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Rumor: Battlefront 3 in February’s Game Informer?

So, over the last few weeks I’ve been noticing a lot of rumors popping up that something about Battlefront 3 will be in February’s edition of Game Informer magazine. Also, a member in our forums (PANIC98) has posted the following:

“I’ve been told by my reliable source, that info on BF3 will be in a major gaming magazine.”

Now that can’t be confirmed but it does help support the rumors that have been floating around. Another forum member of ours (Joelfigbars) has offered his opinion to help deconstruct what may be happening:

“When PANIC said that his friend said that Battlefront 3 info would be in a “major gaming magazine” I flipped through the Elder Scrolls issue for any teases to whats next month cover story. In an article for the Top 50 games of the year there is a section for top ten dissapointments. At number nine is Lucasarts. The section says this exactly.

“LucasArts has two film franchises just screaming to be triple-A gaming blockbusters in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but the Force is no longer strong with this publisher. The studio suffered layoffs in September and the departure of veteran project lead Haden Blackman. Later, it handed over Star Wars: The Old Republic to EA. Where’s our Star Wars: Battlefront update? Why hasn’t LucasArts delivered the Indiana Jones game we deserve? Most importantly, what’s going on over at LucasArts”

Now this is the closet thing I found to a tease of anything in the whole magazine. They always tease their next cover story. Like last issue and a whole article on the History of the elder scrolls or the one before that one which was a whole two page spread of a boat with the words a survivor will rise, which ended up being the Tomb Raider reboot. This month in an article online of “what you guys would like to see in 2011” Star Wars battlefront 3 came up the most. They have always stated their interest in seeing a new Battlefront.bSo my question is if thats the closest could it mean that the next issue is Battlefront 3. Well we could find out around February

This again, helps raise some hope and I hope that Game Informer comes through for us with some information on Battlefront 3!


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  1. come to the darkside!….we got cookies πŸ˜€

  2. I feel like someone’s probably said this already, but why not try to get as many people as possible to email or petition LA to get BF3? threaten to not see the 3D movies or something.

  3. Oi. Can we get a follow up? Did it happen or not?

  4. It is now the second week of march and i have been checking back one this website everyday since then. I am sure that if battlefront 3 was in February’s game informer, we would of already had a post up on this website.

    I can’t believe that Lucas arts have have invested millions into Bioware to help make the new KOTOR mmorpg, yet they won’t spend a lot less on keeping Free Radical afloat to complete Battlefront 3.

  5. still waiting :/

  6. Hold up, you guys . You all are just going to give up like that. Have you forgotton that we are the fans and most importantly the customers. Therefore making us satified should be their top priority . And may I remind they brought back tv shows , video games and movies because fans demanded them to return . None of us are not obligated to buy any of their movies or games. Not to mention , that we are paying hard earned money for their movies , games, etc. Since we are giving them our money we have the right to not only ask and demand a sequel to a game that made us entertained but to ask for a game that is even better than the ones that we have played. Where we can be ALL of favorite Characters and Live out ALL of favorite fantasies in the story they created.

  7. why does it have to be the 501st why dont they make it a rebellion campaign for once?

    • Cause clone and storm troopers are better fighters the rebels . Until Luke skywalker and Han solo The empire was winning the war . The rebellion had a lot of defeats also.

      • spartan_sixtyfour

        The game has two eras beginning with the republic era. Since the campaign starts off with the clones and your one of them, you later get to be a stormtrooper (BF1, BF2). If you started as a droid then it wouldn’t make sense becoming a rebel???

        On Battlefront Renegade squadron you start off with the rebels but you only get to experience the galactic civil war era.

        This was later changed on Battlefront: Elite Squadron. You play as a modified clone and later join the rebellion. A new era was added to the campaign (campaign only). I think its called The New Republic.

        So I would think the next battlefront game will follow the same pattern.

  8. Agent_006_point5

    imma guess admin either died or stopped updateting

  9. what’s taking so long for the next post?

  10. No get back here!!!! o cmon not this again!!! ah ha! gotcha!!!! phew that was close i almost lost my hope again. πŸ™

  11. So…I guess this myth is busted.

  12. ok. when they said BF3 was in the new issue they probably meant Battlefield 3, because that was in the feb issue. I doubt they are going to make Battlefront 3 because lucasarts has been making terrible games since george lucas went crazy and made clone wars. One can only hope that Lucas is hung upsidedown until he finally realizes, “hey, maybe i can stop milking starwars for every cent it’s worth and do something creative.”

  13. Putting2n2together

    Why would Lucasarts give development rights for thier BIGGEST SELLING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME over to Spark? And if BF3 WAS in development at Lucasarts, why would it be a secret? They NEED to get a good game out! Conclusion: BF3 is not in development, and Lucasarts needs Video game rehab.
    Sorry. Believe me, I know how upseting this is, I still LOVE BF1&2 and own both of them. But BF3 is NOT HAPPENING ANYTIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!

  14. A new article would be nice…I need something…anything to fuel the fire (more so an ember right now…)


  15. Chainsawgrizzly

    I really hope this gets made. I’ve held onto Duke Nukem for so long must I wait 7 more years for Battlefront 3?
    Theory: What will Crytek UK(Free Radical) be up to? Now that Crysis 2 is essentially done, they can work on other projects. I know they’re thinking about Timesplitters 4. Maybe they’ll pick it up again? It’s a long shot, but you never know.
    Lucas Arts, stop re-releasing your movies for the 52nd time and work on these projects. You stand to make a lot of money with these games, what’s the problem?

    • icantthinkofone

      I would like to remind you that lucasfilm is the company that deals with the movies, lucasarts have nothing to do with them.

  16. I still ave hope of bf3 to come out! in my own head they r trying to ake this game to be the best that can satisfy even ones that r not a hardcore starwars fan!

  17. The guy with the facts

    Sorry to break u down guys but this game is dead they started on it 3 years ago but gave up eventually and closed it there is no hope left for this game (not much hope)! Plus the developer pandemic closed it’s doors in 2009 so who will develope it now ?

  18. why do you people keep saying wo is me for haveing to waite 5 years for a video game that 1. hasnt been a anounced ever and 2. prob wont come out for a long time when better stuff is coming out right now…what about the people who had to waite for duke numken forver hmmm i dont think 5 years seems as bad a 10 does it?

    • Dude you wont understand and you never will.
      Oh yeah battlefront and a games like kotor and republic commando are the only good games Lucas arts ever made (maybe a few other)and their were all cash cows to…

      Oh yeah think you forgot to Lucas arts likes money

  19. So… I’m new to this site and this is the first page I have looked at… But can someone fill me in please, because the last I heard was that pandemic studios was “shut down”, so wouldn’t that mean no more battlefront?

    • HAH. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Well, first of all,welcome to the best fan site in the world. Right now we’ve got nothing in the line of rumors except that a few posts back there was some speculation at the company Spark Unlimited making it. Honestly though, look at the posts for the end of 2010 and beggining of 2011. That may help some.

  20. I hope it comes out, its the one game I’ve been waiting on all these years. But all we’ve had is rumours and hearsay

  21. lol i dont care what release date battlefront 3 will be in, i just want it to become aa reality

  22. If duke nukem forever is being made why the isn’t battlefront 3. People begged for duke nukem forever to come out and it is. But we god dammit have a whole freaking website and countless you tube video with fan made trailers get the freaking hint Lucas art!! Also its one of your most successful games too!!

    • Lol, not one of the most succesful BTW, THE MOST SUCCESFUL! So, L.A. Definately SHOULD make it. But WHY is the one question none of us have the answer to as of yet…

  23. Maybe they’re waiting for a new console to come out so they will sell more copies. That’s what I’m hoping for. Wait.. But then I couldn’t play it cause I won’t get that console for a while… Darn πŸ™

  24. I yet have the hope that they will smarten up. Till then I’ll bid my time. Or maybe I’ll have to really start kicking some developing .

    Battlefront 3 & Kotor 3 we’re both cash cows. They stopped them. Now does that sound like good business sense to you? Way to go Lucas Arts for letting down your fans. Assholes.

  25. iv been waiting and disapointed, so a thought has struckt me, im going to coullege next fall for game designe and programing, sooo i was thinking if no1 else will im more then willing to talk 2 lucus arts and try to get the rights to make the game myself, even hire some of the original designers who where gona make it. ik its a far fatched idea but if no1 else is gona satisfy our cault craveing why not one of us try ourselves???

    • GOOD IDEA! I knew this one guy from a summer camp that was in his senior or junior year at high school who said the same thing, except that either LA or Bungie… ARE YOU HIM?!?! jk.

  26. Hey I found some pics that have star wars battlefront 3 in them!!!

  27. i dont understand why lucas arts can afford to make like LEGO star wars III but not battlefront III. Like I understand why its an idea because i mean a lot of people play it. But honestly I think that if they looked at websites like this they would see that a lot people really want Battlefront III and they will find the demand for it is just monstrous. I loved the first 2 and think that this could be 10x better if they released it for 360 and PS3. I hope and pray they release this game and my theory would be that this year is the year. I believe that most game series release their new editions in a certain pattern of time. What i find interesting is that (with the exception of Battlefront 1 to Battlefront 2) is that there have been battlefront games released every other year. 2 was released on 2005, renegade squadron was released in 2007, and elite squadron was released in 2009. See the pattern? So maybe this year will be the year. So im keepin; my fingers crossed and keepin’ my faith in that pattern.

  28. Whoever is the one that posts the “NEWS” on this website, hear this… On an anonymous website I cannot say, there has been a post by the creator’s saying BUNGIE and Activision are creating a new, multiplatform game (TITLE ALSO REMAINS ANONYMOUS). It is a HUGE multiplayer experience set in a sci-fi universe. I may get back to you as soon as I can with more information.

  29. I need more news…I check this site everyday, and I want to know if there are more developments…

    Someone find out some info!!!

  30. Peeps literally look at the evidence, Lucasarts have pulled so many projects in the last numerous years coz there propper childs play, Look at wat Star Wars is,
    The final instalment Of ”BF” Has too be perfect, I mean to the last detail, imagine waiting this long to have star wars bf 2.5, It would be a disaster,

    Im sure the time thats its taking to make is all beneficial, Making sure the game shines through its competitors, I love BF as much as the next person, but come on peeps just wait!!!, i dont want BF 3 to be lame, the more time spent making this lost ruby of Gaming future, the better, But still im skeptical wat if all this time they bring out a sham of a game that wouldnt do the franchise no justice,

    SWBF 3 will rock the console era….. Just hang on and rinse some other titles ffs, or backtrack to SWBF 2

  31. Well First I don’t want to say or doubt that they will be a SWB”3″,. but i Believe they will be Since we got ps3 and xbox360 now , millions thought “Lordof the rings Was over,. Out of the blue “Conquest” hit With “Pandemic Studios” And Made A Game of the Year Thats What My sources told me But not 100% sure if it was the Game of the Year.. But in my Suggestion I think Lucas Arts Is probably Gonna do the same don’t know for sure but i’m pretty sure they are making star wars battle front 3 and end the battle front game collection with those 3. Now i saw the “leaked video on this site” and i kinda belivied it it really looks like it SWB3 and who knoe tht coould be one of the People whos working on SWB3 He/she Wanted to Show us that its not a “rumor” ………but “IF” they really make Star Wars battlefront 3 IM BUYING


    • Hmmm. Dang, I’m glad you found that.
      Honestly though, if Battlefront isn’t the correct one, then KOTOR would rock as well. Third choice = Halo 2.

  33. I want bf3. i hav a ps3 but me and my cosin just wanted to take A break from call of duty and play some original ps2 action. playin bf2 brings back memrories and we were thinkihn were the hell is bf3 this great game has been out for years and its like making a cake but forgettin the frosting. i hav seen many trailers on bf3 just taunting all the people out here waitin for another great star wars game. . Like 5 years……..i think thts long enough just release the dam game . bf3 wen ever it comes out im sure will b a great game and if isnt then well better luck on bf4

  34. Hey, you do know that just because the OTHER BF3 is the coverstory doesn’t mean OUR BF3 (the more amazing one) won’t be there!

  35. Rofl it was Battle Field 3

  36. i saw then new game informer… its for battlefield 3… close

  37. I dunno why Lucas wont put another Battle Front game together, what they should do is use the Model of COD 4, pure shooter just to get fans back into the game again… I wish they would stop dragging their feet in the mud.. this game is 5 years over due while Lego star wars are running ramped. I feel like Luscas arts doesnt listen to their fans and it shows with the horrible games they have put out over the last 20 years. Battle Front was amazing from the first time I played and when you played online for the first time, I didnt know how to handle the excitement I mean now playing online is a must but on the PS2 it was limited to a few games. To have a game that played so well and was so much fun I even had my girl friend playing the game thats how much of a good time BFII was, I think they need to team up with Activision and start cranking out a new one every year. well lets see if this new info comes to be true.

    • Yea, or Bungee. Hellz yea, Halo Reach on Live. BTW, My live name, if anyone wants to play a few rounds is Zera25Arrow. I AM way better at BF2…

  38. So when does the Feb. Game Informer come out?

  39. Losing interest in video games. Dangit! I’m growing up πŸ™

    Ask me tomorrow and I’ll be playing my PS3.

  40. I have just emailed Andy of gameinformer magazine about issue 215.

  41. BF3 = Battlefield 3. It is already confirmed that it is the cover of the next Game Informer. But this should not be a surprise to anyone. They are not going to announce a game of this caliber in a magazine that not even 15% of the population get. It would be announced at something like GDC or most likely E3.

  42. *sigh* sadly they meant battle field 3

  43. IMPORTANT: Sorry to say but it is in fact battlefield 3 in game informer not star wars battlefront 3 πŸ™ Seems like their has been a communication error πŸ™

  44. Since theres nothing new except about Battlefield…

    Nice new background thing at the top of the page Nitro!

    Also, STEELERS FOR THE SUPERBOWL! Lol. Good luck Packers fans, you’ll need it.

  45. Sorry to say, but whoever got this rumor is also mistaken. Notice: BF3 can both mean Battlefront 3 OR Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is the next cover story for Game Informer, so whoever got the rumor must have only been told the abbreviation automatically assuming it meant Battlefront.

    • Now the rumor was that it would be in a major gaming magazine and or in in February’s edition of Game Informer magazine it does not say that it would be the cover story or not so it still could be a article in the next Game Informer or in a different gaming magazine well it looks like we will all see in the next few week

      Like the update to the website looks good!

  46. Don’t want to be a party pooper here but the new issue of Game Informer has Battlefield 3 on the cover, not Battlefront 3 πŸ™

  47. I hear something….
    Follow me…..
    Get down!

  48. Some sad news – Game Informer has released images of their front cover, and the BFIII that’s on it is not Star Wars: Battlefront III, but Battlefield III. Another dissappointment. Oh, LucasArts, you’re losing wonga….

  49. The cover for March is …

    Battlefield 3 … DAMN IT!!!

    The hope & speculation most continue on …

  50. suddenly disgruntled

    …just great… not that battlefield is a bad thing, its just not battlefront 3

  51. Game Informer’s next issue is EA’s Battlefield 3.

  52. Turns out BF3 wasn’t Battle front 3 but Battle FIELD 3


  53. well even though i want bf3 im thinking its going to be that online game they are working on. Old republic or something like that πŸ˜›

  54. My property is adjacent to a section of property owned by George Lucas(director of the star wars movies)called Skywalker Ranch. Frequently when George uses his portable phone we can pick up his side of conversations with a walkietalkie. About three weks ago we listening to a phone call when was talking with someone named “Jim” about a Lego Clone Wars cgame and a a game he referred to as Battlefront once and the rest of the time referred to as “b-3” or “front”. Mostly we eavesdrop in the hopes that we’ll hear something about a new star wars movie(btw no such luck so far) but usually it’s personal stuff so we turn it off. ocasionally we’ll get a juicy tip about
    a new toy but this time we caught what he was saying about the lego game and a lttle bit about this game. Mostly he was talking aboutthe lego game(sorry no dates for either game) but for this one he did say somthing about not getting a response to an email about the “bosk” and “dl44” content downloads. We’re not really gamers but if we hear aanything else we’ll post it for you.Hope this helps guys.

  55. Don’t forget, the former Lucas Farts President was fired
    after he ok’s the 3rd installment of Force Unleashed 3 when the 2nd
    one wasn’t even out yet.
    Someone’s angry.
    And I don’t believe L.A. would be like, “Well, Free Radical went broke,
    guess Battlefront 3 will never be made”.
    All good things come to those who wait.

  56. Free Radical -> Crytek UK.
    Crytek (+Crytek UK) = Crysis 2 [Cry Engine 3]
    I just can’t imagine a star wars on Cry Engine 3 >_< too awesome to be real..:P

  57. I’ve given up. Wating for over 5 years has been a pain and its not worth it. You guys need to release that the tiniest bit of information may not be true. I’m sorry you guys but I’m done. I’m going to play call of duty now

  58. last year’s i believe….

  59. People who have nothing to say but “OMG Its never coming out”



  60. Luis E. Morales Falcon

    I have been checking for a long time now for an announcement for over a year now. If it does not come out or if it comes out, I still have to buy more important things from now on.

  61. I am sick of disappointments! -.- but i still keep my fingers crossed.

  62. I’ve also given up. I’m done with all of these hopes and rumors. I hope that BF3 will be announced one day, but for now, it is a fading light in the dark.

  63. As of today I’ve given up. We are clinging to threads and this is a lame rumor. I hope to one day be in a game store and stumble across BF3. But for now I’m done waiting, hoping or even caring really. Sigh.

    • Well that sounds sad…sorry for you.

    • I find your lack of faith disturbing…

    • yeah i know what you mean…we have all been waiting for nothing ='( i still remember the day i got star wars battlefront 2 ahh good time. So maybe just maybe well see Battlefront 3 announced but for now its out of my head.

      • Battlefront II was epic. I played it from launch day up until I traded in my PS2 for a PS3 in 2009. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the third game. I too am hopeful the mention of Battlefront in gameinformer means something. It just depends on what… (I don’t think anyone wants another, “Well we were working on/helping with BF III before we were shut down.”)

      • dude I know how you feel I remember when battle front 2 came out I played that game for like ever I still play it today but not often I have hope but they have been promising that 1-2 years after bf2. but if/when bf3 comes out I will be so exited I will buy it even if I have to pay back but now I wait in hope that it will come out

    • Do Take in mind that Battlefield bad company 3 was just issued to release in march, meaning mabye BF3 means Battlefield 3, not battle front 3.

      • BF:BC 3 is actually issued to release on 11.11.11, same as MW3 and TES V

        • 1. its not bad company 3 it battlefield 3 and 2. mw3 dosent have a release date yet and BF3 dosent have a solid release date to its skyrim and uncharted 3 that come out on 11.11.11

    • im not giving up! i think that the sparks guy was giving us a hint! and that swb3 will be announced in e3 or some future game informer



      • I knew someone was gonna go all hyper fan boy. But hey…stop getting everyone’s hopes up…this game is dead. If it was coming out It woulda been last year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

        • optimistic darth

          no darth… your depressent is lowering my hopes…aaarrrrgggg….. for the..greatest trilogy…. to be……
          COMPLETED! (bf 3 will kick halo’s but when it comes out) πŸ™‚

      • i just miss the good old days when i would be walkin on bespin clouds and see some dude flying off the edge :'(

    • I understand how you feel G5Man . But I’d like to mention, why don’t they publish the Battlefronts from the PSP onto the PS2 and PS3 while we’re waiting. I did not buy a PSP because I hate the controls and also it was not worth spending all that cash for just two games (Rogue Squadron and Elite, I not a portable kind of guy). And to be honest I don’t have a HD tv yet and no next gen consoles but I have a recent PC (although they did a PSP for standard tv I have no idea how it looks like). These days there are alot of remakes of old games in the gaming industry, why doesn’t Lucasarts do the smme. Note that I still play Battlefront 1 and 2 (especially 2 – Galactic Conquest mode and I love every minute of it !) Long live Battlefront (Hoping Lucasarts didn’t kill it)

    • you shouldnt give up just yet….. look at duke nukem forever, its been over ten years since the last game and its finally comiing out with the sequel everyones been waiting and will probably be ten times better than if it were to have come out in 1999. Not to say that BF3 will take over ten years to develop but just dont give up yet, i bet theres a few surprises up lucasarts sleeve conserning BF3 and they just havent released it yet. Why else would they keep there lips so tight about one of there greatest game franchises ever. (if not only to come back with it a few years later upgraded and better than any star wars fan could ever imagine)

    • Hello i am a huge fan of the battle front series and all i have to say is go to http://www.spark, click on projects, and read the unannounced, and that hopefully is bf3 in the prosses of being developed. i still play bf 1 and 2 on ps2 i love it especially in the first person.

  64. The title should be changed to March. The February issue had Skyrim on the cover. Still over 3 weeks from the rumored issue with BF3 in it.

  65. I do remember that when BF 1 was first announced, it seems Like I remember Game Informer being among the first to announce it. Now GI is closely attached to the Gamestop stores so maybe they know something and will be allowed to be among the first to announce it. Maybe…

  66. 7 years is too long to have to wait for a game.

    • Try waiting 13 years. DNF. =P

      • Stormtrooper #333425

        Yeah tell me about it! Duke Nukem Forever has been in the dark for a good 12 years and only just been announced, there still might be hope for our beloved SWBF3. However if Game Informer do publish a story on it, this would reignite the spark and hopefully catch LucasArts’ attention.

  67. I hope we can see smth in February.

  68. Hahah I actually saw this weeks ago in my gameinformer magazine

  69. Can it be? Is Lucas arts finally getting their heads out of their a$$es? Will I actually live to see battlefront 3?

  70. Im not a game informer person so does anyone know when the magazine comes out?

  71. I’m putting my hopes & dreams on this one!

  72. rule no. 78:
    thank the author bringing us such optimistic news, rumor or not, it brought back the spark to an already dieing flame.

  73. still plays BF2(70,000 OFFLINE POINTS)

    game informer mag most of the time comes out a week before the next month so soon. BTW is it out yet.

    any idea who will produce it/ make it.

    • I’m gonna keep guessing Spark Unlimited.

      Listen to this though… it says something about triple A gaming, and Spark, as I remember, said somthing about hiring ppl to make a triple A game for high…. well, you remember the rest.

      I may be getting worked up over nothing, but honestly, that is teasing me about BF3…

    • yea its out and the cover story is battlefield 3 which imo is way better. but that does suck tho i wanted a battlefront 3 as well

  74. I’m really hoping this is announced its been too long since Battlefront 2…

  75. Lucasarts have nothing on the roster after SW Lego 3 & that is out in March so they need to announce something they they are going to release beyond that …

    Please let it be Battlefront 3 & not more DLC for SW:FU2!

  76. apparently Crytek(who bought out Free Radical) are in talks to bring Timesplitters 4 out….i wish they would talk to LucasArts to have Battlefront 3 back

    • spartan_sixtyfour

      I wonder what happened to free radical’s swbf3 resources. Sold it to crytek or to spark unlimited for completion or lucasarts demanded Free Radical to eliminate them.

      • I heard that sadly Free Radicals version was never going to see the light of day. It sucks because I thought seamless ground to space battles would have been awesome. Maybe they’ll carry the idea over.

        • Just stop and think for a moment, BF3 with Crysis 2 graphics (drools).

        • Seamless ground to space combat, and a battle being fought in the air, space and on the ground at the same time! that would be the baddest game of all time. Come ON LA get it together already! And I want to work a real turbo laser, not those pathetic turrets in bf3!

      • Actually, there was some talk going around that Rebellion was possibly trying to buy Free Radical’s technology for BF3……

  77. Well, considering that the new Tomb Raider didn’t officially exist (like SWBFIII) until it was confirmed in Game Informer last year, I shall be holding my hopes up for this issue.

  78. i hope its true. But one can never know, it seems so sloppy now though. If it is announced, whos to know if its going to be any good? There are roumors here, roumors there, it could be developed by the queen of england for all we know. If it is announced, I want it to be official, solid, real, and most of all respectable. Not just a game to get us fans to shut up for a day or two.

  79. I am unsure if this game will be announced this spring, but Lucas Arts must have to be influenced some by this website……or at least I hope.

  80. cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon

  81. Well, I’m pretty sure that BATTLEFIELD 3 is going to be featured in next month’s game informer. Maybe someone abbreviated it as BF3 and someone else thought they meant Battlefront 3.

  82. 1st comment. I hope it is in Game Informer and if it is, IM GETTING A COPY NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.;)

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