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Battlefront 3 Updates via Tuggie

Hey Battlefrontians.. our new partner Tuggie from has made a great new video update on a few Battlefront 3 tidbits. He touches base on the GameSpy servers as well as the fact Sparks new game is probably past their “Alpha” testing phase.

After a few tweets with Spark, it’s apparent the game is passed the Alpha state in terms of the development cycle. Spark commented that the game is undergoing constant testing by a team, meaning that there is a build that is playable. This is good news in terms of the sooner we get to see the game, but this is usually where the most pain goes into development, in terms of regression testing goes. Simply put, their game is probably at the point or past the point that Free Radical’s was when the footage for Battlefront 3 was filmed. This is all just a guess, only based on some loose information provided by Spark.

Also a forum member from’s Forums has been tracking a Spark employee’s blog and it seems they have posted a few screens of *possibly* one of Sparks new games. Some of the photos could possibly be Battlefront 3, but I have my doubts.. You can check out the photos via the links from this post on the Gloom Walkers forums -> here.

Thoughts and opinions? As Tuggie says, don’t give up hope! Until LucasArts comes right out and says, “No Battlefront 3 for you!” .. I will always have hope! as should you!

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  2. Hello Nitro and Scott,

    I don’t believe you guys have made an update about this so I wanted to send you this info just in case you missed it. If you go to, they have a link at the top linking to a job app page ( They are recruiting art directors, graphic engineers, senior core engineer, senior tools engineer and gameplay engineers for a genre called Action/Adventure Title. This is ironic isn’t it? SparkUnlimited has that same title for their Unannounced project (Third Person Action/Adventure
    (in production). Also they updated their details under their “Unannounced” project. It says, “With the public disclosure expected sometime in 2012, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience.”

    I think this is very important and highly convincing evidence that this may be Battlefront 3 and we will soon see, since it will be revealed this year! Hopefully sooner than later.

    jjwhitehouse ( (-DR-)Anakin )

  3. As I posted before, a reliable source told me that the 2 games that are listed on Sparks page, neither one of them is Battlefront 3 and it most likely will not be released till after the next generation consoles are out!. My guess is that we will have to wait at least one year after the xbox 720 hits the shelves. So we are all looking at about at least 2 1/2 years or so before we can expect Battlefront 3.
    Some of you may take this as good news, my source did also say the last he heard Lucas Arts was going to have a game made at Spark but he did not know whether or not it was a Starwars game.

  4. I was over at Sparks webpage looking at their job listings,sorry guys I dont think this upcoming game is Battlefront 3. It looks like the game that is going to be a 3rd person shooter will be on next gen consoles.
    I was also reading reviews for some games that Spark has developed, OUCH!

  5. Did not see anything that looked like it would fit into a starwars game in those pics. As far as your idea for starting a boycott, the only lucas arts games I ever bought were the Battlefront games. I never cared for anything else they ever made anyways. Battlefront 1 and 2 are in my top 3 favorite games of all time and I still play them. Its sucks you cant play either one of them on xbox live anymore.
    In the next few months if we dont hear anything about battlefront 3 or we find out the game is not being developed at all I am down with the whole idea of a boycott of their games

  6. Yay! now part of your sister site too (with same name of course)!

  7. No doubt about it, if it turns out Lucas Arts is not working on battlefront 3 and they are having another game developed instead than I am done with them and Lucas Films. I agree that a boycott of all of Lucas Arts games and everything Lucas Films is probably the only way to go when you think of how long we have been waiting and all of the let downs we all shared. If battlefront 3 is currently not the game that is being developed than it really shows how much they just really DO NOT GET IT!!!

  8. BigBenco7 they dont seem like they have had a problem getting funding for making all of these other games the last 6 years while we have been waiting for swbf3 to be announced. Now trust me I will say it again and I wont say anything most of you dont already know, Lucas Arts is well aware of how bad we want this game. But we have to remind them that we have been waiting for a long time and we are not going to accept any other product from them. That is why I highly recomend starting a boycott of their games untill swb3 is in our hands! I am even suggesting also boycotting everything lucas films! Let them know this game has to be the priority! I hope in the next couple of months we get some promising news about our favorite game and we wont even have to worry about starting up a boycott. There is content in the link BIg Mac posted that is worth looking at .

  9. That link is music to my ears Big Mac4547. I agree with alki that we may at some point have to let lucas arts know that the only game we want from them is battlefront 3 by boycotting all of the other games they put out in the meantime.

  10. I couldn’t help but notice that one of those mech suits looks a lot like a mech suit off a very old game. I ninja to be precise, but that’s just my opinion.

  11. just came across an rumor article from about Spark making SWBF3 and from what I can tell the only thing that I have not heard before was that it would be coming out this year…
    “According to the current Senior Engineer at Spark Unlimited’s LinkedIn:
    • Currently – New unannounced project! (~2012 release)”

    here is the link for the article:

  12. None of those things in the links are BattleFront 3 related. The Space Station cannot be BattleFront3 related because it has loading bay or whatever bay it was written in English not Aurebesh.

  13. Its not like they have made no effort to put this game out, But they do still have to make this game and make it the priority!!! I do agree with alki that it may be time to organize a boycott and let lucas arts know that swb3 is the only game we want and it is the only game of theirs that we are going to buy untill swb3 has been released we have absolutely no interest in anything else they put out. There is guy on twitter that is saying alot of the same things alki is as far as starting a boycott of lucas arts games,
    I do believe that some day they will end up putting out swbf3 but who knows how big of a priority this is for lucas arts right now? We can only guess.

  14. Ok battlefront fans “10,000 fans of the Half-Life series logged on to play Half-Life 2 over the weekend in an attempt to force Valve into revealing more information on the Half-Life series, whether that be Episode 3 or Half-Life 3”.
    We have been waiting a long time for battlefront 3. what could us battlefront fans do? how many of us could we get? AT what point have we waited for too long?
    I once again am suggesting a boycott of all lucas arts games until swbf3 has been released or at the very least officially announced.

  15. Sadly, the game That GI would have on their march cover is The Last Of Us! Darnit… I’d rather have battlefront 3 than another stupid zombie-game bullshit -.-

  16. Spark just tweeted that it’s a sequel to a popular sci-fi franchise, not sure if this has been reported already but I’d say this is a huge hint at it being Battlefront III.

  17. sorry clone trooper the lady confirmed to me that it was their forums.

  18. Anyone else think that BF: 3 is coming soon, since LucasArts released the Star Wars Trilogy Blu-Ray, Red Tails, and soon to come Episode I: Phanton Mence 3D for the production for BF: 3?

  19. trollface.jpg

    There is nothing here related to Star Wars. If it was, I would march over the Spark Unlimited and slap them across the face lol.

    Maybe Rebellion can at least pull through and make another :\

  20. Ok I called Game Informer yesterday and asked them about the editor saying “fans will know the game” on the March cover if they have been paying attention. I asked them paying “attention to what?” the lady said he was refering to the forums, She confirmed that whatever game they are talking about in the forums is the game that will be announced on the cover of the march issue. I have not been to their forums yet so i dont know what game they are talking about. I would assume their is probably a few games people have been talking about in there.

  21. tuesday you sound like the tard! You did not think people were going to comment on the pictures? what did you think they were gonna say. we saw them, some people commented on them but we all agree that they dont look anything starwars thats all.

  22. What’s with the Empire at War video?? I thought this was a SW Battlefront update…???

  23. You people are such tards, We post up the pictures just to put something up, whether its battlefront or not its still substance, and we are just bringing ALL ideas into this, not just specific stuff, that way we dont miss anything.

  24. i dont know how many of you have seen this but gamespy has an article up about people protesting over the game half life click here .
    could you imagine what we could get going over battlefront 3? What the battlefront fans need to do is take it a step further and boycott everything lucas arts and while we are at it lucas films puts out. we have to let them know that the only game we are going to buy from them is swbf3.
    why is it that battlefront fans are not doing this? this is something we should have started like 4 years ago! the more people we get on board with this idea the less and less rewarding it becomes for them to dump money into the development of anything but swbf3.
    Does everybody get the concept?

  25. Most of those pics looks very promising! Science-fiction is the theme in most of those pics… So whatever they are working on most be epic. Hope it is battlefront 3!!!

  26. Game informer editor says that “fans will know the game” on the March cover if they have been paying attention. Hopefully he meant paying attention to Tuggie.

  27. The title of my post was POSSIBLE battlefront concepts.Nowhere in my post did it say that the pics were definitely from battlefront. They were scifi though with the title of ” unreleased military shooter” so they could have been related to spark’s game which is why I posted them. And the space dock was also in the “current work”category.

  28. I just hope Rebellion (creators of elite and renegade squadron) have nothing to do with this game, they are the LJN of video games basically.

  29. I doubt that these pics are from spark employees. Spark develops Battlefront 3 for sure.

  30. Game Informer says that people will know what the March cover is if they’ve been paying attention. It’s possible GI is referring to the article they posted about SWBF3 not long ago as a clue. With the Phantom Menace coming soon, it would all make sense. A lot of wishful thinking though.

  31. This is kinda interesting

    Spark Unlimited @sparkunlimited · Open
    @tobysalisberry @theastrokid Our non-disclosure agreement with the publisher prohibits us from talking about non-public information.
    toby salisberry @tobysalisberry Close
    @sparkunlimited @theastrokid would you have this agreement with lucas arts if you were not working on one of their games?

    this can be found on sparks twitter or this guys twitter page!/tobysalisberry

  32. Well if doesnt sound EXACTLY like battlefront I Cant think of ANYTHING else it could be. Found it on

    Spark is looking for a senior designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. The Senior Designer will be responsible for collaborating on game design systems, designing/developing levels, and implementing gameplay scenarios including: level construction, basic lighting, event scripting, AI scripting, game balancing, and tuning for a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles

  33. It is possible that it could be the inside of a separatist ship but all of this you say is a stretch. all of this clinging to every rumor and what not reminds of someone who is obsessed with snowboarding and they are experiencing a winter that has had no snow and they are clinging to every sign of a snow flake.
    If you want let them know how bad you want this game you contact lucas arts and lucas films and let them know you will buy nothing more from them until this game has been officially anounced.
    2 then you try to start a boycott of anything lucas arts and lucas films puts out through various means such as psn, xbox live, youtube, facebook and anything else you can think of.

    we have been waiting since 2005 and what have they given us in the mean time? some of it has been ok and most of it bad. What have we been asking them to make for the last 6 years? since 2009 i have been boycotting everything from them.
    If you are not happy with them because they have not made swbf3 than it is pathetic to cling to everything that pops up and continue to buy thier other products!
    They know what we all want but what have they been giving us? ask yourselves this, have you been rewarding them for this business policy that they have been following by purchasing products of thiers some of which you dont really want in the first place?
    I would like to say one last thing here. part of me does believe they will make it but i dont think we will get it till november of 2014 after the next gen xbox has been out at least one year. Of course it could be much longer. i really do not know what to expect from these guys and apparently neither does some x employees.

  34. @PyroBlade
    NO ONE said that is Star Wars Battlefront. If a Spark employee posts up his own artwork, then it’s always possible there is a little leak. The only point of mentioning the artwork was because the person is a Spark Employee, and the photos are of some Sci-fi genre. For all we know it could be leading us to believe that the game is less likely to be Battlefront.

    So I don’t know where you read where I or guys stated these are Star Wars pictures. And on top of that 99% of us already said it’s most likely just his own concept art he has worked on his free time. Here are the quotes from above and from my site:

    “Also a forum member from’s Forums has been tracking a Spark employee’s blog and it seems they have posted a few screens of *possibly* one of Sparks new games. Some of the photos could possibly be Battlefront 3, but I have my doubts.. You can check out the photos via the links from this post on the Gloom Walkers forums -> here.”

    “You can find the post in the forums here for blueboy74’s find on some concept art that was posted by an artist at Spark. Personally I don’t think it’s from either game they’re working on, simply because the whole company is under strict NDA to reveal any of their work. Rather, I think it’s his own artwork that he’s creating on his own time to share in his portfolio. The pictures are sci-fi, but don’t look too Star Wars to me.”

  35. Hello guys

    First of all, we don’t need to be ALL negative, and we can’t be ALL positive.
    We need to look at both ends of the spectrum so we don’t mess up our perspective of things.

    Now, this artwork seems like more of a mix to me. One side is futuristic, while the other is modern military equipment, right?
    Well, Spark is currently working on TWO unannounced projects. That gives us TWO different genres of artwork. Somebody else pointed out these could be his work for employers to see. Now we have THREE options. Nothing is concrete or set in stone, so this artwork could be anything.

    My opinion is this:
    1. The first link looks nothing like Starwars. All modern-military

    2. Doesn’t scream Starwars, but I could see it as the inside of a Separatist ship or some other type of capital ship.

    3. A mix-up
    Some of those suits and mechanical limbs remind of some sort of spin off of a Super Battle Droid.

    What do you guys think?

  36. I noticed that Spark added a Sneak Peek section that says “Coming Soon”. Sorry If I’m late in noticing this, if not, this is something to look forward to!

  37. Hoping for a teaser super bowl commercial!!!

  38. Gradually there seems to be more hinting sources of a big game annoucement. I, as you do, have hope for Battlefront 3 to definitely surface soon!

  39. I hope this game comes out! it seems every time I love some thing about starwars the cancel it like they did with BF3 and imperial commando 2(book) 🙁

  40. The Concept “lead” is a pile of horse dung. None of them should be giving anyone any though that “this could be Battlefront” because Last time I checked the star wars universe doesn’t have a harrier jet, a pickup truck, or a futuristic but possible to build tank. This is the guy’s web portfolio so people can consider him for work. Just because the guy works for Spark Does not mean that everything he posts is for Battlefront 3. None of them have anything to do with Battlefront 3, so disregard the forum links unless you’re planning on hiring him.

    • trust me if they were working on swbf3 nobody would be posting any artwork for it yet? nobody knows how old these photos really are. we have no more reason to believe spark is or is not makiing swbf3 than we did before all of this came up.

      Trust me on this too, lucas arts knows how bad all of you guys want swb3 but sometimes people need to be reminded that is why i am suggesting that through this site or perhaps another sit you guys organize a boycott of products by lucas arts and lucas films untill this game has been officially anounced. That is how you get the ball rolling. But I believe that this should start with mass emails and phone calls first to remind them of how bad you want this game. It is time they publicly address this subject!

    • Plus the only one seemingly viable being a ship docking station had english alpha numeric symbols. I don’t ever remember that being in Star Wars.

  41. The concepts are NOT Battlefront anything. To say they are SW is total blasphemy.
    The guy has to be kidding us for posting links to concepts of trucks, jets and tanks. And the spacedock says Personal Project right above it. This isn’t news this is a troll.

  42. Looks less and less likely it’s Spark, which I’m grateful for

  43. I am sorry but I really dont see anything starwars in these photos. For a second one pic looked liked something you might see inside the deathstar but I dont think that is what that is.

    • Hi, a friend Pyroblade made a good point:

      “The concepts are NOT Battlefront anything. To say they are SW is total blasphemy.
      The guy has to be kidding us for posting links to concepts of trucks, jets and tanks. And the spacedock says Personal Project right above it. This isn’t news this is a troll.”

      That is most likely the case.

  44. Doesn’t really seem to look like the star wars universe. – the space dock but then again that doesn’t look like any ship I’ve seen in Star wars. Who knows time will tell i guess.

    • Spacedock looks the most promising. the others don’t seem to be SW at all. Just some general mech suits that could be for anything.

      BF3 WILL have to include recognizeable vehicles-ATAT’s, xwings, maybe even Hammerheads.

  45. Hello everyone, I just found a tweet related to the concept art. Spark says in one of their tweets, “We have years of concept art…”. This means that they have had multiple years of work to go off on, and they do not claim to have been working on the game for over about a year and a half. Remember, Free Radical already had concept art, so Spark could be using some of their work, if given it by LA. I coils be wrong and it was only man-years that they were implying, but it is another small piece of evidence I though I would share with you.

    • That is true, I hope you are right. Those pictures do not look promising at all. Look at my reply to Kal’s, he may be trying to trick us.

      • I am not trying to trick you. The space dock picture is in the category “current work” so it has potential to be a leak but it could also be his personal work. Those are the facts, no trickery involved.

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