E3 2011 – 2 “Super Secret Sequels” could be Battlefront 3

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With E3 2011 coming about in just 4 days, we are still uncertain what LucasArts will be announcing. Legion 2.5 (thanks!), one of our loyal forum members has also come across a list from IGN.com that states there will be 2, “Super Secret Sequels”.. now that’s interesting. I’m sure that everyone has their own theories on what these could be and I’d like to hear them!

Wednesday, June 8th

Spider-Man: Edge of Time | 11:00am
Dead Island | 11:20am
Gears of War 3 (Horde Mode) | 11:40am
Rage | Noon
Prey 2 | 12:20pm
Shinobi | 12:40pm
Saints Row III | 1:00pm
Lord of the Rings: War in the North | 1:30pm
Ninja Gaiden III | 2:00pm
The Darkness II | 3:00pm
Street Fighter X Tekken | 3:20pm
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City | 3:40pm
Deus Ex: Human Revolution | 4:00pm
Tomb Raider | 4:20pm
Super Secret Sequel #1 | 4:40pm
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | 5:00pm
WWE 12 | 5:20pm
Super Secret Sequel #2 | 5:40pm
Prototype 2 | 6:00pm
BioShock Infinite | 6:30pm

We also know for sure that EA will be revealing Star Wars: The Old Republic, which in my opinion does look pretty cool, even though I was pulling for a Knights of the Old Republic 3! and we also know that Star Wars: Kinect will be surfacing at E3 at some point.

Some info on Star Wars Kinect:

Microsoft will finally reveal the Star Wars Kinect game everyone’s been waiting for since its reveal last year.

According to Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley, however, Microsoft plans to show it off at its E3 press conference on June 6. Posting on Twitter (spotted by Game Informer), he said: “Yes, Star Wars for Kinect will officially be unveiled live during the Xbox 360 E3 briefing on Spike. Tune in on June 6 for more.”

Source: ComputerAndVideoGames.com

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  1. David Burke says:

    Well the two Super Secret Sequels after lots of thinking (2 min.) were

    Wait for it….

    Halo 4 and Battlefield 3

    Dangit not Star Wars Battlefront 3 (lookin forward to them.)

  2. Freeze says:

    Looks like we’ll have to wait some more. I looked up on the live cast and here’s whats coming up today:

    4:00 PM Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    4:20 PM Tomb Raider
    4:40 PM Far Cry 3
    5:00 PM The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    5:20 PM WWE ’12
    5:40 PM Final Fantasy XIII-2
    6:00 PM Prototype 2

    So Super Secret 1 is Far Cry 3 and Super secret 2 is Final Fantasy XIII-2.

    Very disappointing. I wish it wouldnt be such a damn secret and someone would just say, “yeah, we’re making it.”

  3. Sam says:

    Erm soz guys but look at ign right now, its Far cry 3 and Final Fantasy X111-2

  4. David Thomson says:

    No Battlefront III this year?

  5. snicker says:

    farcry 3 and the new fable are the secret games sorry guys COMIC CON!!!

  6. troll09 says:

    Only a few hours left

  7. obikweelu says:

    fingers crossed

  8. Keanine says:

    Look at this!

    Spark is pleased to announce that its latest project is hiring for production! We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game property for next generation console release.
    With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.

    Unreal engine! According to this website Lucas Arts signed up for the Unreal 3 Engine! and don’t forget all the previous evidence of spark making swbf3!


  9. InvaderJakob says:

    As i predicted, no battlefront 3, but as i said Comic-on is our chance!

  10. neverlosehope says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDBpIRXB4aE OMG watch this it makes so much sense!!!!!!!

  11. Moises ramos says:

    I agree if SWBF3 does not get announce we shall star a boycott to all LucasArts things. So in case this happen gentlmen be ready to make twitters, facebook groups, boycott forums, steam groups. tommorrow shall be the day. And please lets do this boycott and demand BF3

  12. tsnyder700 says:

    Hmm… I dunno, it *could* be SWBF3… I dunno about likely… What other kinda sequels are there… GTA V? Eh… And I coulda sworn Valve said they weren’t doing anything at E3… GTA V and SWBF3 are the only two I can think of…

  13. neverlosehope says:

    we have been waiting for so long, an we get closer to it everyday, one day we will have our game <3

    there are afew new things id like to have in the new game though,

    1) a level in the streets of coruscant
    2) give jengo fett two basters instead of the one he has in BF 2
    3) customization (i like playing as the engineer but a shotgun isnt helpful on a map like geonosis)

    thanks for reading

  14. Sexybread says:

    Calm down people, the secret sequels aren’t announced until the 8th! So it’s possible that they have not been announced yet. Battlefront 3 is still a possibility.
    Look on the bright side, some bf3 fans guessed that Sly 4 or Halo 4 would be one of those secret sequels.

    • Marco says:

      You are Sure ?

      • Sexybread says:

        Tis what IGN wrote.

        • metallicorphan says:

          Super Secret Remake=Halo
          Super Secret Sequel#1=Halo 4
          Super Secret Sequel#2=Sly 4 or Far Cry 3

          the IGN schedule was released the week before the announcements,so they couldn’t put down what they were,as they either didn’t know or couldn’t put it down

          although the super secret remake of Halo was hardly super secret,everybody knew about it

  15. Guy says:

    I’m hopin it’s Timesplitters 4!

  16. Pummi says:

    Damn. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been already said, but I really hope the secret sequels are Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3

  17. Pathfinder says:

    One Super Secret Sequel is revealed, according to IGN. It’ll be Far Cry 3

  18. nagasadow says:

    Where does one watch the reveal of these super secret reveals?

  19. kakes says:

    Pretty sure it was Halo 4 and Halo anniversary edition.

  20. InvaderJakob says:

    Its most likely going to be announced at Comicon, but they will probably have the trailer out till next year. If its announced at E3 then they didnt put in enough time to make a legendary game, it will be no better than elite/renegade squadron.

  21. Eshaun says:

    I doubt SWBFIII will be announced, but I can hope!

  22. caoshunter says:

    It would make my year if one of the Super Secret Sequels was SWBF3 but I hope that BF3 isnt that kinect game shown last year.

  23. Taketo says:

    why are you here!?

  24. Cperer says:

    Gentlemen, I feel we are on the Verge of Greatness. If Battlefront 3 actully comes out I will go and ask out a girl I really really like.

    May the force be with us Gentlemen

    • GWAdmin says:

      here’s hoping that it wont be as awkward as when Anakin and Padme first met… still good luck to you!

  25. Darkensed says:

    Battlefront 3 and/or Republic Commando 2

    Cross your fingers people the day will be ours at last!

  26. griffin says:

    it won’t be at e3 because if it is spark unlimited makeing it then they will reveal it at comic-con mainly because of the countdown clock at the bottom of the page. personally i think thats it Battlefront 3 and if its not i will cry

  27. vic rattlehead says:

    I would just like to say that I looked on the spark unlimited project and it said they were using the unreal engine and that was not on there the first time I checked which was before you posted that lucas arts signed with epic for the engine so what might this mean my friend???

  28. Stance Punk says:

    ooooorrrr Halo HD. I highly doubt it’s SWBF3. If we see anything from SWBF3, it’ll be from Comic Con

  29. Dan says:

    Star Wars Kinect = Battlefront 3. Plainly evident since last year at this time, as nothing else is slated.
    4th quarter 2011 shooter rundown:

    Gears of War 3
    Modern Warfare 3
    Battlefield 3

    * Star Wars Battlefront 3 *

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel gentlemen, please believe.

  30. Mazerman says:

    STWBF3. The activision thing is interesting, but they have been making some very large call of dutys so they could not would not be able to put much money on to a Battlefront. The Gamespy servers I have no idea. One of them could be BF3, as a lot of clues has been dropped, Lucas arts could be remaking there page to advertise BF3 so that could explain why the site is down. One sequal is obviously MWF3. We do not know what Bungie is working on but i do not think STWBF 3 because they recently made a major hit, (HALO REACH). Spark has a good chance of making it because of all of the clues they are dropping. A large budget could make a fantastic game, as they seem to come up with good ideas. They are making a sci-fi 3rd person shooter. It is on there website. Acitivision is making an FPS aswell, it could easily be another Call of Duty though but there is not many Job listings as you would expect for early development. Here is the thing. SPARK IS USING GAMESPY SERVERS. Yeah. Another thing is that they said that the annoucement is months away, about 6 months ago. Hmmm…. Food for thought.

  31. Dean says:

    Boy, you guys just won’t give up. Seriously. How many expos, award shows, conventions has it been now?

    • GWAdmin says:

      How many battles did the rebels lose before they blew up the Death Star? Exactly. We’re just keeping the dream alive!

  32. fitforaking says:

    Star Wars BF3 will eventually appear. We just have increasingly patient…
    After the FU2, Lucasarts have fired many members of staff and contracted some great designers, e.g. Tim Longo. The deal with EPIC for the usage of the UE3 will also help Lucasarts to put forward graphically superior products. Over the past year and a bit, we all, including myself seem to be clinging onto any bit of hope even if it is false. I can’t see BF3 being announced at E3, Lucasarts are far too concerned with the two titles they’re pushing at the moment, STAR WARS KINECT & SWTOR, of course they could pull the rabbit out of the hat and say ‘surprise BF3!!!!!!!!!!!’. But, BF3 isn’t the only game on Lucasarts roster that has high demand, we have KOTOR, JEDI KNIGHT & Republic Commando… the likely-hood will be a Republic Commando sequel announcement and then later on perhaps the SWTOR being ported to other platforms/being stripped down/re-built/tweaked to offer a console experience. It depends on how Lucasarts want to play it, think about it BF3, if developed and produced with absolute finesse is their king-maker, that would turn the tide for them……as they say, save the best till last?

  33. JJ says:

    Personally, I believe Battlefront 3 will eventually appear; It seems like Lucasarts is trying to weigh up competition and find the right time and moment to unveil BF3. Of course the reception the announcement would receive would surpass many other announcements but don’t forget we’re in an era of FPS’s, specifically military shooters, that has a extremely large fan base, e.g. Call of Duty series sales. Now, I enjoy the military shooters, don’t get me wrong but I have waited for BF3 for a stupid amount of time, not only do Lucasarts have to market it well in this current gaming climate, they’ve got such a huge amount of pressure on them to deliver such a high caliber game, especially with the years gone by. I, personally do not want a half-baked BF3, I want it to beat everything out currently. Also, I highly doubt that BF3 will be announced at E3, Lucasarts seems to be concentrating on SWTOR and Kinect currently; if anything they’ll announce something at Comic Con. Furthermore, don’t forget BF3 isn’t the only game with such high demand, there is KOTOR & Jedi Knight & Republic Commando. We can only wait and see, let’s hope Lucasarts listen to us, the people that have supported them for such a long time.

  34. lolz says:

    HAS EVERYBODY FORGOTTEN GTA AND HALF-LIFE? The super secret sequel can easily be GTA: Next or Half Life: Episode 3.

  35. MajorMoses says:


    I’m feelin’ it more and more with each coming day. This is our hour, gentlemen.

  36. SmileyBadger says:

    Excited for E3!!!!! I hope someone announces BF3. I don’t care who it is.

  37. clone150 says:

    I’m hoping the 2 secret titles are BattleFront 3 and Republice Commando 2. I heard that they are making RC2. That would be freakin’ epic.

    But some part of me thinks that one of the Super Secret Sequels will be a Kingdom Hearts game, most likely KH3. I would be fine with that too, but I really want to play a Star Wars shooting game online, as that was the first series I became a big nerd about XD

  38. Vuther says:


    We’ll see soon.

  39. Redline says:

    I’m sure this time LA is going to talk about Sw-bf3 and if not we just won’t buy any Star wars game until Sw-bf3 has been announced.

  40. Hayabusa says:

    “Super secret”, as you say is interesting.
    We wait with sweaty palms for the unveiling of Battlefront 3…
    It’s our hope that this E3 will house our biggest wish this time.

    NG3; I cannot wait to get hold of that game!

  41. Mitch says:

    One of the 2 “Super Secret Sequals” seems to be Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. I say this because it don’t seem to be in the lineup yet for E3 2011 according to IGN.

  42. Pathfinder says:

    Well, all Russian fans have been waiting for this game since 2006 when it was rumored… So, if it will be announced, all Russian fans will cry ‘Thanks’ for Mr. Lucas… Especially SWBF clans…

  43. tyler says:

    Ahem… shouldnt it be a “threequel”?

  44. Redline says:

    I wonder why the forum of Lucas Arts is down. Maybe it has something to do with Sw-bf3?

  45. Matthew Brannon says:

    Not to be picky, but the title and body both have it spelled “sequals” …isn’t it “sequels”?

  46. GLORPH says:


  47. Redline says:

    Great and I don’t care who makes Battlefront 3 I just want the announcement! I would become sick if I had to wait any longer. >.<
    Anyway Spark Unlimited is not bad at all. Give them a new chance! The reason why they failed at their last game is that their publisher was not good enought. E3 2011 Everybody 3 days left 😀

    • Redline says:

      PS: The Server of Battlefront 3 are still at Gamespy. So one year later and they are still up? If it had been a fake then gamespy would have deleted it one year ago.

      • metallicorphan says:

        that is the biggest mystery for me,the gamespy servers

        Question:is it possible to create server for the game but not run the game on them?,perhaps they were created to be as placeholders a year or so ago

  48. Daniel says:

    I really hope its bf3 but I alao really hope its by a good publisher, imagine someone like bungie made it. That would be epic.

  49. SexyBread says:

    So these sequels have not been announced at all? Methinks they’ll be something lame anyway.

  50. Tyber Zann says:

    All I have to say is…if lucas arts doesnt get the ball rollin’ on swbf3, call of duty will. I saw an article last year on ign, activision had already registered domains with the names of “www.futurewarfare.com” and “www.scifiwarfare.com”. I dont know about you guys..but I personally wouldnt want swbf3 to be made all fps and “mainstream”. Swbf1 and 2 had their own unique feels..and thats why for me it was so enjoyable.

    just a little somethin’ that I thought you guys should know…

    I think comic con is going to be the big unvieling…not E3..just sayin’

  51. Zac says:

    Fingers crossed as always! Personally, I hope it’s not Spark Unlimited. I don’t want have waited all this time for a mediocre game from a mediocre company. One of the could very possibly be Battlefront 3. Lucasarts needs to wake and realize they could make a killing if they would just listen to the fans. I haven’t played anything in years from Lucasarts I actually liked. Clone Wars games and Force Unleashed are crappy games in my opinion. C’mon, Lucasarts, make your comeback!

  52. Legion 2.5 says:

    Thanks for posting this. When I saw the list I KNEW I had to post it here somewhere. There where originally four super secret sequels but two of them have been revealed to be Skyrim and some Forza game

  53. metallicorphan says:

    i personally think it will be comic con with Spark Unlimited,but it would be better seeing it at E3 🙂

    and looks like the LucasArts.com page has gone down again,i keep getting taken to a Starwars.com error screen..but at least that error screen loads up faster than the forums 😉

    • Nitro says:

      Yeah, I am still 65% convinced it might be with Spark Unlimited as well.. you should join our forums 😉

      • metallicorphan says:

        ahem…i wasn’t even aware you had forums on here,LOL..consider me joined 🙂

      • metallicorphan says:

        LOL,tried to join and it said my username was already in use…..it seems i joined in December 2009…D’oh

        • Roguestarkiller says:

          Hey metallic! Didn’t know you were a member. Glad to see some of the old gang’s still around

          • metallicorphan says:

            hey Rogue how’s it going?

            yup,i always come on here and the LA forums,the LA forums have been down however for the last few days now..and now Xbox.com have totally screwed up their forums,so no more Xbox1 game forums which i always checked(and i know you did as well)

            and i am hoping when this game finally gets released then the Battlefront Gang can be reunited and it can be like old times again,i still have a lot of them on my friends list

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