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LucasArts Nabs Tim Longo for Unannounced Star Wars Game..

Well, another flicker of hope can come into our eyes as Gamasutra announces that Lucasarts has nabbed Tomb Raider creative and franchise director Tim Longo. Obviously the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Battlefront 3, well at least it’s the first thing that comes to my mind!

In other news a lot of people are still thinking that Spark Unlimited will be responsible for Battlefront 3, and in my opinion, it’s definitely a possibility. Spark has recently updated their website as well with a countdown to this years comic con… hmmm?

Let’s hope!

Some of the games Tim Longo has worked on includes: Tomb Raider (The New AAA Reboot), Tomb Raider Anniversary (Wii Edition), Star Wars: Republic Commando, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Starfighter, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine,
Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Outlaws, Star Wars: Jedi Knight, Star Wars: Dark Forces (PS1).

Courtesty of Gamasutra (thanks to Ed for the heads up!)

LucasArts told Gamasutra on Friday that it hired on Crystal Dynamics’ former Tomb Raider creative and franchise director Tim Longo as creative director on an unannounced project.

It’s not the first time that Longo has worked with LucasArts. He previously worked on LucasArts-published titles including Star Wars: Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter as lead designer, and was creative director on Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Longo even has a LucasArts credit as a playtester on the original X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter from the late 1990s. A LucasArts rep said in a statement that the company is “thrilled to welcome him back to the LucasArts family.”

Longo’s most recent Tomb Raider credits were on Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary.

His former employer Crystal Dynamics is currently at work on a new Tomb Raider game, intended to revitalize and reboot the 15-year-old franchise

Let hear your thoughts!

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  1. :):):):):):):):)

  2. Luis E. Morales Falcon

    I am gonna go and sayit, it might be a Republic Commando or another thing.

  3. According to Gamespot, LucasArts signed a deal to use Unreal Engine 3. Yet another possible option for Battlefront 3. We should probably get a main post up soon.

  4. I’ve only seen mention of this in one place, so chalk it up to be a rumour (for now):

  5. has no one considered that it could just be the force unleashed 3 because we already know that they are planning on making it.

    although i really do hope its bf3

  6. Does have some hope, just checked Spark’s website and under project “Unannounced” it says, “We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game property for next generation console release”… “We are in production on an unannounced high-profile, popular game property for next generation console release”. Though it says the game uses the Unreal engine (no number), but if it’s 1, it’s waay highly outdated (they’re on 3 right now). So something to think about.

  7. can anyone get on the Lucasarts Forums?,its just going to the home page for me

  8. Battlefield 3 until Battlefront 3.

  9. Just got back from skiing. (Left Friday)

    First thing when I get home, check this site. So, rumor roundup for what i know so far.

    Crytek and Spark are possible developers.
    Longo is back under hire for L.A.
    Games being developed/to recently made to have another =
    Lego III
    TFU 2/3

    Use process of elimination and a few of the things left are RC2 and SWBF3.

    Feel free to correct me or add other things to this list.

    BTW… anyone else think i got a few sanity problems? I mean, look at some of my other comments?

    Oh well, my outer insanity only hides my inner insanity.

  10. personally i think its to late for battlefront 3 but today at game a employee said that there is a chance for bf 3 but he said that the kinect game is there 1st priority atm but he did say he had called lucasarts and skywalkersound and they dey did confem a 3rd person shooter ???? aswell they did not comment on the NGP????????

  11. No thoughts on this one.

  12. Our clan hopes, of course, but there are also many projects, such as Kinect or maybe even TFU3. I hope for BF but God knows what shall it be.

  13. (Just for the hell of it…)

    Does anyone else Teabag in BF? OR any other games? I mean, I do it alot, and no, Im not a TOTAL creep… heh heh.

    Me and my friend were playin COD the other day, and some guy killed him, and this is what he said—


    That guy has pretty good timing!

  14. Well if spark unlimited are creating it then we know their platforms:

    “title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. As an experienced senior character artist, you will work together with the character and animation groups to create the best looking creature, human and non-organic character models to life. “

  15. What do I think? I think I understand why battlefront 3 has been a hard game to make. I think it’s simply because they don’t have a stable storyline for the game really.

    The Clone Wars and the Reign of the Empire era have been ran through too many times. Battlefront 1 and 2 were based off of it. BF2 lasted from what? Geonosis and well into the reign of the empire. The clone wars is used up really. Too many shows and cartoons and games are based around it.
    The reason is because it’s obviously the most important area of Star Wars. More people know about the anakin skywalker/luke skywalker story than any other one in star wars.

    To make another game that doesn’t focus around that area would either be in the ole days, what no one cares about. Or what happened years after ep. 6. Which no one cares about(and by no one, i mean, think about it. how many people are you gonna find that knows the general stuff about the legacy, or the old sith wars, or the Darth Bane era?). Which would make the game less attractive and possibly a waste of money, or not being able to make a profit off of it. Sure it would do good simply because its battlefront in the first place, but thats about it. you can’t really build a good storyline out of the New Jedi Order, or the Old Republic Era(because its already filled up and because of the old republic game). Nobody wants to have a battlefront where you just fight with a bunch of fake sith(by fake, i mean. you won’t be seeing hundreds of sith on Malgus or Bane or Mauls level).

    The Legacy era isn’t really that popular, otherwise there would be a cartoon or show of it. Or some sort of movie. Either way, the fan base is much lower in the eras that are out of reach with the rise of the empire/clone wars.

    They can either make a whole nother campaign that basically includes the same stuff as the previous….3? 4?. But my best guess is that they’re going to completely change the gameplay style to make up for repetitive singleplayer.

    • You’re entirely right! Well, meaning I agree with you.

      Honestly, if they made another game, it would probably have to be a game on like, the ‘Rise of Droids’… Yea… not much to go off of, OR a game on the Zann Consortium, which is only in a few things, like EaWFoC.

      That would be a nice idea… You could use Skipray Blastboats… Or StarVipers, and then you’d also have special infantry classes for them, and a new ‘jedi’ class hero, Uraih (i think thats his name) Fen! And Silri! And more planets to Conquer!

      So, basically, what I’m thinking, Would be Empire At War; FoC in first person…

      But, I don’t know what L.A. thinks… so…
      If there is one thing Im certain about, is that BF3 WILL come out.

      • I think a game set in the Dark Times Era would be cool…(Episode 3-4)

        Another feature I would like to see is possibly control over capital ships and the frigates. The destruction of the ships hard points should impede the capital ship too. (e.g. destruction of engines = no movement…etc.)

        Just my thoughts

        • Yea, that’d be beast. but they really need a more than 1 spawn per ship, and the ability to destroy/capture them. Then, you could literally have control of a cruiser!

          2 cruisers or more per team would be sick.

          instead of ordering only ppl to follow you, you could have like a bomber formation, or an x-wing guard for your gunship!

          just a few ideas, im chalk full of them. 😉

  16. dude, with a creative designer who helped develop Republic Commandos, this game should be awesome!!!!!!

  17. that would be awesome if it was star wars:bounty hunter 2. you could be boba fett and take contracts from darth vader and jabba the hutt, and other crime lords as well. but that is just a pipe dream of mine….

  18. Double chance of sucess, This must be our time not?

  19. if you change ur date and time to the time its at all it says once ur done is Have Fun At Comic Con 🙁

  20. Heck, I’d be happy if it was Republic Commando 2.

  21. Pandemic Studioooooos

    Even if Battlefront 3 was ever released it would never be the same.

    • I agree with you. I doubt the game will have the same brilliant features as the leaked footage from free radical, like flying from land to space without a loading screen.

  22. i had a look on the spark unlimited website and found an Unannounced project. thats reason enough for me to keep believing.

    this is th link to that website:

  23. This will be exciting and I think Star Wars Battlefront III is going to become announced this year. Hell yeah, I will keep my fingers crossed, but I still think Spark Unlimited is developing Sw-bf3.

  24. Well anyone who resulted in Star Wars: Republic Commando is perfect IMO to help work on the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise.

  25. I’D HATE TO RAIN ON EVERYONE’S PARADE HERE, BUT IT ISNT ANNOUNCED THAT THIS PROJECT IS GONNA BE STAR WARS. I’m a huge star wars fan here, but It MAY not be a star wars game here it could be something else.

  26. good post.. i think its a great lead….and im keeping it positive.

    • Might just be another lego star wars. Battlefront, Jedi Knight, and TIE Fighter is what I wish for.

      • Add RC to that list, and thats what should come out.

        • Saw this article on Gamasultra, GREAT NEWS!!!
          Longo has worked on star wars shooters and star wars fighter games… battlefront series is both!
          Not to mention he’s a SW games veteran, if it’s go time, he won’t mess up.


      • It won’t be another Lego Star Wars as only Tt Games has the rights to make Lego games until 2016.

      • we already have LSW3 released now, so Lego is unlikely (phew). I just want BF1 combined with BF2 and elite squadron’s customization and ground/air/space. one feature i would add to the series would be ranking systems like what MAG for the PS3 attempted.

        • yes exactly!!!! i love MAG, and i hope they make it SIMILER to it but have vehicles and stuff….but epic battles like MAG.

    • OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! this is an unanounced prodject description
      We are using our experiences to develop a high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner. With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.

      This looks to be another lead to STAR WARS BATLTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!:0 🙂


    I hope so!

  28. Thanks for the post, Nitro!

    Keep-em comin’

  29. I would laugh (and cry) so hard if the release date was eventually announced…

    E3/Comic Con 2011…
    “Today, on this day of days, we will unveil the third game in the best Star Wars series EVER!”
    (Preview of game, then wild applause.)
    “It will be released on…
    December twenty first, twenty twelve!”

    Farther Flash Forward on an Alien planet.
    December 20, 2012.

    (Wild cheering.)


  30. First off, when i saw tomb raider, i though RC2!!!

    Next, Im already full of hope!

    Third… If he made that many good games… AND he’s back… then… LUCAS ARTS WILL FINALLY HAVE ANOTHER GOOD GAME! Hellz Yea!

    I want to punish myself for not visiting this site yesterday… oh well!

  31. Battlefront 3 AND an X-WING / TIE FIGHTER reboot. Only 3 things i need in the world.

  32. Hm, an NGP Battlefront exclusive anyone? A 3DS and PSP Battlefront? A Battlefront HD collection for PS3? A Republic Commando 2? A new Starfighter? (In the Tootsie sucker thingy commercial guy voice)The world may never know! xD

    lol hope it is any of those to be honest! My PSP is still seeing Battlefront 2 and needs something else, or I would also be happy with the HD collection. Oh hell I dont care, I want it all >:D

  33. I hope its Battlefront or rep Commando

  34. SWBF3 may be a stretch… Another Star Fighter? That’d be nice. Or even Commando. I suspect SWBF3 is already in progress so to bring in a designer at what may possibly be a late stage seems wrong to me, but for another title…

  35. yeah if this is not Star Wars Battlefront 3 i think the next best thing i would want is Republic Commando 2(which some have said should be called ‘Imperial Commando’)

    a new Indy game wouldn’t go amiss though

  36. cant wait for comic con 2011….CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!

  37. chainsawgrizzly

    This is good! I have hopes for Battlefront 3 or Republic Commando 2. Judging from what he’s worked on, Lucas-arts is working on something that we’ll like.

  38. I honestly don’t know if this is going to lead to any thing battlefront 3. It just doesn’t seem like it would be the case. And to the theory that BF3 will be coming out around the same time as the BluRay collection (which is out this year right?) then they would have announced it by now. Just doesn’t seem like they would announce a massive game like BF3 at E3 and then put it out only a few months later. It would usually be the next year. Just what i’m thinking.

  39. Well, that guy worked on Republic Commando. and the engine used in Republic Commando was the Unreal engine. and Spark Unlimited has been using the Unreal engine….I think it is quite possible that they could be making a sequel to Republic Commando.

  40. uwrightover 900and a half

    i’ve been wondering but whats you’re guys opinions on if swbf3 comes to the NGP aka psp2 i mean it would work 2 analog sticks l/r buttons touchscreen and touchpad and it’s capable of playing some ps3 games thuagh download and its cartridge format can hold about the same as bluray disc’s can do you think it would work oh= it has a massive online thingy

  41. This certainly sounds like a good possibility. Giving the large amount of work Longo has done for Star Wars in the past, I don’t see why he wouldn’t get called back to do another game for it.

  42. Oh I hope this is it! If not this republic commando 2.

  43. I say it’s a small posibility, but I think Spark Unlimited is really the one making the game. On the other hand they havn’t announced their publisher yet, but I did get an e-mail saying that if they gave the publisher away it would give the title of their product away, so yes I think that would be a very good reason for Spark not to announce LucasArts as their publisher (if it is). In my opinion this game is either going to be a Tomb Raider styled Indiana Jones, or hopefully Star Wars: Republic Commando 2. But that’s just my opinion.

  44. Sounds like a glimmer of hope, but lets not forget that we have had a lot of good things happen and then they fall apart in the end

  45. Although it’s a longshot…I once again have hope!

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