Battlefront 3 Rumored to Appear at Spike VGA

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Well some additional ‘hope’ has finally floated down to us! After months and months of anyone uttering the words “Battlefront 3”, we finally have a rumor to put the excitement back into our souls!

As small as this rumor may be, it sure has put some spark back in my eyes. has posted some titles that are rumored to appear at this years Spike Video Game Awards. Among these titles are Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Resident Evil, Hitman, Saints Row 3 and none other than our own Star Wars Battlefront 3!

I’m not sure what their source of this rumor is but I have sent off an email to see if I could get an answer.

Let’s hear everyone’s happy, glorious thoughts!

“Seven years later, the eighth annual Spike VGAs has grown into one the the industry’s most anticipated events of the year. Due to the awards? Of course not. The awards are still widely considered a affront to the integrity of the industry.

Rather, the awards have grown into a marketing bonanza, where publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision and Warner Bros. see fit to announce some of their biggest titles for the following year. Titles rumored to be revealed or shown at the VGAs this year include Mass Effect 3, Star Wars Battlefront 3, Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Resident Evil, Hitman, Saints Row 3 and Guillermo Del Toro’s Lovecraftian title.

The reveal of a single title from the above list could bring about the success of a convention. Should each of them make a showing at the awards, the event could be compared to E3 or TGS in terms of public attention. “

The 2010 Awards will be held Saturday, December 11th in Los Angeles, CA at the L.A. Convention Cente


Thanks to vadersdemise_93 via superman @ LucasArts forums!

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  1. Mark says:

    Well, once again just a rumour. VGA has come and gone and no SWBF3. I have come to the conclusion that Lucas Arts can only put out games geared for 10 year olds or games that are so over hyped, namely TFU2 that after you play and complete the game after 3 days the only thing left to do is trade it in at Game Stop. Geez! you’d think Lucas Arts would realize what the fans really want. I have officialy given up on this game ever being produced. I guess I’ll just keep playing SWBF2 for another 6 years. Wake up Lucas Arts!

    • Guiga_MD says:

      Dont give up man…we must keep beliving…i know that is taking too much long to this game even be announced…but is better have hope…than have TFU2…or worst…TFU3 or Lego games 8…i know that everybody is upset…but…hey guys…lets belive…lets pray…lets…just keep the flame on…until…until finally BF3 comes out…or they announce another lego game…

  2. mitzfah says:

    =,(. no BF3.

  3. xopliakin says:

    Fail – no announcement

  4. Kidblaze215 says:

    Me and my friends are gonna start a Chat tonight at 7:45 pm for the VGAs on PS3 Send me your PSN if you want in.We will talk Before the Show and During Commmericials.My PSN is Kidblaze215

  5. ok i have two ideas for battlefront 3 and one sort of plays into the other. Ok i assume most of you know the difference between the laat/i (low allititude assault transport/infantry) and the laat/v (low alltitude assault transport/vehicle) now it would be cool if they made variations of those for the factions which obviously they would have to but any way so you hafta actually fly your vehicles from the cruisers down to the battlefield they dont spawn there so both teams hafta do that or one team starts out in the cruisers andthe other starts on the ground. But i wanted to pitch a new game mode called planetary assault and basically one team starts in space as invading forces and the defending team has like a few cruisers in space but they are mainly ground based with anti air batteries. The invading force has to defeat the defending space forces before they can continue down to the planet surface and land there troops and vehicles with their transports. Their objective is to destroy the defending forces and capture severalt control points down below and then they win. The defending forces simply hafta repel the invading forces to win. I dont know about you but i thin k it sounds really fun. I also would like to see the GAR’s (grand army of the rublics) AT-AP (All terain-attack pod) its my favorite land vehicle and my favorite air is the arc-170 starfighter. Oh! I would like to be able to have 3 pilots in the arc-170 as that is the canon way it is flown.

  6. GeneralChaz9 says:

    Man, I wont even care if it is another PSP exclusive, I will pee my pants! Well, happy tommorow!

  7. Zack says:

    On Tuesday, 16 November 2010, it was revealed that two new titles would be revealed ahead of their debut at the 2010 Awards the following day, 17 November 2010.[3] BioWare will announce a new title at the 2010 Awards. On November 21, 2010, Sony Russia tweeted this announcement to be Mass Effect 3. Batman: Arkham City will have its gameplay debut at the 2010 awards along with an possible Prototype sequel. Lucasarts is rumored to announce Star Wars Battlefront 3. It is set to include a first look at Saints Row 3, and the first trailer of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception scheduled to air during the 2010 awards.

  8. The Dude says:

    Battlefront two wasn’t even that good of a game I don’t know why everyone is so anxious for battlefront three.

  9. Austin says:

    I wish it would come too but like must people, I highly doubt that it will since Pandemic Studios tanked

  10. DavyW says:

    can the admin please send the petition to lucasarts. i think that would help our cause.

  11. Buggzy BomberX says:

    Oh I can’t wait I hope at lest get the 2 ground 2 space flawlessly without that stupid cut scene.

  12. chainsawgrizzly says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Ha ha mostly the reason I watch the VGA’s is to see the world premiers and not much else. Though I have to give them credit, the show has gotten steadily better.

  13. KnighT ¬ 972 says:

    If BF3 is announced..i think ill cry of happyness for minimum 1 week *_*

  14. snicker says:

    just a thought if the alpha testing on the online network of game spy is up and running that means release is probubly only a year away and that was back in what september? so what other big events will there be after vga’s for them to announce it at? its gata be vga. thats my theory at least

  15. MastaWindu says:

    It will happen.

  16. Guiga_MD says:

    Ohhh man i am so excited…i hope this game finally came out…i am checking this website more than 4 times/day. I was looking in the video that was leaked…i hope the game is better than that footage by this far…
    BF3 rules…no other scifi first person shooter wins from this game

  17. when battlefront 3 comes out i think we can agree that gaylo and call of duty wont stand a chance ^.^

  18. MotherRussia501 says:

    These are some of the ideas my friends and I came up with, and also some things other people said. Okay picture this, on things like Hunt Mode, the Ewoks can mount their gliders, as seen in the original trilogy, and their ordinance (LT) could be dropping rocks. Also, Ewoks should be able to Hi-jack speeders. Naboo fighters are my favorite ship, that would be awesome uriahwright! Assassinations similar to the ones on Halo: Reach, but only scouts, sharpshooters, marksman, etc. can perform them. Personal Hero Selection/Creation would be EPIC (One for when you are lightside and one for darkside or something). Upgrade weapons for each class. They should have a gameplay where the goal is to escort like a Naboo transportation ship with like Queen Amidala on board. Finally, they should have… unlimited, epic, over the limits, never b4 seen, freeakin’ force mode when you are a hero/villain, and you should have a list of button combinations to just pown. Thanks for reading guys/gals, me and my friends might of gotten carried away.

  19. unknown... says:

    YAY!, oh a all those un-beleivers, go and start playing your ps3 or something because guess what, we dont care about you dampening our parade, your just jealous you dont get something of this level of awesomness 🙂

    • Zeta 25 says:

      Hellz Yea.
      As soon as it comes out, their still gonna find some way to dis us, but our beloved game will be out, so we WONT CARE! HAH!

  20. Spike's VGA Producer says:

    Hey guys, my name is Devon McCombs, and I am this years VGA Producer. I hate to inform ALL of you who have been waiting SO very patiently for this game, but sadly Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is NOT coming to this years VGA’s. Although I don’t have confirmation on this, it is said that in 2011’s PAX, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 will not only be announced with a brand new gameplay teaser trailer, but for those of you lucky enough to go, they will be having both live, and PLAYABLE demos of one of the levels in the game. I hope you guys have found this useful, and I’m sorry that you will have to wait another couple of months for the best Star Wars game EVER to be released.

    -Sincerely, Devon McCombs

    • Zeta 25 says:

      O.K. If thats the truth, which i highly doubt, then thats GOOD and BAD. The Pax next year, I can wait. But bad news, then it won’t be till almost a WHOLE YEAR. BTW, the only reason I belive you (about 4% believes this) is because of your 0 spelling errors. Also, WHY DON’T YOU MAKE A PUPLIC ANNOUNCEMENT INSTEAD OF ON SOME FAN SITE?

      Anyone else belive this faker? Uriahwright over 9000? NITRO perhaps? I don’t mean to sound rude, but I want some opinions.

    • snicker says:

      did a background check on this devon mccombs nothing on gameing nothing with spike nothing to do with star wars and nothing to do with vga its just a faker

    • MotherRussia501 says:

      Well guys, I think we have our selves a bot, or a troll. Either way let us just ignore him. Pathetic Life-forms these days.

  21. drizzy drake says:

    yeah my advice is just to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. and by the way i saw where gamerant removed the battlefront 3 rumor and that sucks. but dont let get you down……it just said they might be there for the old republic and might not. I dont know if ive ever scene lucasarts at a big show not announcing something. SO THERES A PRETTY GOOD CHANCE THEY WILL ANNOUNCE SOMETHING. lol so like i said just cross your fingers and hope for the best but prepare for the worst and dont let it get you down. itll come out withen the next 5 years or so….i garuntee it. its too good of a game not to be produced

  22. SWBF2 fan says:

    The people how are trying to ruin everbodys hopes are author spys don’t listen to them that can’t be trusted. I admit I’m mew to swbf2 but I’ve had it for about a month and it’s addictive. If bf3 not coming out more mods should be made to keep instant action alive. Look on file front I now got all the bf1 maps in my swbf2 game lol


  23. Klatu Berata Nicto says:

    Foolish if it isn’t released. The fan following is already great, for a game that doesn’t yet exist! Its a guaranteed money maker. That’s all that matters. In this day and age, if there’s a buck to be made, you better believe somebody will do it.

    • Zeta 25 says:

      Also, imagine all the ppl who play it but don’t use these type of fan sites. I bet in the first week of its release, there would be like 10 million in sales, EASY

  24. KillerWaffle says:

    Please Battlefront III please be at the VGAs!!! Or at least KOTOR3 now that would be just as epic

  25. snicker says: heres the artical the made revises to the artical saying that it was just another fan boy saying not sure bout that tho

  26. Micro_Chip says:

    Everyone please, just calm down.

    We don’t want a repeat of the previous VGA do we? How many of us were dissapointed when TFU2 was announced and not BF3?

    This rumour is a LOOOOOONG shot and I advise you all to treat it as false until we have proof or an official announcement. I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, trust me I’ll cry with joy if BF3 is announced, but I’m just trying to save everyone potential dissapointment.

    This is lucasarts and i they do dissapointment better than any other company and refuse to give fans what they actually want.

  27. PROPH3TofPEACE says:

    Man i really do hope that this games is coming. Nothing is satisfying my online thirst right now because i want this game so bad. Hopefully we will get what we want and see each other on the battlefront!

  28. KnightGambit says:

    There was an update on GameRant about the Battlefront 3 Rumor:

    [Update: Regarding the Star Wars Battlefront 3 rumors, after followup the veracity of the source is extremely questionable. In other words, much like the Hitman 5 rumor (now disproven), it’s quite a stretch. The rumor likely grew from BioWare’s appearance at the VGAs. BioWare, as many of you know, is working on Star Wars: The Old Republic with LucasArts. If in fact LucasArts would be attending the show, it would almost certainly be for The Old Republic.

    Apologies to the Star Wars Battlefront 3 and LucasArts communities, no disrespect intended. I’m just another fan that believes Battlefront could (and should) be revealed at any upcoming event.]

  29. Andreiguy says:

    It would be cool if it was battlefront 3 but you can go free roam as well as instant action.

  30. unknown says:

    They may have made a mistake, an error. They might have meant battlefield 3. I could be wrong, because I’m not one to know everything. I really don’t mean to kill the optimism, but it sounds unlikely considering not one of us really knows whose really making the next SWBFIII. And since the BF3 (Battlefield 3) beta has been announced to be put out within the next year it seems that its more likely to be announced, but i don’t know.

    • drizzy drake says:

      @admin. hey i was wondering if you could post where you guys found the rumor or where it says bf3 is rumored. i have looked and looked and i cant find i would really appreciate that.

      i dont know….i think you could be right if it said BF3. but if it spelled it out i dont think so. because front and feild are long ways but i really dont know. VGA announces good stuff every year so it will be interesting to see what they come up with. I honeslty didnt like battlefeild. the campaign was descent but the online sucked a big one. TO BE HONEST BATTLEFRONT 3 WOULD BE THE BIGGEST STAR WARS GAME OF ALL TIME. if they enhanced the graphics and gave us a new story and all the old stories with it that would be amazing. but at this point im just really hoping for somthing with swbf3 on it

  31. JJ says:

    I’ll watch the awards, but tbh I’m only expecting the kinect sw game, force unleashed 3, lego star wars 3, or that iphone game. When they say they’re working on a “secret project”, you expect it to be great and not as disappointing as these titles -_-

  32. Rob says:

    Has anyone forgot that Chris Marazzo announced December 19, 2009 that battlefront3 has been cast and is in development?? And that was said after all the developers passed down the game one to the other. So I mean is that not enough proof?? VGA’s is the perfect time to send out the trailer for it. Bada Bing bada Boom!

    • Wenis says:

      Could have been Free Radical’s version, and he was just not aware that it had been cancelled. Because I’m sure after he did his work on the game, he moved on to other projects and didn’t keep up with SWBF3.

  33. Rob says:

    *Sniff* beautiful… 5 days!!

  34. Redline says:

    Please be real. Please this time. I’ll pray to god and keep my fingers crossed.

  35. Hmm… LA forums are down.
    I think its being updated…

  36. P dump says:

    Know what’s funny? I think that GamesRant’s “rumor” of Battlefront 3 at the 2010 VGA probably came from Nitro’s previous article.

    • Wikipedia has it up too. Wikipedia is more sure about it too.
      They also said that Mass Effect 3 was confirmed, where as the article on Gamerant said it was a rumor.
      So both sites are reporting different information.

  37. iceytoa1 says:

    This seems plausible but the one that everyone thought was Hitman has been confirmed to be Prototype 2.
    Although there have been rumours about a new Hitman being in development.

    Gears 3 has been confirmed to be at the show along with Batman:Arkham City.
    The rest of the games are rumours or have been teased.

  38. @Nitro

    Dude, I think everything is piecing together now.

    Remember that call that we made to LA HQ? He said that we should see this around November 2010…. seems like this guy was correct all along!
    Here is a recording of it if you want (you need to download it, we are not allowed to upload to youtube).

    • Drizzy Drake says:

      YES!!! i made a call to them also last december. I talked to one of the guys there and he said that bf3 was in the work and that it should be released or announced in november, december of 2010……i got my hopes up and then i bashed this site out of sheer stupidity. sorry again for that……….but anyways i talked to a guy named jason. I was like so i know you might get this alot but is there going to be a battle front 3? he replied. Yes. i do get that alot but i cant give you specifics. All i can tell you is that there is a battlefront 3 coming out for 360 ps3 and pc and it will be announced sometime in late november/early december of 2010. SO I FREAKED OUT AND POSTED THE HOLE CONVERSATION OF IT. i was so excited….and that just proves your point more…….so YAY!!!!!!

      lol…anyways i pray to big man upstairs that this game is going to be announced. I love the battlefront series and the good lord knows that you can only play lord of the rings conquest so long…….lol dont get me wrong its like my fav game but they cut off xbox live from it……..bastards!!

  39. Zach says:

    OMG is this true?!?!?!? If it is praise the lord!!!

  40. Zeta 25 says:


    7 days left till our most wanted game comes out…

    $60 in all stores where video games are sold.

  41. Zeta 25 says:

    Yo, Tractor 16, Uriahwright, Continue our HUGE amounts of comments….

    After I add some more. 😉

    I like the hack idea and the helmet idea. O.K. Imagine just like cutting down or forcing down a tree on Endor into an AT-ST, or, for dark side, just knock down trees into completely destroyable and flamable Ewok huts.
    If you get hit in the face with, well, anything, you could just have greyyed or blurry vision for ten seconds, and your guy would be grunting and gasping.

    I gtg to a CHRISTMAS PARTY (kinda early, right?) So, cya!

    • uriahwright says:

      and ewoks vs jawa’s its bothering me thinking witch will win . and be able to cut vehicles in half like jump on a branch then to a leeping attack that will drain all your stamina but would finish it off. and actvatable laser grids like turn them on with an engineeer and guard somthing behind the grid and the only way to deactivate it is send in a transport with elite engineers to inflatrate and hacke the grid well gtg reply tractor 16 and zeta 25 i just realized you all have numbers after your user names i might do that gTg

      • Zeta 25 says:

        Haha. You seriously should do the number thing i did earlier, Ur1ahWr1ght. or just Uriahwright97.Like use your birth year, like 97, 1.A.D. Lol. My BF name is Zeta25, so thats why i did my name like that, and, Greek letter plus an awesome number. Ewoks will win.

        Now, MY TURN! Imagine using the fusion cutter like a knife! I would jab a guy right in the gut, and he would like clutch his stomach and fall over. Also, you could customize your own spacecraft, like mske a tie fighter with X-wing wins, and the Slave I’s guns.
        Also, for the shuttles, there should be a button that switches it from BF1 piloting (hovering in air) to BF2.

        I got like, a truckload of homework, so, now, The Tractor Menace and Attack of the Wrights time. Like those puns?

        • uriahwright over 9000! says:

          good ideas . yeah i should have guessed ewoks would wibn the best chance the jawas would have is to gang up together and blast simotainiusly 9 (probably mispelled ) now my turn remeber the tractor menace i mean the phantom menace when they blew up that huge ship above naboo maybe that’ll be a campaign mssions and naboo starfighters and have the place where qui gon and obi fought the tractor i mean darth maul need to go by

          • Zeta 25 says:

            IT’S OVER 9000!!!

            YAY! Numbers! Hellz yea! Tractor, are u all out of ideas? Compared to Uriah and I, you had like none!

            Dude, imagine this…

            Naboo, Palace Hanger/Plains/Space.
            You could start in the hanger, and then fly on over to help the gungans out, but eventually,you fly into space to gun down that ship. After you take out some turrets and fighters, you could fly in to it, and 20 other ships would fly in, then… you start doing other things, you can imagine what…

            Also, the hero for that level could be Anikin, as a boy.

            Cya. Gtg do some crap…

        • uriahwright over 9000! says:

          what 9000 theres no way that can be righ. and aheat seeking up grade for weapons and when the at-ats and at-sts when they fall and if anything is under it it will be smashed and structures to destroy like starwars empire at war for the pc its like you are one of the units i need to cut it short im about to go to some home work sooo seya’s

          • Zeta 25 says:

            I got homework too, and LATE WORK! Uh oh… so ill keep it short, too.
            Empire at War, ahhh. I play that on-line. Or, at least, Forces of Corruption.
            I though that in EaW/FoC that a hero could be you with like 10 men, and then you can play as him in space or on ground. I like space. But then, when you are your here, most of your men, when under fire/ in combat, would like use their secial abilities and move on their own, or guard a certain area if you set them to.

            That would be like called, Star Wars Emipire on the Battlefront…
            OR Star Wars Battlefront at War. lol.

          • Zeta 25 says:

            P.S. Who like meh new GRAVATAR!

        • uriahwright over 9000! says:

          my pc screwed up on me i left a comment epic gvatar i would get one but im lazy i think they could do alot with the polis massa ill let you mess around with that idea i think there could be submarine type vehicles i neeed to go play sega genisis so by

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Getting a gravvatar is easy. Sign up. Look online for images. Follow the easy instructions.
            Polis Massa… Hmmm… Maybe… Nah… HAH! I GOT IT!

            O.K. Like two invading team crusiers and one defending team crusier. Defenders have like the entire Polis Massa, with AA guns and rooms to control them. Also, for the invaders, they could bomb the hanger doors open, and then shuttles would land inside the base and then strike teams would hop out anfd storm the base. From there, besides the Space Crusiers, it would be mostly the same, except the outside area is WAYYYYY larger with like new really powerful AA tanks, with LOTS OF ROCKETS.

            I’m setting uip my Christmas Tree, cya!

            in short, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

          • uriahwright over 9000! says:

            i might possibly doubtfuly get a gravatar i knew it was a good idea to leave it to you im just gona say what i was going to say about polis massa i was going to say have pools of carbonite on the surface craters and when normal troopers go out there they will float around and shoot and maybe each planet will have classes exclusev classes for polis massa there should be magnet troops where the unit can walk up matal wallls and the vehicles should be able to ”glide” on polis massa due to low gravity and all the ideas you mentioned . and on mustafar there could be HFIL troopers who can walk on lava and survive on lava for 2 minutes and eventually uprade cant wait for the vga’s tomrow oh and my pc screwed up a couple years back and it can’t reogonize the files on the disc so i traded sweafoc in for a bunch of gameboy and gameboy advane games well lets see what youre super ranting powers come up with next time until then by

  42. uriahwright says:


  43. uriahwright says:


  44. Cyvrais says:

    Ohh Saints Row 3, very cool news. I love that games series and….BATTLEFRONT 3, PLEASE BE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. galaxy366 says:

    I dont really look much into this anymore, because when i do it fake or its something else, but he i will keep a eye out on the VGA ;), and if it is BFIII or RC2 then i will be happy !

  46. alex says:

    I won’t name names, but a very close, long-time friend of mine is involved with the organization of the VGAs, and LucasArts has no presence at the show in terms of new announcements or debuts.

  47. John Rutter says:

    Oh please can it be Star Wars Battlefront III.

    This waiting is starting to make me insane!

    If it is a Lego Star Wars /Force Unleashed III game, I’m going to go mad!!!

    Battlefront III is what the Star Wars fans want!!!!

  48. SpikeVGA says:

    Sorry guys. You’ve all been had. Battlefront III won’t be shown but like you, I hope it comes around sometime.

    See you there!

  49. Sarge says:

    Heh, this is the best shred of hope we’ve had since the Gamespy lobbys.

  50. Brandon says:

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been checking this website daily for news on BFIII for the last week (Not dissing the creator of the site obviously). Can’t wait to watch the VGAs. I think this game is in our sights now like a deer in the scope of a hungry hunter. If anyone is doubting BFIII’s existence, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”.

    • No dude, those are just game games that people are voting on. For example, where is Resistance 3? That game is going to be at the VGA’s.

      So that list you found is just for the awards, the actual game announcements are still a secret.

    • Nightcurrent says:

      why is that bad news?! it says that a bf3 announcement IS likely??

    • wowirock says:

      How is that negative. Wikipedia actully posted SWB3 as a rumor as a part of only like 5 rumered games metioned that means something is going on and B3 rumors are alot stronger then in the last few months scince E3 so i see that as a Positive. It might be trying to be kept seacret for a big annoucment but idk.

    • J Wal. says:

      Oh I get it.
      You say negative so we look in desperation
      but it is just saying it is rumered
      just like the words up top
      Ssssooooooo is there a point your trying to make or something

  51. Guiga_MD says:

    OMG…i see this website 3 to 4 times in the f*** day waiting for some news about BF3…i hope this game will be announced in the VGA…my hope in this game release is strong, but it isnt infinit…
    I make the words of Tim mine: praise the gods of gaming, i hope it appears.

    • wookie_fan says:

      I hate to dampen everyones mood but pls see the last sentence. I read this on wikipedia

      On Tuesday, 16 November 2010, it was revealed that two new titles would be revealed ahead of their debut at the 2010 Awards the following day, 17 November 2010.[3] BioWare will announce a new title at the 2010 Awards.[citation needed] On November 21, 2010, Sony Russia tweeted this announcement to be Mass Effect 3. Batman: Arkham City will have it’s gameplay debut at the 2010 awards along with an unknown game announcement by Activision. Lucasarts is rumored to announce Star Wars Battlefront 3, but it seems unlikely.

      • Nemesis says:

        I think this time its Battlefront. I meen think about it, at the kinect thing, back in march i think? they had that mysterious starwars game that said to be out in 2011. and now that both kinect and PS Move are out now, and its almost 2011 so I think there going to anounce it. But the only StarWars game I can think of that hasnt been anounced yet is our battlefront 3. So keep strong faith that LA can get our BF3 anounced atlast. Be doubtful all you want but I wont give up hope.

      • Rainz says:

        They have no faith then.

      • wowirock says:

        NOOOO!!! at the bottom of the article it said it is rumored but is very likly to be annouced

        • Eric says:

          but why would it say BUT is very likely instead of just It is very likely to be announced. the but puts a negative connotation on that whole sentence. why would it being likely be negative? therefore it probably was edited

      • MotherRussia501 says:

        Okay, for starters you got this on wikipedia the most unreliable sight for information like that, secondly you are a n00b and stick to your legos. Awesome sight guys, I’m with you all the way through this thing.

    • J Wal. says:

      If you try google alerts like I have, then you would get e-mails listing anything _______ related put on the internet, where blank = whatever you tell it to search for. Now you won’t have to check here as often. Don’t you feel relieved?

  52. AlaskaAce1996 says:

    It’s obviously fake because of Gears 3.

  53. Wenis says:

    Man I remember last year when the secret Star Wars game was going to be announced at the VGAs, and it was TFU2… totally rained on my parade. Hopefully SWBF3 finally gets announced…

  54. P dump says:

    I’m skeptical about the reliability of this list. I’d hate to be dissapointed again. Does anyone know if LucasArts is even appearing at the VGA?

  55. Eric says:

    thank goodness, atleast a rumor. i was beginning to lose hope. of course it was also on a rumored e3 list. and that turned out well…

  56. Kevin says:

    I just hope they include some of the stuff fans have suggested.

  57. Space Geek says:

    I WILL LITERALY STAR SCREAMING LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL IF IT IS ANNOUNCED OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Legion 2.5 aka Grievous 2.0 from Lucasarts says:

    So is this true about Mass Effect 3 as BioWare’s next game? Also Batman Arkham City and a Gears of War announcement has been confirmed.

    • P dump says:

      I don’t think that its Mass Effect 3. If its a Mass Effect it looks like a prequel. But I heard something along the lines of a multiplayer-shooter designed to compete with Call Of Duty, why they’d wanna do that I don’t know.

  59. Tractor16 says:

    i can’t believe it. i can’t wait to watch VGA. i hope its announced its been to long.

  60. Loki says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Battlefront II was one of my favorite games ever, and I can’t wait for BFIII to be announced!

  61. tim says:

    praise the gods of gaming, i hope it appears.

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