A New Hope: Star Wars Celebration 2010

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Well, yet another E3 has come and gone and we are still left with just empty, shallow rumors of our beloved Battlefront 3. I almost gave up hope there, but I think that the faithful members from our community forum has brought my faith back that we will still yet, get our Battlefront 3.

Check out this excerpt from our newest forum Administrator Scott:

“Hello patrons of Battlefront3.net/forums! Scott here just reminding you that I am always right and because of that wondrous gift I will now reveal to exactly what’s happening with our dearest child, Battlefront 3.

There have been rumours of the ol’ girl for quite some time now with the biggest spark being the infamous “leaked” video of off-screen footage. So the game was planned that is obvious. Would Lucas Arts really just abandon it even when many fans still demand it? No they would not. So based on this, the game is in production! But let’s keep following the trail…

The game has had numerous leaked screenshots over the past year or so and again this is obvious. A good chunk of the screenshots though is concept which is a nail in the coffin for this one. Based on this, the game is not in production. Why? Because for one, I said so, secondly, concept is early enough that scrapping it wouldn’t mean much of a loss. The leaked footage says otherwise about the progress but I’m going by the concept.

Battlefront 3 has accidently revealed itself to us more than Paris Hilton but like Paris Hilton, Battlefront 3’s rich parents try to deny her accidence. Seriously though, there have been numerous pop-ups from Amazon and GameStop. I personally think this is really the rumour that should be the most pondered because of its significance. GameStop and Amazon don’t just have some guy going and typing in clumsily the new products they are selling. Nor is it easy to “accidently” place an item for sale. I mean you’d have to type in all the details and post it so an accident it is not. Based on this is Battlefront 3 in production. Hell ya it is.

The final rumour I’m going to analyze is the GameSpy servers. This one is probably still fresh in your minds so I most likely don’t have to explain it. I do think this helps the case because of the formality they are written in. It may be small but if this were some punk kid trying to funny then you probably would have called the servers something like battlefront 3 pwn owner server. Instead of that it was written in a formal way of Battlefront 3 (Console Name). I believe this to be real and think it again helps our case. So yes, based on this I do believe it is in production.

So let’s recap now:

Leaked Footage: In production!
Concept Art: Dead…
Website Revealing: In production!
Servers: In production!

That’s 3/4 saying in production!”

Thanks Scott for the great post! I mean come on now, if that doesn’t inspire you to have a little faith, then what will?

At least our “New Hope” comes with the fact that Star Wars Celebration 2010 is only 48 days away and of course we’ll be following very closely all the rumors that are to come!

Be sure to join us for all the coverage in our forums as well! –> Join Here!

Star Wars Celebration V will take place August 12 – 15, 2010, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, celebrating the continuing televised adventures of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and looking forward to exciting new Star Wars projects to come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday, August 13, 2010 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday, August 14, 2010 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday, August 15, 2010 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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  1. Teancum says:

    “Leaked Footage: In production!
    Concept Art: Dead…
    Website Revealing: In production!
    Servers: In production!

    That’s 3/4 saying in production!”

    Wow, still picking at straws. The leaked footage was from the CANCELLED Free Radical version, and companies buy up domain names when they’re even thinking about needing it. Why? Because if they don’t some jerk will buy the domain and try to sell it for lots of dough.

  2. Jacques says:

    So hows the ‘ Empire Strikes Back ‘ anniversary going? any hints!?
    hope we must. For battlefront III!!!

  3. ReleaseIT! says:

    Tomorrow, guys …

  4. uriahwright says:

    go to starwars celabration v’s website click on main event and ask ” is starwars battlefront 3 in production ” and maybe he might attempt trying to make the game ps ive aredy ask if they were making tons of time as diifrent names

  5. uriahwright says:

    okay so lets talk about the seiries battlefront 1 amazing i liked it alot lastime i playd it aiwas six i think what people liked about it was a ground battle an starfighters flying around blasting things so in 2 they took that out dont know why but the space battles were made up for it renagade squadron just took stuff out brought stuff in like new vehicles and charetcer custamisation and elite squadron they took starwars battlefront 1s fling in fighters on ground but added in capital ships in space and i think 3 will have atleast 5 capital ships for both faction a huge groung battle more than 2 heoes on the battlefront and a semi destrucidle enviroment well keep fingers croosed and may the force be with us … ROYAL RAINBOW

  6. Golderz says:

    I hope what their saying is true. No-one makes games like battlefront anymore. The closest ive played to it is COD and the experience just isnt the same

  7. uriahwright says:

    i had a dream last night that i bought a xbox mgazine and i did somekind of code and a game loaded caaled ”starwars battlefront ?? ” and it only let me play as the droids but still best dream i everhad so lets hope the game is like this and the leaked footage so dont lose hope

  8. JAVAAAAA says:

    omg.. a little hope in my heart is born.. i was so sad when i heard pandemic closed its doors… i see no reason why this game hasnt been pushed for development! probably one of the best starwars games i played besides republic commando.. thankyou so much man for this article!

  9. ziggurat says:



  10. ziggurat says:

    Oh! a new hope!!

    I’m looking for more hopes in the internet, but I’m very hopeful with thisone

  11. P dump says:

    @ Nitro.

    Can we get a new page? Please.

  12. TheKnightwhosaysEckyEckyEckyEckyPakangZoomBoing says:

    My honest opinion is that battlefront3 won’t come out. I’m sorry guys but we all know how much of a dipsh*t George Lucas is, and he expects all of us to believe that elite squadron IS battlefront3. Sorry but unless people at lucasarts are secretly working under his nose (obviously like those making the old republic) it will not exist. I just don’t think George Lucas is smart enough to make it.

  13. SputGroc says:

    This is the best thing I’ve heard about Star Wars since Star Wars Battlefront 2! Its good to know there is still hope for BF3!

  14. Rainz says:

    I’ve already seen previews of some stuff that’s gonna be shown at Celebration V. New figurines, costume contests, yada yada yada. But I think there’a REALLY GOOD chance BF3 will be released then. I mean, think about it, BF2 was shown at Celebration II, it COULD HAPPEN. No, it WILL happen. And even if it doesn’t get shown at C5, screw it, I won’t give up hope! I’ve waited TOO LONG for this game, and I won’t stop till I get it!

    • Scott says:

      I share the seem, enthusiastic, slightly misguided, never ending hope! BFIII will come out, sometime, and I will be here waiting for it!

  15. miltonthepatient says:

    with this and that trailer i found on youtube I’m getting excited. Every time I have a vg discussion i always bring up how i can’t wait for this game and how i refuse to sell my ps2 for a 360 until this game is released. It better come out soon. And lucasarts should definately get every single member of its staff working on it even the ones working on other games.

  16. Joey iv says:

    there is a video on you tube called “guy calls gamestop about star wars battlefront 3” im not sure if it is real or not but i have faith now.

  17. Juan says:

    hey i saw a video on youtube about a real fonecall about bf3 about a dude asking gamestop or somethin if its comin out and the dude said that maybe in november!!!

  18. pikanchion says:

    That makes no sense; you’re suggesting that concept art being leaked is a reason against something being in production, obviously it does not mean it is in production but in no way does it lead you to the conclusion it’s not in production.

    Thats like saying bread crumbs on a plate lead to suggest that no sandwich was made and eaton, sure its not certain a sandwich was eaton, toast or just plain bread by itself could have been eaton but how does it suggest it was not a sandwich?

    • Scott says:

      Very interesting analogy although not really that correct. Not just because you continually spelled eaten wrong but it just doesn’t make sense. In your analogy the breadcrumbs signify a hint of food once there but now gone, as breadcrumbs very well could. Concept art is not the same thing. Concept art is very, very early in production unlike nothing-but-breadcrumbs which would signify production being completed.

      I took each rumour completely separate of each other. This means that I just focussed on the concept art by itself with no other thoughts of the other rumours. If all we got was concept art and then nothing, wouldn’t you believe that it is dead?

      If all we got was leaked footage, I would believe it is in production. If all we got was pre-order popups, I would believe so too. If all we got was concept art…then I would assume it has died. That my friend, is why I thought the concept art means nothing.

  19. SputGroc says:

    Now this will give me confidence that SWBF3 will come out!

  20. korgon says:

    i check this site every now and then just because i know if there is an announcement, it will be here. I still got hope for it and i wont lose it till da end of time!

  21. Vuther says:

    Please happen, Battlefront 3.

  22. empire vs rebellion says:

    well this is what George Lucas had commented on the “e3 list rumor” (month old) ‘ ‘ George Lucas says: Hello! It´s good to discover a page about the Battlefront 3. I know you want this game. But I have to say that the list is a fake. But the interesting fact is that we´re making a Battlefront III. Yes! But I can´t say too much. Be patient, and… well be patient…

    This message was for every bf3 fan out there,He knows what we won’t ,and he knows our site. we have nothing to worry about Admin.

    • empire vs rebellion is too easily fooled by obvious fakes says:

      lol anyone can change their name too anything on this website, check out my name for instance, ’nuff said

      • empire vs rebellion says:

        well unlike you I have hope. if you don’t then why are you here?the darkside has clouded your mind young one

  23. swbattlefrontfan says:

    that post doesn’t help imo. man i just want it to come out, or kotor 3, republic commando 2, or any decent star wars game. that force unleashed ad makes me want one more, the force unleashed 2 looks like a joke, the lightsaber is still just a baton.

  24. Sarge (aka MillerTime30) says:

    “Never give up, trust your instincts” – Peppy Hare.

  25. Justin says:

    I hope everyone realizes that this ‘announcement’ will most likely be regarding the Star Wars TV series that is due for release.

    • Scott says:

      Nobody is said there was an “announcement” that we are getting excited about. It is all speculation by us, the consumers, that we think that it would make sense for BFIII to be announced at CV. BFII was announced at CVII (I think it was 2…) so maybe BFIII will be announced at V.

  26. Tibor says:

    You guys want hope go to http://www.xbox360achievements.org/ and look up star wars one of the achievement lists are for battlefront 3, sadly nothing on it but still more hope right?

  27. Prenecae says:

    If you dont believe it is in production, you have to believe that it was with FreeRadical which means there are people at lucas arts willing to put the money and time forth. howeverthe economy is bad and with Free Radical going under it will take a while to get the money and resources for BF3 to flow again. the leaked vid by Free Radical proves that the will, the want and the commercial prospects have been met, even if the project is on hold for the moment. Give it time, and we WILL have our BF3. the question you should be asking is not “will it happen” but “when when will it happen”

  28. remember 1 of the biggest morals of star wars is never give up hope… Just like all star wars stories ours will end on a good note. Dont give up your hope my friends this game WILL be released. I promise you that. May the force be with you.

    • KnighT-972 says:

      I almost cried 🙂 Thx my freind; a little hope is born.

    • Scott says:

      Good to see another believer!

    • starwars3ever says:

      Yeah, you have to remember that if there is a sequal, there will always be a 3qual. Seriously, look at toy story 3, soon to be ghost busters 3 and MIB3. These 3 are over a decade from when the first sequal was, so it may be awhile, but there will be a swb3. Plus All huge corporations like lucasarts are only into making money, so of course they will create a 3qual to the bestselling star wars game ever. So all in all it will come out, it just will probably take another year or two.

      • JB says:

        We also need to remember that battlefront three will be on several new platforms that the original and number two weren’t on. That alone should motivate lucasarts to cash in. Makes sense to me. Of course that’s why I work in government and not business.

    • Obi-Wan says:

      Yes…May the force be with us all…and hopefully lucasarts. As Winston churchhill once said: “We shall never surrender”;”Never Give up, Never give up,etc.”.

    • imtheshitzu says:

      yess it will be released iknow it

    • Battlefront3 says:

      We need a BF3 because hackers have pretty much taken control over Elite Squadron on the psp. i can never play it cause everybody has a lightsaber.

  29. David says:

    Sigh. My hope died about… 2 years ago.

  30. Joey iv says:

    ive already lost ALL hope, have no confidence that this game will be released whatsoever… as my grandpappy always says “put in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up quicker” sigh…

  31. Ed says:

    I thank Scott for the post as well, but he doesn’t need to tell us that this game is in production. I know for a fact Battlefront 3 will be released someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) but I doubt Lucas Arts will announce it at the Star Wars Celebration.

  32. C3-DaddyO says:

    This was brought to my attention… suprised I didn’t see it here first… any thoughts?


  33. KnighT-972 says:

    I got so disapointed with Lucasart at E3.. (especialy with demo’s failure with IGN XD). And now that “news” doesn’t do anything more to me. Plz someone give me some hope because mine has vanished. 🙁

  34. db022190 says:

    if it’s not announced there than keep an eye on the back of the manual for TFU2, you know kind of like GoW: Chains of Olympus had GoW3 on the back… only GoW3 was a definite since GoW2

  35. Revan Shan says:

    Puff… August…

  36. STERWERS says:

    My guess is that it is planned to be released when the blu Ray set comes out. When the hype of STAR WARS peaks again, you know? The main series titles have always been released with a movie release. Chill guys, it will happen. =]

  37. Jordanfett says:

    You know elite squadron was just released last November…. So it may be another 2 years or so before we see another ”Battlefront” title….but you never know!

  38. lukeofdarth says:

    I was wondering: has there ever been a game announced at a Star Wars Celebration?

  39. Sarge says:

    Thanks for rekindling my hopes, but if it doesn’t get announced here. I will give up all hope together.

  40. f4r7tz says:

    In all fairness, that jst summerised everything we already knew. And i disagree with this “probably would have called the servers something like battlefront 3 pwn owner server.” If some kid was going to prank it then they’d do it seriously as they’d know that a serious look would have a bigger effect.

  41. PaulVonZeppelin says:

    Has anyone thought that there is the possibility of an announcement at Comic con?!?
    thats always a possiblity…the GameSpy servers have definitely given me alot of hope!!!

    • Huggie says:

      Lucas arts are celebrating the 30 th anniversary of empire strikes back and are holding an event at the ranch. If there is going to be an announcement this year it will be there. otherwise I think I will give up all hope 2

  42. Scott says:

    So, did anyone find it all humorous?

  43. Andy says:

    This is so exciting! If the game does get announced, I’ll get it!

  44. Justin says:

    Can someone give me some of their hope, because I’m all out.

  45. Eric says:

    still not for certain. one can only hope. was an avid player of both battlefronts, it would make my life to see a battlefront 3. but ive almost lost all hope

  46. metallicorphan says:

    here’s hoping….again

  47. whoop! 1st comment. I hav big hopes celebration 5. Cant wait

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