A Few Small Updates; LucasArts Domain & VGA’s

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I hope all is well with all you Battlefrontians! It’s been a long, long time since my last post so I figured I would take the time tonight to do a quick post with a few updates. This is probably the longest drought for no news in a very long time… If Spark Unlimited is making Battlefront 3, then they are doing one hell of a job of keeping it secret and they deserve a round of applause for it.

To the news.. well.. more like information.. LucasArts have renewed their domain, starwarsbattlefront3.com until October 19, 2013. This, in my opinion, is great news.. at least it will keep our hopes up for at least another 2 years!

It’s that time again as well where the buzz for the 2011 VGA’s starts stirring, and whether you like it or not, they are fast approaching! Not much has been announced yet, but we will be definitely keeping tabs on any tidbits!

The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 will air on December 10, 2011

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  1. Fevx says:

    Battlefront will have a Frostbite 3 engine

  2. Me! says:

    You must all feel dumb. Making premature assumptions and then boom, nothing for over a year.

  3. G.T. says:

    Imagine Battlefront 3 with a Frostbite 2 engine… 🙂 or something even grander.

  4. Alex says:

    do you guys think it will come out for new generation systems like 3ds and ps vita?

  5. StarKillaAMP says:

    I really just wanna get my game informer one day and see that familiar storm trooper on the cover and have it read STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3. I was 10 when BATTLEFRONT 2 came out… now im 16 and still waiting on even a tid bit of actual news. Until that day i will continue to come to this site for rumors and news. Thank You and May The Force Be With You All.

  6. Kal Skirata says:


    @spartacus128 Publisher hasn’t stated when or where the announcement will take place. The time and place could be close or far, far away.


  7. Kal Skirata says:


    @spartacus128 Publisher hasn’t stated when or where the announcement will take place. The time and place could be close or far, far away.


    ps. they also said the graphics would be better than Halo 4 and MW3

  8. chris4335uk says:

    i am pessimistic about spark making Battlefont 3 all the other games spark made were horrible… ANYWAYS i got one of the new PS3’s and now i cant play battlefront 1and 2

  9. unit 005 says:

    Lucasarts (we think) using Spark Unlimited, ha, I remember when we were all angry about this, but you never know, sometimes not the best of companies can make ground breaking products which are just too awsome to be true. Like tuggie (on youtube) said, “I belive in Spark unlimited”, I think Battlefront 3 will be in our hands in the next 2-3 years. (so what do we do in the next few years? I can’t play TFU or lego SW much longer!!!!)

  10. tmartn says:

    I was checking SPARK UNLIMITED’S twitter and @ChrisDalton said “@sparkunlimited I’m not asking for info but do you think this game your working on will be your best so far?”
    “@ChrisDalton The project has been the best on all FRONTS. From the best we expect the best. I have no doubt this effort will surpass all.”

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Sory to steal your thunder but I already posted that. They have also just hinted with the words Far Far away.

      Best on all fronts= BesT on aLL FRONTs= BTTLFRONT

      • tmartn says:

        I didnt read until today, but spark will be barraged with smart tweets by me asking about the game.
        And by smart tweets, I wont ask them who they are making it for or what is and so on

  11. lion106 says:

    just read spark’s twitter, and it said something about
    “if u have any questions about star wars, please direct them towards Lucas arts. we are not allowed to discuss what the project is we are working on”
    “we are interviewing for a 3rd person action/adventure. we have interviewed the best, ranging from the UK to china to Australia”
    might be BF3, but whatever it is, I guess it’s gonna be huge

  12. bean says:

    If this only comes out for ps3 I will be so angry. All i can say is there better be a pc version.

  13. bean says:

    why can’t these guys just say if the dang game is comeing or not thats all i want to know then i can move on. I don’t need some trailer all i want from lucas arts is a yes or a no.

  14. Darth Tarble says:

    This is interesting, please keep it coming. If S.U. does happen to be making SWBF3 I do believe that those of us in waiting shall have a Star Wars game like no other. Imagine larger maps, both space and ground. Full custom trooper creation. Much like elite squadron did with the weapons load out. With the possibility of say maybe more factions(Like the mandalorians to prime power) or mixing the battle options, anyone thinking CIS vs. Alliance? With the silence we can only imagine….for now that is, what our wondrous realm of star wars has in store for us. So let us all what and see what surprises they have in store for the best of all fronts. There are plenty of good games coming to get lost in for a while, Mass effect 3, Soul Calibur 5, and lets not forget the Bethesda masterpiece TES V: SKYRIM.

    • chris4335uk says:

      I think they should make the maps big enough for 64 plyr on and offline with the ground and space joined so players can just grab a ship and whatever


    Just found out that lucasarts signed a long term agreement for use of the Unreal engine 3. Hmmm, thats what spark is using.

  16. Sith Stalker says:

    …Ok http://www.starwarsbattlefront3.com Just redirects to the Starwars.com Homepage…Is the Domain even supposed to mean Anything???

  17. Tim says:

    What are the chances that the games is not being made by Spark unlimited ? They state on their website, that they are hiring people to work on a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise. In some of the job description they mention that it is a third-person action shooter. They are also working with the Unreal engine 3, and LucasArts just signed a multiyear contract in april with Epic games for the engine.
    I know that this has been said a couple of times, but I just wanted to say it to get it of my mind 🙂
    So in my opinion the odds look good, that the game is beeing made !! 😀

  18. modalbuffalo says:

    Does anyone know if SW Battlefronts I and II will be remastered for HD release on the PS3 or Xbox 360?

    • csavage5 says:

      I hope so… This would be the least Lucasarts could do. Fix the bugs in SWBF I & II, and release them on the PSN and XBLA.

    • unit 005 says:

      well, I think I did see battlefront 2 on PSN before, but I don’t know if its for the ps3, but if it is, then you can only get it on PSN. I know nothing of the 360 battlefront 2 (if there is one)
      p.s. long live battlefront!

    • FattleBrontFan says:


      SW: Battlefront and SW: BF2 HD ‘remasters’ were things in the works for roughly 6 or 7 months about 2 years ago, or so, if I recall correctly.

      This was right around (if not a little before) the time LucasArts re-started their huge managerial overhaul/project cancelation clusterfuck process that lead to things like TFU II, the ending of the LEGO Star Wars series, the ending of outsourced collaborations after The Old Republic, etc. I think the studio they’d tapped to handle the PSN/XBLA ports has even been shut down.

      Not sure if they’ll be picked back up (again, there was only a bare minimum of early pre-production work started), so keep hope alive. I’d love to play these again, too!

    • jmjjmj says:

      Their is no difference between HD and “normal.”

  19. P1r0S70rM says:

    All I want is battlefront 3

  20. Rof-28 says:

    dudes! i really want this game to come out! all this time waiting i’ve been coming up with different story modes they could put in this like: Knights of the old republic battles, command wars, wars that take place after the movies and even the jedi bounty hunter wars! the psp games r ok wen kill the time…but i want a real SWBF to come out! i dont think i can wait any longer man! >.<

    • Stifstumik says:

      Indeed, they could even improve the galactic conquest so that it becomes a true strategy game: f.e. Not only having to conquer the planets and commanding ships, but ground troops to move over the planet itself as well. This would make it even more epic and grand-scaled galactic conquests. I’d like to see the heroes improved as well, differ the gameplay for them a bit, Star wars Episode 3 (PS2) of The Force Unleashed style. Making (for as far as possible) the heroes a little more realistic in their moves and abilities would be nice as well (no more 1000 force jumps anymore and not as much force energy, put a separate force meter instead of ONLY a stamina-meter). These were only some ideas, so any comment is appreciated and not taken personally.

      • Doombrow says:

        I’m sure this has been thought of, but I’d like to see a creative element that involves the PSN. Something similar to the user created worlds of LittleBigPlanet. That way we could entertain ourselves and each other with fresh battles (and perhaps even campaigns) that will keep us going for the half a dozen years it’ll take to see BF4.

        Everyone keeps your hopes up. SWBF3 has way too much $$$ potential to be passed up on. Especially since the gameplay was already very seamless. It’ll happen.

  21. morlinater says:

    Hey, just to let you know you left out the ‘keep’ in “at least it will…our hopes up”

    -sorry, it was bugging me; otherwise great article!

  22. chris4335uk says:

    I’m startin to really lose my patience…

  23. GeneralChaz9 says:

    Like someone stated, this is the calm before the storm. I would stay tuned to the VGA’s, as Spark has been working on their game hopefully enough to have a trailer, maybe a little gameplay. They can at least announce it. And announcing it before TOR can also be a good idea too. TOR hasn’t had much publicity, and if people see BF3 is coming, they’ll be like “hell, I forgot how fun Star Wars was! I’ll buy both!”

    I expect the VGA’s to be an announcement. And the last secret project that was announced as a surprise was Twisted Metal PS3. It was announced at the last second at E3 2010. There were few hints, but never a solid announcement.

    • Starkiller97 says:

      While we appreciate your optimism, GeneralChaz, Spark themselves have said that their “secret project” (a.k.a. Battlefront 3) will not be announced till 2012. While they could be simply attempting to throw us off, we probably won’t see an announcement until then.
      Keep up hope, Battlefrontians!

  24. OMG GOOD NEWS!!!!

    If any of you watch the Clone Wars, or any latest productions by Star Wars, you will know Dave Filoni. He is a huge SW Fan. He is a producer and engineer on the characters in The Clone Wars TV Series, on Cartoon Network. And they say he is an engineer, “Dave F.” (Hint Hint), but they did not give his last name away, probally because it would show what they are working on. So they are trying to hide it.

    “We welcome another engineer, Dave F., to the ranks today. (Time to order more workstations for the next batch of hires coming Nov 1.)”

    (I think we have it. “On many fronts” — Thanks Kal Skirata, may the force be with you., and more like the job openings on their site. Everyone, buy your Ps3s, we have Battlefront 3!

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Thank you for thanking me! May the force be with you as well.

      However, (and this is just me thinking here) wouldn’t Filoni be kinda busy with Clone Wars being in the middle of Season 4? If it is actually him though I am happy that they have someone skilled as an engineer, and partly sad because that opens up the possibility of Battlefront being Clone-wars (animated)0 themed, something almost no-one wants.

      Anyway, we can all hope for the best 🙂 MTFBWY! <(may the force…)

  25. Joey says:

    Good news! On twitter spark was asked if their employees have played previous games in the series of the game spark is working on. They answered “I would say all key people have played previous versions of the game. Not much playing of them now” They say “Versions” and “them” which means their was more than one predecessor to their game and Battlefront fits that criteria with BF1, BF2, and BFE!!!!

  26. Sith Stalker says:

    …This sounds good…However I am getting bored of Battlefront II so They better make it soon before I Lose interest in the Game D: and they better have something thats improved(HINT: More Factions, Maps and More Modes)

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Mods mods mods. Some new maps can help spice it up, if you want a whole new game download the Convo pack 2.0 from filefront. There are plenty of youtube vids of it online. (It adds a whole KOTOR era and like 60 new heroes).

      Keep the faith, ner vod! Spark will pull through for us.

      Also if you have BF1 it is pretty fun to play as well

      • chaylego says:

        Yep, I have that one, it’s awesome! 🙂

      • Sith Stalker says:

        -_- I DO have the Conversion pack, but still Im finding the Game boring…I Also have Battlefront Xtreme…But not enough Servers have those maps(Offline is boring FYI 😛

      • Master IJO says:

        Anyway, anyone whose getting bored with swbf2, give battlefron files a look.

  27. wowirock says:

    till i collapse i’ll be waiting for battlefront 3 🙂

  28. Redline says:

    Sounds good but I will put up my hopes no more that high for this game… I will believe it if I see it.

  29. shadow says:

    Hello and I would like everyone to know that spark unlimmited is probobly the only company that is hiding a game develpoment so fucking secret it probaly the most secret develpoment in years.
    2 what do you mean 2 years? there makeing it for the next gen consle that might be released next year (or alot of information about it).
    3 ho do you contact lucas arts
    4 there si no 4

    • Shadow,

      2: Answer: It wil probally take that long to make the game, unless it is already in production, which a lot of us believe.

      3: Answer: It is almost impossible. Their e-mail is kept secret, and I tried sending them a letter, it came back in an envelope, they did not even read because they can’t. Too much fan mail. You can try, this is what I did, went to lucasfilm address, sent a letter.


      4: Answer: Haha, not funny. 🙂 🙁 >:(

    • tmartn says:

      It is definitley a very top secret project. I will continuously read GameInformer, since they keep up to date. I mean they gave Transformers: Fall of Cybertron a cover story, why not Battlefront 3. (I LOVE TRANSFORMERS BTW.)

  30. Kal Skirata says:


    Sorry for all the posts but I just checked Spark’s twitter and awesome hint!

    When asked if this game would be their best they said

    “The project has been the best on all fronts. From the best we expect the best.”

    Best on all fronts!!!! BesT on aLL FRONTs= BTLLFRONT!!!!!!!


    • RogueStarkiller says:

      That actually is pretty cheeky of them. I really do think they’re dying to tell us but are just giving out subtle little hints like “best on all fronts”.

  31. chainsawgrizzly says:

    Good to hear about the domain name being renewed. I’m thinking we’ll have to wait until next year for any news on Battlefront 3 rather than the VGA’s, but hey, you never know. By the way, I’m in college and I still play the Battlefronts. When a third one comes out, I’m definitely buying it no matter what.

  32. Mister Who says:

    I propose an experiment.

    Several of us independently email LucasArts and Spark Unlimited asking about games that don’t exist.

    If they say that the games we email about don’t exist, the it’ll give a bit of believability to the theory that by being quiet about BF3 they’re hiding something.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      I don’t understand… by “games that don’t exist” do you mean bf3 and rc2 or “Elite Ninja-Robot-platypus action power (a name i just invented)? Although thier silence has been suspicious indeed.

    • jeffery says:

      i think they will have a big campaign for it this year and have a commerical to wet peoples whistles and release the game in fall of next year. That seems like the thing to do.
      They wouldnt have to compete with sales of any video game i know besides halo. Forgot big timing it on halo 4! starwars battlefront im ordering the customized xbox 360 for my game if it has one. They will rule with their massive battles which get crazy sometimes. I also liked using AI as enemy fodder sometimes.

      • jdom503 says:

        i know they have that r2 360 but i have a ps3 and it would be awesome if they made a ps3 in the likeness of darth vaders head. if they did that i’d buy 2 of them lol. but if they do come out with the game soon i’n definitely getting the r2 style 360. ever since they came out with that i’ve been wanting one but i need a real star wars game to play on it. no force unleashed, lego or kinect crap lol.

  33. RWTW says:

    They usually update it 1 year at a time, so for them to do it for 2 years is a very good sign. I expect they’ll announce the game next year, doubtful for the VGAs.

  34. Master ken says:

    Its amazing how long these ppl from lucas arts are making us wait. I know some gamers digg the fuzz and the love the anticipation but we all gotta face the cold hard fact. This game may never come out or when it does it will be a pile if just like the force unleashed. I really dont understand the lucasarts management. What are they waiting for???

    • Kal Skirata says:

      they’re waiting for TOR to come out

      • RogueStarkiller says:

        Exactly. They’re all waiting for the buzz and the post-buzz to die down a little while still being able to ride a little of it into Battlefront 3. I’d say Quarter 3 or 4 of 2012 is a good release date for it.

        • Kal Skirata says:

          especially if they include TOR themed maps and eras, it would be wise to wait

          Totally agree with you though. Announced Q1 or Q2, released late Q3 or Q4

  35. jdom503 says:

    I’m really hoping this silence in BF3 news is because SparkUnlimited is really making it. I remember last year and the year before that there was rumors everywhere about BF3. If they are making it then there will be no real new news until early next year. After TOR is released then we should hear something on this because of the way marketing works but until then its kind of just wait and see. It really sucks but I’m actually encouraged by the silence. If their game is announced before then then it will probably crush us as another failed emotional investment on or hearts. So lets hope that we actually hear no real news until next year. So here’s to the frustrating but encouraging silence. But if it isn’t Star Wars Battlefront 3 I might just loose my faith.

    • Don’t loose faith. We all get tired of this, but it happens. Just, at least, still play Battlefront 1 & 2. Just stay in faith. A guy in another blog lost faith in January, and I felt sorry for him, and so did a lot of others. I quote: “I am done. One day, I hope to be in a Game store, and stumble across a game called “Battlefront 3.” But now, I am finished with this. I will still play 1 & 2.” Don’t do what he did, OK.

      • shadow says:

        Dont lose faith untill the last person does.

      • jdom503 says:

        Don’t get me wrong, i’ll always hope for the game to come out but it will probably be easier on the mind to forget about it for awhile if this isn’t it. But me and my son play BF2 all the time. It’s still a fun game especially when i’m tearing through clones as Darth Maul. I just wish I had an updated gen console with new characters and smarter enemy AI. If this really is it then my wife might divorce me because me and my son will be on the game all day every day lol.

        • wowirock says:

          the fans have been waiting and keeping faith for the game for son long will be the ones to enjoy the game the most. 🙂

        • Darth Anonymous says:

          We like to think that this is the calm before the storm…

          Just a suggestion if you want smarter enemies play online? just an idea

          BF1 was wonderful

          BF2 had better vehicles and space combat

          BF3 will be truly amazing, with each successive iteration going up in fun-ness at an exponential rate

          • jdom503 says:

            @ Darth Anonymous, i’m not much of a ps2 online kinda of guy. i got my ps3 for online play and if they come out with the game i’m going to be all over the online aspect of it but i do like to play the story modes and on bf2 i run around with a pistol on elite and almost never die lol. plus not everyone has internet access all the time. i live in an area where they call 3 meg internet high speed which is a crock of $#!% and it runs off towers and i usually get poor reception when the other people in my house hold is on or my neighbors are on theirs. its one of the big down falls of living in the middle of nowhere but when i don’t have good internet i still will want to play the game, thats all. just want a challenge no matter what mode i’m playing ya know. but here’s to the hopes of all of us getting what we want in the game and to the hopes that we are right in thinking that SparkU is making our game.

        • I play it 24/7 too, and I love playing as Darth Maul on Polis Massa tearing through Clones like nobodys business (I killed 81 once, ah good times). It is still fun, but if they make it, I am going to go crazy. On September 24 at 8:00 there was supposed to be a commercial of it, a twitter account said it, I never had faith in him. But don’t loose faith. (And play Mos Eisley Hero & Villains (Assault) mode while you’re at it! 🙂

          Do or Do not, there is no try.

          I think you all know who said that, I just love that quote.

  36. Shawn Mosher says:

    Qeustion why in the hell is lucas arts dumping money into the Old Republic? How come after years of unleashed more hasnt been accomplished? Now we all know SWBF3 was passed on to the PSP, A basic version of what was to be. But isnt it possible that there waiting to strike back with a better game engine and technology for the next gen for BF3. I hope so. I really do.

  37. db022190 says:

    It’s been what… 5 years since Battlefront 2?? At this point in time most of the origonal fan base for this game (like myself) have jobs, finishing colledge, or in some cases a family to worry about over a game that should’ve come out in 2009. If it does come out, sure I’ll get it but it’s past the time when I’ll actually be able to enjoy it for hours on end like I did with the first 2. It’s a shame LucasArts let such a promising series go to waste by dumping the origonal Battlefront 3 off on the 2nd PSP release.

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