Spark Unlimited – Public Disclosure Expected Sometime in 2012

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Hey Battlefrontians.. I know that it has been awhile since my last post, but there just hasn’t been a whole lot worth while to report on.

The Video Game Awards have come and gone once again… and again, we are disappointed that no news for Battlefront 3 has been released or hinted upon. A few new developments from Spark Unlimited have been posted including a recent announcement that states the following:

We are in FULL PRODUCTION of a high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner. With the public disclosure expected sometime in 2012, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.

This is, of course what we hope will be announced as Battlefront 3!.. and the description seems to match up with the credentials that Battlefront 3 would need. I wonder when “sometime in 2012” will be…. ugh..

As it turns out as well, Spark is currently working on two unannounced projects. The other, which pre-production started in November states:

We started PRE-PRODUCTION in November 2011 to develop a Triple-A Combat Adventure for a world-wide publisher. We are looking for innovative professionals to be members of a core creative team to bring to the console and PC markets the vision of an accomplished game director.

Other than that, there hasn’t been a any new developments.. at least that I’ve heard of..

If any of my fellow Battlefrontian have any news or tidbits, feel free to email them to me at

Lets hear your thoughts!! Don’t forget you can have some great discussions with us at the forums located here!

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    I really hope this comes out! i will preorder and buy the special edition midnight release. haha it could even suck ( hopefully not) and id still buy it!. anywho of they follow a somewhat similar formula while including spme awesome new modes! (cool campaign, even better multiplayer) while also keeping the funness and the same main components from the 1,st two games then this should b good! imagine those graphics !!! oooooo i cant wait! =]

  2. iDanceinshadoWs says:

    either Battlefront 3 or Republic Commando 2. i dont really care so long as it isnt made by Spark. they are the Uwe Boll of gaming.

  3. tony says:

    I cant believe there hasnt been a Bf3 yet. Those were the funnest star wars games I ever played EVER

  4. DrTrouble says:

    is battlefront 3 coming out in may 4

  5. George says:

    Hmm “a Triple-A game”. stAr wArs bAttlefront…

  6. Tomo says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game for so long now. All my friends loved battlefront II and played it for like 4 years without getting bored. Everyone I’ve ever known to like BF2 likes Halo. I’m playing Halo, it’s really similar IMO.

  7. josh says:

    As the announcement said, the series over the years has acquired a very critical audience, an although the leaked footage may have shown an advanced “close to completion” version of the game, the switch over of developers would have taken time, an as time goes on the more we expect from the game and the more technologically advanced the game could be. spark unlimited are under alot of pressure to meet these expectations and i think they should take their time with this, as although ive never been a true star wars “geek” id still like the game to be as amazing as id hoped it be 4 years ago. But yes this will be the first game a may actually wait in line at 12:00 to buy it, 😀 cannot wait

  8. jeffery says:

    try using xbconnect to play battlefront i + II for xbox users it doesnt work well with xbox 360 games though.
    I hope they at least rerelease the originals for xbox 360 with better graphics and ai i would take that while waiting on another major battlefront title.
    Spark doesnt have affilations with ea do they? I might get to beta test battlefront if they are because of combat testing (i can say anything though because about it because i would get kicked out of the program but if you want in you cant cuss, glitch, or mod the software (its in the nda you sign)).

    • jeffery says:

      if you want in to the beta testing program i need an email for invitation but im big on trying to get halo achievments so send me an message on xbox live saying you’ll help me with a few and i’ll send an invite.
      Plus if you help me get xbconnect up and running for battlefront on xbox i consider that as a plus and be more likely to hand out invites.

      • jeffery says:

        Sorry xbox live gamertag is: COOL VICE1
        Since i play cod and halo in addition to starwars games being my favorite i will definitely reserve highest edition of battlefront iii AT GAMESTOP

  9. Vic Rattlehead says:

    Is anyone hearing the rumors about the next game informer announcement that everyone thinks is battlefront 3?

  10. bobafetish says:

    I think the perfect answer is to make the next call of duty into a star wars edition imagine the kill streak rewards. it would be better than any battlefront 3 could ever be. I have waiting for years for the next gen edition of swbf but i think realistically there is no chance. Swbf2 was the best online game ever on the ps2 i spent many hours on it but g lucas is an arsehole and seems not to be interested in looking after his loyal fans and keeps on trying to tell his star wars stories through his games and crappy clone wars cartoons yawn.

  11. Garlien says:

    Since they recently said “sometime in 2012” and not half a year ago, I suspect the announcement to come either on 3D Phantom Menace’s release or at E3. If it does come on 3DPM, though, we probably know what the game is.

  12. jjlleskoja says:

    sparkunlimited just said
    sparkunlimited @SirTuggie: The project will revealed in a manner for the greatest impact. The manner is still subject to change until the reveal either way

    so i think that it will be released on the next aniversary of starwars or when episode 1 comes to theaters again, so this definetly has to be swbf3

  13. Hayabusa says:

    All Developers who have been rumoured to be doing something with Battlefront 3 know the world wishes to see it’s birth. So, if Spark Unlimitking on it, then the description, as you say, does fit nicely – both do to be honest – so, there is hope!
    “Awaiting audience” – that is, again, as you say, who we are, and “Triple A” – that is what Battlefront games have always been (in conclusion of a kick- game)
    We just need to know when “sometime in 2012” is!

  14. jdom503 says:

    Well in my opinion i’m thinking the release of info on this game should come in february when Episode 1 hits the theaters. Just have a feeling it will follow the footsteps of Battlefront 2.

  15. jjlleskoja says:

    just signed the petition
    happy to support our cause

  16. samson says:

    ok i just read the unannounced post 1 and they said “Triple a-game for a high waiting audience”
    ok “high waiting” ya thats us and “triple” mabye meaning 3
    the post 2 sounds like a star wars game but “action/horror” that sounds like republic commando 2 mabye they are working on both? anyone?

  17. samson says:

    well it looks like it might be what we have been waiting for and come to think of it they never actually said that there will not be battle front 3 so that gives hope and i think Lucas art dont say anything cause of the cartoon series soo this might be are best bet if not then JUST TELL US IF THERE IS GOING TO BE ONE !

  18. Henrietta says:


  19. Alpha_21 says:

    Does anyone have the feeling this game is going to be as upsetting as Duke Nukem fans where when their game was released?

  20. Ianstyp says:

    Any chances that EA would NOT publish it, if it were to be made? It would be a shame if I were to wait for a game to come out for several years for EA to suck the fun out of it with their greed…

  21. Adrian says:

    Now that TOR is out, it shouldn’t take too long time until we see the announcment of Spark Unlimited… Hope they announce it just after new year! After all, they said they would do it in 2012.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Also good news, it seems that TOR has already exceeded all expectations and will be very successful. Good news for LucasArts, and that means more money to be spent on producing BF3!

      I hope space combat will be as good as Rogue Squadron 2 (amazing graphics for a Gamecube game too). Plus Spark said that they will not disappoint the franchise fans!

      Its been a big year for video games: Portal 2, Skyrim, TOR, Batman, BF3(the other one!), MW3, and the underrated but AWESOME LoZ-SS.

      Here’s hoping (SW)BF3 will make 2012 as good of a year right from the get-go.


  22. drjhnyfevr says:

    Please…for the love of god….I NEED RAGDOLL PHYSICS!!!!!

  23. Reconzfury says:

    Note: an awaiting audience haha def bf3

  24. Epic Katarn says:

    Hey Kal, don’t sign the petition more than once ok?. Signing it again is like lying. Maybe someone stole your name but I doubt it. 🙁

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Oh, sorry. I signed a long time ago and forgot about it 🙁 then i signed it again, because I had forgotten about the first time.

      Also, good to see it has so many signatures. A few hundred more and it will be OVER 9000!!!! Then LA will have to sit up and pay attention 🙂

      Again, sorry about the double-sign

      • Epic Katarn says:

        Its all good. I was actually looking for my signiture when I saw this. I hope that LA has already seen the petition and is making it with Spark Unlimited! Go Star Wars Battlefront 3!!!!!!!!!!

  25. wowirock says:

    snowflakessss!!!! 😀 happy holidays everyone 🙂

  26. Luke Skywalker is Black says:

    I just want battlefront 2 for the computer. I have never played an online match of battlefront 1 or 2. I have never used a mod and only have it for xbox. I still play it. If a game’s that good it must have 2 sequel’s. I don’t care if its terrible as long as its on xbox live and has no lag.

  27. hashmonkey says:

    I hope in Battlefront 3 I can finger me arse

  28. SW-mega-nerd says:

    ok i would just like to say:

    the making of Republic Commando 2 and the imperial commando book series was all stopped so people could wwork on the Clone Wars movie and tv series. think- spark said the title will be released in 2012; THE CLONE WARS SERIES IS ENDING IN 2012!!! me and a few friends have always thought that once it ended, they would continue with the comando stuff, so i am expecting it to be the game they are working on. not to say i don’t want it to be battlefront 3, i do mere than anything. i just think republic commando 2 is more likely.

  29. Matt says:

    Does nobody think they were probably talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic?

  30. Epic Katarn says:

    I love this site! I check it almost every saterday before I play battlefront 2 (which makes the waiting easier). The maker of the website does a great job as well as all the people who post on it. Tell all your friends to sign the petition! C’mon battlefront 3!!!

  31. darth legit says:

    come on SPark, you are our only (or best) hopes of BF3 coming out

  32. Eb says:

    “We’re looking for innovative professionals to bring to the console/PC markets a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror genre”

    That’s definitely not SWBF….

  33. Kal Skirata says:

    Sparks second project, just fyi, is Action/horror. Could be anything, maybe BF3 geonosian zombies extension pack?

    Also, I really like the snow 😀

  34. matias20036 says:

    maybe swbf3 is coming when playstation 4 and xbox 720 will come out?

  35. Dietrevers says:

    I don’t know… Could be Jedi Knight as they said above, but still let’s have our expectations high cause that’s why some of us visit this site very often to find news about the game.

  36. I Love the Snow on the site 🙂 yeah i think this might be Battlefront III. But if it is….im proably gonna stop playing Battlefront II 😛

  37. Hammerheadcruiser says:

    Im hoping for a campain with a main customizable character thats works the same way as a hero. in the original battlefront 3 leaked vid it looked like this was the case. also a mini campain were its like a oldernate version of star wars were the clone wars happened but sideous screwed up order 66. you choose your faction like a breakaway group of clones, rebuilt cis, rising rebels or empire. each faction has different missions like the empire is trying to establish order and hunt down the rest of the jedi. the clones are rebuilding just inside the unknown regions. things like that. the main thing im hoping for are being able to walk around your ships without the combat. like in the leaked vid there was a scene were a trooper saluted you as you walked past. that was my personal favourite part as in combat he would be to busy to say hi.
    yea that

    • Kal Skirata says:

      I like most of those ideas, but I dont want a single hero. I want a cohesive team of classes with customizeable weapons for different uses. And maybe stock classes for online play.

      Really digging the alternate universe idea though!!! also eras and stuff I would want:
      Republic commando
      Yuzzhan Vong
      Force Unleashed
      —-with ability to play on both sides, on many branching missions all the way across the nearly 6000 year star wars timeline!

      • Big_Mac4547 says:

        I think that they should start putting more Expanded Universe into all of there games because I think that well all get what happened from Episode 1 to Episode 6 but that just could be me…

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Yeah, i get what you mean. 1-6 is fun but has been done soooo many times.

          There are so many other things to add from all the books, comics, etc that it would be foolish not to use it all.

  38. Garlien says:

    I have known this for a while, but…. at least we don’t have to push newer comments 10 times anymore. If the announce is “sometime in 2012”, and as they have mentioned earlier, they hope the game will be released by the end of 2012, which is like saying BEFORE CHRISTMAS to me, that means that the reveal is coming early 2012, maybe March or April. I think that since Spark has been hinting their game will be announced soon, this E3 is probably the closest possible time frame. LucasArts always has a big presence at the convention, and that will be about when SWTOR’s sales start dying. I hope that Spark’s members and possibly even LucasArts employees have seen this site, it’s wonderful 😀

  39. Mister Marcus says:

    This from Game Informer in April:
    According to Gamasutra, LucasArts has hired Crystal Dynamics’ previous Tomb Raider creative and franchise director, Tim Longo, as creative director on an unannounced game.

    In the past, Longo has worked with LucasArts on games like Star Wars: Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter as lead designer, and was creative director on Star Wars: Republic Commando. Most recently he worked on Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary. Curious to see what LucasArts has in store for its next project.
    Would the Combat Adventure be like Tomb Raider? Because they say,” .. to bring to the console and PC markets the vision of an accomplished game director.”

  40. Macejowski says:

    Space to ground and ground to space, or don’t bother (X-wing VS Tie Fighter space depth and physics conjoined with Improved Ground combat physics)

  41. Hayabusa says:

    In all honesty, that does sound promising. I mean, as you say, it does fit the Battlefront 3 description and expectations, so there is all to hope for.

  42. QcGabPowerBOOM says:

    Yeah I’ll go for E3 to see an annoucement but it coulb be really nice to see it at the Star Wars Celebration 6 Lets hope so!! Battlefront 3 Will Come Back guys Lets keep up All the hope that we have for that Greatest Star Wars Game ever made (in my opinion :P)

  43. Sith Stalker says:

    2012 eh? Well I’ve been Playing Battlefront IIPC For a while and im bored with it. Hopefully Battlefront III(If they make it(They better freakin Make it)) Will have different modes, Levels, Heroes, Units, Factions, Maps, Abilities and More :DDDDD JUST PLEASE MAKE THE STUPID GAME!!!!!!!!

  44. drunken hutt says:

    Don’t forgot guys that Star Wars Celebration 6 will be happening in 2012, so an official announcement of Battlefront 3 is likely to take place there.

  45. Darth Slayer says:

    My guess is E3

    • QcGabPowerBOOM says:

      Yeah me too I’ll for that but it could be nice to see that announcement at the star wars celebration 😀 BATTLEFRONT 3 WILL BE BACK LETS KEEP UP HOPE

    • Krueger says:

      I’m begging for CES… its much closer haha. Too bad lucasarts have never had much of a presence there. I’m guessing a major tease on star wars day and a full reveal in e3.

  46. Andy says:

    I honestly don’t think this is Battlefront three. I think more likely it’s a Jedi Knight game or more likely Republic Commando 2 (seeing as Republic Commando did use the Unreal Engine)seeing as they’ve hired Sean Williams from Force Unleashed as a Writer…

    • Redline says:

      A FPS is already in development in LucasArts house and as far as I know LucasArts has only two real shooter SW games and that are Battlefront and Republic commando. In addition, Jedi knight games does not count, because the main battle is more fixed on lightsabers fights. It’s more like a swordsfighting game but not a shooter. So forget that. The only game which left is Battlefront 3
      Or left a new Battlefront without a three? Take a look at Transformers 2 and the third movie. The third movie does not have a three so can be that we will see Battlefront “with a title”. But I hope more that it is a three, because I’ve waited so long on a Battlefront with a three. xD
      Furthermore the second game of Spark can’t be a Star Wars game, because Spark Unlimited already said this:

      George Casner III
      G_Cas_Three George Casner III
      @sparkunlimited does the second unannounced project relate to the first unannounced project at all?
      7 hours ago

      in answer on ↑

      Spark Unlimited
      @sparkunlimited Spark Unlimited
      @G_Cas_Three We’re looking for innovative professionals to bring to the console/PC markets a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror genre
      3 hours ago

      See? John mentioned horror genre so SW game falls out.
      Only the first one can be and I’m sure it is one.

      • Alex says:

        Honestly, I think the Older Katarn Games would count as FPS (Dark Forces and Jedi Knight) Although Jedi Knight II Involves Lightsaber Combat, For a Challenge, use The Lightsabers for Enemy Jedi ONLY.
        Just saying.

      • Troy S. says:

        There are screenshots of a Dark Obi-Wan & Yoda, though they were made by Free Radical and I doubt they will use them.

    • SparkUnlimited says:

      It is a 3rd person shooter folks

  47. Danilo says:

    I really hope this game comes out on 2012. I haven’t given up HOPE yet ! There is always HOPE!

  48. Danilo says:

    looking forward to it . I really hope that it comes out next year .I haven’t yet given up HOPE! There is always HOPE.
    Star Wars Battlefront 3!

  49. chris4335uk says:

    I reckon battlefront will be annouced at E3. that is if spark really is developing it

  50. Epic Katarn says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the VGAs but I was pretty sure that Battlefront 3 wouldn’t be announced anyway, because I saw that the game wouldn’t be publicly “disclosed” until sometime in 2012 on Sparks website. I do hope though that Spark does a great job, and I can’t wait for it to come out so that I can play it!

  51. Andy Sammonds says:

    On the other hand, the next Command & Conquer game was announced. AND IT’LL RULE!!!

  52. wowirock says:

    hopefully sometime is soon

  53. ADDX says:

    I really hope this is SWBF3. I cannot wait for the announcement. I have been looking forward to the game for so long. The thing that I felt was missing from SWBF2 was more levels. I wished instant action had some maps from SWBF1. I am looking forward to the game and I hope the studio does an AMAZING job producing it.

    • LswaN says:

      Hey, if you are looking for some more maps for BF2, you can head over to for free to download maps made by other Battlefront fans. I think that the BF2 conversion mod from there adds recreations of a few maps from the original Battlefront, and a whole new era with sides for the Sith and Republic from the Kotor games. Also, any maps from Maveritchell are pretty fun, and most of the maps are really easy to install. It all makes waiting for BF3 a lot easier.

      • Kal Skirata says:

        I like Coruscant Order 66 (complete with dark jawas vs stormtroopers), and battlefront extreme looks fun..

        On a side note, I hope spark adds really deep customization, but without losing class-based gameplay. Maybe a classic mode, and a new mode where you customize the weapons and armor of the classes

        I don’t want it to be like Renegade squadron where you just change 1 character.

        Plus Spy Mode, party mode, and maybe a crazy Sarlacc vs Rancor vs Krayt dragon mode 😀

        • Brandon says:

          Maybe they could make the customization similar to Battlefield 3, with basic weapon customization from the main-menu and in-game as well as minor character customization.

          • DeltaDelish says:

            Thats what i’m looking for. Something close to BF3. Keep the classes, able to unlock different weapons for that class, class perks, different styles of armor, the works. One big thing i want is melee takedowns like pistol whipping or gun butting since they don’t carry knives and a laser knife would be a bit corny

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