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Still we wait for some news or conformation of Battlefront 3.. The Spike VGA Awards 2010 are approaching rapidly and this has stirred up quite a bit of hope! I remember watching them last year with tons of hope for a Battlefront 3 announcement and I will eagerly do the same this year.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of information on this years upcoming Spike Video Game Awards but according to a tweet by Geoff Keighley (host of Spike TV’s GTTV) there will be some pretty exciting announcements!

“VGA rumors continue. We’ll share two world premiere announcements on Wednesday with many more to come over the next 4 weeks.”

(Thanks robpolman via LucasArtsForums)

The 2010 Awards will be held Saturday, December 11th in Los Angeles, CA at the L.A. Convention Center.

In other news ngmoco, Inc. has released Star Wars: Imperial Academy for the iPhone, it has been released in Canada (currently downloading) and will be released in the U.S. shortly.

Some info:


Darth Vader wants you for his Imperial Academy! Compete against your fellow recruits in 4-player deathmatch battles throughout the the Star Wars universe and become an elite Storm Trooper.

Master close-quarters blaster combat, long-range sniping and explosive armaments in fast-paced deathwatch battles against your fellow recruits. Battlefield prowess will quickly advance you to the top of the class.

Alongside your trusty E-11 Blaster Rifle, Imperial Academy troopers will become proficient in a wide array of weaponry. Your armory includes the ARC caster, PLX-2M rocket launcher, E-11s sniper rifle and the FA-3 Flechette launcher.

Work your way through the ranks. Discover whether you excel as a Sand Trooper or Blackhole Trooper — or whether you’re destined for the Royal Guard.

Blast your way through Cloud City, Hoth, Tatooine and other memorable set pieces from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Imperial Academy is best seen on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th Generation).

Find news, support, and update info at:

Star Wars Imperial Academy is published by THQ and co-published by ngmoco. It’s powered by plus+, the premier social play network for players on the go.



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  1. DR. SUESS says:

    (poem)is there battlefront here,theres no battlefront here,is there battlefront there,theres no battlefront there,i look shoulder to shoulder and side to side ,oh my i might just die,because lucas mightes well comitt suicide,bf3 i cry,VGA so i rely.=p(i wont eat my green eggs and ham until lucasfart gives me my f***** game!!!!)=( nice going fatty Gorge u ate bf3 in a single bite and didn’t bother to save any for the rest of us!!!!=(

  2. i believe they are just toying with us. I mean think about it. They have no reason 2 end the battlefront series. As popular as it is. Its prolly in devolpment.

  3. Rob says:

    I was just doin a little browsing about battlefront3 and battlefront online and came across a lucas arts employee saying that they announced battlefront3 in the making October 8, 2008. Now this is after free radical and rebellion passed it up. So that being said its been 2 yrs since they annnounced it and i have a really good feeling it’ll be announced during the VGA awards next month. 2 years is usually how long it takes to make a game so Im pretty sure its gonna be announced!!

    • Zeta 25 says:

      I’m pretty glad you dug that up, but i was already pretty sure they’d announce it, i just have a good feeling 😀

  4. MotherRussia501 says:

    VGA, “Our faith, is in your hands…”

  5. Max says:

    I’m new to bf but I download bf2 a while ago and it’s amazing but only don’t work so it’s getting boring but I hope bf3 is out soon on ps3 with like some massive multiplayer. 75 player controlled on each team. And in star wars the clone wars the at te went on the spaceship cause they have gravity feet you should be able to do this and there should be more classes and a rank system. You start of with the same classes as bf2 then get to upgrade them and stuff. And force powers should be more realistic and how about online story mode that you play with your friends and a rescue the hostage mode that would be cool and bigger space battles and more ships like the at te carrier and a senate ship. You should also be able to dock on your frigates to resupply and repair your ship and land on enemy ones to destroy them. That would be awesome. I hate Lucas arts there has been a trailer apparently in YouTube I’m not sure though.

  6. P dump says:

    @ Nitro.

    Actually, somewhere in your next article you should probably ask everybody what we should do in the event of no BF3 release. I mean yeah, give it some more time, but it wouldn’t hurt to plan some stuff out.

    • Nitro says:

      Yeah we’ll see. Until Lucasarts comes right out and says “No BF3”, I’ll always have hope.

      • Zeta 25 says:

        dude, if they do say that, keep me posted on your next website, or what your doing next, i’ll follow…

        Wow, i feel like a creeper…

        • P dump says:

          I give it to ya Nitro for sticking to BF3 this long. You done a pretty good job at running this site single-handedly (I’m guessing). So you could probably do whatever just fine, but I think Star Wars gaming is the way to go.

          • Nitro says:

            Thanks! and yup it’s just me for the most part, but it’s you guys to run the site 🙂

          • Zeta 25 says:

            This may be asking for too much, but could you make it possible so ppl could be members? with your permission. And, also, im getting a new e-mail soon, so, will i be able to stay as Zeta 25 or will i need to change my name?

          • Zeta 25 says:

            NITRO? Delete this, but are you gonna answer my question?

          • Nitro says:

            What question?

          • Zeta 25 says:

            The one like so….


            Zeta 25 says:
            November 29, 2010 at 5:29 pm
            This may be asking for too much, but could you make it possible so ppl could be members? with your permission. And, also, im getting a new e-mail soon, so, will i be able to stay as Zeta 25 or will i need to change my name?

            *END FLASHBACK*

            That Question.

            NITRO. PLZ ANSWER lol.

          • Nitro says:

            That’s what the forums are for.

          • Zeta 25 says:

            O.K. lol, sorry… TY anyways.

  7. Ric says:

    Xbox live should at least kept certain xbox games working online like battlefront I and II until a new version came out

  8. dman says:

    just graspin at straws here what information given on this website the latest calls or the latest tidbits turns out to be dead ends at this point my hope is gone.
    i think they will maybe make another one but dont understand why that havent yet and question i dont watch these VGA but how big is it?
    if its as big or biggger than E3 then yes there is an CHANCE they will announce it if its not as popular then they wont i guarantee it.

    they know everyone wants it when and if they do realease it will be on a big stage guarantee it

  9. P dump says:

    @ Nitro.

    You gonna close

    • Nitro says:

      I don’t think so.. I’m still hoping they do a side project for kotor3.. I’m not holding my breath but one can hope.

      • P dump says:

        They probably won’t. Although you never know. still has KotOR 3 listed as a rumored title.

        I’m amazed that is as strong as it is. In fact, dispite the dry streak of BF news, this site seems to have quite a following. You could turn this Star Wars fan base you’ve tapped into something really big if you wanted.

        • Nitro says:

          Yeah, I’m hoping they still do! I was thinking of turning into a general Star Wars website but then I thought people may run away as there are tons of other SW fan I figured I’d keep it strictly BF3.

          • P dump says:

            Yeah, we probably would 🙂

            But if BF3 doesn’t come out it would be a total waste of a good opportunity. Not to mention all the time that you and everybody else put into contibuting to this site.

            You could keep this site up-and-running and let it serve as the BF3 fanbase and have as a general Star Wars gaming news.(with a domain name change of course). If you kept ’em all linked up with each other that might work. Anything you do, you may want to brainstorm about this.

          • Nitro says:

            Yup, it’s definitely something to think about for the future! 😀

          • uriahwright says:

            you could should make a youtube acount and you could call it ” the bf3 net” what do you think nitro

          • Zeta 25 says:

            honestly, anything nitro makes, with all the time and effort (already stated) ill probably follow it, BF or not, but i would like it star wars related…

  10. Dr. Richtofen says:

    Scree the ak47 I’m going with the stg44 MG42 and the f88 (steyr AUG) theirs the real power in weapons Uraah to the motherland. If they don’t come out with battlefront3 I’m not buying Lucas arts items anymore. Who’s for me the Russian ? Uraah to the motherland!

  11. IronMaidenRocks says:

    Just like the rest of u, I am eagerly waiting for the VGA’s in the hopes of a new BF3.
    But I was just thinking of things I would like to see in a BF3 game. Here is the list
    and feel free to agree or if you disagree give me a reason why.

    -All the maps from BF2 and even some more variety if possible
    -Some HUGE maps where you can fight on ground and in space (they do have some in BF2 but even bigger than those)
    -Obviously better graphics (I mean look at Halo Reach)
    -A good lengthy campain (a game developer would be more fit then me to determine what makes a good campain)
    -More soldier classes, I mean have you seen how many different types of clone troopers, droids, etc there are!!
    -Armor customization anyone? Weapons possibly?
    -More weapons variety (grenades included)
    -Determining your own battle sizes, for instance mabye the ability to choose between a battle of 50 soldiers all the way to 1000 (I would love a monstrous battle like that)
    -Ability to have troops fight in space, like not in a vehicle but actually outside of a ship and depending on the soldier you would have a limited amount of oxygen before you would have to find cover (I believe the average clone/storm trooper has about 10-20 min of oxygen but some like the imperial space trooper have over an hour, obviously you would have to proportionately cut down these times to match the rounds length). Also droids could burst from pressure after a certain amount of time. To complete this, there could be ships all around you in space battling, that would be so epic (at least to me).
    -Possibly snapshots/short clips feature where you can capture/record a part of the battle and watch it or view it in a library
    -No lag multiplayer and different types of matches that could up to say 64 people
    -Improved squad commands so the AI’s will do exactly what you want
    -Bug-Free AI so they don’t stand around doing nothing, walk into walls, or pilot you to your death.

    That’s all I can think of but if you have any additional details that I missed, please feel free to say it or critique what I have if you don’t like it. Lets hope this game finally comes out!

    • uriahwright says:

      and when in space you can hijack enemy vehicles like land on a starfightr and force open the cockpit like repeadetly press x or a then you have to do a button sequence like on tfu and like a power up that lets us dual weild weapons for a limited time fill free to join in and use my ideas but slighlty change them zeta 25 no go on i dont mind

      • Zeta 25 says:

        Hellz yea, i will go on!
        Forge, like in Halo? That’d be sick.
        BF1 maps too, like the two geonosis maps, from 1 and 2, combined!
        About the improved commands, you could like order “All ships fire upon this target” or send bomber/fighter squads to hunt down high priority targets! and also, shield carrying tropps (dont know if thats been said yet…) Escort like Slave I or Luke’s fighter into enemy occupied space! Get inside a huge Walker (AT-AT or AT-TE) and walk around in it, or plant det-packs on vital points of a Crusier or walker…
        Call down air strikes, bombing runs, Elite strike teams, like with specialist explosive ppl, or a Sniper Squad!
        Has any1 ever played the game mode Hunt? well u could do that in Jabba’s Palace! That’d rock. Also, KNIFES! or meele…

        Uriahwright, your turn…

        • uriahwright says:

          more life like force powers and be able to have first person view mode cokpit view be able to customize vehicles and when your close to dying you will activate adranline mode and have more focus and every thing goes all slow motion and with droiids you will have overload mode where you move faster but the down fall is its harder to aim and controll your moving now zeta 25 go supersaiyan on your next comment i’ll be wating

          • uriahwright says:

            and your solider will show battle damage and their armor wil be scratched and like your helmet will maybe fall off and if your a droid maybe the circuit boards will be visible and a four player mode where you can sync all 4 controllers up to youre console and have a 4 player battle… ON THE SAME CONSOLE and a parchute like in just cause 2 and free fall down thats all i can think about oh and have the at-at’s stomp on the other vehicles but dont blow up just get crushed oh has any one played halo/gta/justcuase 2/ and predent it was bf3 i do ALL the time ZETA GO ON

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Haha, nice ideas. O.K. SUPER RANTING POWERS GO!

            As a republic engineer, use a fusion cutter to sneak up and HACK droids to join you! But their health would drain slowly and then they’d slowly fall apart (lose an arm, etc.) The scratches on your armor is an awesome idea, but burn and scorch marks from grenades and lightsabres would rock. also… The medic droid would actually like move its claws over the injured parts, and like apply bacta(the appearence would be like clear blue liquid that dissolves). Maybe not such a good idea, cause pervs would like have a friend shoot a certain downward area, the droid would start…nevermind… AND
            Bothans, instead of stealth, disguise. Health droids could have like a crate by them, so that when they repair droids, they would like reach in , put on the hand, and fuse it on, blowtorch style.
            Anyone who hasn’t played Republic Commando, grr, otherwise, you know how the blood splats on the screen? That would be cool…
            and Uriahwright, thats weird because im 13 1/2 too…

            Anything to add? haha.

        • uriahwright says:

          okay now good ideas zeta maybe have the certain class level up like have fusion cutter shoot sparks further and have a 3D version of the game and have the AI talk to each other like ”roger roger have you been to recalibrating center on floor 10 roger” and the adranline/overload mode that i typed earlier and new weapons and completely customize your unit clear down to the gender voice hair and eyes dont know ifthats been used before and ifso sorry oh and have you played the game infamous alot of people here would like that game oh and.. a headset voice changer soldseprately and it would have 4 settings droid clone stormtrooper and rebel and multiple capital ship and a huge groundmap and have the starfighter schematics like inthe game starwars rouge leader rouge squadron and in hoth there would be wampas attacing both factions and have your unit be able to swim and in naboo have the city the plains the woodlands under water like have exploration waterproof droids and aquatic troopers and for the rebels mon calamari then you might have an encounter with those fishes and try to get out of its mouth and go to the gungan city i will save some of my ideas for next time late and reply zeta this has been fun talkin bout this i will be wating z25

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Nice. Okay, im glad your saving your ideas because i will too, plus, i interupted writing a letter essay for this, so i hope you appreciate this.

            I think (not online) in the campaign/instant action, you could level up and gain new classes/abilities that would help you later on in the game, like a sniper jetpaker with mines, adn the classes you unlock give you bonus items for u to customize your character with new abilities, and capes. Capes rock.

            Also, voice commands (optional) with the voice headset, and the soldiers would ask like “Execute order?” and you would say “Execute” or “confirm”. Also, the emblem in Halo? You could add multiple emblems or symbols (completely customizable) to your weapon or armor, or on the back or your cape. As i said before, CAPES ROCK haha. You couls also have some Star Wars version of a RIOT SHIELD! It could also recive burn marks, and guard you against a flamethrower, resulting in a super blackened shield.

            Now, i got to get back to my essay soon, but first, a few more ideas…

            Jedi/sith/force users could disarm ppl and they would use fists/knifes/secondary weapon. The jedi could then use the gun like his own. Lastly… those grappling hooks, disarming with those would be cool too, or using them in space to hitchhike on a fighter, or jump across from a fighter to a capital ship, and punch your way in through a window which would then be recovered. Or, lead a squad across space into the windows. O.K.

            Uriahwright, you rock, and i wonder how long we can keep this going…

            Let’s find out shall we? Your turn. Haha…

          • uriahwright says:

            same with you zeta and in hunt mode you can use haros / villains in jabbas palace you can use the rancor 1st attack claw 2cn atacck squeeze like pick up an ennemy and squeeze th life from them and scratches + burns on starfighters and have a limited number of escape pod crunchers like in the clone wars when plo koon and some clone got trapped in the pod and those droids busted the escape pod open and they were stranded there that would be cool and you know how there are hardly any boarding ships in the cruiser i have 2 sollutions one an expanded hanger bay with more ships and boarding pods like in tfu 2 on the salvation and you could fit 2 platoons of troops a at-mp all terrainmissle plat form on tfu 2 and a couple snipers and after the boarding squad dies the ship will remain the only way to get rid of it would be detpack or time bombs or to be a hero and hit it with a light saber or use force grip and rip it off and in hunt mode on endor the heros/ villains would be wicket 1st attack double ended spear 2nd fire stone and he would have a glide abbility like repetedy press X /A AND WIKETS THE ONE WITH THE GLIDER and while gliding you could quickly press x or square to drop rocks and the mpireials would have an elite sniper with a beam rifle and an automatic blaster pistol like han solos on battlefront 2 your turn zeta 25

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Haha, thats epic. Dude, no offense, but you need periods, or at least commas, you kind of have one giant sentence…
            Do you have SUPER RANTING POWERS like me? Mine have just been activated!

            Now, im going to describe a level (or part of one) for each team. A campaign for each team (Rebellion, Empire, Clones, Sepretists).

            Battle of Endor
            You could go around as an enginner with an engineer team and fix up some traps, like those logs that swing and kill AT-STs, or make some tripwires that release a net full of rocks, or just catch them in a net, then kill them when you find them. Attack the bunker.

            Hoth: Echo Base
            Lead a small twenty or so squad of speeder men across a huge ice field. Shoot down three snowspeeders before they fly back to base to warn Echo Base. Get off your speeders at a cave to rest up for the night, and then run away as wampas attack. Kill them then go inside the cave. A brief loading spot, and then it’s morning. Then, scout out the generator, as soon as you see it, the ships come to drop off the AT-ATs and other things. Then, it’s basically like BF2’s map, with other changes.

            Droids (CIS or Sepretists):
            Get to the turrets. Shoot down some transports/AT-TE walker carriers. Get in a geonosian fighter and shoot down some fighters. defend a vital hanger bay from incoming gunships. Gain intel about a gunship (Padme’s) with an enemy VIP to capture. Thats all i have for them…

            Clones (Republic):
            Utapau Invasion:
            Start in space, and lead some gunships (BF1 type, with the not always moving) full of elite troops down to the top platform. Call for reinforcements as you advance downwards. Later, you see Grivious’ vehicle with Obi-Wan-Kenobi chasing after it, and then order 66 is activated. You all get in gunships, with droids at your side, attacking/chasing Obi-Wan.

            There is of course more, but i dont have time to type it all.

            Uriahwright, your turn!

        • uriahwright says:

          try to use peroids i will and yes i have rsnting powers like you . like affects. Like when you shoot someone they will like kinda yelp. and troopers can fall like trip on a stone on yavin base. but wouldn,t that be anoying triping all the time wouldn’t it. but then again it would be fun to shoot some one on a staircase and see them fall all the way down . and have civilians in maps like coruscant runing around. and you can actualy blast them . and on the battle of endor the rebels will have 3 frigates 2 capitalships and a super capital ship a.k.a home one. and on campaign mode there will be a guest apperance one hint IT’S A TRAP !!!! OH AND THERE WILL be 2 ion cannons on the battlefield . and you would have to blow up the shield generator and you could fly into the deathstar 2 . And the empire would have 1 frigat 3 capital ships and the death star and the excuter class stardestroyer . and be able to grab on to ledges .and have a campaign mission with delta squad seya and reply zEtA 25 and yes i wrote your name like that porpusley

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Haha. That’s awesome. So, you typed my name like that porpisly? Porpises are dolphins…
            Admiral Ackbar rulez.
            Dude, Delta Squad, haha… I can imagine fighting alongside Sev, Fixer, Scorch, and of course, BOSS (you in game).
            If I was with them on Geonosis… That’s like having Master Chief to hop out of the Pillar of Autum and fight with Noble Six (you). Too bad it doesn’t happen…
            I like the kill thing where they roll down some stairs. In BF1 and 2, they have that one thing where the bodies dont move, called final stand, look at Halo/Republic Commando, they don’t have that.

            As for civilians.. i like that…Going traitor… The other team would help you.. your allies would become enemies… haha…
            O.K. The civilians could act calm and scream when people shoot at them, or hit them. They could try to fight. Like, if you kill a guy near them, they may (some guys) would pick up the blaster pistol and stick with a group of citizens and ‘protect them’ (meaning try thier best and get killed). And, in some areas, like in a slum of a city, there’s gangbangers that fight against all people. Most of them could have knifes as well, and like hop out of an allyway and stab a civilian or soldier.

            I gtg do some school crap, your turn ur1aHW1ghT. Like the numbers?

          • Tractor16 says:

            alright to both uriahwright and zeta 25 there should multiplayer that supports up to 100 people with 50 on each team. then you should have a rank that you earn from doing games. then you would be divided into squads by rank. you could then chose if you want to be a pilot or soldier or any other class. also in between games you can free roam a military base to upgrade weapons and mess around.also those big 100 people battles would be space and ground what do you think

          • Zeta 25 says:

            Tractor, that sounds cool.
            Has anyone played Half-Life (2 is the one i like)?
            I think some levels should have the same ongoing theme, with meeting up with certain soldiers that have actual personalities, and in those in between level base things, you could meet up with people that you met along the way, and have them join you. Up to as many as you want.

        • uriahwright says:

          yes numbers are cool except in math . and a way to see inside of the soliders helmet like in 1st person veiw mode thats what you see . and to go along with the scratches in that view mode instead of scratches the helmets visor would crack and eventually bust open . and with the ps3 version you could play music during gameplay i like the 360 and the ps3 should have that feature more on games. and have some stuff from kotor. i have never played kotor or rc before but i am wanting to play them. and be able to cut through walls with light sabers well i need to go by and reply

          • Tractor16 says:

            has anyone played a battlefield game? cause everything is destructible and that would be awesome in a star wars game. can you imagine bombing something and it actually blows up like a building or something. and i think that you should be able to cut anything with a lightsaber not just hack away at it. also during the campaign they should have some type of cinematic gameplay for lightsaber battles instead of running up and hack at them.

    • mick says:

      To be able to be in space outside of vehicle would be very difficult for game developers. There are laws of motion and space is a very unique setting.
      Inertia, etc

      • uriahwright says:

        yeah but inkingdom hearts birthby sleep theres the final boss for ventus story is like in 0 gravity and your floating in another demention and thats just for psp but that game was in puduction since 2005 and came out 2 months ago but it is possible but will be very time and mones cun$uming but its lucasarts for cryng outluod and the battlefont franchise is huge i went to walmart to buy elite squadron for psp cuz my little sister broke it and that game wasnt selling very good but every one iseen had battlefront 2 or elite squadron in their carts and yes if youre wondering im 13 and a half

        • Nemesis says:

          I would like to see something never before done in a war/combat game (as far as i know) They should make a thing kinda like in NHL11 where they have the EASHL where you create a team then add other PSN or Xbox Live players to your team (squad in this game) and play other teams, rank up then play a tornament for 1rst place at the end of the month. I think that people would love it, does any one else think it be a good idea?

          • wowirock says:

            And you should be able to controle a Buzz droid

          • Zeta 25 says:

            i thoght of the buzz droid thing too, but i didnt think ppl would like it, it would be cool.

            like the first weapon is a claw, the next is a razor blade, your grenade slot, same thing.

          • uriahwright says:

            i wouldnt mind being a buzz droid when i went too see episode 3 i was kinda freaked out about them but i did think they were cool and what would a bf game be without mods like in capital strike madness for pc but i have the ps2 version of the game bf2 and to be honest with you im glad they didnt make bfonline cuz i would be srewed if they did me have no xblive or psn and im eagerly a waiting the vgas but there probably wont me any info because i checked the web site wich is up now and i went to worl premiers and nothin battlefront related hey what about a destructible everything from apital ships to the death star annialating a planet rply please

        • dead space and dead space 2 also have awesome 0 g enviroments.

    • wowirock says:

      And there should be some type of survival mode where you fight against ifinite waves of clones, droids jedis or anything as you fight as one of thoes factions.

    • commandoUrby says:

      yea i agree with those, just to add a couple, the sniping should be more like MW2 instead of halo and they should be able to have some sweet melee attacks using their firearms or vibroblades 🙂 And the heroes shouldn’t be so over powered this time either. and yes they definitely need more classes and also weapon customization. custom classes you can make also 🙂 they need sticky grenades, and the bonus sniper rifle shouldn’t SUCK worse than the standard one. Also realistic damage like hardcore mode and have troopers and just people overall have the ability to much more stealthy 🙂 and bring back the prone stance from BF1. I love the idea of armor customization too. also bring in the shadow troopers so the Imperials/republic have a stealth class like the bothan spy 🙂 that’s pretty much all my ideas for now that would make it a perfect star wars shooter 🙂 feel free to comment…

  12. Master Dude says:

    I say we form a nerd mob and raid lucasarts?? WE ATACK ON MIDNIGHT

  13. J Wal. says:

    hope star wars legends is a shooter
    that is, of course, something they are planning to announce at spike TV game show awards, I have the teaser in my favorites
    wonder what it is about
    all the teaser has is clips from other starwars games
    Hope it is like a battlefront 3

    • T-rain says:

      Dude I think that was last year for the force unleashed two because i havent been able to find the teaser youre talking about, could you post a link?

    • clone345 says:

      Well we should hope it is a battlefront 3 and battlefront is always the best unlike any star wars game.

  14. uriahwright says:

    this website is mine homepage and has anyone noticed how similar some of the maps are from bfes and bf3 leaked gameplay footage and freeradical’s battlefront was called starwars battlefront 3 elite squadron and in elite squadron im not sure how to get to it but somwhere in the files of elite squadron theres a picture of a bf3 logo do you thin la might tricking us or do you think they just screwed up by forgetting to remove that image i think L.A is testing how much bad games come out until we give up but ithink they have somthing up their sleeves im going to predict the next bf tite is goin to be for wii and ds and no ps2 version or 360 or ps3 just a prediction reply what you think

    • Zeta 25 says:

      hmm, i cant switch it to my homepage, my sisters would get all pissed…
      but i do think they are going to make it for 360 or ps3, the two systems i have, if they dont, then that nerd mob BETTER be ready…

  15. Zeta 25 says:

    I really don’t have much to say, but today is my last day of school until Thanksgiving Break. YAY! 9 whole days of nothing…


    sitting around waiting for the best game to be to come out…


    Except you George Lucas……… Grr….

  16. uriahwright says:

    listen magots at lucas arts uriahwright wants battlefront 3 and if idon’t get that game you WILL BE ASEMALATED BY…..?

  17. Brandon says:

    Imperial Academy looks good for an Iphone gane just from the screen shots. I’m still hanging in but if Lucas Art shows anything else new it would be that Kennect game that showed at E3 I think.

  18. Chris says:

    I really don’t think LucasArts would give up on a game series that did as well as Battlefront. It had way to huge of a fanbase and made way to much money to just dropped off a cliff. I really think it will be here eventually. I honestly truly do.

  19. Keith says:

    Guys ! Bioware has like a 8 second tease of their next big project (they’re currently making star wars the old republic if you happen to be unaware ) and the clip showsxa soldier with no helmet getting up and looking through shattered glass and i SWEAR it looks like clone trooper armor! Then it ends!

  20. The Saradominist says:

    The fires of hope burn wildly in the hearts of BF3 fans. but the question is, is it a cold fire? a false hope that makes us feels better without curing us? Or is it true? and our hopes and dreams will finally be given to us and our hunger sated? Perhaps. Perhaps we shall be blessed with such a gift. the VGA’s are our hope now. thats is all we can do it seems. Hope.

  21. uriahwright says:

    i doubt any of you are still llooking into this but i still check spark unlimited so still have hope

  22. Zeta 25 says:

    I sure as Hell hope it’s announced at the VGAs this year.

    God… Plz…

    • Redline says:

      Oh please, let it happen. please please. I’m still waiting for sw-bf3 since a long time ago. And after so many disappointments I expect an announcement of Star Wars Battlefront 3. I couldn’t hold another disappointment. My feelings say yes this year at the VGA 2010 it will become announced finally! But on the other hand I have a feeling who says it will become a new disappointing and I hope it will not.
      All I can say is please lucas arts give us our beloved sw-bf3.
      I’m afraid it could take a long time like Duke Nukem forever.

  23. uriahwright says:

    i bet this is a lie but a video is saw on youtube a commentor said the game is going to be released 4/7/12 i think its fake tell me what youthink

  24. Scott says:

    Seems odd that the awards are already here again. Life goes by quick…

    Anyway, I have doubts about the VGA awards giving us any release hope, but I’d be glad to be proven wrong!

    On a related note, the releases have been a bit “meh” this year so I’m interested to see who takes the top prize away. Last year there was solid competition but this year, although good, did not have a defining title.

  25. T-rain says:

    Downloaded, maybe once they see how many people download this they’l get an idea of the fan-base.

    but then again it never works out like that with LA

  26. Yes says:

    IF they will announce new games:
    Lucidity 2, Force Unleashed 3 or Lego SW games.

  27. Wenis says:

    Here is some bad news, LucasArts had more layoffs today:!/georgeb3dr/status/4657256645787648

    • Sarge says:

      What makes it worse is that the post clarifies that the employees were working on an “Unannounced Project”. Man, what a way to kill the mood.

      • Wenis says:

        I know that does stink. I think the project might be Battlefront 3, because I always thought it was a good bet it was being developed internally at LucasArts. If not BF3, then it might be that rumored Star Wars Starfighter game that is supposedly coming out next year

    • Zeta 25 says:

      they could join nerd mob

  28. tyler says:

    this would be a welcomed substitution if it came out for platforms.

  29. SpaceGeek says:

    interesting tidbit with the iphone shooter. I have to pick it up.
    With the VGAs, I honestly have no idea what Lucasarts might announce or if they even are appearing at the VGAs. I will be happy if its a console version of Battlefront or Rep Commando 2 would be good also

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