Spark Unlimited Tweets Star Wars / Battlefront References?

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Soooo.. my Battlefrontians, as I’m sure that you have all been reading, it seems that Spark Unlimited may have been tweeting some very interesting references.. Spark still hasn’t, and probably will not leak any information about this super secret game that they are currently working on… But instead, could they be giving some subtle hints on what they are actually working on?

For example:

Spark tweets

Spark tweets

This obviously spews Star Wars and to me this is a huge tease!

The other reference is a little more vague and could probably be passed off as a coincidence, but none the less it is definitely something…

Spark tweets

Spark tweets

“Best on all fronts= BesT on aLL FRONTs= BTTLFRONT” (thanks Kal Skirata)

You can take these references any way you wish, but I definitely find them suspicious!

Thanks everyone for the heads up and I will enjoy hearing your opinions!

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  1. Excalibur says:

    I’ve Been A Fan Since The Orginal Battlefront. I Can’t Stand The Suspense Any Longer!!

  2. william maxey says:

    there will be a star wars bf3 game released this 2012. this video may not be 100% proof but certainly shows the unreal technology and bf3 concept is being combined into possibly a better game then the previous experiance. we can only hope :)(:


    Star Wars Battlefront III (November 2012)

  3. wtup339 says:

    hopefully it will be announced at e3 or pax or comicon

  4. bollo10 says:

    far, far, away? Ok if i had any doubts about spark unlimited producing star wars battlefront 3, its gone now πŸ™‚

  5. Hayabusa says:

    Both references seem to tease. The abbreviated “Battlefront” did seem hinting, and the use of “far, far away” also spawns suspicion. I think, personally, and in hope, there is something dwelling there which could bring a lot of big smiles to our faces!

  6. Kal Skirata says:

    Sparks site!!!

    “With the public disclosure expected sometime in 2012,”

    So we will get a response sometime next year! This was already expected, but now its practicallly confirmed.

  7. Garlien says:

    From their new Lead Multiplayer Artist:
    As a “working” lead, create environment pipeline in UE3 for level layout, lighting, level meshing, model creation, texture creation, shader creation, and DESTRUCTIBLE OBJECTS.

    This means that Spark’s game may have destructible objects! I think that would be great to add to BF3!

  8. Insane Sith says:

    VGAs……… guys still putting ur hopes on event they let DANE COOK host for the big reveal?!

  9. Kal Skirata says:


    @destroyerdog2 yeah, but the 3d versions are 3-6 years away. That’s too far, far away to get excite about.

    they are pretty serious about insinuating Star Wars…their motive is in question though

  10. The anonymous man says:

    One of Spark’s tweets stated that they are using the Gear’s engine – a third person shooter.

  11. Raptor Jesus says:

    VGA commercials are constantly speaking of a new game bioware is releasing. Didnt bioware use to be part of the BF3 project?

  12. Yoyodawg says:

    While I really want BF3 to come out, I’m concerned mainly because of Spark Unlimited’s track record. What on earth have they done? A minor CoD game, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty(not very good. Not even very average) and Legendary. Freakin. Legendary.

    *Sigh* I just hope LA’s the one calling the design shots on this one. Hopefully they just want Spark to make the game Free Rad was designing and just took all the tech and pre-production and gave it to Spark to build off of.


  13. Any Time Now, please says:

    LOL, I’m wondering which sequel will come out first: Ace Combat 7 or Battlefront 3.

  14. Yannick Severyns says:

    Found another one.

    Spark Unlimited
    @Stealth2242 These are not the tweets you are looking for.
    1 Dec

    Got a screenshot aswell, if you couldn’t find it between the tweets. Clear star wars reference!!

    • Joe says:

      The tweet was sadly written like that because a guy tried using a Jedi mind trick on Spark, but give us a link to the screenshot man. We need to see that!

  15. Darth Bane says:

    They replied this to a persons question

    sparkunlimited Spark Unlimited
    @Stealth2242 These are not the tweets you are looking for.
    30 Nov Favorite Retweet Reply

  16. Kal Skirata says:

    @MajorMoses It could be that the oversight was caused by me being human. Now that we are clear of month’s end delivery, I might fix it.

    Meatbag logic, anyone? πŸ˜€

    Also, Nitro or whoever runs this site, is there a way to put the newer comments first so we don’t have to click “newer Comments” multiple times to see the recent stuff????

  17. the guy with the keyboard says:

    I just saw one last night that said, “These are not the tweets you are looking for.” Just thought I would throw that out there for ya. But really though, this could all just be a big way to drawl everyone in to wait for a release of Battlefront and then comes the announcement for something lame. Like Fracture 2 or something.

  18. Garlien says:

    Hey guys, theres another thing that some of us may have overlooked.
    On the Star Wars Battlefront (series) wiki page it said that Star Wars Battlefront: Online was in production back in 2010. It said they did not make their deadlines, and I worked it out that a couple months later the so-called Spark era begins. What I am saying is that Spark may be developing Star Wars Battlefront: Online, the dead project that few people knew about.

  19. jdom503 says:

    Spark Unlimited
    @Stealth2242 These are not the tweets you are looking for.

  20. WhiteFire37 says:

    Can i just point out that when spark unlimited put up ‘unannounced project’ on their site with the info, it may have aready been noticed and probaley a throw away idea but they said the unnanounced project that they ‘are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game sequel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC release’ Its obviouse about the High Profile and game sequel part, but as i recall, Star Wars Battlefront 2 were only on the Playstation 2, X-box, PSP and the PC. Now set aside the PSP part and do those other platforms sound familiar? It is probaley just a coincidence but still another small connection.
    Dont forget they also said ‘…to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience’ we aready no about the audience part, the roll that us fans play but what about the Triple-A part? pretty sure (according to wikipedia) that ‘It placed sixth in overall sales for 2005, according to the NPD Group. It was listed as the second most-played Xbox title in 2007, and would place third in 2008. In 2009 Star Wars: Battlefront II would reclaim second place once more.’ Sounds Triple-A worthy to me!
    What are your thoughts?

  21. SW-mega-nerd says:

    ok i’ve done some research, i think it could be either battlefront 3, or republic commando 2-

    Spark unlimited-
    -a shooter (btw i’ve done some looking and saw that they need people to work on a game that is third person and/or FIRST PERSON shooter. in the star wars battlefront games, you can switch between first and third- Republic commando is first person)
    -on PS3, XBOX360, and PC
    -major scifi franchise game (star wars!!! however, yall fail to see that this could also be star trek! or something else completely different…maybe somebody should look into that)
    -need people to work on non-organic characters (robots[droids])
    -the publisher is in the process of making another game (could be SWTOR)
    -all those star wars references in their tweets (YO I HAVE A THEORY- ok, so like yall said, they know that peepl think they are working on battlefront 3, but they could be using that thougth against us and just playing with our heads!!!)

    lucasarts stuff-
    -have yall noticed that link at the top of lucasarts’s home page? it is job applications- they are working on a first person shooter! also it said something about san francisco all over that page. ik sparkunlimited works out of california, does anybody know what city? i didn’t look that up maybe i should…

    anyway, that’s all the evidence i have collected. for me, the the question isn’t wether or not it is a star wars game- the question is if it is Star Wars Battlefront 3 or Republic Commando 2. (which would likely be called Imperial Commando)

    • tmartn says:

      Sorry SW-Mega Nerd, but Spark already said they have played the previous entrieS (as in more than one) in the series SW BTTLFRNT 1 &2 vs RC 1

      Also, they’re other game cant be SWTOR, that is made by Bioware, Published by EA, and Liscensed by LucasArts and will be released on December 21st or something.

  22. Slashmol says:

    They’re saving this for when they run out of ideas… This company has made some pretty crappy games, hope they don’t ruin this

  23. Husk says:

    Guys, you’re forgetting……Paul Meegan the new Lucasarts president has stated that all Star Wars games will now be developed internally…the last two star wars games to be developed externally are TOR and Kinect. It can’t be SPARK. So quit pestering them.

  24. Maclean Samis says:

    My wishlist for SWBF3:

    -Improved AI
    -CoD scoping view on 1st person view
    -An old republic era mode
    -More than 6 infantry class units per team (8-10 would be nice)
    -Heroes that have more unique force abilities
    -New maps (but also bring back some of the old maps from SWBF1)
    -Scorch marks from blaster fire and explosions.
    -More damage aflicted by granades and rockets on tanks and ships

  25. Kal Skirata says:

    More hintish tweets!!!

    @BattleDroid55 Yes, I am pretty sure some people worked with 2015 at some time. At least I have heard war stories.

    @AgentBluex Those kind of details about the game have not been released and tend to be ammo for marketing plans leading up to release.

    @nickamite36 We have done similar things in the past. It all depends if we have time and space to get it done.

    Space, war, ammo! Sounds like Star Wars!

  26. Garlien says:

    Hey everybody,
    I have been paying attention to this website for a long time, but I have never commented. Anyways, I think that all these clues point towards swbf3, but one thing makes me think twice. That thing is the music. I am not going to try to pronounce the composer’s name, but he is not John Williams. He may be able to copy him, but if they were going to tell us about the music, couldn’t they just tell us that the music is already in existence? I’m not saying they need to only use star wars music, it just worries me.

  27. Kal Skirata says:

    BattleDroid55 J
    @sparkunlimited So just to be clear, you’re saying the game could not have been under development by a previous studio *cough* free radical?
    12 hours ago
    in reply to ↑

    Spark Unlimited
    @BattleDroid55 Don’t equate the title of game with the game itself. Tha’s like voting for an initiative on the title rather than content.

    This could mean:

    A: The game is battlefront 3 but that is not the official title
    B: The game is called battlefront 3 but is different from Free Radical’s version (no X1 and X2, different HUD, etc)

  28. tmartn says:

    just an update
    Jason Synge, A.K.A, avpsagaman on twitter asked sparked this,
    “@sparkunlimited Are you working with Lucas Arts on a new game?”
    suprisingly enough, instead of saying contact the publisher, we got a 2 park response,
    SPARK’s Reply, “@avpsagaman The question of which publisher we are working with needs to ask of the publisher. ASK GENERALS ABOUT THE WAR, NOT THE SOLDIERS.
    Seems like a shooting, war game subtle hint.

  29. tmartn says:

    Just an update-I was reading comments on the last rumor,
    “A few small updates;Lucasart’s Domain & VGA’s'”
    It was about remastering SW BTTLFRNT 1&2 in HD, Well
    I was at Target, and In the game section in the PC Section there was Star Wars Fan Favorites 1,
    I picked it up, and squealed when I saw it had SW BTTLFRONT 1&2 and RC in one package,
    Now only if I had a computer that can handle graphics?

  30. tmartn says:

    Hmm, I think Spark flagged my twitter or something. I send them, whenever I am online, like 2 tweets every time. I have been asking good questions that dont reveal the game, dont break their disclosure agreement, and dont reveall the publisher.

    Like this, “Since your making a Sci-Fi game, is it safe to say that the game will incorporate space elements along with space elements”


  31. tmartn says:

    Well, I checked Sparks Twitter and
    “yes, I do have a favorite game. No, I wouldn’t want to make it. DOES A MOVIE DIRECTOR WATCH HIS MOVIES OVER AND OVER?”
    Hmm, could be a George Lucas reference, I dont know many scifi action adventure games that have a movie about that brand. But that is my 2 cents.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      that, coupled with far far away, light from stars billions of years old, we are aware people think we r making swbf3, war general not soldiers, BTLLFRONT(?), responding to a mention of free radical (and correcting the tweeter) all leads me to believe that they have to be making it.

  32. Kal Skirata says:

    On twitter spark actually confirmed that THEY KNOW PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE MAKING BF3. If they are actually not making it they must feel terrible right now, but if they are….yay.

  33. person whos not using a name says:

    Okay I think that best on all fronts was read wrong by youu guys.
    I think it means a front like in war. 8I think the tweet was meant to be much more vague, nevertheless it does still appear to be a BF3 hint. BTTLEFRONT was just a cooincidince. Anybody else think so

    • tmartn says:

      well, far far away is obviously star wars, but best on all fronts seems too much like a coincedence. they (spark) is probably keeping our hopes alive without breaking their “NO TALK” contract

  34. tmartn says:

    Im am making a star wars Battlefront 3,
    It Should be up in like a week or two,
    This way, people can comment live

    FOR NOW FOLLOW MY LINk (CLICK MY NAME) and talk on blog,
    Sorry, it is a black ops wii clan website I made I will comment when I make the website.

  35. tmartn says:

    Damn, my hopes skyrocketed when i saw a few posts about
    They shot up about 67.9x more when the website loaded but…
    Fell all the way down to about 1.5x when I saw it was just a convention,

  36. Epic Katarn says:

    This is what I found on

    Fusible revealed that LucasFilm recently registered several domain names for the mysterious property Star Wars: Identities.

    According to the site, “Three domain names were registered on November 7th through Corporation Service Company, a brand protection service:, (typo) and”

    – what is LA up to?

    • Kal Skirata says:

      SW identities is now confirmed to be a museum exhibit about luke and anakin.

      • tmartn says:

        Sorry, Kal, but I beat you to it by an hour but that doesn’t matter, since comments appear the next day.

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Thats fine, its not a race and the internet is for everyone, for all we know someone could have beat us both by 5 hours and didn’t post it.

          Happy Thanksgiving!

          • tmartn says:

            Whew! Long Day! I went to Wal-Mart at 10, The Mall at 12, and Target at 2.
            -Note to Self- Never go to the mall again, as the crazieness showed.
            Also note to everyone, never go to Toys R us or Best Buy, they always have the longest lines!

            Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Weekend, and Cyber Monday!

  37. Epic Katarn says:

    Lucasarts recently created a domain “”.
    I don’t know if this is a new video game or what, but it could be what LA is working on.

  38. chris4335uk says:

    i am really hoping that battlefront 3 will be similar to that leaked footage that got released (which seems a life time ago)… that was the game that was just epic. if spark is making battlefront, if they pull this off…

  39. Joey says:

    Hopefully you guys have heard that Lucas art purchased the domain name Star Wars: Identities. First off, i dont believe LA in saying that it is not a video game, to protect their own interest they would want to cover this issue up quickly. Ever considered the idea that Star Wars may have its own form of Battelog/Elite website for an upcoming game? Could this be it? Hopefully for BAttlefront 3. This idea is probably CRAZY though.

  40. DeltaDelish says:

    Did anyone notice one of the job listings is “multiplayer engineer”?

  41. sicirus says:

    well my first shooter was battlefront 1 when I was 8, all those years ago and now I hope that my favorite game will be back!

  42. Basic says:

    What if it is like a Star Wars Jedi Acadmy 4 or something!? =C

  43. tmartn says:

    [ ] Beat the Campaign on all difficulties. – 150 G or Silver Trophy
    [ ] Control the Galaxy in Galactic Conquest with all 4 factions – 300 G or Gold Trophy
    [ ] Play on all Instant Action maps without editing the setting – 100 G or Bronze Trophy

  44. Aaron says:

    Wow! i would kill for this game!!!!

    I have a PS3 and now just got a PS2 solely for battlefront 2 and dang its amazing! Please bring the art of battlefront back!!

  45. Kal Skirata says:

    Does anyone know if Spark has hired a senior story writer?

    JK4= story

    BF3= almost no story

    The results would be telling…

    • tmartn says:

      I kind of disagree. I thought BATTLEFRONT 2 had a decent story, through the eyes of the 501st was smart, but it kind of dipped when you become the empire

      • Kal Skirata says:

        I agree with you, but pretty much anyone creative could’ve made that.

        Have you played Jedi Knight games? They have tons more story (though Academy was kind of weak because of the player-created character)

        Yeah, BF started kind of nice, detailing battles and motives to some extent, and then GO KILL SOME NATIVES. GO KILL SOME JEDI. DEFEND THIS CP WHILE WE GO KILL GEONOSIANS.

        And then BAM somehow the Empire wins Endor πŸ˜‰

        • tmartn says:

          Just a note, I am not creative πŸ™‚
          Also I have not played Jedi Knights games, I have played: SW Battlefront 1 & 2, The original Star Wars: KOTOR, and Star Wars Starfighter and Star Wars Podracer, oh yeah, and that crappy battlefront:elite squadron for ds that was such a fail I dont want to talk about it.

          • Kal Skirata says:

            urrrgh battlefront for ds! I own it too, it’s kind of a disgrace (alright for a ds game though).

            KOTOR is amazing! I actually hum the Old republic theme all the time…

            I want my own Ebon Hawk and Revan armor soooo much. I hope [redacted] (LS and DS) is in BF3.

            [redacted] is for spoilers. Even from a 2004 game, the amazing plot twist should not be spoiled!!!

  46. Rainz says:

    I think Spark is dying to tell us that it’s Battlefront 3, but I guess because of LucasArts they can’t reveal anything at the moment, so they’re giving us little hints to keep hope alive.

  47. Chubby Checker says:

    Spark also tweeted this:

    @killingnoobs101 The publisher wants everything to be secret during this season as not to draw attention from their other games. So be it.
    8 Nov

    Sounds just like what has been said about LucasArts wanting to keep the focus on The Old Republic.

  48. unit 005 says:

    Ok, if you think this is a Star Trek game then turn away slowly and cry in bed LOL. But seriously now, this game has to be 100% a Star Wars game, I mean really, would you use a very famous quote from Star Wars if you weren’t making a Star Wars game? No you wouldn’t, now the question is: IS it Battlefront 3? only time will tell.
    ‘The force is strong with this one’


    • tmartn says:

      I just read some other comment and it got me thinking
      i know that is mean and is probably isn’t true but that really has me thinking.

      • jdom503 says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were using the publicity they are getting from us for a different game. It would make sense in the fact that they haven’t had a game that is or considered a top seller in along time. Any publicity for them and the more people that know about them making a game is good for them no matter what the game turns out to be. Now that being said i do think this is SWBF3. Until recently this game was rumored all over the internet to be in production. New news and rumors were everywhere, but now its quiet out there. The only rumor now is that Spark is making the game and thats really it, nothing else really. This does encourage me because i dont believe in coincidents. This plus the timing plus some of the guys that were working on it before are now with Spark just leads me to think hey this might just get done this time (knocks on wood). I just hope this is going to turn out to be the real deal and not some attention grab.

      • DeltaDelish says:

        If spark does in fact lead us on for a huge disappointment many people will be so disgusted by them they wont buy their new game

  49. tmartn says:

    i just read twitter and:
    -MrPorkSack said something about cloning and spark said cloning back


    someone said they followed spark and it referenced them to admiral ackbar
    Sparks reply: Weird. We’ll look into it.

  50. Obi wan fan says:

    Does anyone think that spark could be working on a game called NOVA 3? It is a sci fi action shooter with two previous installments with quit a lot of fans awaiting it. It is also rumored to be made on th unreal engine 3.

    • Epic Katarn says:

      If you would just read the previous comments you would have realized that youre obviously wrong.

      • Kal Skirata says:

        Maybe he didn’t read the above comments. Maybe i’m just reading your comment wrong Katarn, but please do not bash people-obviously wrong he may be, but it was still a legitimate question.

        Nice name anyway ;D

        • Epic Katarn says:

          I agree that sometimes I bash people and that is bad. Sorry Obi Wan fan
          Thanks for liking my name I’ve read this website for a pretty long time before I actually posted on it, and I thought pretty hard to think of a good name.

  51. Kal Skirata says:

    Hey, since several others and myself have mentioned JKA 2 as a possibility, I ask now: has Spark hired a Story writer? The Jedi knight games have always had a decent story element to them, this would be telling. BF 1 and 2 had pretty much zero story, only stuff anyone could come up with.

    Does anyone know if Spark has hired a Senior Story Writer?

    Also, in another tweet they said somehting like “those following us make up the core audience of the game”.

    1. Core audience is following
    2. We are following, spark probably knows this
    3. We are battlefrontians
    4. If battlefrontians are the core audience, the game is Battlefront
    5. Therefore, the game is Battlefront 3. QED

  52. Ian K says:

    I have a friend who used to work at Lusafilms, and she said that LucasArts is really a wicked step-child of the operation, that Lucas rarely meets with the game team within a given calendar year, and that it’s usually considered just another licensing channel. All that is to say that a: Lucas won’t bale out anybody if Old Republic fails, and b: some other licensee will quickly fill any void created by a failure.

    To wit- if Old Republic fails, it may actually get LucasArts to refocus on BF3. Not that I want Old Republic to fail, I just WANT MY FRIGGIN BF3!!!!

  53. Matt says:

    sparkunlimited Spark Unlimited
    @erkha343 When I look up at the stars and realize I am looking at light millions or billions years old, it makes my head spin.
    7 Nov

    It’s Battlefront 3! End of story!!

  54. Joey says:

    a jobs posting for a first person shooter on lucasarts jobs page also states that rpg experience is a plus. Hmmmmm. I hink that could mean the rpg game may have a first person element.

  55. Joey says:

    I have news. If you loook at lucasarts jobs listing their is a job for a rendeering engineer(first operson shooter) that “The Rendering Engineer performs in the role of a Graphics Programmer for current and next
    generation consoles.” Next Gen Consoles!!!! Probable not BF3 bc spark is doing that but this is probable something like Jedi Knight or Republic Commando. Go to tuggiegamereviews on youtube. Tuggie covers battlefront 3 better than anyone else.

  56. firedash says:

    Another tweet from spark says: “The publisher wants everything to be secret during this season as not to draw attention from their other games. So be it”. The other games part makes sense and the “So be it” could be another refrence.

    • unit 005 says:

      Do you mean the ‘so be it’ that Darth Vader said in the original trilogy? (I think it was Return of the Jedi when Luke refuses to join the Emperor, or somethin like that)

  57. sar says:

    For me we know for a fact its star wars, but the second clue I agree it suggests battlefront just by the use of the word front, but it does seem very peculiar to use the phrase best on all fronts, I truly believe they are making bf3 now the real question is will they destroy the franchise or completely revamp and reboot it to its former glory…maybe even surpass expectation. only time will tell, clouded the future is.

    • Crazy JOE says:

      i will just say this, i’ve seen all the comments about the sparks game being a sequel to jedi academy, republic commando or kotor. well here are my thoughts:

      1: it won’t be republic commando, (although it would be cool if it was)

      2: i doubt it will be Jedi Academy (Lucas probably wont expand on Luke’s story anymore so i dont think they’d bring that series back.)

      3: bioware would be involved if it were kotor.

      4: I will just say that based on what i’ve seen from sparks i think swbf3 will be the next game (dont hold your breath until 2012, you wont here a gorram thing about it until then)

      5: dont give up hope, swbf2 was the 2nd highest community on the old XBL (second only to halo 2) they wouldn’t let those numbers go to waste, they’ll rehash it at some point.

      6: if they can make 3 Modern Warfares, 3 Battlefields, 3 Fears, 3 Just Dance games, 3 Halos (then 3 more), 3 Saints Rows, 3 Killzones, 3 Call of Juarez, 3 Mass Effects, 3 Uncharted, and 3 Gears games….

      then there will be a Star Wars Battlefront 3.


      • GWAdmin says:

        Wouldn’t it be better if they merged Republic Commando with BF3? I mean the campaign in RC was amazing, but had no replay value…BF3 had a mediocre campaign but incredible replay value…

        Put 2 and 2 together….

        Just my 2 cents

      • Kal Skirata says:

        BUt Valve can’t count to 3!

        2 portals
        2 team fortresses
        2 half-lifes (2 episodes each)
        2 counter-strikes
        2 left 4 deads

        πŸ˜€ Good thing its lucasarts not Valve!

        • Crazy JOE says:

          lucasarts can count as high as they need to.

        • tmartn says:

          Actually, sorry to burst your bubble but Valve has announced Diablo III, so they are moving on to number 3’s. Although, I saw Diablo 3 in GameInformer Preview Section, and under release date it said TBA so we have some time until Valve counts to three.

          • Kal Skirata says:

            Diablo is owned by Blizzard, and has affiliations with Ubisoft and EA.

            No valve- however, I think there are 3 counterstrikes but none have the word 3 in the title

          • GWAdmin says:

            Umm…Diablo III is made by Activision-Blizzard…specifically Blizzard

            Valve makes half-life, portal and Team Fortress…

            Your argument is invalid…

          • tmartn says:

            Woops, great spots, I must of been thinking of Dota 2, but you know, thats #2

  58. WhiteFire37 says:

    Hope you dont mind but i advertised the site on a facebook battlefront 3 page πŸ™‚ to raise awareness!

  59. BigBenC07 says:

    I recently told my friend about the “far far away” tweet and he brought up something that is just devastating…… What if everything points towards BF3 and at the announcement they unveil A new Shrek FPS Battle for the Kingdom of Far Far Away!!!!! I would be so unbelievably mad if Spark made some ridiculous game like this.

  60. Redline says:

    What do you say to this?

    @Spark Unlimited
    Is your publisher a famous one?

    @Redline019 The publisher is a seasoned publisher. This is a sequel to something of obviously successful. They do have other games out there.

    How obvious it is, it only can be LucasArts.

  61. stephen says:

    i hope its bf3 but it lost planet 3 also fits that description

  62. Sparks says:

    β€œBest on all fronts= BesT on aLL FRONTs= BTTLFRONT”
    That is stupid. You’re worse than the people who thought Sheppard was related to Portal because some keys stood out.

    Best on all fronts = Best of the Battlefronts.
    From the best we expect the best = BF was their best selling series of the Star Wars franchise. Thus they expect the ‘best’ from their ‘best series’.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Sheppard is related to portal

      GFW: What are the odds, though? And then the keyboards’ A, S, D, E, R, H, N, I, and P keys are highlighted in the Aperture observation rooms.
      KS: We added those after people pointed out the ASHPD stuff.
      GFW: So you’re feeding the significance junkies, then?
      KS: [Laughing] Yeah. It’s a red herring, a tribute to the hardcore.


      Half life and Portal ARE in the same universe. Black Mesa and Aperture ARE rival companies and have been mentioned in both games. If they are in the same universe then Sheppard IS related to portal IF ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE. I am somehow related to you as well. My particles’ gravity affect yours.

    • good grief says:

      i agree this “Best on all fronts = BesT on aLL FRONTs = BTTLFRONT” is complete BS to an extent.

      1. (this has been driving me nuts because nobody else has commented about it) look at the phrase ‘BesT on aLL FRONTs.’ I dont see 2 T’s in caps, i see only 1. and i dont see 1 L in caps i see 2. So it would actually be BTLLFRONT, not BTTLFRONT

      2.this is just a stupid analogy, i agree that the choice of using “best on all fronts” is a reference to battlefront, but this whole BTTLFRONT thing is a joke

      • Kal Skirata says:

        Yeah i know its a major stretch, but still, its something, right? Even total crap is better than nothing?

        It helps keep hopes up, which is after all the purpose of this site.

        Along the lines of Far Far away, which is certainly star wars, they mentioned ”
        erkha343 erkha
        @sparkunlimited So, your game has a sci-fi setting, is it set in our galaxy, or in another one, is it the future, or long ago?

        Spark Unlimited
        @erkha343 When I look up at the stars and realize I am looking at light millions or billions years old, it makes my head spin.”

        While this seems like regular Spark-question-avoiding, billions of years IS a LONG TIME AGO. This could be more wishful thinking on my part, or it could be a Freudian slip or hint.

        Anyways, I just relay info. Some people on here find the BTLLFRONT thing to be some evidence, others don’t. But as long as some do its worth it to mention. Sorry for the long post. Also Kudos to Sparks up there for mentioning Portal and Battlefront in the same post. πŸ™‚

  63. WHOYAYBABY says:

    Yes but they also said the same thing for some Star Treck game, so they are keeping total secrecy.


    It could be Star fox, i don’t know how popular that was, but i doubt it because it would be developed by nintendo and published by nintendo for nintendo only. Also spark tweeted that once the game is announced the publisher will handle the MASSIVE fan-base. Its a good sign. I believe the game will be announced at next years e3 and be available at holiday 2014. Since when did lucas arts announce the game and release it in the same year. Spark has to be making the game. If they are I hope that they are able add in a way to add accurate destruction and response to vehicles, and the ability to command larger warships and troop more effectively. I would love to see a first person option. I wonder if they will develop it for the Ps vita.

  65. Wallace says:

    Dudes, “Far, far away” “best on all fronts”!!!!!!!!!!
    I am getting so excited this game will be the most anticipated video game ever not ModernWarfare3!!!! STAR WARS NERD-FANS RULE FOREVER.

  66. Iezza says:


    “Creating an engine take a lot of time and talent. I say it takes 3 games to mature an engine. Not enough time for a sequel.”

    Is this good.. or bad πŸ˜•

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Neutral. They were talking about about the possibility of making their own engine, but Unreal (which is what they’re using) has already been used for many games before this. Breathe easy ner vod πŸ˜€

  67. Guiga_MD says:

    Just one more commentary: you evaluate one game by how its impress the young ones of the new generation (my nephews): “Look kids, its BF2!!!” Reply: “Uhghhh uncle, it so archaic, it is so ugly!!” Damn…i am becoming old!

  68. Guiga_MD says:

    Hey guys. I am not here to blow up your expectations, but…what the hell. I think that BF3 will be released, in this console generation or in the next (that is pretty close), but….not right now. When i say this (and i hope to be wrong), i say not now or in 6 months or 1 year. You know why? Because some stupid guy had leaked the footage. I agree with the guy below that said that LA is putting all its efforts in TOR, so even if 50% of the BF3 is made, still lefts 50%, that need the investment of LA. And what LA is thinking right now? In finish and pray to TOR makes a huge sucess, how to restore the sucess of the TFU saga (and how the hell they will end that s… story of the second one [darth vader arrested…c’mon!! ]) and how piss off the BF fans. I am wainting for this game for too long, but i will not give up…but damn…is really delayed!!!

    • Evanf says:

      LA? Anyways, it will take awhile for BF3 to get here. Can you copy and paste a link to the leaked footage on your reply comment? But is the leaked footage in 2009 or in 2011?

      Click “Evanf” to join the committee!

    • DeltaDelish says:

      he’s kinda right about TFU. you cant just leave DV in a holding cell forever, BUT this game is hiring a multiplayer engineer. i really don’t know any high profile sci-fi sequal for ALL platforms WITH a multiplayer feature

  69. tmartn says:

    Hey check and search it is all registered by LucasArts.
    I know this website already told us this but check it for yourself. It also says they have had that domain since October 19, 2004.

    • Evanf says:

      And it was last accessed by them October 2011! So they may be building it now, you never know. I certainly hope so!

      Click “Evanf” to join the committee!

  70. RWTW says:

    Could be taking advantage of the attention to get their company noticed. Sorry to be pessimistic but i just don’t wanna get my hopes up.

  71. Evanf says:

    We all know it is coming out, it is pretty obvious. I am just glad I know it is, and not how long it will take. I did find something pretty interesting:

    “@Lord_Conflict I am growing confident that reveal will not happen this year. I hope we do announce it before the end of the world next year.”

    So possibly, it may take awhile for them to make, and it could be out by late 2013. I was at least hoping 2012, but I could be wrong.

    –Click “Evanf”

  72. Jeff says:

    The BTTLFRONT clue makes me wonder if Spark had an ex-con who is skilled in prison style writing make that tweet.

  73. Joel says:

    Can’t help but grin…

  74. kixzynz says:

    Watching VGA ( First Time Ever) to see atleast a trailer,
    I tweeted twice to spark, saying:
    1.@sparkunlimited I know I cant ask what game but did you make trailer or a demo for an upcoming game show or convention w/publishers ok first
    2.SPARK,will your AAA game have traits similar to CoD:FH and I mean the gameplay(like ADS)This can be answered without publisher permission
    Hopefully I get feedback!!!

  75. ShogunWarrior825 says:

    Has anyone ever considered that Spark may be doing a SW game, but not necessarily BF3? I mean I think the whole “fronts” thing is a bit of a stretch. I think that it is possible that they are making BF3, but at the same time they could also be making a different SW game. Maybe one where you reprise the role of a Jedi (custom or not doesn’t matter). Kind of along the lines of KOTOR/II but where the mechanic is like that of SW EP.III

    • Starkiller97 says:

      Why would they be making a KOTOR II if they’re just now coming out with TOR which is somewhat a KOTOR sequel? Trust me, if they are making a SW game, it is definitely BF3.

      • Evanf says:

        Starkiller… Not exactly. The description almost perfectly matches Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It could be a sequel to that. Sorry to bring bad news, but it could be the sequel to that game.

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Sorry to nag but technically there already is a KOTOR 2, and TOR would be third. The biggest thing that points to BF3 and not JKA2 is that Spark has done mostly shooters in the past (though they did say in a tweet that shooters did not comprise all of their experience).

          I definitely wouldn’t mind a Jedi Knight game, but I still want battlefront more.

        • Starkiller97 says:

          Evanf, I have personally never played the Jedi Academy series, but are they 1st/3rd person shooter based games? From what I have heard, they are not, and the game description of the secret project on Spark specifies 1st/3rd person shooting. And sorry, Kal, your right, I forgot that there is a KOTOR II.

          • Kal Skirata says:

            Oh thats fine I just wanted to clarify. On JKA, It is mainly 3rd person lightsaber combat, but you can have guns and can shoot the guns in either 1st or 3rd person. Gameplay is here

            Since Battlefront can be 1st or 3rd… the jury is out, but BF3 is definitely more “highly anticipated”

          • Evanf says:

            I believe it is, it has been forever since I have played it. But, I agree with Kal, the highest percentage is Battlefront 3. I just can’t wait to get SWTOR, I can’t wait until the eternity vault!

            Click “Evanf” if you want to join the committee!

      • ShogunWarrior825 says:

        @starkiller97 I’m not saying that it’s impossible for them to be making BF3, but I’m just throwing out the possibility that it might not be a that specific game. Furthermore SWTOR can’t be considered a sequel to KOTOR or KOTOR II if the overall story doesn’t link/conclude in any way, shape, or form. As far as I’m aware TOR is a player driven story in which the player has control over what goes down with the story with many possibilities, unlike KOTOR/ KOTOR II which was fairly linear in that there are two real endings (dark side/ light side). It could be BF3, it could be something else. All I’m really saying is that it doesn’t make sense in getting your hopes up over “facts” that can be seen as trying to make things fit that don’t exist. All we can do is wait until Spark announces this unannounced project.

        • Starkiller97 says:

          I agree with you on many points. However, if you have visited the official SWTOR website, you can watch holologs that tell the pre-story of TOR. The whole story of Revan and the sith tie in to the story of the first Galactic Civil war, whic is the story of TOR.

  76. -x- says:

    Contracts keep Sparks from making any mention, period. Lucas Arts Marketing has allowed/told Sparks Unlimited to make both Tweets. Both are in reference to you know what.

  77. Spaceboi says:

    ive had a thought , it may be wrong but i was looking through there twitter page and saw a new tweet “@ohyeah2545 If you want word on Battlefront, you need to contact Lucasarts. We can’t comment on what or hint at we are working on.) well if there not working on it then cant they say there not as they cant say if they are but can say if there not ?

  78. Parthros says:

    Hello fellow Battlefront fans! While these do seem like obvious hints (although the second one was EXTREMELY forced) that Spark is working on the game, there has been no official confirmation. Remember what happened when BF3 was coming out the first time? Some footage got leaked, then, well you know what happened. If anything, these could be coincidence, or they realize that we speculate they are making BF3 and are just messing with us. While I hope that we will see Battlefront 3 within the next year or two, this could just be a repeat of what happened before. Plus, if you look at Spark’s history, they have yet to make a really good game. Each game has either been average or below average. While I hope that IF they are making Battlefront, that LucasArts pushes them to make a good game, rather than another average one. In addition, currently, LucasArts has invested all their money in The Old Republic, meaning that if that game doesn’t do well, chances are that LucasArts won’t be making any other games, including Battlefront. So, if you want to see Battlefront 3, you may need to cough up the dough for The Old Republic.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      k well Spark’s game is already probably like 60% done LA wouldn’t scrap it after all the effort and cash they put into it.

      The only reason Pandemic and Free radical fell through was because those companies died. If Spark doesn’t die than BF3 will come out no matter how much success TOR has- Lucas has deep pockets.

      And Spark won’t die, because they are working on TWO (2) games right now-you don’t do that if you’re dying:

      @sparkunlimited Are you guys only working on one game right now?

      Spark Unlimited
      @HRastapopulous As some followers spotted, the new job listing for Art Director is for pre-production, therefore not the current project

      • I agree, Kal. They won’t die anytime soon. And I think all of us are certain that Battlefront 3 is coming out. (I hope they include Cato Neimoidia! I love that level already!) And their hints, and they probally know we are asking them and theyare trying to give us hints without telling everyone. They are being very cheeky about it, and I for one, am glad.

      • Chris G. says:

        Nice name πŸ˜› Nice to see a fellow Mando Ad patrioteer ;D

        • Kal Skirata says:

          Kandosii ner vod! I just hate how CW made the mandos into pacifists- how do Jango and Boba come from a peace loving society? It doesn’t even make sense. Traviss Fandalorians all the way πŸ˜€

          • sar says:

            hey does anyone think it could be the force unleashed 3. Although in my opinion it sounds like the’re making SW BF3.

      • db022190 says:

        Didn’t LA already scrap a version of Battlefront 3 more than 60% done after a bunch of cash was poured into it!? Also don’t get so excited about the “far, far away” comment… it doesn’t really have to mean it’s a SW referance.

      • Parthros says:

        At the same time, the Battlefront 3 that we saw before appeared to be more than 60% finished when it was canceled. I realize that this was because the companies went bankrupt, but it is still possible that LucasArts decides to drop the game. Plus, it is still NOT confirmed that Spark is working on Battlefront 3. It could be another game entirely. My point is, don’t get too worked up because we could all be disappointed again.

      • guppy31994 says:

        @coryking7 standard weekly response: if you want word on Battlefront product info contact LA.

        Maybe this is another sign?

    • Trololol says:

      finally someone else mentions that spark could just be saying this to screw with us and get in the spotlight. i sure hope it is battlefront 3 but theres always a chance that sparks just trolling for attention. i mean think about it: what NDA would bend as far as letting spark tweet this “far, far away” thing without getting in some sort of trouble with LA

      it just seems too good to be true, but as i mentioned before i hope it is bf3 <3

      • Gandalf says:

        Another twitter reference

        killingnoobs101 nicholas giordano
        @sparkunlimited How big are you compared to some of the other popular game developers?
        11 hours ago
        in reply to ↑

        Spark Unlimited
        @killingnoobs101 I am not privy to other companies staffing levels. I suspect we will have the same number of credits as in comparable game
        11 hours ago via web

        They use the word credit instead of budget…I think that’s another tease. It’s quite possible that they’re just leading us on (like all the girls did to me in year 10……)

    • Craig23 says:

      The idea that SWTOR will not do well is pathetic, Im testing the game and it is quite frankly one of the best PC games that I’ve played so far. The only limmitation of the game is my PC, (which is rather rubish). I have great faith that the game will do extreamly well.

  79. Kal Skirata says:

    I think that Spark should include a new special mode (like HUNT) called Spy Mode or something.

    Every respawn there is a chance 20% or something that you will be able to be Spy Class- a class that would be similar in design to the spy in TF2.

    Any thoughts?

  80. Starkiller97 says:

    Greetings fellow Battlefrontians,
    There is simply no way that this will not happen. Spark is being far to obvious, to the point where the only thing they could do to confirm our suspicions more would be to announce the game. However, with every tidbit that Spark sends us, there must be some degree of skeptically. Personally I believe it will happen, but keep your fingers crossed until the happy day.
    Keep up hope, Battlefrontians!

  81. Joe says:

    to those who didn’t believe….ye had little faith! theres no way it cnt be bf3

  82. Master ken says:

    Come on guys its been years since we have hearing rumors of this and that and whos making it. This tweet is no different from other rumors that have been very misleading. Im not disbeliving, i simply dont buy into these crappy hints. For all we know it could be another game being developed. Im sure what ever it is sparkunlimited is working, well know something more concrete by the end of this year. Lets just hope its not another force unleashed sequel.

    • spartan64 says:

      It won’t be another force unleashed because it isn’t 1st person. Plus TFU1 and TFU2 were made on multiple engines but spark is only working on one, the Unreal Engine 3.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Its pretty much guaranteed…what with spark having developed shooters in the past I say its about

      80% chance BF3
      16% chance Jedi Knight sequel (3rd person action/adventure, many previous installments)
      3% other Star Wars (though I can’t think of any other game that fits)
      1% completely different game

  83. Phil says:

    Here is all the data I have colleted:

    Far far away and fronts references
    It is a 3rd person action adventure
    They say that the publisher has other stuff going on (SWTOR?)
    Lucasarts – on wikipedia it says that they are making a shooter
    Unreal 3 engine (used for these kinds of games)
    Gamespy bf3 servers
    It’s a sequel
    It’s a sequel to a sequel (they said previous versionS of the game)
    Highly critical audience
    Long awaiting audience

    Reply to me with more info if you find it

    • metallicorphan says:

      did they not say it was Sci-Fi as well?,I’m sure i remember that somewhere

      they also took on a Visualization Artist named ‘Christine B’,who the guys on the LucasArts forums(VaderDemise) think could be this lady,who used to work with LucasArts

      Christine Bigelow

      • Thomas says:

        Yes! They have said it is Sci-Fi game.
        “3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development” (Quote from the job description of the Senior Combat Designer)
        Like i’ve said before, there is no way that spark is not developing Battlefront 3, its so clear that they are, and for all the people thinking ‘there is no way battlefront 3 will ever come out’ then your dead wrong! πŸ˜€

        • metallicorphan says:

          @Thomas – you know,i just came on here to say i just got a tweet back from Spark saying they never said Sci-Fi(i sent them a tweet asking,you can see their tweet reply to me on their website)…but yeah,i remember reading that now,and just checked myself and you are right

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Creature, human, and non-organic (robot) character models

      Lucasarts hiring engineers

      For Xbox360, PC and PS3
      It’s a triple-A game
      Spark has done shooters in the past

      Thats all I can think of

    • Thomas says:

      Nice info, i am aslo doing the same thing as you, collecting as much info as i can πŸ™‚
      I have a few more things to share with you.

      1) according to this website,lucasarts bought a copy of the unreal engine from epic games, and when they did a few days later, jobs on spark’s website came on about the unreal engine 3.
      2) If you look at lucasarts current job listings, it states they are working on and Action/Adventure title. Also, the jobs require you to work in California, which is also were sparks’s studio is located.

      I think this is strong and interesting evidence, and i am 100% sure that Spark Unlimited are working on Star Wars Battlefront 3. πŸ˜€

  84. Mike says:

    Battlefront 3 is going to be announced at the VGAs. Close enough to TOR to not hurt sales numbers, but keep fans engaged in what Lucas Arts has down the line.

    • Epic Katarn says:

      That sounds great and all, but if you look at sparks website it says that the game will probably be announced sometime next year. This is probably because SW Kinect is coming out early 2012 and LA didn’t want to hurt its sales. I predict that if Spark is makng BF3, that it will be announced at E3 2012.

      I’m going to play Battlefront 2 now!

      • Tom says:

        I got the PS2 down a few days ago and after playing a few hours of BF2 and ranting about BF3 with my mates, i began researching.
        The evidence seems obvious to me. It is being developed by Spark and will be released at the nearest E3 or the next.
        Unbelievably excited! πŸ˜€

  85. metallicorphan says:

    they have had two tweets that have the word ‘Front’ in,inbetween the two shown above(26th Oct)

    the one above,and this one

    sparkunlimited Spark Unlimited

    @xIkennethIx Ah… you assume that our shipped titles comprise all of our experience. You would be mistaken on that front.
    26 Oct

    • Mr Snuffles says:

      exactly! this shows that the front thing is no coincidence at all!
      If the game has got something to do with both fronts and star wars, then it has to mean SWBF3!

  86. RogueStarkiller says:

    I don’t buy much into the “BesT on aLL FRONTs” thing except for the “front” part. The “best on all…” part of that sentence is just that, a regular part of the sentence and I think a lot of people are reading too far into it. The “fronts” part however, I believe is a hint at Battlefront.

    The “far, far away” is a clear hint. Think about this:

    Given: 1)Spark Unlimited, no matter what game they’re making, is aware that there is a large group of fans that believes they’re making Battlefront 3.

    2) Why then would use the phrase “far, far away” like that when they know good and well it’s a phrase most commonly associated with Star Wars?

    Therefore, they are making BF3 and may be dying to tell us more than we’re dying for the game.

  87. bean says:

    I can’t see anyway this game is not comming. Now I just hope they show a trailer at the vgas.

  88. Sith Stalker says:

    EPIC!!!! GO BATTLEFRONT!!! Or So Help me I will Personally rip out their….

  89. Redline says:

    Could be but maybe it’s just a sentence and nothing more. 0
    Unfortunately, I don’t think Battlefront 3 will be at the VGA 2011

    • Reconzfury says:

      im almost positive it will be actually

      • Epic Katarn says:

        What more does it take for you guys to convince you guys that the game will not be announced in 2011. Here is a quote from spark unlimited.

        We are using our experiences to develop a high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner. With the public disclosure expected sometime in 2012, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.

        Really guys.

        • Raptor Jesus says:

          That makes sense… i would agree with you that it wont be “disclosed” this year or at the VGA’s saturday but really, how many games were held back with “disclosure” dates but yet were released earlier than expected or by surprise.

        • Krieger says:

          Possibly another reason to convince me is this sentence: “We are devolping this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.” Back in April of 2011, LucasArts signed a contract to use the Unreal engine.

  90. Darth Slayer says:

    I just sent Tuggie a message like 2 days ago about the the same subject!
    Don’t worry I did credit Kal Skirta and others, and I found an Easter egg that hints at free radical and pandemic.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      What’s the easter egg? Do you mean the tweet:

      @DarthSantaClaus The only public information is we went into full production about 6 months. No word on the year(s) in preproduction.

      Or is it something else? We’d appreciate any information im sure πŸ™‚

      • Darth Slayer says:

        “We are looking everywhere for the appropriate talent for this game. We’ve interviewed from UK to Australia to Japan.”

        UK= Free Radical
        Australia= One of Pandemics Branches were located in Australia
        Japan=I couldn’t find anything Battlefront related in Japan…

  91. Battlefront teen says:


  92. Iwilmoth says:

    It’s possible that this is their way of saying not that it’s soon but that it is real thus the far, far away besides the reference in it.

  93. Vader'sFist501st says:

    Battlefront 3 could if done right be the best shooter game to come out, espesially if you just put it in the 3rd person shooter catagory. But just from that one leaked clip awhile back I have invisioned a game on such an epic scale and just awesome everything on a scale that has never been seen. Sure MAG has had the most players possible and that was epic in scale, but really 64 players would be even more epic if it meant better gameplay. Plus it’s Star Wars freagin Battlefront 3 people! That’s got to be the best money making idea evar!

  94. BigBenC07 says:

    I just want them to announce it already… It won’t hurt TOR sales since we’ll probably have to wait 2 years for the game release. They should use this to boost TOR sales by including some pre-order pass that we can activate later on to play the BF3 beta.

  95. axedye says:

    also their program to hire people through public recruiting, they call the public recruiters bounty hunters, just a thought to consider as well.

  96. Christ says:

    Third VGA in a row I’ve been expecting BF3 to appear. I think this year might be the one…

  97. CrazyBlackMan108 says:

    Damn…. Far Far Away Best on all Fronts Battle Front lets just put this one in the everything but confirmed box….

    • Dave! says:


      The far far away and front.

      Aswell as this !

      “also their program to hire people through public recruiting, they call the public recruiters bounty hunters, just a thought to consider as well.”

      It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside ! I hope and hope its Battlefront3 plz plz !

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