Star Wars: All Will be Revealed.. on May 4th?

By Nitro On 30 Apr, 2011 At 04:19 PM | Categorized As Featured, Star Wars | With 2 Comments

So has put up a countdown to May 4th, 2011 stating that at 6:00 A.M., “All will be revealed…“… but what exactly is “all revealed” referring to? This has caused a lot of stir up in the Star Wars community, with lots of new theories.. and old theories.. including the announcement of Battlefront 3. But by the looks of the, “Blu Ray Disc” logo on the Star Wars homepage, I would have to say that there’s a good chance that it has something to do with the Star Wars Blu Ray series that is set to debut on September 16, 2011.

But what could it be? This has definitely peaked my curiousity as countdowns are usually reserved for something big! Either way, May 4th (Also known as Star Wars day) is a great way to celebrate all that is the awesomeness of Star Wars!



What do you think will be revealed on May 4th?

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  1. Turtle says:

    back int the day lucus said he was making 9 movies starting 4-6 then 1-3, maybe its time for 7-9

  2. Michael says:

    I just want SWBF 3 to be released so that I can be a happy person….

    THATS ALL!!!!

  3. nico says:

    Hey Nitro is it me or did the job opportunities multiply on spark unlimited’s website?
    Do you think this has a link with a possible E3 announcement?

  4. Pleas be true says:

    Some guy commented on a video saying that George Lucas will be on g4 at 7pm on monday talking about a new game. (lets just hope its is a knew game and not just talking about the MMO)

    here is the link.

  5. nico says:

    I’ve never been so sure that battlefront 3 will be announced at L.A. june 7-9
    This E3 is THE ONE, after many years of patience, I think we just have to wait three more weeks to see the “Battlefront 3 announced!!!!!!” news on this website.

  6. kaz says:

    I bet it will give the release day for the old republic game.

  7. henyachingywhy says:

    sorry but what was revealed on May 4th was just a star wars digital comic book. nothing exciting. still hoping they announce BF3 at E3 2011 from June 7-9.

  8. Eshaun says:

    This isnt really the place to post this, but i didnt know where to go. so i have been trying to register to this website, for the past three days, but i cant get the confirmation code right. i have had these many times, and never had a promblem, yet this website i keep getting it wrong. help?

  9. Matt Crethar says:

    Well apparently it wasent announced but i have no doubt the big game will be announced at E3 2011!

  10. GWAdmin says:

    Btw, Nitro, if you click on the battlefront 3 logo with yoda on the top of this page it takes you to http:/// Has one too many slashes, you may want to fix that.



  11. Wicket Pwns says:

    Damn it lucasarts you already announced that there will be blu ray 4 star wars. I, like most of you was hoping for battlefront III but again was dissapointed.

    Thanks Lucasarts.

  12. Fiasco says:

    When will the BF3 be released??? I’m waiting for it more than 4 years.

  13. Pathfinder says:

    Well, if you see a trailer on, you will see a part of animated battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan on Mustafar. Can’t it mean, that there will be an announce of Battlefront 3 on this BD pack? So, I’m looking forward to the date of the release of this pack.

  14. ShinGamix says:

    Not Battlefront III…again!

  15. THX 1138 says:

    Wow we got trolled. If you go to the site a silly little flash game called “Sheep Wars” starts to play. Well played Mr. Lucas, well played.

  16. ssjsteven says:

    so may 4th past, what was all that was reveal?

  17. tyler says:

    maybe all WILL be revealed as if it will eventually happen. maybe at E3? at E3 they could announce the release of bf3 along with the blu ray. highly unlikely, but that would be cool…

  18. witchunter180 says:

    Something about Crimson Empire III… is that it? A whole countdown for another comicbook?

  19. LswaN says:

    @ Omega,
    Look at the right side of your screen. Now, look up until you see the list of people online and the article categories. Now, look at the box above them. Hope this helps:)

  20. Omega 420 says:

    We need to star a Battlefront 3 petition or something, i joined the Battlefront 3 facebook bage though..

  21. Zeta 25 says:


    sorry bout that… Well, one last thing to do with this site! SHARE IT!


    so… other than that… anyone got a lead?

  22. 1Rocketeer says:

    Well. Nothing as usual. Just the Blu-Ray (with 40 hours of special features) and the site has concept art. yippy.

  23. chainsawgrizzly says:

    Just checked it out. It was the complete saga on blu-ray HOWEVER, it also said 20% complete. That means not everything is revealed yet. It will reveal more throughout the day. On one hand it said it will reveal more images, which might be movie related. On the other hand, they could reveal something huge!

  24. Adrian says:

    It was the blu-ray release of Star Wars The Complete Saga (1-6). My hopes for a BF3 is not gone, but weakened trough all of the letdowns in the past months and years. I do believe that we will see BF3 one day, and that the day BF3 might come is the time this blu-ray discs is released. It is perfect to deliver BF3 at this time, people will buy The Complete Saga, and people will see the commercials… And so people will somehow want a new star wars game… And here we have Star Wars Battlefront 3, a masterpiece, as close as you can get to the Star Wars Universe (or the big battles in the star wars universe). May the future be with us.

    (sorry for bad English)

  25. Billeh says:

    And it announces the blueray.
    A nine disc edition of the star wars films in blue ray will be released this september.

  26. nooooooo says:

    its just a link to 🙁

  27. GLORPH says:


  28. Sarv says:

    I already knew about the 3d releases. Not SURPRISING news. still good though

  29. severdown says:

    lol server was down right after the countdown.

  30. Zeta 25 says:

    it wont come up on my browser!

    WHAT IS IT! O_o
    gtg 2 sckool

  31. Sarv says:

    Ohhhh The page won’t load,by chance I just stumbled across this thing right when the timer was at one minute LOL.

  32. darth sion says:

    had a look on star wars website , it is the complete saga on blue ray, carnt wait !!!! but what i have noticed every time they bring a film out the more than likely bring a great game out , fingers crossed for BF3 been too long now 5-6 years waiting !!!!!! come on lucas arts

  33. Dan says:

    Probably the jackets for the blu-ray discs.

  34. Getting hopes up... says:

    This is an announcement from Fox, not from LucasFilm or LucasArts, otherwise it would be on the official Star Wars website too. It’s not game-related. Per the bottom of the webpage:

    “TM & © 2011 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.

    This website is operated by Fox Home Entertainment. It is not hosted or operated by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliates.

    © 2011 Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy”

  35. Taketo Kai says:

    I didnt read all the comments so I don’t know if this was mentioned but it could be the 3D Star Tours attraction upgrade thingy…

  36. iammaxey says:

    i would love to see bf111 on bd via ps3. just a thought 🙂

  37. Redline says:

    Sw-bf2 also became announce with a DVD Disc

  38. jamie says:

    they are only “revealing” information,.. could be anything yaw. Battle Front 3 representin though!

  39. Misfit21 says:

    Deffs not a game:
    1st, Amazon says Actors: Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, Harrison Ford.
    2nd, Says the studio is 20th Century Fox.
    and 3rd, says its a DVD…
    LAAAMMMMEE!!! wanting Battlefront 3 so bad. =(

  40. chainsawgrizzly says:

    I think its just the blu-ray set……and yet “All will be revealed”? There might be something else with it, but I have no idea what. I will wait with interest.

  41. Zeta 25 says:

    Wasn’t UE2 used in RC?
    And Tim Longo helped with that game,
    and UE3 is now with L.A.
    RC2 Seems the most likely upcoming game, If it isn’t announced on the Fourth,
    then it (i hope) will be soon.

  42. Billeh says:

    Guys, as excited as I am for BFIII I think it’s more likely to be TOR. After all, it is set to come out sometime this spring.

  43. Schreekuline says:

    It is just more information about the Blu-Ray release date. If it was video game related it would be on Lucasarts.

  44. Jonesey says:

    Please, make it an X-WING relaunch or something similiar…

  45. Zeta 25 says:

    2 Days till the Fourth!
    May the fourth be with you…
    i love puns

  46. Taylor says:

    Looks like the whole 6 movie are just coming out… 🙁 I was so looking forward to a third game!!

  47. Redline says:

    I still think we will get something to hear about sw-bf3 around the E3 and Comic con 2011.

  48. Redline says:

    I still think we will hear something about Sw-bf3 at the E3 and Comic con 2011

  49. Sexybread says:

    PS3 games always have the Blu ray Logo on the box, the the countdown mention Microsoft?

  50. Sarge says:

    All will be revealed… where have I heard that before? Oh right! The song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin!

  51. Zeta 25 says:

    Okay, some ppl think its blu-ray related, but hasn’t that already been announced?
    Re-announcing something would be
    1.Dumber than making a TFU3
    2.Gayer than creating a LEGO game
    And it sure can’t help us peoples opinions of L.A.

  52. Fallen Jedi says:

    When I read this, and when I saw the picture, the colors, the theme, this made ​​me immediately think of the homepage of Star Wars Battlefront II… and its old countdown…

    Anyways, I hope as all my comrades do, that in this burst of revelation, we sall find the lost treasure.

  53. jvanschoyck says:

    With any luck it will be Republic Commando related, maybe Lucas realized his folly in allowing Karen Traviss’s genius to slip through his fingers. The series is by far the greatest thing to come out of the saga. Not that I’m not a huge fan of the rest of the Star Wars universe but this series was the best and was definitely raped of a proper ending.

  54. Panic98 says:

    Sorry to burst you guy’s bubble but the bluray is called Star Wars: The Complete Saga. The same as the title for the webpage

    • spartan_sixtyfour says:

      “all will be revealed”

      What does this mean to you?

      That my friend is the million dollar question.

      • Alex says:

        apparently it meant something as boring as the frequing saga on Blu-ray … We already knew this was coming .. I couldn’t be much more disappointed in Lucas.

  55. uwrightover 900and a half says:

    wasn’t battlefront 2 announced in the dvd box set ? if so thay could continously do this BTW i’ve been collecting old gme systems i dont know why oh it should have ragdoll physics i’m done

  56. ssjsteven says:

    it most likely the blue ray, but with some luck they will through in some other goodies after watching alot of video and going to through site to site on evidence on the making of battlefront 3 i trully do belive spark unlimated is making it, but lets wait and see if may 4 doesnt reveal any news on it then you better believe E3 is where they going to blow your mind

    • Chad says:

      I reallllly hope spark doesent get their hands on this all their games have come out to be complelty horrible if anything if crytek did it, it would amazing but almost any company is better then spark unlimited i really hope they do not get their hands on this

  57. Mike says:

    well i doubt its video game related…if you click on the picture of Leia and R2, it shows the countdown, and it says “The Complete Saga”under it…so i doubt its anything battlefront related

  58. SavageCabbage says:

    If this is another lego star wars i swear to god……

  59. Labrug says:

    I get an email which also made reference to this, but it also had the classic Leia and Artoo in the Tantive shot and a suggestive bluray icon included. I think may the announcement as to the content to be included on the bluray release of the entire saga in one box set.

  60. Rebel Scum says:

    Its the complete Saga on blu-ray, doubt its any games, maybe a new CGI movie or the announcement of the tv series

    • GLORPH says:

      Can It u rebel Scum!(LOL) I think that it will be a game. And the New Star wars Live Action series I forgot about that. THanxs for reminding me :).

  61. Gandalf NO.2 says:

    i thought all star wars blue ray were supposed to come out in september?

  62. TaffyO says:

    Jedi Knight 4!!!
    No….but I wish. Slightly more than Battlefront 3 which I do hope is forthcoming.

  63. wowirock says:


  64. Sarge says:

    Probably nothing as far as games go, I’m think that the games will come later on in the year.

  65. strikerx45 says:

    it has the blu ray thing so i dont see how it would be battlefront 3(but im keeping my hopes up!) but i dont see what they will say about star wars in blu ray because thats not supposed to come out until september 16…

  66. Aaron says:

    It could be anything! EAW 2, RC2 , BF3, it could be blueray saga because it says “Al will be revealed” meaning the clear and crisp visuals mean you can see everything

  67. Zeta 25 says:

    Well, I just added this site to my FAVORITES BAR!

    U SHOULD 2!

  68. David says:

    Yea I agree with Log, I think it’s the announcement or more info on the SW blu-ray series, the 3 things that give away are the Blu-Ray Disc logo (which is only used by ps3 (BF2 was multiplatform)), second, the website it says to go to on May 4th, which all SW fans should instantly recognize as “may the forCE be with you”, which is a reference to the movie, although maybe (hopefully) BF3 has something to do with this quote, but the picture, the third point, kinda shuts that down as it shows Princess Leia and R2D2, if this has anything to do with the game it would show up as a shadowy logo or something vg related.

  69. Zeta 25 says:

    I think ‘all’ will be revealed on May Fourth.

    I bet that means a hell of a lot will be revealed.

    That’s a Wednesday, right? I’ll wake up earlier than normal to check…

    Holy Shizzing Crap.


    3 posts in ONE MONTH! Big news.

    Longo. UE3. May Fourth.

  70. ShadowNB97 says:

    I doubt it will be only ONE thing. I think in litteral terms it means “ALL!” Blu-Ray, their new releases and everything, and I think our questions will be answered!

    Let’s just hope. May the 4th be with you!

  71. Andy Sammonds says:

    I’m gonna say both the Blu-Ray Saga & BF3. Blu-Ray has already been confirmed, but BF3 is highly likely. But I gues all will be revealed next Wednesday.

  72. Daniel says:

    I don’t know. Hopefully BF3 & RC2. I seriously doubt the latter though.

  73. Log says:

    I think that it will be complete saga in blue ray

    • Etienne says:

      I doubt it would be anouncing the Blu-ray, I mean why anounce something that has already been anounced. But I really don’t think it will be game related. My best guesses are that it will reveal more details about the Blu-ray releases and what new content and special features they’re going to include. So no battlefront 3 as of yet, so I won’t be getting my hopes up.

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