Spark Unlimited’s Secret Game…. Battlefront 3?

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So there hasn’t been much lately in the way of news for Battlefront 3. E3 came up short, as well as Comic-Con… what’s next? Well I have some faith that it may be announced at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration V, which takes place August 12 – 15, 2010.

There was a rumor, well not so much a rumor as speculation, that Spark Unlimited may be doing Battlefront 3. This rumor sparked from this post by

“The job ad on Gamasutra requires “a senior gameplay engineer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.”

The successful candidate will also “be tasked with functionality goals to realize the vision for a high profile next-generation property currently in prototype development.” The listing also mentions the Unreal 3 engine.

“Spark requires a senior gameplay engineer”

If this didn’t already sound a lot like the Kinect Star Wars title pre-visualised and shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, online super-sleuth Superannuation spotted the LinkedIn profile of Spark employee John Lawrie who lists an “unannounced third person sword fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3)” on his CV.”

Anyway, this sparked my curiosity a little bit so I decided to send off an email to Spark Unlimited. I honestly didn’t expect a response, but I did get one back this evening.

Their response was:

“We are the solely the developers of the games. The publishers are the owners of said properties. As such, it is their prerogative as to when to announce a game. I can tell you it is generally a year after we start before a project is announced to the public. So, the game for which are hiring won’t be announce for some time… maybe Comic-Con 2011.

Thanks for inquiring. Sorry we can’t divulge what we are working on.”

So even if it is our beloved Battlefront 3, it looks like we’ll still be waiting awhile before it’s even announced.

Come on Celebration V!!!

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  1. Harrybillybobgeorge says:

    I hope this is true. Not much news about it lately. Hopefully once TOR is released, Lucasarts can make BF3 the 4th best SW game ever (Next to KOTOR, KOTORII, and TOR)

  2. Moosho says:

    Wekk its been a year (wow!) and its now listed as a Sci fi 3rd person shooter. WITH A COUNTDOWN TO COMIC CON 2011! And all the descriptions seem to fit.

  3. Joel B says:

    Spark need:
    Not stupid Al. Example: Take cover instead of running at a hoard of enemies with practically no health and a blaster pistol.
    Balanced teams, Like not having Luke Skywalker v Boba Fett. And keep Heros v Villans fair. In it’s predecessor, SWBF2, Heros could easily win, being on heroes was a curtain win.
    Decent Grahics, Cool explosions, and stuff like that.
    Cool campaign, not some crappy make in five minuates, thing.
    Cool maps. Add interactive objects good effects…
    More weapons, but keep them decent. Not overpowered beyond belief. 
    More Al per map. Like 64 people fighting, it will make it feel like a REAL battle.
    Battlefront maker (How cool would that be!!)
    Lots and lots and lots of awesome maps!
    More hero and villain forse powers.
    Awesomer veicles( As well as new veicles)
    Thanks for reading. And I hope spark take my advice onboard. 

  4. Teancum says:

    I don’t get it. How can you even remotely guess this is Battlefront 3? How about Lord of the Rings? They use swords, and are far more likely to categorize it as a sword game. SWBF3 would definitely not be categorized as a “sword” game. A Jedi-based game like Jedi Academy might, but not SWBF3.

    Sorry, but lately ya’ll are really fishing at straws.

  5. I can’t help but realise that it has been almost 5 years since the last battlefront.
    If they haven’t released another by now, we can only imagine that they will never announce it.

    Either that, or there will soon be a really awesome game coming out soon that has been 5 years in the making!

  6. Unforgiven Nomad says:

    Why would they NOT do Battlefront 3? They could could give it a Clone Wars look,it would sell tons of games!

  7. billy says:

    You’d BETTER RELEASE THIS GAME!!! It will actually get me back into Star Wars AND video games! Double whammy! No other game can even come close to that.

    So… My word of advice. Just do it!

  8. Starkiller2356 says:

    I was looking through SWBF Elite squadron on the psp and came across a strange image. It was the SWBF3 logo. it was hidden in a folder but I found it and it is unused during the whole game. Very strange hopefully that is a sign meaning there is a hope of SWBF3.

  9. random says:

    i have a play magazine issue no. 175 2009 preview special & on page 069 it has some games 2 be realeased & 1 of them is SWBF3!! & it says “when lucas arts culled loads of staff last year some revealed that battlefront III was in development. free radical & lucas arts struck a development deal in 2006-theyre making it.” this mag is from mid 2009. it also is play most wanted award. i also am a big swbf fan & have all swbf games excepts elite sqaudrone but have played on it. so hopefully it comes out. btw bf2 is in my top 10

  10. jay says:

    I don’t want spark making the game,they will turn it into something really,really bad.

  11. ZR1 says:

    According to gamesradar the free radical battlefront was canceled because someone came into the Lucas’ office and said”should we really let free radical make battlefront ya know they made HAZE”but seriously there was concept art for swbf 4 and 5 so we should be playing swbf 5 so i dont think LA will be hatching out sbf 3 anytime soon Heres where i got gamesradar info from

  12. ZR1 says:

    According to gamesradar the free radical battlefront was canceled because someone came into the Lucas’ office and said”should we really let free radical make battlefront ya know they made HAZE”but seriously there was concept art for swbf 4 and 5 so we should be playing swbf 5 so i dont think LA will be hatching out sbf 3 anytime soon Heres where i got gamesradar info from

  13. Legion 2.5 says:

    @Vaderdemise, as a member of this site as well as the lucasarts game discussion forum, I agree with you that could be RC2 but who knows ti’ll next year. Good speculating and see ya at the lucasarts game discussion forums.

  14. Dean says:

    If Lucas only cares about money then why aren’t we up to BF5 by now?

    Wouldn’t they have announced BF3 at E3 or even Comic-con, when the entire world is watching?

    It’s not going to be announced. If they had anything someone would’ve heard something by now.

  15. Josh says:

    I just fired up Gamespy and all of the Battlefront III servers are still running.

  16. Bobby says:

    Dude i sent and email to spark and got the same EXACT response

  17. P dump says:

    @ Nitro.

    Interesting Development in the Star Wars gaming community. You could use this as an article:

  18. uriahwright says:

    what games has spark unlimited made now back to bf3 elite and renagade squadron were kinda suckish and dear zuess please let them make a swbf3 and 4 and so on

  19. uriahwright says:

    i have 2 things 2 say 1 starwars battlefront 3 all the pics and the leaked gameplay were fr xbox 360 will it jjust be a xbox exclusive 2 starwars battlefront 4 the images looked to cool so maybe celabration v i posted a questio that says ” is starwars battlefront 3 in production ”

  20. Moose says:

    Ive been looking at the comments and seeing some pretty interesting ideas put up. well what i think that the psp battlefront game were actually pretty good, by that i mean elite squradron, cuz ive never played renegade squardron.

    incase u didnt know elite squrdron might be a preview for battlefront 3. they introduced a new of battle: which that u have a space and ground battle t the same time, pretty neat eh? well i think that this might be how bf3 is based on.

    another thing is, like all of u i hope bf3 come out soon, but i wonder if they might make it a first person shooter. that wud be beast!!!! of course in bf2 u can switch between 3rd and 1st person, but 1st person isnt so good.

    i hope itz for ps3 cuz i have 1!!!!

  21. Console game CoD says:

    I just realized Spark made the first CoD for the consoles – CoD Finest Hour – which is a big step for the console franchise just like Medal of Honor did (not does, MoH is dead now). Sooo… maybe the first SWBF on current gen consoles? They have been inactive for a while now.

  22. ZR1 says:

    Battlefront is their most profitable franchise it would be ludicrous not to make this game and Spark Unltd. I hope is not making it because they’re hiring because they only made three games and don’t have a stble workforce and they’re not making is what I believe

  23. zilla says:

    Its been five flipin years and im still on the internet tryin to figure out wat the heck is real or not

  24. zilla says:

    I think they should just tell us what the heck is going on, make the game, then we buy the game and we all live happily ever after.

    • P dump says:

      LucasArts is afraid to make a shooter game. I mean, Call of Duty would murder their sales. So when you have Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and counless other high-profile shooters to compete with. ‘Cause no matter how good the Battlefront series was, Stormtroopers running around just ain’t gonna cut it. So what LucasArts has to do is fall back on their MOST iconic symbol, the lightsaber (make that two lightsabers). Hence the creation of The Force Unleashed 2.

      • ZR1 says:

        That explanation makes the most sense since COD, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor have not invaded the handhelds. But its Starwars and they still have a huge fanbase they always will but Lucas isnt scared to make some shitty Clone Wars animated movie(2008) and then make 2 awful games to go with it and dont say they were just for the Wii so he was targetting little kids the second one Republic Heroes is on the PSP. I really don’t know why they won’t make it perhaps they’re trying to focuson SWTOR

        • P dump says:

          I’m eager to see what happens with TOR. It’s a pretty big step taking of WoW and FFXIV Online (not to mentioned The Agency and DC Universe Online).

          Hey, if this works out, then maybe we’ll get some shooters outta LucasArts. Take on CoD and Halo just like WoW. Break free of the stupid platforming games.

  25. Danny says:

    if i remember bf2 was announced at star wars celebration 3 so heres hopin some deja vu happens next month

    • anonymous says:

      Well, I know for sure that Battlefront 3 will be available for the pc very shortly, within about a couple of months likely, and I’m not sure about xbox or ps3, but likely those as well 🙂 So lets just keep our eyes open through august for more info, and the game should be out within september or october.

  26. nachos says:

    battlefront 2 is one of the best games ever swb3 is way friggin over do im waiting to find out what consoles it will be so i can get it if that leaked play footage is real tey have had had plenty of time to make an asome gam but how much money have they lost over not realeasing it

  27. Al says:

    LucasArts has lost a lot of money over the last half of the decade by not releasing Battlefront 3, 4, 5 and so on. The Battlefront franchise could have been released yearly or every other year and milk the franchise for all its worth a la Call of Duty. Instead, LucasArts released sequels for handheld systems which have little online and bad graphics compared to the big consoles. Battlefront 3 needs online!!!

    • zilla says:

      I didnt know there was going to be a 4 5. But anyway i just hope swb3 comes out.

      • Lauritz says:

        Lucsarts could have been scoring a lot of money by stopping realesing stupid games and starting on releasing games like Star Wars Battlefront 3 and a NEW Monkey Island game…
        And mor Star Wars games :-D!

    • Roger says:

      I think BF3 is gonna be online for 360 and PS3 released in 1-2 years, i still have my hopes up, never lose hope! But BF3 should no matter what be a shooter, like a Halo-ish Battlefront!! that’s what i’m talkin about

      • TheLoneEnigma says:

        Actually try playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, It uses almost the exact same concept Battlefront uses, There are different Classes,Engineer,Sniper,Infantry,ect. like battlefront,and it uses the same win thing. Like it shows how many more enemies you have left to kill before winning. and it has the same gametypes as well,Command Posts,Deathmatch,ect

        • Seirra 54 says:

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 follows in the foot steps of Battlefield 1942, which came WAY before Star Wars Battlefront. We are talking time of the N64, PS1, and only respectable gaming platform PC. And there are some major differences, one is first person, the other is third person. Sorry, your statement irked me a little. I do hope that SWBF3 comes out. One last thing when ever someone posts BF3, I think Battlefield 3, that is possibly coming out next year or 2012.

    • wookie_fan says:

      Will not buy a PS3 or Xbox console until Battlefront 3 is launch!

    • Jeb says:

      I think it will definitely have online, but I don’t think it will be as fun as good ol’ instant action. They just need to improve the AI a bit, you know like actually give them the “I” for intelligence. I always had so much fun roll evading around the battlefront slaughtering hordes of droids…

    • Daniel saunders says:

      If you guys make starwarsbattlefront: 3 you will make billions of money. All of my friends at my school and other schools cant wait for battlefront.

  28. @Admin/Nitro, everyone

    I have a strong feeling that this game could be Star Wars Republic Commando 2. Notice this game says it is being made on Unreal Engine 3. Star Wars Republic Commando 1 was made on unreal Engine 3!

    • P dump says:

      I think it was Unreal 2… 2005 was a long time ago. Whatever though, I’m up for RC2. Like it or not, it was one of LucasArts better games.

      • Yea, I concur. RC1 was really lackluster, just like the PSP battlefront games.
        I for one don’t want to see RC2. JK4 maybe. BF3 hell yes.

        • P dump says:

          @ vader.

          You’re right it was lackluster, and way too short. And I’m still mad it doesn’t co-op. Still though, I like the fact that they took it and tied it together with the novels. Love to see that done more often.

          • Hmmm..

            What if BF3 was unofficially announced?

            Like Star Craft 2 was announced unofficially and secretly through a book called: Star Craft: The Queen of Blades. And now that Star Craft 2 trailers are out, it is taken from the book that was released in 2006, way before SC2 was announced.

            So what if BF3 was announced in some Star Wars book? And if LA does announce BF3 we will be like: “AWWW THAT WAS THE BOOK?!”

            Lol, that’s what I did when SC2 was announced.

          • P dump says:

            @ vader.

            About Spark as a Developer, remember that Pandemic never really got too much off the ground. Their most well-recieved game by critics was Mercenaries: Playgrounds Of Destruction. But most of their games were pretty unpolished and lackluster.

          • @ P dump

            Unpolished and lackluster?!
            Tell that to the thousands of fans, even millions that like the game. Same can’t be said for say Rebellion or Spark for that matter. As for rebellion their ratings have plummeted, especially after the big hype of AvP.
            And as for Spark Unlimited, none of their games have scored above an 8. For example their game Legendary (sounds good huh?) scored a 2.3-2.5 on IGN and a 3.5 on Gamespot. And as for Call of Duty Finest hour, imo, was horrid. The camera angles were bad, really bad.

            In other words, Pandemic got work done, and was far more talented than the latter.

          • P dump says:

            @ vader.

            I’m not saying that Pandemic’s games weren’t fun, but think about how much room for improvment the Battlefront series has. I mean they were very fun, but it could so much better. Pandemic never really polished the gameplay, but maybe I’ve just been spoiled by exclusives.

          • I find your lack of faith disturbing, Commander P dump.

          • P dump says:

            @ vader.

            Lol. Say something usefull, let’s make this the longest string.

            I think the problem with Lucasarts’ developement in the lack of exclusives. Like Republic Commando, KotOR 1&2, Jedi Academy, were only for Microsoft. When was the last time LucasArts made an exclusive?

          • @P dump

            LOL! Longest string…. lol… xP…

            Well if you say exclusive, the most recent on is Star Wars Kinect. If that counts the “last time” could have been this E3 2010.

            But I think that wouldn’t have anything to do with BF3 at all. IMO of course.

            But if the Gamespy was real, which it had to be if Gamespy themselves dubbed the program illegal, then we should see the game within a year or so.

      • anonymous says:

        ya but it also said a 3rd person shooter republic commando was a 1st and its gunna b messed up with a sequel to it being 3rd person dont u think

    • Revan_Knows_All says:

      ya republic commando was a fps and the description on spark unlimiteds site said “3rd person action/adventure” now if im certain that sounds a lil to a long way off of republic commando dont u think?

    • TheExile says:

      Its a 3rd person shooter that they are developing not a first person. RC was a first person. Battlefront is a 3rd person shooter.

  29. Jomoma says:

    I’ve totally lost hope….I believe the battlefront series is dead and forgotten….Star Wars is slowly dying. And the games are dying with it.

    • MillerTime30 says:

      I disagree, even with no Battlefront. LucasArts still has Bioware, one of the best game developers of all time, to keep them bolstered. SWTOR will be a hit and might even challenge WoW… I hope, because I hate WoW with a passion.

      • P dump says:

        @ MillerTime30.

        YES!!! It’s Cool To Hate. I don’t really like MMOs, but I really HATE WoW.

        • Asf says:

          You should try Star Wars Galaxies,its a dying game,but it is amazing. I still say people need to stop bitching about the NGE.

  30. Rainz says:

    Hopefully Celebration V or at least August will at least tell us BF3 is in the works. I don’t care when the release date is or the price, I WANT THIS GAME!!!

  31. Revan Shan says:

    What if the sci fi world is Warhammer 40.000? Or anything like it…

  32. Irish says:

    I will not buy another lucas arts game until they release BF3

  33. JediXenu says:

    I can’t believe this game hasn’t come out yet. Was it not the best selling starwars franchise of all time? My brother and I have been waiting a long time to once again battle it out in epic fashion. That once leaked video filled me with so much joy, but now I am starting to loose hope. I hope August will be the month that at least confirms its in works. i I have to wait till 2012 so be it, I just want to know its coming.

  34. Matt says:

    Not only a critical audience but an awaiting……BF3 fans are we “awaiting”?
    Thanks P dump fro the link
    “to bring to life a Triple-A game for an awaiting, highly critical audience”

  35. Wenis says:

    I think since that one guy’s LinkedIn page describes it as a 3rd person swordfighting game pretty much confirms its not BF3. I know there were Jedis in BF2, but it is still described as a third person shooter and not third person ‘swordfighter’. I think if it was Battlefront 3 his linkedin would describe it as 3rd person shooter. And to be honest thats good news because I don’t think I could wait another year of waiting for BF3 announcement without pulling my hair out. Hopefully it is finally announced at Celebration V…

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      it says “3rd Person Action/Adventure title” not a 3rd person sword-fighting game so it still does not mean BF3 but their is still hope!

  36. Nathan k (SWBLOVER) says:

    I say 2011 is the year for battlefront 3 😀 thumbs up fellow fans we just have to hope

  37. Not BF3 says:

    I can confirm, believe it or not (and most likely won’t, but time will tell), that Spark are definitely not working on Battlefront III. They are assisting with the scripted, arena-based Kinect game due in fall 2011, though.

    Nothing to see here I’m afraid.

    • metallicorphan says:

      the same kinect game that we saw at E3 that Terminal Reality is doing?

      • Big_Mac4547 says:

        i can tell you that it is not the Kinect game because it says that it is for 360, PS3, and PC and if it was the Kinect game it would only be for 360
        but it still dose not mean that it is BF3 but we can still all hope!!!!!

        • BF3 says:

          I’m loving how almighty ‘Not BF3’ thinks he is. Trying to tell us it’s not BF3, only the people who work and Spark Unlimited truly know, so just let us believe while we still can.

          • Not BF3 says:

            Studios are capable of working on more than one project. Crazy concept I know!

            I never said that the Kinect game was their sole effort at the present time, I said they are assisting. The full production is being handled between LucasArts and Microsoft Game Studios, hence why it’s a 360-exclusive.

            Spark are still not working on Battlefront III, and either is any team within LA or a third-party contracted studio, I’m afraid. The game mentioned in the story is related to another well known IP, and will be announced very soon — I hear prior to Thanksgiving time.

            People ask for answers, and I’m just trying to give them, but know that I eagerly await the “lol this guy knows nothing” comments.

            Continue on as you were.

  38. Richard says:

    Oh yeah. Battlefront 3 will almost certainly arrive sometime, the question is, in what form? Will it be a PSP/DS cheaper version, like Renegade and Elite Squadrons, or will it be the full-blown PS3 XBOX action-adventure game we are all hoping for? There is too much money to be lost for the game not to be made, and George Lucas is a real git for money, you just have to look at the Ewoks and Jar-Jar Binks to realise that he is only in it for money, much less the more recent proof that he had banned David Prowse, the TRUE Darth Vader, from anything Star Wars related for no real reason that either party can come up with.
    Anyways, this rumour sound like a real mixed bag. Sounds like Battlefront 3 alright, but there are so many other possibilities and it wouldn’t make sense that LA would go with another developer now that their history with the 2 other developers, Pandemic and Rebellion, has been so utterly fantastic…

    • Sarge says:

      Well, Pandemic Studios was shut down by EA, and Rebellions SWBF games are not exactly fantastic.

    • Scott says:

      Prowse was banned because he was leaking film details back in the day and never showed up on set after ANH. He was busy touring the UK and US as the “Real” Darth Vader. He also had problems with George on ANH. Basically he wanted all the glory and none of the work.

      The day is getting close. We soon find out.

  39. anonymous says:

    sigh i dont think that lucas is gonna make a new battlefront sigh

    but on the upside their making a new force unleashed


  40. Spark is a horrible dev. “Nuff Said.

  41. Space Geek says:

    Finally Some news from a DEVELOPER, not us wishing someone random will announce it at countless VG festiviles.
    the only thing that looks schetchy is that they called it a action/adventure title.
    Pdump thanks for the link!

  42. Josh says:

    I checked out their website and they haven’t made very good games, I don’t know, maybe

    • Big_Mac4547 says:

      it is true that they have not made a “good” game to this point but i can’t see how you can F*up this game but we will have to see first if they are making this game and hope for the best!

  43. Thanks for carrying on with this tie even after so long without a new title.

    Battlefront 2 is my favourite game ever, hands down. It’s bizarre that Lucasarts hasn’t made another one for the current gen of consoles, even with the problems along the way. Here’s hoping.

  44. moom says:

    What other “high-profile, popular game property” “science fiction franchise” has sword fighting (aka lightSABER) Star Wars Battlefront?

    • db022190 says:

      The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, 3rd person IP, hingh profile sci-fi (ish) franchise, SWORD fighting… not saying that’s what this game will be, just answering your question.

      • Scott says:

        LOTR is fantasy not sci-fi. Sci-fi is technology that we may know about or is kind of possible but no one has realized it yet. Fantasy is magic, wizards, hobbits, etc, etc.

        • P dump says:

          I belive that LotR is fiction. Science-Fiction is a reference to technology. That usually means a setting in the future, time-travel, or a galaxy far, far away.

  45. P dump says:

    Yeah.. Battlefront never qualified as an action adventure title. More just like, Third-Person Shooter. The Unreal 3 engine can be used for all types of games, both great and horrible. Mostly horrible. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a action/adventure title using the Unreal. They’re all shooters. Well anyhow, here’s the unannounced game profile:

    Notice the “highly critical audience” part. That sounds like us. But it still could be any number of things.

    @ Nitro. Thanks for making a new page. Nice info.

  46. metallicorphan says:

    yeah been talking about this on LA forums..they describe it also having Sword fighting,which could be their way of just describing Star Wars without actually offically announcing it(they can’t say lightsabres without giving the game away,can they?)

    if you go to Spark Unlimiteds website,you can also see that they are looking for about 15 vacancies..and also at the beginning of April they were looking for a Concept artist

    i also(today actually) brought up the topic of the ‘Star Wars:Legends’ game that was mentioned in December 2009(apparently it was copywrited on the Australian classification board last June),which is to be published by i had forgotton all about that

    so still lots of hope…especially as Spark Unlimited didn’t come straight out and say ‘its not Star Wars Battlefront 3’

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