Battlefront 3 Rumor Roundup + E3 2011

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First of all, happy new year! I know there hasn’t been a post in awhile and lot of people have been emailing asking me to make a post, but when there’s nothing to post about, there’s nothing to post about. All in all there hasn’t been any recent news or rumors worth posting about.

The latest rumors in the rumor-mill are ones we really already know about, like the following:

– Spark Unlimited is developing Battlefront 3

This is still a possibility but I am very skeptical. People have sending emails left and right to Spark and they keep saying the same thing, “We can’t tell you”, although some have said that they came right out and told them that they are the developers… which of course can easily be fabricated.

One person even went the extreme and signed up on our forums, made one post stating that he is the “designer” of Battlefront 3 and posted some newbie photoshopped screenshots, then disappeared.

Hmmm.. that’s a little fishy…

– They will announce or show a demo on the new Blu-Ray set of Star Wars coming this September 2011

Again, this could be a possibility. As our forum members pointed out, Battlefront 1 was released the same day as the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set on September 20, 2004. Battlefront 2 was released the same day as Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith on November 1, 2005. (thanks laticspieman & iceytoa1).

– E3 2011

If I had to pick any of these, this be the one that I go with. LucasArts has already been confirmed to attending E3 so lets hope!

E3 begins June 7th through June 9th 2011, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Opinions please!

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  1. crom says:

    this is the best selling star wars game to come out wtf they waiting for?

  2. MrKGuy says:

    If they weren’t making it they would tell us obviously. But seeing as they are saying nothing, that means 1 of 2 things. 1:they are making it. or 2:they are THINKING of making it or something else that’s like it. But if they weren’t making it it would make no sense to say nothing.

  3. dumasta34 says:

    go to & search star wars battlefront 3, then click on the 23 or 24 minute video, and watch it. Hope this helps!

  4. Buggzy BomberX says:

    Lets hope that the force will be with us till it’s relase.

  5. Wild Bill from Dawsonville says:

    I would like to poll all the fans of Battlefront.

    *What are your two favorite levels from BFII? And BFI?

    *What is your favorite soldier class from each faction, and why?

    *What are your two favorite Hero Characters to play as?

    *What is your opinion of the Space Battle levels and gameplay? Do you see any areas for improvement? -Be speciffic.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      my favorite levels are Kamino and Kashyyk. my favorite classes are stormtrooper and engineer. without a doubt, my favorite hero to play as is Boba Fett. i avoid anything to do with the clone wars except Mygeeto and Geonosis.
      i like the space battles alot but the maps could use some variety. i feel like the squad commands from the first BF are poorly excecuted in BFII. despite that, i think BFII is overall much better than the first one. the area of the game that could use the most improvement in is the Galactic Conquest mode. i find myself playing this mode frequently in spite of the repetitive spawning of enemy fleets at the same location and the lack of any deep strategy challenges.

  6. Amuro Ray says:

    does any one else wonder if battlefront three will release with platform exclusive downloads? i.e. Vader and Yoda for soul calibur, Kratos for MK etc.
    i would be satisfied just to have new levels developed for BFII. they could add characters to the lineup like the guy from Force unleashed and the silly clone wars tv show.

  7. Drew Bocka says:

    Hello all
    I am new to your forum. I was recently released from prison where i served a 6 year sentence for ripping the arms off of a Gundak. While i was there i, shared a cell with a dangerous, likewise hairy gentleman who had a death-sentence on 12 systems. This man told me that before he was incarcerated he had been a developer for a software company. He went on to tell me that he had worked on two video games called “Star Wars Battlefront”.
    He said that there was a third game in the works but it would not be released until “Episode VII” hit the theatres. Episode VII he said, would feature famous character actor, Christopher Walken, as the villanous Darth Papilloma. Also featured in the sequal would be a love interest, Spaz Fungilingus, played by recording artist Courtney Love. This, i am sad to say, is all i have to report, as i accidentally ripped his arms out of socket and beat him to death with them after losing in a game of Space Chess.

  8. Anthony says:

    I want battlefront 3 already.

  9. DeadFire87 says:


    Spark Unlimited + Battlefront 3 = what exactly? I worry if this is true. Their website states popular IP for a major publisher. Lucasarts NEVER develops anything. So… Its pretty much a given. With about every other questionable IP that is popular popping up out of nowhere like Duke Nukem Forever even. I say since 2009. Its been under development long enough for a preview or a E3 tease. I would hope anyway. Crytek isn’t likely working on BFRT3 since well if they were the game wouldn’t have taken an extra 2 years to come out of the shadows. E3 2011 questions will be answered. BFRT 3 being one of them. I believe anyway.

  10. JRom says:

    Lucasarts is probably going to E3 2011 for Star wars the Old Republic. The game is said to be annouced in September…. Probably along side the Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray release.

  11. I’m sure they will release Battlefront 3, I’m just disappointed because they’ve waited so long for a release that I don’t have any consoles any more that can play it – I only have Wii and PS2. Besides, aren’t they just waiting until the Clone Wars series finishes so they can get more maps?

    • Battlefront3 4 life says:

      Yah, I’m sure BF3 will come out. If the game is almost finished in development, why not release it? Even though the developers went bankrupt or whatever, just bail them out Lucasarts, or find someone else to finish it, just don’t throw it away. I’m sure they’ll show something at E3.

  12. Bennyweny1 says:

    I have a elite squadron on psp and there are tonnes of hackers.(also star wars renegade squadron) let’s hope they try to stop hacking on swb 3

  13. Eillas says:

    The two Star wars games that needs to be made are the following: Battlefront 3 and a sequal to Republic Commandos

  14. Nick says:

    This game may be more anticipated than any of the films of the new trilogy. Sometimes I wonder if Lucas realizes the money he’s not making by this game not being out. The build up from rumors and all the studios being shutdown, will make this one of the est selling games ever.

  15. Korriban says:

    What about the news frm kotaku on jan 16, 2009, they say the SWB3 project was formerly developed by Free Radical and a ‘supposed’ SWB3 footage was leaked, it was also told that a former Free Radical employee verified that the footage was genuine, but that the game has been passed to a new developer, probably ‘Spark Unlimited’. My point is that, no doubt SWB3 will be on production, but the footage frm Free Radical shows that as a soldier on the ground, we can directly fly into space and participate in a space battle without the cutscenes like in SWElite Squadron, sources say that the new developer is not using this tech and instead will be using cutscenes which is pretty annoying if you played elite squadron. I really do hope SWB3 comes out, hopefully by the end of this year or early next year.

  16. Korriban says:

    What about the news frm kotaku on jan 16, 2009, they say the SWB3 project was formerly developed by Free Radical and a ‘supposed’ SWB3 footage was leaked, it was also told that a former Free Radical employee verified that the footage was genuine, but that the game has been passed to a new developer, probably ‘Spark Unlimited’.

    My point is that, no doubt SWB3 will be on production, but the footage frm Free Radical shows that as a soldier on the ground, we can directly fly into space and participate in a space battle without the cutscenes like in SWElite Squadron, sources say that the new developer is not using this tech and instead will be using cutscenes which is pretty annoying if you played elite squadron. I really do hope SWB3 comes out, hopefully by the end of this year or early next year.

  17. Zeta 25 says:


    WHEN SWBF3 comes out, it WILL, not sure when… but it WILL…

    PS3 or X-Box 360. (PS2 maybe)

    Which one will you get it on?

    GOOD REASONS PLZ! I want to see which one to get it on, btw… I got LIVE and PSN… sooooo….

  18. AlaskaAce1996 says:

    One of the reasons Battlefront III was cancelled after the death of Free Radical was due to development costs of the Old Republic.

  19. uriahwright over 9000! says:

    i dont know but i heard a rumor about it being announced in feburary im not for sure it was just a comment on youtube but who know reply what you think

  20. Char Aznable says:

    As far as a release date for BF3, Lucas Arts keeps very close track of what fans are interested in and therefore would not miss an opportunity to gross on another BF game. Be assured that as soon as there is a game to market there will be an exuberant advertising campaign to sell it. More importantly though is the BF integrity. Many franchise titles continue to be released on the next gen consoles that use the “hook & crook” strategy. Because a game was good on previous consoles you reasonably expect the newest one will be as good or better. Realizing this, the company pools all of it’s resources for advertising to fans and dangling pre-order trinkets but comparitively spends very little on making a good game. They know regardless of what kind of final product they put out, they will make a killing the first month it’s on the shelves. BF3 is coming soon, but will it be any good? That will be up to George.

    • Zeta 25 says:

      Really, how can you screw up BF?
      All you even need is a new campain + better graphics, as well as a few other features to make it good!

      • Char Aznable says:

        “Really, how can you screw up BF?”

        Did you even read the comment I left? I spelled out exactly how they could screw it up, the same way so many other good franchise games have been screwed up! Battlefront I & II were great but that doesn’t necessarily mean the next one will also be great. We all have our fingers crossed that it will be good, but then again, we also had our fingers crossed that Episodes I thru III would be good and you know how those turned out. The point is that we stand a good chance of being confronted with a Battlefront sequal that is the video game equivalent of JarJar Binks and Midichlorians (ya know, a big disapointment). If BFIII sucks, we’ll finally know for sure that George Lucas has been seduced by the Dark Side of the Force and that it’s time to destroy his Deathstar.

  21. Rayhaku says:

    Good job everyone! Keep bugging Spark! They may get fed up with it and release a trailer after they beg LucasArts to.

  22. spartan_sixtyfour says:

    What “high-profile science fiction, action/adventure” game franchises are “1st to 3rd person” shooters??? Except for battlefront.

    *Quotes taken from Spark Unlimited website.

    Please name them:

  23. TMK2 says:

    Hello all,

    i have been waiting and reading (especially on this website) thnx 4 the dedication for this game
    i live in the BA, so i was wonder that if it not announced at E3
    that the next day we group in San Fran Persidio and March to Lucasarts and demand to know what is the status of the game

  24. Luis E. Morales Falcon says:

    They are probaly developing The Force Unleashed 3. Or that crap Kinect game.

  25. MrTastySock says:

    I played star wars battlefront 1 when it came out, to this very day. I played star wars battlefront 2, from the day it came out, to this very day. I want to see this epic series return, because as i have grown, so has my love for this epic game. If it’s anything like star wars battlefront 1 and 2 then it would be better than all the cods put together. The wise thing to do, if anyone was making the game now, would to be to announce it. ITS KILLING ME, and i think it’s great you set up this website, but they could but so many cool things in the game, and man id just love it, i dunno, i just think they need to announce it and put us out of our misery, or tell us its never coming.

    • Anthony says:

      It just doesn’t make sense to not come out with this game. I mean how much money are they gonna lose. It just seems to me that throwing away a game that’s almost finished is a really bad idea. Why can’t they just give us some news about it? I mean seriously Lucas Arts, how much worse can you treat your loyal fans. Lets just keep hoping for some news at E3. I’m gonna stay optimistic though and hope Battlefront will release later this year. But for now, lets keep our fingers crossed for E3. But until then, its back to playing Bf2 on my PS2 πŸ™

    • Bryce says:

      I really hope they make this battlefront 3 and show some real screenshots instead of these made up ones by retards

    • Anakin Skywalker says:

      AMEN MAN!!!!!! Battlefront 1 was almighty. Battlefront 2 was mind-blowing. ALL THE OTHER BATTLEFRONTS WERE VIRTUALLY RIPOFFS AND THEY CAME OUT WITH ALL THE OTHERS. Why the HECK have they not released 3 and just skipped on??? Okay, Pandemic, you’re on. What’s that? too busy with Force Unleashed 2??? TOO BAD!!! Which would YOU people prefer, Force Unleashed 2 (more of the same ol’ booooorrrriiiiinnnng stuff that came out already) or freakin awesome BF3, tried, trusted, and true! Who wants to really know, huh?

    • kaloHalo says:

      Me too cuz the only thing i basically played all the time on my ps2 was battlefront 2. I wanna see battlefront 3 with great graphics,great story and a whole new gameplay

  26. Port 420 says:

    They’ll announce it this year probably in March as someone else commented, that would make perfect sense…as a Star Wars title IS coming out for Kinect 4th Quarter 2011. Wake up guys.

    (Most likely here) LucasArts handed the broken & unfinished SWBF3 over to Microsoft Game Studios after recovering their property in the UK, which was real guarded & official reportedly. No one in SWBF2 (online) wanted to believe me that FreeRadical was the orig dev 2 years prior to the video leaking out so I can understand the skepticism somewhat but c’mon!..what else would it be?!?

    • wenis says:

      No way Microsoft Game Studios is developing it, because then it would be a 360 exclusive (possibly PC as well). Just not happening. Not to mention, numerous FRD employees has confirmed that their version is dead and due to legal and technical reasons, is never going to see the light of day. In other words development has to have started over entirely on the game.

  27. Kudos says:

    Ok guys, lets face it. BF3 is not happening in the near future. I personally PROMISE that BF3 WILL NOT be announced for at least the next 3 years. But there is HOPE! I am starting to work towards my game design degree and after I get some good games under my belt, I will aplly for Design rights for BF3 and at least 2 sequels. This is how it should be. Lucasarts DOES NOT DESERVE to make BF3! We do! The fan’s game! Lets bring back our favorite game of all time with a new one that will hold GOTY for YEARS!! Stop holding your breath. Let go of Lucasarts and the not happening BF3. Start brainstorming! What do you want? Lets make the game!

  28. uriahwright over 9000! says:

    you know after that debate about what engine it should run on i went on wikipedia and looked up game engines and i think swbf3 should run on an updated version of the Zero engine the engine the first 2 battlefront used or the unral engine or the infernal engine oh well E3 2o11 dont let us down ima gona play bf2 now

  29. Drefted says:

    I just can’t beleive how Star Wars Battlefront 3 was failed in so many attempts, and the SWB3 storyline is currently Elite Squadron. Just ahg… Elite Squadron was supposed to be B3.

  30. Slicer4427 says:

    This is a post at on Jan 12th, 2011.

    SWBF3 will be out around fall 2012. I have a friend who works for Lucas Arts and he has access to the “Ideas board” which on it said “SWBF3 Fall 2012???” I would imagine to start seeing commercials in spring to summerο»Ώ 2012.
    Bip01arBear 2 days ago

  31. Predator says:

    Ive been hearing all these rumors from people who say they work for lucas arts and they all say itll be announced 3/15/11 could be a sign. Or a big lie from them.

  32. swfan67 says:

    the video looks like swb is a fucking FPS and should stay that way you idiots !! and if spark is who i think they are they are crap as well releasing failures like turning point fall of liberty and they also did cod finest hour which i thought wasnt all that great boycott this item till they make a game worthy of star wars

    • Wowirock says:

      Well i think you got your opinion across in a way thats not so plesent.

    • db022190 says:

      … i’m pretty sure SWB was designed for 3rd person seing as how the 1st person view in both of them is half-assed

      • Masterlink981 says:

        Honestly, I think it was meant for both. Though 1st person may have been a little half-assed you can’t say it isn’t meant to be 1st person. If they use Unreal Engine 3 or maybe the ID Tech 5 it will be out of this world! Just imagine…. It would be so good it’d be like watching a movie. They could also include melee attacks either with the butt of the rifle or a mini-lightsaber! It could also recreate our favorite moments from the movies. Seriously, people SWB3 is NOT canceled. I’m pretty sure their polishing it up for E3 2011. That’s why their keeping it secret so the surprise doesn’t get ruined. When they do show us the game it’ll be more popular than CODMW3 or Halo 4. It’s going to make Star Wars stand out. It will BE released the day of Star Wars Episode IV 3D because remember the days the Battlefront games came out. They came out on the anniversary dates. Please people including YOU out there listen, this game is going to be rated high by the critics, melee attacks, Unreal Engine 3 or Id Tech 5, breath-taking cinematics, first person veichles, good 1st person mode. Otherwise it’s going to be AWESOME! Thank you!

  33. Arctic Fox says:

    Wel, they ARE supposed to be re-releasing all the old Star Wars movies in 3D in theatres this year, so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll hear an announcement then.

  34. GLORPH says:

    Its not gonna happen im sorry but i just have to say that LucasArts are suck a %$#@#$%^$#heads πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  35. Daniel says:

    well……i think the end date is just a tad wrong…………would this be last years news? even though the post said 2011 E3? the date you gave us was 7th-9th June 2010 not 11 lol

  36. That extra feature is most likely Star Ware Live Action.
    But I really do hope its BF3 demo/ trailer.

  37. et phone home says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me that a ps3 demo available for the blu ray set

  38. Christian says:

    Whether or not this game is announced at E3 2011 or not, we have to understand that it will eventually come out, and when it does, it will be the best, most amazing one yet, and I will wait as long as I have to for that.

    • db022190 says:

      i’ve been waiting since i was in 9th grade… 6 years have gone by and nothing, now that i’m working every day i won’t even have time to actually enjoy this game when it comes out. LA has officially waited to long for me to keep up with this stuff as much as i used to, i’ll beleive it when i see it on the shelves of a store

    • Sharomar says:

      I really appreciate that. πŸ™‚

  39. Wowirock says:

    Well in the last post the guy who said he couldent talk about it thanks to the NDA said that it will probebly be annouced somewhere through March and June and E3 is in June so he could be trying to point us in the direction of E3 without giving it away. (Please Excuse my horrible spelling)

  40. ggctuk says:

    I would indeed be wary of such rumours, although why Spark are willing to reel off a list of games that they AREN’T developing is a mystery – that should still be against their NDA.

    I hope for E3. At the very least it will be another Squadron title or spinoff Battlefront title, I think, but I hold my hopes for BFIII.

  41. Chilli says:

    I think it is very possible. It is very like companies like lucas to reveal stuff on meaningful dates so this I think sounds resonable. Especially since the game really isn’t the biggest thing tbh.

  42. metallicorphan says:

    there was an Xbox demo on the original Star Wars trilogy DVD set as well,Endor level i think it was

  43. Kevin says:

    Ahhh the wait is killing me.

  44. Scott says:

    More rumours could just mean more disappointment but rumours are sneaky by definition so it could go either way. We’ll be getting Battlefield 3 soon to tie anyone over who really likes the Battlefront formula.

    This post makes it feel that life goes fast as I can’t believe E3 is already around the corner again!

    • Nitro says:

      I know.. it`s crazy.. Seems like E3 2010 was just yesterday.

      • Zeta 25 says:

        It also seems like 2010 was just 2 weeks ago! Oh wait… IT WAS.

        But seriously… Are there any other game award/announcement things in March through June besides E3? I can wait for E3… but still I’d rather not.

        • Omar says:

          Yes. These are the events posted at the Event Calendar in the Lucasarts community page:

          July 22-25, 2011 – San Diego Comic Con

          June 7-9, 2011 – E3 Expo

          March 11-13, 2011 – PAX East

          February 28-March 4, 2011 – Game Developers Conference

          So we could expect Battlefront 3 to be announced in any of these events. Hopefully…

          • Arun says:

            Lucasarts is going to E3 2011 for SWTOR rather than SWBF3. I would be cool if they did stuff on both but its highy unlikely

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