LucasArts confirmed at PAX 2010…

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Well after months upon months of some serious hardcore let downs (especially at E3 and Celebration V) , we have another fresh breath of hope.. and that my friends is PAX 2010.

What exactly is PAX:

“PAX is a three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers. We call it a festival because in addition to dedicated tournaments and freeplay areas we’ve got nerdcore concerts, panel discussions, the weekend-long Omegathon event, and an exhibitor hall filled with booths displaying the latest from top game publishers and developers. Even with all this amazing content the best part of PAX is hanging out with other people who know their shit when it comes to games.”

LucasArts has been confirmed to be at PAX 2010 but what exactly is on their agenda? Hopefully a Battlefront 3 announcement, but as of right now they have been confirmed to be showing a first look on the new Force Unleashed 2 trailer and an exclusive in depth look at The Old Republic.

“Saturday, 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM, Main Theatre
Star Wars Games – REVEALED!

LucasArts and BioWare unite on stage once again to give PAX attendees an exclusive in-depth look at Star Wars: The Old Republic! Don’t miss your chance to be the first to hear and see new details about the MMORPG that everyone is talking about. As an added bonus, attendees will also get an explosive look at a demo of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the sequel to 2008’s blockbuster best-seller. LucasArts will demonstrate now fugitive Starkiller’s devastating force powers in an exclusive look at this galaxy-altering game. “

Now of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be showing anything else but we can always hope! I will definitely keep you updated if I hear anything else on what LucasArts has in store for us at PAX 2010.

PAX 2010 will be held September 3 – 5, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.. I hope everyone has already got their tickets, because they are sold out!

PAX 2010 Official Website

A special thanks to Rainz for sending in his Battlefront 3 Hope email. Keep them coming fans!

“Rainz here with a message concerning all fans of the Battlefront series:

Battlefront 3 has faced some trouble over the past few weeks, with no announcement at E3 or at the Celebration V convention. I’m sure that after the latter, most of you had given up hope, believing our dream game would never see the light of day. However, I advise you not to do so.

With Lucasarts hiring a new President, there’s already been changes made. The Force Unleashed 3 has been cancelled, and no more games will be developed internally at Lucasarts.

And what about this “unnamed project” that has been supposedly put on hold? There’s certainly a high chance that it is Battlefront 3, seeing as there are no more games in the LEGO series, a sequel to Monkey Island has already been announced and is in the works, and Lucidity received such poor reviews from the experts that there is little to no chance a sequel is even being THOUGHT of!

There are many great video game conventions and wards shows out there, I am SURE Battlefront 3 will show up at at least one of them. Don’t forget, P.A.X. 2010 is coming in the next couple of days, so we’d better keep a VERY close eye on it, as wells all the other conventions coming in the future.

Just remember, Star Wars fans, if you believe in it, it will come.”

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  1. SCYLINEgamer says:

    Screw the Old Republic! Moar BF!

  2. Bob weisley says:

    Hey battlefront 3 will come up 2 November 2011 !!!

    Gamestop ebgames told me that yesterday


  3. nick says:

    im so sick of the hype of battle front 3 i just want the damn game to be announced and presented lol im so tired of not noing i meen it just doesnt make sense why they wouldnt come up with a BF3 because BF is amazing idk im just gonna keep hoping lol

  4. Drizzy Drake says:

    im seriously getting pissed off at L. A. they making me really mad. I think if they aint gonna make a battlefront 3 then they should remake battlefront 2 for the 360 with 1080p res. and xbox live…..that way it just appeases some folks. I have given up hope for battlefront 3. I really have faith in this new mmo swtor cause bioware i awesome and i have never bought a bad game from them. plus its a starwars mmo so its gonna be badass. anyways The new game supposedly is the Star Wars Legends and they say that sam writer is working on some new project with L A and we know it aint TFU3. so i think we will get a form of battlefront 3 but not actually the title itself. I think legends is a battlefront version. so……… anyways im really excited for the SWTOR..IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A GUILD GO TO

  5. theSWBFking says:

    We just have to hope. A game as good SWBF released on this generation of console =$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Lucasarts would be high not to do such a thing.

  6. Eillas says:

    right now they have so many games coming out i think we will see BF3 when some are released

  7. The Truthinator says:

    Lucasarts = valve
    SB3 = Half life ep. 3
    Force unleashed = l4d

    • Scott says:

      Nice, man. For non-nerds, a translation:

      A very confusing – in marketing – company (LucasArts) = Valve
      An awesome game that will never get announced (SB3) = Half Life Ep3
      A game that gets lots attention yet isn’t as popular (Force Unleashed) = Left 4 Dead

  8. Fenrix says:

    Well just picked up Halo.. At least SOMEbody is giving the fans what they want.
    Just think LA.. that could have been your 60 bucks. Oh well,

  9. Ray of hope says:

    So anyone hear that Edge of Reality (formerly behind Sega’s canceled Cipher Complex) is doing a “groundbreaking online third-person shooter” in an “established blockbuster franchise”?

  10. Thebigapple says:

    No halo is not better then battlefront one bit when the first battlefront came out billions bought it halo well no not from what I’ve seen call of duty good I guess but graphic wise yes bf2 byfar beats halo and callofduty put together not only that the halo suites look like clone trooper armor which is why Im not a big fan of halo they kinda stole the idea if u think about bf3 would beat all halo and callofduty games put together but I will admit reach does look cool not good just cool

  11. uriahwright says:

    well no anouncement (yet) but i heard its comin out 2011 as well as a new gta keep us updated …..ROYALRAINBVOW

  12. Saboteur says:

    if L.A. wanted to Release a game why didn’t they do it at something big like Comic Com or E3’10?

    they could have thrown a couple screen-shot’s together and just talked about BF3 (if they are Developing it) instead of making us wait, what 2 years AFTER that Video came out?


  13. Bob says:

    Shiels you are totally lying. You have no proof, and even if you did, why would you post it on the comments instead of emailing the admin directly

  14. J Wal. says:

    when bf3 is released, LA better list reasons for making us wait so long in a full written apology.

  15. shiels says:

    hey guys im sorry but im a lead designer at rebellion and i can officially confirm that battlefront 3 was scrapped due to software issues.

    • Saboteur says:

      We are to beleive that you are a Lead Designer at Rebellion?

      if you were a L.D. at Rebellion I would hope that you would have Better Puncuation and Capitlaztion than you just used.

      please don’t lie to the Loyal Fan’s of the Battlefront Series but if you are telling the truth use better Grammer.

  16. Saboteur says:

    looks like PAX’ 10 was a let down as well as Comic Com, Celbebration and E3′ 10.

    but we can only Hope that the BattleFront Series will not be Forgotten.

    BattleFront 1 and 2 was a Major Hit. L.A. would just be Plain Stupid not to make a BF3 (don’t say they already made a BF3 it’s called Renegade Squadren because that Game wasn’t for all the Systom’s)

    if L.A. is Gready (which they are just look at Epesode 1) they will make a BF3 don’t give up all Hope just yet.

  17. jijijiji says:

    i honestly dont know what they are doing. every star wars fan knows that making swbf3 would be amazing, and bring in tons of money with lucasarts. they really need to do this for us, and for themselves. why not make it while bioware makes the old republic? i would buy swbf3 over fu2 and tor any day, and i know so many other people that would as well.

  18. random says:

    Well Duke Nukem Forever is gonna come out. Hopefully with it’s success Lucas Arts figures out the gold mine theyre sitting on.

  19. Drunken hutt says:

    What some of you guys seem to be forgetting is that L.A is making another SW game called “Star Wars Legends” (as it was rated on the Australian classification board website last year). Therefore I’m under the impression that “Legends” could be that SW game put on hold, not B3. But who knows really. What I do know is that LA would never want to ditch another Battlefront game as in recent months the company hasn’t fared so well financially (afterall battlefront is a profitable series considering the first two were successful for the company). Also, B3 isn’t likely to be revealed at PAX as LA would want a dedicated press event for the game (similar to TFU2 reveal at the Spike VGA last year). Here’s the link to the AUS classification board site incase you’re not aware of “Legends” existence:!OpenDocument

  20. Zeta25 says:

    If L.A. is taking this long to create HYPE about the game, SCREW THEM

  21. Mclovin01 says:

    Yo i dont know how to contact you so i’ll just leave a reply to your latest news post.

    i just watched a video about the voice actor of the lead guy in Force Unleashed 2 and at the end of the video around 4:30 he said that he was going to work on 2 projects that he is not allowed to talk about at least one of which was part of a series that “you probably heard of”.
    He said the project would come out in the next year or two.
    I bet you it is SWB3.

  22. Zeta25 says:

    hey Nitro, after the games are announced, Plz, i hope you have a laptop to update us about them.ASAP.

  23. darthmax says:

    I highly doubt that lucasarts is going to miss out on a marketing bonanza such as the bf3 would bring!! That’s the argument that has kept me going all these years! =)

  24. Wenis says:

    Here is some more bad news.

    85 People got laid off from LucasArts. Which is odd because they were just talking about building up their internal development studio, and they do this by letting people go apparently.

  25. P dump says:

    LucasArts just made some big layoffs.

  26. Chase says:

    Well, they might announce it because it would be VERY unexpected. They should surprise everyone just like Sony’s E3 with Twisted Metal. They need to do it at a less-well-known place where no one would ever guess of them announcing it.

    Heres to hoping!

  27. Anonym says:

    It better reveal anoter star wars game at the end of this year! i mean what’s up?! the last years it always have been 3 star wars games eatch year and somtimes it was 2 but butting it down to 1 game seriucly???!

  28. J Wal. says:

    I will be checking in Sunday night. I hope there will be some news. Probably check following days as well.

  29. Saboteur says:

    Maybe if it wasn’t cause of the Video we might have BF3?

    just hope to god that L.A. Annoucese BF3 this time.

    (i know i had some Typo’s feel free to Correct me)

  30. Fenrix says:

    Kinda doubt it guys. I dont think they would go in depth into TOR and show gamplay of TFU2 and Then be like “Oh by the way were making BF3”
    No I think that announcement will be a very big to do, not a side item.

  31. BraveNewWorld says:

    You guys. If they announce BF3 the world is going to become a better place. The handheld games have been okay, but the plotline for elite squadron was worse than trying to make a video of Gungans doing a Jane Austin novel, or, worse yet, Twilight… with Ewoks. The point is, if they are going to announce BF3 I hope that it is a LONG way off, so as to avoid half baked plotlines, cut scenes between ground to space flights and havin to “create it specifically for a handheld” (putting those two games on psp was effing stupid. Honestly). As for the TFU franchise, they effed it when they gave to possible endings (not to mention repetitive gameplay, and now they’re making a sequal to the canon ending which made the entire plot pointless anyways (for anyone who doesn’t know, darth vader had a secret apprentice… And he died just before anyone could really give a f**k about him). Anyways, it’s screwed.
    But back to BF3. When it does come out I’m buying it even if it ends up sucking, because it deserves to be honoured as it’s forerunners were. Doubtless, it will end up being one of the gratest games of all time … If they do it right 🙂

    (sorry about the rant guys)

    • Tom says:

      Although this has nothing to do with PAX and I have pressed the reply button. I just watched an interview with Sam Witwer (The Apprentice) and he said that he was going to be included in a series most people know and have been waiting for. Now my idea is if it is swbf3 then he may be a hero/villain to play as in game. The interview is on inside xbox, check it out and see what you think

      • Teancum says:

        Did he mention it was a game? He’s slated to appear in the Star Wars live action series coming in 2012.

        • Secllipse says:

          not specifically…but based on his context he was talking about a game. He seemed like he really wanted to tell the interviewer but couldn’t. He said: “I’m going this weekend to shoot something and i can’t tell you what it is, and in fact you wont know what it is until….laaater…and i was promised by…..i promised the executive producer i wouldn’t say what i was doing and in fact it’s going to be uncredited until later so…cant say anything about that. But your gonna love the series and in fact you’ve probably already heard of it and your waiting for it. Its gonna be awesome. Theeeeen i might be doing some thing else and i can’t talk about that either… Sorry. ” he then goes on to say that we will see a little bit of him in the next year or two “who knows” he said.
          BF3 IMO could be either referenced project but more likely the live action is the latter of the two..i cant see them being to far along with that to release in the next year or two. But BF3 could be released well into that timeline.

          @admin, u want me to upload a video of this to youtube and give u a link so u can maybe feature it in a story or something?

    • Rainz says:

      It’s fine. You have a right to your opinion. There was some recent talk about Rebellion possibly buying back the technology for grond to space combat from Free Radical. And when you take away the 2 new force powers, new locations, and the dual lightsasbers, TFU 2 is basically the same game as the original.

      • Teancum says:

        Talk? Where exactly was there “talk” of Rebellion buying Free Radical’s tech? Why do people constantly make stuff up around here?

        • Rainz says:

          Sorry, “Talk” was the wrong word. “Rumour” is what I meant so say.

          • BigMac4547 says:

            well I will have to say that I did read from some were that L.A. has or had putt SWB3 on hold until they got the tech from free radical for the “ground to space combat” system that they developed but now how true that is I do not know but that is the what I have heard.

  32. Rainz says:

    Sorry, I messed up the email. I meant to say no more games will not be developed internally at LucasArts. Anyways, it’s nice to see my message have given all you guys hope!

  33. uriahwright says:

    PAX never heard of it and wil it be aired on tv ? now back to bf3 ive had numerous dreams about geoarge announcing it his self at some convention will this be it / our most awated moment in life neh doubt it im just gonna play bfrs because elite squadron dosent work anymore

  34. clone345 says:

    I am sure that it will be announced big time,because they started making real servers.

  35. P dump says:

    Sorry if I misread the previous article, but i thought the big shange in LucasArts was that they would no longer be developing project EXTERNALLY. I think I just misunderstood.

    And is it just me, or is LucasArts making a ton of CG trailers. It’s like their budget goes into the trailers rather than the games.

  36. ChaosLord says:

    It is a matter of coincidental manipulation, my friends. “I’m bored of waiting. I hope they don’t bring out BF3 now because I’ve played it so much in my head It’s gotten repetitive.”

    And now watch the announcments fly in…

  37. empirevsrebellion says:

    me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. colffenstein says:

    Man, I doubt they will show it, but all the changes are GOOD. But even though TFU2 is not what we wanted, I still feel bad for the team, they were so optimistic with the first one, its sad to see their doom coming. I’m betting TFU2 will be a flop due to low moral and productivity. But god it would make my week if they announce BF3

  39. doofus says:

    If I had three wishes…..

    • Zeta25 says:

      If i had 1 wish…
      (it would be to be a trillionare. Then i’d buy L.A. and start making BF3)

      • Zeta25 says:

        P.S. Imagine this…

        L.A. (Star Wars Makers, duh)

        Bungie (Halo makers, duh)

        and Activision(I think) (Call of Duty Makers)

        add em up…
        BF3 better than ever and even better than thought possible.

        • db022190 says:

          I highly doubt that would ever happen… but it certainly sounds good

        • KAN3 says:

          That would never happen. Halo’s biggest rival is Call of Duty, and with Reach coming out and Black Ops, the only thing that would matter to Bungie or Activision is beating the other. L.A. doesn’t have a horse in that race and probably never will. Even though Battlefront I & II were great… Halo was better.

        • Anonymous says:

          I dont like the idea of the makers of HALO. lol

          IMO, the best would be the Visual Effects team of the people that made World in Conflict. To this day their graphics are top notch. As well as that, CoD makers, for gameplay purposes, as well as L.A. for gameplay purposes, and rockstar games for animation and cinematic scenes. Thats my 4.

          World In Conflict Makers – Visual Effects
          Call of Duty Series Makers – Gameplay and Online
          Lucas Arts – Marketing, Gameplay, Scripts etc;
          Rockstar Games – Animation and Cinematic Scenes (Good for Campaign Use)

          Now add THEM up and imagine the game…*Imagines playing in a Jedi Starfighter making jet sounds*. lol

  40. rs says:

    this one does not seem likely i am exicted about the new fu2 trailer

  41. Josh says:

    I like his attitude, I know it might be hard, but if we all have positive attitudes, it will be a lot more fun.

  42. metallicorphan says:

    oh is it no more games being made Internally?..i thought it was externally?

  43. Space Geek says:

    This email has inspired me!

  44. IMU says:


    Hells yeah. Hells yeah. “I doubt it… I don’t think so… I’m not getting my hopes up.”


    As I mentioned above…Hells Yeah.

  45. TML says:

    I doubt it, it doesn’t say anything about showing a new game, so I’m not getting my hopes up…..

  46. rambo9610 says:

    I dont think its going to be at pax maybe the vg awards or the next e3 if its on hold at the moment.

  47. db022190 says:

    I think we should keep an eye on the back of the force unleashed instruction booklet if it doesn’t get announced before that game is released… kind of like when God of War 3 was officially announced on the back of the booklet for God of War:Chains of Olympus in 2008 (two years before it’s actual release)… then again a third God of War was a given… who knows

    • Space Geek says:

      that would be interesting..

    • Secllipse says:

      u would think BF3 would be a given too tho….and maybe it still is..although i think maybe some excitement is lost for the series….its been so long now

      • Anonymous says:

        Ill admit that even I forget the series once and a while, but as soon as I see “Battlefront” on an internet link, I ALWAYS click on it. Knowing that other people still remember the series as it was still makes me happy to know that I am not the only that likes the odd Star Wars BF game.

  48. darth62969 says:

    coool. hope so

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