E3: 2011 – No Battlefront 3 .. Comic Con?

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E3 is starting to pretty well wrap up for the year and it looks like we will have to wait, yet again for an annoucement for Battlefront 3. I know originally a lot of you have said that you’re pretty sure that it will be announced at this years Comic Con, so this will definitely be our new hope!

The two “Super Secret Sequels” that were announced to at E3 were, “Far Cry 3” and “Final Fantasy XIII-2″… slightly disappointing.

Although we won’t be getting Battlefront 3, E3 wasn’t a total bust… the new Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, looks absolutely amazing! and Battlefield 3 was another game that I’ll be interested in getting my hands on, it looks pretty stunning.

Our good friend Rainz has also chimed in last night with his thoughts on this years E3:

Well, Day 2 of E3 in Los Angeles has confirmed that Crytek UK is NOT working on Battlefront 3 OR TimeSplitters 4. Back when the company announced they would be unveiling a “big surprise” at E3, everyone believed they be working on either of those two games. But at Crytek’s press conference, they unveiling a new game called Ryse, set in Roman times. And to make it worse, it’s ANOTHER STUPID KINECT GAME!!!!

With Crytek’s unfortunate announcement, all hope now lies with Spark Unlimited, whom I think will either announce BattleFront 3 as one of the “Super Secret Surprises” mentioned in Wednesday’s schedule, or at Comic-Con next month.

The San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 21st to the 24th, at the San Diego Convention Center.

I may have missed something from E3 as I wasn’t able to catch all of it due to work, so feel free to fill me in on any details!

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  1. Tyler says:

    who thinks it would be a good or a bad idea to remake the star wars 4, 5 and 6?

  2. SW: BF3!!! says:

    If you look at the spark unlimited site it also says that the 3rd person shooter game is meant to be produced for xbox 360 ps3 and pc. The original battlefields were for ps2 xbox and pc πŸ˜€ i think they r def mking SW: BF3

  3. MattyB says:

    I’ve been waiting for BF3 forever, literally. I don’t understand how they missed this opportunity. If it comes out for next gen consoles as a fore front title that would be awesome. I’m sure if that’s the case, it’ll be a huge experience, but sadly my inner skeptic says this is the new duke nukem. Forever lost, and even if they bring it back, it probably wont retain the quality and true battle like scale of the first two games. They felt like a war, I’m sure after all this time they’ll try to add a bunch of bullshit features to mainstream the title. I really hope I’m proved wrong but too much time has passed.

  4. Keith says:

    This is something I have been looking forward to as soon as SWBII got released. The only worry I have is that someone sent an idea to LucasArts or some other developer rumored to be working on the game. I worry about this because if you send an idea to a developer, they cannot develop it. Don’t ask me why I just know it is some legal crap that they have to abide by to keep them from getting sued and I guess so they don’t have to pay anyone for the idea and give them credit.

  5. Chainsawgrizzly says:

    I was just looking through Spark Unlimited’s website again just to see if anything changed and I noticed a new job in their job listings. They’re looking for a “Sr. Unreal Tools Programmer”. Unreal as in Unreal engine? Didn’t Lucas Arts just purchase a license for the Unreal 3 engine? Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?

    • Adrian says:

      Star Wars Battlefront 3! πŸ™‚

    • Adrian says:

      But… Spark Unlimited have used the Unreal Engine 3 since Turning Point and Legendary…. I think Lucasarts have done this lisence in a way that they can also have their name (and support in productional ways) on a product that uses the Unreal Engine 3… In this case, most likely star wars battlefront 3

  6. frenn says:

    i found this on the sppark unlimited website

    Spark is pleased to announce that its latest project is hiring for production! We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game property for next generation console release.
    With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.
    For those highlighted, click on the job title for a detailed job description and application instructions.

    this sounds alot like BF3

  7. darkie says:

    On the schedule for Comic-Con Thursday it says the following under Star wars Kinect.

    10:00-11:00 Kinect Star Wars Panelβ€” Enter the Galaxy with studio head Jorg Neumann (Kinect Publishing) and lead producer Craig Derrick (LucasArts) as they discuss the highly anticipated title with USA Today’s Mike Snider, sharing new game play from the iconic Star Wars universe, revealing an all-new mode, and unveiling an exciting announcement. All attendees will receive a limited-edition poster. Room 32AB
    Tags: Games | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

    and unveiling an exciting announcement… maybe SWBF3?

  8. tatertotz says:

    “3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction”

    If this is SWB3, could this info simply mean they may be adding a campaign / “adventure” mode?

    • Stance Punk says:

      If it’s going to be action adventure, it’ll be much more Jedi oriented than trooper.

      • Adrian says:

        Or it might just be an amazing battlefront 3 game. If you think about it… The star wars universe are a big place, with impressive and amazing locations just waiting to discover… You can do all this at the same time as a massive battle rages both in space/sky and on the surface. It could very well just be to discover the death star or something like that

  9. Chuck Norris says:

    Remember, the much-anticipated duke nukem forever wasn’t released for a LONG time, (although it actually sucked, but that’s aside the point) so we musn’t lose hope…

  10. Tyber Zann says:

    I have posted twice about this…no one listened.
    Further evidence (not substantial) to support my claim that CALL OF DUTY is going to beat LUCAS ARTS to the finish line in the sci/fi fps/tps shooter.


    What Battlefront 3 should be, but it’s not. It’s call of duty for crying out loud.

    -Tyber Zann of the Zann Consortium

    • Adrian says:

      Without vehicles? I dont think so!

      It is just COD, with blasters.

      • Tyber Zann says:

        correct.the point I’m trying to make here is that CoD is going to stink up the sci-fi shooter genre…I personally would not want that.it’s only a matter of time…. :/

        • stance punk says:

          Spark Unlimited made a COD game and it wasn’t even good! It’ll be a tragic ending to the series if it’s made by Spark Unlimited

          • Adrian says:

            The other games were made in a year… This project have most likely been worked on or planned since legendary. And, they are recruiting many new peoples to this. They are using everything they got to make this right.

            I hope it is battlefront 3, and I hope it is spectacular!

  11. Lord_Mingle_Meyer says:

    Battlefront 3 WILL be announced sometime this year! I just know it! I doubt LA would be dumb enough to leave such a great game series hanging after it did so well when they re-released it on PC.

  12. Daniel says:

    I say, wait till comic con, the VGA’s and the blu-rqy dvd release of the movies. If there is no announcment from any of those I have officially lost hope.

  13. ConnorShiels says:

    What about respawn entertainment they could be making battlefront 3

  14. vic rattlehead says:

    you people can sit and say all you want about this not being battlefront that spark unlimited is making but I personally sent in a huge email document stating tons of awsome game ideas I had and the reply in my own words was basically like someone who worked there was winking at me the whole time I read it to ensure I got the message that they are making it. I would really like to show you all my proof but I’m not sure if it would fit on one of these text boxes…but trust me they’re making

    • Adrian says:

      Then why not use more than one box?

    • killjoy77 says:

      I would like to read it.

      • Adrian says:

        I hate peoples like this, saying they got an important letter or mail, but does not show anything… Low life peoples…

        Only 2 weeks now until we might get the announcement of the game we have all waited for! Not TFU 3, but STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!! πŸ™‚

  15. Chainsawgrizzly says:

    It’s all or nothing with Comic Con. Come on LA! I want to fight in huge battles again! If Duke Nukem Forever can come out, so can Battlefront 3!

  16. The last hope says:

    its funny to see people say “oh why don’t whe hire a group of developpers to create a battlefront 3 game” guys stop dreaming you get any writes from lucas arts and even a game like that cost a loot of money just wait for comicscon and see what happens.

    ps: sorry for my bad english im french ^^

  17. Clark says:

    Today i was watching the stArwars movies on spike and i remembered all those great starwars ganes i loved as a kid on the xbox and when i saw that a third one was posible and this article so recent i got excited they better make this game or make the others avalible again

  18. GeneralChaz9 says:

    Look guys, Battlefront hasn’t been this strong since the leaked video. If this isn’t BF3, then I think LA has lost the flame to create Battlefront. I will still be here, but all hope really relies on Comic-Con. I believe BF3 will be at Comic Con.


  19. tractor16 says:

    did any of you guys see the video on youtube of the guy that’s making an unofficial battlefront 3.

    • Adrian says:

      The comment before you was a comment from the guy that is making the fake battlefront. Personally, I think it is a stupid idea, maybe in a year… But, peoples should wait and see what all these rumors are leading too.

  20. Humberto Milanez says:

    Since LucasArts apparently abandoned the project of Battlefront 3 I dared to start the project Unofficial Battlefront 3 and I’m doing in the UDK game engine.
    Please visit the blog and comment.



    • Adrian says:

      Have you even seen the new rumours? Its more and more likely that the game will be announced at the Comic-Con event. Its not at all looking like Lucasarts is abandoning the game, just look at all the clues!

  21. Bob says:

    Why not just develop and gather a team of developers. Unity is a good enough enjine for this classic series and maya 3d and iclone to design characters and levels. I am experienced in these programs. Just a suggestion for moving on. They messed up at free radical.

    • Adrian says:

      A good idea! But let us just wait and see what Spark Unlimited has to offer, and maybe wait for the next VGA… As the gamekeys on the gs servers remains online, it means the game is alive.

  22. […] Comic-Con article:Β http://www.battlefront3.net/2011/06/e3-2011-no-battlefront-3-comic-con/ […]

  23. =SotG= f4r7tz says:

    This is why something will be announced this summer:

    Though SWTOR may be seen as “running” along with this, it is uncommon for lucas not to run games in twos. Take swbf2, Empire at war was advertised along with it, in the back of the game booklet etc. It’s very likely that swbf3 will get an announcement this summer, for release mid next year (and probably advertised with swtor). Or it could be RC2, though we cannot tell at the moment.

  24. Milorad says:

    Hello guys, i’m just really wonder how is it going that latest rumours about SWBF3 ? Do you have some good news about number one Star Wars game/series ? Is it likely to be announced at Comic con or am i just day dreaming and hoping without any good proof..Cos i really like this series… like all of you do… Cheer and Thanks for any information you can share.. May the force be with you .

    • Adrian says:

      Well, the gamespy server lists have been updated with Battlefront 3 gamekeys… (which is good, it means the game is alive).

      Spark Unlimited have a time clock on their site, which says: Comic con.. You can also see a project, with job aplications that describes perfectly the game. If im not wrong, then Lucasarts and Spark Unlimited have an “alliance” to build something old and good… (an old serie of games, just better)

      So no, you are not day dreaming.

  25. InvaderJakob says:

    Hey Nitro, why don’t you post about the Battlefront 3 lobby thing, I want you to post it for two reasons:
    (1)-For the people who don’t read the comments
    (2)-Because some people (like me) don’t fully understand what this means.
    Please reply!

  26. I-M-Cole says:

    Look, Maybe LucasArts is just pulling a Duke Nukem forever. I mean, I’d wait 14 years for this game. And I’m pretty sure anyone else on this page just wants an estimate on when it will be made.

  27. The Forbidden Prophecy says:

    “Spark will announce thee your Battlefront at thy comic convention”

  28. theregkid says:

    Sucks, i lost my battlefront2 game, and my PSP broke, i was going to buy battlefront 2 for pc and then noticed they havent made a win7 copy >.< slightly depressed i decided to try a psp emulator XD it was laggy and didnt work properly, Oh well… atleast i have memories eh?

    • GWAdmin says:

      Battlefront 2 -for windows XP- works on Windows 7…Perfectly if you have 32-bit…but for some reason, some maps dont work if you have 64-bit…at least this is what it was for my computers…

    • GeneralChaz9 says:

      Hey, on the forums, a mod named spartan64 is trying to do the same I’m pretty sure. Shoot him a PM.

  29. Mr snuffles says:

    Hey guys, if you haven’t realized, BF1 was realeased at the same time as the original trilogy came out on dvd. BF2 was released at the same time as Episode III on DVD. The entire series is coming out on Blu-ray this fall (october or november-ish), so if BF3 were to be realeased at the same time, then the announcement would have to be a few months before, like COMIC-CON!!!

  30. et_phone_home says:

    btw, the gamespy lobbies were updated like yesterday…http://swbf3.de/index .php?page=Thread&postID=27717

  31. ClusiveC says:

    If this isn’t Battlefront 3… I’m going to go insane. I don’t think I can take it anymore.

    • InvaderJakob says:

      For about 6 years now, if I have to wait even 2 more months after comic-con, We’re both going to die the same way people in insane asylums die….

      • wookie_fan says:

        At least port PS2 for PSN download to satisfy my hunger for the time being. Having BF2 on the PS3 is better than waiting or worse: nothing

  32. Pumaturtle says:

    I seriously hope that this game is Announced at Comic-Con, but what would really kill me would be an announcement of the Force Unleashed 3. The TFU Series has seriously contributed to the the Decline of Star Wars games.
    Anyway… If there is no SWBF3 Then I at least want some news on The Old Republic or ( In a 1/100000000000000000000 Chance ) news on Republic Commando 2 Or KOTOR 3.

  33. metallicorphan says:

    I am starting to think that the LucasArts forums have been hacked

    • Adrian says:


      Now this is some really excitening news! Seems that gamespy have re-opened the servers of SWBF3. But it also seems like you said, that there is something on the forum that have been hacked…

      • Adrian says:

        It also looks like the servers have gamekeys this time. Check out the german battlefront 3 site, http://swbf3.de/index.php?page=Thread&postID=27717

        As the days is getting nearer to comic-con the chances we will get our beloved star wars battlefront 3 increases for each day! πŸ™‚

        • What the Germans are saying says:

          As some of you know, we have discovered some time ago Gamespy lobbies of SWBF3. This had made ​​us all hope that Battlefront 3 is in further development. Gamespy lobbies because why invest if there will be not at the game? But unfortunately it was back then Still to SWBF3 and also with the lobbies, nothing happened. This has now changed!

          Let us consider first the old version of May 2010. The following are listed for Gamespy lobbies SWBF3: PC, PS3, PSP and Wii. Xbox lobbies, there is none, because the Xbox version would run as usual on Xbox Live. Game Keys, there are none.

          Now the view on the current version of Gamespy lobbies. It was searched with the same tool after the same manner. The following has changed: All SWBF3 lobbies have now got one GameKey donated. A sign of life? Very likely.

          I think at one we can all agree. During a dead game, no one would enter in retrospect one GameKey in the Gamespy lobbies. The only logical conclusion from this is so that SWBF3 very well still be in development. Along with the rumors and facts about semi-Spark Unlimited is an announcement at Comic Con so more and more realistic!

          And you’re sure to wait for Comic Con, we have prepared one or the other interesting news for you. You may be curious.

  34. roger says:

    the way i see it there has to be a new star wars game coming out for the consoles it would be, quite frankly, a very bad idea to not make another game. if they don’t make a different game then almost all of there gaming profits would be tied to the experimental kinect game which can only be played by those who have a kinect (not a lot of people, comparatively speaking) now I’ve no idea if this game is going to be the game we all hope for but as of now that’s about all we can do. hope. hope that our 5 1/2 years have not been wasted..

  35. Adrian says:

    Was this http://www.sparkunlimited.com/projects_sneakpeeks.html here for some days ago??? If not… Then things are moving, and they must be preparing to show something.

    Comic con for the win!

  36. xnemo says:

    In case it comes out, pray to god that Europe and North America will be able to play together.

  37. Mazerman says:

    Oh and they may want the Resumes emailed in so you do not see what they are working on or hear something over the phone.

  38. Mazerman says:

    We all are VERY sure that Spark Unlimited is making STWBF3. THe Job descriptions and Game description sound like it. Two things: on some pages they say it is a next gen platform game, while others it is a current gen consoles. The next gen consols (excuding WiiU) will be around 2013 and up. It might be getting delayed. 8′( Secondly on the positive side they are looking for someone familiar with MAYAN structures. Yeah. Battle of Yavin and other maps. Other than the Non organic characters hint, they are talking about Quadrapods. Aliens. Interesting. BF1 and BF2 did NOT have many characters with 4 arms. (unless i am confused) One last thing.

    Republic Commando used the Unreal 3 engine. It is not Republic Commando 2 because it is not third person. Maybe Lucasarts is developing it internally, as they do have the engine to use.

    • Adrian says:

      General Grievous was a quadropods, he had 4 arms, could walk on all of them (not in the previously games, but maybe in this new one). We also got vehicles with more than 2 “legs” like the AT AT or AT TE, and many more. You need to know how animals (quadropods) behave, to know how vehicles with the same aspects behave. Maybe this is what they are talking about..

      Atleast I hope im not wrong… Only Comic-Con will tell.

      • Mazerman says:

        Good point. Someone found a Sneak Peaks section on Sparks Website. If you want a link he commented on this article.

  39. wowirock says:

    comic con or nothin

    • InvaderJakob says:

      I agree, i don’t even count on the VGA’s unless something, really wierd happens at comic-con, ive been to every single comic-con since 2005, so I honestly had no faith in E3 either.
      “Help me Comic-Con, your my only hope”

  40. klzthe13th says:

    go to the spark unlimited website now. it has a countdown for comic con san diego… anyone else thinking what i’m thinking…?

  41. Zac says:

    I am so serious when I say fans of the Battlefront series should go to wherever Lucasarts is (don’t feel like googling it) and make a giant crowd that won’t leave until they agree to make it! Who’s with me?

  42. nico says:

    The biggest proof that it’s star wars battlefront 3 is that before having just “3rd person shooter” in the description of the game on spark’s website, it said it was a “1st AND 3rd person shooter”. Do you know any other games that do both views????

  43. Darth Nihilus says:

    I’m really starting to hate George Lucas/Lucas Arts now. Seriously,they say they’re giving the fans what they want with Force Unleashed 2 and Lego Star Wars crap ect. The fans don’t want Force Unleashed…we want mofoing Star Wars Battlefront 3! And we have been wanting it for years now. Open your ears Lucas and stop being so greedy. You already have all the money in the world that you could possibly need, so how about give a little back to your loyal fan base by giving us Battlefront 3.

    • Sean says:

      How is Lucas being greedy by NOT giving the fans what they want? Wouldn’t a greedy person keep putting out Battlefront after Battlefront, with downloadable content for sale, just to get more money from the fans? Maybe Battlefront wasn’t as popular as you think. That’s the only reason a greedy company wouldn’t want to waste time and money making another.

      • Darth Nihilus says:

        Battlefront IS as popular as I think…and no, giving us battlefront after battlefront would not be greedy. Why? BECAUSE THATS WHAT THE FANS WANT.

  44. I have been waiting and have never felt this sure about the announcement of BF3… the force is strong this time. I have never played a game that has such a gift in the… playability in the art of 3rd person shooting. i STILL HAZ A XBOX ORIGINAL!

  45. bluh says:

    Spark Unlimited haven’t made any good games.. why would they be given this franchise?

  46. JT says:

    I think we’ll have to wait and see if Spark Unlimited is developing Star Wars Battlefront 3.On their site it says for their unannounced project, “With the public disclosure of the title still months away…”,and,” 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.”.

    So their is still hope.

    Check it out: http://www.sparkunlimited.com/projects.html.

  47. Stance Punk says:

    Spark Unlimited is our last & only hope. If Spark Unlimited announces a dumb sci fi game, I probably won’t bother with this site anymore.

  48. Redline says:

    Support the Swbf3 petition! PLS!
    Sign it pls and let’s lucas arts show what we really want. Let’s do some pressure!


  49. Not Gonna Happen! says:

    Ok fans lets do this, band together and make this freakin game!!!! Ok we don’t know $hit about game design who cares. Lucas Art copyright I’m not afraid. The only way this game is made is if WE do it!!!!

  50. Willem says:

    Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. The Senior Combat Designer will be responsible for collaborating on developing game design systems, AI behaviors, player mechanics, and game balancing, tuning and timing for a third-person action shooter on current-gen consoles.

    –> 3rd person action shooter, high-profile science fiction franchise: need to say more?

  51. SMILEYbadger says:

    But I don’t get it. Playstation posted pictures of E3 on Facebook and Darth Vader and some stormtroopers were present. Surely a Stars Wars something was announced. Was something announced that I didn’t hear about???

  52. BigPapiT says:

    You know, even if they don’t release a new game, I would ne satisfied and content if they just remastered BF2 and set up some servers for online play. I was actually not really concerned about BF3 as long as BF2 was available.

    • Not Gonna Happen! says:

      My understanding is Playstation is more than happy to make old games downloadable but the Owning company has to do it and really Lucas Arts would not fund something that wouldn’t go $$$$$…

  53. NickNock says:

    No game ive loved more than Battlefront.
    People seem to, too easily doubt it coming out sometime though. I mean it WAS in development and for anyone who saw the video, it looked pretty much at the last flag for finishing, probably a review of the work done. I bet it was half a year from release at that stage.
    SURELY all that work, and the potential in that game as it was then, must have been picked up by someone, and have decided to set new features in, even a kinect or PS move compatibility, making the release slow a little.

  54. BigBenC07 says:

    Last night, while I was depressed that Battlefront 3 was not announced at E3, I had lost nearly all hope for the game. So I decided to take a visit to Spark Unlimited’s website before I finally gave up. I looked under the job listings and found some reassuring info.
    “we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.” UNREAL ENGINE – remember not too long ago this site had an article about Lucas Arts using the Unreal Engine and I think this is why.
    And the comment “awaiting, highly critical audience” perfectly describes all of us who have long awaited SW:BF3.

    They go on to say “With the public disclosure of the title still months away”
    This article was posted May 17, 2011, so E3 would be too early and Comic-Con is certainly a possibility for a simple announcement since they obviously don’t have a complete staff.

    • swbf3fan says:

      One can only hope.

    • BigMac4547 says:

      and if you have not seen which a lot of people have seen already is that they have a count down clock that ends at Comic-Con where they will unveiled their new game which is hoped to be SWB3

      the clock is at the bottom of the page
      So we will see if this is the game that we all want or it is the final nail in the coffin for SWB3!

      • Willem says:

        If you click on the job description it says they’re making a 3rd person action shooter, for a high-profile science fiction franchise for all the platforms.

        This looks great!

        • BigMac4547 says:

          the stars are lining up for SWB3!

          • QWERTY says:

            IF THIS ISNT BATTLEFRONT III IM GONNA…ummm…well…uhhh maybe write a letter to Lucasarts….

          • Bobbross says:

            Not to be the bearer of bad news or anything but the spark unlimited job listings page says they’re working on a high profile 3rd person Action/Adventure game. Not a 3rd person shooter. My guess is it’ll be something like the force unleashed and not the game we all want.

        • Jack says:

          Well that is bad, Bobbross3. But I hope it is SWBF3. I am sending him a letter in the mail and tell him all about this, the petition, all the ones who have signed up. I hope it works.

    • Stance Punk says:

      It also says “We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game property for next generation console release.”

      next generation? meaning the new Wii U, and future consoles from Sony & Microsoft.

      • Billie310 says:

        And to go along with the “3rd person action shooter”, if you click on the job description for SENIOR CHARACTER ARTIST, you will see some stuff about 3rd person shooter blah blah blah and then this.. “you will work together with the character and animation groups to create the best looking creature, human and non-organic character models to life.”

        Non-organic life– that means ROBOTS!! Spark Unlimited is basically telling us that they’re making Battlefront 3!

        • Adrian says:

          Someone should somehow update the wikipedia site of battlefront 3, with some info about how it went this E3 and the spectations to comic-con. And, I am almost certain that Battlefront 3 will be on comic-con, by Spark Unlimited. (I have not felt it like this since i watched the leaked video on youtube!)

        • Athrun says:

          Wasn’t sure which one of you I should reply to as it’s my first time posting, so I’ll reply to the comment most relevant to what I’ve got. There is a new job posting on Spark that reads “Senior Combat Designer”. Key phrases in the description are “Senior Multiplayer Designer” and “third-person action shooter on current-gen consoles”.

          There is also new job posting for “Multiplayer Front-End Engineer” that mentions “online” and “network game technologies with the Unreal 3 engine”. Again there is mention of a “high profile sci-fi franchise”.

          Sounds promising so who knows? I do hope they make that announcement at comic-con. Whether it happens or not, SWBF3 forever!!

    • Tim says:

      This got to be it, what else could it be ?
      If this is not BF3 then I think I will be going mad.
      I heard rumors about reoublic commando 2, but that is not a third person shooter…

      • chainsawgrizzly says:

        The only other series I can think of that fits that description is the Mass Effect series. But that’s already taken care of. As far as I know, that would leave Battlefront 3 as the logical answer!

    • Invader says:

      I don’t care even if it isn’t battlefront 3, it seems like the game will be great anyways.

    • Darth says:

      FORGET Battlefront 3. We’re about to have a new generation of consoles (In about 2 years). Lucasarts simply missed the boat. I don’t get it, after the success of BF 1 and 2 this is a serious mismanagement. For me this was one of the most awaited game on the current generation consoles. Too bad…the Battlefront serie is DEAD.

    • Spark says:

      I actually think your right! And if not B3 may happen eventually. It does say it’s a ” Triple-A title” and it seems right. My only worry (other than B3 not happening) is that the game might suck. The companies other two titles didn’t get very good critic scores…

      • BigBenC07 says:

        Additionally, even though it’s not a new find, IGN still has SWBF3 listed as rumored and they haven’t taken it off….. or the web site people just left it there to remind them of what could have been

      • GeneralChaz9 says:

        What about Call of Duty Finest Hour? That game was great and got many awards!

    • Darthdude says:

      I really dont think its bf3 dude, i think its the old republic, there aint gonna ge a bf3 πŸ™

      • JDC56 says:

        Its the Call of Duty for the Vita – they did make cod for the PSP after all.

        • Adrian says:

          So you consider COD as a science fiction franchise? I dont think you have seen the job descriptions… And, maya structures in COD? And non biological beings…

        • Arctic Fox says:

          You are incorrect. Call of Duty for the Vita is being developed by Infinity Ward and being published by Activision. There is no mention whatsoever of Spark Unlimited being involved in it.

      • Arctic Fox says:

        The Old Republic has already been announced, has shown mass amounts of gameplay, and has been given a release date. It’s being developed by Bioware, and is being published by EA and Lucasarts.

  55. IMU says:

    It seems like this site is no longer necessary. Now instead of giving out any sort of relevant battlefront 3 info your just summarizing what you felt is cool about upcoming unrelated Battlefront 3 announcements. Please don’t be offended by this, I’m simply pointing out that it appears Battlefront 3 is a no go. In it’s place StarWars Kinect. Skyrim? Battlefield? I have about as much interest for these as I do for StarWars Kinect.

    On a side note I was most interested in the teaser trailer of a new Contra.

  56. sellysell says:

    Like, some on said above, VGA is good place to unveil. They unveiled FU2 and if i am not mistaken they also showed the first on there to. Teaser i mean.

  57. Weedo says:

    Help me Comic Con you’re my only hope….

  58. Not Gonna Happen! says:

    This game just isn’t coming out and I don’t know why not! Love the other two games oh so much. First we saw demos, no game. May the 4th be with you, no game. E3 2009-2050?, no game. I am not holding my breath for Comic Con. I think Lucasarts loves their two second non online Force Unleashed then their cash cow MMO that requires extra for online play. The greed is strong with this one! JUST MAKE BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hayabusa says:

    Such an unforunate E3 again – with no Battlefront 3 announcement.
    But we cannot give up hope.

    The world knows Battlefront 3 is what we want and I’m sure a devlopment name will make that real for us.
    Battlefront 1 conqured the galaxy; Battlefront 2 made it even bigger, and Battlefront 3 has got to be the Star Wars universe for us to play.

  60. Redline says:

    Lucas Arts will be at the Comic con too. I’m sure and it was my guess before Battlefront 3 will be revealed at comic con 2011 by Lucas Art and Spark Unlimited.

  61. Sexybread says:

    Just pick up Battlefield 3 as a consolation prize, the gameplay after inspired the battlefront franchise.

  62. Matt C says:

    I was extremely dissapointed seeing as i was almost certain it would be revealed at an event as big as E3. However, remember a year or so ago when they announced Star Wars Blu-Ray collection at Comic-Con, well Star Wars seems to be something that is frequently announced at Comic-con, imagine Battlefront 3 announced at Comic-con! absolutely suprising and amazing! do you think it is possible? lets just hope comic-con is not another… well comic con.

  63. Chainsawgrizzly says:

    Sad about Battlefront 3. But Crytek UK didn’t announce Timesplitters 4? Instead its some Kinect title? That’s amazingly disappointing. To be fair the game doesn’t look that bad, its just not timesplitters. As I recall they said something about the announcement being pleasing to the gaming world. If this is seriously what they meant, then I feel crushed.

    On a more cheerful note, here’s hoping something shows up at comic con!

    • Arctic Fox says:

      What makes me even more mad about Crytek was that they were unveiling a game that “everyone has being waiting for, for a long time” but did anyone even know Ryse existed BEFORE E3? NO!!!

  64. Eshaun says:

    STBF3 wasnt announced…..i’m so surprised….

  65. Andy Sammonds says:

    I’m interested in the next Comic-Con 2011 for 2 reasons:

    1. The prospect of BF3
    2. More info on Godzilla 2012

  66. Spencario says:

    It’s either Comic Con, or The Blue Ray Release of the Saga. At the VERY Latest, maybe the the 3D release of the Phantom Menace. But Again, this year feels like a winner.

  67. scott278us says:

    @spartan – hey man don’t wish my summer away please!

  68. Mister Marcus says:

    FF XIII-2 was already announced, Gamestop was selling pre-order assurances in case they ran out on release date.

  69. Sexybread says:

    If this game isn’t announced between now and VGA’s, i thinks it’s clear that Lucas Arts or their developers aren’t interested in BF3.

    Fans: Give us battlefront 3!
    Lucas Arts: We are pleased to announced Forced unleashed 3, backed by much request.

  70. Greg says:

    “Respawn, the development company founded by Vince Zampella and Jason West, whose old company Infinity Ward was the creator of Modern Warfare, recently hired Iain McCaig, an artist best known for creating the iconic character designs in the most-recent trilogy of Star Wars movies.”

  71. InvaderJakob says:

    Well, hats my advantage of Living in San Diego, I can see the announcement from Spark first hand, even if it isn’t Battlefront 3, i think Comic-on will be pretty amazing this year! Of course living 2 blocks away from the convention center doesn’t lower the price….

  72. ReadyToLose-_- says:

    The only problem I see with Battlefront 3 being at Comic Con is how no real information has been given on Spark Unlimited’s game. As far as I’m concerned, Lucas Arts or the partner developer company has always released information on what the game is going to be during major gaming events, such as e3, or with advertisements everywhere screaming in your face about the new game.

  73. spartan_sixtyfour says:

    Just 41 days left till Comic-Con.

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