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What’s LucasArts Working on? Open-World RPG?

LucasArts has posted a new job advertisment for a Gameplay Engineer (For an Open-World RPG)! Game Informer has a sneaky suspicion that it may Knights of the Old Republic 3! This is kind of exciting.. even though it is probably not Battlefront 3, a Knights of the Old Republic 3 would kick some serious ass.

From Game Informer:

“Could LucasArts finally be delivering the single-player sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic so many Star Wars fans have been clamoring for?

The two Knights of the Old Republic games left some narrative threads dangling and many questions unanswered. Most importantly, what was the unknown threat that Revan set out to face in the Outer Rim after defeating Darth Malak and destroying the Star Forge?

LucasArts creative director Clint Hocking, whom you may remember from such Ubisoft titles as Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2, recently tweeted that the company is hiring a gameplay engineer for an “open-world RPG.” Could this be the long anticipated KOTOR revival?”

Thanks to our forum moderator spartan64, for the link!

In other news Spark Unlimited has been posting some more questions and answers, but unfortunately, not many of them our giving us too many answers.

QUESTION: are you able to inform us who the publisher is of the unanounced project? – Jacob

ANSWER: To disclose the publisher would be tantamount to revealing the game. Since the publisher (who controls all sales and marketing information) wants to manage “the reveal”, they will also remain “unannounced” at this time.

Lets hear you opinions!! Be sure to check out our new Twitter feed as well @!/Battlefront3net

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  1. If they made an online game for xbox/ps3 in the style of battlefield 3 they would clean up.Imagine all the different kinds of weapons set across not counties but different planets it would be awsome!!!.Hell they should get Dice to make it!!!

  2. well… we allready know what the threat was that Revan went after… ever heard of SWTOR?
    although the idea of it being KOTOR 3 is pretty cool, id be more inclined to thik its about a differnt eara in the star wars time line

  3. during this years pax the actress who plays the female shepered (jenifer hale) is working on the secret RPG that lucasarts have announced ,but she is also the voice of bastala in kotor so do we think that the secret game could be kotor 3 .what do the rest of you think

  4. Countdown to 16th Sep for Star Wars Blu Ray…… with BF3 announcement I hope…



  6. lol, it called KOTOR MMORPG….

  7. I don’t think BF3 exists anymore. It died about the same time as its father. (Star Wars as we know it with the new additions to the blu-ray set)

  8. have you guys every considered that respawn entertainment is making battlefront 3

    • luckiiiisniiiikpiiiik

      there’s a department within DICE that already have commenced on the preproduction for Battlefront sequal… which is yet to be given a title.. for the moment it looks like it won’t be called BFIII.. can’t give anymore candy.. sorry..

      • That is a dream that will not come true. They do not have the license for the property.

        But imagine Frostbite 2.0 (or 3.0 if it comes) in a battlefront game O.O

  9. HEY! did you guys know about spark’s new countdown clock to the tokyo games show, despite the fact they arn’t going to it, maybe their publisher will announce something to do with them. I AM LOOKIN FORWARD TO THIS πŸ˜€

    • Maybe, or they are just excited about that show, just like they where on Comic-Con.

    • Sorry, but they mentioned it on their Twitter feed and said they weren’t gonna announce anything, they just get ideas.

      @GalacticShotgun @spartacus128 Like Comic-con, TGS is a show we like to follow and visit when we can. It’s another great source of ideas.

  10. Spark now desperatley needs some people to apply for the jobs, they have a 5000$ bounty in many cases!!! I bet they are about 50% done.

  11. isn’t it possible that LA and spark are working on a game that is Battlefront-style, and heavily draws from Battlefront, but is a new series with new features? It would make sense what with the time gap and all, and the seeming emphasis on first-person in the new Spark game

    • that isnt possible. In the description it says that it is a sequel to a high profile science fiction series. So it has to be a follow up game hints the “sequel” So if its lucasarts then that would have to be a known title. It also says a 3rd person shooter game so that would be Battlefront 3 hopefully.

  12. Ok. Best case scennario: spring/summer 2012 a time for third installments in
    KOTOR 3 theres still a couple thousand years to work with.
    And swbf3
    Hope that happens.
    Would be so freakin sweet… πŸ™‚

    • There is no reason to make KOTOR 3 when they are making TOR. Now that the bluray is getting released, people will be familiar with the eras from 1-6, which is in battlefront. Thats why battlefront 3 should be released. KOTOR 3 can be made for ps4 or something (pretty sweet).

      • Actally there is still room for kotor 3. The republic ended in 19 bby
        So… Theres several thousand years without any games/books/or comics soo.. Still some room

        • yes but even though there is room for it doesnt mean they would be making it.. obviously there has been room for a starwars battlefront 3 for a long time and its just an empty void waiting to be filled. But what he is saying about the TOR thing is that it would be terrible timing to make TOR and KOTOR3 within even a year of each other.. just not good marketing skills.

    • Hopefully because of the buzz generated by TOR there will be new eras and stuff for BF3-

      KOTOR era, TOR era, 1-6 era, Yuzzhan Vong (or however you spell that) War era. Full Mandalorian wars campaign, Death Star Assault mission, flyable K-Wing (those things are awesome), Republic Commando missions, Arc trooper missions, playable Kyle Katarn, Force Unleashed era, interchangeable sides (clones vs. stormies), full customization, armor that takes damage, destroyable environments, massive online battles, AND A PLAYABLE SARLACC CLASS.

      That ^^^^ would be the Star Wars game to kill all other games for all eternity.

      • Philip McCrickard

        But Sarlaccs don’t move… Well you could control its tentacles that’d work. I’d think that a playable Rancor would be pretty sweet!

        • Sarlaccs would just be for “party” maps like Hero assault. You would place the Sarlacc at the beginning of the battle, and remain cloaked (completely undetectable). You then wait for unwary stormtroopers, take down the cloak, and grab them by controlling the tentacles. Re-cloak, lay low for awhile, and attack again. Then, for a 1-use attack, you would burp up all of the swallowed blasters, hold a blaster in each tentacle, and blast the living snot out of everything in sight. Until the Rancors and Acklays come…

  13. Check Spark’s twitter feed. They’re just being cruel.

    “For all those asking for little details about the game, they are all information tidbits for use by marketing. You have to wait 4 reveal in”

    Then they said something about “oh well the message got cut off at the 140 character mark. Bummer.”

    They are messing with our minds!!!!!! (Plus, people are pestering them about BF3 like every 4 tweets. Fun!)

    • Haha! They must be making the game… Or if not, then they must feel really bad that they are not. I think they are making a star wars related game!

  14. If you go to the Lucasfilm recruiting page and search “games” as a keyword, you do indeed find a listing for a Gameplay Engineer (Open-World RPG). However, you also find: Lead Designer (Aerial Combat Title), Gameplay Engineer (FIRST PERSON SHOOTER), Level Designer (FIRST PERSON SHOOTER), Multiplayer/Network Engineer, and many other jobs also including an Action/Adventure Title.

    The Action-Adventure title sounds like it could just be another Lego game, but what game do we know of that is a FPS AND has Aerial Combat??? Sounds (hopefully) like Battlefront 3!!!

    • Action/Adventure is Kinect Star Wars

      • Why do they release that game this year if they still need Gameplay Engineers and other peoples? (Those people would work on the game when it is being created, not when it is being sold)

        So no, it is clearly a new game, hopefully star wars battlefront 3.

  15. I swear.. lol Guys im just gonna stick with them going Battlefront 3.. why the hell would they be making a KOTOR 3 when they are doing the Old Republic right now? Does that make any sense at all? no.. it doesnt. So obviously this LA hiring and the SPARK hiring are totally different. They arent even related. Just look at the job description.. so what do we know.. That we possibly might have 2 new starwars games? and thats it. i wouldnt go beyond that.. lol

  16. I think LA is working on KOTOR 3 and RC2 and Spark is making Battlefront 3 for LA.

  17. That unknown threat Ravan set out to face is explained on the timeline at the official Star Wars the old republic website.

  18. Even if it isn’t Battlefront 3 right now, a revival of a title like KotR means Battlefront 3 will definitely happen. It could also be another addition for The Old Republic as well. Whatever Spark is working on, its Lucas Arts related. Other job listings on Lucas Arts are startlingly similar to the ones we’ve seen on Spark. DAMMIT SPARK WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON?!?!

  19. correction: i dont want this to be online lol

  20. Hell yeah! i just hope this isnt online again. i need this before 2012…

  21. guys in LA’s job descriptions they have jobs for an RPG(Possibly KOTOR 3 or TOR) an aerial combat title(rogue squadron?, maybe another Secret Weapons over Normandy, or maybe a video game for their new movie “Red Tails”) and a first person shooter(BF3, RC2)

  22. Emperor Palpatine

    Guys!!!!! I found something about Spark Unlimited. The fact that it is actually developing battlefront 3 because of you go at one of their job listings you’ll find out that they are making a sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise. Its a freakin sequel!!!!!

    • /huge and super-serious facepalm
      1. We know this already
      2. Just because it says “sequel” in the description next to “high-profile science fiction franchise” it does not mean that the game is SWBF3…

      • Emperor Palpatine

        Heres a facepalm for you
        1.They are making this sequel for a highly critical and awaiting audience meaning the game is known unofficially and it wasn’t announced earlier which left us(the fans or the highly critical audience being too much curious or worried about what had happened to this game.) This is no doubt SWBF3 :).
        2.It is a well-known and high-profile science fiction franchise which is obviously star wars battlefront since it had such a huge popularity on xbox live or maybe PC and not to mention that it is the second most played video game on xbox live after halo.

        • There are other high-profile science fiction franchises btw…
          And that is no real solid argument. Anyway, on a happier note, according to Spark Unlimited’s twitter:

          We under a strict NDA not to say anthing that reveals the product which would lessen the marketing plans or affect current products.

          “affect current products”? TOR anyone? πŸ˜€

          • Emperor Palpatine

            You are correct about that there are existing high profile science fiction franchises other than battlefront but i can 100% assure you that it is BF3 since they are making a popular sequel people are waiting for a long time.It is terribly obvious that they are developing BF3, just name me one sci-fi game(other than SWBF3) that the gaming audience have been looking forward to a long time ago.

          • @Emperor Palpatine
            Dont get your hopes up. It could very well be another Mass Effect or even star trek game for all we know! (dont tell me off for saying mass effect, only said it as an example)

            In other news: A Clone Apart is back! after about 5 years the red vs blue like mini-series for star wars battlefront 2 is back! and wtih style, illusive have remaastered the origional episodes in HD with new voices! anyone else remember it?

          • Emperor Palpatine

            Why should I bother about getting my hopes up? Because from what I’ve seen on Spark is pretty much related to BF3. But I acknowledge your point it could be something like alien vs. predator or maybe rogue trooper. However, the game they are working on is a POPULAR SEQUEL for a very popular franchise and what could it be other than SWBF3?. I mean seriously star wars battlefront wasnt all that popular, youve got to be kidding me. BTW, it is something like people have been dieing for, it is a TRIPLE-A GAME FOR AN AWAITING AND HIGHLY CRITICAL AUDIENCE MEANING THIS GAME WAS DISCUSSED AND TALKED ABOUT MANY TIMES. BTW, havent you seen the overwhelming hype and appreciation from numerous gaming websites like IGN etc. and fans about the leaked footage when it was first released. It was like being buzzed from all around the web just like Pandemic said.

    • Please send the link to that job description. Theres alot of jobs, but thats actually very good news!

  23. At least its something!
    The revival of old IP’s could mean, later on, the revival of battlefront 3!

    • Hey Jakob!!
      I HOPE that this is a star wars game, If its Knights of the Old Republic III that would be cool, If it was Star Wars Republic Commando II that would be sweet, but if it was Star wars Battlefront III… I WOULD BE SO FREAKIN HAPPY πŸ˜€

  24. honestly i am too excited, however i would rather play Battlefront 3 any day!
    I wouldv also love to see Republic Commando 2 because that was such a fantastic game that deserved a sequel! i was doing online and found a 32 vs 32 game!
    But Battlefront 3 will never be forgotten in my mind, wish lucasarts would just listen, and maybe this si that ‘big project’ spark was working on cause they said ‘they’ would be announig it! still SW:BF3 FTW!

  25. Couldn’t it be SW:TOR? And on my site I post some news and my opinion about this. Spark and LA have some the same jobs, especially, they have similar jobs about first-person shooter. LA have some games’ jenres, like aerial combat, open-world RPG, action/adventure and a First-person shooter. I really don’t know about RPG, but action/adventure is jenre of Kinect SW, aerial combat is made by Fantasy Flight Games. FPS could be RC2, BF3, or even JA4! And I think that RPG is TOR

    • Aerial combat? Hopefully this means there will be another Rogue Squadron sequel…or maybe another X-wing. That would be exciting, but BF3 is still at the top of my list of hoped-for LA games.

  26. While this would be intriguing, There is an answer to what revan went to face on “The Old Republic website” in a video history. Even if it isn’t KOTOR 3 I’m sure I’ll most likely love it. Especially if it is star wars

  27. wow that was my question omg!!!!!

  28. not battlefront πŸ™

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