Star Wars: Battlefront 3 at E3? (E3 Rumor List)

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So, our site got hacked again last night. Fortunately, I learned from the last time it happened and was very easily able to correct the situation with virtually minimal losses.

Anyway, one of our commenters has posted an interesting link to some E3 lists which show some of the games that will be appearing at this years E3. Natually, this is not confirmed, nor can I provide any authenticity to these lists, so if I were you, I wouldn’t believe in these too much.

Check out the lists below:

Neogaf, always a good place for video game rumours. Take a look at these lists, for example, that were posted last night; according to the person who uploaded them, they are lists over all the games that are going to be shown at E3 this year. How about Mass Effect for Playstation 3, a reveal of Elder Scrolls V and Killer Instinct 3?

Or Final Fantasy VII HD. Who doesn’t want to play Final Fantasy VII HD? Or Ninja Gaiden: Chronicles? I think we better take this with a grain (or huge mountain) of salt considering the source. But rumours are always fun, no?


Thanks to: adi!

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  1. flanker says:

    the list is true and at the same time fake
    so dont get hoeps up too high

  2. Mixwizzard says:

    The list has alot of obvious games (Halo reach, Project natal, Fable 3, GOW 3, force unleashed 2) but it also has Mario Galaxy 2, which already came out, and Goldeneye arcade, goldeneye tried to get on XBLA but never did, but I do remember an interview for Perfect dark XBLA in march of this year where Ken Lobb was asked if goldeneye will ever come to Arcade and he responded “Never say never.”
    Also theres a LEGO Sw 3, but Lego SW:Clone wars is the 4th game.
    Overall Im not sure about this all, half of the games sound fake and the others are likely going to be shown at E3, but I dont believe alot of the announcements.

  3. Lukas & Andrew says:

    we think that the new battle front should have wicket as a hero and he should be more of a “help out the units around you hero” with a aura that makes your health come back, you do more damage, and your energy comes back faster. He should also have a sling shot with unlimited ammo. We also think that R2D2 should be a hero. He should have a jet pack and a electricity zapper that does lots of damage and can jam the ability’s of vehicles and droids! thx for listening

  4. Rayhaku says:

    I’m glad there are Tecmo Koei items on that “fake” list. I’m a fan. But as for the LucasArts section, there are far more “too good to be true” things than there should be.

  5. George says:

    Well, for starters, The Witcher – Rise of the White Wolf ‘s been officially canceled! Instead RedCD Project(themselves) will present the Witcher 2 (it’s official)!
    There should be EA’s Lord of the Rings – War in the North, but it’s not, while we know that it will be.
    Mass Effect Sony exclusive?… Well, something not right!…

  6. lancol says:

    Yeah, that sheet is confirmed to be fake. They straight up made that up. It’s missing some confirmed titles. Plus, it’s obviously fake, have you read some of the titles?

  7. srthompson88 says:

    These lists almost have to be fake simply because developers etc. get booths in which they can do what they want. You also have to realize that your gonna see some things that could reasonably come out because whoever made them are just like the rest of us and are making guesses of what will come out.

  8. George Lucas says:

    Hello! It´s good to discover a page about the Battlefront 3. I know you want this game. But I have to say that the list is a fake. But the interesting fact is that we´re making a Battlefront III. Yes! But I can´t say too much. Be patient, and… well be patient…

    George Lucas

  9. AngryYeti says:

    Hey Admin!
    They just said that Killzone 3 will be coming out for the PS3 and will most likely be announced E3. Apparently soem gamer magazine has the scoop. Anyways, since this game is on the list would this in any way indicate that Battlefront 3 is a bigger possibility at E3??

  10. Jman4737 says:

    Hey, if you go to one pic, lucasarts has a box and has starwars jedi knight 3 and battlefront 3!

  11. Seven324 says:

    Some games are missing from the list, like naughty bear by 505 Games. Fake.

  12. Seven324 says:

    100% fake, obvious just looking at the games there.

    HL2 EP3?
    mass effect 3?
    jedi knight 3 AND battlefront 3?
    red faction 3?

    It’s more like a big wishlish.

  13. Roger says:

    It is allowed to hope.

    I realy hope that it is truh can’t whaint too see the truth come

    i got shook when i saw that it stod Battlefront III and Jedi Knight III But jedi academy isen’t that jedi knight III??

  14. boba says:

    eh i hope this is real but i feel like epic games would have gears 3 on there

  15. Dredgon says:

    E3 this year will be sick this year, and even better if these lists are true (though my biggest concern is saying that ME 3 is for the PS3, definately not true). Besides BF III, I am excited to see Hitman 5, Dragon Age II, Dead Space 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, The Force Unleashed II, etc.

  16. Matt says:

    I seriously doubt this is real,as if you look under Nintendo(exclusive), one of the games listed is “Metroid: The Oder M”. I have two problems with this as first of all there is no “The” in the name of the game and the more noticable error being the mispelling of “Other” Pwnd 😐

  17. George says:

    Why the it says SONY !!!!!!!!!!( E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-E )!!!!!!!!! and it has MASS EFFECT 3 this means that MASS EFFECT 3 is NOT COMING TO PC or XBOX 360 anymore? this is bullshit some of the games might be in E3 but some not…….. AND IT HAS SOME GAMES THAT HAVE ALREADY RELEASED LIKE ATARI:STAR TREK ONLINE!!!!!!!! that came from CRYPTIC STUDIOS if this is some kind of joke its not to well made.

  18. Scott says:

    “How about Mass Effect for Playstation 3, a reveal of Elder Scrolls V and Killer Instinct 3?”

    All of those things are possible. BioWare has ackknowledged that they have left the PS3 down with making it exclusive. Maybe they will move Mass Effect into the final frontier (Zing!).

    Elder Scrolls V was unofficially announced by an employee of Bethesda. They said they wanted it late ’10 or earlier to mid ’11.

    I don’t know what Killer Instinct 3 is but take my word that will absolutely be announced at E3. Just trust me. I don’t know what I’m talking about but you can trust me. Hey, it’s kinda like FOX news isn’t it?

    Anyway, obviously the last one was a joke (anytime anyone mentions FOX news assume there joking about everything else during the conversation) but the first two comments are just my opinion.

    If you want to discuss more rumours on the upcoming E3 look through the forums as I am planning a E3 thread for Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Third Party Games (maybe PC is people are interested). I will update it with news updates when it happens as when E3 is on, I watch it. Trust me.

  19. Tretarn says:

    Hey Nitro,

    The forum link is still down, any idea when it will be back up?


    • admin says:

      The forums are still up, I just didn’t realize I forgot to put the “s” on “forum” in the link. I’ve changed it now. Sorry about that.

  20. Lukasm says:

    I didn’t believe this at all when i saw it a few weeks ago on the gametrailers forums. But now looking at it more closely, this list has Assassins Creed: Brotherhood on it which wasn’t leaked/announced until last week. I think the list might have some credebility.

  21. Surfmaster says:

    seems the forums are down, but this should be included in the rumors section when they’re back up:

  22. Wenis says:

    Hey admin check this out. (I have to post it here because the forums are down)

    From here:

    Of course he could be teasing people, he gave a link for the program but I didn’t download it and see for myself. But it gives just a little bit more hope if it is true

  23. swb3Fan says:

    i think this list isnt a fake, noone whos not totaly nuts would create a fully detailed list like that one!!

    one more interesting is GTA vice city 2!! i hope its not a fake and i think so

  24. Rainz says:

    I have some evidence that may make this real. It has been confirmed 3DS WILL be shown at E3!

  25. P dump says:

    Alright, I’ve been looking into any substance that this thing may have. Trying to get bits and pieces of info on notable games on the list.

    inFamous 2:
    Timesplitters 4:
    Battlefront III:
    Kingdom Hearts III:

    And… Uh Oh folks… May have found a hole. Final Fantasy XIV:

    The list in question has FF14(MMO) as a Sony Excluscive. While Square Enix said that FF14 would be featured on the PS3, they never completely ruled out a Xbox 360 port. But here’s the deal, IGN has a PC page for the game in which it calls it a Multiplatform MMO:

    They could mean Sony Exclucive as in the SCE would provide servers for the MMO.

    Other than this I find it hard to belive that Final Fantasy Versus (or Agito) XIII would not be featured at the E3 this year.

    I would label this list FAKE. While we’re loving the games shown here, some of which will undoubtedly be featured at the E3, I don’t belive this list has any Official ground from the ESA and that this is just a list of rumored (and confirmed) games.

    Weather Battlefront 3 will be annouced I cannot say. I give our Battlefront 3 until Q2 of 2012 before I label it Dead without hope.

  26. Justin says:

    I’m sorry but if anyone actually believes this list is real then they know nothing about games, and don’t pay attention. But I do want Battlefront III just as much as anyone else, and I’ve been following rumors for over a year now, and sometimes you just have to know what not to believe.

  27. IMU says:

    The Fact that the page that has the battlefront announcement is blurry and the others are not makes me think it was made just to screw with us. I take back some of my previous certainty. I leave any enthusiasm at an all time high however.. Why? Because a while ago when I made that post of the Kotaku article which is the previous breaking news on the Battlefront 3 main page stating that slant six’s Battlefront online got binned I had a new hope. Which was that the Free Radical version might be resurrected and released in it’s place.

  28. db022190 says:

    Ok I’m not gonna be negative today cuz i’m in a good mood and I’m seeing some games that are really comming out on that list, hopefully this is real. I’m seeing a Jedi Knight 3 along side Battlefront 3 so if LA is really doing those two games I’m going to be very happy… atleast for a couple years until I need some new stuff again. Also if they’re really doing a Jedi Knight 3 I wonder if it will play similar to The Force Unleashed games since those (atleast the first) are kind of an amped up and updated version of the Jedi Knight franchise.

  29. Sarge says:

    Well I can’t access the forum so I’ll just post this here. The Guinness Book of World Record’s Top 50 video game series of all time. Their selections are very strange, I think Battlefield deserves better.

  30. collegefan77 says:

    This is awesome, hopefully if swb3 comes out it is for ps2. You know not everyone has a ps3 or an xbox 360, and it would increase game sales 😀

    Admin- Can you post the exact link for this? I’m wondering where you found this. Maybe it could give some clues on whether or not SWB3 is confirmed for the E3 list or not.

    Thanks, O yeah I made a website, check it out 😀

  31. Ace says:

    This list is plausible. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was announce this morning. So, I hope Jedi Knight 3 and Battlefront 3 come out before the end of the year and give me a reason to get either a 360 or ps3.

  32. Darkensed says:

    Sorry for telling this but this list is FAKE, because if you can see in the Lucasarts videogames list ,you’ll see Jedi Knight III… Jedi Knight III is Jedi Academy released in 2005…lol So FAKE!

    • P dump says:

      *NOTE* Covered on last page.

    • db022190 says:

      Well if you get technical Guitar Hero World Tour was the 5th GH and Activision did a Guitar Hero 5 after World Tour, and Resident Evil Code Veronica was the 4th RE but Capcom still did Resident Evil 4… don’t go by what game came out when, publishers like to do spin off series all the time.

  33. Rainz says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is real?

  34. Sarge says:

    I can’t wait for NHL 11, although the fact that NHL 10 was so epic, you really can’t amke it much better. Except releasing it for Wii and PC.

    • Rainz says:

      2K Sports actually confirmed NHL 2K11 will be a Wii-only title. I don’t know about NHL 11 though.

      • Sarge says:

        That’s very strange. Maybe it’s because NHL 2k10 pales in comparison to NHL 10 on the same consoles. I have NHL 2k10 for my Wii and it fails compared to NHL 10, I have lost my respect for 2k sports over the years. I wonder what they would do.

  35. Sarge says:

    Hey admin get this, rated the SWBF series to be the #43 best video game series ever. Hey, at least it made it to the top 50, and it’s ranked above battlefield (which makes no sense).

  36. Sarge says:

    Admin, where did you aquire this piece of BS paper? I just don’t beleive it until E3 shows it, which is luckily in 1 month and 5 days!

  37. Darío Bon Sayas says:

    That can easily be fake, but I think SWBIII can be in the E3 🙂

  38. ForceMaster says:

    Sorry to burst any bubbles, but this rumor, and any other similar “leaked E3 line-up” lists you see, is completely fake. 100% pure BS. And you can take that to the bank.

    As someone who’s been in the gaming media industry for over 5 years, and having brought these to the attention of the publishers, these lists simply do not exist. Ever. Reason number one being the obvious: they would leak. Reason number two: nearly half of the games at the show, such as these so-called heavy hitters up there, are not locked-in until weeks prior.

    And a few of these shown off can be easily traced. Take the very first one, for example, which lists “Halo HD Live”. That was created by the folks at Giant Bomb, Jeff Gerstmann specifically, last week and posted on Twitter. You can look it up right now. GameReactor fail huge for watermarking it and running with it.

    LucasArts will be at E3 and have neat stuff to shoe I can confirm, but there will be no Battlefront 3. Not this year.

    • Rainz says:

      There is no absolutely possible way to confirm that these lists are 100% fake or 100% real. It’s entirely up to the developers themselves which games they wish to show and not to show. Some games may not even be confiemed showings until the last minute. I’m not saying that it’s 100% possible BF3 will be shown at E3, but all we have to do is wait and find out…

      • ForceMaster says:

        Actually there is a way to confirm their non-validity, and that is that, as I said, lists like these have not and do not exist. Period. This is an inarguable fact.

        Forum goers like to think that organizations like the ECA, ESA and various media outlets get super secret line-ups of a announced and unannounced titles prior to E3, but that’s simply false.

        • Dan says:

          AC Brotherhood is real – there goes your statement out the window

          • Force Master says:

            Once again, you’re not ‘getting it’. A good majority of the games listed on ANY of these fake sheets are real, up and coming titles. Someday. That doesn’t change the fact that, again, these “lists” do not exist.

    • flanker says:

      i am with rainz

  39. Manu says:

    Personnaly I though this is real…
    I mean why would the games that haven’t been annouced could’nt be there ?
    If they want to show them there they need to reserve a “slot” at the E3 or something…
    This is maybe a kind of private list for the executive of the E3 that have been leaked and not the public one…
    And the public one is a temporary one,those are the publicaly comfirmed games we saw on other lists,not those in the “background” that might/will be announced…
    Think about it peoples…

    • Rainz says:

      I agree, I think this is real also. But the only thing that I think MIGHT make this fake is the fact that E3 is only two days long this year…

  40. Dodanodo says:

    it’s fake. I know its fake because 2 games I’ve been wanting to play for a while are not on it. but they are at IGN. go ahead and try to find Civ V, or Warhammer 40k space marine. and there are plenty of others. go have a look at the list over at IGN and see the difference:

    I know you guys were hoping, and so was I, but the list is fake.
    I’m sorry.

    • Also,

      Also they said Elder Scrolls won’t be at E3…

      100% fake.

      • db022190 says:

        @ Dodanondo,
        Did you ever think that Civ 5 or Warhammer didn’t reserve a spot at E3? Not every game comming out this year or next year is going to be at E3.

        It’s very possible that Bethesda decided that it would be in thier best intrests to bring TES5 to E3 since it’s arguably thier leading franchise.

  41. AkAce1996 says:

    Anyone could do that, and this person obviously didn’t do his homework and it came out to be a clear fake.

  42. P dump says:

    I saw that it is printed off the ESA, (Entertainment Software Assosiation)
    who runs the E3.

    They did however misspell Metroid Other M as Metroid the Oder M.

    But I donno, I think that all the publishers rent the E3 space are kinda expecting secrecy. Maybe even paying for silence. I think LucasArts has a great line up here. Wish it’d be true.

  43. metallicorphan says:

    defo fake i think,but its fun looking into it…and its a shame these games aren’t happening

    the last list a few weeks ago said Mass Effect 3 for PS3 as well,this one at least has the Mass Effect collection for PS3 this time…..if that includes Mass Effect 1,could that even happen if Microsoft are publishers?

    gta:vice city 2..they know how to tease….although we have had Liberty City twice(in the 3D games anyway..not GTA1 and 2 i mean)

  44. Fake says:

    This is fake, METROID: THE O’D’ER M instead of O’TH’ER M

  45. orocket333 says:

    super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out may 23rd, that before E3. hence, FAKE

  46. ZeroAbbadon says:

    The Gotham in the microsoft section is spelt wron and mass effect 3 is listed as a sony excluisive, which is balls!


  47. Justin says:

    The list is an obvious fake, Mass Effect 3 is Xbox only, and Goldeneye 007 arcade was canceled years ago. Trust No one

  48. swbf3fan says:

    Interesting…did I see a Star Wars Battlefront 3?? Did I see a “The Legend of Zelda: the Fall of Hyrule”?!?! Yes, I think I did. To top it off, there was an Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood! Although this might be fake, it’s enough to satisfy me for a while. If this list is real…then this year’s E3 is going to be…fantastic.

    • Wenis says:

      All off those games are not confirmed you said.. but interestingly enough just last night Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was leaked to the internet… So thats one ‘unconfirmed’ game which has been ‘confirmed’… hopefully the rest of this list is legit

      • Wenis says:

        After reading all the games though I’m pretty sure its fake now actually. They have Timesplitters 4 on there, and Im pretty sure Crytek said that they had no plans to make that game anytime soon. Also, GTA Vice City 2 just seems unlikely. And I guarantee Mass Effect 3 isn’t a Sony exclusive.

  49. Hmmm… seems weird. Though most of the info lines up with the games has reported so far.

    But I found an error on the list Admin.
    It says Jedi Knight 3.
    That game was already released.
    It’s called Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
    Which is also known as Jedi Knight 3.

    So that list is a complete and utter fail.
    Its a fake.

    • Rainz says:

      You are incorrect. There are only two games in the Jedi Knight series. The one you described, Jedi Academy, was the first game in the series. It’s sequel, Jedi Outcast, was released a few years later.

    • Wenis says:

      No.. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy isn’t JK3. Thats like saying Battlefront Renegade Squadron is SWBF3…

    • P dump says:

      You would all be kinda wrong…
      Here’s how it goes:

      Dark Forces-1995
      Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II-1997
      Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast-2002
      Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy-2003

      • Then tell me why Jedi Academy is considered JK3?

        • Evatar says:

          Because if put like this…
          DF (JK Prequel)
          JK:DF2 (JK1)
          JKII:JO (JK2)
          JK:JA (JK3)

          And believe it or not, many people DO refer to it as JK3! Unless you want it to be called JK4! Which would make the list be 2 GAMES behind.

          • Rainz says:

            Sorry, then I’m mistaken. I didn’t consider DF to be part of the Jedi Knight series, mainly because the title says Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, which would make me think it’s the second game in the series after Jedi Academy.

          • P dump says:

            Jedi Academy should be considered a spin-off then really.

          • lord lappity says:

            Almost all of you are wrong. Jedi Knight may be consitered but it is not. It is like saying renaguade squadron is bf3. THere is no JK3 out yet. Can i see it coming out no. Have you ever seen Lucasarts make such a smart dissision to continue the second best stat wars game series that ended in 2003. think about it. I would love to see bw3 at e3 but i can not see it happinging. I expect they will be showing FU2
            LS3 and old republic and i pray to god not monkey island

  50. starwars says:


  51. Bob says:

    First good news in a while! Thanks!

  52. IMU says:

    I meant page 2, for Battlefront 3 (Page 4 has the highlighted area).

  53. IMU says:

    You wouldn’t believe in these too much? I find your lack of faith disturbing. What are you saying man. It’s right there on page three. Star Wars Battlefront 3. Announcement! It’s official. Cross reference anything on that list that has also just been announced, which you would not necessarily believe unless there was outside proof. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Recently announced. That’s proof enough. Bionic commando 2, that’s a big Boo-yaw! Thanks to Adi for finding this out. Because I’ve been out of my mind wandering if this game is through or not. Rumors and speculation, this is good enough to get me through another month. I’m officially happy.

    • admin says:

      You know how easy it would be to type those 3 pages in word, print them out and the take a picture of them? Pretty easy. Until there’s an official announcement, I’ll always be skeptical.

    • Mitzfah says:

      i would like these to be real but i doubt it because it says mass effect 3 is a playstation exclusive. If that was really announced it would definitely be on the xbox.

      • metallicorphan says:

        Mass Effect3 has kind of already been announced,in one of the loading screens in Mass Effect 2,it tells you that you can transfer your character over to Mass Effect 3 like you can do with 1 to 2,but yeah its still pretty unlikely that it will happen for PS3

        • db022190 says:

          Well EA now owns BioWare and therefore has a cut in the Mass Effect sales and since they are one of those mega publishers I wouldn’t be surprised to see them release ME2 on PS3 at some point as well as announce ME3 as a multi platformer, lets just say a mega publisher like EA or even Activision are quite aware that a console exclusive is guarenteed to cut sales by at least 25 million… as for ME3 being a PS exclusive the only way it could be exlained is if they really do bring the series over to PS3 it could be a timed exclusive since 360 had it as an exclusive for so long, like I said mega publishers tend tp focus more on sales and getting as much money possible through thier games.

      • Arosenivai says:

        are you saying people aren’t capable of error? Not saying I believe it. I’ll wait and see. I’m on the bench on this one.

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