All Quiet on the Battlefront… 3.. Some Hopeful Insight!

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So, not much has been happening in the last few weeks.. in fact.. it’s been extremely quiet. Spark Unlimited have set up a question and answer section on the bottom of their website, but unfortunately, they are still not providing any insight into their super “secret” game. Their latest question answer being:

QUESTION: Hi, I would like to ask if the game your developing is the long waited Star Wars: Battlefront 3 or if it has anything to do with Lucasarts. I heard from other people that you just said that they had to take that with Lucasarts but, it is next to impossible to contact Lucasarts. No matter what game you guys are doing, it is in my beliefs that you will make a great job 🙂 -Jakob

ANSWER: We are the solely the developer of games. The publisher controls said properties. All announcements, information and/or materials must come from or coordinated through the publisher. If you want word on Battlefront, you need to contact LucasArts.

At this time, we are prohibited from talking about who we are working with or working on either through affirmation or processes of elimination. So, I can neither confirm nor deny what we are working on or whom we are working with.

Which of course, is something that we already knew…

Our good friend Rainz has also sent in his insight and offers up some great points.

As you know, on Spark Unlimited’s website, they had an unannounced project presumed to be Battlefront 3, “with the public disclosure of the title still months away”. And that particular bit of info was posted on the website in January.

As we are now in August, many of us were confused about when this “unannounced” project would finally be shown to the public. It was not announced at E3 or at Comic-Con. Now many of us have possible ideas about when Spark would reveal it’s title: When the Blu-Ray collection of Star Wars is released on September 16th, or during Spike VGA’s in December, or even at next years E3! While those dates may or may not be accurate ideas, I’ve come up with another.

LucasArts has had two anticipated titles, Star Wars Kinect and The Old Republic, in the spotlight during their past showings at events, with both games having a suggested release date of the 2011 Holiday season, Kinect with a suggested Christmas release, and The Old Republic with a late November release.

When Spark Unlimited was asked about the release date for their title, they replied with this “The release date is solely at the publisher’s discretion. It is subject to change and has changed. It is still months away until it isn’t.”

My opinion is that LucasArts will hold back on announcing future titles until these two games are released. It would feel out of place to announce a new project in the middle of all the hype. My best guess is they will probably announce it about 5-6 months after these two games are released when all the excitement surrounding Kinect and Republic has died down.

I would have to agree that LucasArts will be more reluctant to bring out another huge title like Battlefront 3 while being in the middle of The Old Republic and Star Wars: Kinect.

Lets hear some opinions! Lets get some faith and hope rolling again Battlefrontians!

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  1. Renney77 says:

    I hope this will happen star wars battlefront was one of my favourite games ever then SW BF2 came it was even better and all my friends played it some still even now it is an amazing game and a newer one would ahve loeds of sales as people have been waiting years for it they have GOT TO MAKE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reconzfury says:

    Something is strongly telling me the VGAs is the key due to the fact that in recent news around 12 never before see games will see light at this years VGAs. more then any other VGA Show yet….I think this is ganna be it guys… im praying

  3. Harry says:

    Check that link out, smells like Battlefront to me.

    “Spark is looking for a senior combat designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets”

  4. BeenWaitingTooLong says:

    This game will come out solely on the performance of both Star Wars: kinect and SW: The Old Republic. Those two games are Lucas Arts’ last ditch effort at video games, and if those two don’t do well… I wouldn’t expect Battlefront3… StarWars games sales absolutely suck when compared to just about any other company. They haven’t had a whole lot of luck, what with knights of the old republic being their best sold title of all time, creating the force unleashed and it really being a large flatulent (that game could have been incredible). If you seriously want to drum up some demand for battlefront 3 then I’d suggest buying what ever battlefront games you can find, improved sales in these areas is only going to make the company go “hey look where the biggest income is.” Personally I’ve bought the Star Wars battle collection for PC which has battlefront 2 in it about 4 times… the more they sell the more they make for us.

  5. Clone1 says:

    Found a tidbit of info on spark unlimited’s website. It says “unannounced high-profile, popular game sequel.” Don’t know what it could mean by sequel. But when you click on senior combat designer, it says “senior combat designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.” Battlefront is a 3rd person shooter, so this may be it.

  6. anon says:

    Hi guys,
    SWBF3 will be released within 8 months( less if everything goes to plan)

    It will be 3rd(or 1st) person shooter with a more involving storyline and single player mode then ever before, battles will have twice as many bots and players as ever before and there will be a massive increse in the amount of vehicles availiable on most maps

    please excuse my english


  7. The Best says:

    Come on, they can’t give up on Star Wars Battlefront III! They haven’t given up on Leog Star Wars III! Reply to me if you agree.

  8. halophan says:

    I’m really disappointed about the whole bf3 thing, i just a year ago got into star wars bf and have been waiting the entire year just for conformation. I’m just about to quit on it and get into a different series that actually makes/confirms sequals. ) ;

  9. anonymous says:

    i say they should stop lagging it & hurry up with battelfront 3, they could make it happen they’re just to lazy & don’t wana be smart & realize how much they could earn for making a classic game come back.

  10. jd1075x says:

    -(LUCASARTS)—“Level Designer(FPS)”
    -(SPARK UNLIMITED)—“We are currently working on a Syfy 3rd Person action/adventure.

  11. bffan13 says:

    Battlefront 2 is a timeless classic that can still be played and enjoyed nowdays. It’s simplistic yet brilliantly efficient and coop elements (such as galatic conquest) fill a desired two-player experience where many third generation games have fallen short. Not only should there be a battlefront 3, there NEEDS to be. Provided it’s done properly, and they expand on all the principles and ideas that were limited on by the console it was designed for, it stands to be an endlessly fun game with incredibly epic battles and an amazingly strategic multiplayer. Battlefront should become one of the leading shooter games such as halo or COD and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. If they’re not planning on doing one then they’re idiots to not cash in on what was a great part of a brilliant franchise, or if they’re simply taking some time to make it as good as possible then some news about it is greatly needed.

  12. Kowagaru says:

    I just checked the Spark Unlimited site again, and there is some new info or at least something I didn’t see before. It states the game is a sequel.

  13. Mag says:

    This news will almost entirely confirm that Spark is working with LucasArts.

    LucasArts has just licensed the Unreal engine. Source: LucasArts

    Spark Unlimited has a job offering for a Sr. Unreal Tools Programmer. Source: Spark Unlimited Jobs.

    There is a small chance that this doesn’t prove anything, but take it as you want it.

  14. Flash Bang says:

    ok spark has posted bounty’s on certain positions so basically if find someone for the job you get money. I think this means they are getting kind of desperate

  15. oscar says:

    hmm,I have a question

    I have a playstaion 3 and had a playstation 2 and i always played Star Wars Battlefront 2, and my question is is battlefront 3 is comming out or is it getting a other name??
    i hope that someone will reply and awnser my question:p

  16. Drizzy Drake says:

    Hey guys! Glad to be back.. ive been off for quite some time but I originally thought about this idea. I am looking forward to the Old Republic game and am currently in a guild for it right now. (if you are going to play that game and would like a fun guild you can join us at ) but anyways i thought a long time about them announcing battlefront 3 and then i remembered that SWTOR was coming out.. so why would they announce any other huge star wars game when they already have another coming out this year. So i think they want to let all the hype build up and then after the release of swtor it would be a prime time to announce BF3. idk.. it just seems plausable.

  17. AzureGuardian says:

    So I just want to say Spark Unlimited is trying so hard to not reveal the game but they are sucking at it. That last Q&A was a pretty big giveaway. They KNOW everyone suspects the game is battlefront 3, and the coincidence of this article ( and sparks project coming out with in about a month of each other is another giveaway. Spark is probably laughing and saying “You all know what it is so why do you keep asking us what we’re making?” as Nitro pointed out, give it a few months after the holiday game season, start enjoying kinect SW and SWTOR for now and they might unveil as soon the first convention in 2012

    • jjlleskoja says:

      i think spark wasn’t making the game but then learned that everybody thinks there making it, so they don’t want to disappoint so their begging LA to make BF3 thats just what i think

  18. BigMac4547 says:

    here is a new Q and A from Spark:
    QUESTION: are you able to inform us who the publisher is of the unanounced project? – Jacob

    ANSWER: To disclose the publisher would be tantamount to revealing the game. Since the publisher (who controls all sales and marketing information) wants to manage “the reveal”, they will also remain “unannounced” at this time.


    Hmmmmmmm what publisher reveal would basically would be revealing the game other than it being Lucasarts and it the game being a sci fi 3rd person shooter what other game could it be then Star Wars Battlefront 3!

  19. Adrian says:

    The job descriptions at Spark Unlimited matches the job descriptions at Lucasarts. Its a prof that they are working on something related to star wars.

  20. chrono says:

    ppl can anyone say if there will be a SWBF3. i been waiting a long time an i really want it to come out

  21. Elijah says:

    Well, I saw on their website in Q&A section about the composer.

    QUESTION: I am curious whether you are intending on including orchestral musical scores in your unannounced game project? -Peter

    ANSWER: We have used orchestral musical scores by award winner Michael Giacchino, in our past efforts. We plan to continue to bring world class scores in our future projects.

    So, this composer wrote music to Star Trek film in 2009. Couldn’t it mean, that it’s a Star Trek game?

  22. Adrian says:

    On spark unlimited site, they have put up a video of Battlefield 3 (if you scroll down). “Innnnsane…” “I had to watch it twice! @_@”

    What is closer to Battlefield and to the description of the jobs? Star Wars Battlefront 3

    • wookie_fan says:

      Hmmm, i wonder whats with the Batlefield 3 video on Sparks’s website?

      • BigMac4547 says:

        could be that battlefield 3 is going to be a great game and they just want to support it BUT it dose scream were making battlefront 3 or a game that is like battlefield and with the game being a “high-profile science fiction franchise” what other game could it be!

  23. Greggograde says:

    The LucasArts website has announced that LucasArts has struck a deal with Epic Games for the Unreal Engine in upcoming games. Spark Unlimited is using the Unreal Engine in their “unannounced” title. Coincidence? I think not…

  24. kyle says:

    I have been dropping by this website for a very long time, my friends, and people I don’t know, I have waited for this game ever since battlefront 2. I loved those games but I don’t believe this game will ever come out. I have lost all hope of this ever seeing the light of day. Its just like duke nukem, its in development hell or it is just in purgatory
    I cannot tell you guys how much i would love to see this game in my hands. But im sorry. E3 after E3 i have waited and not been satisfied. I give up all hope. Time to wait for timesplitters 4 now.

  25. Redline says:

    How many times I’ve to say this. Spark is making it, because I’m 100% sure. If LucasArts wasn’t their publisher then the game would be already announced!
    No doubt!

  26. jdom503 says:

    Other games i would like to see from LA are republic commado and rouge squadron. I use to enjoy the rouge squadron games when i was a kid and i think to myself about how great it would be to have one done on todays systems. Or maybe if they started a new series that didnt suck ( force unleashed ). I would like to play something with Darth Bane in it or maybe something with Coran Horn or just something new and exciting. Of course i want SWBF3 but i also want more than what we’re getting in the way of gaming. No more pg kid $#!t, i want kickass star wars games that are worthy of being played. But first give me SWBF3 LA!

    • Chainsawgrizzly says:

      So true. The lego series was fun at first but now its just gotten old. The Force Unleashed showed some promise that quickly went down the drain in the second one. Battlefront 3 and Republic Commando 2 are two of my most coveted LA games. Even a simple re-release with some polishing would do quite well!

      • jdom503 says:

        if they just left the force unleashed alone and never made a second then that game would of been great but they made a lame secaond one and it kinda made the whole thing suck. i have both but i only played the second till i beat it and i was really disapointed by the lack of actual game play. i spent more time watching the cut scenes then playing the game. Now i would really like it if they made games about darth bane or hell darth sidious and his rise to sith lord status. something fresh video game wise. maybe even an adult version of the clone wars, not the kid stuff that they jam down our throats. my kids, ages 4 and 7, love the non kids versions. they play battlefront 2 and like the original movies much more than the second set. i think that if they were to just go back to the fan base and make us happy then they would make much more money and they would also in turn make much more new fans. their sells have dropped considerally and its no question why they have. if your running a company you must listen to the customers or you will have no customers

        • jjlleskoja says:

          hey force unleashed 2 wasn’t that bad all it lacked was a short storyline if the gamedirector didn’t get fired it could have been a kicked game just think how epic the gorog level was and imagine the hole game being that epic because the first 3 levels were the real game

  27. The Saradominist says:

    I demand a Response from Spark Unlimited!

    Start the Artillery Barrage!

    “The life of short-lived briefly in a short time shall end, which no one fears death came quickly, and kills no mercy on the death of all things.” – Anonymous

    • Daniel says:

      Im putting alot of hope in Spark unlimited to make battlefont 3 this game truly has the poetential to rival MW3 and BF3 if developed right.

  28. if it comes out it has to come out before halo 4 or way after halo 4… maybe march 2012, march 2012 is only 7 month’s away. But they would wait for e 3 at that point. But if they waited for E3 they might be overwhelmed by other games. still Next years E3 is prime because their would be no halo, cod or battlefield sequel to worry about since they would have just came out (At x-mas). what do you guys think?

  29. Synephrine says:

    I’ve waited long enough, I don’t think its gonna be made. Same with LMA Mangager for the Xbox 360 🙂

    • AzureGuardian says:

      I don’t know why. Look at the signs. This response from spark basically has coughs and gags in between every word. Lucasarts last bit of news on the website was they have something to do with the unreal engine, which it just so happens that a month later spark’s project shows up, coincidentally using the unreal engine. Spark also says it is making a AAA game for a highly critical audience. The Bf3 audience is highly critical because we’ve seen what free radical did, and who ever is making it needs to rise to that standard. Plus it hasn’t been spoken of because Lucasarts probably hasn’t confirmed because they know the goldmine that MMOs like WoW are (which is why I’ve heard people say “if it wasn’t star wars, I’d think it was World of Warcraft) and they want to make a decent mark. I’m split on whether to boycott them until they announce bf3 or rally up people to buy TOR so they get the satisfaction and announce it sooner.

      • sobek16 says:

        SPark unlimited is hiring people. Maybe i’m overanalyzing, but they say they are giving out a “bounty”. Bounty, bounty hunter, I think they may be giving a hint it is starwars battlefront 3. Hopefully anyways.

  30. Zehiv says:

    I don’t know about @Dougkoestler, a youtube video linking to him said it was BF3, but it turned out to be a COD/BF mod, I looked it up; . So, I don’t know whether Doug made the video and told us to follow his tweets, (most likely) or whether someone else unreliable linked to him. One thing is for certain, the video is a mislead. Admittedly, it is nice work on the mod, regardless of whether you like COD, but NOBODY wants BF3 to be COD4.

    • Clone 101 says:

      i agree it looks a lot like COD

      Guys shall i make a facebook page for star wars battlefront 3 and then when i have 500 likes i will post the link on the lucas arts page

  31. unit 005 says:

    hmm, all of this seems quite convincing, i mean sparks game is a third person shooter, which is also an action/adventure, sci-fi and apparently lots of people want this game. This (if i’m not mistaken), is how elite squadron was described wasn’t it?

  32. destructionoftheforce says:

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be coming, I have inside news.
    Just wait.

  33. Sith Stalker says:


    • swbf3fan says:

      Chill out with the caps. You’re hurting my eyes. You can get your point across without an excessive amount of punctuation, contrary to popular belief. I agree with you, however, for I do myself still play SWBF2, and the more popular servers are always full.

      • Sith Stalker says:

        You mean like Jedi battle Arena…Mercenary Gaming…SWGO servers…yeah those are always crammed with people. But Honestly you can never get to a point with excessive punctuation or caps 😀
        But Honestly if lucasarts was smart they wouuld do something that would earn then Money, Battlefront III LOTS O MONEY, Ashoka tano a 2 star(out of 5) tv show…

        • InvaderJakob says:

          And exactly HOW did they get my letter, oh well I sent a letter too, this probably was not me…..
          Oh and Stalker, I am returning to battlefront 2 soon
          Just left because of that stupid {CH}HELLMANIAC
          Luckily. its over now.
          Oh yes battlefront 3…
          COME OUT

  34. Flash Bang says:

    What I would really love is if it got released around the time of modern warfare 3 and totally blew away the sales competition

  35. wookie_fan says:

    Nitro mentioned Sparks had posted a new Q$A section in their website. Have u guys wondered what is the reason behind this new section???

    Also, someone asked what is the game genere & they replied they are hiring a Combat designer for a 3rd person shooter game for PS3, Xbox, PC. This could be a hint?

  36. RogueStarkiller says:

    The info from twitter from the guy @DougKoestler is so far this:

    noodledrama Jennifer Wood
    @sparkunlimited are you guys employing a @dougkoestler?
    19 hours ago »

    noodledrama Jennifer Wood
    @DougKoestler who are you? how are you affiliated with swbf3?
    19 hours ago »

    Doug Koestler
    If anyone has any farther questions be sure to tweet at me.
    14 Aug »

    Doug Koestler
    Battlefront 3 will be coming out on PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360 in sometime 2012.
    14 Aug » DougKoestler

    Doug Koestler
    An all new Battlefront 3 trailer is coming up. It will be making a splash on Spike TV on September 25th at 8:00 EST.
    14 Aug »

    I want to see how many hash tags we can get. #Battlefront3
    14 Aug »

    Is everyone excited for Star Wars: Battlefront 3?

    • jdag53 says:

      Na this cant be true

    • JHames says:

      Is this legit? Does he work for Spark Unlimited or Lucasarts?

    • Justin says:

      Its not very hard to make a twitter account and put fake info on it you know.

    • O_O says:

      Im Just going to smash everyone’s hope at this…THIS is not true! If there is a trailer on september 25th on spike. I Will literally start running around screaming” YES YES!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!” Of Course I Will find RogueStarkiller and Painfully Suck out his flesh for telling me this,Why would I do this…I havent the foggiest :E

  37. WhiteFire37 says:

    Your point on Lucasarts or Spark announcing a game while there is still hype for another game would be a bad move, so therefor you are pretty much right! I know that Lucasarts haven’t given up on BF3 because otherwise they would have said that they would not do another battlefront. Spark have been keeping a quiet word for a long time, so hopefully it will be announced after the release of old republic or during the blu ray re masters, because then they will still take another year atleast and you know it will be perfected! Name one bad star wars Lucas arts game!

    • Aus says:

      name one bad lucasarts game eh?

      Force Unleashed 2.

      That was awful.

      also, just to let everyone know; SWBF3 will be out late 2012.

      don’t know anything about it, just know it’s coming.

      Source: Lucasarts employee (un-named to keep identity secret)

      • Adrian says:

        Then the question is: Will it be good? Or might they ad two more maps and one vehicle more with HD graphic? (BORING)

        Hopefully they do something good, hope you are not wrong

      • Impersonator says:

        Aus, I object.
        You have no evidence whatsoever that you are working on SWBF3.
        You have no evidence that you are working for LucasArts.
        Before you go around spreading rumors to cattle who will believe anything they read, stop and just tell the truth or discuss the topic.

  38. Joel says:

    Sometimes my mind wanders, and battlefront 3 pops in
    It makes me feel kinda gloomy
    This is the part where I say that Lucas Arts has dropped the ball
    but I question if they are even in the game
    They certainly have made an exit stage left in my life.

  39. AviatorXray says:

    Battlefield 3 will be good, Modern Warefare 3 will be great, Battlefront 3 will Be outstanding!!!!!!!! We musen’t give up. Let the other games occupy your time. Remeber patience is the Key to many Victorys and this war will be won with out violence (nonsence) although time hasen’t been on our side, Let the upcoming games speed time up to that day when the game is announced.

    (¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸*♫♪♫♪*¸.•’´¯)¸.• ‘´¯)

    ♫(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸*♫♪*¸.•’´¯)¸.•’ ´¯)♫

    ♫♪(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸**¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´ ¯)♫♪

    –=- Battlefront 3!_ =–

    (_¸.•’´(_¸.•’´*♫♪♫♪*`’•.¸_)`’•­­ .¸_)

    ♫(_¸.•’´(_¸.•’´*♫♪*`’•.¸_)`’•.­ ¸_)♫

    ♫♪(_¸.•’´(_¸.•’´**`’•.¸_)`’•.¸ _)♫

    • JHames says:

      You mean Battlefield 3 will be awesome, Modern warfare 3 will be good, Battlefront 3 will be speechlessly awesomerrrr, lol =p

      • Bon-Bon says:

        you mean modern warfare 3 will suck (because it will, it looks exactly like mw2, same f’ing guns, only difference is two scopes) battlefield 3 will rule (dice > infinityactivisionclusterf**k) and battlefront 3 will literally blow your mind into tiny pieces.

        y’know what will be better than all of that noise?

        any game in the next 20 years that isnt another bad sequel…

        originality is A #1!!!!!

        • JHames says:

          Yea MW3 will diffently be compared to BF3 but speaking in the general population of gamers MW3 will most likely be getting the sales but unlike you and I and ppl who have common sense we will buy BF3 and hopefully BATTLEFRONT3!!! =)

    • jdom503 says:

      CODMW3 will suck. COD has gotten worse with each game. I mean you can get hit with many bullets and just stab someone to get the kill. The maps are getting worse and the overall online game play is just stupid. You spawn up with guns pointed at your back. No stratagy at all in the game. Battlefield though has gotten really good. More realistic game play and if the 3rd battlefield is anything like bad co. 2 in the respect to how everything can be blown up then it should be the best shooter on the market. But if SWBF3 comes out and is what it should be then it should blow everything we’ve ever seen and hpefully put the shooter market back into place because in my opinion shooters outside of the battlefields have been largely disappointing.

      • Adrian says:

        COD is for campers (campers who stays to shitty games). Battlefield 3 is for real gamers, gamers that love realistic and goooooooood games

        • jdom503 says:

          agreed, battlefield is a game where stratagy and skill is key. its also a game where if your running from a tank you cant simply just hide in a building because if your in a tank you can blow the building up. at this moment all i play online is bad co 2 when it comes to shooters for the main fact is that if you spawn up there is little chance you will get killed before you have a chance by a camped with no skill. i just hope that battlefront stays away from the cod style and stays with it own style that in my opinion was and still is awsome. to this day me and my 7 year old play battlefront 2 all the time because even though the graphics arent as good as the ps3 games on the market, its still alot more fun to play.

    • Mui says:

      Modern Warfare 3 will suck, Battlefield 3 will rock your socks while Battlefront 3 will take you to a new world!

      • Rainz says:

        No need for all the hate here. Battlefield fans will buy Battlefield and COD fans will buy COD. They’ll enjoy both games, and both companies will make money. End of story.

  40. Labrug says:

    Side issue, new twitter account username DougKoestler claims knowledge of a “trailer” due to late Sept. I have my doubts though. It seems a little sus.

  41. LswaN says:

    Well, I guess I’ll just go back to using battlefront II mods from filefront for the next year…

  42. Hayabusa says:

    There’s a lot to take in and consider there. I mean, with the yet-to-be-announced titles there’s possibility of anything. Though, the last “not confirming nor denying” quote didn’t give us what we wanted.
    I have hope though, and do believe that BF3 will become a reality in our near future.

    In agreemtn, the annoucement time, now is a bit rough with the hype of The Old Republic and Star Wars Kinect.
    So, let us hope that after their release we hear Battlefront 3

  43. Darth Slayer says:

    What about Gamescom?

  44. Tyber Zann says:

    (I’m impatient) It’s been a long time since there was any significant news (leaked footage)…..

    As for “hope”? I don’t know…Rainz point is solid, why announce a game in the middle of triple A titles? For those that are patient, wait…there could be announcement…in 6 months or a year after those mentioned release games…it could very well be that the announcement is just the beginning of development of the game…so wait time is increased (could be a quick development time,but no one here wants this game rushed)..

    Lastly, I’ve repeatedly posted links on this site that shows other triple A titles working on sci-fi FPS/TPS shooters. There’s a youtube video of a Call of Duty 4 star wars mod. I also read an article on two domains that Infintiy Ward and Treyarch own now (,, just google this, the exact web domains escape me. I tied those two things together and I made a conclusion. That these so called Triple A publishers intend to flood the market with their abominations therefore by the time Lucas Arts to release Battlefront 3, it’ll be to no avail(or if Lucas Arts is deciding to develop the game, this might be the deciding factor..), simply because of the popularity of the those franchises/monopolies.

    -Tyber Zann of the Zann Consortium
    P.S I dont mean to offend anyone, I’m speaking my mind…sorry in advance :/

    • Crazy JOE says:

      totally agree with you.

      if we are to save the future of gaming, these publishers need to be destroyed!

      Come Tyber Zann! To the speeders!!!!!!

      we attack at dawn!

  45. david says:

    Expected response from them, they didn’t deny it though, nor did they deny that they weren’t working w/ LA.

    I would agree that they wouldn’t announce it now, didn’t think of that, but makes sense. I wouldn’t say 5-6 though, I don’t know about you guys though, but I don’t expect SW Kinect to do too well, besides casual and family sales, I also expect Republic to do pretty good but not great. So because of these ok sales, hopefully we’ll get an announcement because of it.

    And is there any word on Gamescom, or anyone hoping on that?

    • Bobabounty says:

      How can you say TOR will have “good” sales? They have millions of pre-orders already, and even more people will buy it afterwards.

    • AzureGuardian says:

      Hell If I wasn’t going to be a first time tax filer, voter, musician college student, employee, driver, smart phone (hopefully) user, Xbox 360 buyer/player, as well as partial dependent for my parents/grandparents and their bills for a downgrade to an apartment from a 3 decker around the time TOR comes out.

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