My Response From Spark Unlimited + VGA’s Outcome

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Well folks, there’s not much I can really say about the outcome of the VGA’s this year. A lot of people seemed pretty confident that they would finally be announcing Battlefront 3, and naturally we were all disappointed yet again (although I was happy to hear about the new Elder Scrolls game).

Spark Unlimited has been the big focus the last week or so as well, with multiple theories and even one person, “confirming” on his own that they are the developers. I decided that I would send off an email of my own to Spark Unlimited and I received an email back from one of their Chief Technology Officers.

Now, while I didn’t receive back a confirmation email, he didn’t deny the fact either. You can interpret his response in any way you see fit, I’m taking it as a good thing and not giving up hope.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Everyone keeps asking. Unfortunately, our NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement) with publishers prevents us from talking about the products we work on. It’s is up the publisher and their marketing/PR engine to determine what information is given out and when. Word on that game really has to come straight from Lucas Arts. You do have to realize that publishers have a plan – be it good or bad – to release information. These days a publisher will typically wait to after the holidays to announce a game. They don’t want to cannibalize their holiday sales. So, it if it going to be announced, I would it will be during the announcement season of March through June.”

So, what do you think? Do you think he’s quietly hinting that it will be announced sometime in Spring 2011?

I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s opinion on this!

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  1. abombbrege says:

    I’m really hopeing its BF3, but i have doughts because its says an Action/Adventure game and not Shooter. and we all know the battlefront games were shooters.

  2. QuanThai1 says:

    Do you people not realize that Unreal engine was also made to create “Gears of war” both this and SWB2 are 3rd person shooters. just as a thought, they could possibly be trynna go all out to make up for all this time. And introduce new controls and commands. In star wars battlefront 2 you were able to press up on the D-pad and look at another unit on you’re team and they will follow you. They could possibly be trying to add some things from RC and allow you to command where they can go. Also it is possible they make introduce a cover system and the ability to blind fire from behind cover as well as throw grenades to give you the movie type experience. Everything that you have seen a clone do in the star wars movies is possible for the unreal engine to recreate.

  3. li trypicons reviws il says:

    i think they are screaming it to be battlefront 2 let me post what they are saying on there website

    We are using our experiences to develop a high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner. With the public disclosure of the title still months away, we are looking for innovative and creative professionals to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience. Employing agile techniques (SCRUM) we are developing this product utilizing our experiences with the Unreal engine.
    first of all a AAA game for a HIGHLY CRITICAL AUDIENCE that means we’ve been waiting a long time for it we’ve been waiting for this game like 4 years & star wars battle front is a definite AAA game and they telling us to ask lucas arts if they are or not

  4. Hayabusa says:

    Please, tell us all that there’s been some new insight on Battlefront 3. Dig as deep as you must.

    Battlefront 3’s a REAL palm-sweating hope.

    We Star Wars lovers have ben wishing to run around on Hoth, Naboo, Coruscant, Ran Var, Bespin/Cloud City, Tatooine, Mustafar etc as Rebels, Clones, Imperials, Seperatist, Gungans, Jedi, Sith, other goody and baddy heroes, Republicans etc and shoot each other with lasers; steal opponents’ vehicles; command posts and things.

    PLEASE tell us that this will a reality soon.

  5. Hayabusa says:

    I really do hoep there’s some news on battlefront 3 soon. I’m an avid fan of the first two games – on Xbox and I REALLY am looking forward to a third installment.

  6. Hayabusa says:

    I think that looks promising. He hasn’t denied it at all,and he has said that the firm’s not allowed to mentioned what they’re working on – so there is a high possibility they are working on it but aren’t allowed to say it.

    As Qui-Gon Jin says “Your focus determins your reality.” –I focus my hopes on Battlefront 3 – and hope it will become a reality.

    I too am not givingup hope.
    I’m LVOE the Battlefront games and REALLY would like to see a new one.

  7. chase says:

    After some sneaking around, I found this, which has already probably been listed. Spark is looking for a ________ for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets. 3rd person action/adventure, Battlefront genre? High-Profile science fiction franchise, Star Wars definitely. So if it’s not Battlefront, it’s definitely something Star Wars related.

  8. Aus says:

    there are only three games i’ve ever been utterly addicted to.

    1. Star Wars: Battlefront (both 1&2)
    2. FEAR (orginal, extractionpoint, perseus, origin)
    3. Earth Defense Force 2017

    i doubt that SWBF3 is on the horizon, but i still hold out and hope.

    ill just have to make due with the new EDF and F3AR.

    (id trade all my games right now for SWBF3)

    keep this site up!!! Always have hope that it will make a grand return!

  9. Nothing says:

    If it comes out in spring time they better have a lot of commercials out because they been promising that for a long time

  10. Matt says:

    Come on E3!!!!!!!

  11. IG-69 says:

    Wow this is awesome, i’m so exited to see so many other strangers who are aroused by the thought of a new star wars video game.I too am a bit fetishist when it come to star wars, i guess you could call me an intergalactic booty hunter! I spend alot of my freetime at home in Star Wars chatrooms under the alias “Princess Lay-ya”, I’ve probably cybered with most of you(i’m typing with one hand as we speak!). Anyhoo, i was surfing the net looking for web-domanin names for my new Star Wars themed cosplay bondage site, when i stumbled across this blog. Imagine my exitement to find this virtual Mos Eisley positively brimming with likewise-minded dandys. Now everybody get in the dogpile and i’ll show you why this wanted man has a death sentence on 12 systems. hahahahahaha

  12. Justin says:

    So they said they can’t tell us. Not that they’re not working on it. If they weren’t, they’d be able to say that.

    What this email tells us is that they can’t comment beacuse of a non-disclosure agreement they have with the publisher. Which means that Spark and LucasArts have a non-disclosure agreement. Seems like a waste unless there was information to be protected. At the very least, Spark is creating a game for LucasArts.

  13. Tuggie says:

    Realizing that LucasArts has been struggling lately, I wouldn’t be suprised if the reason to delay Battlefront 3 is an issue of money until now. They’ve been putting a lot of cash into The Force Unleashed (which sucks). They REALLY need to go back and make sequels to Republic Commando and of course Battlefront, but when you think about it, LucasArts has been publishing a lot of minor or just mediocre games lately.

  14. zilla says:

    SWB3 has to come out before 2012. theres no way they can keep us waiting much longer.

  15. nathan says:

    go to SPARKS UNLIMITED website, go to PROJECTS and u will see UNANNOUNCED. i am thinking that that will be Star Wars Battlefront 3. :D. i hope it is go and see for yourself

  16. tractor16 says:

    hey do you think it will be announced at CES.

  17. Fang says:

    Guys do you realize the BF3 could be for the ps4 (witch is rumerd to be released around November 2012). It’s not myth the the ps4 will be released, as a matter of fact ps4 games are alrdy under development(that u believe has been confirmed).Now i don’t know much about spark unlimited but from what i under stand they have always been multiplatform so why only make a game for Xbox(unless they make it for ps move as well 🙁 .)? I thik BF3 could be a ps4 launch title or perhaps on of the last ps3 games(mby an earl;y ps4 game as well). Which brings me to my finnal point(i hope :D). Lucast arts left the leaked footage one youtube and etc. the could have gone to those wb-sites and demanded it back but did they?no.(i think) why would they do that? mby a secret sort of gesture that they haven’t forgotten about BF3, or to secretly announce their interest in making BF3.Ohh yes one final point, Free \Radical’s BF3 was made into BF elite squadron, look at BFES and BF3 leaked tell me they dont have the same basic concept.(sarcasm :D)now BFES was an ok game but i would have much rater had BF3 that that (comparative) Garbage.

    Now ppl peace and be patient…

    • uriahwright over 9000! says:

      good i never thought of it that way but i would get it for ps3 and if i get a ps4 i would rebuy it for ps4 but thanks i never thought of it that way

  18. Thom says:

    Star Wars Blu-Ray cllections were announced today at the CES 2011. There release date is September 2011. The collections feature 3 bonus discs which include over 30 hours of extras. Maybe September will be Star Wars Battlefront 3’s release date, I’m referring to the theory which says for every re-masterd release of Star Wars is followed by a game. I thought you’d like to know. Just a bit of hope.

    • isiah says:

      if that’s the case then the old republic will be released then, not battlefront 3. battlefront would be announced,but not anywhere near release

  19. Zero says:

    I am dying to see this game announced. Just gunna say, dont build this game with unreal engine.

  20. Anonymous says:

    MAKE A NEW POST!!!!!!!!! b-)

    • Nitro says:

      With what? My imaginary Battlefront 3 news. 😀

      • spartan_sixtyfour says:

        Not really. Make and post a detailed bf3 timeline from the leaked footage to the gamespy lobbies to the phone call to the rumors of spark unlimited etc.

    • Zeta 25 says:

      Nice job being anonymous lawl.
      Seriously though, what is there to talk about?

      I think that the game will come at us when we’re LEAST expecting it, like as soon as we all start saying “screw spark, screw the game, screw Nitro, not even a single new post, it’s never coming out.”

      I don’t mean us ALL, like i bet Nitro and a few other ppl, like Scott and I would never say that. ESPECIALLY Nitro, what kind of freak says “SCREW MYSELF?”

      Snow Day Today! c ya on X-Box Live!

  21. spartan_sixtyfour says:

    Is it me or is someone blocking me from updating the swb3 Wikipedia article. Common, it needs an update.

  22. max says:

    hey i sent a rather angry to them and here it is including there reply.

    Hi Max,

    I am sorry but we are contractual bound not to discuss our development
    relationship(s) nor the project(s) we are working on. You really should be
    directing you questions to the owners of the game property. They control
    all aspects of a games development. All questions should be directed to
    them since they are the only one who can provide answers.



    —–Original Message—–
    From: Max Robb []
    Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:09 PM
    Subject: Bf3

    Hey stop with the crap are you developing star wars battlefront 3 or not.
    From the sitting on the fence answers you’ve been giving I’m guessing that
    your are with your NDA but if your not please tell us as we are all
    desperate to know.

    from theemail i think they are making cause if they werent there wouldnt be a NDA would there so theycould tell us that they are not making it. some hack them and find out who there new employee is and email him till he has a mental breakdown or gives us his adrees so we can jedi mindcontrol him.

    • klopsikon says:

      lol, chill out, go play some bf1 and youll feel better again, in this game of waiting the guy who gets pissed is the loser. Lucasarts send an angry question-mail reply: it gets posted, L.A. ridiculed. You post an angry rant: YOU get ignored.

      klop signing off

  23. Zeta 25 says:

    First time on in like FOREVER.. but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! also… 2 MONTHS TILL MARCH! flashback…

    “So, it if it going to be announced, I would it will be during the announcement season of March through June”

    Downside… JUNE! omj.. I REALLY don’t want to have to w8 tht long…

  24. danny says:

    wait a minute, you said they signed something with lucasarts to shut them up, well they would be able to say whatever they want if there hasnt been any communication between the companies. that may mean that they are making it as lucasarts have tried to shut them up.

  25. Tyber Zann says:

    I’ve been a standing on the sidelines for long enough. I’ve waited patiently, but some breaking news got out on IGN not too long ago, apparently it seems that call of duty developers are registering website domains under future warfare sci-fi warfare…which leads me to beleive that if L.A doesnt get the ball rolling soon, infinity ward and treyarch(sp?) will. The last thing I want to play is streamlined FPS Sci-fi shooter.I hope some of you see the dilema here, if push comes to shove and they make a sci-fi shooter, chances are that L.A won’t attepmt to compete.

  26. Read through this debate the other day, so I too decided to send off an e-mail to spark unlimited regarding the unannounced project. Below is my sent item and their response:

    “I was very interested when I saw your site update, showing off your “New Project”, and I know that you’ve probably already many e-mails almost identical, but is this game Battlefront 3? I bet due to Lucas Arts it needs to be kept under wraps, so you’re probably restricted to what can and cannot be said, providing that it actually is Battlefront 3 you’re making (I checked all your descriptions – Popular science fiction franchise, 3rd person, non-organic life forms etc). Knowing my luck its probably going to be Stark trek or Battlestar Galatica (If thats how you spell it)! I was just wondering when you expect to be able to announce said project, and a possible release date for the game? If you could then it would be most appreciated.”

    And the response:

    Unfortunately, all I can do is give you a canned response:

    We are the solely the developers of games. The publisher is the owner of said properties. All announcements and materials must come from or coordinated through the publisher. We are prohibited from talking about who we are working with or working on either through affirmation or processes of elimination. So, I can neither confirm nor deny what we are working on. If you want word on Battlefront, then it must come from LucasArts. Your request for information fly in the face of our contractual obligations to the publishers.

    Thanks for inquiring. Sorry we can’t divulge nor hint at what is going on here.

    To me this sounds that only Lucas Arts can confirm anything, but Im optimistic that BF3 is indeed nearly here.

  27. uriahwright over 9000! says:

    oh merry late christmas all people who want bf3 to come out

  28. honestly it could be anything. It could be a star trek game. Oh god pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee dont be a star trek game -.-

  29. sam says:

    they are looking for a multiplayer engineer for “a high profile science fiction game for PS3 XBox 360 and PC”

  30. Kad says:

    huh, well It’s better than nothing, it seems that a website I have been following since 2007 back when I was a wee little child, lol, is still diggin’. Hey, it’ll come, just don’t get your hopes up, I for one am ECSTATIC about the old republic, gonna play the outta that game.

  31. Anthony says:

    battlefront 3 needs to come already!

  32. uriahwright over 9000! says:

    i have 3 things i wana say on swbf3 kamino should have cloning takes that we can shoot and the cloning syrup water liquid puke stuff will splash out and if a clone that’s not done will fall out and vanish weird huh reply zeta and the otherthing i have to say is i got a snes my dad works on a trash route well worked his last day was yester day but he found a bag with plastic hard stuff in it and a filthy snes 60 games counted them so thats exact rf out and power adapter but no game pad’s but my grandmother is a janitor at the high school im in grade school i’ve been held back ALOT i should be in7th but im in fith now back to that she knows someone in the av department that collects snes accsories and my grandmother bought some off him so i have snes to play with until somebody makes a good game that begin’s with s and end in 3 it’s swbf3 and i can challenge my friend well in bf1 were rivals at sWbF3 oh and my life sucks and rocks why it roks is because i have ”new” snes and why it sucks my copy of bf2 dissapeared oh and did you know L.A is still making copy’s of bf2 amazing isn’t after 5 years they are still making copy’s and in 2050 swbf20 will be out yay just kiding

  33. moxiethegreat says:

    We should just all be great full that at lest some one wants to make battlefront 3.

  34. moxiethegreat says:

    Just remember that some reviews on bf1 and bf2 said that there was just to much extra stuff which made it to balance. we should give Spark a chance to show us what they can do.

  35. Andy says:

    Just had a look on the Spark Unlimited page, this what they had to say under one of the jobs they are looking for,

    * Level Design, Weapon Tuning, & Balancing experience in a shipped online shooter (1st or 3rd person), preferably with Unreal 3.” Does the “1st or 3rd person” part mean anything?

    I hope so.

  36. nico says:

    If any of you guys would have played turning point fall of liberty you would NOT want them to make battlefront 3. I mean that game sucked SOOOOOOO much.

    • wenis says:

      Pandemic made some terrible games too, but that didn’t stop SWBF1 and 2 from being awesome.

    • drizzy drake says:

      I did and again that was talked about already. It wasnt a bad game… it just could have been better. Games are different for every person that plays them… some think Call of Duty black ops is amazing. personally i think it sucks and isnt realistic. its just a matter of opinion.

      • nico says:

        Dude in that game you have bullets passing through enemies, constant clipping, multiple bugs, a horrible gameplay and my god the game is ugly, and it came out in 2008 wich is after uncharted, modern warfare etc…And guess what the game’s engine was: unreal engine 3.
        However I have to admit that the idea was good and I guess they could make battlefront 3 a good game if they put their hearts into it. Did spark make any other next gen games?

  37. Hurricane says:

    I think they were hinting on it, but if they want it to feel like battlefront 1 and 2, they need to play the originals and check out the deets. to make this game good.

  38. Zeta 25 says:

    O.K. Nitro, I’m glad u care about our opinions, haha.

    Damn, I missed a lot in THREE DAYS…

    I think that Spark will make it because everything I’ve seen, from here to any other website, to Sparks own website, i think it all makes sense…

    With my luck, someone else will announce they are making it tommorow, and then be put out of business the next day…..

  39. bob says:

    I guess it will come out 4-03-2011…had a deja vu

  40. squipple says:

    If you guys want more fodder for your rumors, look into what kinds of people Spark is hiring.
    From their Jobs area: “Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.”

    • guiga_md says:

      cmon guys…dont you see the other comments? could be anything…science fiction…there are infinite sic-fi franchise…cmon!

  41. battlefront3fan says:

    wooohooo ! Battlefront 3 is obviusly going to be released on spring 2011 !!!! I can’t wait !!!!

  42. SD says:

    This seems to be it. The impression I got from the mail response and the description of the game on the website is that this is BF3. Now we need only wait for an announcement.

  43. Artoofeva says:

    I can honestly say that I dont care when this game comes out. I was 10 when Battefront 2 came out and if I have to wait to 2012, my senior year, for this game, then so be it.

  44. P dump says:

    LucasArts is going downhill. Thats all ther is to it.

  45. Guiga_MD says:

    Guys…dont you see? this publisher/producer of spark is really smart…he never told that he is doing our BF3…and lets face it…the text from spark unlimited web site says: “high-profile, popular game property for a major publishing partner.” Can be anything…and where is the sci-fi thing? Where you guys find it? Isnt says: sci-fi project…only popular game…and even if the guy talks about sci-fi game…colud be anything…any series…even star trek battlegronds…because of the rising of the popularity of the new movie… Now i explain why this guuy is smart…he knows about the existance of this web site…(because of the tons of emails that he is receiving from guys asking about bf3)…and he is putting hope in our hearts…than…we acess his website and then…the spark unlimited web site become ultra popular…and this will influence in the secret project selling…come on guys…lets calm the down and wait for the right time….

  46. Rayhaku says:

    Grammatically the sloppiest email response I have seen from a professional company in a good while.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever sent an email to one of these publishers asking about a game we KNOW they’re not making?

    If you get the same sort of response we know if this is all hot air or not… I mean come on guys! Use your sleuthing skills as them if they’re making the next ratchet and clank sequel or some lol

  48. rebelbebel says:

    too many erros in the writing but there is a very low possibility

  49. empirevsrebellion says:

    Let’s think about this.there makin to many dual lightsaber games.sooner or later they’ll have to make another shooter game.and we all know the answer to that.question “stBf3”:)this us what let’s u know the game will be made

  50. nico says:

    But isn’t Lucasarts done with third party games and only doing internal?

    • noodledrama says:

      Hi, I’m new here. I have been a HUGE fan of Battlefront since the original was released. LA is not done with third party games. There is the new Kinect game, and Lego: Clone Wars. The Kinect game is being co-developed by Microsoft and Lego Clone Wars is being made by TT games.

      • drizzy drake says:

        THANK YOU. lol most people are sayin they are done with the 3rd party but they arent and for that reason exactly. in here you have people who try to prove a point by showing how big of a gamind nerd they are. lol im 20 in college and have been the best player on the basketball team my whole life…. POWER TO THE NERDS. lol IF WATCHING STAR WARS AND LORD OF THE RINGS MAKES ME A NERD THAN IM THE BIGGEST NERD THAT EVER LIVED. CANT GET ENOUGH BABY. lol and welcome to the show

        • Zeta 25 says:

          HELLZ YEA!!!!! I’m the biggest nerd as well! + I think that no third party games would kill L.A. I highly doubt they could make anything good on their own. LASTLY… Wellcome to the best fan site in the world Noodledrama.

  51. Sarge says:

    You know, after a bit more research, I have to say that I hope that Spark is not making this game. I looked in to the games they made, I only even heard of one of them, and they all sucked miserably. They might be getting the right idea by trying to go big, but that could seriously harm the Battlefront reputation. I need some evidence that they can make a decent game before I’m sold on this.

    • BigMac4547 says:

      come on how could you mess up star wars battlefront?

    • drizzy drake says:

      Fall of liberty wasnt bad. It just wasnt great. i have to agree that they havent made great games but they arent terrible like you are saying. And if they are using unreal engine to make BF3 i say do it. cause nobody else seems to be doing anything. and people need to stop complaining about how BF3 using this and that…they should just be greatfull that someone is thinking about making it. Thats my thoughts.

    • WHib says:

      At this point, we don’t care who makes it. Plus, I can tell you now that I’ve played Spark Unlimited games and they are EXTREMELY UNDERrated. COD Finest Hour was one of the best and most original games I’ve ever played.

      • Sarge says:

        Well I care a lot. When the game finally does come out, I want it to be great and competitive. I’d rather wait longer for it to come out as long as it’s good than have it come out sooner and be completely butchered by some second-rate game developer. Fall of Liberty was a good example of a good idea being poorly executed. The idea was kinda cool, the game on the contrary was not. I played Finest Hour too, I didn’t like it at all. COD2 was so much better it wasn’t even funny.

        • wenis says:

          Yeah… but then again look at Pandemic Studios. They made the great Battlefront games but they also made bad games like Mercs 2 (maybe not bad, but really not that good either) and LOTR Conquest. So I wouldn’t judge them just yet…

          • drizzy drake says:

            dude you take that back……LOTR CONQUEST is one of the most bad games ive ever played..sure it could have been better but at i still play that ever day…i love it to death. lol anyways

          • db022190 says:

            If you like Battlefront how could you not like LOTR: Conquest, it’s the same game just with swords

        • drizzy drake says:

          first of all many people you dont even know if anyone has been making BF3. they dont half something that is a AAA game with a major publisher. you give it all you got so i dont think there is gonna be a problem with it……….second of all everyone thinks they could design the game better in their eyes. so what the developers see is not exactly what we are seeing so get use to it. i havent ever in my entire life played one game that had everything i wanted…even BF2 didnt have exactly what i wanted….but it turned out to be amazing. and i really dont think spark unlimited is a second rate company…..if they were then we prob. wouldnt be talkin about them….if this is our BF3 then lucas arts intrusted it with spark….that tells you something right there

          • Bill Shakespeare says:

            I just want RAG DOLL PHYSICS!!! And the ability to create Galactic Grab Bags!! Ohhh and battle banter like the old ones…

          • DarthTerrest says:

            I don’t believe that BF3 would be a difficult game to make i mean it doesn’t have to have the best story the only thing i want is the Galactic Conquest, multiplayer and the skirmish battles (with some more planets)where you can choose in whitch planet to fight (land or space)something like BF2 but with better graphics and lucasarts if we consider TFU2 had stunning graphics.

  52. G_M_StYlEr_M says:

    So i followe this now 1 Week.I Saw good News Bad News and guys they think there are important person (Gamestop Guy)so i write en E-Mail yesterday to Spark thats wht they say

    My Post : I can understand that you dont wanna lose your Job and that you can neither confirm nor deny it But since I am really passionate about this game and sincerely want to know what is happening after months or even years of waiting and you are the only one I can ask, I hope you can understand why I am asking so directly and why I had to ask. We gamers are big fans and we love the work of you, the producers and it is killing us, if we can’t know what is happening to our beloved games, to one of our biggest hobbies.

    And Thats what they say: After developing games for 30 years, I can feel for you as the loyal customer and I understand the needs of the publisher. Unfortunately, I am between a rock and hard place. I can assure you that each and every employee puts their heart and soul into creating a great game. It really sucks not being able to talk about what you are doing. Or at least, have the publisher talk about it. (The publishers don’t want every little worker talking about what may be happening with their game. They sanction a few individuals to the spokesperson for the game developers.

    But, I digress which I am prone to do.

    Best of luck on your search for info.


    You can think about that what you want.

  53. Trackster40 says:

    (1) He sure didn’t take the time to proofread his response to you, kinda weird.

    (2) Lucas Arts: Do the right thing and give us SWBF3, it’s a no-brainer decision. It’s actually kind of comical that they have waited this long…I don’t know what’s going on at the top of that company or what they think when SWBF3 comes up in conversation??

  54. Brandon says:

    Well it seem marketing wise that would be a good time to show off the game because of E3. Then we will be told why it took so long to show off a game that was mostly done. Most likely legal issues but who knows. But until then there will be Mass Effect 3 and Elder Scrolls V.

  55. drunken hutt says:

    This guy from Spark has definitely confirmed my suspicions on the location of Battlefront 3’s development. Instead of giving us a simple, “Sorry guys, but unfortunately we’re not making Battlefront 3,” they give us a paragraph long explanation on why they can’t announce the game due to their NDA with LucasArts!(?).

    And he didn’t deny they were making it either…what developers do that?

    • BigMac4547 says:

      i hope it is Battlefront 3 but they could be making another star wars game

    • db022190 says:

      Now you’re just twisting words, he said they can’t talk about things due to thier “NDA’s with publishers”, then he mentioned if the game were to be announced it would be a decision for Lucas Arts and their PR department.

      • Jsullywrites says:

        Does anyone remember the fact that Lucas Arts closed all ties with outside companies? BioWare is the last person to develop an external Star Wars game. No more Lego Star Wars, no more anything else developed by anyone. They never said what they were going to do.

        • Jordan says:

          Untrue their is a new lego star wars already announced with videos and everything. So unless that it the last star wars game ever going to be made your mistaken on that.

  56. RK590 says:

    I think if there hasn’t bin an announced Before or at E3 2011 I say BF3 will never come out.

  57. Santa Claus says:

    They never told us they aren’t working on it. They only said that they couldn’t talk about games that THEY ARE WORKING ON. If they weren’t making BF3, they could have just said it outright.

    • drizzy drake says:

      Well of all people, SANTA should know when its coming out… i mean forgoodness sakes. how else am i gonna get BF3 for christmas. lol

  58. caboose says:

    Well we will see in the spring if this is true or not but i have even up hope for star wars battle front 3 now 🙁 cant wait till mass effect 3

  59. Nightcurrent says:

    i still watch that leaked gameplay and i cant believe how close to being finished it was!! Free Rad took 2 years on that… it looked beautiful.
    still if it took 2 years to get that far…we will probably only see it in 2012 at least if the next developper has to start all over. DAMN !! 🙁

    • Josh says:

      Ikr? It looked awesome….being able to have all of those capital ships fighting in “mid-atmosphere” and the graphics were just…amazing, then they get sued by LucasArts and go bankrupt…

  60. WHIb says:

    Guys, it’s NOT SWBF3. They’re making it on the Unreal engine for pete’s sake. If you understood that the engine is basically most of the game, you’d understand that it isn’t SWBF3. For example, the SWBF2 PC modders have basically converted the original into a whole new game (1.3 patch, dark times, conversion pack, etc). However, the game still has the same feel because all the modders are running their mods off that base engine. The engine is what makes a game a game, and the Unreal engine just isn’t a Battlefront engine.

    I do believe someone is making the game though. The fact that redirects you to the main site and the fact that SWBF3 severs were found running are both obvious clues that Lucasarts is doing something with it. Plus, is Lucasarts really THAT stupid to not know that SWBF3 could easily be their best selling game? They’re probably just working on making everything look pretty so that the trailers and graphics can compare to games like Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty to attract more buyers.

    However, I still do hope they also make a Rogue Squadron 4 🙁

    • Scott says:

      No offence, but if you understood what an engine truly is, you would not be saying this. An engine is simply the tools used to build the game. With an engine as widely used and as generally capable as the unreal engine, pretty much any game could be made. In fact, there are RPGs, FPS, and even Tower Defence games made with the Unreal engine. The engine has nothing to do regarding whether it is BFIII or not.

      I’m not saying it is BFIII either, I’m just not ruling it out completely because of the engine.

      • drizzy drake says:

        Im not gonna say on the matter..but yeah the engine can really be used to create any game. the engine really has nothing to do with it. and i certainly think it could be battlefront 3 but at the same time you would think that if it was the guy would have givin a good email reply dropping hints and stuff. but you never know. what im excited for right now is lotr war in the north…it looks pretty good

      • Jason says:

        Except for the fact that LucasArts doesn’t license out third-party tech anymore, and haven’t since 2006. Internal games use their own tools, and they were seriously burned on Republic Commando using Unreal 2.

        As well, all versions of BF3 thus far (from Pandemic, Rebellion and Free Radical) were on the same base engine, with bits of proprietary tech being added and removed at will (see: FR’s seamless land-to-space feature which was canned). Just swapping to a new engine not only would break everything, but it’d take quite the engineering feat.

        • WHib says:

          Exactly. No one seems to understand that even if they are making it, it just wouldn’t be the same on the Unreal engine. However the employees’ replies seem to hint that they know that SWBF3 is out there somewhere.

          • Scott says:

            He’s not agreeing with you so your first sentence (fragment) confusing me. Moving on, the engine does not change the feel of a game. The engine is just a set of tools. It creates lighting, does stat tracking, loads texture maps, creates particle effects, ect, ect, ect.

            The reason that CoD WaW (to reply to your post lower down the page) was similar to CoD MW was not only because of the engine, but because they use the same arts style, similar code, and in some cases the same people. They intentionally made it CoD MW in WWII, that wasn’t the engine’s doing. They could’ve made it a cartoon 2D scroller if they wanted to but the MW feel and look was attracted people so they just ported it.

            As for Battlefield Bad Company’s engine allowing you to destroy environment, I’m not sure how that’s an argument. That’s simply a feature of the engine. The Havoc engine has meticulous physics work, the engine used is GoWIII and Killzone 2 (separate engines) heavily focused on fine details such as particle effects. Many engines have different focuses, strengths, and weaknesses, but the engine used for BFI and BFII wasn’t all that great. They’d have to make a new one anyway and why not use the Unreal engine which is a very generally used and powerful one?

            Does that settle this commenting war or should we continue?

          • drizzy drake says:

            yeah seriously scott is right. The engine doesnt change the feel of the game. the engine is just the means to make graphics and lighting and other stuff like that…it has no relavence what so ever to gameplay… So what also is brought to my mind is the fact that people are bashing Unreal engine…..Its a good engine. it was used in many great games and first of all this is 360 so it has to be a differnt engine…

        • Scott says:

          That is a good point but what makes it not possible for them to use 3rd party tech now? BFIII has been dead long enough that they may just use another engine. I’m not saying your wrong (as you have the facts to back it up), I’m just not ruling out anything because of the engine.

          • WHib says:

            They still could make it on the Unreal engine, it’s just it might not feel like the classic battlefront anymore. Like just about every other shooter now days has, we’ll probably get a instant-kill melee attack for every class for example, the call of duty knife system (worst thing to ever happen to shooters) which is what I’m most worried about right now because that just doesn’t fit battlefront (this is excluding lightsabers). However I hope I’m dead wrong about them not making it just because of the Unreal engine.

          • Jason says:

            What makes it not possible — rather, not feasible — is a combination of resources, engineering, and money.

            LucasArts didn’t spend however many millions of dollars and years of work it took to create their DMM tech (a combo of their own physics and animations, along with NaturalMotion’s Euphoria and Morpheme engines), to pay even more to license someone else’s tools. I mean, even that POS Fracture was on LA’s own engine.

          • Scott says:

            The thread got to big so I’ll just reply here…


            Your arguments are flawed again. The knifing in CoD has little to nothing to do with their engine. The team decided on how knifing was going to work, created an animation, and loaded it with the engine tools to the game. They could’ve made it take 300 knives to kill a person but they went with one.

            If you still don’t agree with what I am saying, maybe I should write a paper on engines so you can finally realize what you’re saying…


            I doubt that this is BFIII as well but not because of the unreal engine’s limitations, but rather the points your are recognizing and the fact that Spark is developing. Why Spark? I still can see LA licensing someone else’s tech. Plenty of studios do it.

            As for the Fracture comment, I do agree that it was garbage but they had a great idea and I wonder what happened that it turned out like it did. LA was publishing so maybe that had something to do with it.

        • P dump says:

          @ Scott.

          I agree. I don’t think that this is Battlefront 3. I belive Spark’s title to be the Star Wars Kinect game we’ve been hearing about. This is because it’s running the Unreal 3.

          You know Infinity Blade? Yeah, the killer iPhone game. Well it’s running the Unreal 3 (albeit, a highly modded version). But what really makes sense to me is the fact that it was originally a Kinect title. Hmmm… Kinect, Dueling Game, running on the Unreal. Sounds like the Star Wars tech demo now, doesn’t it?

          • Carl says:

            The Star Wars Kinect title (which I’ve heard is codenamed Star Wars: Force Battles), is being done at Terminal Reality (with assistance from MS and LA), and using their Infernal engine, the same tech that powered Ghostbusters: The Video Game last year.

            That’s readily available information.

          • drizzy drake says:


            THE KINECT GAME IS BASICALLY A JEDI GAME…..AND THATS IT. and it really looks gay.

          • Scott says:

            @drizzy drake

            Well, people seem to dispute it, but you what they say Scott is Always Right (.com) 😀

    • Tango219 says:

      Doesnt anyone think they could be using a modified copy of the unreal engine so it would work for battlefront 3

    • wenis says:

      The Unreal Engine 3 could still work great if used correctly. It may not ‘feel’ like Battlefront I and II, but the fact its being built on new systems and hardware, its maybe obvious it will feel different. But look at the good third person shooters that use UE3, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and even FPS like Borderlands and Mirror’s edge. Also, the games I mentioned do feel drastically different from eachother meaning that in the right hands, the engine really doesn’t matter to a pretty high extent.

      • Scott says:

        Well, the engine does matter, but in the case of UE, it doesn’t. It’s a very, VERY comprehensive piece(s) of software and any game can be made wonderfully with it (even some Tower Defence games are made with it). It’s wide range of power is displayed here: where you can license it or even use it for free (you’ll probably want quite a bit of a programming background).

        If anyone states that all the games made with it on the site have the same graphics I will face palm so hard I’ll have a concussion…

  61. bitpig says:

    If Spark Unlimited are the developers and Battlefront 3 is their “Unannounced high profile project” detailed on their website, then I have a problem. They describe the game that they are currently working on (which may or may not be BF3) as a “3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.” It sounds quite likely that this is Battlefront 3 but I have no interest in getting this game if it’s 3rd person! It should be 1st person or, like the older 2 games, have the option to toggle your view to 3rd person but be designed primarily aa an FPS. anyone agree?

    • metallicorphan says:

      SWBF1 and 2 were Third Person shooters,and were primarily 3rd persons shooters,i can’t even remember using a 1st person mode in the game,was it even a feature?

    • John says:

      They consider it 3rd person when it can toggle.

      • darktrooper9847 says:

        yea, i first played swbf I on first person before realizing i could switch to third. the fact is, the battelfront series are known and famous for being third person shooters, even though they have a first person view. (i like the third person much better) on BFII the default to toggle views was “v”, and they had that for vehicles too. on BFI, the default was “Q”

      • Sarge says:

        They should have never even had 1st person perspective as an option, it is a huge disadvantage for those who chose to play that way. When in 3rd, you can actually see yourself roll and such so it’s easier to move and what not. Plus, if you are behind cover or off to the side of a door, you cant actually see if someone is coming though they can’t see you.

    • drizzy drake says:

      i honestly dont know why you are wanting it to be a first person shooter. 1and2 were 3rd person’s and they kicked …..3rd person is the BATTLEFRONT FEEL. im sure that itll have an option like mw2 did but honestly if you would let something that small stop you from buyin BF3…then why are you here?

    • Nick says:

      The battlefront series has always been 3rd person. If you want a fps, go play Republic Commando.

  62. evergreen says:

    If it’s not their game, then the NDA shouldn’t inhibit them from saying “it’s not our game.” Or am I mistaken?

    • metallicorphan says:

      yeah i am pretty sure he could say something along the lines of ‘while we can’t tell you what our game is,we can tell you however that it is not SWBF3’

    • steve says:

      An NDA means they cannot say anything. They cannot confirm nor deny anything about the product they are developing. Even if they say, “Its not BF3”, Thats still disclosing something and cannot be done. Hope that clears it up for you.

      • Danny says:

        lucasarts wouldnt have to shut them up if they werent making it. so if they arent making it, they CAN come out and say they arent making it.

  63. uriahwright over 9000! says:

    i think half half but like all of you i do want swbf3 so keep your fingers crossed

  64. Santa claus says:

    If they weren’t making it, they would have told us

    • WHib says:

      They did tell us. By announcing that they are making it on the Unreal engine. But I sure as heck hope I’m wrong. But I highly doubt and can’t even imagine a Battlefront game on the Unreal engine.

      • Scott says:

        Lies! Lies and slander! Look up some stuff on engines (particularly the Unreal engine – it has a site) to understand what it is. It does not rule out BFIII. It does not make it more so but it has nothing to do with it not being BFIII.

        • darktrooper9847 says:

          I think they’re just tryin to say they dont believe the unreal engine, with its tools is capable of producing the same gameplay style as the older games. While im not saying it wont be good, but every game engine, as you define them with all their bits and pieces that can be put together in nearly every way, is still different from one another, and one can usually tell from the style of the gameplay. i just want pandemics good ol’ style. i mean the FR crysis engine would have been nice esp considering their special transition technology.

          • WHib says:

            That’s exactly what I’m saying. Pandemic used their in house Zero engine to make SWBF1 and 2. We would see a HUGE difference if the game is made on the Unreal engine. You remember how people said Call of Duty World at War was just Call of Duty 4 converted to WW2? Well, that’s because Treyarch took COD 4’s engine and made some changes to it to make it WW2. Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Frostbite engine allows people to destroy the environments. An engine tells A LOT about a game.

          • Scott says:

            *face palm*

            The engine is a BIG part of the game in the sense it sets the limitations of the gameplay. The reason for this (read this sentence carefully) is that it is the set of tools used by the designers to make the game. For instance, the Unreal engine has environment mappers, lighting systems, stat trackers (very good ones), and other tools to aid in development. This does not (okay, rarely) limit the gameplay, but more the technical aspects. With an engine as comprehensive as the Unreal engine, getting the Battlefront feel wouldn’t be a problem.

            Thank you Sarge…

        • Sarge says:

          Heh, just imagine SWBF3 on the Source Engine, that would be…. interesting. Plus I’m pretty sure JK was made on the Unreal Engine so I have to side with Scott.

          • Sarge (MillerTime30) says:

            The Frostbite Engine would be a good choice for this game. However, it’s like Scott said, the engine is only part of the game.

            Your welcome Scott…

  65. Joelfigbars says:

    If it wasn’t them he would say it wasn’t them like when I asked them about a Turning Point 2. I don’t really care about Turning point 2, I just wanted to see what they say and they said no. March through June is during Comic Con.

  66. Agent_006_point5 says:

    first!!! i always wanted to say that but this is great next year is the year of threequals and swbf3 is one of them

  67. Thdbwidhbwhdb says:

    This is it guys. We have it now, after years of crushed dreams and shitty handheld games, battlefront three is at last within our grasp.

  68. Battlefront lover says:

    Nitro, I’m liking the looks of this. This guys got some information, no doubt. I think we’ve found our developer. To be honest,I will not ever give up hope for this game, because of all the success it would bring. Star Wars has a colossal fan base, LucasArts knows it, and we as fans know it. Also, the PSP games that were released (no where near as good as BF3, I thought), are clear facts that LucasArts is still interested in Battlefront. I’ll be looking foward to playing with you all online in a few years!

  69. Sarge says:

    I personally think that Mass Effect 3 looks awesome!!! I can’t wait a whole year just to get it. Plus, RDR should not have gotten GOTY and the effects were actually kinda cool for the show in general.

    As for Spark? Well, I don’t want to have to bank on another E3 disappointment, so I cannot say anything other than this speculation could go either way. I’m done fooling around making hopeless wishes, time to get serious. I will believe when the time is right and the evidence is clearly there. Being happily surprised wouldn’t hurt though.

    Until then, let’s pray SWTOR is as epic as I hope.

  70. ocean phoenix says:

    Definitely hinting at something…

    May I also extend my yays for Elder Scrolls V.

    Hey guys, BF3 will come. It’s inevitable! Look at the figures they made from 1 & 2 …

    Ah well, SKYRIM 🙂 peace.

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