President of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez Resigns Today

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Well, this isn’t Battlefront news, but it is something that is quite unexpected and interesting. Today, according to, the President of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez has officially resigned. Reasons for his resignation are still unknown, but maybe he realized that not releasing Battlefront 3 was the biggest mistake ever 😉

LucasArts has confirmed reports that president Darrell Rodriguez has resigned from the company today. A reason for his departure was not provided, however.

“Darrell Rodriguez has resigned and we have initiated a search for a new leader,” the company said in a statement given to IGN. “Jerry Bowerman – a member of the Lucasfilm Board of Directors and a games industry veteran – will be stepping in to lead the LucasArts executive team during this transition. Lucasfilm remains fully committed to making great games and we continue to invest in our business.”

An unconfirmed report from Kotaku notes that several members of Rodriguez’s executive team have also left LucasArts. It’s believed these moves will have no effect on the titles currently in development. Rodriguez was named president of LucasArts in April 2008. Prior to joining the company, Rodriguez served as the COO of EA Los Angeles.

LucasArts recently announced the release date for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the company’s most anticipated title of the year. The game will ship on October 26.

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  1. Randall Cerrillo says:

    Personally, and i think i can speak for the majority of people reading this, releasing a Star Wars Battlefront 3 would be very efficient at this point. It would have been instrumental to release at LEAST a trailer at the VGAs, if you notice, some games they previewed didnt have a date of release until 2012, but at least they had a date so that people would stop complaining. Now i am a fan, and i think right now, it is very important that Starwars Battlefront 3 be released [or a trailer released] else they risk losing what very well may be a huge success. President or no, they NEED to get to this game.

  2. e_123 says:

    bring on battle front not lego star wars

  3. Jay says:

    The best star wars game i have to say would be one made by the call of duty team themselves. The mod for cod4 was cool, but not the full potential. I’m talking about multiple maps, customize your star wars weapons. And something that I’ve always been a fan of that can be new, customizing your character. Back to the guns, it’d be sweet to have camoes for them to. As an addition to the attachment, there should be bipods that can be pulled in and out like the americas army game.

    Tehn of course you have the drodika, they can be a special unit that you have to earn with what ever kills. Instead of an ac130, capital ships. Airstikes can replace the jets with the bombers of the faction. Set it to when you reach a lets say 20 or 25 kill streak, you unlock the ability to be a jedi or sith, maybe even have a custom jedi or sith too for when you get the chance to use them, with custom saber and force powers.

    I’m sure the people of call of duty can think of more and better ideas, but thats what I got.

    • Alex says:

      Yeah i’m realy agree with a star wars battlefront 3 ! i realy like the swb2 but i a Nice star wars game on my ps3 ,like star wars battlefront 3. Star wars lego is very bad for us, so i think, it’s a game for kid.

      Note: Sorry if my english is not very good , i speak french, i come from Canada ^^

      I will pray for star wars battlefront 3 all night !

  4. Andrew says:

    Come On lucasarts I know you give a lot to charity and that’s why your not rolling in the dough, lol, but I really think you would make more of you stopped making what YOU think is good, make what the fans like!
    For example remember republic commando? Or how bout another kotor? Or maybe a star wars battlefront 3. Like seriously I doubt any body is going to buy cheesy Lego star wars game, tful is grat but seriouly it gets boring. And swg, tor, and the new clone wArs mmo need to be sold to someone else.
    So what I wanna see for star war battlefront 3 or a new republic commando is like maybe in star wars battlefront you should work with ea, using their frostbite engine, I mean I LOved star wrs battlefront but make have you thought about changing gameplay? What i wanna see is maybe space and land can connent and I’d like to see some better graphics like in mww2, and destructible envirements, and the last thing I wanna see is like maybe I. Space you could control cruisers and enemys cruiserslike using your cruiser to bomb planets? And more cooler weapons

  5. uriahwright says:

    what would be cool is if there were more than one capital ship fore example 4 ships in the sky and 2 fore each faction in space with alot of frigutes and a huge ground map

  6. Arealyweirdbf3fan says:

    I don’t think they can’t not release a new bf game cause of the hyp about it… What would be nice though would be a more commanding/ strategic role on the battlefeild.. Ie take polis massa s map.. Then immagine telling ur troops to plant mines and set up a good defence onone corridor while u sit on the other corridor with a chain gun 🙂 also if you could play a conquest map in 3d not 2d and be able to board and steal enemy ships…..

  7. Highlord90 says:

    If anyone is going to make battlefront 3 it should be pandemic but they went bust and if not them then perhaps rebellion but i know nothing about them so feel free to correct me.

  8. Rayhaku says:

    Finish up TFU2 and cut off the series there. Finish up this supposedly new Lego game and start working on BF3. They’re really missing out on a LOT of $$$$. No joke.

  9. nordic_soldier says:

    i suppose u make more money in crappy games than in good game 😛

  10. jamie scriv says:

    come on like everyone has got worked since seeing the leaked footage and if bf3 doesnt come uot there s gonna be a lot of let down fans man

  11. Adrian says:

    Now we can just hope that they will get a prez that gives the people what the people wants (battlefront 3)

  12. Demetrius says:

    Ugh, always the bad news hits us. I hope this guy is good and helps out with BF3 because I LOVED the second one and they NEED sequel. Don’t you think Bioware should make this game. The other developers have already quit on us. ;(

  13. Wenis says:

    this may sound mean but thank god… LucasArts have just gone downhill since he became the prez. Hopefully they can get a new one to get them back on their feet..

  14. P dump says:

    Well, here is the problem with Star Wars: Battlefront III: Its the system of gameplay, class based wars, is being used over and over. It just used to be Battlefield, Battlefront added some flare with third-person perspectives and then with the more iconic feel of space battles.
    But now, time is running out:

    Accually it looks kinda good. That’s cause Bay isn’t involved.

  15. well now this puts an strin on things right guys????

  16. AkAce1996 says:

    Mabye we’ll have a president who isn’t making crappy clone wars games and acctually give us what we want

  17. P dump says:

    Goodbye dude. Start your own company. Gamer politics 🙂

  18. Recneps says:

    Well… I know this game is coming out but now the question is: “when?”

  19. ThatOneGuy says:

    Well, I’m mixed about this. On one hand, it could be very good, maybe the days of lego SW games and crap games will stop and we’ll go back to Jedi kNight, KOTOR, Battlefront days again. On the other, maybe we won’t, and instead it’ll FURTHER push the stupid lego games on us. I don’t know man.

    Hopefully TFU2 is good, I liked the first one, but after a while, it got boring.

    Please please please make BF3 already. We’ve been waiting so long and every time new news comes out, it’s always bad. We need some good news already.

  20. Timothy Chapin says:

    Ummmm interesting, maybe the knew director guy will say “WHY ARE YOU IDIOTS TORTURING YOUR FANS!!!! “GET THAT GAME FINISHED AND RELESE A TRAILER!!!” Thats what i hope happens.

    • Timothy Chapin says:

      Sry i spelt new wrong.

    • Sarge says:

      LucasArts is a publisher, not a developer. So they won’t have anything to do with the making of another BF in the beginning. Some other company has to pick the project up first. So I hear Jerry Bowerman will be taking over temporarily, I wonder what he’s like.

  21. Sarge says:

    Well that is a damn shame, I really liked that guy for linking LucasArts and Bioware in to a good partnership. It would be nice if his replacement does something BF3 related, but that is unlikely. Cheerio D-Rod!

  22. swbattlefrontfan says:

    haha, “Lucasfilm remains fully committed to making great games “, that’s hilarious. but sad at the same time ’cause i wish they’d make good games again like kotor 3, battlefront 3, republic commando 2, and a new jedi knight, just something good and not corny and not a cheap thrill like the lego and clone wars and force unleashed games.

    thanks for the info.

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