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LucasArts Developing Unannounced Project… Battlefront 3?

Some rumors have surfaced over the last few days as well as the fact that Ubisoft’s creative director Clint Hocking teamed up with LucasArts to start developing an un-named project! Another glimmer of hope for us Battlefront 3 fans as this could be the big moment that we are all waiting for!

There isn’t a whole lot of information available on this secret project, but hopefully we’ll be able to find some more out in the new future.

IGN had this to report:

“Former Ubisoft Montreal creative director Clint Hocking has joined LucasArts to develop an unannounced project, the company confirmed to IGN this morning.

Hocking spent the last nine years at Ubisoft heading development on Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and more recently Far Cry 2.

He resigned from the company abruptly in May citing the need for new opportunities.

LucasArts has seen plenty of turnover the past few months. Paul Meegan replaced Darrell Rodriguez as president of the company in June, and Force Unleashed II producer Haden Blackman resigned just last week.”

I am curious to hear all of your guys opinions one what this could be! Also be sure to check out our new sister site which a collaboration between myself, Scott (BF3 Forum Admin), Sam (BF3 Forum member) and Craig (BF3 Forum member). The site will bring you video game reviews from all genre’s with a humorous twist!

Check it out -> (Bare with us, the logo is still in production)

Here are some other rumors that have been sent in to me:

Rainz wrote in:

“XBOX’s official achievement site,, features all games on the XBOX 360 with achievements, as well as upcoming games that will be receiving achievements in-game as well. It turns out Star Wars Battlefront 3 is on the games list, though no achievements have been shown yet. There are no signs of a release date for Battlefront 3 on this site, but it gives us hope that the game is still alive!”

banjo999 wrote in:

“I heard a rumor (from a not-so-reliable source) that Battlefront 3 is still in production at Rebellion, but it’s being delayed because they wish to claim rights to the technology formerly owned by Free Radical allowing instant ground-to-space travel.”

A big thanks to everyone who sent me an email with rumors, especially vadersdemise and Ryan!

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  1. I’m a huge star wars fan, but i’m really keen on accuracy for ships, planets, etc. But it was a let down in battlefront2 with ships not the right size, gun turrets were placed in weird ways and places, the star destroyer had detail on only one side, and the main area on the separatist ship (the main bridge where general Grievous was first shown) wasn’t made. So i’m keeping hope for this if it does come through!

  2. Yeah, I could see the lead designer of teh Original Republic Commando, who they just nabbed as well, along with this dude who specializes in sneakiness, to be making Republic Commando 2, or possibly even Imperial Commando. The books all sold well, so there isn’t any reason why they wouldn’t make a second game from a business standpoint, and the fact that they brought in a sneak master may mean that you are finally getting the stealth commandoes that were expected before George Lucas shoved his fingers into the game to test things out for Episode III.

    I don’t know which game I would want more, Republic Commando means more to me emtionally, but Battlefront is the game I have played the most in my entire life…

  3. The other day,a friend and I went to GameStop and asked about Battlefront 3. They told us it would be out on September 1st! So my friend pre-ordered the game.

  4. I went to game stop and the lady told me November 2nd is the release date for battlefront 3

  5. It has already been developed but not releaced. Before you reply to this open this link:

  6. when doues it come out

  7. i called gamestop an they seed its not even been made up

  8. wheter it will be on pc ??!!

  9. You know if Battlefront 3 is not made anytime soon I am going to learn coding and with a bunch of Star Wars fans out there, I WILL MAKE BATTLEFRONT 3!

  10. It would be great if swb3 will come to ps3. I have swb2 for ps2 but it doesnt work…

  11. they need to come out with battlefront 3… in my mind battlefront is the best star wars game there is and its time they come out with it cause online has never been better for games and if u can picture the sheer size of the maps how many people in 1 game and the transfer from the land to space battles (there probly gonna still do that) it will be drop dead awsome!

  12. Holly Cow! Ubisoft is going to join up with Lucasart! This is going down really bad… I can smell it!

    I hope that they are NOT integrating these Online DRM for the PC users! If they do, then I will NOT buy it… This is another bin…

    Shame on you Ubisoft….

  13. RC2 and Bounty Hunter 2 will never be made 🙁 we all know this. LA is far too stupid. But because all i want in the world is for BF3 to come out, I’m willing again to have my hope crushed once again. this news is so great, and so awesome, I just hope and pray its not another broken dream. If its in OXM, i will camp out forever!

  14. ………. at this point i have lost all hope bf3 simply wont come. been almost 5 years now and nothing well we had the leaked video but u know that has been scraped or esle they would have realeased that already and aswell all it is oh its rumuored or oh this site posted it unfortunatly i dont see this game coming out for a long time or much less at all

  15. the OXM september issue has a part of it tha says game makers an there games an it says cryek uk has developed star wars battlefront III an its workin on cryisis 2
    so i dont no if the uk mag is differnt but if it is its the uk one that mentions star wars bf3 on page 43 of issue 63 september 2010

  16. I think the bluray box set sill contain battlefront demo. Remember when the first battlefront came with an xbox demo back in the day on the remastered box set. Fingers crossed

  17. Wouldn’t mind a Rep Commando 2; the reverse compatibility to play old xbox games was one of the reasons I chose the 360 over the PS3. After playing Elite Squadron extensively, I actually am encouraged a little. I get the feeling someone was working on ES as an abrdiged version of what BF3 would be, especially after rewatching the leaked trailer.(watch X1’s duel with Grey Falcon then watch the leaked footage; see the similarities/differences?). Admittedly that was from Radical, but I’ve heard theres still a chance to salvage the tech, or at least the game.

  18. in the august 2010 addition of the official xbox magazine it has a list of british game companies and what they have develpoed and are working on, under CRYTEK UK it says it has develpoed STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3! and is working on crysis 2. :O

  19. 16th of agust and nothing… but it’s impossible, if you think in every rumor that has appeared, it’s simply impossible that the game doesn’t exist, don’t you think?
    excuse me of my english, i’m from spain xD

  20. Guys, I just saw that BF3 isn’t annaounced at Celebration V.

  21. Well are you all aware of the new KOTOR coming out? This could be that game.

    • Really? A new KOTOR that has been annnounced 3 years ago and till now,you got to be kidding.This is an unannounced project we are talking about here,Get your facts straight.

  22. how much u wanna bet its mercenaries 2

  23. I’m hoping for kotor 3 (screw TOR) or SWB3. Keep you fingers crossed : D

  24. Guys, I just saw that BF3 is NOT announced at celebration V

  25. hey guys just thought of a brilliant idea Lego star wars battlefront like you can design your own guy like on elite squadron!

    also some guys are saying it’s gonna be an xbox exclusive, it won’t because the franchise is so big they want as many people buying it no matter what console they have they just want all SWB3 fans to own the game and be happy with it!

  26. Considering this guy has worked on Splinter Cell (Popular 3rd person game and Conviction put alot more emphasis on using weapons )
    And Far Cry 2 (Popular shooter, FPS)

    Its safe to say its either:
    B)Republic Commando 2
    C) A new jedi knight game (All the games in the series have a first person shooter perspective)

    Or, he could be filling in for Hayden B., For FU2.

    Im crossing my fingers for RC2 and BF3-Both are popular Star Wars games, so why not make more?
    Same with Jedi Knight.

  27. if battlefront 3 doesnt get officially announced by april of next year or around next years E3…….. I think its safe to say the game is dead..but this is good NEWS!


    It says that the site is registered by LucasArts. However it doesn’t redirect to the Celebration V website instead it just goes to which has advertising for Celebration V all over it.. in other words there most likely won’t be an announcement

    • and also redirect to That makes me think they want to do something with it because if it was completely dead they would probably stop renewing the domain.

    • @Wenis
      Does it really suggest that BF3 would be announced after a while?

  29. im kinda late on this but if battlefront 3 did come out and was an xbox exclusive the first thing i would do would be id go cry then i would reluctantly buy and xbox xD

  30. battle feild one was my favorite and my favorite game of all time
    spent hours alone just playing bye myself and had tones of fun
    so i didnt even need live to play with others
    just that good of a game
    but if and or when bf3 comes out i will be happy to test my self online

  31. Just an idle thought — Is it not possible that the reason for the delay was the Computer Animated Clone Wars Series? Maybe trying to get the full spread of the series into the game scope? Lots of planets, senarios, technology, etc… I wish we could pick the brains of a LucasGames official rep.

  32. I’m very dubious. There’s a lotta rights issues surrounding BF which would really get in the way of any announcements. They’re already stretched over 2 companies for BF3.

    Most of the other IP’s by Lucas are dead, which makes me think this is either an Indiana Jones game or a new game in the Star Wars franchise.

  33. Just type “”, no http:// at the beginning or / at the end.

  34. Hey guys!!! I wanted to go to this website, but i accidentaly typed “” in the adress bar. Do you know where it linked me to??? THE STAR WARS CELEBRATION V WEBSITE!!!!!! Try it out yourself, it works!!!!! BE PREPARED TO GET NEWS OF BATTLEFRONT 3 ON AUGUST 12!!

  35. Dream Scenario for Celebration V:

    LA: “We’re sorry for the long wait, but today we’re here to announce that we are shipping Star Wars: Battlefront 3 for 360 and PS3 to game stores everywhere as we speak. Enjoy.”

    Worst-Case Scenario:

    LA: “We’re sorry for the long wait that we put our fans through, but today we’re here to announce that The Force Unleashed 2 and The Old Republic have been cancelled. We have decided instead to invest that money in a remake of Episode 1: Pod Racer for Wii and DS that is shipping to stores as we speak. Enjoy”

    This is Gregorious 93’s comment on the LA forum

  36. Dream Scenario for Celebration V:

    LA: “We’re sorry for the long wait, but today we’re here to announce that we are shipping Star Wars: Battlefront 3 for 360 and PS3 to game stores everywhere as we speak. Enjoy.”

    Worst-Case Scenario:

    LA: “We’re sorry for the long wait that we put our fans through, but today we’re here to announce that The Force Unleashed 2 and The Old Republic have been cancelled. We have decided instead to invest that money in a remake of Episode 1: Pod Racer for Wii and DS that is shipping to stores as we speak. Enjoy”

    This is Gregorious 93’s comment on the LA forum

  37. I have looked at the 360 achievments web site and no battlefront 3 was found, help me if I am mistaken, but the information is not true

  38. If Star Wars Battlefront 3 would be announced and be an exclusive for the 360…. I would buy a 360 just so I could play the game. Or if better, it would be on the computer too, it be better for me to get a better graphics card to play it. Ether way, I pray that the game comes out.

  39. Are you already for a annoucement? or disappointment?

  40. I seriously doubt there will be a force unleashed 3. There is not enough of a gap between the 3rd and 4th movie. Time for something new any way force unleashed blows

  41. it has to be battlefront 3 because he used to be ubisofts shooter designer and lucas arts is a star wars base site and in all of the star wars photos and videos it shows shotting.

  42. empirevsrebellion

    Is bf3 still in Gamespy’s server Lobby?cuz I haven’t any recent news.

  43. if they make a star wars game they should either make a RC2 or BF3 or death will happen in the LucasArts company

  44. well the only other game i can think of this being like others said is RC2 i doubt that they will make a game that wuld be the 1st of a completely new series. No chances arethey r gunna hav this guy workin on bf3. Again its possible tho unlikely that it will be RC2. The reason i say unlikely is becuz its been so long since the 1st republic commando that i dnt think it will be as big a priority.

  45. I think this could…. finally…………….SWBF3!but lets not get too excited I mean E3 let us down but this hope…. A NEW HOPE!
    Was that a good tie in with a new hope?

  46. Yeah, forgive me if I don’t have any faith in the achievements thing, but they also list “Duke Nukem Forever” as one of the TBA 2010-2011. If they can list that, they can list anything, but it doesn’t mean it’ll come out.

  47. I looked at the OXM site and it has TFU2 on the cover. Wouldn’t BF3 be on the cover bc it’s kinda weird for them to have 2 LA productions in the same mag. Especially since FU2 is on the cover..?

  48. i hope swb3 wont have this rubbish clone wars nonsance.. what we want is the old, classic star wars we know and love..

    i have a certan feeling that whoever is developing the game is also changing the games story so that is why they are taking soo long.. as the fight sequence from the leaked vid to the right was in the elite sqadron game, as well as some other things, so in a way we have got swb3 but its called elite squadron, i want to play swb3 as much as the rest of you.. i hope it will come out soon

  49. when this game comes out my ps3 or 360 will wish they were a snes well just for a year cuz after that i plan to play super mario all stars so keep us updated

  50. SWB3 will come.. in time..

    well.. havnt eny of you played star wars battlefront elite squadron on psp and also looked at the star wars battlefront 3 leaked footage on the right of the page??

    i did.. and i know exacly why swb3 is taking so long to be brought out.. its because whoever is now in charge of the rights is redesigning the story as x1 and x2 were in swb3 but after free radical went broke lucasarts turned to rebellion and gave them he rights to swb3 where they brought it out but under the title elite squadron..

    this info i have gatherd from multible sites including this one and where i have came to that conclusion.. i hope this will help you fellow battlefront 3 fans..

    also this is my first post so can i please get no abuse? thanks.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing on other articles. It makes sense because usually psp and ds games are designed by different studios. Free radical went under, rebellion didn’t Of course, they can’t make bf3 without a console version so they called it elite squadron.

    • Welcome to the club lol

    • Glad you got something at of the site(s). Feel free to sign up, we won’t bite, honest!

    • It would be awesome to see some new “What If” -stories, like Dark Kenobi. But I guess that’s dead project… :/

      Imagine that if Anakin and Obi-Wan both went to the dark side?

      Or Anakin never turns darth Vader and stays in a light side, taking care of Luke and Leai, and also tries to convert Obi-Wan back to the light`?

  51. Farcry 2 is an awesome game. Simplinter Cell sucks.

    I hope Lucasarts knows what it’s doing.

    • splinter cell conviction’s sweet but i still would trade in everygame i have for a bf3 unless it was nothing like the old ones.. if it had a story like cod it wouldn’t be battlefront

    • ok given but what if they are bringing the guy on because of his experience with things like SC I mean how better to make a game like RC2 than with a guy used to making games where sneaking around and killing quietly are the main themes. the more I look at it the more I think that he was brought on for that and not a BF3.

  52. (I’ve been monitoring this site for a long time but never commented)
    There is the possibility of another Jedi Knight game. It could be something completely different. I have confidence though that Battlefront 3 is drawing near….

  53. (I’m just going to copy&paste what I said in the LA forums with some edits because no one likes bad jokes..right? lol).

    Today I was scanning the Battlefront 3 petition and I found something.

    There was this guy saying that Battlefront 3 is said to be developed in the OXM September 2010 issue. So keep an eye out for this issue, it should come out this month.

    • really?!?!?

      • Yea its on the highest page, or most recent page!

        But I think this guy is right.
        Because think of it, they show Battlefront 3 on

        And Battlefront 3 may be in the OXM September 2010 issue…
        Coincidence? I don’t think so.

        But if this much is true, I found some disturbing news, sister site for PS3 achievements doesn’t list Battlefront 3 on their list.

        So BF3, according to this info I stated, could mean that BF3 could be a Xbox 360 exclusive.

        • @ vader.

          You can’t really compare much about the Xbox 360 to the PS3. This is no different. The PS3 doesn’t have achievements, it has trophies. So the sites wouldn’t matter much because the PS3 has a totally different gaming system. However, the fact that it would be showcased in the Xbox magazine may support the thought of a 360 exclusive. But I find this highly unlikely.

          • Yea my bad lol!

            But doesn’t have BF3 listed.

            Can’t believe I made that mistake of saying “PS3 achievements,” essentially the same thing but still… *BARF*

          • Well if you look at the latest news section on the BF3 page on that 360 achievements web site those are all from 2009 when the footage was leaked… my guess is that it was added then as a speculation thing, kind of like how BF3

        • wel eitha way i got a 360 so, awesome! =)

        • I think the info you are stating is completely wrong.How come battlefront 3 is an exclusive?I havent seen any Battlefront 3 on the xbox360 achievement site.

          • I don’t see it there either. The only two Star Wars games there are Republic Heroes and Force Unleashed. Force Unleashed II is still an upcoming there.

            Where did you find Battlefront 3 on there exactly?

          • go to the website n manually search it. its there

        • But that still doesnt confirm that BF3 is an exclusive.Because the gamespy servers lists BF3 for several platforms.So there is hope that it will come out on both platforms.BTW,making battefront 3 as an exclusive is a total fake.

        • it is a coincidence because the 360 achievement site had the star wars battlefront 3 up since last year… it is rather old.

        • The Saradominist

          why would the bother making it exclusive? other big titles and things like CoD are made for other systems like the PC. makes no sense

  54. banjo999 has a point there!

    Free Radical has yet to give away their ground to space tech.

  55. this is freakin awesome. hopefully itll be rc2 or bf3 o n if they make a limited edition i be preorderin =)

    • You kidding me, I check this website almost every day, I’m going to camp out for it, and trust me, I will miss school for Battlefront III.

      • hehe wel me to but i wont mis sku, wel maybe camp out. o n 4 all u my psn is agent_006_point5 and my gt is ROKSTAR303 ad me

  56. If this guy is doing anything with Battlefront 3, It’ll have one heck of a campain.

  57. Well this new guy they have has worked on alot of FPS’ so looking hopeful

  58. awesome when i jumped on my PC this morning bored unexcited looked on this page what a do now and then and found out this i felt like jumping out of my chair for joy. that is a good rumor also what if was republic commando 2 ! while it may still be with rebellion and they mite be waiting for the space tech that well took a long time well what do i know i dont know how legal stuff works though. still they cant make a game that will fail ….hopefully

  59. lucas better make a battlefront game and make it GOOD!!!!!!!

  60. yay, good news for BF3 hopefuls !

  61. ahhh…. I can remember the days of bunking school deliberately just to sit down and play Battlefront 2, I can’t wait what this has in store for us!

  62. If the “unnannounced”project turns out to be BF3 or RC2, I will be REALLY happy!!

  63. Maybe he is filling in for haden blackman

    • Probably… and I bet this new unnanounced game is going to be TFU3

      • I highly doubt that. Some games do start production quickly, but that it still not till after the game is released. Some companies even give time after a game is released to let everyone play around with the tools to see if they can come up with something cool. That’s how UC2 multiplayer was created. It’s also doubtful that TFU3 will be released right after the second considering LA isn’t too fond of trilogies.

        • @ Scott.

          UC2= Uncharted 2?

        • hey scott whats ur psn?

          • @P Dump

            Let me explain what I meant, I see that it was a bit sketchy. When a game is completed the development team sometimes gets to play around with the tools they created to figure out something cool and new. Someone played around getting two Drakes on the screen and when the succeeded they showed it off to the other team members and it eventually evolved into the UC2 multiplayer. It wasn’t a mod from a user but some fooling around by a developer.


            I have a slow internet speed so I don’t play unless I bring my PS3 to a friend’s house. If you still want to add me my PSN is MottMan. You should probably send me a message saying where I met you. But like I said, I go on rarely.

      • No, it would be RC2 before its TFU3. Force Unleashed started to suck after the first one and LucasArts knows that. Plus Spark Unlimited is developing a third person action/horror shooter, key word being horror. That fits RC2 much better than TFU3 because it could actually being jumpy, thrill based game. Still hoping for BF3, but the way it’s looking, that seems unlikely.

  64. I think this good news it cant be another force unleashed game, monkey game or lego game. All three are in production. The one thing i think that could dissapoint everyone would be a clone wars game. Every other possible game i think will be good

  65. I have to say- All of this information is great. I keep worrying about all the uncertainty of the speculations… but now LA is reported to be in the development of a new game. This is great news,because it couldn’t be another force unleashed… monkey island games aren’t for the hands of an upper-mediocre game dev, and the clone-wars games are a bit overstocked, aren’t they? They have to be making BF3, or a game to at least barely rival the battlefront series for me to be happy.

  66. hellz ya!!! i have a food feeling about this one!!!

  67. all good stuff

    hopefully we will hear something soon

  68. Well from what I see it , to recruit this guy for a lucasarts or star wars title I would put him in charge of Republic Commando do to his record. Which was an AWESOME game .

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