Little Battlefront 3 Tidbit… Plus Some Inspiration…

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Hey guys, and no I have not abandoned you even though it’s been a while since my last post, but there just hasn’t been much to post on. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been emailing in there rumors, tidbits and opinions concerning Battlefront 3.

So some info on the domain, which has been updated and renewed for another year. The domain name currently redirects to

Domain Name:

Created on…………..: Tue, Oct 19, 2004
Expires on…………..: Wed, Oct 19, 2011
Record last updated on..: Sat, Oct 16, 2010

That’s about all for news that has been sneaking around that I know about. In other thoughts, Rainz sent me another great email with some pretty great inspirational words, that will hopefully keep us going for another little while!

Check it out:

So I’m guessing with the absence of news regarding Battlefront 3 in the last few months, I assume many of you have given up hope. However, I advise you not to do so! Here’s why:

Do any of you recall the infamous phone call to a LucasArts executive last spring/summer regarding the status of Battlefront 3? No? Well here’s a recap of what was heard if you’ve forgotten:

“Is Star Wars: Battlefront 3 real?”
“When will it be released?”
“I can’t tell you, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s not even due out until November, 2010, or something. It’s still a ways off from what I understand. Nothing official obviously.”
“Who is the developer?”
“I don’t know.”

Now if you read that carefully, you would have noticed the two keys words to this conversation: November, and 2010. Now some of you might think the date’s incorrect because it’s so old, but I say it’s not too farfetched. Just look at some of the games being released this month! Black Ops, God of War, Goldeneye 007! This month would be the PERFECT time to announce Battlefront 3. If not, then there’s also a good chance it will be announced in December, around Christmas.

So to many of you who have lost hope, I say this: Let this message rekindle the old Star Wars gaming flame inside you….

Well Rainz, it has definitely rekindled my flame and I am hoping more now that they hurry up and get their asses in gear and make me my damn Battlefront 3!!

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  1. MoreBattlefrontPlz says:

    Seeing as it’s April 2011… I’m pretty much on the fence about what to believe. Seeing as the MMORPG is comming in spring (probably longer) and TFU3 is so highly talked about in forums now, I really am expecting BF3 to be dropped. BUT(!) If it shows up… I’d expect a Battlefield or Call Of Duty type multiplayer in it. If not i would be disapointed.

  2. Kyle Jedi says:

    How about free roam multiplayer conquest mode based on deception and alliances.

  3. Calrikc says:

    Its fricken Christmas Eve and I can’t find any damn Battlefront 3!

  4. Thats What She says:

    I’m going to have to get a psp so i can get elite squadron. If they made bf3 instead, i wouldn’t have to do this.

  5. clusive says:

    Best Thing they should do about battlefront 3:
    Make the Damned game already.

  6. Justin says:

    Part of me doesn’t want this game to come out. I’m afiraid Lucasarts won’t make Battlefront III the epic squel it deserves to be. I hope the campaign is stroy driven and intense like Halo Reach, but also driven like Gears of War and the prequel. I just hope they put alot of love into this game and make it the best Star Wars game EVER.

  7. me says:

    if bf3 does come out i hope there’s better graphics. Come on bf1 had better graphics than bf2 for xbox so it better have some kick-A graphics.

    And game play should be better. new classes and troops. new game types and maybe some good maps.

    now matter what its gona be an awsome game

  8. Mgleaner says:

    What REALLY needs to happens… Dice needs to join up with LucasArts and be the main producer of BF3. It would be like having Battlefield Bad Company 2, with Starways ALLLL over it!!

  9. abstractacts says:

    i’ll give you my girlfriend if you release bf3 xD

  10. jeffery says:

    This appears to be an offical accouncement please provide the link though to this speech or interview. I think with the things going the way they are it will be released late this year or early next year. Keeps the competition from putting a better selling game in front of theirs.

  11. a guy says:

    If it were coming out soon why isn’t lucasarts saying anything about it? And wouldn’t it make sense NOT to release it at the same time as other popular titles. Elite Squadron came out on the same day as mw2 and it was barely known by the gaming comunity.

  12. Rainz says:

    The VGA’s have been confirmed to air on December 11th, 2010.

  13. uriahwright says:

    sad my xbox 360 is just layin there without bf3 in its disc drive makes me almost wanna cry’sniff’ hey is there a date for the vga yet and i will also be peed off if they dont make it for ps2 cuz i plan on gettin the ps2 version then the ps3/xbox 360 version and if they dont make it i have a copy of starwars the clone wars that i will b—- slap someone with if they dont make bf3 now SO GET OUT THERE AND MAKE MY FREAKIN GAME !!!!!! oh look my ps2 just turned on with bf1 in the disc drive what should i do

  14. Raptorsp88 says:

    battlefront 3 blueprint( my ideas may go overboard abit)
    that would be cool if they had a new game mode where you play as a clone trooper or something in a unit like the 501st, where you start off as a private and you actually rank up based on how well you do, so if you become a sargeant you actually get your own squad and you get to tell them what to do where to go etc.
    And have it where it actually feels like a war, where it isnt level to level, but where either side can win.

    Probably have where you can customize your own faction to play with in galactic conquest mode (instead of having to be GAR CSI Empire or rebels), like you can name them and give them a motto y know. Soop m up.Customize what you want your regular trooper to look like, your engineer, demolitons etc. Choose what the heroes will be like, if they’re bounty hunters or jedis or sith or something. customize the starfighters an sh!t
    And if you want you can play with that faction online against other peoples factions.

    Probably let you customize instant action scenarios, add/ take away some command posts. Change up how many ships each team will have, what units will be available. What command posts each team starts with, or have neutral ones. Maybe even let you choose if you want vehicles on the map or not.

    Idiots might even let you have some sort of 4 way Galactic Conquest mode. GAR vs CSI vs Rebels vs Empire for control of the galaxy. might let you have 2v2 GC modes where clone troopers and Rebels fight side by side against Empire and CSI.

    Increase the damn multiplayer size for cyrin out lowd. 4 player local and online(as in using the same console), coop and versus. 128 player online battles if fight on all 3 fronts( including AI in case a match loses alot of players, the bots are still there to fight so the match doesnt seem dead). If 2 fronts then 64, and if one battlefront then 32 players. They probably could figure out a way too have 32 player online coop.

    Remake some of the originals please? Give Bespin more platforms to fight on, including the interior of them. Make Coruscant feel like you’re fighting in a city, have buildings collapsing(not too many, thatll just be retarded) and have street battles. make a new Geonosis where you actually can make them fall back into the catacombs( if you want, you can choose whether this takes place in some game modes)

    i might have went Very Overboard.

    • Zeta 25 says:

      nice job dude, i agree with lots of those things….

      *sniff* I think i agree with almost any1 on this site… Whoever agrees with my ideas, or yours, write here to join like a brotherhood or something.

      • uriahwright says:

        okay i like bath your ideas and i think you like some of mine you know i had a dream that i was playing my 360 and this game game on and was kalled starwars b?????????? and i was a droid and there were a bunch of stardestroyers flying around and i took a landspeeder and drove it into jabbaspalace ad then i pulled out a blaster rifle then i sadly died then i woke up that was like a year ago and if they dont make bf3 this is whats gona happen . <———- ima firin mah lazor

  15. Raptorsp88 says:

    i think they should have the ability to have multiple factions fighting each other at the same time, like a 3 way battle or something. Or combine teams, like csi and GAR vs Empire and Rebels. Or maybe they should have a mode where you can customize a scenario. or take away/ add Command posts. Or in Galactic Conquest, let you build your own army( like customize a trooper class, rocket class, engineer, heroes etc.) and name it, give it a motto, everything, instead of having to choose one. They should let you organize your army in galactic conquest, like have the 501st defend your planets and have the 41st attack the enemy planets.

    They need to remake all of the originals, and when you’re on coruscant, actually make it feel like you’re fighting in a city.
    They could have a seperate campaign where you play as a clone trooper or droid or stormtrooper or whatever, where you actually get ranked up based on your performance. So you start off as a private, apart of the 501st or something, and if you become a sargeant you’ll have your own squad, tell em what to do what to defend ya know. And then have it where you’re like fighting a real campaign instead of having “levels” they should make it where the fight can go either way. That would be awesome! And still have a regular campaign.

    Maybe even have some sort of mode where you’re custom created faction fights against CPU generated teams in a free for all galactic conquest, like 3 or 4 different factions fighting for control of the galaxy. HELL YEAH! THEN let you bring your team online and fight against other peoples teams if you want to.

    Naah, That last parts a bit overboard i think, got carried away. my bad.
    but it does feel good to wonder about that kinda stuff, like 4 player local Coop and competitive
    or 12 player online coop
    , where the more players you have, the harder the mission. the ability to combine bonuses in GC mode, Enhanced Blasters and supply bonus at the same time.

  16. AlaskaAce1996 says:

    That call to lucasarts was faked, the reason he said November 2010 was because at the time it was a random date. Lucasarts just needs to tell us what’s going on so we can know if the game is dead or notm

  17. wvbgsdbvx says:

    Someone has forged a Bespin Platforms map for Halo Reach

  18. Bobby says:

    I have this theory that when star wars comes out on blu-ray in early 2011 i think BF3 will come out. Think about this for a second before you call me crazy. BF1 came out along side the DVD release of the original trilogy. BF2 came out along side Revenge of the sith. See the pattern MOVIE RELEASEW BF GAME.

    Lets hope this is right

  19. Come on now at lest some new pics right.

  20. Zeta 25 says:

    As soon as it comes out, IT’S MINE! XD

    I’ll buy it if it cost 80$!!!

    (It better not….)

  21. Revan Shan says:

    Christmas! Yeah. Wasn’t that te time when they released Battlefront 1 and 2?

  22. Anthony says:

    I hope you guys are right. I want Battlefront 3 to come out all ready!

  23. Fede says:



  24. DavyW says:

    Someone should tell IGN, Gameinformer, Gamespot and other websites like those so everyone can know.

  25. J Wal. says:

    im here at my house, waiting meekly in my chair like yoda, tapping my toes on the wall….. waiting…. watching… hoping.. wanting.

  26. Legion 2.5 aka Grievous 2.0 from Lucasarts says:

    So this could be confirmation then. This is killing like finding out who the Ferrari is in TF3.

  27. metallicorphan says:

    we have been discussing the updated domain on Lucasarts forums as Sithmike45 pointed out,its not just 16th October,its been pretty much every day since then that it has been updated

  28. @Admin

    Can you tell me if this is fake or not?

    Some new user on the LA forums posted this, I my self listed some facts to why it could be fake.
    But I really want to believe this. What do you think?

  29. Space Geek says:

    Lets hope they announce at the VGAs, maybe they’ll get some common sense.
    On another note, heres another interesting tidbit:

    LucasArts is resorting to releasing 5+ year old games for $. Maybe now that theyve recognized battlefron 1+2 as fan favorites, maybe theyll consider making a 3rd. There is also a second fan fav relaese.

    • Rainz says:

      You know, that actually sounds quite possible:

      “Hey, how about we release BF1, BF2, and RC as a package?”
      “Sounds great! What do we call it?”
      “How bout “Fan Favourites?”
      “Awesome name, especially since a lot of people like the BF series. Hey have we made a 3rd yet?”
      “WHAT?! CALL UP THE TEAM!! WE NEED TO MAKE ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Jdag says:

      when are the VGAs

  30. goof says:

    I’m starting to feel a little religious

    “hey is BF3 real?”
    “of course”
    “is there any way to prove it?”
    “of course not”
    “so how are you sure it’s real?”
    “because it has to be”

    that’s just the way it is unfortunately

  31. ggctuk says:

    I have the perfect blueprint for BF3 but it was based on the asumption that we’d see BF3 around the 10th anniversary of BF1:


    -Choose from preset unit looks or create your own unit look, right down to the armour, eye color and hair color of units.
    -Customize your weapons loadout or choose from seven ‘classes’.
    -New map layout – now you have four different Battlefronts – two land battles, space and capital ship. Each affect the overall outcome of the battle.
    -The choice of reinforcements or points in Instant Action mode.
    -Choose how you play – whether you play the entire map as a whole or just one section of it (Space, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 2) as in the old games.
    -No loading for space-to-captial ship and vice-versa (and possibly no loading for planet-space or battlefield-battlefield)
    -Includes many remade maps from Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.
    -The return of many vehicles including the ARC-170, the A-Wing and the TIE Bomber.

    Maps (including space):
    -Bespin – Cloud City (BF1 but expanded), Platforms (BF1).
    -Coruscant – Jedi Temple (New map), Surface (Elite Squadron)
    -Death Star – Interior (BF2), Superlaser (New map based off TFU)
    -Endor – Shield Bunker (mostly based off BF1/BF2), Village (From Reneagde Squadron)
    -Felucia – Marshalnd (BF2), Crash Site (New, based on TFU)
    -Geonosis – Spire (BF1), Dust Plains (BF2)
    -Hoth – Echo Base (BF2), Landing Zone (new)
    -Kamino – Tipoca City (BF1), Cloning Facility (BF2)
    -Kashyyyk – Beachhead (BF2), Island (Elite Squadron)
    -Mustafar – Refinery (BF2), Battleground (Elite Squadron)
    -Mygeeto – War-Torn City (BF2), Mountains (New map)
    -Naboo – Plains (Loosely-based on BF1 but larger), Theed (BF1, but expanded to include the Palace and Hangar)
    -Rhen Var – Harbor (BF1), Citadel (BF1)
    -Tatooine – Dune Sea (BF1), Mos Eisley (Elite Squadron)
    -Utapau – Sinkhole (BF2), Surface (New)
    -Yavin IV – Temple (Elite Squadron), Arena (BF1)

    -Play as an experimental Clone Trooper during the Clone Wars, as he defects after refusing to obey Order 66, and joins the Rebellion, eventually aiding in the destruction of the Second Death Star at Endor and freeing the Galaxy.

    • Agent_006_point5 says:

      dude…thats awesome

    • Zeta 25 says:



      Or, you have telekinesis powers… and you “hacked” into my brain…

    • Andy Sammonds says:

      That looks good! You should submit that!

    • uriahwright says:

      thats a good idea and maybe able to use the deathstar super laser and destroy the planet or rebel cruisers and be able to blow up the deathstar and new heroes/villains like starkiller and his clone evil and good be able to use force grip and the hero/villain gameplay like tfu format and cheat codes

      • Zeta 25 says:

        Yeah! and a battle in AND out of the deathstar with at the same time like an extra Star Destroyer, and you can fly from some crusiers to the DS….

      • uriahwright says:

        and also custimaizable fights like csi vs rebels clones vs empire or cis vs rebelion vs clones vs empire more vehicles be able to hijack enemy vehicles like climb on an aat opent the hatch throw the droid out and be able to jump out of star fighters when in atmosphere of planet and free fall and hijack enemy starfighters land on a cis bomber bust open the window toss out the enemy and good to go and be able to heal fallen teammates and bring back the power-ups from bf2 and put in some glitches on porpuse and easter eggs and even more expanded capital ship and be able to shoot open windos und suck enemy out of the capital ship or shoot them out in a star fighter and a destructible enviro ment and instaed of the capital ship explaoding it falls on the planet and if youre a hero you an stop them / slow it down and be able to stay aboard while the cp ship is falling

        • Zeta 25 says:

          +Space jumpjet packers!
          +Vulture Droids are a class, adn they can walk
          +Buzz droids! (for cis instead of jump jetters)
          +Land inside the frigates
          +With a huge force, hijack the capital ship

          i could go on and on, won’t.

          • uriahwright says:

            and a in game grapple hook like in just cause 2 and a dlc pack or a expansion pack with more stuff be able to doubt it but in a battle you can go into hyper space and fly to a diffrent BATTLE and be able to modify vehicles and call for reinforcements and be like yeah we beat you look up empireal scum what the by by huge explosion than that victary screen we all know and luv and be able to get in a fist to fist fight with enemys and the super stardestroyer and be able to ”bribe” soldiers to fight for usand have the ability to shoot/cut off limbs and blow up structures like lay explosives in echoe base and have it collapse in sorry for lack of good ideas long live bf3 ps2 and orignal xbox

          • Zeta 25 says:

            actually, i will go on…
            and u could knife, like in RC, and also (you know how you can make ppl follow u in BF1 and 2) You could form FIGHTER WINGS! and go on a bombing run! Like fly with a group of 5 Y-Wings and slaughter AT-ATs and maul Echo Base…

            And on Geonosis, Clones start in capital ships and use landing ships and AT-TE transporter ships to fly in with AA fire and geonosis fighters gunning you down…

            AND you could have a flamethrower unit….

            fire… ahhhh…

          • uriahwright says:

            and im on edge hear and ripin off an idea from tfu2 but lik if you cant use a hero and your the onlt unit left you will atumaticly go breserk and be extra fast super strong nd dual wield weapons and be able to snatch enemiesweapons and have the campaign start from when lightsabers were a backpack with a battery and acrstal inside with a tube goin to a hilt then you fight in the battle of naboo and then in kamino and you die in the battle of genosis and you giveaclone your saber then you play as that clone throught the clone wars seiers than throu episode 3 and the battle of the death starthen the battle of hoth than at the very end of the battle of endor you die protecting the alliance and have like 5 capital ships and the executer stardestroyer on the battle of endor and home one and have the admiral say its a TRAP !! every time you play on that battlefront and more force powers like a tfu format more weapons weapon upgrades and use human shields like grab storm troopers and use them as shields again im on edge hear with ideas my head hurts from all this thiking

    • DarkLordious says:

      You know what I think would be cool? If they made that rumoured Battlefront online to be like mag up to 256 players at a time. Four different sides to choose from the Empire, the Rebels, the CIS, and the Republic. Multiple squads taking various key objectives. The ability to create different loadouts. That’s just my thought though.

      • ggctuk says:

        Nope, BFO got canned, and I’m glad about that. Battlefront without its single player is like Tomb Raider without the tombs (and that HAS been done) – it doesn’t work very well. The Single Player campaigns always helped Battlefront. BFIII needs a decent SP experience exceeding that of the previos games/

    • theSWBFking says:

      ggctuk you’re a genius. Ever since I saw that there might be a BFIII I have thought up what it might be like. you’ve pretty much invented the perfect game. Just picture everything you just said………online!!!!XD

      • ggctuk says:

        And I’m not even finished with that pitch! There’s all sorts of modes, heroes, and campaign details I have added to that document since!

  32. lucaskc says:

    Whatshisname from GameTrailers said it’s the biggest announcement line up at the VGA’s ever this year, and they announced TFU2 last year, so fingers crossed.

  33. Zach says:

    Awesome! This has given me some hope for the fact that it might be announced soon! Battlefront 3 all the way!

  34. Zeta 25 says:

    Oh my God, TY Rainz.

    This brings one song to mind, Move Along, by All American Rejects.

    “When all you got is to keep it strong,
    Move along, move along like i know you do,
    And even when your hope is gone, move along move along, just to make it through.

    When everything is wrong, we move along…”

    Perfect song for ppl losing hope in BF3, any1 agree?

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Rayhaku says:

    These situations come up but nothing happens.

  37. empirevsrebellion says:


  38. Jdag34 says:

    Does anyone know the exact date for the Video game Awards.

  39. drunken hutt says:

    Teriffic news indeed! Considering the phone call was taken AFTER the Battlefront 3 video was leaked and the announcement of Free Radical’s administration, it looks like B3 is being developed by LA and is well on track for a 2011 release! Nov is just way too hectic for an announcement of B3 to be heard and would likely get overshadowed by Black Ops etc. So therefore I’m hoping LA will have some cognitive sense to OFFICIALY reveal the game at the VGA!

  40. Thebigapple says:

    If pandemic or free radical made it would be wonderful but no hairy George bush decided to go to irag and this wouldn’t have happened and battlefront 3 would be out months ago!!!!!! I want the battlefront 3 I’m getting bored of the games being made now. All I ever play is plants vs zombies (super cool and fun) Nazi zombies on world at war (I hope black ops does have it) battlefront 2 jaws unleashed quite a gory game with the best graphics I’ve ever seen a game have on this planet, um rainbow6 vegas2 and thats about it maybe more but that’s only about 10 give or take not many. But I’m ready to march to Lucas arts And beat them till they make it they are screwing up slot by not selling it I’m telling you some may love call of duty mw2 mw waw but battlefront 3 would be the most bought game on the planet making halo and cod look like well not a game or at least a game for 3 yearolds ( halo sucks to me because they stole concepts. The halo soldiers look like storm troopers and clone troopers. Clones destroy halo soldiers.) wunderbar yes yes…. Voonderba hahaha. Uraah to the clone troopers and commanders.

  41. Agent_006_point5 says:

    well, well. we can only hope mi ppl. we can only hope.
    add me on psn Agent_006_point5

  42. bigtuck7794 says:

    IF it is to be announced in december, im counting on the VGAs

  43. Kevin says:

    So does this mean we are for sure that battlefront 3 is pretty far along in development.

  44. Robert says:

    YES!! I will have my game!!! The flame has just burst and soars true!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO BATTLEFROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Thanks says:

    That definitely rekindled my flame too. The past few weeks I havent even checked this site for updates. Now that this is up (and the first good news in a while), I think I’ll be keeping my eye out

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