Comic-Con 2011 – LucasArts unveiling an exciting announcement…

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Hey Battlefrontians, I apologize for the lack of updates lately as I just got married a week ago so things have been extremely crazy around here. I am back from our honeymoon now though and ready to report!

During the latest E3 there were a lot of people who were extremely confident that LucasArts will be announcing Battlefront 3 at this years E3 and well, they just might be.

According to a post on, LucasArts will be “unveiling an exciting announcement”.. could this be Battlefront 3??

10:00-11:00 AM Kinect Star Wars Panel
Enter the Galaxy with studio head Jorg Neumann (Kinect Publishing) and lead producer Craig Derrick (LucasArts) as they discuss the highly anticipated title with USA Today’s Mike Snider, sharing new game play from the iconic Star Wars universe, revealing an all-new mode, and unveiling an exciting announcement. All attendees will receive a limited-edition poster. Room 32AB

Of course this announcement could very well be something to do with the Kinect Star Wars game, but you never know!

Let’s hear your thoughts!

Comic-Con 2011 takes place July 20-24th in San Diego.

A big thanks to our forum member Spartan64 for the heads up.

Thanks everyone for the awesome wedding comments!! 🙂

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  1. David Phillips says:

    I enjoy Battlefront 2 so much they MUST make a Battlefront 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chewie92 says:

    no battlefront 3 in comic con 🙁

  3. TheYorkshireMan says:

    awww man, i cant believe it wasnt announced, what a total bummer, but with all the awesome games coming out in the next few months i cant really complain

  4. Enrique says:

    🙁 there was no b3 in comic con , …. its over?

    • Adrian says:

      Hahahahaha xD Its over? There is a bigger world beyond Comic-Con my friend! Lucasarts have stated many times that they will move to older franchises that was a huge sucsess. We still can wait and see what Spark Unlimited has to offer.

  5. stance punk says:

    Well, either way we won’t be happy. If Spark Unlimited is indeed working on it, I guarentee we will be sorely disappointed. They’re just a terrible developer. It would be a tragic end to the series. They’re better off waiting even more for a good dev instead of having a crappy dev put it out there.

    • Adrian says:

      Many dev starts out bad, then they get a big project and they get “famous” because the project turns out great. Spark is recruiting new peoples, they did not do this on the other games. And! They used 1 year or less on the other games. This game could have been worked on since 2008 (maybe planned or something) and now they are beginning to get it online.

      Maybe thats why the servers of Star Wars Battlefront 3 is online…

  6. Hayabusa says:

    We can hope – we can hope that Battlefront 3 is the special annoucement.
    So long have we all waited for confirmation of BF3.
    It’s possible – and there is every chance we’ll hear BF3 is in its way.

  7. big willy says:

    boy do i hope this game comes out before im 30. so they’ve got 5 years to make this happen. come on Lucasarts if i dont hear somthing for this game by the next comic con then im all done. done with Lucasarts done with battlefront im just done althogether, i realy hate to be the negative nancy but at this point its real hard to keep up hope.

  8. Person-Fake-Last-Name says:

    its over no battlefront 3 announcement deal with it

  9. Liam says:

    I don’t know where it was on sparks website but on one of their pages it says that the public disclosure of their project is still months away. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that mean their project will be named sometime this year.

  10. Thomsn0w says:

    Anything yet?

  11. BigBenC07 says:
    They updated (finally) again on the 20th saying the project is “greenlit” and there have been two new positions added, Senior FX Artist and User Interface Artist. Both of which say more of the same. I believe that if the project is truly “greenlit”, somebody….. like IGN knows what’s in production. If anyone has any ins with the gaming media, get them to research it.

  12. Mimwing says:

    The theories on Spark developing the game are hope-inspiring, however there are quite a few flaws in the logic people are using. Don’t get me wrong, I want SWBF3 as much as anyone else but look at this:

    – Spark is making an ACTION/ADVENTURE game, not a shooter. Shooter is mentioned in some job descriptions, but how is SWBF3 in any way an ADVENTURE?
    – One of their newly added job listings is for interface designer – who they need to design an inventory. An Inventory in Battlefront?
    – People keep referencing Mayan buildings, the only mention of Maya in the job listings relates to the program, not architecture.
    – Spark is not presenting at Comic-con according to the official site.
    – When facing the facts, what is there REALLY that is binding SU with LA? Not much. And even if they are developing a game for LA, that description sounds much more like Republic commando than anything else.
    – Science fiction, non-organic? I can’t think of a single sci-fi franchise off the top of my head that does NOT have some kind of non-organic beings…
    – Unreal 3 engine? So many games use it, that’s no real link between LA and SU.

    In the end there is little linking LA and SU together except the sci-fi part and the developing of a high profile franchise. And then there is even less suggesting that BF3 is the game they are working on. No-one else has mentioned this: ( as far as I can tell, I have it open non-stop and refresh ever so often. A single release would either confirm that we were right or disappoint us horribly. I suggest keeping an eye on it.

    Also, just btw for people thinking the “ground to space” combat will be lost, it was done before in SW Battlefront Elite Squadron, the tech wouldn’t be that hard to replicate, that was a PSP after all….

    • Adrian says:

      About that site you posted, I posted that some few days after it came on the site. In other words, I posted in a comment (on the last update that Nitro made) a link to the site. Maybe 1 month ago.

      The worlds in star wars are places to explore, just because they are so big. This could very well work in a huge batte in star wars battlefront 3.

      Lucasarts did buy a license to the Unreal Engine 3, Spark is using that engine.

      When did Spark Unlimited put a countdown on their site for a place like comic-con? Did they do it for the E3? No other companys do this…

      Still… It is strange that they have not revealed anything yet.

      I am certain that we will get our game, maybe from Spark, or maybe from someone else!

      • Mimwing says:

        Ah, srry, must have missed it…
        Even if SWBF3 has really large battlefields (A definite wish for me at least) that could hardly be classified as an adventure, that would be a bit strange. An adventure to try and get to the front line? :p
        Yes, LA did buy the license and SU is using the engine, however that could conceivably be a coincidence as so many games use the Unreal Engine these days.
        The countdown on their site is interesting, I don’t think they did it for E3 and there are only very few other companies that would do the same. But what does it mean? So far nothing at all, we would have to wait until the end of comic-con to be sure, at the moment I believe the message they sent one of the people that asked: “A reminder of their roots”. Might be a bit strange but *shrug*. On the other hand they could be announcing a completely different game at a completely different booth….

        I am also positive we will eventually get the game, LA will not just give up on their best-selling franchise. But will it be developed by Spark, with 1 good game and 2 average ones? Why not go for a more practiced developer? I think the fact that the game has changed hands so much is the main reason it has been delayed so long, and why will LA hand it to a developer like SU after its long history?

        I think LA gave the project to someone else who is keeping it really secret / they have their own development teams working on it.

        • Adrian says:

          Well, the adventure thing, could work if you are fighting in a big battle, you see massive mountains, rivers, other spectacular places, everywhere that the battle COULD take place… (but it have not come that far to that place of the world)

          Spark Unlimited have only used 1 year or less on the other games… On this one they might have worked on since 2008. Another thing is that they are recruiting a bigger and more experienced crew. (I did see someone who worked on a battlefront game, and is now working in SU)

          But, I know that the game will eventually come out! 🙂

          • Mimwing says:

            Interesting point on the fact that they have more time, and the Battlefront developer that has joined them, but I’m still not sold on the adventure aspect.
            Even if the game HAS got some minimal adventuring it wouldn’t be worth calling in an action/adventure. I would define BF1 and 2 as action/shooters instead for example.
            Then again I guess I’m fighting a losing battle considering that I actually WANT that game to be BF3 😀

  13. Emperor Palpatine says:

    I have a friend who applied at Spark and he once said to me that they are currently working on a star wars-related project, who knows it could be battlefront 3?

  14. deniboy says:

    Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. The Senior Combat Designer will be responsible for collaborating on developing game design systems, AI behaviors, player mechanics, and game balancing, tuning and timing for a third-person action shooter on current-gen consoles.

    thats on the site star wars battle front is a third person shooter 😀 YAAAAAY

  15. Luke V says:

    What about it being announced on Battlefield 3’s release? No? Okay. Just ’cause they’re both third installments in popular game franchises. Unlikely but a simple thought to entertain.

  16. Wbc914 says:

    So when is Spark going to talk at Comic Con? Im getting worried since tomorrow is the last day.

  17. Zeta 25 says:

    Hey. I don’t have much to say but all that old Spark news could work for either SWBF3 OOOORRRR RC2. Think about it. Is there anything else saying that it would more likely be either one. And I would be fine with either one. Preferably…. BF3
    And… on a side note.
    And this was posted on my Birthday! JULY 16 FTW!

    CONGRATULATIONS NITRO! Good job! Have a long and good relationship!

  18. Zercker says:

    Wasn’t the big surprise the R2 and C3PO xBox?

  19. klzth13th says:

    hey nitro and all bf3 fans

    yall need to check out TuggieGameReview’s Channel. good updates. btw i dont think they will be announcing it then… like the dude said, they are there, but only for ideas to make their game, whether its swbf3 or anything else…

  20. Landon says:

    There is still hope, there are still two days left, maby they`ll announce it sometime then! also, congrats Nitro!

  21. sithlordstu says:

    On another note imagine If BF3 had hold of the Frostbite 2 Engine Wow

    I think at the very least Microsoft should look into the following:

    Release BattleFront 2 onto Market Place for 1200 ms points in the Arcade, and onto PSN. Give fans an updated version, with no bugs and open up the let the fans and new gamers get online. This would surley be a good way for marketing to feather their beds and test the market in a live environment. It sounds like recycling but why not us hardcore fans would be happy,new gamers get to play something great in a great environment and Lucas Arts can use this as a Medium to keep fans updated on upcoming projects and all things SW!

  22. sithlordstu says:

    I reckon any release will follow the blue ray release of the starwars box set after November and maybe prior to the release of Episode 1 in 3D next year, this would tie in with building the Starwars Marketing machine up. I think we’ll be waiting a long while yet. You never know they might be developing anything and could be anything but Starwars, I want BF3 but I’m not holding my breath but a change from the usual RPG or FPS would be welcomed.

    I’d like to see a updated version of Shadows of the Empire game redone or even the dark Forces game. This was good in the day!

  23. TheYorkshireMan says:

    ok so the news was that star wars xbox kinect bundle thing, it looked pretty nice but it wasnt what we all want. when are spark announcing their game?

  24. BigBenC07 says:

    Maybe when you open the disk tray of you new special edition R2-D2 360, SWBF3 pops out?!?!? That would surely be a surprise that I’d buy!

    • Adrian says:

      Now that would be lethal… Thousands of peoples would die of heart attack, all the feelings that would come when you see a masterpiece as a game like that…

  25. swbf3smuggler says:

    I recently purchased fan favorites 1 which has bf1 and 2 it has all of a sudden been dropping in price alot
    on amazon maybe this means swbf3?

  26. Sexybread says:

    An “exciting announcement” is what they about everything they release, i feel a disappointment coming on. Oh and CONGRATS DUDE!

  27. darthlegit says:

    Congrat, and i just hope its not a new Force unleashed.

  28. Adrian says:

    Alright… It seems that the announcement at Comic-Con from Lucasarts were not BF3. Do not lose your hopes! We have still the announcement from Spark Unlimited. Not only this, but Lucasarts have claimed that they will move to older titles (original IPs), bring in some real good games.

    As many claims that Lucasarts is stupid… They are not stupid, they are peoples like us, but working in that company. Belive me, they have seen all the rumours out on the web, they have seen all the comments, forum talks etc about BF3. I think they must begin to see what the people want, instead of making things for the little people…
    Another thing is the most viewed and commented threads on the forums on Lucasarts is actually a speculation forum about Star Wars Battlefront 3. (it is indeed the most active of them all)

    Even when you search for Spark Unlimited it will show you many sites claiming their thoughts about the project, which most people think is battlefront 3. The developers of Spark Unlimited most see this.

    And finally… We got the servers online at gamespy, with gamekeys = ITS ALIVE AND WELL!

    For all we know Lucasarts is the most clever company in the world… They might habe made us all belive that they scrapped the first version of BF3 (from Free Radical). But who knows, maybe they saved it. They would then let Pandemic continue working on the game. Then possible Rebellion, and after that Spark Unlimited. And it all ends with the most worked on games of our time, superb graphic and gameplay… A dream come true! (but that is youst a thought) But think about what everyone would say, if they suddenly suprise us all, with the game finished, and in stores fast. (this would deffineately give Lucasarts the biggest reputation out there)

    Have faith battlefrontians. Always listen to the good knews, like our good Nitro’s wedding (congrats btw).

    May the force be with you all, and in our beloved Star Wars Battlefront 3!

  29. NemesisTitan says:

    Well. Surprise surprise. It wasn’t announced. For all those people saying they will get angry/inasnae/kill the producers…I can’t help but feel it as pretty obvious it wouldn’t be announced. Just enjoy BF2. You know deep down BF3 wouldn’t live up to your expectations anyway.

  30. Kelevra says:

    The ‘exciting announcement’ was an R2-D2 themed XBox 360.


  31. deltajelz says:

    sooo, the exciting announcement was the star wars console??? please tell me it’s not D:!

  32. Sarge says:

    It isn’t BF3, just a Star Wars themed Xbox 360. No surprise there…

  33. mrbacondude says:

    What scares me if spark unlimited is working on this is if you look at the three games they’ve done those kinda sucked except for call of duty finest hour which was decent

    • Adrian says:

      Those game were made in a year or so… If battlefront 3 is being made, it could very well been in production since 2008. Not only this, but it really seems like they are putting up all they got into this project, and a new crew!

      • BigMac4547 says:

        and let us not forget that Pandemic Studios only had one good game that before they made Star Wars Battlefront and that was Full Spectrum Warrior, so it can be done!

        • Adrian says:

          Indeed! They could use this opportunity to get some high reputation in the gaming industry. Spark Unlimited, the guys that evolved Star Wars Battlefront to a real battlefront.

  34. Thomsn0w says:

    The announcement was a Star Wars themed XBOX 360 S.

  35. stance punk says:

    the surprise is a R2D2 console.
    The only hope we have is when Spark Unlimited reveals their game. That’s our only lead.

  36. haaaaaazza says:

    It was the R2D2 xbox.
    NO BF3.
    C’mon Lucasarts, games not bundles

  37. bill says:

    WOW i guess the “exciting announcement” was the star wars xbox with starwars connect

  38. Justin says:

    Well the Kinect Panel has come and gone. No Battlefront 3. The big announcement was an R2D2 xbox 360 that costs way too much.

  39. bigc561 says:

    I’m going to call Spark Unlimited today and ask if they could tell me ANYTHING about their so far unannounced game. All we need to know is if their game is a SEQUEL to a very popular game on the ps2 and original xbox consoles.

  40. BigBenC07 says:

    “3:30-4:30 Star Wars: The Old Republic : Join Us, It Is Your Destiny— BioWare and LucasArts are creating the most immersive MMO experience you’ve ever played with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hear from BioWare developers as they discuss development of a story-driven MMO, debut new gameplay footage, and perhaps spring a few surprises along the way. Exclusive reveals, giveaways, guests, and Q&A! ”
    This is probably our best bet for an announcement being “surprises” and “Exclusive reveals” If not, please, someone ask during the Q&A whether or not we’ll get SWBF 3

  41. chewiebacca says:

    lego jar jar binks: pod racer 1, only for kinect 360

  42. wookie_fan says:

    I’m tired of speculations & waiting. Can someone just ask George Lucas what is the status of BF3 in an interview?

  43. gamerguymanthing says:

    on the forum there is a topic under news and rumours where a user got a reply from john (spark) saying that there is an announcement coming soon.

  44. Ryan Butler says:

    If this isnt battlefront 3. then i give up and i`ll enjoy battlefield 3, Its the closest i can get , well basicaly the same but no wookiees or jedi 🙁

    • Adrian says:

      And starships… Massive battles in space etc…

      But fear not, you can always use your own imagination!

      • jdom503 says:

        well there is always dust 514. What i’ve seen of it, it looks pretty good. All you need to do is pick up the pc version eve i think its called to do the space battles. I think thats the closest thing to a good space/land battle game your going to get. Unless LA stops raming kid games down our throats.

        • Adrian says:

          Now that is as close as we can get to star wars battlefront 3! I will buy that game as soon it comes out.

  45. swbf3smuggler says:

    All this suspense is bugging the crap out of me.
    (it shouldn’t take 6 years for LA to FINALLY *maybe* realize tht swbf3 is there best option)

    Swbf2 *sob* *sob*
    Ahhhh the memories

  46. shadow says:

    Check out tuggiesgamereviews on youtube for sbf3.
    may be outdated but gave me alot of hope

  47. ggctuk says:

    What if this is The Force Unleashed III? Or another Monkey Island game?

  48. swbf3fan says:

    I feel like I’m the only one to say this, but congrats on getting married!

  49. SomeBeef says:

    It’s just a thought. But maybe Spark is making the MULTIPLAYER for the Kinect game?

    You know what that could be right? YOU GUESSED IT! It says they’re announcing a new gamemode for StarWars Kinect, so, I’m assuming it’s the Multiplayer.

    I can see it now:

    “This is our multiplayer of Star Wars Kinect…”
    *Droids and Clone Troopers in a big open spot on Geonosis*
    “…it’s called Battlefront Mode. Or Battlefront for short”

    • BigMac4547 says:

      the only flaw with that argument is that is that the game that they are making is for Xbox360, PS3, and PC so it could only be that if and only if the Star Wars Kinect game is going to be made for the PS3 and PC too.

  50. HORST says:

    Many games in the past have been scrapped- or had development extended- and then brought back with a completely new spin in order to adapt it to the newest gaming technology.
    Perhaps the reason Kinect is involved is because SWBF3 will be a Kinect game?

    • BigMac4547 says:

      I don’t think that SWBF3 would be a full blown Kinect game but it could have Kinect compatibility like Mass Effect 3 is going to have, so that could be why the “unveiling an exciting announcement” would be at the Kinect booth.

  51. murtaghe says:

    just a thought they could be announcing that the game will release with the bluray edition thing. they did kinda the same thing with swbf2

  52. Kinect Star Wars says:

    Hate to burst bubbles (though really, common sense should have prevented any disappointment), but this announcement is related to Kinect Star Wars. That’s why it’s being made at a MS-LucasArts joint conference.

    I’m attending this panel as media, and I’ve heard from reliable folks that it’s the previously rumored R2-D2-themed Xbox 360/Kinect bundle, launching the game.

  53. jdom503 says:

    I have a posibility as to what this game can be. What si-fi movie/game is most assoiciated with maya structures. It’s really not that hard, AVP, or more importantly Preditor. As i am with you all in the hopes that one of these years they are going to give us another battlefront, maya structures are only in one spot ever in star wars games. I’m really not the sure about anywhere else in the star wars universe but they are everywhere when your talking about predator games. It does get frustrating that we the people who pay our money for games dont get what we want. Really, lego and kinect? Seriously its getting old. I did like the first Force Unleashed but i hated the second. I use to be a big shooter game player but all the good ones are old and it seems there is no hope for sequals. I mean give me BF3 not lego. Give me a shooter other than COD which to me is more of a lil kids game online these days. Really, SWBF3 can have it all. Space, vehical, inf and jedi vs sith battles going on at the same time. This is what we want and we should have since its our money that we are spending. Sorry if im a lil fustrated but damn it, i want the game to come out and not another lame game like AVP, which i do like the movies, but really the games suck!

    • MajorMoses says:

      Just a little insight but there’s a reason why the job descriptions say Maya alongside Photoshop, Z-brush, and Mudbox. Maya is a 3D computer graphics program. Nowhere in the job descriptions does it say that the environments will feature Mayan-style architecture. It doesn’t necessarily rule out Alien Vs. Predator, but seeing as Battlefront only has one place with Mayan-style architecture, this definitely helps its chances out.

      Also, I REALLY hope those two guys saying that the announcement is an R2-D2 Xbox/Kinect bundle are just trolling.

  54. Secllipse says:

    First of all, let me say that i have been through this journey from the very beginning from the day i picked up Battlefront 1 on release day, picking up Battlefront 2, the psp Battlefront etc. I have played em all. I have been caught up with the rumors for BF3 from day 1 before Free Radical’s demise all they way until today, right now. While i am skeptical at the announcement of BF3(as the constant disappointments surrounding this game has taught me to be) but i am still hopeful that it will finally get announced in a few days time at ComicCon. Anyway so i thought i would just go ahead and point this small detail out. Basically IGN is having a meet and greet and is inviting fans to come take pics with them and the 501st Legion. As any BF fan knows they were the main focal point of BF2….hmm just a thought but why would ign point the 501st out directly or are they always at ComicCon instead of just generic Clones?… let me know whatcha’ think!

    • HORST says:

      The 501st is an organization that goes waaaay back, and is known for public appearances, and to my understanding, charitable deeds. IGN could have any number of reasons for this meeting, but I would not be led to believe it is directly Battlefront-related.

  55. Hi All says:

    I said this earlier, but if its not here we still have the vga’s.

  56. murtaghe says:

    i was thinking some of the job listings are for next gen consoles and some are for current gen. So it might be possible that its just being polished for current gen systems and being re adapted for Wii u.

  57. BigMac4547 says:

    Found this at
    Report: Were Red Fly Layoffs Caused By A Canceled Star Wars Project?
    “Recently, Austin-based developer Red Fly Studios was forced to lay off around 30 employees due to a “high-profile project” that had been canceled. Now, it appears that project maybe have been a Star Wars game.
    Internet sleuth Superannuation is once again on the case, and has tracked down an online resume by a former Red Fly employee Patrick Doran. Doran was an artist at Red Fly. On his resume, the most current entry reads as follows:
    “Environment Artist (January-June 2011) for next-gen Star Wars title”
    Doran lists his time of employment at Red Fly from May 2008-June 2011, suggesting that the project that was canceled was, in fact, a Star Wars game.”

    maybe it was SWBF3 maybe it’s an another game like SW:The Force Unleashed 3 because they made the Wii version of the SW:The Force Unleashed 2 and it looks like they work on Wii “ports” of games, so if it was SWBF3 that got canceled then it could be just be the Wii version that they dropped.

    here is a link to the gameinfomer article:

    and a link to red fly studio’s web site:

  58. Adrian says:

    In 24 hours we will all know… Spark Unlimited might announce nothing or everything that we are waiting for. I have a good feeling for this one… The rumors, etc… You can also see, when you search for spark unlimited on google, on the first page a star wars rumor can be seen (heck, the people that works for spark must see that).

    Only 24 more hours, and we might not have to wait anymore for an announcement. Or we must wait for a new one for even longer.

    Help me comic-conobi, you are our (not) only hope…

  59. GWAdmin says:

    Spark Unlimited isn’t presenting at Comic-Con this year. unless Lucasarts is making the announcement, I am doubting there being an announcement.

  60. GWAdmin says:

    Congratz man!

  61. Congrats on getting married! That’s about the best news we have heard so far :p

  62. Lord_Mingle_Meyer. says:

    Comic Con starts tomorrow! This could be it!

  63. TroN says:

    BioWare said that their going to have an announcement at Comic Con in 21 of July.

    And it has already been hinted by a moderator in Sw:ToR forums that the big announcement will be Pre-Order Info for ToR. Which is huge if you know how many people are waiting for that Game.

  64. SMILEYbadger says:

    Kinect was the biggest fail ever. If LA release a crappy Kinect game……
    They’d wanna hope they’re releasing BF3.

  65. Alasthope says:

    Congrats on marriage. i feel like it is now or never. But i do hope not. Im scared it wont be Star wars Battlefront 3. real scared.

    • wookie_fan says:

      Guess most of us are used to being disappointed. It could be announced together with the blu ray release in Sep. If there’s still nothing by then, all hope is lost & i’m done waiting. Period.

      • Alasthopeman says:

        not all hope. Nexts years e3 and unnoftunatle the Vga. TFU2 was annouced at the Vgas, so ya. it does sound like STWTOR though, whether it be a release date or preorder. But then there is Spark. The person who emailed Spark about that (earlier comment) was saying that the countdown was used as a reminder of their roots. But I doubt it. It sounds 100% like BF3. If it is not im curius to what it is because it sounds fun. ALso why under the unanouced game it says next gen console property while the descritpions say a currnet gen. Doesnt make sence.

        • nico says:

          A “reminder of our roots” could be hinting something here, guess wich great saga had a huge success there more than 30 years ago…

  66. Chainsawgrizzly says:

    Congrats on getting married! Comic con cannot come fast enough

  67. vic rattlehead says:

    Me and my friend have already decided we are going to go to comic con and hold mark hammil and george lucas as a ransom for an announcement…so if they wind up on the news dead….sorry

  68. Red7Freedom says:

    *****Please Read*****

    The exciting is an exclusive R2D2 Xbox 36o and Kinect bundle. That is all, no BF3 at CC.

    • Adrian says:

      Hmmm… I think they might announce star wars battlefront 3. But not give that much info about. Maybe at the end when they have talked alot about kinect etc then suddenly: “Now, for something else, something we have all been waiting for, not for kinect, but something good: Star Wars Battlefront 3” (then you can see at a panel/screen or something the bf3 logo.
      They might youst say that the game will come.

      Dont lose your hopes if it doesnt get announced at comic-con, everyone knows that the game is the most wanted star wars game ever. Lucasart is not blind… Just wait and see

  69. benoski says:

    Oh god, I hope it’s BF3.

    If it’s The Force Unleashed 3, Multiplayer for Star Wars Kinect, or anything that isn’t BF3, then I will go insane. (Seriously, I will)

  70. someone says:


  71. stance punk says:

    Email from Spark Unlimited to me. I asked about Comic-Con and they said:

    “Comic-Con is always been a strong show for our staff to go to. We like to share our interests with our gaming fans and this is one small way to find common ground. Many of the ideas and characters for games begin in comics and/or anime. Comic-Con, San Diego, has been a very fruitful hunting grounds for ideas. So, the countdown is a way to keep our eye on the ball and remember what it is all about: great characters and great fun lead to great games.”

    • Thelastcommentmaker says:

      So basically they may NOT annouce their unnanounced game. but i doubt it. There was no countdown to e3 which just as big as comicon if not bigger. hmmm

  72. Saboteur says:

    Sad to say it but this kinda looks like TFU3, here’s my reasons for saying that.

    1: Go here.

    2: Look at the Category.

    3: Be depressed like I was.

    But just because the category is what it is and almost perfectly falls in line with Spark Unlimited’s description of their currently unreleased game, doesn’t mean that BF3 is ruled out of Spark Unlimited’s line up, they said their using the Unreal Engine and last time I checked TFU didn’t run on the Unreal Engine. They would have to make pretty much make a whole new game and that would take around 2-3 years, and TFU2 came out last year I think so that isn’t enough time for a game to get a whole new engine.

    Sounds to me like 5 years is enough time for BF3 to be released, between the new engine that has to be implemented, all the updates in technology/graphics cards and sound cards. Making maps and fixing various bugs/glitches like BF2 had. So if you think of it in this way, BF3 has the highest possibility to be released this Comic Con than all the past events.

    Personally I would rather wait the extra year for BF3 to release for them to make sure there isn’t tons of Bugs or Glitches like they had in BF2 in BF3.

    • MajorMoses says:

      While Force Unleashed is indeed Action/Adventure, there is at least one line in the job description that prevents it from being Force Unleashed made by Spark Unlimited.

      “The Senior Combat Designer will be responsible for collaborating on developing game design systems, AI behaviors, player mechanics, and game balancing, tuning and timing for a third-person action shooter on current-gen consoles.”

      So we know that it is going to be a shooter. That said, we can only hope that it is a shooter for Star Wars and not something generic that nobody will care about. Seriously, if this isn’t a Star Wars game, nobody is going to care about Spark Unlimited ever. No matter what they’re making.

      • Adrian says:

        What else could an highly anticipated sci-fi franchise be that is a shooter?

        Battlestar Galactica. Not much infant shooting here.
        Star Trek. Dont know if it got similar structures as maya…
        STAR WARS. is the only one with maya structures or similar structures. (Yavin, and prob many more)
        And why would gamespy make servers with gamekeys for bf3? And no… Battlefield 3 is a well known game and adding Star Wars infront of it, if you are that stupid then you need a new job and not making servers!

        If we dont get our announcement at comic-con, we just have to wait. Maybe at the date of comic-con they just might announce that their major publisher partner is Lucasarts, and possible some few pics of a game… (hopefully bf3)

  73. Derek says:

    It better be BF3!!! Kinect is so overrated!!! Do us proud LucasArts and Spark!!!

  74. BigBenC07 says:

    I still believe that we will finally get our long awaited announcement of SW:BF3 at Comic-Con. With that said, i also have 2 concerns
    1. I doubt the game will be called Battlefront 3 since i think the rights to that game died with Pandemic, but they will still make it clear to us that its simmilar if not the same.
    2. Since they still have job postings, they probably won’t have anything to show us, so even more waiting. It’ll something bittersweet likebe like a “Oh btw, we’re making BF3” that will finally end our long wait but start a new waiting period for game footage.

    At the very least, they could reboot the franchise, all they have to do is male it compatible for the 360 and im a happy camper

    • muffins says:

      “i think the rights to that game died with Pandemic”

      I don’t know alot about the psp versions but if thats the case, how did the psp versions of battlefront get away with it then?
      It was made by a different company wasn’t it?
      So LA has the name right, but not the engine in which BF and BFII as well as BFIII alpha was made with.


      • BigBenC07 says:

        True, i forgot about that, but Rebellion developed Elite Squadron and I don’t know if they have the rights to the name or if they have anything in development.

  75. Lord_Mingle_Meyer. says:

    Once Again, Congrats on your marrige!

    And about Battle Front 3, there is almost no doubt it is about to be announced. If not… I’m going to go crazy!

  76. f4r7tz says:

    Like all of you, i hope it is swbf3. My query is this, why would they launch it at Kinect Star Wars Panel, as that is where the “exciting announcement” is present. I know they would like to launch wbf3 into the kinect market, that’s obvious, but would they really launch the grand, pro-longed and most desired game alongside or at least next in line to SWTOR at a Kinect stand? It’s possible, and i hope they do. But they made a trailer for SWTOR simply for the announcement. Yet we get sod all (assuming it is swbf3).

    I hope I am wrong, but something doesn’t quite add up

  77. Darth Slayer says:

    I say that we camp outside skywalker ranch until our demands are answered!
    Or we kidnap George Lucas and hold him hostage until battlefront 3 is announced!

  78. wowirock says:

    wait your cheating on me!!!??? XD

  79. Watchful-Jedi says:

    Hey, first off Congratulations Man!

    Wedding or not there has not been a lot to report really so it’s all cool 🙂 Basically Lucas Arts will be unveiling projects at Comic-Con AND… Spark apparently will have their Big Secret Highly Anticipated Sci-fi Multiplayer 3rd-Person Shooting PS3/Xbox/PC Title reviled at Comic-Con.

    We are all just holding on tight to the hope that the two are related and that the connecting part is = Star Wars Battlefront III :O

    Or LOL, Jar Jar’s Lego Adventures: Kinect Edition!

    • Watchful-Jedi says:

      Oops, I think I had a Freudian slip! I put reviled instead of revealed!

      If it is not SWBF3 it WILL likely be reviled! 🙂

  80. Roger says:

    Intresting, hopefully it is a new game they are going to annonce since Kinect got its one personal time and testing at Comic-Con, I hope that I will be very pleased with the annonce personaly there are many games i’d like that they continued:
    Battlefront 3, Republic Commando 2, Jedi Knight, Rouge Squadron, Force Unleashed 3

    Lets hope for one of them, and if not a new exciting good Star Wars game!

    ps: Congratulations on your marrige!

  81. Darth Slayer says:


  82. gamerguymanthing says:

    i think that it will be announced as it may have kinect support (for the xbox 360 version) It will be like MW3 at e3 during microsoft’s conference.

  83. Darth Vader says:

    congrats Nitro!

    Hey Lucas Arts- hopefully this is what we’ve been waiting for, for your sake. the emperor is not as forgiving as i am

  84. Sarge says:

    Congrats on the wedding Nitro!

  85. Kevin says:

    Congrats on getting married.

  86. epicninjamango says:

    hey guys, if you look on the spark unlimited website go to projects and click details under unannounced look at the job listings. Sr. combat designer? I think swbf3 is definatly a current project at spark unlimited heres the link.

    • Adrian says:

      Lol… Almost 3 months after the first peoples posted about the jobs… Welcome long after xD

      But yes, it sounds alot like star wars battlefront 3

    • Vollstrecker says:

      Don’t know how many of you have taken the time to read some of the other job descriptions but I found some other interesting clues under Sr character designer “create the best looking creature, human and non-organic character models to life” non-organic characters = C-3PO, R2-D2, IG-88 anyone? And also Sr sound designer “Support and integrate external audio resources including dialog and music” hmm, you mean like from the movies? Food for thought.

      • Adrian says:

        I dont know how much you are active on these comments on this site… But me and others have MANY times postet about all the things in the job descriptions that sounds like Battlefront 3. (including non-organic characters, which is the strongest point).

        I made a long comment, about all the romours etc.

        Belive me, the descriptions on Spark Unlimited site must be Star Wars Battlefront 3.

  87. Drefted says:

    Well well. Another humor. Although to me it’s so obious theu will announce it. Although it makes no sence whatsoever if they are trying to promote the kinect game why would they announce SWB3 in that room. Anyways, evrything seems like a description of SWB3. Spark unlimited description of their unnanounced project, and Lucas Arts asking permission for the Unreal Engine 3 (Spark is working with the Unreal Engine). Ever since Lucasarts got their new president it’s been on crack everything.

    And also, people should be happy this game will come out at some point, more than blaming Spark’s Unlimited Legendary game because of it’s graphics. The people of today only relay on the graphics, but theres a lot more, such as gameplay, the story, etc…

    Although I highly doubt this will be realeasin on September. It takes a minimum of 3 years to take an average game. This rumors just started to pop out early last year.

    Anyone else thinks of another release date for SWB3 to just ‘come along’ as the release dates were before?

    LucasArts announced they will put in the theares again Star Wars on 3D, which Episode 1 will come Early 2112. I’m pointing to Episode 1 in 3D as a release date for SWB3, but you never know!

  88. Agento1001 says:

    The announcement will be the release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Its been three years since it was first announced and people have been waiting very patiently.

  89. QWERTY says:

    Dude its no prob about no Updates IF YOU GOT MARRIED! No Apoligy Required Anyway This Will either sadly be A Star wars Kinect game or The Force Unleashed III Cuz the end of the game WILL NOT BE LEFT AT THAT CLIFF HANGER….Sigh Im giving up hope of Starwars Battlefront III D:

    • THE HOPEFUL says:


      • QWERTY says:


  90. Daniel says:

    Three words ; Congrats and yay.

  91. Kudos says:

    why would they announce a whole other game durin a panel about a game they are trying to hype? And there’s more Kinect gameplay……after commercial, Battlefront 3!! It will either be DLC for the Kinect game, or a collectors edition. Also if Spark isn’t developing it, we need to do something. Not a poll or email, but SOMETHING!!!

  92. Eric Nguyen says:
    “we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.”
    “major publishing partner” Lucas Arts?
    And look at the job openings. The unannounced will be announced at comic con and it will be Battlefront 3

  93. P4KISTAN says:


  94. Harry Potter says:

    I hope it’s BF3 , that would be awesome

  95. Harry Potter says:

    I hope it’s BF3!!!!!

  96. Mister Marcus says:

    Since Spark has the countdown to Comic-Con I would say it has a fairly good chance of being BF3, that coupled with the discriptor of their game means something.

  97. stance punk says:

    Well. Spark Unlimited (the rumored SWBF3 dev) has a countdown to Comic Con sooooo. This is basically the last chance.

  98. wowirock says:

    congrats man!!!!! and thnks for the post! this is definitly battlefront 3. the rest of my hopes and confidence are in this. if not. ill be mad and probebly give up. but i kno this is going to be it. BATTLEFRONT 3 OH YA!!! LETS GO!!!

  99. Spacegeek14 says:

    Thanks for updating us man, although I don’t think its SWBF3.
    Anyway, congrats on geting married! I hope it doesnt affect our relationship 🙂

  100. xXxColdShotxXx says:

    Don’t get your hopes up, could be news about the force unleashed 3 or some non-related star wars game.

    • Austin Frank says:

      The Force Unleashed 3 won’t be happening anytime soon. After the failure that was TFU2, they decided that for the time being, it needed to be put on hold. A non-related Star Wars game may be what they’re talking about, but I’m still keeping the faith!

  101. Andy Sammonds says:

    This looks like a winner! Comic-Con is a great place to announce new games they couldn’t get out at E3!

  102. BigBob145 says:

    It has to be bf3. c’mon spark! make us proud and don’t whack us over with a stupid kinect game. and you lucasarts.

    Congrats on the marriage btw

  103. Redline says:

    I don’t think it’s the last chance for Battlefront 3 until Spark’s game is announced. But it’s true that it could something to do with the stupid kinect game which not really many people want.
    Well I don’t believe in an announcement next week but like you said you never know. I wonder what LucasArts is doing and I wonder why they don’t realize that most of their fans want Battlefront 3.
    It’s almost said if it’s true because it’s LucasArts biggest source of income.
    I hope I’m wrong and Spark is really working on it but to me their is no doubt that they do not.
    I was a bit confused that this is the single announcement at comic con. Lucas Arts hasn’t announced any new game for about one year. Well I wonder why EA is publishing SW TOR. It’s just guessing but Lucas Arts needs the time for another game. Maybe Battlefront 3?

  104. shadow says:

    THis is the last chance, for star wras battle front 3, and it relies on spark unlimmeted. there will be no hope if spark unlimmiteds project is not star wars battle front 3. Every thing relies in for days from this post. acutaly 5.

    sorry about bad spelling.

  105. Watch it be says:

    Adventures of Jar Jar: kinect edition

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