Unnamed Project on Hold; Force Unleashed 3 cancelled?

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Well, looks like we are back on the speculation board after Star Wars Celebration V was kind of a let down, with no announcement of our awaited Battlefront 3.

On the other hand, according to a rumor by Kotaku.com, the new President of LucasArts is on a rampage. Yup, that’s right.. apparently there was a Force Unleashed 3 that was already in production and President Paul Meegan ripped the plug out on it. This would probably explain the sudden departure of Haden Blackman.

The interesting part of this rumor report is the fact that there is another unnamed project that is currently “on hold” that was supposed to be released next year… hmmmmm… Battlefront 3 perhaps?

We will be following this rumor very closely! Stay tuned and post your comments!

“New Lucasarts president Paul Meegan certainly isn’t wasting any time. Barely two months into the job and we hear he’s already swinging the axe and cancelling high profile sequels.

If you were wondering why it was strange that Force Unleashed II creative director Haden Blackman would leave mid-project, this may explain things: according to sources at Lucasarts, Meegan has cancelled a third Force Unleashed game that was already in development, and members of Force Unleashed II’s team (though we’re not sure exactly how many) will be shown the door once that game ships.

Another unnamed project, due to ship next year, has avoided the axe, but has been “put on hold” while developers have been told to “expect management and reporting changes”. Those changes are down to the departure of Blackman, who as work was winding down on Force Unleashed II had been leading development on this secret project.

These sources say “morale and productivity are at all-time lows” since Meegan took over, with most Lucasarts developers only finding out about Force Unleashed II’s cancellation on the PSP by reading it on gaming news sites.

We’ve also been told that another sweeping change made by Meegan is that the majority of “external” development of Lucasarts properties is coming to an end, with BioWare’s Old Republic MMO to be the last game not developed internally at Lucasarts. That would presumably mean, for example, no more LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones titles after the upcoming LEGO: Clone Wars, as those have all been handled by Traveller’s Tales.

So, yes, if this is all indeed correct, big changes are afoot at the house that Star Wars built. Lots of them bad news for the developers currently there, but looking at the big picture, the silver lining could be that such drastic shake-ups could be exactly what’s needed at a publisher and developer that, courtesy of its licenses and history, should be doing a lot better both commercially and critically than it currently is.”

Source: Kotaku.com

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  1. flanker says:

    calling all swbf3 fans

    go to you tube for more rumers

  2. harvey says:

    honestly, i think there should be a freaking recall for the swfu2. i mean come on. great story and graphics; however, it is not worth $60.00. maybe half of it. the story needed to be longer. I think would of been great is when you are at the point of either joining the dark or light side. from there, keep it going. like two or three hours of work that needs to be played. since the game is out now, now they have to make swfu3. PERIOD! ya, what is up with the battle front 3. they should bring that back. they should bring back the jedi knight; however, the story line is hard now since it has been several years ago. but i agree, the early 2000s star wars games were great. lego games are funny, but not needed though.

  3. Scott says:

    BF3 imma let you finish but KOTOR is the greatest starwars game of all time!… And no don’t count this new mmo that’s just a scar on the face of the series. But the first 2 are both in my top 5 games(not just Lucas arts) of all time. But ya for Lucas arts the battlefront series is second then TFU then Jedi knight then… Yoda stories? XD

  4. uriahwright says:

    now is the best time for a new bf title since original xbox live went down wich im really pee’d off so people who bought the xbox enstead osf ps2 and pc and people who have xbox and are sw fans probably would like a new bf title for thier 360’PLEASE REPLY SAYING WHAT YOU THANK ABOUT THIS THEORY SIGN THE PETTION AND PECE OUT !

  5. darth62969 says:

    noooooo! not a third force unleashed and a secrete progect. :O

  6. train says:

    is the project put on hold the Spark unlimited one?

  7. Hdawg says:

    Not if it was one of the best selling games ever. Honestly I believe that swbf3 has a chance to rival the cod titles for the best selling game of all time. It appeals to every audiance, hardcore gamers who want a quality game, casual gamer star wars fans who want more of the story and a great comprehensive sw experience, and kids who aren’t allowed to play m rated games. The market appeal is much higher than the cod series. Plus this series has a tradition of great games.

  8. Jordanfett says:

    I kinda doubt BF III will be made since it was canceled back in 2007, because I have never seen an old canceled LucasArts video game project start back up before and plus the so called “Battlefront Online” was just canceled this year…. so it may be another year or so before we see another Battlefront game, but this is just my theory….

  9. Zeta25 says:


  10. Mixwizzard says:

    Hm, I like TFU alot, and I think its good TFU3 got canned. I mean-Focus on the sequel guys! Dont let this series become another Left 4 Dead (Shame about the original).
    Anyway, I hope the secret project is BF3, or RC2. Hopefully Meegan can get stuff done.

  11. db022190 says:

    I don’t think The Force Unleashed 3 is going to be cancelled for good… if they make money off TFU2 (which is inevitable) and leave the end open for a sequel there will be a 3rd, also this is just a rumor so I wouldn’t act like everything in this post is a fact which after scaning through the comments alot of people are doing. I do think it would be a good move to cut off external development cuz it would give LA a chance to grow as a company and further develop thier own technology, it will also hopefully stop the over population of needless Clone Wars games, they need to do more with the origonal trilogy and EU eras, TFU is a start in that direction since it is post Clone Wars (one of the main reasons I enjoyed it). Hopefully this guy will also listen to what the fan base wants such as a Jedi Knight 4, CONSOLE Battlefront Games, and maybe expand more on fan favorite characters (I highly doubt it but a Bounty Hunter 2 based on Boba Fett would be awsome!!!!!!)

    … I guess what I’m getting at is I just hope the things that are good for us (the actual fans and players) in this rumor are true and hopefully this guy is going to be much better than past LA Presidents.

    • P dump says:

      I know what you mean about a TFU3. LucasArts made a mistake in the way they made the game engine (Ronin), as it can really only be used with The Force Unleashed. To incorperate Ronin into any other game series would require heavy modding. So it would only make sense that they would try and make as much money off this series as thay could.

      Just take a look at how trendy LucasArts has gotten in the past three years.
      I mean, they’re making more LEGO Star Wars and Clone Wars games to appeal to the 12- fan community, and then you turn around to see Starkiller beheading Stormtroopers, in an attempt to appeal to core gamers. I don’t want to see another Clone Wars character model ever again, and decapitation will add so little to The Force Unleashed series and will do nothing to fix the multitude of gameplay issues.

      And I couldn’t agree more for a Bounty Hunter 2 based off Boba Fett.

  12. uriahwright says:

    elite squadron was okay but theyre numskulls porting a ps3 game to psp i mean psp games only cost 30 $ and ps3 games cost like 70 $ but long story short bf3 make me happy tfu3 make me happy and lsw 3 also make me happpy

  13. some dude says:

    when is that star wars game they showed at e3 coming out, could that be the un announced game?
    hope not cause i really hope its battlefront 3

  14. Chase says:

    I honestly don’t see y they don’t just make another Battlefront game. I mean y another Force unleashed? I am still mad they cancelled FU 2 for PSP, and the only two ways I will forgive Lucasarts is 1)make another Battlefront game or 2)make Republic Commando 2 for PS3 and/or PSP.

  15. Matt Johnson says:

    okay heres the game lucas arts

    game one(episodes 1-3)
    game two episodes 4-6)

    -playable lightsaber battles and confrontations amped up better than jedi knight series
    -fighter pilot battles that are similar or better than rogue squadron

    – find a way to make it mulitiplayer/online that is similar to battlefront, but cut a little better (dogfights in space ect.) lightsaber dueling

    you make this game you make everyone happy
    you make this game you make money
    you make this game you have made the best star wars game ever

    now do it come on we are dying with this lego

    • Battlefront fan says:

      Or just Battlefront 3. If it wasn’t being made, I think LA would announce that it’s cancelled but hasn’t. One person commented that Crytek (makers of Crysis) bought the team of Free Radical and is now working on their unfinished projects (Timesplitters 4 and Star Wars Battlefront 3)

    • Zeta25 says:

      also add:

      Special classes for different battlefields.
      Flyable cruisers and frigates.
      Multiple cruisers per battle.
      Some space-ground battles including being able to form a fighter wing that follows you.
      And some BA walkable vulture droids.

      + some blood. not gushing, but noticeable blood.

  16. Buggzy BomberX says:

    dam their goes my hope

  17. Chaylego says:

    Settle Down People, it’s just a rumor

  18. Chase says:

    Man, I started disliking LucasArts once they cancelled Force Unleashed 2 PSP. First Madden 11 had no infrastructure(from EA)for PSP and now SW FU 2 is cancelled for PSP! I hope they redeem themselves for cancelling something I was gonna buy! Well, I will stick to Battlefront 2 on my PSP for now and hopefully Battlefront 3 comes to my PS3 soon along with Republic Commando 2.

  19. uriahwright says:

    well tfu3 was canceeld sad … but starwars battlefront 3 WILL get a lot of sells and they might spilt some of the money to make another swbf game and tfu3 so the tfu seieris might ow its life to swbf3 but wich will come out first ?!?!?!

  20. Confirmed says:

    I don’t know about Battlefront III’s status, but this rumor is true. A good friend of mine of 10 years was notified on Friday that he and roughly 60% of TFU dev team will be made redundant in about a month, once TFU 2 goes to certification. He’s not on the team for the ‘other project’, but from what he hears, it was either the Star wars Kinect game being made by Terminal Reality/Spark and Microsoft, or the new Starfighter game.

    I did ask him about other plans going on, and he said that no one on the team has heard ANYTHING about about a new Battlefront going on since LucasArts threw the axe at Slant Six’s BF Online a few months ago, nor is there a new Jedi Knight in the pipeline.

    Seems LA, and the new president more specifically, are just about the most absurdly run studio in the industry right now, and have been for a long while. And once LEGO Star Wars 3 is out, that is the end of LEGO games based on Lucas properties. All around stupid decisions going down.

    • P dump says:

      @ Confirmed.

      But from what it says here LucasArts will be developing everything after The Old Republic in-house. That would pull the plug on a third-party developed game like the Kinect demo (which didn’t make any sense). Any Spark Unlimited project would be gone too. I’m not sure if that is a good thing because LucasArts is a pretty bad developer in their own right (they’re a much better publisher).

      So what they need to do now is try to appeal to the critics, and the core gamers. This means, if they used an existing series as a foundation, I would say the possibilities are:

      Republic Commando
      Jedi Knight (most likely)

      Anyhow, I hope they don’t mess up whatever they’re working on here.

      • Confirmed says:

        The Kinect game is very real and is still in development at Terminal reality/Spark.It isn’t going anywhere, and you should see more of it before year’s end. It’s being funded by Microsoft, LucasArts can’t (and won’t) just pull the plug. It along with LEGO SW3 and TOR are the last non-wholly internal projects going on.

  21. GEN JUSTIN says:

    yeah battlefront 3 would be great lucas arts would make so much money from that game. yeah force unleased is cool and all but we need some good old battlefront!!! its the kinda game that i think would last a long time, other then force unleashed 2 were you play the campaigne over and over agian. and another game to mention is swrpc2(starwars republic commando 2) if you have ever played it you would know it was ahead of its time its just beacuse halo 2 got realased like the same time so everyone whent to something “they knew” so it went completly almost unoticed. who knows maybe lucas arts have secert projects just waiting to be unvailed….or maybe they will just piss us off with more lego starwars, and monkey island , ect. RIP SEV

    • P dump says:

      Republic Commando is like a Star Wars Halo… I enjoyed it. Just wished it was longer and had a co-op campain. They should make a sequel, or maybe a reboot under the title of Imperial Commando. Break away from the Unreal Engine, and add some new gameplay mechanics and we’re good to go.

  22. Rainz says:

    Well, two good things came from this:

    1. We won’t get anymore s***ty LEGO games.
    2. BF3 is the perfect example of the “unnamed” project. What are they gonna do, make a sequel to Lucidity?!

  23. P dump says:

    I should remind everybody that Battlefront was a series developed externally. This could very well go the opposite direction than we want. And offhand I can’t remember the last game that LucasArts developed internally (other than The Force Unleashed).

    The best games were developed by a second party.
    Pandemic: Battlefront, Battlefront II, Republic Commando
    Raven: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy
    Bioware: KotOR, KotOR II

    I donno about you guys but The Force Unleashed couldn’t replace any of these titles.

  24. Blargarg says:

    If this man has any brains, he will see the potential in a BFIII, and he WILL make it. HOW GOD DAMN HARD IS IT TO REALIZE BATTLEFRONT III = LOTSA $$$$$?! They’ve already established the gameplay formula, and it works perfectly — just boot the graphics, add a few gameplay tweeks, and they’d be all set. Whatever happened to video gaming companies making games fans WANT?

    • witchunter180 says:

      Unfortunately a lot of game companies have forgotten their fans. Their concern is just profit now, cases in point StarCraft 2, WoW, and the whole used games issue. With WoW they made a great game but its all about money making. Instead of working on bringing out a complete SC2 or Diablo 3, they’ve spent too much time and effort milking WoW. And for gamers like me who keep their systems and games for years (decades in the case of my SNES) its not a long term investment, ie short term fun. Soon all games will only be available online and I already see a significant amount of stagnation in games (technology and game ideas).

    • Darklordious says:

      Yeah, they could like triple the price and we’d still buy it although I hope it does not come to that.

      I’ve been following this site for about a year and a half and this is my first time commenting.

      • witchunter180 says:

        Actually I refuse to buy games at the $60 price tag (a very few exceptions); I believe the price hike between this console generation and the previous was unwarranted. Now if BF3 is as kick- as the leaked version, maybe I’ll consider it. If its 3x the price, it better come with a tie or x-wing cockpit controller (a la Battalion of Steel for the xbox):D

  25. witchunter180 says:

    I see this as either a really good thing or really bad thing. If hes getting rid of the mediocre ideas that have plagued LucasArts in the last 10 years then maybe we’ll see the return of Star Wars games in the forefront of video games. While I’m still hoping for BF3, I also wouldn’t mind a return to the rogue series (loved Rogue Squadron, Leader, Strike) or maybe (and I’m sure this would put me in a minority) a reborn X-Wing vs Tie series (maybe taking place post-Endor) or something in the line ST Bridge Commander or StarShatter (imagine being fleet commander, fighter pilot, and/or soldier!).

  26. Revan Shan says:

    Take that TFU!! Galen Marek’s just got owned by 1.000.000 battlefront followers.

  27. PANIC98 says:

    I don’t know if this is any help but a few years ago, their was an interview with George Lucas in which they showed him on his PS2 playing Star Wars Starfighter. If he has a PS2 he most likely had or has BF2 and i don’t think hes gonna let BF3 go so quickly.

  28. clone345 says:

    Guys dont you think that BF3 is the perfect example of avoiding the axe?

    • Rainz says:


    • The Saradominist says:

      Well it has gotten the axe alot of times with other developers. so no its really not

      • clone345 says:

        I dont think so,actually they are working on BF3 yet.I mean,why lucasarts itself didnt come out straight from the door and blow the whistle about what happened to BF3,they never said it was cancelled.Hopefully,this secret project for next year is BF3 and I assure you that it will come out since they made real servers for BF3 at gamespy and they are still running since then.

      • Failasaurus Rex says:

        The only reason BF3 has gotten the axe with so many developers is their own doing. They keep trying to push the game into places it cant go. One developer tried giving it insane graphics with 100 player online…..really? MAG is the only game to pull off a huge # of online players and they made huge sacrifices for it. They need to stop being so ambitious and just make a good old Battlefront game. FYI I could fight the battle of Hoth everyday and never get tired of its epicness.

        • clone345 says:

          It has never gotten the axe and when FR’s BF3 was dead,they said that it was period and it wasn’t completely out of the picture.I dont think that if they are overly ambitious,they would cancel a project they have been working for years.If it really takes ambition,they would have given it more time and work for a perfect BF3 and yeah we want a full epic BF game with full of ambitious work and that what we have been expecting the most.It is just the laziness and lack of effort which causes failure.

  29. Josh says:

    Aren’t the Battlefront III servers still up?

  30. ggctuk says:

    Bad news, but I an see it from his point of view. Why make a TFU3 when TFU2 hasn’t been completed? Why risk something like what has happened with Free Radical, where a AAA game collapses with a company? Better to do it yourself, so I say that, for the immediate future, he’s going in the right direction.

    It also means that if Rebellion still has the rights to BF3, then BF3 will be the last Battlefront game developed third-party. No more “Squadron” titles.

  31. Steve Jones says:

    I am extremely disappointed at another convention anxiously waiting for a SWBIII. I’m surprised that they were planning another Force Unleashed game. The Battlefront series has always been successful when it came to game sales.

    If the Meegan guy is a huge fan of the Battlefront III series, I’m glad. Maybe he wants to finish what Radical Games started on the game. Remove all those horrible Lego Star Wars games!!

    I wonder if Gamescom will bring us some hope of another Star Wars Battlefront game.

    • db022190 says:

      Well I didn’t think the first 2 lego games were that bad… but I don’t think they need to keep on draining a franchishe for cash, not even the “complete saga” was a necesary release. However eventhough I enjoyed the first 2 games I still can’t forgive the first one for spoiling the ending of Revenge of the Sith… I mean seriously why release a game the covers episodes 1,2, and 3 before the final movie of the saga (Ep. 3) is even released!?

  32. Darío Bon Sayas says:

    hey! no more lego star wars? I like them 🙁

  33. Clone Trooper says:

    This is f****** Great.

  34. Will says:

    I hope this new president is in the side of all Lucas Arts fans that have been waiting for LA to return to making the great games it once made in the early 2000’s. I am extremely glad that LA might be done with the Lego games, because they were never meant for hard core games and Star Wars fans. If he is in the same side as us fans, then he might be looking at bringing back Republic Commando, Jedi Knight, KOTOR, and most importantly, Battlefront series back from the storage room. I am guessing that the secret project was probably the Star Wars: Legends. I don’t mind them making a TF3 as long as it comes after all the other series are revived and have at least 2 new games under their belt.

    • Kris says:

      What are you talking about KOTOR for? We already have that! Its called Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s like KOTOR 3-20 lol

  35. rs says:

    I dont see why people dont want to see force unleashed 3. i think force unleashed is the third best series lucasarts has made, behind battlefront and jedi knight of course. it is still a good game sure it is a lot different than those other series because it is not a first person shooter but you have to agree it has a better story than battlefront. I perdect the next star wars game lucasarts will announce will be a new 1st person shooter series not another battlefront, jedi knight, republic commando, or force unleashed.

  36. Dredgon says:

    It’s a trap!!!!!

  37. rebelbebel says:

    people, the unnamed project was not the forxce unleashejd, the unnamed project is still unknown… hint battlefront 3

  38. Revolver_Ocelot says:

    well friends, this situation is way messier than we all thought…

    tfu3… if I was reading this elsewhere, I’d think it was a bad joke lol.

    I was a supporter of the SWB3 dream, but all my hope died after SWCV. I won’t belive in anything else BF3-wise save the very Blu-Ray in my hands (IF it comes at all…).

    this is Revolver_Ocelot signing off.

  39. ET7794 says:

    TFU 3? Serously?

  40. IthArosenivai says:

    Well so much for a good starting point for new third-party developers. I hope Meagan knows what he’s doing, or at least have the board give him the boot before significant damage is done.

  41. battlefront rulez says:

    i really cant believe it was supposed to be a forced unleash 3 thank god that was canceled or put on hold. now theirs a bigger and better chance that it will be battlefront 3 or republic commando 2. seriously wtf Lucas arts a tfu3 really. battlefront on console =$$$$$$$ (mad money)

  42. swbf3fan says:

    Damn it. DAMN IT. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. rs says:

    first i cant see fu3 being cancled because fu2 looks to be great and is getting alot publicity. also i dont see bf3 being announced for a wile because it would make sence that lucasarts would announce such a big game at a big event like e3 and swsv since both of those have passed maby next year

  44. ROKSTAR303 says:

    wel looks lyk were bak 2 square one

  45. Wenis says:

    The only way that I can see this as good news is that this Meegan guy is the biggest Battlefront 3 fan and is cancelling every other project to focus solely on Battlefront 3. But for some reason I don’t see that actually happening.

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