Microsofts “Kinect” Launch Features New Star Wars Title?

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Well, we on the eve of this years E3 event where many of us are eagerly awaiting whether or not LucasArts will finally announce Battlefront 3. In the meantime, is reporting that Microsoft’s “Project Natal” or now know as “Kinect” will be hooking up with LucasArts for a unannounced Star Wars title.
Could this possibly be our long awaiting Battlefront 3? I highly doubt it, but one never know and the video demo looks pretty damn cool.

Check it out below:

Perhaps the best “game” we saw yesterday at Microsoft’s Kinect launch event was a Star Wars title. Why? Why don’t you take a look yourself.

Take all this with a sizable grain of salt, of course, as you always should with on-stage demonstrations, but anyone that watches this and isn’t at least a little excited (at the potential, if not the stilted performance from this obviously-not-actually-playing-the-game actor) is either lying or is a cold, barren husk of a person.

Microsofts Kinect will be available on November 4th, 2010.

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  1. EID444 says:

    Well this looks quite good, not a BF3 but still at least u get a lightsaber and maybe even get to make ur own custom Jedi I doubt it. But why not then u could have fun and still wield a blaster, twin blasters, vibro blade/double, electric staff, sonic charge etc maybe fly a starship and best of all epic battles on multiplayer with 1000000 ppl with lightsabers and epic force powers yeahhh. Just hope its on PS3 as well, but the scene of the cis and crap effects and sounds 4 blasters and lightsaber is poor and out of place. plus bat saber.

  2. lukeofdarth says:

    Come’on! give us some more rumors! through this world of darkness wer battlefront 3 continues to die we need your light of hope! lol

  3. Timothy Chapin says:

    Mind telling us if it was right?!?!?!

  4. Jesse Robert says:

    I have been watching the E3 live on the internet,
    but they did not announce Battlefront 3. I could
    not believe they did not announce Battelfront 3.
    This sucks. But i believe it will still come out.

  5. Revan Shan says:

    I just got my post elliminated on LA cause I said that all what they presented was a pice of NICE S*.

    Guys, don’t get your hopes on Celebration V. LucasArts just doesn’t understand that what the public wants is a Battlefront 3.

    Look, I’m really starting to believe the following. That LA has noticed that making games for kids (CLone Wars and Lego) and non Star Wars hardcore gamers (Force Unleashed) it’s much more efficient (money wise) than the Battlefront saga.

    Cause of that I suggest Lucasarts (if any developer is accidentaly reading this) to make a next chapter on the Battlefront saga. Why? Cause LA’s prestige among the gamers is growing lower. It seems to a lot of people that they are just going after easy money at all coasts. They make lego and CW games that need no more than months to get developed. And the Force Unleashed, that continually rapes George’s classic saga.

    The first TFU was great, maybe too much expanded universe, but it was nice. But come on… now vader has a bunch of Starkiller clones… I mean, who wants Vader or Luke now?

    Seriously, they need to make a serious game. And Battlefront 3 is the way to go.

  6. lukeofdarth says:

    well i guess they didnt announce bf3 at e3 and we’ll have to pray for celebration V but at least force unleashed 2 is actually looking good. Its got dismemberments of body parts and the force powers look actually unleashed. Looks like wat force unleashed one should hav been like.

  7. Today new Star Wars games will be announced on G4tv at 9pm EST. Watch it. George Lucas may announce them!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Simon says:

    So….Star Wars Battlefront III a no show at E3 2010. Honestly, a huge disappointment. I was hoping that one of the confidential games list on E3 Schedule would be Battlefront III.

    LucasArts to me was a big disappointment. TFU2 was good but I’m sure most people were excited for BFIII. I though Old Republic had a good trailer but no good gameplay interviews. The interview with IGN was hopeless.

    I think LucasArts should at least get us out of our misery and tell us whether SWBIII is officially binned or tell us that it is in production by a developer at least.

  9. Todd says:

    IGN just posted a video of the Star Wars Kinect game. It can be viewed at:

  10. Huggs says:

    Ign are saying that Lucas arts have a large announcment at the star wars con. I think we may have to wait till august. It makes sence as it is also the 30th annaversary of empire strikes back!

    • Adrian says:

      Now that sounds interestening! Lucasarts have announced pretty big games now, but much of them seems quite finnished (ready for alpha ect). Star Wars Battlefront 3 is star wars in the gaming world, so if it doesnt get announced in the E3 (witch is now over i think, and they havent sayd anything about bf3) it must be announced at the Star Wars Con or Celebration V.

  11. Mace Windu says:

    May the force be with Battlefront 3. Please let it be announce today!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  12. Zac says:

    Wow, those stormtroopers are terrible shots.
    What’s with the CIS vehicles?

  13. Revan Shan says:

    I’ve just heard that Crytek is working on a proyect for Lucasarts. Any guesses? 😀

  14. Rayhaku says:

    i’m gonna pray my heart out for ANY kinda star wars battlefront for PS3

  15. Revan Shan says:

    Sorry guys, doesn’t look like BF 3…

  16. Obi-Wan says:

    I hope it’s not bf3, it looks more like TFU2 to me anyway. can’t wait for more news.

  17. clone345 says:

    i highly doubt that the star wars game in the video is battlefront 3 because you can see the tanks,the fighters,the soldiers fighting in one place even though they are not showing the HUD and it is ‘coming in 2011’.Remember the gamespy servers that were supposed to be teasing the game:)

  18. Gavin says:

    That Game looks cool but its definetly not BFIII I can wait to see what goes down tomorow at E3 FINGERS CROSSED GUYS!!!

  19. empire vs rebellion says:

    if bf3 never gets finished,im going too finish making it myself cause this is unacceptable

  20. Scott says:

    Also as a cheap plug and to get your Battlefront 3 hopes up here’s this:

  21. axedye says:

    no need to worry this is just lucas arts bringing a lightsaber game to Kinect. I guarantee if this game wouldnt have been shown all sorts of people would have been saying they should make a star wars game for kinect. Based on what I see I think they could easily make a ps move and wii port of the game. but from the trailer it looks exclusive.

    hopefully this game gets sequels so we get upgrades because i think through time this could be my game and reason to even waste $150 on Kinect.

    So far all I want Kinect for is this game, ufc trainer, and your shape by ubisoft. That’s only 3 games, maybe 3 more and I’m sold for the add on.

  22. P dump says:

    They better not make Battlefront 3 a 360 exclusive.

    • empire vs rebellion says:

      im sure Lucas wouldn’t do something stupid as that, although hes insane for not releasing bf3

    • Anonymous says:

      if they do im gonna sue lucas whatever it takes

    • Revan Shan says:

      Yeah, if they don’t want to die…

      • anonymous says:

        not if i snap thier necks first

        • 1rocketeer says:

          it’s a video game, relax.

          it’s not an exclusive. period. how do i know? lucasarts likes money.

          why did any of you expect anything at E3 after we found out the game’s on ice since it was determined it couldn’t make a 2010 release?


          • f4r7tz says:

            Bah swbf3 isn’t coming out any time soon not this year and by all means, i won’t be surprised if it was not next year. Its even possible its not being made at all.

    • Man says:

      They will never do that…this is only an exclusive because what Lucas Arts is making it for is only on one console(Microsoft Kinect) but
      I am sure they will come out with a similar one for the PlayStation Move (I am guessing)

    • Jeffery says:

      Even though it was canned it might get picked back up. So dont lose hope guys if its not battlefront 3 and it might be a remix of battlefront 2 for the all consoles and platforms. I would love even a remix so I can play battlefront online again since they cancelled xbox original service.

  23. Mace Windu says:

    If they anounce BF3 when would they if they did?

  24. darktrooper9847 says:

    it won’t be TFU 2, they are completely separate things, espeically with TFU2 being released on multiplke consoles not just the360. and game trailers displayed a sneak preview of the game, it’s nothing like TFU. and i doub its BFIII, because the gameplay was just a jedi walking and slowly slicing and blockin stuff, and the hud and screen was nothing you’d expect to see out of a fps or tps. It doesnt involve the same gameplay mechanics as the BF franchise, so its most likely its own separate series.

  25. Gareth says:

    It’s definitely not TFU2. BUT it definitely looks interesting. Character looks more like X2 so it COULD be a followup to the story of Elite Squadron.

    Lotsa “confidential” over the next few days on the schedules. WHo knows, maybe BFIII will be one of them?

    • swbf3fan says:

      Keep in mind that in the end of Elite Squadron, the Empire was defeated, and with the Empire, Darth Vader was defeated also. Let’s hope that before he was killed he DIDN’T take the TFU 2 path and make a million clones of himself…

  26. swbf3fan says:

    Wait a second…are those droid “tanks” (in lack of a better word)? There are stormtroopers there! Stormtroopers never used CIS tanks OR vulture droids. Plus, I believe this is Naboo (although that is not relevant).

    • Wenis says:

      Well because there are stormtroopers at Jedi, and the Jedi isn’t luke skywalker, then i’m sure this game takes place somewhere right after Ep. 3 when there are still a few Jedi left. Maybe there are still leftover droid tanks here and there.

      • The Saradominist says:

        Well, in one of the Bf2 missions the Empire is taking on the CIS on Mustafar…mabe it has something to do with that? Mabe the empire is hunting down the CIS remanants? that could be an interesting game.

  27. nicoo says:

    I have big doughts about kinect…
    Notice the moment where the jedi turns on his lightsaber against vader and when the guy does the movement. Can it actually predict what we’re gonna do?

  28. f4r7tz says:

    How on earth can it bf swbf3 when its limited to Kinect only, it would be pointless…

  29. Simon says:

    Do you think Sony Press Conference at E3 will be previewing Battlefront III on the PS3?

    I know LucasArts have their own booth at the Expo. Hopefully someone who is going to the expo could tell us the future of Battlefront III from the LucasArts booth.

    Man, Lucasarts are keeping Battlefront III a secret. I mean, they won’t even tell us that the game has been officially scrapped. If they aren’t telling us that, then it may be showing at the Expo.

    This article shows an interview with an ex-employee of Free Radical:

    Fingers crossed guys!!!

  30. sims says:

    I just dont know now. there are a lot of secret announcements tuesday but i think that will be it for e3. Lucasarts already has alot of games on the table right now. FU2 which i am realy exited about seeing tuesday, old republic which had an awsome trailer today,the monkey crap game, most likely lego star wars 3, the clone wars online game which dont they really have room for another big hit game.
    The microsoft press convrence was awsome today and i expect sony’s will be even better but e3 will be so much better for me and a lot of people with a sequle to one of the best gaming series.

  31. vims1990 says:

    Def not SW Battlefront III but it looks a decent game despite the crappy AI.

    There are new trailers for SW Force Unleashed 2 and Knights Of The Old Republic.

    Fingers cross for Battlefront III guys!!

  32. swbattlefrontfan says:

    for a star wars kinect game, i’d wanna see a third/first person lightsaber style game, where it’s focused pretty much solely on lightsaber combat, and i wouldn’t want it to be arcadey like this game in the vid. god i hope we see battlefront 3, and what about republic commando 2 and kotor 3? all great games that lucas has either never begun production on or canned because of lack of money and never gone back to when they had the money again like with kotor 3.

    that tor trailer looked great, but it’s such BS because we all know the game looks and plays nothing like that, it’s completely cartoony and looks like the incredibles from pixar/disney.

    and i agree with the person who said it needs decapitation, i hope that at least the force unleashed has decapitation and cutting etc i mean the lightsaber isn’t a bat, it’s a swrd that cuts better than anything, it cuts on contact, i hate how lucasarts softens their games up.

  33. Don’t fret just yet guys….
    We could still get a SWBF3 announcement on Wednesday or Thursday. As these days have a lot of confidential announcements.

  34. Rayhaku says:

    Notice how he dashed forward after he cleared each “wave” of enemies to attack the next “wave”.

    This can’t possible be SW:TFU2 or SW:BF3. This game is an arcade styled game.

  35. joshh20 says:

    Sorry, but if thats Battlefront III, I am going to be really pissed

  36. Justin says:

    I don’t know why anyone thinks this is Battlefront III, or want it to be, don’t get me wrong this game looks fun in its own way, but its not the fun that I want in Battlefront III.

    • empire vs rebellion says:

      anybody that thinks this bf3 must have never played bf3. if this is bf3 im going to be pissed

  37. RAWDOG 262 says:

    WHERE’S MY DECAPITATION!!!!!!!!???????!!!?!?!

  38. Edward says:

    Hey this game looks awesome , this is what all fans of star wars waits fir a lot of time but I hope battlefront 3 get out …….

  39. Sarge says:

    Of course it’s not Battlefront 3. But the graphics are nice, even with the the stupid AI. But then again, that is how the motion sensor games are supposed to be like.

  40. jackson says:

    oh boy! all this e3 stuff is making me happy. theres a 90% chance of this being a actual bf3 trailer

  41. FrancescoZZ says:

    Looks like it’s gonna be SW:TFU2 to me, and I don’t have an Xbox so this whole Project Natal thing doesn’t really excite me.

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