoxxXXxx says:

    Nope not battlefront….XCOM…lame. Come on spark give us something.

  35. Kal Skirata says:

    Don’t lose faith. It would be foolish for LA not to make a sequel for the best selling SW games EVER.

    Spark’s game WILL be announced. They had blatant star wars references.
    People will hate them if it’s not BF3 or JK4.

    There are many sci-fi games awaiting sequels- but the highly-awaiting audience is the giveaway. It nullifies tie-ins for unnanounced movies (Matrix 4 anyone) and older games too. It isn’t halo or cod. Nor can it be startrek or any other.

    It can only be Star Wars or made up crap for publicity. I hope it’s star wars, that it’s good, and that it doesn’t destroy existing canon like TCW does on a regular basis.

  36. owyn999 says:

    Unfortunately the rumor is now dead, though intrestingly xcom at firaxis… that is a shock

  37. RogueStarkiller says:

    The cover has been announced as XCOM:Enemy Unknown. I couldn’t care any less about that.

    • adam says:

      bah another Xcom announcement…those fans get two new Xcom games and we don’t even get one Battlefront game,where’s the justice in that????

  38. Derek Franklin says:

    Its not BF3, it’s a new Silent Hill game. Im starting to lose all hope in LucasArts

  39. swoop783 says:

    I really hope that it is for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC if it is ill be getting the 100$ copy because battlefront 2 was by far my favorite game for psp and ps2 and I know for a fact battlefront 3 will be amazing. but I heard from a friend that battlefront is going to be for PS Vita but idk how true he is.

  40. curtis says:

    game informer reveal is fail south park the game

  41. dfranklin521 says:

    It’s not BF3, it’s a new Silent Hill game!!! I’m starting to lose faith in LucasArts!

  42. Darth Slayer says:

    Congrats on the partnership!

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Yes! The two best BF3 sources on the interwebz consolidated and partnered!

      Now no information will slip through our fingers

  43. Garlien says:

    Sorry guys, but if you look at their tweets, it looks like the most possible title will be a new Castlevania game. Battlefront III would be cool though.

  44. Stiniminis says:

    I think its cool for them to announce BF3 now cause they already released SWTOR. Now that they dont have anything announced, they must once again give hope to fans with any game. I just hope its BF3 and if it is, PLEASE, PLEASE dont release it with so many bugs as SWTOR has xD

    If they dont announce the game soon, I will force grip everyone in lucas arts!!!!

  45. wowirock says:

    great way to start off 2012 😀

  46. Chainsawgrizzly says:

    I’m convinced that Spark is at least working on something with Lucas Arts. I thought this might be too early to unveil Battlefront 3, but you never know. January 5th cannot come fast enough.

  47. HawkeFire says:

    Just an idea. Perhaps there may be a trailer after the credits for phantom menace 3D….

  48. Drizzy Drake says:

    Well if I know anything its that games canbe announced anywhere and in many forms. It doesn’t have to POP up at E3… I don’t know why people are so obsessed with that but bf2 was announced out of the revenge of the sith dvd release. So it could be anything. Or come from anywhere. Good find guys.

  49. RogueStarkiller says:

    Sorry gang, GameInformer shot this one down.

    @GI_AndyMc Andy McNamara
    Just found a story that believes our next cover is Star Wars: Battlefront 3. While that would be awesome, it’s wrong. Keep guessing! 🙂

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      and i think that there was a tweet from someone form GI i think Tim Turi about the game cover that old school gamers will love and i think that it is safe to say that SWBF3 is not an old school game. man there are too many people that want this game to come out for LA not to make it…so LA make that damn game already!!!

  50. Nico says:

    That would really be awesome guys but a lot of people seem to be guessing respawn entertainment is gonna be the surprise developer for the game they’re gonna reveal. I SO HOPE THEY’RE WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  51. Veni says:

    Also, some of the developers for past Lucas Arts games now work at spark unlimited studios.

  52. CooLpro says:

    This has just gone up on a UK site … could they have been teasing their own exclusive?!? I hope so because then we only have two days to wait!!

  53. WhiteFire 37 says:


    I read that the editor chief (or someone) at gameinformer said it will ‘shock you’ and that ‘many will not see it coming’. But gameinformer February issue in 2010 was halo reach, and gameinformer February 2011 revealed skyrim. Both huge games. According to TQcast, ‘When asked if it’s a cover people could guess, McNamara responded, “I think you could, though it’s not announced”‘
    Which I reckon is a bit more I a giveaway to it being battlefront 3. Mainly because it is said to be a big game that will shock many. Yet any major call of duty or any other popular franchises could be ‘guessed’ easily. Where as the editor in chief said ‘I think you could (guess)’
    With the key word being ‘could’ it means it is a possibility, ruling out most popular game franchises. This goes both ways towards and against battlefront 3.

  54. Mister Marcus says:

    This site,, states that the cover will be revealed this Thursday.

  55. Brandon says:

    I’m not sure if there will be an article about it but anything about SWBF3 would be great news

  56. Sith Stalker says:

    Niiiiiccccceeeee!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 My Smile is STUCK!!!:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  57. Kal Skirata says:

    For what its worth (probably about 1 galactic credit!) I dont think it will be in the GameInformer…. no no no- too low-profile.

    I’m definitely thinking Super Bowl!

  58. Hayabusa says:

    The thin-layered evidence is strengthened by the fact that no-one IS denying the development of battlefront 3.
    The new rumour is heart-punding news indeed! We need Battlefront 3, the world knows that! And it DOES seem convincing, especially with the tedious givings on the rumours, title announcment etc

    Whoever is developing Battlefront 3, they have had many years of development so, if January is to see the birth of Battlefront 3, we’ve all waited patiently and we shan’t be disappointed.

    • HORST says:

      While I am hopefull (and expectant) as well, I saw Spark Unlimited tell a Tweeter (in response to an inquiry about the possibility of the new title being a CoD game) that if they wanted to know about Call of Duty, they needed to talk to Activision. I do not think it is fair to say that the fact that they are not denying SWBF3 means they are probably making it, since they are saying the same thing for Call of Duty and are probably not making both games.

      However, I do feel like those prior Twitters posts reeked of Star Wars, and I have my fingers crossed for a Game Informer reveal.

      • Jeff says:

        I mean, i don’t know either, but I feel that Battlefront just seems more probable, seeing as the last Call of Duty they made was Finest Hour makes it seem unlikely that Activision would get them to do another, especially since Finest Hour was so different than all the modern Call of Dutys. I just feel that Activision won’t go back to the older versions of CoD so it just seems more likly that out of the two games, Spark would probably be doing Battlefront.

      • SW_mega_nerd says:

        FYI- they said that they can neither confirm nor deny any of our ideas as to what we think the game will be, so they are gonna answer all those messages in the same fashion that they have been.

        BOOM!I just dropped some knowledge on ya

    • LeighPouse says:

      I don’t know about us waiting patiently :P, but we definately will not be disappointed to hear of the release of this awesome game

  59. Christian Landsverk says:

    I sent Spark A tweet about A new call of Duty and there reply was “@christianland Highly unlikely. After we did the first COD, Activision internalized development to their wholely owned studios”

  60. BigBenC07 says:

    I think that Lucas Arts is near ready to announce BF3 but only one thing stands in their way: PS4 and Xbox 720. I think LA is trying to debate whether to release the game ASAP, which I’m sure we’d all enjoy, or wait until the next-gen consoles and make a game that will be an instant hit that will surely blow us away.

    • Evanf says:

      There is not going to be a PS4 & Xbox 720. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is true.

      • BigBenC07 says:

        Trust me, I don’t want a new generation of consoles. There is little room for improvement with the consoles we have now and nobody wants to drop $400 every few years to get the newest console, excluding the games. But everything I’ve read and with the Wii U coming points to PS4 and 720.

        • jjlleskoja says:

          actually there is going to be a xbox 720, microsoft annouced they are going to make a next gen console in about 5 years and in the movie Real Steel there is an ad of the xbox 720, so it’s pretty compelling evidence.

        • SW_mega_nerd says:


          seriously, when PS3 first came out i wanted to punch somebody in the face, cuz i had just gotten my PS2 like a few months earlier


      • Semiroundboss says:

        They released Battlefront 2 a week before the the friggin 360, and it still kicked . Why would they wait?

      • BigBenC07 says:

        The PS4 and 720 are inevitable, I just hope that they don’t come out for 2+ years

    • shadow says:

      the xbox 720 is more than 2 to 3 or more years away.

  61. chris4335uk says:

    it is a nice rumour as we havent had any rumours for a while but i dont believe this is true because why would the announcement be in the game informer and not in E3 or straight from spark/lucusarts.

  62. Omar says:

    I really hope this is it. We have been waiting years for this moment!

  63. Spacegeek14 says:

    Now that they mention another Call of Duty, I think its probably the New CoD Vita title that was announced without any real details. Just what I think but I obviously hope its Battlefront 3

  64. Francesco says:

    It’s definitely a LucasArts project, as otherwise they would’ve denied working with them; no reason not to. However, whether this project is SWBF3 or not is the most uncertain bit. I really hope so. And mostly, I hope they don’t f it up. The Free Radical Design BF3 looked amazing… we can only hope Spark is able to make a legendary game and not just another one of these shooters that get forgotten after a few months.

    • SW_mega_nerd says:

      once again, they said that they can neither confirm nor deny any of our ideas about what the game will be, OR who they are making it with, so they DO have a reason to not deny working with LucasArts, or anybody else for that matter.

      BOOM! I just dropped summore knoledge on ya.

  65. Spaceboi says:

    i hope this is true

  66. Redline says:

    I think it can be but if I look back into the past then it was always the same. We found a rumor and after sometime it turns out as a wrong rumor and nothing did happen. But I wonder why Game informer is talking about this. Does Games informer know more as we? I hope this speculation is true but I don’t know. I hope for that game but it got never official announced…. I will go crazy if it gets revealed next week. I can’t make my own mind. Too many disappointments and I kinda hate LucasArts now. But my opinion about them would change through a simple Battlefront 3 announcement… What can be so hard to do this? I mean Battlefront 3 got never official cancelled… I wanna know what’s up with this game! I’m ready to buy Battlefront 3 three times! But pls gives it us!!

    • Evanf says:

      I know, LucasArts is on my nerves, and I hope GameInformer says it. I want to go play Battlefront 2 right now. Death Star, Clone Wars, Republic, Sniper, then a commander. But I always change.

  67. John says:

    May the Force be with this rumor.

    • Evanf says:

      True that, may the force be with us all. (And GameInformer! Mine will be coming in the mail, so I certainly hope they say it, everyone here does!)

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