All Quiet With Battlefront 3… Force Unleashed 3 Not ‘Canned’?

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Yet another post where I have nothing new to bring you guys in regards to Battlefront 3. There hasn’t been anything new in awhile and I’m starting to wonder if they are even considering a Battlefront 3.

The email that I sent to KillSpace Entertainment has gone un-answered so I suppose that could be taken as a good sign, or they just deleted it because they couldn’t be bothered writing back. I am at dead end when it comes to any leads so if you guys have anything at all, feel free to send it a long –

In other Star Wars news, the Saga will be released in 3D… Should be pretty cool, but I don’t think I’m looking too forward to seeing Jar Jar in 3D.. I may try to stab him and end up hurting myself. I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts on whether they are looking forward to the 3D release?

Last but not least, some of the biggest news going around is that, the project lead for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, has pretty well dismissed the rumors that The Force Unleashed 3 has been ‘canned’.. apparently they are still talks about it.

Thanks to:

“Julio Torres, the project lead for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, has shot down rumors regarding the third installment of series being canceled.

Instead, he said a third Force Unleashed game is being “figured out”.

Speaking with SciFiNow magazine, Torres said a third game in the series would have to be looked at considering how The Force Unleashed II ends and how it would fit in with the timeline.

“Well I can’t tell you how the game ends because that would ruin it for you, but I can tell you that the timeframe for The Force Unleashed and TFU II is about a year, and there’s still, between that and Episode IV, a couple of years for us to play with,” he said.

“So that means no matter how the game ends for Starkiller and Vader for TFU II, we still have some time to figure out how we solidify the canon so that everything makes sense for IV.

“Obviously, if that were to be exposed, it would most likely be a TFU III. I’m just afraid I can’t share what that could be yet because we’re still figuring it out. I cautioned that…the key is that, that time is still left.

“If we had finished TFU II and we were up against the timeframe, we would probably have been done.”

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II releases on October 26 in the US and October 29 in the UK for DS, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.”

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  1. nicklas says:

    i hope it is battlefront 3 my 3ds friend code is 4940 5925 8340

  2. epsilon905 says:

    the Battlefront series is my favourite game series, they better make this game cause im sick of COD and BATTLEFIELD i want my STAR WARS back!!!

  3. timmeh says:

    aaawww BF2 was like the first proper ps2 game i played and i played it for years, sadly im not really that age any more to start buying all this people call ‘renegade/elite squadron’ and really i just want BF3. im afraid if i don’t get it i will convert to playing Call of Duty, and that is low….

  4. Hastur says:

    I read somewhere (I think it was on the actual SW website) that BattlefrontIII was supposed to be released November of 2010. Instead, we got TFU 2.

  5. tim says:

    let it be known that i am not optimistic. however, i am a die hard star wars fan, especially regarding bfI and II. i hope that the fans around me will rally around me when i say to lucasarts “we, your loyal fans, have gathered to tell you that we will have our bf3 if we have to program it ourselves!”

  6. Justin says:

    Just a suggestion…maybe bungie should pick this game up.

  7. Jedi Negro says:

    The fact that I just turned on my ps3 popped in BF2 and am able to still play 100-1000’s of people online says to me that it is a great game that needs to be on new systems. It truly is a matter of time. But for now I play “Warhawk” and TRY to pretend Im in an A-wing

  8. Chris C. says:

    Okay here’s my view on this hole SWBF 3 thing. IT’s been around 5 years since SWBF 2 came out and it was definitely the best ps2 game and star wars game ever made. The psp games were fun but you simply cant make something as epic as SWBF on a portable system, you need it for a counsel. Now Lucas arts has probably had a crappy SWBF 3 in the makes before but failed to make a deadline or they realized that who ever was making the game was going in the wrong direction. I know me and every other SWBF fan out their could list every thing That SWBF 3 needs, so i think that who ever makes this website needs to get together a petition of some sort DEMANDING for SWBF 3 to be made and when it’s being made to include some basic features that this community can agree on. I think it’s time to take action before it’s to late.

  9. Ping says:

    I think the idea behind TFU 2 was terrible. I mean , a clone of the origanal person? Wow LucasArts a random person on the street couldd have given better…Anyway I loved the origanal battlefronts and really hope they release a new one for consoles.

  10. AntonioS says:

    I played a demo of The Force Unleashed 2 at Lucca Comix and Games…belive me when I say that’s PURE RUBBISH.
    The story is pathetic (like my english) and the gameplay is the same of The Force Unleashed 1…what a useless waste of time for the LucasArts…just like with The Clone Wars game…

  11. Ethan ISaacs says:

    Ok right now there game release slots are opening up before they had to many games to release now we might have a chance at seeing BF3

  12. @admin , @nitro (which do you prefer again? haha)

    sithmike45 of the LA forums found this out:

    Seems like really good news to me.


    i have to say that star wars is my biggest passion and i am like the biggest wierdo ever when it comes down to the knowledge of start wars. battlefront was definantly the best star wars game ever… Most games released are ina trilogy set of three and since star wars is a saga and in two sets of three it would seem a bit pointless not releasing third. So force unleashed 2 is now out and next is a MMORPG The Old Republic for windows… Then what??? Star wars will never be abolished, it serves us a great francise that changed the media industery forever, even when MR Lucas himself passes, his memories will still live on throughout Star wars. Battlefront III will be realeased i can assure you, i have a gut instinct… I dont care if its a couple of years down the line just as long as they havent completly scrapped the idea which im pretty sure they havent. Trust me the force is strong with this one…

    Yours sincerely Thomas A J Wibberley
    Department of Star wars intelect

  14. I was just playing Battlefront 2 again this weekend and thinking, I’m happy with a Battlefront 3 that isn’t best game EVAR!!!11!!eleventy!

    I’m happy with one that has more levels than 1 or 2.
    I’m happy with another character class, or custom like the PSP games.
    I’m happy with slightly crisper graphics, like LOTR Conquest.
    I’m happy with some Clone Wars locations and characters thrown in.

    I don’t need a completely redesigned all new-everything.

    I just basically want Battlefront 2 with a bunch of new levels and skins on soldiers to play with. The fact that I still occasionally pop in Battlefront 2 in the age of Xbox360 means something.

    • Zeta 25 says:

      Are you my cousin, because we just had that exact same conversation! Including the part about “No thanks, I don’t want to play Halo: Reach, let’s do Galactic Conquest as rebels in Battlefront!”

      The other game we did play, besides Halo, was LOTR Conquest…

      P.S. You probably aren’t my cousin because he would of dropped a few F bombs, or said that they weren’t making it because he’s German…

  15. uriahwright says:


  16. Zeta 25 says:

    You know what? One of the many thing’s that keeps me playing BF2 is the 4 player co-op campaign on the same system,(x-box 360 for me). Even all the other great games, like Halo (Reach rocks!) and CoD (Good game)don’t have the same thing. Plus, all the gamemodes on those systems, althogh very fun, are lame because you can’t have AI players to play with when you get bored of the campaign.

    P.S. Did i spell campaign right?

    P.P.S. I have come to this site almost every day for the past year, morning and afternoon, and I’m pretty dang sad that this is all the news there is. Crap TFU1, retarded TFU2, and now, the goth punk may have a third game! I don’t even want to look at the trailers for the second!

    I am a ____teen year old and I approve this message.

  17. uriahwright says:

    tfu2 was way too short i got luanch day and beatit 5hours later and the bonus content we can only use while on psn/xblive the only thimg good is the 2gb fdrive bf3 will be awesome and i have a hunch that it might be at e311 plus the person who plays starkiller he was working on 2 projects both games and he said he would be kicked out of LA if he talks about it ex or internally

  18. Anju Vena says:

    The Force Unleashed II killed my soul…it is useless….Its fun but its extremely short and they only go to Kamino, Cato NEimodia a little trip to Dagobah and back to Kamino, the first one was way better. And of course battlefront III would easily beat it, I want to play Battlefront online since I can’t even play 2 anymore online!!!!

  19. Jdag says:

    NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. John Rutter says:

    Force Unleashed 2 has been getting some average reviews.
    I have heard that the game lasts only 3hrs, gameplay is repetitive but the visuals are amazing.

    Maybe a reboot of the Battlefront series will bring better sales, good reviews and people that want to play the game.

  21. Agent_006_point5 says:

    well that sux. jus forget bout it ppl. its LA’s loss. btw ad me on psn Agent_006_point5

  22. Buggzy BomberX says:

    say what I wonder if he even makes it into battlefront 3 it would be nice.

  23. ryan says:

    hey yall join my facebook group we want battlefront 3 i created it just today so its not much yet but i need lots of people to help get it up and going and lots of fan support and maybe george lucas will take a financial class to realize its good to make a bajillion dollars of just one game…..may the force be with us all

  24. WhiteFire 37 says:

    I have been waiting for ages! I am still hanging in there though, but guys, would’nt you prefer it if randomely, lucasarts announced that they have secretely finished Battlefront 3 while we were hoping for an announcement about them about a quarter or half way through? it would be a sudden shock and would make us all very happy 😀
    But i dont care how long it takes, just as long as it is a good game and is’nt released on DS, maybe 3DS though 😀 that would be pretty cool, you controling a clone or whoever and its in 3D 😀
    Comment what you think 🙂

  25. vague speculation says:

    Alright well nothings for certain anymore when it comes to battlefront 3 or for that matter its rumors, but I came across a small bit of info that could possibly mean a bf3 in the future, or i could be completely off the mark and it might be something else. I saw a link for a job opportunity from LucasArts looking for a Multiplayer/Networking Engineer that would focus on multiplayer game programming for Xbox360 and PS3. It’s now reported “inactive” so either they found somebody or they cancelled it. If I’m right its back from 2010 so its credibility may not be absolute. However if true, does this mean its possible for bf3 to be alive? Not sure quite honestly but here’s the link, your thoughts would be appreciated so tell me what ya’ll think about it.

  26. LA could surprise us says:

    I remember back when BFII came out. I also remember how they brought BFII to the PSP. It is still in my PSP at this very moment. They did the impossible then, how about now with a new BF game on PS3? Actually, they dont even have to name it BFIII. It can just be a squadron game on consoles! I dont care really, but also LA could just make an HD remake of the first two BF and make it playable online through PSN(or XBL for 36 owners) and have an ad for BF3 on the manual, saying “Battlefront 3 coming to your galaxy in 2011” or something. It might even say that on the back of TFU2 manual. Just dont give up hope.

  27. Riveon says:

    This game. I don’t even care anymore.

  28. Rayhaku says:

    Dear LucasArts,

    You are utterly stupid. Are you just going to crop in SW:TFU’s until it reaches episode IV?

    Episode IV begins with the Tantive IV being pursued by a Star Destroyer. Why can’t the campaign/story of Battlefront III end with the beginning of that? It’s a firefight that would be better off suited for Battlefront III than playing around with Starkiller the entire time because you’ve ran out of game ideas.


    P.S. This is a mock that I actually haven’t submitted to LucasArts but I absolutely would LOVE to.

  29. Rainz says:

    Does anyone, by any chance, recall the infamous phone call to LucasArts asking about BF3, and the man who answered saying “I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s not even due out until November, 2010 or something. It’s still a ways off from what I understand. Nothing official obviously”?

  30. steinAEU says:

    first off i would like to say that it is possible that the Force Unleashed could feature a trailer for BF3 of you complete the game on hard mode.

    Second it is possible that LA plans on releasing a bunch of star wars stuff next year. in 2005 4 star wars games were released along with four expansion packs for galaxies not to mention that episode III came out the same year.

    Star wars the old republic is planned for next year and there is that game for the kinetic. if BF3 were to come out next year it would make 3 star wars games total so far. now i hears that lego star wars III comes out next year making that 4 total star wars games. it is also possible that an expansion packs out for Force unleashed making 4 games and one expansion pack or even 3 games, one open beta and the expansion pack.

    lol again with possibles, if im not mistaking the star wars 3d theatrical releases are in 2012. LA could decide to have a beta for BF3 next year then release the real game along side with the 3D star wars.

    lol, that was long. i never made a post this ling before. i guess this is what happens when you go to college =p

  31. Daniel G says:

    i am not looking that forward to star wars in 3d because i heard that the first movie (1 not number 4) will be coming in 2012 and then after that every year they will release a new year. so by the time they have all of them out i will be…..hmmm….. 25 holy s*** thats stupid.

  32. Revan Shan says:



    No more TFU until they’ve done BF3!

  33. uriahwright says:

    all my hope is in E3 2011 oh that game that spark has been working on might be it personally i thin it might be a new destroy al humans game but i would much rather have bf3 than that and dah 1&2 were made by pandemic aka swbf makers

  34. Master Dude says:

    darn it all!!! Mr.Lucas please please please make bf 3!!!! i mean really!!! you bother to make 2 actual games and then 2 sorry excuses that couldnt be on console!!!!???….. anywho NO ONE LOSE HOPE CUZ OBI WAN IS OUR ONLY HOPE IN ALL THIS ive been waiting so long and seen so much info,and been freaking RICKY ROLLED ON YOUTUBE, and just to be told THERE WILL NOT BE BF 3!!!!!!???? I THINK NOT!! ALL FELLOW BF FANS I ASK U ONE THING…..DONT LOSE HOPE!!!

    • Will says:

      ive been on the same rickroll trip, and i ask the same thing dont lose hope, its all we have at this point, by the way anyone here dislike the force unleased as much as i do? battlefront 3 is like a mythical creature at this point, we’ve all heard its real but has anyone ever seen it, i think we need to sit down with george and slap him repeatedly with a copy of revenge of the sith until he agees to make a battlefront 3, anyone agree? it was so nice to see the dark lord of the sith as a whiny emo brat and about 300 landing/takeoff scenes, oh and jar jar, about 5 mins of actual clone war scenes

    • Colin says:

      I think that it would be wise for Lucas Arts to make a battlefront 3, they would make so so so much cash off that, i bet if they made that game right that, that game has potential to knock cod and whatever else out of its way in means of competion. Battle front 3 would be the best thing ever created, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME OUT IN MY LIFE TIME, PLEASE!

  35. Be A Leader says:

    BF III might be our “Duke Nukem” it took them 10 years to create that game. Believe me, everyone. There will come a time when we will see a Star Wars: Battlefront III. It might not be on any LA lists, or even on the minds of any Developers, but one day it will happen and this is something we all know.

    I want to tell the writer to never lose hope. Be the leader that you are. It is easy to lead when all is going good. But right now we are depending on you to lead when times are hard, like now, when there has been no news for months.

    Think about all the possibilities of Battle Front III, think of the trailer that we have all watched. And maybe that’s all it will be to us, the game that could never be.Our imaginations almost create the “perfect” game.

    Believe me, LA could slap up a game in a month and call it Battle Front III and sell it to us. But it wouldn’t be the same. Its the idea that powers us. What if a game came out JUST AS GOOD but with a different name? Would you buy it? We are all here because we believe the gameplay and the story will be amazing, not just because we want a game named Battle Front III. We shouldn’t rush it. It will come. Be patient. More patient than we can ever know, and when we believe there is no hope at all. The news will show.

    • Rob says:

      *sniff* that was beautfiul

    • theSWBFking says:

      WOW. That was inspirational. Thanks man. I’m sure we all needed that.

    • zoomvaboy says:

      Amen Brother!

    • RobOzzyO says:

      *criies* so true.. im hoping your right 🙂 keep hope alive!!!

    • Scott says:

      I’d add Too Human and any game made by Blizzard (or now Activision Blizzard) to the list with Duke Nukem.

      Little test of the tags here…
      [quote]More patient than we can ever know, and when we believe there is no hope at all.[/quote]

      Patience is great, but action says more. People coming to this site in the numbers they do is a great way to show it. Joining the forums and commenting is even better. Lucas Arts needs to be able to confirm that they have a consumer base.

      Sorry for counter arguing your points, but we have to be realistic while optimistic.

      • Gery says:

        Oh come on! Do you seriously think LA don’t know what a huge fanbase the Battlefront games have? I mean who would not buy a game as good as BF3 will be (optimistic :D) if they have a good computer and all the Star Wars movies on DVD 😀

  36. Bill says:

    I am not sure if this was previously submitted, but I think that the fact that LA has let out versions of the force unleashed for PC may be an indicator that they will finally get BF III out. I also think that the silly little games they made for the psp and ds were stupid and I think they realize it too. LA knows what we all want, and I think they are trying to get us amped up with those silly games (“Hey guys check out what we can do on a psp. Imagine what we can do on a Xbox, PS3, PC, etc!”), so perhaps it is nearer in the future than we think- not to mention, LA wants our money. Nuf said.

  37. zoomvaboy says:

    As soon as i played bf2 i knew someday, there would be a bf3, but now, my dreams are crushed. I dont think bf3 will ever come out.

    But admist all the darkness, I have a small light of hope, glimering in the darkness.
    Come on LA make BF3!!!

  38. Zeta 25 says:

    Impossible idea! (Sadly).

    Now that Bungie MAY be done making Halo, what if they teamed up with LA?!?!?!

    Impossible because i thought they were done with external game making…

    • Bungie and BF3? says:

      It is impossible since the whole of Bungie is locked up with Activision and their brand new, 10-year sci-fi shooter universe. Nice idea, though.

    • uriahwright says:

      i think if they did make a title together i think it would bel more alon th lines of republic comando seing as its simnilar to halo

  39. Zeta 25 says:

    No offence Nitro, or any TFU fans, but as soon as i read the first two sentences, I stopped reading.

    I think that TFU was a waste of my time, and also, it kind of sounds like you’re losing hope, but if the person who used to have the most hope has lost hope, then i may start to lose hope.

    Please tell me you’re not losing hope!

    (P.S. I sound desperate to myself…)

  40. Still mad... says:

    …that the PSP version go canceled so LA doesnt get my money. I loved TFU on the PSP/PS2/friends wii but hated it on my PS3! I dont even care if they announce another PSP Battlefront game. I just want my yearly fix!

    • Gery says:

      I agree with you! The PSP game was the best XD. Its funny but its true 😀 Also one of the best selling games on PSP…
      So I don’t really understand the idea of NOT making a PSP game. Idiot Lucasarts…

  41. Oops, typing mistake… Would you please delete the previous comment with the “look” typing mistake please? Can’t wait for TFUII, the wii preview look awesome….. A month ago i wrote a mail to the lucasarts customer service in which i asked if battlefront 3 was still in development but they told me “they can’t give information about upcoming games”. Does that mean bf3 is an upcoming game? I hope so!

  42. Killspace update says:

    I’ve just received word from a friend who says that Killspace has only two projects right now: a remake of Yar’s Revenge, and some weird casual-focused game with a monkey.

    Their Apocalypse Now game was pitched, but hasn’t been picked up yet. Absolutely no ties to Star Wars or LucasArts whatsoever; they’ve never even had discussions with the company.

  43. AvianFlame says:

    We need a preorder so that this can replace Duke Nukem Forever as that “vaporware that we at least pre ordered but didn’t quite come out yet if ever”.

  44. Port420 says:

    Has no one considered that it might be the Star Wars title being released for Kinect in 2011 ??? Yes they pulled the plug on the Free Radical mess, but it’s obvious they turned it over to someone else- probably Microsoft Game Studios. They won’t throw away what was already invested on a title that was their best seller of all time.

  45. Captain-R says:

    Check this out LOOK IN THE BOX!!

    Seams like Delta Squad for me some Clone Action comming up? might be Republic Commando 2 might be Battlefront 3 might be some new clone game

  46. Rob says:

    Well idk……im losing hope too…but still have that little spark in me that says battlefront3 will be made.

    • Wenis says:

      It will be made, we are just going to have to wait another year or two to play it unfortnately. Bringing the total wait time between SWBF2 and 3 to about 6 or 7 years.

  47. theSWBFking says:

    I’ve been following this website for a while now and I think I’m starting to lose hope. I didn’t think I would, but LA has built up the suspense all this time it’s gotten to the point where you just give up. This doesn’t mean I don’t trust it on being released, I’m just not as excited as I was before.
    TFU, don’t really care.
    Star Wars in 3D, alright I guess.

  48. P dump says:

    Force Unleashed II Demo Thoughts

    The demo I played was for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC. (Note; the PC doesn’t currently have a demo available)

    LucasArts did a much better job on the sequel. In fact, and this is a big thing to say, this is the best looking crud that LucasArts has turned out in a while (LucasArts has only turned out crud recently). My most favorite new feature would have to be what I call a “super takedown”. This is when the camera zooms and pans to a cinematic angle as Starkiller does some over-the-top kill. Now this over-the-top turns into something completely rediculas when it’s combined with “Force Fury”. In this phase Starkiller turns into a madman and goes into a freakish frenzy decapitating everyone. In a nutshell, I wouldn’t pay more than 40 bucks for this.

  49. Jordanfett says:

    Well, Battlefront III was canned way back in 2007….OK LOOK here’s my theory… They Make BFIII with FRD however, FRD went into administration in 2008, so LucasArts terminated the old BFIII that FRD made, and handed it over to Rebellion Studios they try to make it for PS3 and X360 but, didnt turn out so good……. So they just make it for PSP and DS an they call it “Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron” with the exact same story and gameplay that BF III had. And they try to make Battlefront Online and hire a new video game company called Slant Six Games who is the maker of the SOCOM series. But they could not meat a 2010 deadline so LucasArts canned that project as well. So basically I dont think well see another BF game in about 2-3 years or so but, believe and have faith my friends :O but im cool with TFU II, I loved the demo and it looks sweet to me 😀

  50. Rob says:

    Its not that they’ve been building suspense really now that i think of it. Its just theres been so many problems with making the game and now everythings settled down so NOW there gonna start workin on it…hopefully. But p dump is right ppl are just startin to lose hope its been so long.

  51. Stuart says:

    I don’t give a damn about TFU. I want SWBF3!!!!!!!

  52. Rob says:

    I really think there just buidling the suspense and not letting a tiny little microscopic bit of information out about battlefront3. Only thing to possibly look forward to is the VGA’s but I have a feeling it won’t even be announced there either…

  53. P dump says:

    Well, as we inevitably play the Force Unleashed II, I couldn’t help but think that it will be a trilogy. I’ll be downloading the demo today.

    As far as Star Wars in 3D goes, I’m not too excited unless it comes with a theatrical release. 3D TV is just too impracticle.

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