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Still No Battlefront 3… Your Comic-Con Opinion?

Well Battlefrontians.. another major event.. another major disappointment. At this point, I know that a lot of people are really starting to get frusterated and give up hope… but I am not. Until Lucasarts directly comes out and says that they are not making Battlefront 3, I will always have hope.

The “exciting” announcement from Lucasarts at Comic Con.. well.. wasn’t so exciting in my opinion. It’s pretty cool, but it’s not really what I had in mind.

The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle:


Star Wars Kinect Bundle

“Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle

Get the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle, with the first ever white Kinect Sensor and custom-designed console and controller based on popular Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. Use the Force like a Jedi and immerse yourself in the Star Wars experience you’ve always dreamed of, in ways you never imagined possible

Our good friend Rainz also chimed in with some words of disappointment.

“Rainz here with some sad news,

Well, our hopes of LucasArts announcing BattleFront 3 at Comic-Con were shattered today. At the LucasArts panel, they revealed new information on their Star Wars Kinect title (Lightsaber functions, podracing etc.) They also hinted a realease date for this Chrtistmas. Now that was to be expected, but I held my breath waiting for the “Suprising announcement” to be shown as Battlefront 3, but no, they told attendees they were going to be bundling the game, Kinect, and XBOX together. Needless to say, I was devastated.

Now it only looks like any chance of BF3 getting announced is when the Blu-Ray is released, or when the 3D remakes of the original trilogy hit theatres. But for now, all we can do is wait.


People are still saying that Spark Unlimited will be revealing their secret unannounced game in the near future and they are still convinced that it is Battlefront 3. At least we still have some hope!

Thoughts welcomed!

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  1. please make star wars bf3 it will out sell cod mw3

  2. sorry for the bump but i thought this was good enough for it

    herd that battlefront 3 is now on !!!!!

    if there are achevements for it then……. ^_^ 😀 :)….

  3. Stupid question but… has anyone thought to just… ask?

  4. I know I’m gonna start off topic, but it will get to battlefront 3. EA’s Need For Speed World is currently not getting the attention the players and developers need from the company because of the commercial games they are working on. they said once the the new game “the Run is released, a lot more work will be pumped in to Need for Speed World. Maybe thats the same thing thats going on with Bf3 and lucasarts-manpower. right now the big thing for Lucasarts is making sure TOR comes out ready to go and on time. then theres Galaxies closing. Lucasarts itself at that point has a lot of people to throw around. Maybe Bf3 is the next focus. i think the company knows that 2 console/pc games out of a constantly growing universe is terrible. plus I’m sure the company isn’t going to pass up the chance to get more players on a console game than ever recorded.

  5. In reply to my other comment, it turns out you can’t do that according to this I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!

  6. I hope somebody joins Spark to find out what game it is, then quit to tell us the truth LOL



  7. Ok, this may be old new but new to others. Here is the latest Q&A from Sparks website

    QUESTION: Would you be able to disclose the game genre of the unannounced project? -Benny

    ANSWER: The closet to a disclosure is the information on our website and within the job descriptions. For example, this description is from the Senior Combat Designer:

    “Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently green-lit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. The Senior Combat Designer will be responsible for collaborating on developing game design systems, AI behaviors, player mechanics, and game balancing, tuning and timing for a third-person action shooter on current-gen consoles.”

  8. guys if you look at sparks q and a page one guy asked if they would be using orchestra scores in the upcoming game. They said in the past they have used Michael Giacchinno for their games. So I looked him up and he has done music for 1.Secret weapons over Normandy(Lucasarts) 2.Mercenaires Playground of destrustion(Lucasasrts) and Fracture(also made by Lucasarts). So I think this just might be the missing link.

    • This guy made scores for Call of duty finest hours developed by Spark. But i hope he is also involved in BF3

    • But all the other battlefront games used the original John Williams score, didn’t they? I would guess then, that a composer probably won’t be a part of development for Battlefront III.

      • well, i don’t mind who does the audio (especially music) as long as they have worked with lucasarts before, but orcestra? hmmmm, wasn’t all the music in srar wars orcestra? This looks promesing!

      • But they didnt say they were going to use him, just that they were going to be using world class orchestra scores. Sounds like John Williams to me.

  9. Do you think there is going to be an angry mob about this in the next 2 years when it’s not made?

  10. I just was on Game Informers website and they had a Star Wars: Battlefront III Wish List and it has some good things in it that could/would make it battlefront 3 a great game.

  11. Biggest_Battlefront_Fan

    Ok so I have been thinking about Elite Squadron lately, and a lot of people think Rebellion copied from Free Radical and me thinks not, it was probably the portable version and when Free Radical went under Rebellion and whoever made the ds version changed the name.

  12. Everyone go look at spark unlinited or what ever they are called they have an unannconed project that sounds like swb3 and are realeasin the projects name on publishers requst so there is hope

  13. I think it’s going to be announced after Old Republic comes out.

  14. Ok so I just emailed Spark Unlimited,I told them that there are many fans anticipating on this and would be rejoicing if it is announced, I’ll post again if they replied that they are developing or they gave us hints =) Have Faith my friends.

  15. I recently sent a email to spark and they said there publisher is looking for the right time, we are simply fowlowing the leader.

  16. Only we want is: Battlefield 3 + Gears of War + Starwars= Star Wars FTW Game.

  17. Listen,
    If this games doesn’t get announced by next years e3, I will have given up hope.
    If it is announced soon it will either be when the blu-rays are released or VGA.
    That’s the best I can hope for.

  18. well I am not giving up no matter what I’ve been going to this website and another and the other has reported another preorder posting and a guy sent in a email asking about the unnanounced game and said nothing at all related to battlefront and he got the same generic response that said “if you want word on battlefront it must come from lucas arts” awsome if you ask me!

  19. spark is making it i think read this- Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.     The Senior Multiplayer Designer will be responsible for collaborating on multiplayer game system development, designing and building levels, and gameplay balancing and tuning for a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles. and this too- Preffered Skills Level Design, Weapon Tuning, & Balancing experience in a shipped online shooter (1st or 3rd person), preferably with Unreal 3. this sounds too much like BF3! it cant be TFU3 cuz this is a first/third person shooter! they say the public announcement will be months away- all this info is legit from!!!! only a few months guys….

  20. omg read! Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.     The Senior Multiplayer Designer will be responsible for collaborating on multiplayer game system development, designing and building levels, and gameplay balancing and tuning for a third-person action shooter on next generation consoles. and this too! Level Design, Weapon Tuning, & Balancing experience in a shipped online shooter (1st or 3rd person), preferably with Unreal 3. its gotta be it! this sounds like all the past battlefront games

  21. Just went to the Spark Unlimited website and under jobs i found this. I have a good feeling about this one. Notice it says high profile science fiction franchise.

    Senior Character Artist

    Spark is looking for a senior character artist to create first-in class content for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in full production for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. As an experienced senior character artist, you will work together with the character and animation groups to create the best looking creature, human and non-organic character models to life.

  22. Spark Unlimited has a twitter account now. I was the 2nd on e to start following them…lol

  23. Not sure if anyone has seen yet, or how long it has been up on Spark’s site but it says on the job description home “With the public disclosure of the title still months away” – Got to be soomething right?

  24. To be honest I think that the kinect game and the old republic are just fillers. Then when everyone is dissapointed they will come out and be like, Hey, were making battlefront 3! yep

  25. I will never give up on this. I search for news at least once a week. I know lame… right? Anyway ill bet spark is making it. the way they have their unannounced game is shown on their site is the same as our beloved and missed free radical-RIP

  26. I will also never give up hope. So many people want it, and LucasArts knows that, but they don’t make it! Spark* Unlimited is up to us to make BF3. I hope this “Unrevealed” Game is it. But, I can only hope.

  27. Umm… the job listings, well some recamend knoldge of the maya, not star wars, so spark may not be talking about swbf3 i hope not but… its unfortantly may be the truth… sorry guys… i got upsey too…

    • Lol….. You clearly havent seen much star wars. The ruins and temples in many worlds in star wars looks like maya structures! (Yavin 4)

      Or Spark could be talking about a program called may

    • maya is a program, but if the wanted someone that could do mayan structures in a syfi shooter then im sorry my fellow star wars fans AVP has way more structures thats mayan the star wars game would have. But since we are talking about a gaming program the whole mayan structures thing can be put to rest.

      • Point taken. I did not know that. But yeah the massassi temples do look mayan…

        • Is it quadropods and non-biological beings in AVP?

          • quadruped is what i think your going for is a way of animating different textured beings without throwing off the realizim. But all i’m pointing out is that Maya is a gaming program and it has nothing to do with the temple structures. And im not sure if the AVP games have non organic life because they suck and i do not play them. baught the last one tried the online play and gave it to my kid lol. Was just saying mayan structures are a fixture in the predator theme, but we have no worries since Maya is a gaming program.

  28. TheBattlefrontNerd

    I really don’t think we should give up hope yet. Us BattleFrontians can’t give up on one of the most awesome series ever made, and most of all some of the most awesome movies ever made. I personally think that Lucasarts is focusing mainly on battlefront 3 or something like it. The reason they are releasing that R2 Xbox 360 is because they are trying to prepare all battlefront fans for the big finale– the grand daddy. This means that they are working intensively on the game, or something like it. I think they are really trying to make this game the best it can be, and I also think this will be the last of the series since The Old Republic is gonna be here. I bet Battlefront 3 won’t be here until late 2012 or early 2013. Don;t count on it this year, maybe some teasets, or atleast a trailer, but that’s it. Please guys, don’t give up hope, not yet.

  29. My last hope will be next years E3. If not then, then never. If Spark is not making battlefront 3, I am still curios to what game they are making. But ya, my lack of faith IS disturbing. but I beleive that this years comicon was, wait, ITS A TRAP!!!

  30. Well i’ll still be waiting for the announcement of SWBF3 since it’s bound to happen sometime in the near future. I’m pretty sure that at least their next announcement won’t be another Lego game 🙂

  31. Well in the positief, It well come within 10 years hoppely.
    or else …

  32. WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! E3 and now comicon? this is a @#$#ing disaster

  33. I just don’t know what to think now. I mean what happened to all those games we used to play? It seems they got replaced by crappy game series like The Force Unleashed or the overexploited Lego Star Wars games. But there is still hope for BF3. I just personally believe that pressing Spark Unlimited won’t get us anywhere, I mean that they’re just the developers but they can’t announce anything due to the diclosure agreement they have with the publisher, if we want results we need to pressure Lucasarts. I haven’t lost hope but I do believe that we must send a letter to the people at LucasArts to discuss this. BF3 will come out someday, let’s just hope it will come soon enough and let’s hope it exceeds all our expectations.
    Greetings to you all!
    Oh and remember never give up HOPE

    • True. But the old republics could be something to play. There has been many disturbing in the force about STWBF3. Mostly to do with the developer and announcement date.

  34. At which event we should fix next? I don’t wanna give up hope until Spark’s game is announced.
    At least Spark’s game is in the green light production. It seems it is in the final progress.

    • Yes! I also think it is in the final progress… They just might have to tune the game a bit. Lets hope it is battlefront 3!!

  35. Lucasfarts sucks!! lol

  36. New position available on Spark Unlimited. Just updated July 20

    Spark is looking for a seasoned Character TD/Rigger to create first-in class character setups for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.

  37. To be honest, i’m glad it’s taking a while to be announced, hopefully that means they won’t rush this game like they did with the force unleashed 2.

  38. They wasted an hour for that? :/

    Also look what I found on stumble:
    Now we shall stand together towards this goal!

  39. Well Spark is making it have an inventory and hud so that is goofd/

  40. I’m not loosing hope till Lucas Arts themselves says they will not make the game. I mean, I’m sure they know how much hype there is for the game, so it would make sense for them to say something.

    Also, I think a simple remake of either Battlefront I or II will do just fine for the 360 and PS3. All it needs is enhanced graphics, online multiplayer, and smarter AI, and it will be the greatest game ever.

    One more thing. Every “Battlefrontian” should check out TuggieGameReviews on YouTube. He updates every week on Battlefront 3, and has real good things to say.

  41. The Saradominist

    Gentlemen, the war is over. Go home, return to your families. Our hopes for final victory have all but been cast to the four winds. God have mercy on all who seek liberation…

  42. You have to be a true Jedi to have the patience to wait for this game to come out!…lol

  43. once again, remember, it takes three years to make a video game. many good games have been ruined because they were rushed, such as KOTOR2

  44. i saw some pic about bf3 it looks awsomeon the 360 but i only have a ps2 and my dad wont let me get an xbox 360 AND I REALLY WANT BF3 FOT THE 360 but all i can do is wait and watch

  45. Why do I keep hope, it only invigorates the pain. but I just can’t say no

    • LucasArts will need all the money they can get after TOR so what better way than to release a game everyone wants?

  46. I still think its possible they will show/release it soon. The money making lower budgets games and starwar release movie. It all points to a bigger project they dont want to give out pointers to yet. Im telling you its going to happen sooner or later because their are a lot of devoted fans still. I would say half of the halo fans are secretly first time drop halo play starwars fans. starwars battlefront is a classic game that even kids would like. Even with a face lift it would still sell as long as theirs a teen version or the regular version is teen but the ultimate is mature maybe because it has uncut scenes.

  47. The fact that there wasn’t an announcement certainly doesn’t mean the end of Battlefront 3. Someone on the LA forums emailed Spark ultd and was told (obviously, it might be fake) that Spark would not be announcing anything at comic-con, and the countdown to comic con was put up just because they like going to it (it would have been nice if they said that earlier).

  48. Honestly, I’m getting sick of the ‘limited-edition’ Xbox bundles they keep coming out with. When will people realize that most folks HAVE an Xbox at this point?

    Anyways, on to the actual subject. There are plenty of people who want the game, and if enough people ask for it, eventually Lucasarts is going to get those magical $ symbols in their eyes, and come up with a game for us to spend our monies on.

  49. Sigh In my opinion that was not a ‘big announcement’. Honestly lucas arts, we dont want to pretend like were a jedi with the kinect force(no offense to anyone buying it)im pretty sure there is a huge handfull of people who would rather have star wars battlefront 3. In all star wars video games, your some immortal jedi, and it gets boring, but in battlefront your an actual soldier that can run into a crowd of enemies and get gunned down.

  50. Hmm. I guess Spark has to announce their game sometime.

  51. Lucasarts are definitely retarded as hell. What do they think they’re doing?

    They should’ve realise that Kinect sucks already.

    And do they read what the fans want? No.


    On a side note “No” but serious when will lucasarts start caring about their fans

    • After SWTOR… They are using huge funds in that game… Why suddenly come up with BF3 and then everyone will save their money to buy that one instead.

  53. Right now, I really don’t know what to do. I’ve been following the information on Battlefront 3 ever since I first played Battlefront 2, which by the way, was personally the best star wars series besides the LEGO series, and I’ve been having fall after fall about the idea that Battlefront 3 coming out. I won’t give up though, the only reason I will give up at all is if George Lucas says personally, not some other “information desk” person, that they are not making any more games for the Battlefront series. I am either waiting for a yes, we can’t tell yet (which could very well be yes), or a no. If any other people can, maybe someone should email LucasArts and ask specifically “Will there be any continuation of your best-selling video game series, Battlefront?” Maybe then we can get an answer that’ll make more sense than all of these threads of mis-information. If anyone can, please do it, because I’d rather know that I’m looking for something their not making now than wait another six months before I find out. Either way, LucasArts still may say yes, and we may still have hope! But we may never find out unless we try.

  54. hell, you guys cant give up yet!! cmon guys!! ive been fallowing this game and mostly this website since i saw the leaked footage the day it came on youtube. back in the days when i had pmy ps2 and thaught the graphics were godly. spark didnt announce its game like i thaught they would, that game is definitly battlefront 3. if spark announces a game thats not battlefront 3, then i will understand why you gave up hope, but it will!!! like Nitro said, im not losing hope untill lucasarts says they wont make B3 untill hell freezes over.

    • Yeah, what else can we do except wait? But i’ll try to keep my hopes low because i cannot take another set back if its not announced in next year’s VGA, E3, etc…. Just move on & enjoy Battle Field 3 instead ! Its been too long since a good game like this is created

  55. The reason for launching R2 kinect bundle is simple – easy profit!
    But i can’t say the the same for developing a game like BF3 which is time consuming & expensive. That is why LA may not be so keen on BF3 development & they may think that they shouldn’nt waste time & money on a niche market. They’ll rather produce Lego games because the kids market is much larger i suppose. It all about the money. On a side note, i’m a vintage SW toy collector & they dont make toys like they use to….just like games, they dont make games like before….I guess those of you who are in your 30′s will understand better. Sob…:(

  56. The reason for launching R2 kinect bundle is simple – easy profit!
    But i can’t the the same for developing a game like BF3 which is time consuming & expensive. That is why LA may not be so keen on BF3 development & they may think that they shouldn’nt waste time & money on a niche market. They’ll rather produce Lego games because the kids market is much larger i suppose. It all about the money. On a side note, i’m a vintage SW toy collector & they dont make toys like they use to….just like games, they dont make games like before….I guess those of you who are in your 30’s will understand better. Sob…:(

  57. hm…i just don’t know what to think anymore, i still have hope that there still making the game, but its slowly diminishing. Maybe their just too busy with The Old Republic that they aren’t focusing at all on Battlefront 3? I don’t know, maybe once their finished with the Old Republic they’ll face their attention on BF3, but until then guys, I’m gonna be enjoying the Old Republic.

    • on the last TuggieGameReviews Star Wars Battlefront III update he made a good point that probably would not announce SWB3 until after The Old Republic comes out because they would not want a game that will not come out for a year or more take publicity from a game in the old republic that they have spent a whole lot of money making. So I’m calling it now they announce it at the VGA’s and we will get first game play at next years E3.

      here is a link to TuggieGameReviews SWB3 update if you want to view it:

  58. This sucks… But! We have still hope. Spark Unlimited have their announcement… We got the servers at gamespy. And Lucasarts have said many times that they will go back to their old sucsessful franchises.

    I just hope it will come out before next decade…

    • it says on their website the public announcement is only months away

      • actually its been saying that samething for atleast 7 months now so its not likely that the just months away from the announcement is accurate. but there is a spark unlimited “secret” twitter account that is giving vage insight. i do remember reading something about 3 weeks of hiring left so i dubt any news on the game will be coming soon unless its a leak that goes public.

  59. Emperor Palpatine

    When Will Spark announce their game??????? I am really curious

  60. Nitro I banned myself from the forums… lol

  61. finally i have reason to buy an X-box, still did Spark unlimited announce anything at comic con? NO! so maybe they will soon!

  62. In the words of the Immortal Darth Vader… “Nyyooooooooooooooooooooooo”!

  63. Don’t give up hope! Only time will tell!

  64. Yeah… I’m pretty much done. Damn you LucasArts… you know that no one likes the stupid BS you call the Clone Wars, right? I know that you’re just trying to get young girls involved, but SW is anathema to anyone but nerds. All that you’re doing is alienating your faithful fans while failing to get new ones. Way to go. Great marketing strategy.

    I’ll say it, since no one else seems to be able to. “No, George. That’s a terrible idea. You should never include (Jar Jar, Whiny Anakin, Padme Suckitala, Teenage Whiny Anakin, Slaughtering Younglings, ‘NOOOOOOOO’, Ahsoka Tano – you pick) in Star Wars. This is supposed to be a serious space opera, and you want to include a fart joke?”

    Guys, this game isn’t coming out. We’re done.

    • i find your lack of faith…disturbing.

    • I can understand your complaints on the Prequels, as time passes those movies will be much more appreciated than they are by many your age. I can’t understand why you’d think Battlefront 3 isn’t being worked on. I for one believe that this YouTuber has some very good insights on to this game’s progress and he’s just as valid a source for information as any of us. You can sit and pout all day about LucasArts and Star Wars Prequels, but I’m sure you’d rather have’m as they are than not at all and I’m sure if you were nihilistic about Battlefront 3, you’d miss out on all the excitement anticipation brings, even if it LucasArts says they aren’t making the game.

    • @James
      And I find your lack of maturity disturbing….

      People forget that the people at LucasArts don’t live in ivory towers. Watch any Star Wars video, Read any article about Star Wars, You will see comments about Battlefront 3. They’re going to make it. No matter what, They’re going to make it. The issuse is…. Will it be any good? If spark unlimited make it, Than the answer could easily be know. I know I’m going against quite a lot of other fans, But I wouldn’t mind it to change itself substantialally, Maybe into an FPS or Team BAsed Shooter. I used to always play two on first person mode, And it was one of the best FPS I’ve ever played.

      Also, Grow up james.

      • I agree to you Cormac. On every sites there is about star wars games, or upcoming projects by any sci fi games there is talk about star wars battlefront 3. There are still servers on gamespy with gamekeys (dont know why nobody is talking about them) if im not wrong, and they pretty much say that the game is alive.

        Lucasarts know what is important… And I do not think they want to be known in the history as a high quality gaming company that went to child games…

        Also as I have stated before… The forum post that is most commented and viewed on the forum on is about Star Wars Battlefront 3!

      • I was going to say one thing.
        I agree with you and…
        If we take a look at the history of Battlefront..
        We may realize the pattern.
        Maybe Battlefront 3 will be released with the Blu-Ray set.
        It will have a label saying which version it’s for.
        I will say one thing.
        If you lose faith it takes you forever and it never comes out. And it’s a bad game.
        If you have faith it doesn’t take forever and it does come out. And it’s a good game.
        Look at DNF.
        Nobody believed in it.
        When it was finally released it was a crappy game.
        Now if we believe in Battlefront 3.
        If we believe that it will be an awesome game…
        It will.
        It will not take forever.
        Read this comment everyone.
        And listen well.

      • I am an older guy (46) and I know that SWBF2 was a game that my son and I just sat and enjoyed. It was something that was very helpful for us to continue to love just being in the same room with each other. I had just got separated on the road to divorce and it was tough on my son as well as myself. In our household money was very very tight for obvious reasons and this also provided inexpensive entertainment.

        Playing the game provided us the needed relaxation and appreciation time.

        So since then, our situation has improved greatly, he is off to college now and I have been able to get to a better place financially.

        SWBF3 is something that we both look forward to so we can play online and keep in touch while he is away. I will miss him big time.

        I hope they can create this game for all of us fan for a myriad of reasons…

        LucasArts…Either do or do not, there is no try…

    • Actually! There has been reports on March 20 that there might be a SW:BF3. Free Radical is not making it though. Something called Sparks is! At least some one steeped up to the plate.

  65. Well, like you said. Until Spark announces the game. What doesn’t LucasArts understand though? I mean if they make, they have to know they will make so much money. But maybe it’s a good thing we are waiting. It might mean the game is even better

    • Longer we wait, the more it deteriorates.

      Duke Nukem: Forever
      Too Human

      • @Jayson

        But those were games with more straight forward stories right? (I have never actually played them)And battlefront is more about the awesome epic battles in instant action, so perhaps it could be a could thing, ya know getting awesome technology to make one kick 25 v 25 star wars game? I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty sick to me. 🙂

  66. Man that really sucks. I kept looking for news about the “big announcement” but all it was was this xbox! I wish lucasarts could just say something already about the game…but i guess its a secret….all I can say is I’m really looking forward to the Spark Unlimited announcement. I have to say knights of the old republic looks awesome, not battlefront 3 awesome but awesome lol.

  67. Ok, that is really the last straw for me. Who really CARES about the kinect game. I am not going to get it, screw it. I thought that Battlefront 3 would be announced at Comic-con or E3. Nevermind then, I am just going to wait for The Old Republic…>=O

  68. This was a dissapoint when I saw them announce it, but hey Spark hasn’t announced their game yet! Therefore I will not loose hope until they announce their game.

  69. Chainsawgrizzly

    That hurt. Though the xbox itself and controller look cool, I really don’t care. If anyone has been following TuggieGameReviews on youtube, I have to stick to his opinion. I think we may have to wait for Battlefront 3 news until after The Old Republic comes out.

  70. LucasArts you have failed me for the last time.

  71. Well, that really sucks… I was really hoping that BF3 would be announced at E3 or Comic Con…

    LucasArts… YOU SUCK!

  72. A big disappointment indeed!
    We’ve waited so long for the annoucement and LucasArts knows that. Surely the understanding that everyone wants Battlefront 3 is enough to spawn some generation of that title.
    Battlefront was, without a doubt, if not one of, the biggest successful Star Wars video game title released. The Force Unleashed 1 and 2 were let-downs so in order for LucasArts to climb back up the board with great emphasis, Battlefront 3 must become a reality.

    • i totally agree with you. Lucasarts have been making mostly crappy star wars games for the past 5 years. in order to get back on top they got to make a Star Wars Battlefront 3! Not these small side ones on the psp. although they were pretty good

    • i rather ewnjoyed the first force unleashed, but force unleashed 2 was just rubbish, i remember watching the teaser years ago thinknig it will be awesome, it was nothing like it!
      Lucasarts, just do another BF3, obviousely it will sell well! ‘I find your lack of faith disturbing!’

      • Exactly, and Battlefront 2 was and still is the best-selling Star Wars game of all time!

      • disturbings an understatement.

        • yeh it was the best selling satr wars sub-series, i loved battlefront 2 as much as the next person, i have it on PC and loved it for 2-3 years befor realising i could downlaod fan made maps and mods, sio it kept me happy for a long time! Lucas Arts just wasted money on Force Unleashed 2 probaley attempting to make it a series better then Battlefront, but it failed! I like the first force unleashed thoguh, but still when will LucasArts realise that what made the most money and what all the fans want are one and the same? Battlefront 3!

  73. This greatly disappoints me :,(

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