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E3 Update: No Battlefront 3 so far

Hey fellow BF3’ers, I apologize for the lack of updates lately but there really hasn’t been anything to report. Even the rumor roundup contains old rumors that everyone has already heard, so I figured I would postpone until something else came up.

With E3 quickly creeping up on us, our pal Rainz has sent in some rather unfortunate news:

IGN recently posted on their website a list of all games that had been confirmed by publishers or developers to appear at E3 this year, and unfortunately no games were shown to be confirmed by LucasArts, Spark Unlimited, or Epic Games. The only Star Wars game that is confirmed to be showing at E3 so far is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here’s what IGN says on its post, and I quote:

“The Electronic Entertainment Expo(You all might know it as E3) is only a few weeks away. Things kick off June 6th with a flurry of press conferences.”

“IGN’s E3 Big Games List compiles all the titles confirmed by publishers or developers. There are plenty more games we know or expect–this list isn’t for those. These are the things which have been promised publicly or told to us on record. Check the list. Come back to it often.”

Based on the info shown at the time(The list was updated today) the only way we will see Battlefront 3 at E3 is if it’s confirmed it will be shown at the event at the last minute, or LucasArts decides to sneak in to E3 and surprise us. Will they? I guess we can only find out in 14 days.

A big thanks to Rainz for the update! It will be interesting to see if Lucasarts decides to bring out any surprises for us.

IGN’s confirmed E3 Gamelist. E3 is set to kick off June 6th.

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  1. Don’t they understand at lucasArts people want this game i will pay 200$ for this game I believe this is one of there top games and they could get millons of dollars of it.they could have kept free radical on the bf3 game and it would have been out by now i have been waiting four and a half years for this to happen and still WAITING!!!!!!!

  2. I hope lucasarts dont make a “Duke Nukem” Battlefront, i can’t wait that 12 years again to see a old game. I want at least a Battlefield 3 star wars kind game. I WANNA MAKE CORUSCANT A NEW TATOOINE!!!!

  3. Well, they have already licensed the Unreal Engine 3 some time ago, I really hope the will announce Battlefront 3 soon…

  4. for some reason, i try to log into the battlefront 3 speculation forums @ lucasarts, and it keeps redirecting me towards the star wars website.

  5. I think its going to be a long wait as Marvel vs Capcom 3. I know that doesn’t have to do with LucasArts, but damn there was a very high demand for that game just as there is for SW Battlefront III. I will never give up waiting for the game, and it will be worth it.

  6. we must have bf3


    On there website they are looking for jobs that relate to a game for a HIGH PROFILE SCI FI franchise, that is a 3rd person action/adventure, and is going to be released on the xbox 360, pc and ps3!!!!

    go to the website to see for yourself

    ALSO this game will apparently use UNREAL ENGINE 3, which LUCASARTS just LICENSED!!!

    proof of that:

    IT’S SO OBVIOUS OUR DREAM WILL FINALLY BE REALIZED!!!, even if its not its probably republic commando 2 that is being made which is still a great game! 🙂

  8. I’ve been a star wars fan since The Phantom Menace came out when I was a child! But as the years passed and episode three was released, and that started-really-horrible-but-I-guess-isnt-so-bad-as-of-season-three clone wars series, I started feeling like Star Wars was starting to **** itself in the ****. So I sought refuge in other universes, like halo (didnt last long lol) and mass effect. Mass Effect is a great new universe to explore, that unlike george lucas exhibits in Star Wars, seems to have some self-respect. I thought I moved on..

    But man, reading all this news about a new star wars that might end up directed by the same guy behind our long-time favorite games, I can hardly contain myself!!! I’ve been reminded by time that I. AM. STAR WARS! *explodes*

  9. Luis E. Morales Falcon

    I hate rumors like this one, expecially since they only tell the truth.

  10. I WISH They’d make another game like empire at war, we need more RTS’s

  11. I think it will come out about a year or two later a rumor i heard is that it will happen like the second set of starwars movies on release. battlefront 3 might come out after the 3d movies are released in theaters and possibly a new starwars movie before battlefront 3 so if new starwars movie comes out soon count on starwars battlefront 3. Logically you know from a sales point of view it would gross the most money

    • That’s what I thought as well because lets be fair how many units will they shift due to this massive fan base and they have kept a massive suspense up to the release.

  12. And what about Crytek uks game? It’s also not in the list and they wanna announce a new game.

  13. On Spark Unlimited’s website, they have a countdown to Comic Con which is over 50 days from now. Our last hope is Comic Con for this game.

  14. I emailed Spark Unlimited regarding their ‘Unnanounced Project’. They said that they won’t be at E3 as a company; meaning that they will have employees there for there own personal benefit. They then said that it is usually the publisher that unveils content and not them. Therefore, as the project has stayed unnanounced, there is no official confirmation that it is Star Wars Battlefront 3. That being said, Lucas Arts may announce it as they seem to have only two titles in development at this time.

  15. chainsawgrizzly

    Even if Battlefront 3 doesn’t show up at E3, there are plenty of of other things I’m looking forward to. Still, hoping for Battlefront 3…..sometime.

  16. I went out and bought a PS2 just for the sole purpose of playing SWB & SWB2. Everybody says Halo & COD are the pinnacle of shooters, but there is no better feeling than piloting an X-Wing or an AT-AT and wreaking havoc!

  17. Hell yes Spark said: “We are all working towards an announcement by the publisher sometime this show season which includes E3 2011. “

  18. As much as I would like to see battlefront 3 I dont think we’ll see it at E3. I think Lucas Art just wants as much attention as possible on TOR. We’ll probably see SWBF 3 after TOR is released.

    • I think EA is the one who is doing the most marketing for TOR actually, not LucasArts

      • spartan_sixtyfour

        Oh, interesting, I mean… why didn’t I think about it in the first place? You got a good point there. L.A wouldn’t be at the expo just to talk about the Old Republic for the millionth time, or about that Kinect game that I think will fail. They are there to reveal something new.

  19. What the hell! I’m tired of waited for this damn game!

  20. Atleast rehash BF2 on the psn, that would satisfy me.

  21. eh aside from a new battlefront only a new proper sega console (not licensed crap) will truly make me happy.

  22. Don’t hold your breath. A true battlefront fan needs to get hired at LucasArts, climb the ranks and become the director in order for LA to even consider making a new battlefront at this point. Another lego star wars game announcement is just going to annoy me. LA seems to be focus right now mostly on the young children of today and captivate their attention with everything Star Wars; which is why many of the reason games have been childish other than Force Unleashed.I would truly love to see Battlefront 3 on the new nintendo system along with MW3, but the odds of LA making a surprise announcement at E3 are fairly high.

    • gamerguymanthing

      agreed. i heard lucas arts were going to be at e3 or something, and spark said the publisher would announce the game for them ( at e3 i think) so the chances are very high. oh and if BattFRONT3 , MW3 and BattleFIELD3 get onto the new nintendo console i would satoru iwata and ask him to marry me.

  23. Battlefront 3 has to be one of the most dammanded games as time stands.
    LucasArts knows this so there is ALWAYS a possibility we could be in for a surprise.
    And it’s my hope, as I’m sure it is MANY others’ that we see or hear some form of ultimate surprise confirmation about Battlefront3.

  24. spartan_sixtyfour

    That isn’t so unfortunate, we just have to be patient and wait another 12 days.

  25. I have a feeling it will be a surprise because there were games last year that were not announced from any of the companies.

  26. LucasArts use to have amazing games….im sure we all remember playing Rouge Squadron everyday, one of the best, KOTR and Jedi Academy but….recently…they;ve gone stale and haven’t really aimed to please fans and just try to continue with their own little stories they’ve had since watching the original trilogy.

    Thats all any Star Wars video game maker ever wants to do…ever. Make their own little story and saga and place it within the Expanded Universe. Its no longer about the fans, just making money =[

    • Man…the countless hours I spent on that game…rouge squadron..
      battle of naboo..
      Then came the GC versions.. then Battlefront for ps2…..
      hm, must’ve spent at least 3/5th’s of my life on those games.

      Still has the games too 😀

      *goes and hooks up a dusty n64 and starts playing rouge squadron…*

  27. Im sure star wars kinect is battlefront 3

  28. c’mon Lucas Arts. actually give the fans what they want!

  29. Can we finally put this to rest? There will be no Battlefront 3. Maybe on a next gen system, but not now.

    • NOT TRUE there WILL be a battlefront 3 and spark unlimited is making it, it’s so OBVIOUS.
      It will either be announced at E3 or at comic con, which is more likely because of the countdown there is on spark’s website.
      If you guys have time and didn’t see it yet, please view this video where the guy explains a lot better than me why there is no doubt about battlefront 3 being made.

  30. I know this may sound like blasphemy, and I really REALLY am a huge fan of the Battlefront series and can’t wait for it’s return to glory, but I’m kinda more concerned about Nintendo’s new system that is going to be announced at E3. I’ve been loyal to Nintendo since I was a kid and based on what I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be sweet.

    • Oh My GOSH I feel the EXACT same way!! I want a new Battlefront (AND NOT JUST FOR THE PORTABLE SYSTEMS) But I REALLY want to see what the Wii 2(Nintendo Stream, Project Cafe, Nintendo Feel) IS gonna be like. Who here agrees with me that they want to see The Wii 2

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