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E3 2010! Who’s ready for.. Surprise? or Disappointment?

Well, it’s been too long since my last post, so I thought I would do a “Pre-E3” post. There is a lot of hype about this years E3 as LucasArts has some pretty big games coming out. We still haven’t heard any hints on whether or not there will be a Battlefront announcement, but in my opinion, I don’t think that we should hold our breaths for it, although I will most definitely not give up hope!

Thanks to a great find by a member of the LucasArts official forums (zach_tx1), we now have the E3 list for LucasArts! reports the following via the LucasArts Twitter page:

Someone at LucasArts has used the company’s Twitter account to unveil their lineup for this year’s E3 Expo (which runs from June 15-17). A trio of games will surely be on hand, with more promised.

The Twitter list included the following games:

# Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (iPhone, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
# Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)
# Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

The “more” no doubt refers to Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, which is in development for the DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 for release this year. There’s also a possibility that LucasArts will finally announce Star Wars: Battlefront III, but as of right now that’s just a rumor.

I do like the additions “AND MORE” factor, it definitely leaves some hope.

Lets hear some opinions!

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  1. Well if I dont get a proper starwars game that has cool characters like Kotor 2 with villains like Darth Trayra/Jedi master/historian Kreia or Darth Nihilus or Darth Sion, I mean these sith lords were epic christ they should of been named chosen 1 Nihilus could suck the life force out of planets snd 1000000 Jedi including Master Vandar Note same species as Master Yoda and Sion could regenerate his corpse back together just by using his rage and anger from the darkside. Hell even Traya drained the life force out of the remaining survives of the jedi council (example Master Vrook, grumpy old bastard) and could levtaite and control 4 lightsabers with her thought, even foresee the furture of palpatines rise to power and the death of Jango Fett by Mace Mindu. Instead all I get is cartoon Kotor 3, well there goes my idea of the exile vs revan plus force ghost Traya (sigh). And instead of BF3 I get TFU2 crap with bat lightsabers, so all the movies of seeing hands, heads and limbs flying off was not true.

  2. Lol they are NEVER making battlefront 3 xD

  3. Wasn’t announced -.- i am dissapoint

  4. If Star Wars Battlefront III is not announced, we must DESTROY LucasArts to show them what we think about their stupid, cheap video games that they think is worth not making Battlefront III. Do they think that we are fools? How can they be so naive? These morons don’t like to give it their best and cut corners. Unacceptable.

    Trust me when I say this, LucasArts, not making Star Wars Battlefront III will be the biggest, saddest, pointless, and dumbest mistake that you will ever make in your short-sighted careers.

    Band together, fans of Battlefront. If the seemingly inevitable failure happens, will must bring an end to Lucasarts reputation and stop giving into their cheap tricks of corruption. These losers won’t get it their way anymore if we only bombard them with OUR demands. No quarter! Let’s show these dogs we mean business.

  5. today i saw a star wars game called star wars kinect and it was untitled.i think this is star wars battlefront 3 because i saw the demo fotage.and looked like the star wars battlefront 3 gamesplay from 2009.

    • I don’t think it is Battlefront 3 because the game play looks so different and it is for Kinect. How do you blast people using that feature?

  6. the ghost of battlefront 1

    its me, the ghost of star wars: battlefront. remember how we used to play together, in the deserts of tatooine? the incredible 3-faction warring, with the x-factor of the sarlacc… and who could forget, how hard it was to kill anybody armed with a lightsaber, or the daring combat above the platforms of bespin..

    my soul could finally rest in peace if news of my third child reached the ears of millions of happy fans…

  7. Man, I can’t WAIT to hear that Bf3 is realeased…I’ve been following this site for a year now. Even if they don’t announce is at E3 this year, I’m not giving up hope. I love the Battlefront series! 🙂

  8. i would find it funny if they did what sega did with the sega saturn get to e3 and say its already out

  9. ClaytonElectron

    Hey check this out guys! I found this on youtube.
    Some guy posted the picture of the gamespy server thing and then came up with this, so, this stuff is new i guess. It sats the video is 2 weeks old.

  10. Hey u guys should try and see if this is true

    • LOL, funny voice. It could be true (that BF3 will be released 1st. September), but the source is not very trustfull. E3 will tell us, and it will start on Tuesday;)

  11. I don’t think BF3 will ever see a release in the next few years. It’s been 5 years now since BF2, about two-three since Free Radical sank. Battlefront 3 would be a MAJOR title so they wouldn’t just slip it in like “Oh, and by the way, here’s Battlefront III.” So I’m doubtful. Optimistic, yes, but doubtful all the same.

  12. So, to all you who wanted this, The Force Unleashed 2 now contains limb hacking:

    I would rather see a more evident step in the right direction with improving real gameplay elements, not cosmetics. To improve on the series they need a type of free-roam and more diversity of gameplay.

  13. We can only hope, but TFU II is still sick, and there are som many other great games coming out too!!!!!

  14. I honestly can’t wait for BF3. I’ll wait as long as it takes (although hopefully they get their heads in the game and announce it soon) because those games are simply the best.

    I don’t understand why they won’t make a new Battlefront for the new consoles. It’ll please the fans and make them a ****-ton of money. There is no loss for them if they make it, they only win…

  15. I’ve been following this on going rumor about battlefront3 for a year. I’ve been listening to you guys debate about this game. I love battlefront as much as you all do, but I dont think it’s coming out. If it is E3 will reveal it, dont give your hopes up yet though. I’m sure LA will publish it within the next 3 years.

  16. meh its the magical unicorn, it seems like we will never see it. when i can poop rainbows i will see star wars battlefront 3

  17. They’re not going to announce it. We would’ve heard something by now. It’s ony 5 days ago. I’ve given up hope. It’s not coming. Even if they DO announce it, I’m pretty sure we won’t see it for another year or 2. It’s over. They’ll never make it, LA is too stupid to make it, they only wanna cash in with lego games for the kids. I’ve given up hope, you guys should stop lying to yourselves and face the truth. At least we still got BF2.

  18. I think if BF2 and BF3 didn’t have such a wide time gap, they wouldn’t list it as “and more”. Because it’s been so long, I can see this title as a surprise.

    Each time I come to this site I get butterflies in my stomach just imagining it. THE greatest Lucas Arts Action series.

    I will give up if BF3 doesn’t show up here………Yeah I’m just saying that. I just can’t let go of this game. It’s just too great.

  19. Not happening…

  20. They’re waisting their time with the force unleashed because not many people liked it i think (including me), battlefront was an awesome game and i dont understand why they ever stopped making it

  21. I think the AND MORE is Battlefront 3. Like they would not write up a game that have not alredy been confirmed (whats the fun in that?). The two starwars games (old republic and SWFU) have been confirmed. Battlefront 3 have not (since the fall of the Free Radical), they might want to surprise us all, instead of ruining the surprise with a twitter list.

    (Sorry for my occasional bad english:P, not that easy to get my point out since this is not my language)

  22. IF Battlefront III is announced, there will still be a little dissapointment, we have to wait for the realease date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT WILL WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  23. honestly, i would even be satisfied with a HD re-release of SWBF2 for PSN and XBLM. if this would be a success (which it surely would be), it could possibly give the SWBF franchise the momentum to finally get SWBF3 finished.

  24. i have been waiting for this game from 2006, 2006!!! people and still they haven’t sayed anything about it >:(, if hope it will be this E3 other wise i stop waiting for this.

    great site admin 😀

  25. i dont think they’ll show off BF3 like with a gameplay trailer but they might do a 30sec trailer like the force unleased 2 one at some awards show, hoepfully

  26. @admin
    I certainly have greater hopes than you do, GameSpy has still yet to come up with a response to the server incident, and so does LucasArts. Plus, it’s not like they would annouce the BF3 is gonna be there. That would be the same as officialy annoucing the game! They would let it be a surprise!

    If they don’t, then I’ll be dissapointed, but I’ll still have SWTOR to keep me happy. I was dissapointed with the fisrt Force Unleashed, it didn’t compare to the epicness that was the Jedi Knight series. I’m not looking forward to another Lego Star Wars, and I could care less about Monkey Island. Sigh, I miss Jedi Knight, Kyle Katarn was awesome but for some reason, the series had to die, for now at least.

  27. GOOD NEWS!!!

    Paul Meegan!!!
    Big news imo!

    • Yess, finally. Maybe he can clean up some of the mess the last president made.

      • Collegefan long time no see!!!

        This guy seems good. He has Epic Games on his side.
        Think about it….

        Battlefront 3 made with Unreal Engine 3. It could be being in the works right now.

        • Mhm, Battlefront 3 with Unreal Engine 3, i am getting wet in my mouth thinking about that:P. I just dont hope i starts on the game now, cause the we all have to wait for 2-3 years untilg release:(. Nah i hope they scratch up the rests of the Free Radical version (if they have it) and just make it better from there.

        • @ vadersdemise_93.

          Battlefront with Unreal 3- Look at the new Transformers game:

          Class based-battlefield gameplay. More and more games are using it. I liked the looks of FR’s BF3- On the CryEngine 3.

          • It won’t look just like Transformers… it will be Transformers. LOL jk…

            NO it won’t look anything like that. It all depends how the delveloper creates the game using the engine. I’ve seen games made with UE3 that looked like it was made for a Windows 98.
            Just because two games are made with the same engine doesn’t make the two games alike in any way.

    • Battlefront 3 is confirmed and is available to pre-order at game stop which i have already done.

  28. It’s stupid that LucasArts won’t acknowledge Battlefront III. Bugs me so much. The E3 at least has other things in store.

  29. If they don’t announce BF3 here, our last and FINAL option is Celebration 5. If they don’t announce it there either, I’m done with this.

    • Ok, first of all, even if they don’t announce BF3 at Celebration 5, I’M not going to give up. Besides, the game may come out in a year, or 2, or 3, but still, until this game comes out, i won’t give up hope. Besides, even if it doesn’t come out, I’m going to make it when i’m out of college. BTW, im only 13…. so you may have to wait… lol.

  30. Revolver_Ocelot

    well, since the announcement of BF3 will be so bombastic, I think they want to make it @ E3 where all the press will be XD.

    jokes aside. I’ve been following this site for, at least, one and a half year. I’ve seen the rise of great rumors and the innevitable disappointment that followed those. In my humble oppinion, they’re either wanting to make this a big “surprise” or give up on us.

    anyway, only at E3 we will know the truth. May the force be with you, BF3.
    (oh, and sorry for the occasional bad English – not my original language ^^)

    • I second everything written here. I’m pretty sure it would make sense to announce something long-awaited at E3. If I saw an article, or a YouTube video, showing the announcement of Battlefront 3, I’d have a heart spasm and scream while jumping around my house. Maybe I still want Battlefront 3 BECAUSE I have the need to feel amazed. Lucas Arts can hardly screw up with Battlefront 3 if they don’t make it too different from the previous battlefronts, after all this waiting.

      BTW, Revolver Ocelot is excellent at English for it not being his native language.

  31. actually BF 3 was taken from the scratch, probally in 3 years or more, we should be playing this game.
    i’m not getting any hopes in dis X1T

  32. Lego star wars:clone wars is the 4th game, just as a correction. Personally, Im hoping for a new Rogue Squadron game and Battlefront 3.
    I knew Force Unleashed 2 was going to be there, it apparently comes out this year according to the VGA trailer, or it could have been a hint at it being at E3.

    • Im sure its been tried before, but we should try bombarding lucas arts through email and talk about and request swb to be made if they dont announce it at e-3, maybe a petition form on a website too to show them. If we get enough people in on it, maybe they will see how many fans there are that want this game and finnaly release it!

      • i totally agree if bf3 isnt announced at e3 i think we should rape lucas arts with emails phone calls and letters 2 show hem how bad we want it if that doesnt work lets do some form of a petition. Grr still keepin my fingers crossed 4 e3 tho.

    • Dear Rogue Squadron fans, please sign our petition for Rogue Squadron 3D editor:

  33. If it isn’t announced there is still hope for celebration 5 !

  34. They’ll announce this star wars adventures, but I’d be surprised if they announced swbf3, its not like Lucas to announce two things at once after all.

  35. Yeah, if this doesn’t give BF3, we might as well give it up.


  37. The ease with which the PS3/XboX360 connect to the internet screams for a BF3 game. Even Jar Jar would be able to see that, and he is pretty stupid!

  38. Last chance Lucas. If I don’t get an announcment. I’m giving up. It’s been to long a wait for a game. Even if it is released will it match up to the shooters of today. I think Lucas has lost it’s bottle. Thanks for the updates admin been following this site for ages now.

  39. if they dont care about the fans and they just want to make money, well they are suppose to make a battlefront 3 it will be a best seller and will win many prize and money, am sure of it, its a too good ”money maker” to just dump it in the trash. Battlefront 1 was awsome, Battlefront 2 was so much better, battlefront 3 dont came out, I just dont understand!

    • Dude I tottal agree with you BF2 is like the number 1 selling star wars game out there and if they approve apon that theres no telling how much moola they will make!

  40. LUcasArts will be announcing

    ….Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter III. Whether that is the final name or not, I am uncertain, but the ‘rumor’ from CVG this week is true.

    The next Starfighter title is getting announced next Tuesday at E3 for 360/PS3/Wii, due mid-2011.

  41. BF3 doesn’t seem like something that would ever be categorized under the “and more” section alongside dinky games like Lego SW, but then again this is just a Twitter post and I might just be over analyzing it. But I can’t really see LucasArts at E3 showing all the games that are on that list and then just coming out and saying “Oh, yeah, by the way… Battlefront 3 is here!” Doesn’t seem realistic.

    I won’t give up hope, though. I still believe BF3 will come out eventually, maybe once LucasArts makes Monkey Island 8 or something, heh.

  42. swbattlefrontfan

    not getting my hopes up, we’ll just see the mediocre force unleashed 2, the childish lego starwars or clone wars games, and the dumb mmo old republic that was made instead of a true sequel to kotor 2 for nex gen consoles.

    • I dont’ know why you would strike down the Old Republic. It’s probably gonna be one of the biggest abd best MMORPGs ever made. I’m pretty sure it is also the biggest voice-over project in history, period. I can understand you mocking the others, but SWTOR is gonna be huge.

      • The Old Republic might be huge but it isn’t a sequel which would ‘ve been much better… and swbattlefrontfan is right, it’s going to be a stupid game… any game you shell out $40 or more for and then pay more $ each month just to play is very dumb.

  43. I can’t wait!!! I hope they tell more about the new Legend of Zelda!!!! 😀 oh yeah and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the new BF!!!!

  44. That is the list of games but the rumor seems to get stronger. Lucas arts is losing ideas and battlefront 3 was supposed to be one of them. Would it be possible if their making battlefront 3. And another rumor appear if they also are making another battlefront prior to the hit tv show. I found out about that from many battlefront 3 related sites

  45. FIRST COMMENT! but i really hope that we can hear something about swbf3. it seems like they would but who knows. only time will tell, but we can still hope

  46. frankly im sick and tierd of lucas arts beating around the bush with this bulls*** already. We’v been waiting for BF3 for over 2 years since its original leaked video and i dont know why they dont understand that it would be a hit. Okay ill admit that the force unleashed was a really good game, a couple of bugs here and there but over all worth it, and the fact that there making a sequel with those bugs fixed; dual lightsabers; and new powers is pretty much orgasmic to say the least. But how stupid do you have to be to realese reatarded games like lego star wars and mokey island and not push for battle front 3 when it would probably leave both those games in the dust. I dont know about you but i personally think that company is making a bad desicion treating its fans like this alredy

    • Agreed

    • If the way they’re running things, putting the least important first and leaving the most important things behind, is going to be the way they will run things, completely ignoring battlefront 3, then I wouldn’t trust them to rule a small village. Or play CivCity Rome.

      But I have Hope. I must go to my Battlefront 3 Shrine… deep in the mountains.. and pray.

    • I also agree, but they have a new president, so maybe he’ll make the descision to publish it.

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