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Crytek UK unveiling “Big Surprise” at E3…

I know, I know.. finally a post right? Sorry folks, but there hasn’t been a drop of anything to really post about lately. I was thinking about adding in some general Star Wars news or general Star Wars gaming news, what would everyone think about that?

Thanks to ‘persiana’ (from the LucasArts forums) for the heads up, some new information regarding Crytek UK (formally Free Radical) has surfaced. Apparently, they will be announcing something big com this years E3, which will take place June 7-9, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I am presuming this will most like be Timesplitters 4 but one never knows! According to

Speaking to Develop, Yerli said it had “ambitious plans” for the TimeSplitter developer that was once known as Free Radical.

“I think at E3 this year – or just after – we are going to make a big announcement that I think people will be happy about,” he said.

“They were very pleased with their contribution to Crysis 2 [Note: Crytek UK made the multiplayer component – JC], and we have very ambitious plans for Crytek UK. The studio is now up to 85 people, with nice new offices. The main thing is that the team are having a lot of fun – that’s the most important thing to us.”

Yerli added the “UK scene” would be “very pleased” with what Crytek UK was working on.

Crytek UK has said in the past it’ll start work on either a new IP or TimeSplitters 4, a project the studio worked on previously as Free Radical.

It could very well be Battlefront 3 as Free Radical was working on both Battlefront 3 and Timesplitters 4 before they shut down.


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  1. Andrew vampy duck

    With Timesplitters, that belongs to Crytek UK, and is theirs to carry on if they want to, Crytek HQ let them.
    Star Wars BF3 belongs to Lucas Arts, Free Radical would have been some kind of work for hire, and when they folded, Lucas Arts could have moved the project to another studio at any time after it was clear it was not going to be finished, which didn’t happen, suggesting it wasn’t a priority at the time. Also, the royaltees for Crytek would not be as good. It wouldn’t be viable for where they are now.
    On a different note, where was the announcement?

  2. RogueStarkiller

    If they are going to release either Timesplitters 4 or Battlefront 3 it’s like a case of somebody giving you the choice between $100 or $150. Both are awesome and I would buy both games. Timesplitters for the fun, hilarity and mapmaking, and Battlefront 3 for, well, because it’s freaking Battlefront 3. If somebody at LucasArts told me I could have Battlefront 3 if I never played or bought a Call of Duty ever again, I’d say deal. I think a lot of people feel the same way I do.

  3. Just because it’s been five years since the last console release means nothing. Many sequels take years to come out; many companies, on the other hand, are so focused on pumping out sequels year after years, which often (though not always) makes for a pretty bad sequel.

    Look at Oblivion to Skyrim. That’s about five years, as I recall. It’s been over a decade, I think, since the last Duke Nukem came out. There are many examples.

    Yet, I still have a feeling us console users probably won’t get another Battlefront game unless LucasArts becomes smart and actually listens to the numerous people that have always loved that series.

    For now, though, my hopes are set on The Old Republic. C’mon, it is BioWare after all. Though I would’ve preferred a regular RPG to an MMORPG.

    But, yeah… yeah.

  4. Starwars Battlefront (both 1 and 2) for me personally, were the best games of all time for both playstation and xbox. Being brought up around Starwars and then seeing the first advertised it seemed like a dream game coming true. To be honest when I first saw the leaked trailer for BF3 it made me feel like a kid again. They said that the technology used in that trailer was “dead”. Im sorry but if they did make it into a full game Im pretty sure I wouldnt be the only one preordering it or waiting outside on release day. From the tralier you can see that they just took what they had and instead of making it complete, they downgraded it and made Elite Squadron. If you’ve played elite squadron youll have noticed Ferroda and the scene in which Falon Grey fights X1. I have both Renegade and Elite Squadron for psp and the are good games im not disputing that. But you cant help but feel a little dissapointed when there only for psp. As everyone here im sure see’s that if they brought out the so called “dead technology” The company Who ever it is, would have have both pleased the fans and gained quite abit of money im sure. I dont Know what companies are doing it,engines used that kinda stuff. Im just a fan Like all the other people on this site and across the world that just want another Battlefront to play on. And I mean A propper Console xbox/ps3/pc version so that millions can play. Sorry for any mispellings or bad punctuation.

  5. They will Never release the battlefront 3 we saw. what they may do is release a Ps3 version of Elite Squadron(seeing as that is battlefront 3 after given to rebellion who destroyed all free radicals work) however what they migth do is create a completely diffrent battlefront with a diffrent story and make that one battlefront 3. either way i would be happy

  6. funny the whole rumors thing about this game are very similar to the american godzilla film which the rumor came true and it took years for it to finally surface.. so i i’m positive this is going to be the same out look for battlefront III

  7. What is unfortunate, is that there are allot of dedicated fans who have waited a long time for BF3, which has not come out yet. The reasons? Lucasarts cares NOT about the communities revolving around games, or the gamers opinion. What they care about is money. Its plain and simple, Lucasarts makes games not for the dedicated fans, but for the money. Where is the money? Well if you haven’t noticed there has been a show called “the clone wars” out for some time. Who watches this show? Kids, thats who. Who will beg their parents for money? Kids, thats who. Kids are the driving force behind Lucasarts games, and since they ARE 60% of the market they have decided to concentrate on them and squeeze every last dollar out of them rather than going for the 40% which would still pay top dollar for the games. Star Wars has always been a cash cow, but more recently (last 10 years) movies have been made simply to promote products and make money. I for one, have lost faith in Lucasarts as a developer and am not expecting a Battlefront 3 anytime soon. When they WILL release it, is when they think they have wasted the resources out of “the clone wars”. THEN they will develop it, I mean its the best selling Star wars game of ALL TIME.

  8. This is Timesplitters 4. 1, Free Radical was kicked off the Battlefront 3 development after making Haze, which failed miserably. I am sure Lucasarts would be worried by the fact that Crytek UK has the same guys that worked on Haze. 2, it has been recently rumored that Spark Unlimited will work on Battlefront 3. Rumor originated from this url, 3, the only reason this website thinks Crytek UK will developing Battlefront 3 is because they want you to think this. This article contains no evidence on if it is Battlefront 3, it only says because Free Radical was originally working on it. Furthermore, I find the lack of integrity disturbing in this website. They had thought the Elder Scrolls Skyrim symbol was a Star Wars symbol, as you can plainly see in the February article. How is the symbol exactly Star Wars like? If you guy are true die hard fans, you would look up info harder like the guy in the video I had posted the link to. I know you are die hard fans, but you need to put more integrity into not only your writing, but also your information seeking. Thanks for whoever is reading this for spending your time taking this into considerable thought. Farewell.

  9. Ok. Ive said this many times, but it’s all the quiet before the storm.

    No rumors? So, they may be trying hard to keep SOMETHING quiet. Ok, a list of upcoming SW games, well, u all know them. So, what few games AREN’T in the making? BF. RC. Yup.

    It makes sense in my mind… r u confused? Good. That’s right, i can read your thoughts before you type them.


  10. PacManTheSoulEater

    Look people from what I think it seems it would be a rather good move from whoever is making this to anounse it sometime this year, I mean starwars has been getting more popular amongs the younger generations thanks to the cartoon maybe they are waiting for that part of the costumer industry to build up so the make the announcement, I mean think about it Lucas Arts are greedy bastards and getting the most money out of this is what they want, they would get kids, teens who have played all this games, people who get obsseced with the new MMO and older gamers who love starwars (me) if anything I think it would be anounced at the lasterst winter this year and maybe come out winter of next year but it is all an especulation and me over thinking stuff, maybe they’ll announce BF3 in this but I doubt it I think it a 1/3 chance that it’ll be bf3 but if they do announce it it might just come out this winter or fall so cross your fingers guys.

  11. Oh, by the way, I read an article about Crytek developing a free-to-use game engine for indie devs. They haven’t annouced it, but they’ve mentioned how the indie studios is something they want to tap. This makes sense becuase of the success that Epic Games’ has had with the Unreal Developement Kit. A CryEngine Developement Kit would be a sure money-maker for CryTek.

    Heck, tell you what. If LucasArts doesn’t do anything with a Battlefront 3, we will. Using that CryEngine.

  12. MoreBattlefrontPlz

    I’ll be happy with anything that isnt damn TFU

  13. found this at could be SWB3 or an new Star Wars: Republic Commando game or something new.

    “LucasArts has hired Crystal Dynamics’ previous Tomb Raider creative and franchise director, Tim Longo, as creative director on an unannounced game.

    In the past, Longo has worked with LucasArts on games like Star Wars: Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter as lead designer, and was creative director on Star Wars: Republic Commando. Most recently he worked on Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary. Curious to see what LucasArts has in store for its next project.”

    • Yea, I saw this news too, and I think its a much better lead than this article, and there are lots of rumors floating around for BF3 right now…
      Lucasarts was waiting for it to be paired with the blue rays
      Lucasarts hired spark unlimited to do it
      Its being made alongside battlefield 3 with the frostbite 2 engine
      Crytek is working on it
      And now lucasarts has hires longo, who has worked on both a star wars shooter and starfighter games (bf is both)… this rumor looks the most promising yet!

  14. In case people didn’t realize this, they did use the bits and pieces of the old BF3 game and create another game with it. It was the Battlefront: Elite Squadron that came out on hand-held. If you watch the old videos of BF3 and know the Elite Squadron game, you can see the two brothers fighting just like in Elite Squadron. They have multi-tiered battlefronts just like they were going to do in BF3, and even some of the level layouts seen in some photos are exactly the same as Elite Squadron.

    In other words, when, I repeat, WHEN we get a BF3, it will be a completely different game than what we previously saw. All the hush hush around LucasArts actually points to them secretly working on it rather than allowing leaked footage to get out again. The only reason the game is taking so long, is that LucasArts had to find a new developer after Free Radical bit the dust.

    Honestly, I don’t even know who they would get to make this game now. I was completely exstatic when I knew it was Free Radical, ’cause my two favorite PS2 games were TS: Future Perfect and Battlefront II. It is very doubtful that Crytec UK is doing Battlefront, but if they were, it would explain such a long delay, and that LucasArts really had a strong commitment to the Free Radical team. Most likely this announcement is TimeSplitters 4, and I really don’t care either way, ’cause I play more PS2 games on my PS3 than PS3 games. I would love to finally have a solid reason to own my PS3 than to mainly use it as a Blu-ray player.

    P.S. – who is the Spark Universe, or whatever, developer? Never heard of them…

  15. I believe that one tiny spark of hope from millions of fans from all around the world could get this game made!I recently re-installed BF2 and actually played online and it was magnificent! I also believe that Lucas Arts realise that they could make billions of dollars if they made this game so why scrap it?

    Yes it has been 6 or more years but hey, they know there are fans out there trying to find rumors and hope for the next Battlefront! I say we dont give up on the tiny bit of hope we have!

    And don’t be saying ‘It’s a Trap!’ or ‘I’ve got a very bad feeling about this…’ Because to all those who have given up im sorry but ‘I find your lack of faith disturbing!’ (lool geek moment XD)

  16. Man either TS4 or SW:BF3 would amazing! If its neither Crytek are complete imbociles

  17. You know that series, the clone wars? the animated one? well they make that and i keeps the money coming in and the story line flowing, if they finish that theyve got a huge ammount of new depth stuck in star wars and there you go more to add to the future of star wars and would stop bf3 being a reapeated bf2 with better gameplay and graphics.

  18. Ok guys, I have thought aboiut this for a whule, and here’s how I figure it.
    Unless LA wants to be totally out of the shooter scene for good, they should get someone to develop a star wars shooter in the next five years. Now I just hope it isn’t some fps, automatic weapons based garbage insttead of the really cool scifi(ish) tps we have with BF2.
    Fanboys like us never end up liking a sequel if it comes out late, unless the devs are really smart and tactful (lucasarts? No.)
    I’ll be fine logging hundreds of more hours on the best game ever, Battlefront 2, and if 3 ever comes around the corner, wonderful.
    I think what ALL of us fanboys want (even though we won’t admit it) is some sort of port of BF2, fixing tiny balance issues, glitches, maybe a few new maps (and tweaked original ones), and better graphics. Looking at the full picture, I realize that I should just live in the now and play my beloved battlefront for a long time to come.
    That being said, anyone wanna give me their xfire and play (pc) with me sometime?

  19. Wow, this is the most plausible Battlefront III announcement in a VERY long time. Even if we don’t get it, TS4 is a great alternative.

  20. If ANYONE released BF3, I would happily pay £45 (providing it’s at least as good as the previous 2), or maybe even £50 if it was exceptionally good. Of course, I would be happy for anything below £40 as well but…the whole point is that I would pay a lot of money for this game, if it were to come out. BF3 would make whoever makes it a LOT of money, and I personally would consider making it for the money. However, it is indeed a long shot that BF3 would come out after all these years of waiting. FINGERS CROSSED.

  21. There’s no word on a release date but I heard that the title in progress for is Battlefront 3: Chinese Democracy The Game.

  22. there probably going to show gameplay of “Codename Kingdom”.Cryteks XBOX 360 exclusive

  23. As much as I want it. It probs wont come 🙁

  24. Bobby 'PeRFecTiioN' Marshall

    To all the people saying we have waited to long all i have to say is “Duke Nukem: Forever is finished and has release date” 🙂

  25. i dont know why some people are being so negative. just because battlefront 2 was released 5 years ago doesnt mean theyre not gonna do battlefront 3. i mean they obviously havnt dropped the series… hasnt anyone heard of renegade squadron, mobile squadrons, and elite squadron???? yeah, all BATTLEFRONT games. and the latest one was made in 2009. even though it was released not by lucas arts, someone out there is definatly making battlefront 3 and i think it will come out soon and not just for hand-held devises, but for ps3 and xbox 360 probably.

  26. What if the “Big Surprise” is both games have you ever thought of that? (I didn’t read any of the comments.)

  27. Nitro is so close to the truth on this one. I can tell you that without a doubt Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be released this year. The game is almost completed. Be patient.

  28. Stars Wars Battlefront 3 released in time for the blu rays? that would be awesome.

  29. Spark is looking for a veteran character artist for contract work to create first-in class content for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.

    From Spark Unlimited website

    Possible BF3?

  30. Well this game I have been waiting one ever since BF2 but this just isn’t happening

    And what the h*** is George Lucas doing in his mansion?

  31. so basically, can somebody tell me the dates of when it is rumored to be announced…

  32. Hey guys,

    We all want it to come out, but this, to me, is promising.


    With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for ***an awaiting, highly critical audience***

    Looks like they are talking about us.

    Check it out and check out the Job posts for the project…some clue there as well

  33. I want battlefront more than anything but the specifically said:Crytek UK has said in the past it’ll start work on either a new IP or TimeSplitters 4, a project the studio worked on previously as Free Radical. Battlefront is defintiley not a new IP and defintley not Time Splitters. Odds are I’m missing smoething but. Yeah.


    Plz someone tell me what’s that? Is it just some fanmade or real? I don’t understand that language.

  35. If Cryteck UK really is whatever remains of Free Radical, then there is still hope for Battlefront III. I played the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo and I thought it was pretty cool–kind of like CoD but with a little bit more Halo in it to be pretty close to perfect. Hopefully either Spark Unlimited or Cryteck UK is the true developer and will announce the game sometime this year, most likely at E3 2011. Crossing my fingers yet again…

  36. this might be good but if its not bf3 (caus i dont think it will be) then i hope its something good because this keeps happening, we find a bit of information talk about it then wait a while and then get let down again and again and again.

  37. this is battlefront 3. you know why because ive never even heard of “timesplitters” and nothing could compare to battlefront and i would think crytek finally realizes that if they make BF3 they will make tons of money and if they still have the half-way done BF3 from before then its a walk in the park

    • The Rising Shadow

      Hey guys I was reading over the spark unlimited job description, and under Senior character designer it says
      Spark is looking for a senior animator to create memorable performances for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently

      the key things are 3ed person, action/adventure, and high profile science fiction franchise. This is why I dont think it will be Time splitters 4 (although I hope it will be) but Battlefield 3, Thoughts?

    • no it will be Timesplitters 4, crytek (in my opinion) is not developing battlefront 3 it makes more sense that it is spark unlimited who are seveloping battlefront 3. Just go to spark unlimited’s website. oh and The Rising Shadow spark unlimited don’t make the timesplitters franchise.

      • perhaps u are right and spark is making it and not crytek. either way im sure STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 is coming and it shall rule the galaxy. if its any good being made by spark that is.

      • The Rising Shadow

        but time splitters isnt a high profile science fiction franchise

  38. I just got this off spark unlimited’s website:

    “We are using our experiences to develop a high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner. With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.”

    That should help boost your spirits.

  39. Sounds like a good game. Hope they don’t leave it too late.
    It’s nice to have a website with all the news

  40. DontMessWithTheWookie

    Why are we wondering? It’s not BF3. Maybe it’s TS4? But there’s just no way it’s BF3. No news in more than two years, no references, no “hints”. just cause a company says its making a new game does not mean its BF3! Like that guy said, 8 years at least.

  41. NO NO NO!! BF3 will NOT be announced anytime soon! we keep holding on to these frail rumors only to have them debunked in a matter of days! It probably will be TS4 AT BEST. 8 years at least!

  42. It seems very unlikely that Crytek UK is making BF3, however Spark Unlimited seems to be a prime candidate. Go to their website and look up their projects. Above Call of Duty Finest Hour, and Fall of Liberty, which were the last games they’ve made, you’ll see an unannounced project, which they describe as a high profile title. Gotta be BF3.

  43. This Could finally be it!! Crytek was originally working on bf3 so this could actually be it@@

  44. uwrightover 900and a half

    finally some news i will never give up hope and if BF3 comes out… then SEGA might make a new game system doutit hought but i know bf3 will come out and im going to pre order it and knowing LA they will have download packs and wouldn’t be weird if there was a zombie mode ohwell but it will come and will sell im going to guess a random nunber OVER 9000

  45. I have noticed a lot more real battlefront videos are on youtube lately(not by much mind you) but it gives me the feeling that it has been picked up again

    also could someone explain to me why battlefront 3 was canceled i mean like judging from that leaked video a year or 2 ago it look close to complete so how does something like that get canceled. even if the company lost tons of money i would imagine it would not take much to finish it.

    • The Saradominist

      The Company that was origionally making BF3 went out of buisness then was bought by Crytek UK. The game was lost to time ever since…But the sun always rises, and this news may bring a new Dawn!

  46. I really hope Lucas Arts gets its act together. I used to buy almost every game they released, but they’ve been lacking the past few years. If bf3 is not released soon they will have skipped an entire generation on the console. At this point I will not be impressed with the game unless it has graphics competing with Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3, and a large amount of maps, gameplay modes. LA, please just listen to your fans, and let me give you my money.

  47. well i’m not being dependant on e3 this year for bf3, but i would like to see at least something related to it, even if it’s just a 30 second trailer of the name.

    if it’s another psp/ds game, or worse, 3DS/Wii/Kinect, they can f off :p

    • i agree i hate how they have been making all these star wars games similar to BF but just not BF like those games based on the t.v. show or the ones on the ds/psp

  48. I can tell you all for a fact...

    …that this is absolutely not Star wars-related whatsoever. Crytek UK have been having serious discussions with publishers since last summer about TimeSplitters 4 (with word that EA may have picked it up, among others), and odds are this is that coming to light.

    As well, they were in the pre-production stages of a totally new Crytek IP shortly after being acquired years ago, in addition to doing Crysis 2 multiplayer.

  49. I guess all the “New Hope” puns died out a long time ago. I think I can safely say I will never buy another LucasArts game until after I purchase a copy of SWBFIII. I ain’t give bad behavior anymore positive reinforcement.

  50. I can honestly say that battlefront 2 was the most authentic (and best) star wars game. Of course thats just me . . but lucasarts has a lot to lose if they don’t develop battlefront 3 .


  52. Man whoever thinks this game will come out this year has really lost a grip on reality. The only tidbits we have had on this game was leaked game footage like 2 yrs ago! WoW!! I at least want to see some gameplay photos, graphics, an article in some gaming magazine before i even think that this will be announced at E3. Yea go ahead and bash me for my bad attitude, but i am one of the biggest Battlefronts fans there is i want to see it come out also. Yet why would Lucas Arts decide to take this one game and make it in “secrecy” while they are announcing other games years ahead of time? IF(and that’s a big IF) this comes out we still got another 1 or 2 before we see something.

  53. Nitro, I am italian, let me say thanks to you for all the works you made about BF3’s release news, I always looking for a publication in this site, I hope that at the end we’ve all got our copy of bf3 that i think will be the greatest star wars games of all the time!!

    Sorry for my english and good luck to all for E3!

    Rock’n’roll! _|..|

  54. Watch how it turns out to be timesplitters 4 or some other game.
    Every time it ends up not being Battlefront 3.
    Hopefully, this time it is.

  55. Hey I want this to be SWFBF3 just as much (if not more) than everyone else. But honestly, this seems unlikely. If crytek(freeradical) dropped it, I doubt they will get it back. LA has its heads way too far up it’s asses. I just wanna shake George and be like WTF MAN!!!!!!

    But hey this is some GOOD NEWS; the entire starwars collection is coming out on bluray later this year. Maybe, just maybe, they could announce it at this year’s E3 and have it launching at the same time as this to get everyone all excited for star wars again (cuz honestly SW has been lacking in recent years).

    P.S. Nitro, man thanks a lot for posting, I really hate seeing the same post week after week, makes me sad man. Lately things have really sucked in terms of BF3 but you never know. And sure, update us on what ever you want!!!

  56. Man I want this to SWBF3 just as much as everyone else. But it seems that if crytek (free radical) already dropped it, then they aren’t getting it back. My bets are on TS2. 🙁


  57. Its either Timesplitters 4 or Battlefront 3. Either possibility has me pumped. While I think Battlefront 3 is a longshot…I wonder if they still have their version of BF3 lying around? It was 2 years of work so maybe it was saved. You never know.

    • spartan_sixtyfour

      Even though LucasArts had no rights to have Free Radicals work, Crytek might have bought it instead. Interesting…

    • BF3 would wipe its with cod, and i love cod. if the game doesnt come out then that means someone needs to be fired and possibly executed by fire. and if the HUGE PROJECT being shown at E3 is unleashed 3 i will HATE lucas arts

    • I believe if its been around Crytek for two years Battlefront 3 is likely been rebuilt from scratch on CryEngine 3.0

      I am in for TS 4 or BF 3 though.

  58. Lets face it, BF3 will NEVER come out. LucasArts has waited too long and we (the fans) have waited and waited for one game to come out! LucasArts has wasted 5-6 years (and according to the rumors 2-3 Developers) to make one game that could possibly beat Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2 put together in sales. Sounds like LucasArts had given up the BF series (The Best selling Star Wars game) along time ago.

    Although I don’t think BF3 will ever come out. It doesn’t mean I don’t want it to come out and it doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking on this site anymore and it sure as h*** doesn’t mean I won’t stop hoping that one day Battlefront 3 will come out. When will LucasArts will get their a**es in gear and make BF3, I don’t know but what I do know is. I want Battlefront 3 to be on GameStop’s shelfs this year.

    • you and your negativity can go affect someone else i am being optomistic and saying battlefront 3 will be revealed but not by crytek by spark while crytek will unveil timesplitters. So you and your poopy attitude can leave my optomisim alone!!! oh Nitro thanks for posting i got scared something happened to you or your computer or something whatev thanks dude!!!

      • spartan_sixtyfour

        That’s the spirit 🙂

      • no I think BF3 is done too its over, I mean look we are holding on to little bitty rumors that aren’t ever going to be true!

        • i understand that but think about it people hold onto little rumors for games like cod and they get thrown out there and end up being crappy, while bf3 has no info on it, we would be alot better off with it taking along time. I’ve been waiting for doom 4 for along time but i realized that doom would be alot better off if more time was put into it like doom 3 for instance took 9 years to be released i still to this day play that because they put so much effort into it! Anyway i’m saying this because i would rather enjoy the best mother f***ing game to date when i turn 25 in about 10 years(lol) than waste the title to get it out faster!

    • spartan_sixtyfour

      You have no idea what your talking about. I bet you LucasArts are secretly making it with Spark Unlimited. When the game gets released, sales will go through the roof. You should study business or something.

      • complety agree!!!


      • I have no idea what I’m talking about? Ha maybe you should look in the mirror sometime.

        The thing is LA HASN’T released BF3 after 5 years since BF2 came out. What makes you think they’ll do it now? If LA has enough money to make those horrible Star Wars Lego games why aren’t they making BF3?

        As I said I want it to come out but I just don’t see it happening. LA is too greedy to make a game that is worth anything.

        And if you don’t agree with me then thats fine, I never asked anyone to. I thought this is where you can share your thoughts not get Trolled and Flamed like hell.

        Go QQ to your mom and play the old BF2 game I have better games and stuff to do.

        • Unfortunately I think he’s right with five years gone by I really think it’s gone it is a real shame but these things do just happen sometimes

          • Alot of game sequels took quite a while for them to be released. One notable one being StarCraft II which took around 10 years I believe.

          • Yea! I mean, look at the Red Alert games! (They were alright, but i used to love them!)
            It was Eight years I believe inbetween #2 and #3.

    • I see I’m the only optimistic one here! I think Bf3 will come out this year, probably September. All the rumors are pointing towards a reveal at E3. If this game is really in the later stages of development, then why wouldn’t LucasArts finish it. But I’m not saying Crytek UK has it. It seems much more likely that Spark Unlimited is finishing it. They’ve already said that they’re working on a high profiled game. Anyway, can’t wait for E3! Until then, it’s back to playing BF2 on my PS2. 🙁

      • what rumors are pointing towards and E3 reveal if there aren’t any rumors floating around?

      • If you are the only optimistic one here, I’m a peanut.
        (FYI, Im allergic!)
        BF3 will come out. HAVE HOPE YOUNG ONES! Although, I’m not sure i should call any of you young ones… look at me! You cant… oh well!


    • Huh… Did I get Flamed enough?

      And no I won’t leave cause as I said,

      “Although I don’t think BF3 will ever come out. It doesn’t mean I don’t want it to come out and it doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking on this site anymore and it sure as h*** doesn’t mean I won’t stop hoping that one day Battlefront 3 will come out. When will LucasArts will get their a**es in gear and make BF3, I don’t know but what I do know is. I want Battlefront 3 to be on GameStop’s shelfs this year.”

      So take your Trolling self else where or actually agree with me.


      WHAT ABOUT DUKE NUKEM? It was 12 years since the last one came out, and the new one will be releasing on June 14. So unleast its 12 years (2018) i wouldn’t be talking.


  59. I’ve given up hope on Battlefront 3, I would love to see it on the Xbox 360, but I heard micrsoft is hiring people to work on the next console and to be honest, we wont see another battlefront for a long time, I’ve checked this website every week since I favorited it for battlefront news, only to be let down again and again. Battlefront was Lucas Art’s best game, maybe tied in with the force unleashed, or maybe behind it.

  60. well honestly i can say that it has ignited a little spark… lol no not really. This could mean lots of things… We have had some crazy posts in the past that looked like BF3 for sure and i would have bet my life on it… but this is really just a toss up.. But who knows.. we have been wrong on all the others so far so maybe if we think its a hoax then this will be the real deal.. idk.. but swtor looks good right now.. so i suggest everyone get busy with other games and worrying about real possibilities and BF3 will suprise us all one day and we will rejoice and play the game forever and ever. And then ill marry Jessica Alba on a mountian side and we will have children.. Then we will form a family band and roam the country side. hahahahaha Anchorman anyone? no?…. No?… lol anyways.. Just keep prayin for the best

  61. 99% chance it is Timesplitters 4 and 1% chance it is Battlefront 3

    • unfortunately true,i have no confidence at all that the game Crytek are going to announce is Star Wars Battlefront 3

  62. Why is the site still up?

    • umm cuz its awsome!!!

    • Why do you ask stupid questions?
      Why were your parents stupid enough to have you?
      Better yet…
      Why was anyone stupid enough to have your parents? O_o
      Seriously, All u pessimists can go die in a hole and ,d***it, go to hell for all i care. My optimism is twenty times stronger than any of you idiots negativity. BF3 FOREVER!

  63. Oh and Nitro I would be interested if you posted things about Star wars gaming.

  64. Well I dont care what most of you think. I think that this is gonna be either Battlefront III 🙂 Or the Force Unleashed III Which we all know is already coming out ;(

  65. I’ll be one of the people that’s “please”d if they make Battlefront III.
    And “the most important thing to” me is Battlefront III.

    Damn straight I’m pulling these from their own words. I want my game!

  66. The UK game development scene is well known for producing excellent racing games…

  67. damn, i sure hope this is not the next duke nukem F O R E V E R!?!?!?!?!

  68. I’m a little bit skeptical since they specifically point out the “UK scene.”

    Unless the Battlefront games were that much more popular in the UK than in the States, and I didn’t know.

  69. It is just crazy that lucasarts hasnt announced or released battlefront 3!! They know that so many people want it. Instead they release a bunch of crap. They know that battlefront 3 will be successful. So just do it already! What are you waiting for!!

  70. You know, I never actually had the felling that Crytek even dropped BF3 to begin with. I have always had confidence that they would pick it back up and still pray they will. If anyone is gonna make BF3 then Crytek is a perfect fit.

    • I don’t claim to know anything, but it seems like a massive waste to get rid of 2 years of hard work. I’ve heard that the Free Radical version wasn’t supposed to see the light of day…but I don’t think that means it was deleted. I’m purely speculating, but it seems like a good shot

  71. Who knows, the whole point about the “big news” is it could be information about both games!

  72. Honestly, I cling to every piece of hope, then when it fails, so do my hopes. For a while. Then, I eventually pick myslef back up and keep hoping.

    I’m clinging to this piece.

    As I said before, since this is the only rumor in like, what, two months? Those two months have been the quiet before the storm.

    Have hope!

  73. Maybe……
    Probably not though

  74. Not gonna be it. Funny, I check this site after like two months and I’m one of the first to post. I got my eyes on Splash Damage’s Brink this May. Followed by Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3. LucasArts has been left behind by bigger and better things.

  75. Ohoho! This looks promising!

  76. long shot but i hope so

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